It is no coincidence that those in positions of high-profile politics are also Hollywood actors and popular music stars, those whom have been thoroughly trained – in many cases from childhood while in attendance at the world’s finest performing arts schools – to seduce and hold an audience’s attentions captive.

Neither is it coincidental, these same popular entertainers are also descendants of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, those whom are also the owners of Hollywood’s largest movie production corporations and of the US corporation.

The White House and, to a larger extent, the entire American political complex, is nothing more than a movie set, designed as a theatrical set piece.

The president, or commander-in-chief, is nothing more than a high-level and high-pressure salesman portrayed by an actor, hired to sell policies to the general public, the planning, execution, and implementation of which are decided upon by the president’s masters, the Jesuit order in Rome, many of whom also reside at Georgetown University, CIA headquarters, and at the Pentagon.

All of these institutions exist as Jesuit military fortresses and war rooms.

According to Wikipedia and other “official” biographies, “Bill Clinton” attended both Georgetown University (a Jesuit-founded institution) and Yale University, the home of the notorious masonic-oriented fraternity Skull and Bones. 

During the era of the 1990’s, “Bill Clinton” was “elected” to serve two consecutive terms as “president” of the US corporation. Though his eight-year presidential tenure was marred by controversy – the “Monica Lewinsky” scandal, for example – “William Jefferson Clinton” is still considered, due to the congenial and gregarious demeanor he often publicly displayed, to have been one of America’s most popular chief executives of the modern era.

But as shall soon be proved, Clinton’s entire tenure as US president, while basking in the public limelight, was a well-scripted theatrical canard, and acted out by a well-trained and experienced performer in the Hollywood television and music industries, corporate assets of which the host actor’s royal family – royal House of Nassau-Wellberg and House of Bourbon-Parma – also happen to be majority shareholders.

It is also no coincidence, the country where this royal family resides – Luxembourg – is well-known as an off-shore banking haven for tax-free hidden assets and the proceeds from American campaign contributions which violate campaign finance laws.

Nevertheless, at least for those numbered among the royal ranks of the thirteen Jesuit families, laws are made precisely so they can be summarily broken.

Their masses of royal subjects, whom are legally owned in abject and terminal slavery, are, of course, held to a different standard and must unquestioningly abide, or else. 


In fact, the royal host actor (live-action role player) who portrayed the ex-American president known to the American public as “William Jefferson Clinton” has deep genealogical connections to America’s ‘founding fathers’ and to royal figures of the distant past, stretching back to the year 1066. 

The entire “Monica Lewinsky” scandal – which, at the time, was said to have marked a blight on Clinton’s presidential legacy – was purposefully designed by the Jesuit order – whom, for centuries, have been the undisputed masters of psychological warfare –  as a moral, sociological, and psychological behavioral beta test.

In retrospect, this “scandal” tectonically shifted the accepted sexual, moral, and behavioral paradigm of traditional marital relations, and also served to negatively chip away at the already crumbling moral foundation of the American nuclear family.

Before then, and very soon after Clinton’s inauguration in January of 1993, the infamous “siege” at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas took place.

Turns out, upon further investigation, the media-created boogeyman protagonist for that concocted news story, “David Koresh”, also existed as a purely fabricated character scheme.

Ironically, the results of image comparison, ear biometric, and facial recognition analyses have confirmed “David Koresh” was portrayed by the identical royal host actor – the very same European royal – whom still, to-this-day, portrays ex-US president “William Jefferson Clinton”.

SEE: US government goes wacko in Waco

Still later on, during Clinton’s tenure, came the “bombing” of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma, yet another government created and executed psychological operation which had the intent of cementing the idea of “domestic terrorism” in the minds of the American general public, and to siphon more tax dollars for the creation of an even larger national security apparatus.

SEE: Nothing OK about OKC Bombing

Nevertheless, most Americans, especially those belonging to the ‘baby boom’ generation, had seen the face of “Slick Willie” on television before, and long before he ever appeared as a major figure on the grand stage of American politics.

As everyone, by now, is likely to be aware, the man known to the American public as “Bill Clinton” most recently appeared in a bit of sanctimonious and emotionally cloying Covid-19 propaganda, urging Americans to get vaccinated.

But this, after all, is not wholly unsurprising.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation happens to be the largest contributor to the Clinton Foundation’s coffers.



As everyone can observe, from the image of Doctor Kildare displayed above, the European royal identified in portrayal of the American politician and US president “William Jefferson Clinton” began his involvement with vaccine propaganda – on behalf of the global medical/pharmaceutical complex which is wholly controlled and owned by the thirteen Jesuit families – very early on during his nascent career in the entertainment industry.

Now, in the second decade of the 21st century, with the rapid technological advancement of AI and robotics on the immediate horizon, the thirteen Jesuit families no longer require vast amounts of human resources to efficiently manage their global economy or their global military/industrial complex.

Yes folks, according to the UN’s Agenda 2030, the demand for the continued growth of human resource populations, at current levels in all of the world’s industrialized markets, will significantly shrink in lieu of the deployment of AI managed systems and the “Internet of Things”.


According to Wikipedia, “George Richard Chamberlain (born March 31, 1934) is an American actor and singer, who became a teen idol in the title role of the television show Dr. Kildare (1961-1966).”

Upon further inspection, the fictional character moniker of “Dr. Kildare” (Dare to Kill) is rather appropriate, given that Johnson & Johnson, the company which was recently contracted to distribute Covid-19 vaccinations nationwide, has paid out billions in fines due the company’s overt acts of gross malfeasance.


After perusing the rather eyebrow-raising content of the article, available at the link posted immediately above, everyone is sure to become convinced, the concept of population reduction via vaccine can no longer be considered just “conspiracy theory”.

Also, surely, everyone noticed the numerological markers evident among the numbers listed for Chamberlain’s official date of birth?

First, there is March 31 which, when multiplied – 4 (the day, 31st/3+1) X 3 (March/3rd month) – equal 12 or 21 (3 7’s/777), Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code. Secondarily, there are the numbers included in 1934, Chamberlain’s “official” year-of-birth, which, when added (19+7), sum to 26, 2 6’s or12/21/777.

Regarding Chamberlain’s entertainment career, Wikipedia goes on to inform, “He subsequently appeared in several TV mini-series, such as Shogun (1980) and The Thorn Birds (1983) and was the first to play Jason Bourne in the 1988 made-for-TV movie The Bourne Identity. Chamberlain has also performed classical stage roles and worked in musical theatre.”

In addition to being cast in numerous television series, Chamberlain also tried his hand at performing as a pop singer. This biographical anecdote, particularly, exists as a key clue which led to other fabricated character schemes portrayed by Bill Clinton’s host actor.

Immediately below, everyone can hear Chamberlain’s rendition of Love me Tender, a song which, originally, was popularized by Elvis Presley (AKA Paul McCartney).

SEE: Some Music Legends Only Die Twice!

Of course, the Jesuit-controlled CIA hacks at Wikipedia take care to omit from the list of Chamberlain’s “performed classical stage roles” what was his most memorable casting: former US president “William Jefferson Clinton”.

Image comparison, facial recognition, and ear biometric analysis, between images of “Richard Chamberlain” and a youthful “Bill Clinton”, confirm the geometrical dimensions and epidermal contours of the ears, chins, eyes, lips, and brow ridges are identical.

After trying his hand as a pop singer, Chamberlain became part of the famous 1970’s singer/songwriter duo the Carpenters. The moniker “Carpenters” is a reference to the biblical legend of Jesus Christ. According to King James’s 47 Rosicrucian scholars – including Sir Francis Bacon (AKA William Shakespeare) – who composed what is known today as the King James’ bible, Christ was crucified by the Roman authorities at the age of 33, a number which also represents the highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry. The number of thirty-three is also conceptually related to images of the spiral staircase and to the snake twined about the medical caduceus, symbolic images which, in turn, are visual metaphors for the 33 bones or vertebrae in the human spinal column leading to the illumination or enlightenment (Christ energy) of the pineal gland.


Regarding gematria, the practice of transforming letters in to sequences of numbers, “Richard Chamberlain” sums to 147 in English Ordinal and 93 in Full Reduction. Both of those numbers reduce to 3. In Reverse Ordinal, “Richard Chamberlain” sums to 339 and to 114 in Reverse Full Reduction.

Both of those sums reduce to 6.

Combined together, these reductions add up to 3 6’s or 666.

Respectively, “William Jefferson Clinton” sums to 264 and 111 in English Ordinal and in Full Reduction, both of which reduce to the number of 3. In Reverse Ordinal, the former US president’s full name sums to 357 and, in Reverse Full Reduction, sums to 132. In both cases, these sums reduce to the number of 6.

Again, when combined together, these reductions sum to 3 6’s or 666.


The ruling elite, thirteen Jesuit families – whom own and control the American media/entertainment complex – and leagues of masonic minions whom secretly conspire to execute covert plots against the interests of the American people have always – time-and-again – demonstrated a vulgar penchant for utilizing phallic imagery in relation to the promotion of many of their fabricated character schemes (Richard=”Dick”).

Both “Richard Chamberlain” and “Richard Carpenter” would count as two such examples.

The Jesuit-controlled high-degree masonic figures populating executive positions in the entertainment/media complex – whom imagine themselves to be “enlightened” – love nothing more than to mock the masses of the “uninitiated” proletariat – those not privy to their so-called “secrets” – with such passive-aggressive but malicious displays of weaponized vulgarity.

Facial recognition and extensive image comparison analysis confirms that, during the era of the 1970’s, the royal host actor who portrayed both “Richard Chamberlain” and “Richard Carpenter” also portrayed the pop star known as the “thin white duke”, the “late” David Bowie, a man renowned for his chameleon-like tendencies.

Still later on, during the late 1980’s, the identical royal host actor who portrayed “Richard Chamberlain”, “Richard Carpenter”, “David Bowie”, and former US president “William Jefferson Clinton”, would also assume the identity of pop star “Jack Wagoner”.


In the occult sense, the name of “Jack” relates to the deck of the tarot, and to the Thoth Knight of Swords, to the concept of the Tetragrammaton, and to the Kabbalah tree of life.



Before “William Jefferson Clinton” was “elected” 42nd US president (6=33/highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry), according to Wikipedia, “he served as governor of Arkansas (1979-1981 and 1983-1992) and as attorney general of Arkansas (1977-1979).”

Further investigation into the history of the state of Arkansas reveals that the Jesuit order was responsible for pioneering and colonization efforts going back to the second half of the sixteenth century.

According to an article published at, “Father Du Poisson left New Orleans in 1727 to take up his post upriver among the Arkansas {native American} tribe(s). Three Jesuit missionaries were stationed among the Choctaw nation, with forty two villages committed to their care. Jesuits also worked among the Yazoo Indians and the Natchez. For some time missionaries cared for the Alibamon tribe, who lived in an area roughly corresponding to what is not central Alabama.”


As has been documented, legal ownership of all land, both in North and South America, has been claimed by the Vatican. Vatican ownership of all lands in Europe and Asia, beginning in 1306, was made legal by the first of three “world” trusts or express deeds, known as Unam Sanctum which declared, “Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.”

According to an article published at, these three crowns, conveyed in legal trusts, are what is known as the “Triple Crown of Baal, AKA the Papal Tiara and Triregnum.”


The royal family to which the host actor identified in portrayal of “William Jefferson Clinton” belongs has, for centuries, sworn fealty to the Vatican and the Roman Pontiff, as have all of Europe’s royal families. Due to the reality of this perpetual legal state of affairs, everyone can be assured, while he was “governor”, it was not on behalf of the interests of the citizens of Arkansas for which Slick Willie Clinton was working. No, rather, while “Bill Clinton” was dutifully serving his ceremonial duties as governor of Arkansas, he worked for the interests of the Jesuit order, those in control of the Vatican.


While performing research for a recently published article concerning CNN news anchormen “George Stephanopoulos” and “Chris Cuomo”, one happened upon an obscure video excerpt featuring “Perry King”, an actor cast in the role of a rogue high school teacher who goes on a murderous rampage. The movie, entitled Class of 1984, also featured Michael J. Fox (AKA George Stephanopoulos) cast in the role of a bumbling and socially awkward student.

According to King’s official biographical entry at Wikipedia, “Perry Firestone King (born April 30, 1948) is an American actor. He is best known for his role in the television series Riptide (1984- 1986).”

Wikipedia also informs that, like “William Jefferson Clinton”, he matriculated at Yale University.

King is also listed at Wikipedia as an alumnus of Julliard School and Stella Adler School of Acting.

Both Yale University and Julliard School happen to be very exclusive.

In fact, regarding Julliard School, Wikipedia reports, “The Julliard School is a private performing arts conservatory in New York City. Established in 1905, the school trains about 850 undergraduate and graduate students in dance, drama, and music. It is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading drama, music and dance schools, with some of the most prestigious arts programs.”

Suffice to say, given this information, it remains no mystery as to where the royal host actor who portrayed “William Jefferson Clinton” developed and honed his performance acting and, also, given the number of fabricated character schemes – “Richard Chamberlain”, “Richard Carpenter”, “Jack Wagoner”, and “David Bowie” – he has portrayed in the popular music industry, his singing chops.

Additionally, regarding King’s purported genealogy, Wikipedia claims, ” {King} was the great-great-great-great-grandson of Roger Sherman, one of the signers of the Declaration of {American colonial} Independence.”

Incredibly, according to, Roger Sherman, one of America’s “founding fathers”, was genealogically related to some of the same royal figures – Kings William the Conqueror, Edward I, and Henry III of England, and King Louis VI of France – whom are also discovered to be related with the genealogy of the reigning European royal identified as the host actor of “William Jefferson Clinton”.


Not only does facial recognition, image comparison, and ear biometric analyses confirm Clinton and King are portrayed by the identical European royal host actor – Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg – there are also numerological synchronicities between the monikers of the pair of fabricated character schemes.

“Perry King” sums to, respectively, 123 and 60 in English Ordinal and Full Reduction, which both reduce to 6.

In Reverse Ordinal and Reverse Full Reduction, “Perry King” sums to 120 and 48, which both reduce to 3 (3 6’s/666).

Accordingly, and certainly not without coincidence, “William Jefferson Clinton” sums to 264 and 111 in English Ordinal and Full Reduction, reducing to the number of 3 and, respectively, to 357 and 132 in Reverse Ordinal and in Reverse Full Reduction.

Both of those numbers reduce to 6.

Together, both reductions combine for, once again, 666.


CGDL Audience M. George Tsereteli, président de l’Assemblée Parlementaire de l’OSCE – Luxembourg – Ville – Palais Grand-Ducal – 25/03/2019 – photo: claude piscitelli

According to an article published in 2009 at, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg claims the following: “In all likelihood, no one would find it hard to believe I was leading a secret double life. But this is just because I don’t get a whole lot done in my normal, visible life. Maybe JD doesn’t actually spend all his time sitting on the couch drinking beer and playing video games. Maybe he’s also working under an assumed name as a gas station attendant, or a pharmaceutical clinical trial subject? Perhaps he’s a bigamist? Because surely there must be more to him than meets the eye.”


Astoundingly, the article admits that Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg – who is also the host actor behind the mask of the fabricated character scheme known to the American public as “William Jefferson Clinton” – “While maintaining his “Jack Wagoner” guise, Grand Duke Henri also began to dabble in music, releasing five albums and dozens of songs, including the hit “All I Need,” which I think you’ll be surprised to learn that you know. But Henri quickly found that adult contemporary was too restrictive a genre, both his musical and aesthetic sensibilities required a broader canvas. And so while maintaining his duties as both Grand Duke and soap opera heartthrob, Henri assumed a third identity, glam rocker David Bowie.”

It should also be noted, the article is written in a condescending tone which reflects the rather low regard the ruling elite, thirteen Jesuit families have for their hordes of proletarian subjects.

Now, beginning in the second decade of the 21st century, and while weaponizing the medical/pharmaceutical complex, the thirteen Jesuit families are actively seeking to significantly decrease the global population among those royal subjects they regard as the masses of the unwashed, the unessential, and the unsustainable.

“He {Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg},” crows the article at, “can trace his ancestry back to the seventh century AD, whereas you {the masses of proletariat} probably count yourself lucky that you know who your real dad is.”

Yes, folks, just remember that pertinent quotation – from none other than His Highness, the Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg – the next time you happen to witness Slick Willie Clinton begin to cloyingly beseech that you and your family unquestioningly submit to Doctor Kildare’s kill shot.

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    1. Thanks, once again, for taking the time to visit Newsspell. Yes, indeed, thematically, the aim of the article was to focus on the idea, the American public is being sold snake oil from the mealy mouth of a European royal and an actor lacking empathy who regards them as nothing more than resources to be used and then discarded.

  1. Richard Chamberlain himself has a rather interesting genealogical background. Of course the name Chamberlain is an aristocratic name:

    His mother does bear some resemblance to Bill Clinton’s mother. All they did was simply change the eyebrows on actress, as you can see:

    [He is a von Fisher (possibly variant of Fischer, a Jewish name) and a von Benzon-Matthews on his mother’s side. German nobility typically style their surnames with “von”, just like the French nobility with “de” or “du” (e.g. James Mayer, Baron de Rothschild) or the British nobility with “of” (e.g. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex). He most certainly is crypto-Jewish nobility, IMO.

    von Benzon-Matthews could also be a variant of Mercedes-Benz, (Benz without the “on” at the end.)]

    1. Regarding the surname of von Benzon, I did look into it. It is also related to the name of Nissen or von Nissen. Of course, even the New York Times has admitted that most of those who’ve been “elected” US president have European royal genealogy; a fact which the editors of the Times seem blissfully unaware completely undermines the notion of “democracy”. Then again, “democracy” has never existed, it is merely used as an ideological cloak behind which the ruling families hide.

      1. Of course! And yes, the parents appear to be the same, too. “Bill Clinton’s” wife is also in showbusiness as Shirley Jones, as you may be aware. “Hillary” is also a descendant of European royalty and is Donald Trump/Joe Biden’s cousin, which further proves “American democracy” is but a farcical illusion and that blood always runs thicker than merit or popularity in mainstream political entertainment.

        She also played a Bush. The (fictitious) Bush family is notorious for being bluebloods.

      2. Undoubtedly, you’re correct. Yet, there are many whom, even though they may focus their short attention spans long enough to peruse the revealing content of the article published about Duke Henri of Luxembourg and his many fabricated character schemes, still, they will scoff, quibble and even fume, then return to mindlessly accepting the MSM’s propagandistic excrement which passes for “journalism” as unquestionable truth.

      3. von Nissen was also the name of Georg Nikolaus von Nissen, formerly known as Mozart (Mozart is a Jewish name, too). He would later publish a biography on his former self and make bank off of [his] legacy. I suspect a blood relation to Chamberlain, which is very appropriate.

        von Nissen, ca. 1809:

        Mozart, ca. 1781:

      4. That is a truly great discovery! Mozart was – if memory serves – 33 at the age of death and a high-degree freemason. Given those biographical details, there is every reason to suspect that his death, too, may have been a fabricated historical scenario.

      5. 33 years of age, that alone pegs his death story as fake (IMO). And of course a freemason! What especially proves that his death never happened are the details about his burial. Mozart wasn’t given a funeral ceremony, rather odd for a renown celebrity musician. Very few people were in attendance, also odd. It has been said that Mozart’s financial state-of-affairs wasn’t very good when he passed away, though it’s likely that’s not true as well. Or maybe he realized that he could make more money off of his brand post-mortem. So he faked his death and reappeared as von Nissem in order to capitalize on his celebrity and his works for financial gain.

        Another interesting factoid: the Habsburgs patronized Mozart throughout his career. Historical legend claims that when was six-years-old, he fell to the floor after playing one of his musical compositions in front of the imperial court at Schönbrunn Palace. The Archduchess Maria Antonia (who later became Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France) leaped from her seat and helped the boy prodigy from the floor. He was charmed by the princess’s act of kindness and asked her hand in marriage, which was refused by Antonia’s family since he was a commoner.

      6. The details of Mozart’s “burial” are indeed strange, given his celebrity. The involvement of Maria Antoinette, and the patronage of her family – at the earliest stages of Mozart’s career – is, too, most suspicious. In fact, my intuition compels me to feel there may be a connection between her royal family and the subject of my next article – Klaus Schwab. I’m certain his spouse – of which there is very little information available – is Queen Margarethe of Denmark. Though the man identified as Schwab’s host actor is supposed to be dead, there are also – it turns out – connections with Hollywood and with the JFK “assassination”.

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