Yes, everyone read the title of this article correctly.

America has been deeply deceived.

First, with the Covid-19 psychological operation and, now, with this latest presidential election fiasco.

Amid the roiling chaos, one of the biggest stars of Post-Modern Reality Simulation has reappeared – albeit in the guise of one of his many former character fabrications – to, once again, deceive America and the world.

Yes folks, Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi (AKA Brian Williams/Biden/Trump) has been caught once again and, on this occasion, portraying “Adam Laxalt”, alleged to be the former attorney general of the state of Nevada.

During Laxalt’s recent press conference – an excerpt from which can be seen in the video immediately following this article’s introduction – Nevada’s former attorney general alleged presidential election irregularities.

Of course – at least, to everyone whom frequents this site – the entire conception of a “free” and “democratic” election is completely moot.

After all, if “elections” were truly “free” and “democratic”, transcendent events capable of gaining for the “voters” a chance at grasping the means of economic production in their favor and governing their own affairs, rather than submitting to the psychological whims of staged events, which are tantamount to exercises in social and political pantomime, they would not be legally sanctioned by sitting governments.

Of course, the average registered voter, as a person, corporation, or legal fiction, doesn’t own anything, but exists merely as a human resource (a bond holding debtor i.e. born in to debt) to be farmed for the energy of taxable labor.

The US – as everyone has learned – is also a corporation, held in trust, on behalf of your owners, the Crown Temple and Vatican bank, by the thirteen ruling elite royal Jesuit families, the majority stockholders and corporate exchequers.

Nevertheless, appearances of “democracy”, an abject illusion, must, at all costs, be maintained.

Amid maintaining such appearances, however, the creation of political and social chaos to paradoxically maintain order – a tradition which harks back to the era of the Guy Fawkes gunpowder plot of the 16th century – is the specialty of the Jesuit order and the thirteen, ruling elite royal Jesuit families.

SEE: Jesuit bloodlines behind gunpowder plot hoax

Though Laxalt, Nevada’s former attorney general, lodged accusations of voter irregularities, what he won’t tell the public, is this: the entire concept of a “free” presidential election is a fraud, an example of Jesuitical theater and psychological warfare and, along with the current state of chaos which it has helped to create, was also planned well-in-advance.

But there is also something else which has been discovered about Laxalt, the former attorney general of the state of Nevada.

He is the alleged son of the “late” Senator “Pete Domenici”, yet another among America’s hosts of political character fabrications. The “Laxalt” family – like the Kennedy, Nixon, Roosevelt, Clinton, Rockefeller, and Rothschild families – are also an historical fabrication, representing grand covers under which the machinations of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families are allowed, under Admiralty Law, to legally act.

The thirteen families, as majority stockholders and trustees of the US corporation, represent the legal exchequers (tax collectors) on behalf of the Crown Temple in the City of London and the Vatican bank in the City of Rome.

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“Adam Laxalt” has proved to be yet another fabricated character scheme, and portrayed by a dead European royal host actor (live-action role player), one who, throughout the decades, has played several well-known characters, including a famous television news anchor (Brian Williams), two previous US presidents and various members of the manufactured “Bush” family (George H.W. Bush & George Bush) and, of course, he also, currently, portrays both “Joe Biden” and “Donald J. Trump”.

Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi’s reappearance, while reassuming the former fabricated character persona of “Adam Laxalt” at this most recent press conference, proves, beyond shadow of doubt, the Jesuit order – on behalf of whom the former prince of Monaco is acting – preplanned the “election” chaos and, as well, have planned the post-election chaos which shall follow.

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But – as shall be pointed out, in reference to the video excerpt appearing directly below – there was, however, along with Casiraghi Grimaldi, yet another European royal not-so-conspicuously present at Laxalt’s press conference, the reigning monarch of the European royal family who – centuries ago – sanctioned exploration of both the California and Nevada territories, along with the building of Jesuit missions.

It turns out, however – in typical Jesuitical fashion – the manufactured post-election chaos is a cover for something, perhaps, far more ominous: the legislation of mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations.



The following video excerpt, alleged to have recently taken place in Clark County, Nevada, features former state attorney general, “Adam Laxalt”.

At one point in the video (approximately 1:30), Laxalt makes a remark about “dead voters”. Before that, at the beginning of his address, “Laxalt” makes mention of his status as a “former Navy and Iraq veteran,” a touchstone reference which his host actor – Stefano Casiraghi-Grimaldi – has made numerous times before, while in the guise of one of his other, more famous, fabricated character schemes, NBC newsman “Brian Williams”.      

Along with the recent statements made by presidential candidate “Joe Biden”, concerning “4 more years of George Bush” (SEE:, Laxalt’s statement about “dead voters” is a blatant mockery of the majority of persons (corporations/human resources/legally “dead” fictions) in the US whom have been tricked – through decades of psychological conditioning dished out by the federalized public school system – to believe their “vote” helps to decide the (preplanned) outcome of “free” and “democratic” “elections” which are sanctioned by the US corporate government, which, in turn, is controlled by the Crown Temple in the City of London and the Jesuit-controlled Vatican, in the City of Rome.

Laxalt’s statement(s) also serves to mock those same persons whom are unaware, he is, in fact, Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi, an alleged dead man, acting, simultaneously, in the guise of “Donald J. Trump”, “Joe Biden”, and “Adam Laxalt”, the former attorney general of the state of Nevada.

Keep in mind, folks, Nevada is a US location in the immediate proximity of Colorado, where, yet another of Grimaldi’s fabricated character schemes – “Neil Bush” – attempted to covertly pull of the heist of the Silverado bank, during the era of the 1990’s.

Let’s not forget, as well, the “late” Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi has also portrayed the following presidential character scheme – “George H.W. Bush” – who, before the entire US House of Representatives – while the symbol of the Roman fasces loomed in the background  –  proclaimed both his and the corporate US government’s allegiance to a “New World Order” or Pax Romana.

Though Biden’s recent remarks – “four more years of George Bush” – were designed to appear to the American public as those made by someone appearing to suffer from cognitive impairment, contrary to appearances, “Biden” (AKA Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco) knew very well what he was doing.

Yes, folks, Biden’s remarks were yet another blatant attempt at mockery towards the willful ignorance and childlike naivete of the American public. 

Laxalt’s statement about “dead voters” is also yet another reference to the hidden host actor in portrayal of his fabricated character scheme, Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi, a European royal who was alleged to have died in a boating accident at the age of 30 (Three/EE=33/Scottish Rite Freemasonry). 

Still, though a majority of Americans believe otherwise and remain emotionally invested in the idealistic notion of “voting”, the “election” process is tantamount to the psychological deceptions of the Delphi technique, which was thoroughly designed – by the Rand corporation in the 1950’s – to psychologically condition any and all participants into thinking they have been the decisionmakers when, through various “feedback” methodologies, they have, in fact, merely been persuaded to accept certain preselected outcome(s).


In essence, by consenting to participate in the voting process, the “people” (persons/corporations/human resources/dead fictions) have legally consented to allow fabricated character schemes like “Adam Laxalt” (AKA Donald J. Trump/Joe Biden/George H.W. Bush/George W. Bush/Brian Williams /Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi) acting on their behalf as legal representatives, while simultaneously, they, in the guise of fabricated character fictions, act on behalf of the City of London’s Crown Temple and their Jesuit masters in control of the Vatican bank.

For the benefit of those whom, perhaps, have yet to understand how these legal conditions came about, a further explanation may be necessary.


Surely, you’ve heard of the term, Triple Crown?

Triple Crown:

After clicking the link to the video, posted immediately below, everyone will notice the series of numbers to the far right of the screen: 30,403

Those numbers, when summed, equal 777, Alistair Crowley’s ubiquitous intelligence joker code, to which has been referred on numerous occasions.

Not only does this number symbolize the emergence of ideas (spells) into the material world (666), it also harbors yet another hidden or occult meaning: the Triple Crown of Papal Rome.

For the purpose of simplicity and lucidity, the legal power of the Papal Triple Crown, over the US and the world, derives from three Papal Bulls, which were drawn up centuries ago.

The first of these, or the first crown, derived from Unam Sanctum, a Papal Bull established by Pope Boniface XIII, a legal trust, which, in 1302, claimed the ownership of Crown land by the Vatican.

The second of these Papal Bulls, Romanus Pontifex, or the second crown, was established as a testamentary trust or Commonwealth by Pope Nicholas V, in 1455. The Papal Commonwealth was made legal by a deed and will which created a “corporation” or deceased estate, bonding all Crown land as “corporations” to the Vatican bank, and in perpetuity. The legality of this Bull was further solidified by the establishment of “Attorney Regis”, in 1481, by Pope Sixtus IV.

The third of these Papal Crowns, or final testamentary deed, was established in 1537, by Jesuit cardinal Alessandro Farnese or Pope Paul III – of the Farnese, one of the most powerful of the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families – who presided over the creation of the Papal Bull known as Convocation, which bound or claimed all people or “corporations” inhabiting Crown land under the control of the Papal See.

The Papal Triple Crown is often symbolized by the image of Poseidon, the pagan God of the Sea and the holder of the trident.


Further and extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm that, the host actor of “Adam Laxalt”, the former attorney general for the state of Nevada, is Brian Williams AKA Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi, the former prince of the principality of Monaco.

Adam Laxalt:

Brian Williams:

Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi:


While watching the video, featuring the press conference directed by “Adam Laxalt”, posted near the beginning of this article, everyone will notice there is a tall man among the congregation surrounding the former attorney general of Nevada, standing in the back.

After looking more closely, does he seem, at all, familiar?

After performing an ocular comparison, between the man standing in the back at Laxalt’s press conference and the man featured in the image at the link posted immediately below, one is certain, everyone will agree, they are one and the same.

King Felipe VI of Spain:

Considering, in both the principality of Monaco and in Las Vegas, the Grimaldi royal family has always been preoccupied with monopolizing gaming interests as a profitable venture, it becomes no surprise as to why, we should observe Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi – in the guise of “Adam Laxalt” – directing a press conference held in Clark County, Nevada.

As for the Spanish royal family, it was the royal sanctions of Charles II of Spain, the Holy Roman emperor, whose royal family helped first establish Jesuit missions in the territories of California and what would later become the state of Nevada.

SEE: The Resurrection of a Chameleon Prince


Rest assured, while utilizing “voter fraud” as a cover, the press conference of “Adam Laxalt” represents an event of great portent, demonstrating whom truly rules over you, and on behalf of Papal Rome, controlled by the Jesuit order.

10 thoughts on “Royals Stage Political Chicanery in Clark County?

    1. Thank you for the kind compliment and for your continued interest. I’m convinced, however, the present “election” contrivances are being created for the purposes of sewing as much chaos, both politically and socially, and as a cover for the mandating of mandatory vaccinations, which have already taken place in the state of New York.

      1. Absolutely, the families have monopolized ownership over every human and natural resource and, as well, every field of business endeavor from which a profit can be made.

  1. More on the royals: On October 16th, 1793, the day of Marie-Antoinette’s “death,” revolutionary artist Jacques-Louis David drawn a sketch of the doomed ex-queen sitting on a stool while being driven in a tumbrel to her execution at the Place de la Revolution (now the Place de la Concorde) wearing a cap on her shorn, careworn hair and a chemise cloaking her body with her hands tied behind her back from his window as she passed him by. The sketch still exists to this day. Here is the sketch:

    Here is a contemporary profile engraving of Marie-Antoinette as she appeared in the 1770s:

    The woman in the 1st picture has a fairly straight nose, whereas the woman in the 2nd picture has a visibly aquiline nose. This suggests that the haggard-looking lady in the David sketch couldn’t be MA, but an actress posing as Antoinette for the elaborate hoax execution. Since many other executions were faked in a similar fashion (Suddam Hussein used a doppelganger for his fake death, for example), we may assume the same is true for MA’s. After all, why “execute” a real elite on the scaffold when a fake one can suffice brilliantly for the occasion?

    And now there is controversy surrounding the authenticity of the infamous sketch. Forensic experts and amateurs are debating if the drawing was really sketched from life or was made sometime after or before the execution due to the amount of time it would take to make such a relatively detailed sketch. Some question if David even made the sketch at all.

  2. what do you mean saying Grimaldi is Trump/Biden/Brian Wilson? You’re saying he plays them on TV at times but not all the time? I don’t understand.

    1. I believe, you meant Brian Williams, the beleaguered NBC newsman, who was caught lying concerning his alleged helicopter crash while in Iraq, rather than Brian Wilson, the famous member and main songwriter of the Beach Boys. I think, the article is very clear, ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis prove, Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi, the “late” royal prince from Monaco alleged to have died in a “boating accident” in 1980 at the age of 30 (EE=33), is the host actor who portrays an array of fictional characters. Among these are Donald J. Trump, Joe Biden, Brian Williams, and the former attorney general from the state of Nevada, Adam Laxalt. Grimaldi has also portrayed several members of the “Bush” family, a fictional construct the public has been conditioned – through television and the MSM- to believe is real. As I’ve documented, in other published articles, the Grimaldi family has a monopoly on gambling interests – not only in the principality of Monaco – but, as well, in Las Vegas. If you take a close look at the first presidential debate between “Biden” and “Trump”, you will notice that split screen projection was used, the same sophisticated post-production visual technique first developed by Disney in the 1965 production of “The Parent Trap”, which starred British actress Haley Mills, who also played her own twin sister.

    2. Consider also, the first presidential debate, between “Biden/”Trump” was held at John Hopkins Medical Center, the very same university, along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which sanctioned Event 201, the coronavirus simulation exercise executed in October of 2019.

      1. Neither of us need be concerned about the trolls, though they are both ubiquitous and numerous, I know well how best to deal with them, most of whom can’t fuse two brain cells together to even formulate a decent ad hominem. I’ve managed to identify most of them, as well as some of their masonic masters. Nevertheless, I address all comments, no matter the source. Realistically, the thesis of Post-Modern Reality Simulation is difficult for most to swallow and – stricken with knee-jerk reactions – will dismiss the idea out-of-hand, without further consideration or examination.

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