Mainstream news stories aren’t meant to inform the public. Rather, they are a psychologically penetrative form of oftentimes insidious, sometimes even sinister deception. While appearing to be benignly informative, the genuine but concealed intention is to ruinously propagandize its intended, targeted audience.

When efficiently performed on a mass scale, the effects of propaganda can be all encompassing, seizing the general public in the grip of auto hypnosis, an unrelenting, even strangulating grasp from which they aren’t meant to escape. That is, until the MSM decides to broadcast yet another irresistibly melodramatic human-interest narrative intended to redirect the malleable public’s collective and abbreviated attention span.

The recent Ocean Gate/Titan submarine disaster in which five persons were alleged to have perished presents an instructive metaphor, demonstrating that if one is not aware of propaganda’s manipulations to which they are subjected, they are certain to be submerged beneath the waves, deluged under all manner of psychological manipulations, coercions, then immersed, drowned in the murky depths of deception’s vast ocean.

And yet, with the emergence of this particular news story, into the deepest abyss is precisely where the MSM’s faltering credibility has plummeted.

Somehow, quite predictably, when highly esteemed Hollywood director/executive producer James Cameron soon entered the frame in the wake of the Titan submarine’s “disaster”, it was then one became quite certain the MSM harbored an ulterior agenda. First, to execute an occult/masonic ritual and, secondarily, to create a perverse justification to cynically hoist James Cameron into the public’s eye because a sequel to Avatar, the Way of Water is slated to be released later this year in time enough for what Hollywood’s executives surely anticipate being a most profitable Christmas season.

Turns out, not only is James Cameron one of Hollywood’s most accomplished and creatively brilliant film directors, but, with connections to NASA, he is also a master of deception, and, as everyone shall soon observe, no stranger to the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.


Though many now living in America may not be aware, the Federal Reserve bank, a subsidiary of Crown Temple in the City of London and of the Swiss banking consortium, is readying its implementation of Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDC. While many traditionally celebrate what they’ve been psychologically conditioned to believe as American “freedom” on the fourth of July, in the face of the Federal Reserve’s plans to implement its totalitarian CBDC, could anything be more truly ironic? This CBDC system is also tied in with a digital social credit score system, synonymous with that which has already begun in China. Furthermore, one has it on good authority there have been hosts of American citizens recruited by the masonic police guilds and local law enforcement fusion centers to make reports on certain of those now put under “extra-judicial” surveillance proceedings and surreptitiously inhabiting U.S. corporate government “watch lists”, deemed as “enemy combatants”.

American “freedom”?

It was only ever a dream, a poetic illusion whispered into the wind but now long vanished.


MSM news stories are inundated with masonic symbolism. The recent Ocean Gate/Titan submarine “tragedy” proved to be no exception. To those aware of the occult, the narrative details of this story, as presented incrementally to the general public – represented the unfolding of a Crowleyan occult ritual or magical process.

How so?

First, there is the issue of the Ocean Gate/Titan submarine itself, with particular regard to its conspicuous similarity in both shape and appearance to a mythical creature – Solomon’s Shamir – an occult concept which is part and parcel of traditional freemasonic lore.

Below: Ocean Gate/Titan submarine, Solomon’s Shamir

The Shamir is not only associated with the building of Solomon’s Temple, but the mythical King Solomon and Solomon’s Temple are, in turn, also associated with the masonic legend of Hiram Abiff, a central and revered figure in the masonic third degree or master mason ritual. According to Wikipedia, the Shamir “was a worm or substance that had the power to cut through or disintegrate stone, iron and diamond. King Solomon is said to have used it in the building of the First Temple of Jerusalem.”

Wikipedia further elaborates, “Solomon’s artisans reputedly used the Shamir in the constructions of Solomon’s Temple. The material to be worked, whether stone, or metal, was affected by being ‘shown to the Samir’.”

Most interestingly, the emanation of the Shamir was said to have been from the demonic realm.

“According to deuterocanonical legend,” Wikipedia reports, “the Shamir was given to Solomon as a gift from Asmodeus, the king of demons.”

As legend would have it, once having acquired the Shamir from the demonic Asmodeus, Solomon also used the blood of the Shamir – said to have magical powers – to cut gemstones, marking them with a mystical seal or design so that they would have magical virtues.

According to an interview with Dr. George Friedreich Kunz, an expert in gemstone, jewelry lore, Wikipedia informs, “this led to the belief that gemstones so engraved would have magical virtues, and they often also ended up with their own powers or guardian angel associated with that specifically engraved gemstone.”

As shall be elaborated upon further, the MSM’s recent narrative concerning the Ocean Gate/Titan submarine, the shape and appearance of which represented a hidden reference to the masonic/occult symbolism of the mystical Shamir, was created as a magical talisman, an effective instrument of trauma based psychological warfare which, in combination with the sacrificial “blood” of five “victim” simulations, was designed to manipulate or cut the public’s collective mind and perception into a desired shape.

But high-level masonic Hollywood sorcerers such as James Cameron surely know that, through the powers of suggestion and media repetition, it is the willing belief of the general public in the story which truly gives the magical talisman its seductive powers. That is why Cameron was summoned by his masonic masters to appear on camera – to help them weave a manufactured storyline’s irresistible spell. This is something Cameron has done on behalf of his masonic/Jesuit masters before, albeit under another name while leading the team of “scientists” at NASA who, a little more than a decade ago, brought to the public the adventurous story of the Mars Curiosity probe which, of course, like the MSM’s Ocean Gate/Titan submarine story has proved to be a complete and utter fabrication.


According to an article at published in 2012 shortly after the “landing” of JPL/NASA’s Curiosity probe upon the surface of Mars, Adam Steltzner, charged as the designated leader of the project’s design engineers, became renowned as the world’s first ‘rock and roll’ rocket scientist. But as shall soon become lucid, “Adam Steltzner” is a fabricated character scheme, a NASA derived marketing gimmick made into flesh. NASA’s “official” biographies claim that before becoming a rocket scientist, “Adam Steltzner” was a would-be professional musician and briefly studied at Boston’s Berkley College of Music.

As everyone shall witness while observing the video excerpt posted immediately below, while the article at dubs Steltzner as “crazy smart” – SEE: – when questioned at NASA/JPL’s press conference subsequent to the Curiosity probe’s “landing” on the surface of Mars, his knowledge on the subject of anything having to do with the “mission” appears, at best, to be remarkably threadbare.

As heard in the preceding video clip, when asked what file type and compression was used to send the images to the Earth from Mars, “Adam Steltzner” says he doesn’t have an answer. While examining the footage of the exchange between Steltzner and the female enquirer more thoroughly, the facial geometry and the structure of the ears belonging to the latter appears to closely resemble James Cameron’s current spouse, Suzi Amish Cameron, who portrayed a minor role in Cameron’s Academy-Award winning cinema blockbuster Titanic.


Upon further examination – facial recognition, ear biometric, and image comparison analysis – of “Adam Steltzner”, however, one thing is certain. “Steltzner” is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Hollywood director James Cameron, strategically modified and backdated with generously applied black hair dye and ear piercings.

Below: Adam Steltzner, James Cameron


download (1)


While making ocular comparisons between the pair of images posted above, everyone will begin to observe the geometric, architectural proportions of the respective eyes, brows, noses, lips, and chins are identical. In the following pair of images, while examining the epidermal contours of the ears, everyone will observe the epidermal architectures of the respective lobules – encircled in red marker – are also proportionally identical.


Inkeddownload (1)

InkedU8044P28T3D3612893F326DT20120423221449Inkeddownload (1)

The entire saga of the Mars Curiosity rover landing on the surface of Mars was nothing more than a Hollywood-styled cinema production and NASA, while working under the aegis of the U.S. Department of Defense has never been anything other than a high-end movie studio utilizing the CGI, motion capture, and green/blue screen projection technologies which James Cameron (AKA Adam Steltzner) has also generously employed in service to the rousing commercial successes of his string of big budget Hollywood productions.


As reported by the MSM, among the Titan submarine’s five alleged victims was Stockton Rush, co-founder of Ocean Gate Inc.

Rush has a rather interesting if not extensive resume.

According to information discovered chronicled in articles published at and, on his father’s side, Rush is descended from Benjamin Rush and Richard Stockton, signers of America’s Declaration of Independence. On his mother’s side, the Rush family acquired their wealth primarily from Ralph K. Davies, an ambitious man who began his professional career as an office boy for Standard Oil of California owned by the Rockefeller (AKA House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/Windsor/Hanover/Rothschild) clan. After quickly ascending the company’s ranks, Davies was selected by Franklin Delano Roosevelt (AKA Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg/Henry Fonda/Fred Astaire/Jimmy Stewart) to serve in the Department of the Interior, acting as petroleum director during the Second World War. It is most interesting to note that an obituary written for Rush’s father, also named Stockton, describes him, according to, as a “businessman, entrepreneur, and an actor.”

Reportedly, Stockton Rush Senior died in 2000 at the age of 69 due to a brief illness. As to what specific illness led to Rush Senior’s demise, further investigation wasn’t able to determine. Nevertheless, it is also interesting to note that Stockton Rush Senior’s reported age of death – 69 – represents a mirrored reversal equivalent to the number of hours – 96 – uniformly reported by the MSM before oxygen deprivation was expected to set in for the Titan’s passengers soon after the story of the missing submarine broke to the general public.

SEE: FDR: America’s Royal Hollywood Fraud

During the 1980’s, Stockton Rush became the world’s youngest jet transport pilot when, at the tender age of 19, he obtained his DC-18 Type Captain’s rating while attending the United Airlines Jet Training Institute. From there, Rush became a test pilot for U.S. military contractor McDonnell Douglas. Before co-founding Ocean Gate, Stockton Rush served as a board member at Seattle’s Blue View Technologies, a manufacturer of small, high frequency sonar systems. In 2012, Rush was also involved in the company’s acquisition by Teledyne Inc., a leading provider of cutting-edge subsea technologies.

One can’t help but wonder as to why, such technologies weren’t deployed in helping to find the Titan’s five crew members who, earlier on when the story of the submarine’s tragic plight first emerged, were alleged by the MSM to be missing?

Later on, Rush served as a board member for Entomo, an enterprise software developer focused on post-sale channel management and financial reporting, and as chairman of Remote-Control Technology Inc. (RCT), a manufacturer of wireless remote-control devices for several Fortune 500 industrial clients, including Exxon, Conocophillips and Boeing. Perhaps more fascinatingly, the article discovered at reports, “His {Rush’s} 2000 Princeton Alumni Weekly obituary noted that he even served as president-elect of the city’s infamous Bohemian Club.”

In other words, the professional resume of Stockton Rush indicates that from a very early age, very likely due to the connections of his prominent family, he was dialed in with the U.S. military/industrial complex, private multi-national military contractors connected to NATO and with the U.S. Department of Defense which, in turn, controls NASA.

Though the MSM chose to mostly focus in on Stockton Rush in connection with the Titan submarine “tragedy”, Rush’s co-founder at Ocean Gate – Guillermo Söhnlein – went virtually ignored. Although Söhnlein reportedly divested his interests in Ocean Gate in 2013, it should be noted that he still retains minority ownership holdings in the company.

According to official biographical sources, including Wikipedia, Söhnlein has a connection to the Vatican’s Society of Jesus, having graduated from Saint Francis, a private high school located in Mountain View, California, established by Brothers of the Holy Cross in 1955.

Everyone may recall, as pointed out in a previously published article – Another Fake Phil Talk Show Host – that the Holy Cross brotherhood are not only Jesuit connected but were firmly established on the philosophy of Ultramontanism (AKA fascism), espousing the monarchial supremacy of the Vatican’s papacy in all global matters spiritual and temporal and in both canonical (AKA Roman) and Maritime (AKA Admiralty) Law.

After obtaining an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of California at Berkeley, Söhnlein earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of California Hastings College of Law. While at UCHC, he served as Editor-in-Chief of West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law and policy, a publication connected with 1992’s Rio Summit, where the Seventeen Sustainability Goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 were spawned. Söhnlein then joined the U.S. Marine Corps as an officer with the rank of Captain and before being discharged was initiated into a military secret society called Opus Novum, dedicated to the preservation of seven key leadership principles. From enlistment in the Marines, Söhnlein became involved with several high technology startups, including Alvaria Inc., a company which, in 2008, partnered with Microsoft, establishing offices in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, and in both North and South America. Söhnlein also founded Association of Space Entrepreneurs, a non-profit online organization which later, in 2010, was absorbed by Space Frontier Foundation, which, according to Wikipedia, derives its funding primarily from NASA.

Given the latter revelations, could it be that NASA, in addition to being a Hollywood-styled movie production studio, also serves as a tax money laundry, funneling annual billions to non-profits, NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), and high-tech startups, billions which not only help to fund the global implementation of the UN’s genocidal Agenda 2030/2050, but are also funding the establishment of the vast CBDC/social credit/surveillance grid system mentioned earlier while fooling the public with hoaxed space missions involving Hollywood luminaries such as James Cameron (AKA NASA’s Adam Steltzner)?

Still more proof of Cameron’s intimate involvement with executing the recent Titan submarine hoax was discovered – the genuine identity of “Suleman Dawood”.



The theme depicted in the image posted above in connection to the ill-fated Titan submarine mirrors an element of the fictional narrative featured in James Cameron’s Hollywood blockbuster Titanic. Nautical legend also has it that as the Titanic was sinking beneath the icy North Atlantic, first-class passengers Ida and Isodor Strauss remained in their cabin, tightly embracing one another while lying in bed. To those gifted with discernment untainted by emotional impulse, the preceding image distributed by the MSM has obviously been theatrically staged, indicating the emotionally manipulative effects of a fabricated and fictional narrative.

But there is yet another problem.

Detailed analysis of those images which depict “Suleman Dawood”, alleged to have been the nineteen-year-old son of Pakistani billionaire Shahzada Dawood, also alleged to have perished in the imploded Titan submarine, indicate observable photo shop manipulations.


Examination of the image posted above indicates pixel bleed or deterioration, a phenomenon which occurs when an image which has been heavily raked with photo shop manipulations is digitally recopied or recycled. Detailed examination of the image’s background indicates that, in its original format, it was a stock background which was strategically manipulated, painted over, customized or raked with photo shop brushes. The images of the figure(s) depicted in the foreground were likely pasted on to the manipulated stock background scenery. But when images of Suleman Dawood are examined even further, it becomes clear that something more is awry – his photo shop manipulated facial geometry resembles that belonging to a talented young Hollywood actor – Jack Champion – who recently starred in James Cameron’s Avatar, The Way of Water.

Comparative facial recognition analysis between the pair of following images indicates that the geometric architectures of the respective brows, eyes, noses, chins, and lips are proportionally similar if not identical.

Below: Jack Champion, Suleman Dawood


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