This is a story about a former but famous “war hero”, or more accurately,  a wartime “heroine”, named “Jessica Lynch”.

However, it turns out —— given what has been discovered through yet another revealing investigation —– one should think, it is better to say, this heroine proved to be another MSM-generated fraud.

Furthermore, it appears, the host actor discovered in portrayal of Jessica Lynch, the former US Army private claimed to have been held as a “Prisoner of War” during the US’s “invasion” of Iraq, in 2003, has also portrayed a slew of other similarly manufactured characters.

Indeed, as we’ve discovered existing as a common denominator with the phenomenon known as Post-Modern Reality Simulation, the actor who portrayed “Jessica Lynch” has lived and died many times before.

Yes folks, she has played a game with your heart, and done it again and again.

Therefore, she’s not so innocent.

Furthermore, our “heroine” Jessica had a “best friend” named “Lori”, a famous pop singer hiding behind a pseudonym, who went on to become America’s favorite reality television star.

Yes folks, the host actor who portrayed US Army war hero “Jessica Lynch” as well as the Boston Bombing “victim” formerly known as the late “Chrystal Campbell”, has dug for herself a very deep rabbit warren of deception, and very shortly, we shall proceed to permanently bury her.


While the host actor who portrayed “Jessica Lynch” is better known to have appeared before the public and in the arena of American pop culture in the guise of a rather benign, buoyant, and even seductive image, both her covert and sinister intentions, and those of the family of one of her co-conspirators, shall shortly be laid bare.

American historical texts are filled with narratives carried along by the larger than life exploits of heroic figures which, through the passage of time and via the psychological effect of repetition, are exponentially built into epic legends and even cultural myths.

But as we’ve learned, many of those most well-known historical narratives, quilted into the grand fabric of American history, have merely been collectively agreed upon by scholarly consensus.

Despite the dubious nature of the popularized story of Jessica Lynch was admitted, even by sources of the MSM, the heroic spirit of her historical narrative still, to-this-day, persists.


As we shall soon learn, the actress portraying Lynch was famous even before becoming famous, or, perhaps more appropriately, infamous.

She was certainly no hero, or heroine, but a fabricated character who played the starring role tailored for her in a made for television melodrama —— directed by the prevaricating brass of the US armed forces, and by high-level government officials, both at the American State Department and the Pentagon —– which was subsequently and heavily promoted by the teleprompter reading drones employed by the MSM.

Though sporadic doubts were raised, concerning the veracity of Lynch’s rescue and heroism, a major corporate television network went on to produce, promote, and air a popular and highly-rated documentary of Lynch’s mythical travails as an abused “prisoner of war”.

None of which, at least to one’s loyal readers, should come as any substantial surprise.

While examining the official story of “Jessica Lynch”, everyone will readily observe the inconsistencies, anomalies and, as usual, the many examples of not only gematria coding but other instances of high-degree masonic symbolism.

Then again, the official story, which was promulgated to the American general public regarding Lynch’s wartime tribulation, emanated from officials at the Pentagon and from the military./industrial complex, sources which, as we’ve learned through many in-depth investigations, should always be held to the greatest level of scrutiny while observed with a lucid but skeptical gaze.

In other words, folks, officials at the highest levels of both the US corporate government and the US military have proved, time and again, to be deliberate if not egregious liars.

Does everyone recall, in 2002, the US military’s adamant claims of Iraq harboring WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction), claims which, after-the-fact, were proved false and admitted, by mainstream sources such as the New York Times, to have been a manufactured prevarication?


Such “admissions” by scapegoats, like the New York Times “journalist” Judith Miller, have always served as vital functionaries and effectual components of the thirteen families’ arsenal of psychological warfare.

In the case of the NYT’s Miller, she proved all-too-willing to serve her high-level Templar/Jesuit/Masonic masters as a sacrificial lamb, an act which shielded the true perpetrators of the tissues of lies regarding possession of WMD’s by the ruling regime of Iraq —– the thirteen families of Grimaldi, Farnese, Orsini, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, von Furstenberg, etc. etc. —– from facing the uncomfortable consequences of direct accountability and from suffering from the inconvenience of further public scrutiny.


Both Lynch’s personal and official biographies, as well as the official accounts of her capture at the hands of Iraqi military insurgents at the Battle of Nasiriyah, are permeated with masonic symbolism and numerological markers.

We encounter the first telltale sign of masonic symbolism and coded gematria upon examining what is officially listed as the birth date for “Jessica Dawn Lynch”.

Wikipedia claims she was born on the 26th of April, 1983.

Her name, “Jessica Dawn Lynch”, sums to 170 in English Ordinal gematria, or 8 (aces and eights/mark of the Jesuit order).

Her middle name, “Dawn”, is an example of masonic ‘twilight’ language; an occult reference to the dawning of the newly arrived epoch, or Aquarian age.

On page 7 of his published tome, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, author Michael A. Hoffman describes twilight language in the following terms: “In secret societies, ‘twilight language’ was advertised as the Adamic language, the language Adam learned from God in Eden, ‘the key to divine knowledge’.”

The official story goes on to document that, on March 23rd of 2003, the convoy of Private First Class Jessica Lynch, aged 19 (symbolic of the Jesuit sun or corona), while serving as a unit supply specialist with the 507th Maintenance Company (507=12/21/777/intelligence joker code), was ambushed by Iraqi forces amid the Battle of Nasiriyah.

Everyone probably noticed the numerological coding, made quite evident by the official date of the Iraqi “ambush”: March 23, 2003.

March is the 3rd month (33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry), which is followed by a pair of 23’s or 2 3’s (33 again). The number of 3 is symbolic of the occult concept of the mirrored reflecting pool, just like the one found in Washington’s District of Columbia, featured in the image found at the link, immediately below.

Washington D.C.’s reflecting pool at the National Mall:

When summed, 33+33 equals 66 or 12 (21 in the occult mirror’s reflection for 777).

Of course, when 6 is multiplied by itself, we get a sum of 36 or 3 6’s which, in turn, when multiplied equals 18 (666).

777 into 666 is symbolic of an alchemical transformation of energy, from spirit into matter and then – transformed again from the mirror’s reversed reflection – of a mortal man into an immortal legend or a timeless myth.

Before delving further into our investigation of the narrative details of Lynch’s story, we should take especial note that, via the covert communication of occult and twilight language, we are being told that her story was fabricated for the purpose of being transformed into a symbolic myth.

Nevertheless, though Lynch’s dramatic story was also intended to be interpreted on an exoteric or literal basis by a majority of the American general public, the story also implies another meaning which stands in diametric opposition; an esoteric or figurative meaning to those possessing knowledge of occult symbolic principles.

In that sense, Lynch’s story represents a dramatic illustration of the concept of masonic duality, as it relates to the creation and the retelling of myths: there always exists a literal interpretation for the common masses, while a figurative or symbolic interpretation is afforded and communicated to high-level masonic initiates.


Wikipedia’s official story of “Jessica Lynch” continues with more pertinent examples of occult symbolism: “On March 23, 2003, a convoy of the United States Army’s 507th Maintenance Company and the 3rd Combat Support Battalion elements, led by a Humvee driven by Lori Piestewa (more on her a bit later), made a wrong turn and were ambushed near Nasiriyah, a major crossing point over the Euphrates northwest of Basra.”

The mention of the Euphrates river is, once again, conceptually symbolic of the reflecting pool which, in turn, is also linked to the number of 3 (EE=33).

The name of the military vehicle piloted by “Lori Piestewa”, ‘Humvee’, sums to 74 in English Ordinal gematria, a number which, in turn, sums to the number of 11; a symbolic representation of the masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin that, when multiplied, (7X4) equal 28 or 2 8’s (the mark of the Jesuit order/Saturn or Cronos/the black sun).

Likewise, one’s loyal readers have probably also noticed that the number of 33 has been featured a great deal lately, in correlation with the global execution of the coronavirus’s psychological operation.

This correlation, of course, is not due to any coincidence.

Wikipedia’s account of the 507th US Army’s convoy proceeds to tell us what happened next: “The convoy was supposed to detour around the town {Basra} but instead turned directly into it, eventually running into an ambush. The ambush was unlikely to have been set up in advance, because the Iraqi’s did not know what course the convoy would take. Although some vehicles had GPS receivers, military GPS systems, unlike civilian equivalents, provide only grid references and not turn-by-turn navigation. Maps of the area lack the detail required to properly navigate through tight city streets. Apparently, the convoy took more than one wrong turn. The convoy came under heavy attack by enemy fire. The Humvee in which Lynch was riding was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade and crashed into the rear of a tractor-trailer. Lynch was severely injured.”

The first detail of the official account which appears conspicuously suspect has to do with the alleged “ambush”.

Though it is claimed ‘the Iraqi’s did not know what course the convoy would take’, they still managed to effectively assemble, seemingly in an impromptu manner, a well-organized strike to intercept the errant US Army convoy.

Despite the official account choosing to label it as such, the description of the tragic turn of events regarding the 507th’s convoy while traveling on its way to Basra belies the very definition of an ambush.

Intuitively speaking, the official account’s claims, published by Wikipedia and corroborated by other MSM sources, regarding the functions of military GPS systems as opposed to those of civilian systems, appear to have been fashioned to fit a preplanned narrative. The following description, from, of the differences between military and civilian GPS seems to bely the claims told by the official narrative as to why Lynch’s convoy “took more than one wrong turn”.

“The difference lies in the frequency. Military receivers use two GPS frequencies for improved accuracy whereas civilian devices have just one frequency. The military uses duel-frequency equipment to avoid signal distortions that could jeopardize their mission or research.”

And yet, despite the frequency advantages afforded military GPS which mitigate ‘signal distortions’, the driver of Lynch’s convoy still ‘made more than one wrong turn’, and directly into a deadly ‘ambush’ executed by Iraqi forces which, official sources maintain, ‘was unlikely to have been set up in advance’?

The latter detail, it would seem, represents a genuine effort by the official storytellers to misdirect, through the power of suggestion, any suspicions which would suggest Lynch’s entire saga was, in fact, an ill-conceived and poorly scripted hoax.

Other official accounts, and those which have been proffered by MSM sources, also appear to uniformly concur with the following, from Wikipedia, concerning the aftermath of the Iraqi ambush upon the US Army’s convoy: “Lynch was officially listed as ‘missing in action’ while eleven other soldiers in the company were killed in the ambush, and five other soldiers were captured and subsequently rescued 21 days later. Lynch’s best friend, Lori Piestewa, received a serious head wound and died in an Iraqi civilian hospital.”

Everyone surely noticed, the previous paragraph contained a preponderance of both numerological coding as well as occult and masonic symbolism, including the numbers 5 (2 3’s/33), 11 (twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin), and 21 (777).

Missing in action, or as it is more commonly initialed, M.I.A, equals 23 (2 3’s/33) in English Ordinal gematria.

Surely, by now, everyone is getting the idea, the folks at Wikipedia and the MSM are attempting to confirm for us that Lynch’s ordeal while imprisoned, and her subsequent rescue was an utter and complete hoax, one which was fabricated for the purpose of being circulated among the American general public as wartime propaganda.

But why, everyone should suppose, was it necessary for Wikipedia to propagate the notion, as a pertinent narrative detail, that Lynch and the ill-fated driver of the ambushed Humvee, “Lori Piestewa”, had been the best-of-friends?

The purpose of this narrative detail may have been two-fold: 1.) to act as an emotional cue for the story’s targeted audience, the American public, and 2.) to provide a covert and somewhat mocking clue as to the genuine relationship, perhaps of a professional nature, between the pair of host actors who portrayed the roles of the main protagonists in this made-for-television melodrama.

Upon further investigation, this turns out to have been the case.

Yes folks, “Lori Piestewa” and “Jessica Lynch” did have a prior relationship, and they knew one another from their days as child stars in the music/entertainment business, and they were both contracted to one of America’s and the world’s largest and most renowned corporate entertainment monopolies, Disney.

But before the genuine identities of both of these host actors are revealed, we shall delve more deeply into the slew of inconsistencies, anomalies, and deliberate falsehoods regarding the “Jessica Lynch” narrative.

The following official account is excerpted from Wikipedia regarding Lynch’s capture and imprisonment at a hospital, located in Nasiriyah:

“US forces were tipped off as to Lynch’s whereabouts by an Iraqi, who told them she had been tortured and injured but was still alive. The Iraqi was described as a 32-year old lawyer, initially described only as “Mohammed” and later identified as Mohammed Odeh al Rehaief.”

A lawyer working at a hospital?

Turns out this lawyer, al Rehaief, was —– wait for it, folks —- working for the CIA.

“After al Rehaief came forward and confirmed Lynch’s location, officials with the Defense Intelligence Agency equipped and trained an unnamed person, possibly Rehaief, alternately listed as an Iraqi informant and as a Central Intelligence Agency agent, with a concealed video camera. On the day of the raid, the informant walked around the hospital, secretly videotaping entrances and a route to Lynch’s room.”

But the following excerpt, also from Wikipedia, positively confirms the entire affair involving PFC “Jessica Lynch” was a concocted hoax: “One witness account claimed that the Special Operations Forces had foreknowledge that the Iraqi military had fled a day before they raided the hospital, and that the entire event was staged, even going so far as to use blanks to create the appearance that they were firing.”

What can we ultimately conclude from the eyewitness account provided by Wikipedia?

We can certainly conclude, beyond any traces of doubt, not only did the US military and corporate government conspire to concoct what seems tantamount to a dramatic reality television episode starring the fictional character known as “Jessica Lynch”, but that both parties also actively conspired with Iraqi informants of whom the official storytellers quite expected the American public would never suspect the Iraqi government had prior knowledge.

This wildly dubious tale spun of Lynch’s rescue from an Iraqi hospital, at the hands of two US Marine Battalions and a strike unit consisting of Navy Seals, at that time, was unanimously agreed upon by the MSM, officials of the US military and the American State Department, the US corporate government and, of course, a majority of the American public, a tale which was, later, repudiated by Lynch herself during her testimony before a House oversight committee.

Suffice to say, soon after Lynch’s appearance before the US House of Representatives oversight committee, and after months following her dramatic rescue, the heroic and noble details of her story began to unravel.


Despite Lynch’s own repudiation of the official story that she had been shot, badly wounded, tortured, and even raped, tales which were widely circulated by the Washington Post and other prestigious American periodicals, during the aftermath of her rescue from captivity, she was awarded a Purple Heart medal, Bronze Star, Prisoner of War Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, and an Army Service Ribbon.

Regarding this, Wikipedia states the following:

“When asked about her heroine status, ‘That wasn’t me, I’m not about to take credit for something I didn’t do…I’m just a survivor. I was captured, but then I was OK and I didn’t go down fighting. OK, so what?’ she says. ‘It was really hard to convince people that I didn’t have to do any of that. That I was injured, that I still needed comfort. They used me to symbolize all this stuff. It’s wrong. I don’t know why they filmed {the rescue mission} or why they say these things.’ She also stated, ‘I did not shoot, not a round, nothing. I went down praying to my knees. And that’s the last I remember’.”

“Symbolize” indeed, my dear!


Despite Lynch’s publicly issued mea culpa, there didn’t seem to exist any major outcry from the MSM or the American public, alike. Rather than raise significant objections that something was amiss regarding Lynch’s alleged travails, both then turned their respective focus onto superficial issues.

Again, we have this offered to us, courtesy of Wikipedia:

“Critics have also accused the media of bias in the coverage of Lynch versus that of her fellow soldiers, Shoshana Johnson and Lori Piestewa. All three were ambushed in the same attack during the Iraq War on March 23, 2003, with Piestewa being killed and Lynch and Johnson being injured and taken prisoner. Lynch, a young, blonde, white woman, received far more media coverage than Johnson (a black woman and a single mother) and Piestewa (a Hopi from an impoverished background, and also a single mother), with media critics suggesting that the media gave more attention to the women with whom audiences supposedly more readily identify.”

Yes folks, pay especial attention to that latter statement. Government activists, while posing as “media critics”, were charged with sowing the seeds, on behalf of the thirteen families with monopoly control of the US media, for the ideologically-driven and socially divisive agenda consisting of polarizing identity politics which have now, in 2020, grown to become rather destructively ubiquitous.

As for “Shoshana Johnson”, she, like her comrades-in-arms, Lynch and Piestewa, was a fabricated character portrayed by a host actor derived from the arena of the music and entertainment industry.

Extensive facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirm that “Shoshana Johnson” was Mellisa “Missy” Arnette Elliot, an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer.

Shoshana Johnson:

Missy Elliot:

Facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirm that Shoshana Johnson’s fellow soldier, and the driver of the 507th’s ambushed convoy who was also alleged to have bene killed in the Battle of Nasiriyah, “Lori Piestewa”, was portrayed by pop singer Christina Aguilera AKA Kim Kardashian, the hidden daughter of Cher AKA Celine Dione and Hollywood recording executive, David Geffen AKA Doctor Anthony Fauci/Charles Manson/Sonny Bono/former US presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.

To paraphrase the famous lyrics, once sang and performed by the host actor of “Jessica Lynch”, oops, the von Furstenberg family did it again!

SEE: Kim Kardashian: Behind The Hollywood Mask

SEE: Meet the Actor Playing Television Doctor

SEE also: Mike’s Bloom crashes into Truth’s Titanic ‘Berg

Lori Piestewa:

Christina Aguilera:

As for our heroine, “Jessica Lynch”, facial recognition and image comparison analysis indicate she went on to star as a “victim” —- “Crystal Campbell” — in 2013’s Boston Bombing simulation exercise/psychological operation.

Crystal Campbell:

Miraculously, despite being blown to bits in Boston, the host actor who portrayed not only “Jessica Lynch” but “Crystal Campbell” is still very much alive and, facial recognition, ear biometric, and image comparison analysis confirm, she is better known to the American general public as Britney Spears, who once starred in Disney’s Mouseketeers with a young Christina Aguilera.

Jessica Lynch:

Britney Spears:

Jessica Lynch:

Britney Spears:

Keep in mind, folks, this is the same Britney Spears who recently and publicly advocated for a “redistribution of wealth” to occur in the US.


Alas, I don’t suppose Britney will be advocating for her own vast wealth to become distributed to those less fortunate than she, at any time in the near future, nor, if ever.





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  1. I think that censorship and oppression, whistle-blowing and total control are already strongly present and real at the present stage of post-modern reality simulation. I think we shall soon have a unique ministry of truth for all. I’m afraid that probably your interesting blog is at risk of shutdown, too.

    1. I find your assessment to be entirely correct. I maintain, however, that this latest psychological operation represents an initial test phase, not only laying the preparative groundwork for further systematic psychological programming for the coming economic transition, but for the field testing of certain biotechnologies which are expected to work in concert with the widespread installation of 5G. There is, however, the possibility this present phase of incremental psychological conditioning represents a test run for an even more significant event, perhaps, a staged “alien” or ET invasion executed with very sophisticated CGI animation. This event may be the capstone, so to speak, which will solidify the UN’s Agenda 2030.

    2. I would also suggest, the next phase of the psychological programming with the current operation may be artificially created food shortages in major American cities which will cause just enough civil unrest for the families to justify ordering their masonic police guilds to put down their boot with Marshall Law. Just as an aside the juvenile level of fear-based programming being utilized, and the public’s overwhelmingly docile reaction to it astonishes even me.

      1. Yes, I thought about a staged alien invasion as a future their possible mega psy-op with high level cgi. I noticed how everything broadcast on media gets swallowed whole by 99% of people. I noticed also the docile behavior of people scared to death, in real life as on the web, every day more submitted, but hysterical, psychotic, demented, a deviant behavior ultimately. I think their last future goal is a deep change against biological laws and nature, towards a human/robot merging into cyborgs and global AI. Probably, in an extreme attempt to defeat physical death, too.
        It is the transhumanism and then post-humanism project. But they right now already have full mind control over the flock. I suspected that already before the last cv19 hoax, and now I got confirmation of that.

      2. Absolutely, this is asymmetrical warfare, drawn straight from the Jesuit’s playbook, and designed to lead humanity into a transhumanist future. Even though this transformation is only in the initial stages, it has worked more splendidly than even the families could have expected.

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