The MSM wants to ensure that “official” narratives concerning certain high-profile news events cannot be questioned. They want to ensure that the general public is convinced that questioning, or even addressing these certain news narratives in any manner which deviates from the “official” consensus is socially unacceptable.

Perhaps even criminal.

Such extreme measures indicate that MSM news executives have reached an acute state of desperation over their dwindling influence with the American general public.

But since the MSM isn’t interested in the pursuit of journalism, one of their recent responses to this degenerative state of affairs was choosing to concoct another news event – a deliberately staged trial simulation – with the intention of promulgating malicious propaganda. The star of this show was CIA controlled opposition “alternative” media icon “Alex Jones”. Reportedly, Jones was found guilty of defamation charges and subsequently fined a substantial monetary sum for having questioned the “official” MSM narrative of the “shooting” alleged to have taken place at Sandy Hook Elementary back in 2012.

But one shouldn’t waste needless pity for “Alex Jones”.

While having been identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a well-hidden European noble, “Jones” (AKA Prince Gustav of Sayn Wittgenstein Berleburg) was merely acting out his scripted role as part of a well-planned but transparently ill-conceived psychological operation. Which means “Alex Jones”, while working at the behest of his CIA/Jesuit intelligence masters, and even while appearing to be put under legal oath, knew he could never tell the public the truth about his fellow Jesuit controlled Hollywood intelligence operatives, about the experienced Hollywood actors/directors who were cast in major roles – “Gene Rosen”, “Doctor H. Wayne Carver II” – to help execute the mass casualty simulation event/psychological operation staged at Sandy Hook Elementary over one decade ago.

Below: Gene Rosen, Doctor H. Wayne Carver



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While the Hollywood actor/director identified in portrayal of Sandy Hook’s “Gene Rosen” is comparatively less well known to the public, the identity of the host actor cast in portrayal of “Doctor H. Wayne Carver” is certainly better recognized. As everyone shall soon observe, the latter Hollywood actor/director also portrays climate change guru “Al Gore” and former CDC (Center for Disease Control) director “Doctor Robert Redfield”.




As evidenced by the video excerpt posted immediately above, “Al Gore” is back in the news, ostensibly to promote the “climate change” agenda. Like most public figures of his self-aggrandizing ilk harboring no genuine convictions, “Al Gore” would agree to publicly promote anything as long as he had a chance to appear on television. Gore’s charisma deficient public image has always seemed to ideally resemble the sort of popular Rotary or Lion’s Club speaker who, while reliably lending bland respectability and perhaps even prestige to the proceedings, can be thoroughly relied upon to never utter anything remotely controversial, memorable or profound.

Surely, everyone also noticed the video’s headline caption included that often repeated buzzword “sustainability”, the UN’s bureaucratic euphemism for global population control/reduction. A term which – one has noticed – has unfortunately seeped into the context of common vernacular. As has been previously chronicled, the “climate change” agenda is merely a thin cover for the implementation of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 and its seventeen “Sustainability Goals”.

The real issue is global economic transformation.

By 2050, artificial intelligence and robotics will have replaced human resources in most job sectors which have traditionally been occupied by those among the middle and working classes. This is the genuine issue “Al Gore” will never dare directly address. But this is also the very issue which weds the hidden purpose – global population growth management/stabilization/strategic reduction – behind the promotion of “climate change” to the weather modification/solar management and LGBTQ+ agendas, and to the ongoing Covid-19 psychological operation.

Regarding the recent appearance of “Al Gore” on MSNBC, it is also evident that he has been positioned in front of a green screen and that his television image has been strategically modified with computer generated augmentation. This is done to better conceal the identity of the live-action role player in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme. As well, research indicates mostly all of Gore’s photographs have been treated with photoshop modifications, particularly those portions of the facial geometry including the nose, chin, jawline, and ears. However, if one is keen to determinedly search, there exist some of Gore’s photographs which have been left unmodified. Before elaborating on that subject further, there is the topic of “An Inconvenient Truth”, Gore’s climate change documentary and his one claim to fame.

Though Gore and an alleged consensus consisting of climate experts would claim their earnest alarmism is settled firmly on the foundational tenets of “science”, research into one of the Hollywood production studios – Participant Media LLC – in connection to Gore’s heralded documentary demonstrates the content of “An Inconvenient Truth” had more to do with social and behavioral engineering than climate science.

Wikipedia reports that Participant Media LLC was “founded in 2004 as Participant Productions by Jeffery Skoll, the second employee of eBay,” and that it is the largest company of its kind that exclusively produces and finances what is euphemistically termed “social impact entertainment”.

Or perhaps better and more accurate to say – propaganda.


Participant Media LLC categorizes Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ as “social impact entertainment” which, according to Wikipedia and the SIE Society, is “all storytelling that is self-aware of its potential impact on its audiences and incorporates that knowledge to effect positive change at the individual, local, and global scale on one or more social issues.”

In short, social impact entertainment is conceptually based on Social Cognitive Theory, developed by Albert Bandura, professor emeritus at Stanford University.

As most may recall from a previous article – Bankman Holmes & the Missing Royal Link – Stanford University is situated in proximity to Sequia Capital which is connected to the Sam Bankman-Fried cryptocurrency psychological operation. Stanford Research Institute executed the infamous and sinister Stanford Prison Experiment. SRI is also dialed in with London’s Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, enclave of the global kingpins of psychological operations and manipulative behavioral and social sciences. Before changing its name, Tavistock was known as Wellington House, or ‘the lie factory’, an intelligence operation founded by and connected to both MI5 and Winston Churchill (AKA Alistair Crowley).

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Wikipedia further elaborates: “Social Cognitive Theory is used in psychology, education, and communication. It holds that portions of an individual’s knowledge acquisition can be directly related to observing others within the context of social interaction, experiences, and outside media influences. The theory states that when people observe a model performing a behavior and the consequences of that behavior, they remember the sequence of events and use this information to guide subsequent behaviors. {Albert} Bandura claims that Social Cognitive and Social Learning Theories show a direct correlation between a person’s perceived self-efficacy and behavioral change.”

Taking the preceding revelations into full consideration, the prime objectives of both “An Inconvenient Truth” and the staging of the school shooting simulation/drill at Sandy Hook Elementary were synonymous, in that they were designed to influence public perception and to socially engineer the public’s subsequent behaviors through the influence of behavioral models or actors.

But ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and the mass casualty simulation event at Sandy Hook Elementary had something else in common: they both starred “Al Gore” AKA Hollywood actor/director Rob Reiner/Doctor H. Wayne Carver II/former CDC director “Robert Redfield”.

While making ocular comparisons between the first pair of images posted below, everyone will observe that the fabricated character scheme known as “Al Gore” has been modified with a customized hair piece or wig. Comparative ear biometric analysis confirms that the epidermal and geometric architectures of the respective ears – between “Al Gore” and his host actor (live-action role player) Hollywood actor/director Rob Reiner – are proportionally identical.



In the next pair of images – featuring “Doctor H. Wayne Carver II and “Al Gore” – everyone will take note of the identically placed epidermal landmark along the respective jawlines encircled in red.









Extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses indicates Hollywood actor/director Rob Reiner (AKA Al Gore) not only portrayed “Doctor H. Wayne Carver II” of Sandy Hook infamy, but he also portrayed former CDC director “Doctor Robert Redfield”. Redfield’s successor at the CDC was also a Hollywood actor not only cast in the roles of several high-profile MSM news anchors, but she is also a European royal in disguise who, throughout her career, has been a serial perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

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It should also be noted that in the final succession of images posted and paired below, everyone will notice the patterning of epidermal landmarks or age spots which appear to be identically positioned on the respective bald pates belonging to Hollywood actor/director Rob Reiner and to the CDC’s “Doctor Robert Redfield”.


InkedHalls of Anger (1970)_019




Back in 2012, “Gene Rosen”, alleged to have been a resident of Sandy Hook Township, made perhaps the most indelible impression on the American public with his emotional histrionics and odd brand of storytelling, the details of which, during the course of several interviews conducted by major MSM news networks, proved suspiciously contradictory.

Over the span of the last decade, speculations, details have surfaced concerning Rosen’s personal history, biography, that he was an actor involved with directing plays at a local playhouse, or that he was a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Some accounts have emerged claiming Rosen was an orderly at Fairfield mental health facility, a defunct structure which, like Sandy Hook Elementary, has since been demolished. Assuredly, these bits of information trickled onto the internet – known in intelligence parlance as ‘chicken feed’ – were intentionally and incrementally leaked by covert intelligence sources to both mislead and misdirect those numbered among the “alternative media”. But that is the job of Jesuit CIA and the international intelligence octopus with which it is intertwined, to keep the public chasing wafts of ungraspable smoke. Therefore, the genuine identity of “Gene Rosen” has remained a mystery.

That is until now.


Charles Martin Smith has an extensive Hollywood resume going all the way back to the early 1970’s when he starred in American Graffiti, directed by George Lucas (AKA Bob Dylan/Gary Lewis). There can be no doubt that, with such an extensive acting resume spanning decades, Rob Reiner (AKA Al Gore/Wayne Carver/Robert Redfield) would have been well familiar with Charles Martin Smith and regarded him as a reliable asset with which to execute a bogus documentary of a simulated news event. This type of production Reiner had directed before during the 1980’s, when he directed/produced Spinal Tap, a pseudo-documentary of a fictional rock band.


While examining the pair of following images, everyone should note the identical architectural geometry of the respective eyes are unmistakable. As well – encircled in red – everyone will notice the identical geometric, structural proportionality of the respective chins, lips, jawlines, and noses.

Below from L to R: Gene Rosen, Charles Martin Smith




In the next succession of images, everyone will observe that the epidermal structures of the ears are also proportionally identical.






But more than this, further comparative analysis indicates that when examined more closely, the sets of teeth belonging to both Charles Martin Smith and “Gene Rosen” are identically contoured, shaped and aligned. While making ocular comparisons, everyone should particularly take note of the conspicuous space between the respective left lateral incisors and bicuspids.



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  1. Has nothing to do with this article! But Julie Andrews and Queen Anne Marie of Greece & Denmark!! She was in that Princess Diaries movie with Anne Hathaway who I think is European royalty. They were the house of Geneoa just makes me think

  2. The puzzle is fitting together nicely and I’m telling you Princess Anne King Charles sis is lit tomlin that’s why she is in movies with Tom Brady Dolly Parton Jane Fonda etc!!

    1. Happy to hear you’re committed to performing your own research. Speaking of which – did you manage to discover anything more about that incident at the school in Winder, GA?

      1. Thank you. I support you 100 percent & I can fit the pieces together but there’s just this one. No I wouldn’t know where to start. Thanks again for opening my eyes 🙂

      2. It’s even crazier that my aunts father buddy ousts was the mayor and now her sons wife’s father is the mayor! I know we are all connected as one universe and I know it’s all political but I still have a bit of spirituality left in me which is propaganda I’m sure 😩 I’m

      3. In 2016, my best friend from wbhs was in a stunt accident. Her and her husband own a stunt business and they live in Malibu CA. We reconnected on social media after many years! Her husband is one of the most sought out actors in the business. He ran over her on a motorcycle filming a commercial. She flew me out to take care of her for 3 months! Haven’t spoke to her in years! She reached out to me last night!Rick Springfield lives the next street over in her subdivision! I would see him with his Yorkie in his older model vette! Saw him at the grocery store in their community! Crazy!

      4. Couldn’t help but notice that you’ve alluded to WBHS – Winder-Barrow High School – once again. However, strangely, your comment concerning the alleged incident you mentioned on 8/4 seems to have been scrubbed. This is the sort of suspicious behavior one has witnessed demonstrated before by those visitors who, upon further investigation, have subsequently been identified as fed posters. In addition, do this “husband” of your high school best friend, claimed to be “one of the most sought out actors in the business”, and his “stunt” establishment in Malibu have names?

      5. Sean Graham & Tabby Hanson Graham. They are stunt doubles! of course I’m not surprised how you react. Winder Ga is my hometown. From this point on I will just read your blog and perform my own research. Thanks again! Geesh!

      6. Here we go again. I am not only social media a friend from my hometown showed me the posts! As for my stunt double friends! Sean Graham & Tabby Hanson Graham! Once again thanks for opening my eyes and I will continue to do my own research. All I know is 3-4 men came in thru the gym kids and teachers were hiding they were on lockdown the police came and a mailbox was ran over during the escape geesh!

      7. Upon perusing an article at, there appear to be several problems with this story’s details involving WBHS. Though it is claimed a school resource officer was alerted to the suspects by a student, they fled from the gym and into a car parked on campus. And yet, a few paragraphs later, the article gives us this from Barrow County sheriff Jud Smith: “We had well over 20 to 25 law enforcement officers surround the building within three minutes of the call coming out from the SRO.” Surely, you noticed, in addition to the obvious anomalies, contradictions, the preceding paragraph contains the 777 code. Given this is August, the school year would have expired. Meaning, the building would be nearly empty – a perfect opportunity to execute/stage a security drill. Regarding Sean Graham, I found this at his IMDB page which contains his mini bio: “Doubled as a hit man who runs over Samantha Martin’s character (who was doubled by Donna Evans) for the scene in 2004’s The Punisher.” The description of that movie scene appears eerily similar to the account you provided in one of your recent comments.

      8. Since you’re in proximity, I would again suggest, if so inclined, to begin your own investigation. For one, call the county sheriff’s office to verify the official information released to the press and to glean any further information which may be useful or pertinent. For another, it may be useful to find out – via town hall records or public postings in local newspapers – if the school district has received any federal grants which contractually stipulate the execution of HSLEEP drills.

      9. You’re correct – that’s verified on the school website. Good work. Nevertheless, it must also be considered that the article referred to previously did say that the school and surrounding areas were put on lock down. With law enforcement officers surrounding the building/campus it appears likely the gym was cordoned off as a staging area and accessed only by authorized drill participants.

      10. This is irrelevant but Sean & tabby were married and filming a commercial where he ran over her on a motorcycle & broke her leg and I had the opportunity to care for her for a few months.

      11. You may have forgotten – but that was mentioned in one of your previous comments. However, just for my own edification, are you referring to Tabby H. Judd, age 54, who is also known as TABBY H. (HANSON) GRAHAM, Tabby Crow, Tabitha E. Hanson, residing in Malibu, Ca., and has also resided in Beverly Hills, Fort Lauderdale, and Winder, GA? Interestingly, research indicates, she is also related to a Shaun Graham but remains unmarried.

      12. Yes! Totally forgot about Judd as a lady name. I think that was her first husband, Chris Judd. You’re good! She was Tabby Crow in high school.

  3. Think about it! Kind Constantine is Clooneys dad yeah I’m throwing out the names we know! Julie Andrews his wife! Robert miller is father of pia Getty princess Alexandrea who was married to Prince Alexander aka Desantis! They make me

  4. Is the situation in Hawaii conceived as part of a psychological operation to execute a simulation event?

  5. Awesome as always Stephen. Thank you for your work! I wonder what you think of Gene Rosen as cia master of disguise Tony Mendez as well? I suspect Tony and his wife Jonna may have invented the masks many characters are wearing and Tony and Jonna have played covid vicsims,ebola vicsims and many false flag witnesses. Jonna may be cnn anchor and known crisis actor Barb Starr.

    I also wonder if you might have figured out the German chancellor who looks very familiar to me and i wonder if i may have picked up on him from your work. Many thanks for your great work! Brian Taylor

    1. Thanks for the kind superlative. I’ve been investigating the Hawaii “wild” fires for quite some time and, as everyone shall find, my conclusions deviate greatly from the consensus reached by those in the “alternative” news. For one, billionaire and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison – primary owner of Lanai, which is part of Maui County – is not who he claims to be. Rather, he’s proved to be, yet another media generated fabricated character scheme portrayed by the same Hollywood actor who starred in the OJ Simpson trial simulation as “Kato Kaelin” and also portrayed the “late” Australian rock star Michael Hutchence.

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