The rumors of one’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

In fact, one’s investigation into the recent Hawaiin “wildfires”, alleged to have caused widespread destruction in Lahaina, located in Maui County, took much longer than was expected.

As everyone shall discover, one’s investigative results exist in sharp contrast with the consensus conclusions offered to the public by both the MSM and “alternative” media.

Concerning the MSM, their feeble attempts in using the Hawaiin “wildfires” to promote the “climate change” agenda frankly reflects acute desperation. On the other hand, as if behaving on auto-cue, those counted among the “alternative” media immediately reached the consensus that those same disastrous “wildfires” alleged to have destroyed the township of Lahaina on the 8th of August were the result of some sort of well-coordinated directed energy weapon attack. This consensus seemed eerily familiar, when in the wake of September 11, 2001, “experts” began insisting the WTC towers and adjacent Building #7 were brought down with similar weapons. But as has been demonstrated on this site, the destruction of WTC and Building #7 were traditional controlled demolitions sold to the public as “terror” attacks. The “planes” which the MSM reported had been “hijacked” then struck the WTC towers were computer generated, added into the MSM news footage during post-production with video morphing/compositing/CGI augmentation techniques.

In this regard, it turns out, the recent “wildfire” event in Lahaina and September 11, 2001, have much in common.

Nevertheless, as usual, one couldn’t help but notice, those who dared utter an opinion in the wake of the “wildfires” which deviated even slightly with the predominating consensus regurgitated either by the MSM or “alternative” media were roundly denounced as heretics then summarily burned at the stake.

One expects the reaction to the following conclusions published in this article will prove comparatively hostile.

So be it.

Whichever premise one is more likely to lend predominate credence, it became clear that neither the MSM nor the “alternative” media bothered to investigate or identify the genuine perpetrators or to investigate their possible motives. Had they done so, they would have discovered that Hawaii, or more specifically, Hawaii County, has been an active member of I.C.L.E.I (International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives) since 2013, an NGO (Non-Government Organization) connected to the UN and it’s seventeen “sustainability” goals which, due to the alleged “threat” of “climate change”, involves the global establishment of “smart” cities or human resource habitats. Nor – to the best of one’s knowledge – has anyone among either the MSM or “alternative” media yet bothered to cite the role played by tech billionaire and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, who, according to Wikipedia and other mainstream sources, is the principal owner of Hawaii’s island of Lanai, which is part of Maui County where the “wildfires” were alleged to have wreaked havoc and mass devastation.

Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 8.01.04 PM

Oracle – a Jesuit/CIA controlled corporate entity – is involved in advancing the rapid development, deployment of cloud computing, the type of technology that is sure to play a major role in the establishment of the UN’s digital surveillance/communications “smart” grid, both globally and in Hawaii. As for Oracle co-founder/CEO “Larry Ellison”, deeper investigation demonstrated he is not who the MSM claims him to be.

Rather, “Larry Ellison” has proved to be another media generated fabricated character scheme, a front for the Jesuit controlled CIA intelligence apparatus/military/industrial complex, portrayed by a familiar Hollywood actor who not only played a prominent role in executing the OJ Simpson trial simulation, but, as well, has connections to a “dead” Australian rock star.


In the immediate wake of the “wildfires” alleged to have broken out on August 8th in Lahaina, Maui County, Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman invited a “scientific” expert – Clay Trauernicht – on to her show to sow “climate change” propaganda.


Though Democracy Now bills itself as a nonprofit/independent media organization which buys no advertising and receives “donations” from viewers, the substance of its “news” content is identical to the homogenous propaganda presented by the MSM.

In other words, Democracy Now’s journalistic “independence” is merely a superficial facade, a complete sham. Its “news” content is the same execrable refuse served up by the MSM, only wrapped in a different package.

Goodman’s show is also financially supported by powerful and moneyed foundations such as Ford, Park, and Lannan. The Park Foundation has an ownership monopoly on one-hundred and ninety-seven television stations and is also dialed in with Duncan Hines Corporation, a major producer of chemically processed food products. Democracy Now is also affiliated with the U.S. Green Building Council, another nonprofit organization which supports environmental “sustainability” ‘in building design, construction, and operation’, which would certainly help to explain as to why Goodman’s show, in the immediate wake of Maui’s “wildfires”, so readily jumped on board to promote “climate change” propaganda.

But not only has “Amy Goodman” been identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a Hollywood actress, a serial perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, but “Clay Trauernicht”, Goodman’s guest featured in the preceding video excerpt, alleged to be a professor of natural resources/environmental management at the University of Hawaii, has also, upon further investigation, proved to be a fake. Furthermore, the Hollywood actress positively identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known to the public as Democracy Now’s “Amy Goodman” has something in common with the Hollywood actor discovered cast in the role of tech billionaire “Larry Ellison”, whose surname is an obvious masonic play-on-words, a composite of the ancient Egyptian Canaanite god El (horned beast or bull), the goddess Isis, and the Sun (son), or Lucifer.

As frequent visitors to this site are likely aware, the official logo of the Jesuit order or Society of Jesus in control of the Vatican in Rome, the international intelligence apparatus, California’s Silicon Valley and, by extension, Hollywood’s music/entertainment industry, prominently displays a depiction of the Sun. The Sun is also metaphorically linked to fire or wildfires. The concept of fire, one of the four classical elements as formulated by ancient Greek philosophy, is also associated with the astrological sign of Leo, the lion or the Sun and, according to Plato, the tetrahedron or triangular pyramid. Fire is one of the classical elements which Aleister Crowley (AKA Prince George, Duke of Kent/Winston Churchill/Bob Hope/Jack Benny) incorporated into the mystical system of magic associated with the Golden Dawn. According to Wikipedia, “Philosophus (4=7) is the elemental grade attributed to fire. This grade is also attributed to the Qabalistic Sephirah Netzach or the planet Venus. The elemental weapon of fire is the wand.” As related to Freemasonry, fire is present during the ceremony of the Winter Solstice.

The respective host actors (live-action role players) identified in portrayal of “Amy Goodman” and “Larry Ellison” were also once cast in the role of Hollywood music recording stars, both who were alleged to have tragically died decades ago. Facial recognition and image comparison analysis demonstrate that “Amy Goodman” is a media generated fabricated character scheme portrayed by legendary Hollywood actress Ann-Margaret, who was also once cast in the role of Janis Joplin, alleged to have “died” at the age of 27, a number which, of course, is another masonic derived code harboring occult significance.

While making ocular comparisons between the succession of images posted immediately below, everyone should take note that the alignment of the respective sets of teeth, with particular regard to the shape, contours of the bicuspids – each encircled in red marker – are identical. Everyone will also take note that the shapes, contours of the respective noses, brows, lips, and jawlines are also architecturally identical.

Below: Amy Goodman, Ann-Margaret, Janis Joplin




In the pair of following images, everyone will observe that the epidermal architectures, shapes, and contours of the respective ears – encircled in red marker – are comparatively identical.

Below: Ann-Margaret, Janis Joplin

Inked740full-ann--margret (1)


NEW YORK CITY – JUNE 8: Actress Ann-Margaret attends 21st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on June 8, 1969 at Carnegie Hall in New York City. (Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)


As has been detailed in many previously published articles, over the decades, a number of effective methods – strategically applied makeup/silicone stippling, modified hair stylings, eye wear (glasses) or colored contact lenses, post-production photo-shop, post-production or real-time CGI, motion capture animation augmentation – have been utilized to modify the facial geometry of Hollywood live-action role players cast into the roles of various fabricated character schemes. Each method of facial geometric modification is designed to distort or to deceive the ocular perceptions of the general public and to better hide the identity of the portraying host actor. However, in the case of “Amy Goodman” (AKA Ann-Margaret/Janis Joplin), the hostess of Democracy Now, one was able to discover images which were not completely or wholly modified. Like most Hollywood actors, however, “Amy Goodman” is a covert intelligence asset/social engineering agent contracted to promote propaganda associated with one or more social or political agendas which are of primary importance to the commercial interests of the City of London Crown Temple/Swiss banking consortium and the thirteen royal Jesuit families who secretly control the U.S. corporate government and the Hollywood music/entertainment complex.

In each of the images posted below, everyone will observe that despite the presence of strategic modifications made to other portions of the respective facial geometries, the identical epidermal and geometric structures, contours of the cheekbones – each encircled in red marker – have remained conspicuously unmodified.

Below: Amy Goodman, Ann-Margaret, Janis Joplin




Facial recognition and image comparison analysis also indicate that Ann-Margaret (AKA Amy Goodman/Janis Joplin) has also portrayed feminist icon Gloria Steinem.

Below: Ann-Margaret, Gloria Steinem




As everyone may have observed after clicking the video link posted earlier, Clay Trauernicht, alleged to be a professor of natural resources/environmental management at University of Hawaii-Manoa, appeared on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now on August 13, ostensibly to explain the primary cause of the “wildfires” which reportedly led to widespread destruction in Lahaina township, Maui County. His explanations sound similar to those offered by other “scientific experts” presented to the public by the MSM: opaque buzzword laden gibberish meant to sound impressive and even superficially informative but which, under the glare of analytical scrutiny, crumbles into a crevasse of nonsensical oblivion.

According to Trauernicht, “landscape scale changes in vegetation and changes in land use over the decades,” have led to the “dramatic expansion of non-native tropical grasses.”

What does that even mean?

At any rate, if, as Trauernicht claims, the “dramatic expansion of non-native tropical grasses” contributed to the eruption of the “wildfire” in Lahaina Township, then how is it that the ocean front lawn dotted with tropical trees observed in the following image – an arial view of Lahaina presumably shot from an MSM network news helicopter post-fire – appears to have remained wholly intact and without the slightest traces of any discernable charring or burn marks?

Screenshot (25)

Alas, Trauernicht doesn’t bother in attempting to bridge a causal relationship between these “landscape scale changes” and how they may have negatively contributed as a catalyst for the wildfires.

The professor also mentions Hurricane Dora – which passed the Hawaiin island chain hundreds of miles offshore – as a contributing factor in the “lowering of humidity”, as if attempting to imply or to suggest that such a commonplace meteorological occurrence is highly irregular and could have ignited a widespread and destructive wildfire.

Throughout the interview, Trauernicht’s nonsensical responses are repeatedly anchored with the word “change”. An obvious ploy – neural linguistic programming – to firmly plant in the minds of the public that the recent Hawaiin wildfires erupted as the result of “climate change”. When Trauernicht’s performance on Democracy Now is observed with greater scrutiny, it becomes evident that his eyes frequently trail towards a teleprompter, located near his line of sight but hidden off camera. Turns out, this discovery is no surprise, since the actor identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as “Clay Trauernicht” is an MSM commentator/news anchor formerly employed at CNN.

Below: Clay Trauernicht, CNN anchor Paul LaMonica

Screenshot (22)


“Clay Trauernicht” (AKA CNN anchor Paul LaMonica) is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a European royal, Prince Felix of Luxembourg, the son of Grand Duke Henri (AKA Richard Chamberlain/ Perry King/David Bowie/Richard Carpenter/Jack Wagoner/William Jefferson Clinton/Howard Stern).

Below: Prince Felix of Luxembourg, Clay Trauernicht, Paul Lamonica



Screenshot (22)


Neither is it any coincidence that Luxembourg’s Grand Duke Henri, in addition to being a member of the International Olympic Committee and Mentor Foundation (founded by the World Health Organization), presides over a kingdom which has dedicated itself to not only implementing the UN’s seventeen Sustainability Goals but, according to several MSM sources, is fast developing into one of Europe’s first digital “smart” habitats.

But as shall shortly be elaborated upon, there exists significant evidence, confirmed, no less, both by official documents published by bureaucratic/state government organizations operating in the state of Hawaii and MSM news sources, that the planning stages for Hawaii’s “sustainable” transformation, via controlled demolition and strategic relocation of the residents of Lahaina Township, Maui County, into digital surveillance/”smart” habitats conforming to the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 and its seventeen sustainability goals began long before the alleged eruption of “wildfires” in early August of 2023.


A Profile of Henri

SEE also: Doc Kildare Promotes Kill Shot Propaganda


Copious evidence, in the form of official documentation located at does exist to support the premise that decades long bureaucratic planning to utilize legal instruments such as eminent domain to displace property tax paying residents and, after existing building structures subjected to controlled demolition were replaced with “sustainable” mixed-use housing units, to transform the Hawaiin islands into a digital “smart” human resource habitat/surveillance grid began long before the 8th of August 2023.

The Hawaii Ocean Resources Management Plan (ORMP) detailed at states that, “since 1985, longstanding partners have jointly addressed the state’s ocean and coastal resource management priorities, as set forth by each plan update.”

According to, the ORMP’s latest “update” is for 2050, coinciding with the date planned for the final implemental stages of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050.


One should hardly think so.

Also, at, under the subheading “Adapting to Climate Change”, the following is stated: “Act 234 Session Laws of Hawaii 2007, established the state’s policy to address Hawaii’s GHG emissions. In Act 234, the legislature recognized the following…’climate change poses a serious threat to the economic well-being, public health, natural resources, and the environment of Hawaii. The potential adverse effects of global warming include a rise in sea levels resulting in the displacement of businesses and residents’…”

The document goes on to say, “Hawaii can best respond to climate change by adapting to its impacts. Adaptation includes adjusting our natural and built environments in response to actual or expected climate changes and its effects. The Office {Office of Resource Management Planning/ORMP} relies upon existing authority under the CZM {Coastal Zone Management} Act, which provides that global warming may result in a substantial sea level rise with adverse effects in the coastal zone, and that coastal states must anticipate and plan for such an occurrence.”

The wording of the Coastal Zone Management Act, as applied to Lahaina township, in Maui County, the coastal, ocean front location of the recent “wildfires”, appears to imply that “adaptation planning” in anticipation of rising sea levels to “built environments” would require displacement of both residents and businesses – for their own safety from the onslaught of “climate change”, of course.

Just where would residents and businesses be relocated?

The answer: packed like sardines into environmentally “sustainable” “mixed-use” housing units like the one which was just constructed in Makiki, Honolulu.


Oddly enough, however, unlike the pompous, deluded, but earnest climate change activist imbeciles inhabiting Hawaii’s Office of Planning and Sustainable Development, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison doesn’t seem too concerned about anticipating rising sea levels due to “climate change” because, in 2021, according to the article at the link posted immediately below, the principal owner of the Hawaiin island of Lanai purchased a very pricey piece of ocean front real estate in North Palm Beach, Florida.


A video consisting of computer-generated animation and accompanied by a condescending toned narration fit for those with the mentality of impressionable, intellectually challenged public grammar school educated children at tells us that “people put an enormous amount of pressure on the environment.”

A pdf document published in 2017, the link to which is posted below, pertinent to Maui County, Hawaii, which includes Lahaina Township, explains in legal terms and conditions how existing laws which were put into place long before 2023 would be used as justification to acquire land via eminent domain to facilitate the implementation of Hawaii’s sustainable development plans.


The language used in all of the official documents issued from Hawaii’s Office of Planning and Sustainable Development supports and bolsters the hypothetical premise that the residents of Lahaina Township had been displaced and strategically relocated, with most of the businesses and private residences having been subjected to controlled demolition procedures, long before the reported “wildfires” of August 8, 2023. As shall be demonstrated, explained further, the lying nest of venomous snakes employed by the MSM, however, needed a melodramatic and tragically disastrous human-interest story to sell the urgency of the manufactured “climate change” agenda to the American public.


Many of the images and news footage alleged be the destructive aftermath of a wildfire in Lahaina Township, Maui County appear to resemble a construction/controlled demolition site. As shall be observed in some of the following images, much of what appears to be remaining concrete foundations or supporting outer building structures lack any traces of significant charring.

Screenshot (27)

As everyone will observe, when examined more closely, the remaining wall structure in the preceding image’s background doesn’t appear to have suffered any significant charring. The following image contains even more anomalous features. Everyone will notice that although the nearby structure featured in the preceding image was alleged to have been ravaged with “wildfire”, the plastic buckets, wooden staging, and the automobile in proximity appear to have remained strangely and wholly intact.

Screenshot (28)

Screenshot (29)

And yet, despite the fact the automobile in the preceding image, immediately adjacent to a structure alleged to have been ravaged by fire, was left perfectly intact, the collection of automobiles near Lahaina’s ocean front featured in the next image were alleged to have been completely burned, destroyed.

Screenshot (26)

Perhaps even more strangely, the automobiles featured in the image posted above appear to be without any license plates. Are we to presume that the license plates burned while the skeletal remains of the chassis, engine blocks remained intact?

Despite the fact the MSM reported that, in the wake of the Hawaiin “wildfires”, the rather isolated Lahaina Township in Maui County had been cordoned off, denying access to unofficial personnel, the woman featured in the following image was somehow allowed to wander in to have her picture taken amid the rubble.

Screenshot (21)

If examined more closely, the woman’s left hand appears to have struck a rather odd but familiar pose. Her fingers are distinctively positioned to depict the masonic symbol of the two pillars – Boaz, Jachin.

In her right hand is held an object shaped in the manner of the Zayin (7), or mind weapon.

But the content of the next image is even stranger still.

Screenshot (20)The two figures in the foreground of the image appear, in a quite deliberate manner, to be approaching the site of the wildfire rather than, as would be expected, fleeing away in the opposite direction. Also, are we to believe that an MSM news/camera crew was flown into Lahaina Township on the day of the inferno to film it? Or is what we’re looking at a Hollywood movie set strategically designed to promote “climate change” propaganda? The content of the following videos helps to thoroughly explain how dramatic visual effects, using sophisticated computer software, can be created to simulate disaster footage.

Turns out, not so coincidentally perhaps, David and Meghan, the son and daughter of Oracle CEO “Larry Ellison”, alleged to be the majority owner of the Hawaiin island of Lanai, are both Hollywood movie producers at SkyDance Media and Annapurna pictures.


The “official” biographies associated with Oracle CEO “Larry Ellison” characterize his public image as the epitome of the American Dream, having risen from total obscurity to unimaginable wealth and prestige. As past investigations have demonstrated time and again, this sort of Horatio Alger theme represents the typical template used by Jesuit-controlled CIA to fabricate an intelligence operative’s ‘legend’ or backstory. During the late 1970’s, we are told that “Ellison” began his career in the IT industry at Amdahl Corporation and Ampex. Amdahl is dialed in with IBM, while Ampex was the first, at the behest of Bing Crosby (AKA King Leopold III of Belgium/Adolf Hitler/Allen Dulles/Jack Haley/Alger Hiss/Carol O’Connor/Danny Kaye/Roman Polanski) to introduce magnetophonon reel-to-reel tape machines – which in subsequent decades became standard recording equipment both in the Hollywood music industry and network television – to America. From there, “Ellison” became the CEO of Oracle which, according to the following articles, is merely a front for the CIA.


According to Wikipedia, “Ellison” also owns majority stock in Astex Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology firm headquartered in Cambridge, UK, a company partnered with AstraZeneca, Novartis, Janssen, and GlaxoSmithKline, all of whom mass produced Covid-19 vaccines. Astex is focused on the development of drugs in oncology and diseases of the central nervous system, while Ellison’s Oracle is focused on dominating the cloud computing market. Taking all this into consideration, one could easily surmise how this network of connections, between pharmaceutical giants, Oracle, and CIA, is well organized to globally implement the ‘internet of things’, and how it ties in with the implementation of the UN’s seventeen sustainability goals and the establishment of “smart cities” and an all-pervasive digital surveillance grid designed for the seamless symbiosis of human resources and artificial intelligence. “Larry Ellison”, however, is merely a fictional corporate strawman, a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a Hollywood actor, legitimized by nothing more than sycophantic MSM publicity and a fake Jesuit/CIA created intelligence legend.


For a time, during the 1980’s, Mickey Rourke was the hottest star in Hollywood, known as one of the brightest lights among what was then dubbed by the MSM as the ‘brat pack’. But when the luster of his star began to wane, extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis indicate his Jesuit/CIA masters/handlers decided to modify him into Oracle CEO “Larry Ellison”. While making ocular comparisons between the pair of images posted below, everyone will note that the epidermal, structural architectures of the chins, noses, lips, brows, and eyes are identical.



Everyone will take not that in the preceding image featuring “Larry Ellison”, what appears to be an epidermal landmark or scar which runs from the corner of the mouth and under the bottom lip. This epidermal landmark or scar was also discovered to be in common with Hollywood actor “Mickey Rourke”.



Further and more extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis indicates that “Larry Ellison” (AKA Mickey Rourke) has also been modified into the “late” Australian rock star Michael Hutchence and Kato Kaelin, who served as a key witness in the OJ Simpson trial simulation.




In fact, the mysterious unnamed woman seated next to “Larry Ellison” in the following image, upon further investigation, turns out to be three-time Emmy Award-winning MSM “journalist” Leyna Ngyun, who also happens to be the girlfriend/spouse of “Kato Kaelin”

Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 8.01.04 PM

VAN NUYS, CA – JUNE 13: Kato Kaelin and Leyna Nguyen arrive at Lorenzo Lamas’ New Business Elite Helicopter launch party at the Van Nuys Airport on June 13, 2014 in Van Nuys, California. (Photo by Maury Phillips/WireImage)

Turns out, too, that Mickey Rourke’s infamous plastic surgeries have been modification ploys to not only distance him from the other fabricated character schemes – “Larry Ellison”, “Michael Hutchence”, “Kato Kaelin” – he’s been modified into, but to also better conceal the identity of his host actor, Hollywood/television actor Bruce Willis.



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  1. From the beginning of this event many things do not fit. So, if I understand correctly, to summarise, the demolished properties had already been expropriated, for the long-standing smart island project. What we have seen of Lahaina alleged burning is just the usual staging.

    1. Yes, your summarization is correct. As was the case with 9/11 which was used to sell the “War on Terror”, the MSM needed to create another horrifying disaster, a narrative which appeared to result in significant losses of human life in order to sell “climate change” propaganda.

  2. First off, thank you for sharing your vast research and being such a solid resource for truth seekers trying to put a coherent picture together of how the world really works.
    I’ve been following for awhile and notice many titles missing from your archives. Was waiting for your take on this. I would love it if you could go into more detail on this one. Being as I have a brotherinlaw in Honolulu who says two of his coworkers lost relatives trapped in cars. Can you elaborate?Independent researchers called the schools and reported that over 2000 children who were enrolled pre fire were unaccounted for. Are you saying that they left the island during summer break because this was all planned out? ( Schools are very good at tracking children and all of their info.) Many are wondering where the parents are who lost children. There should be lots of crying parents (with real tears) looking for their children. Reporters are searching for survivors with missing or dead children so that their story can be told. Yet I saw one interview of a family that survived and this mother is the only person that I’ve seen who, in my opinion, is crying real tears and telling the truth.

    1. Though you haven’t cited specific “titles”, some information relating to past investigations has been updated in more recently published articles. Regarding the latest publication, I fail to see how greater “detail” or elaboration is required when you ‘ve been presented with a lucidly articulated hypothesis, the premise of which not only sufficiently serves to undermine the MSM’s “official” narrative beyond reasonable doubt but is supported by links to verifiable documentation complete with both names, dates provided by bureaucratic institutions in the state of Hawaii/Maui County.

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