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Many shall find the following information discomforting, controversial, and disturbing to say the very least. Nevertheless, one feels an urgency with regard to the delivery of the information regardless of disturbing implications. NASA, while pretending to explore outer space with both manned missions and automated deep space probes, has been secretly engaged with an ulterior agenda, an agenda bent on the mass deception of humanity in the name of a well-coordinated politically and socially motivated program with global implications. In addition, everything one has been taught and conditioned to believe through public school and the University educational system about the fundamental nature of the universe, from which most derive their general perception of the world, may be patently and completely false. 


In truth, NASA operates under the auspices of the Jesuit order at the Vatican. The Jesuit order not only established, but owns and operates all of the astronomical observatories, not just in the US, but world wide. All of the so-called scientific and astronomical experts trotted out to propagandize the masses are in fact merely actors, propped up with seemingly legitimate credentials, while the real scientists are housed at the Vatican charged with keeping genuine scientific knowledge esoteric, close to the vest, and out of the hands of the majority of the population regarded as profane.

There is an old maxim whispered among and associated with Jesuit adherents, that ‘one shall never cast pearls before swine’.

The heliocentric model of the earth and the concept of gravitational bodies was created and promoted by Jesuit agents Nicolaus Copernicus and Sir Isaac Newton. Despite popular perceptions to the contrary, what is commonly accepted today as scientific tenets, are in truth unproven theories left substantially inconclusive by either astronomical observation or mathematical proof. Everything commonly accepted by the common man as scientific fact; the big bang, evolution, gravitational forces, heliocentric planetary models, are in fact merely theories propagated by cleverly conceived methods of perception management, and are not, in the classic scientific sense, observable through repeated experimental basis.

Everything one thinks they know about the universe and their place in it, may be a colossal lie promulgated generation after generation for the purposes of establishing a global paradigm favorable to the social, political, and economic conceptions of the ruling elites. In establishing this colossal prevarication, under the auspices of the Jesuit order, NASA has played a key and paramount role.

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Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

GUY CONSOLMANGO ‘the Pope’s astronomer’

Guy Consolmagno is perhaps one of the world’s foremost and renown astronomers one is likely not familiar. For, his is not a household name mentioned in the same breath as Michio Kaku, Carl Sagan, or even Steven Hawking. Nevertheless, Consolmagno is often warmly referred to as the ‘Popes astronomer’. In terms of scientific capacity, Consolmagno serves dual roles, both as an astronomer working at the Vatican observatory, and as curator of the Vatican Meteorite Collection. Consolmagno remains avid in his study of philosophy and theology. He is co-author or author of some forty scientific publications, some of which have been translated into several languages. Per several sources, Consolmagno is a proponent of the idea of a philosophical juxtaposition between science and religion. This quote from 2006 serves to best describe and demonstrate this juxtaposition:

“…religion needs science to keep it away from superstition and keep it close to reality, to protect it from creationism, which at the end of the day is a child of paganism.”

Here, in this eye opening video, Consolmagno better explains his philosophies as well offers some very telling revelations concerning NASA and their numerous deceptions regarding alleged space missions. His comment regarding the alleged space shuttle missions are especially revealing in combination with comments concerning the prevailing scientific paradigms of the heliocentric model and gravity:   escape-to-death_banner1071


In truth, most of history’s renowned scientists, like Copernicus and Newton, from whom was passed down what even today are considered to be humanity’s most cherished scientific tenets, were occultists and alchemists.

One may often wonder from where the concept of the big bang theory may have derived.

It is important to remember, those responsible for stage managing the promulgation of prevailing scientific theories were, and are, high degree masonic initiates. The most elevated masonic degrees, those numbered above even that of the most familiar blue, red, and white lodges of Scottish and York Rites, have remained largely unknown to most researchers.

At the very top of the masonic hierarchy, above the council of ‘7’, is a designation known as ‘Ain Soph Aur’, or out of nothing-everything. At the basis of masonic theology is the Kabbalah, and what is often termed as the Kabbalah ‘tree of life’: absolute.html

The Kabbalah tree of life has three veils. The outer most veil is Ain, which means nothing, while the second or middle veil is Ain Soph, or ‘limitless’. The third veil, which is closest to the ten spheres of the Sepirot, is Ain Soph Aur, or the limitless light.

Lucifer is known as the light bearer, or the bringer of light, or the one to make ‘something’ out of ‘no-thing’. The big bang theory, therefore, is derived from the esoteric concept of Ain Soph Aur, the idea that thoughts, which are beams of light, can bring a rainbow of color to where before had existed eternal darkness. This concept is the esoteric essence manifested at the heart of every exoteric world religious system.

Though even religion may possess differing terms and philosophies to aid one’s overall understanding, it is an inherent concept deeply rooted in human consciousness, beyond the capacity of the rational human intellect to rationalize, and is therefore a concept that can only be approached with intuition, or what religious fundamentalists often refer to as ‘faith’.

Therefore, the concept of Ain Soph Aur represents the centrifugal force behind humanities faith in the knowledge of scientific authority. The subsequent emotional investment in theoretical scientific tenets such as evolution, heliocentric universe, and the big bang, therefore serves as a symptomatic factor as to why the material validity of ‘scientific facts’ are never publicly or collectively questioned on a rational or intellectual basis. The scientific theories peddled and proffered by NASA are based upon articles of spiritual faith, and therefore beyond material or experimental verification.

Ironically, this is the mystical secret as to the staying power of scientific theories so deeply ingrained and garrisoned in the collective human consciousness.

That’s right folks, NASA has sold the public not science, but mysticism in the guise of science.

And, with bureaucratic semantics, technical and theatrical wizardry, the propaganda of NASA has effectively deceived the world.

Believe it folks!

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  1. I believe there is every indication NASA has offered the pubic in return for their billions in tax dollars nothing more than occult mysticism packaged to appear as science.

  2. The bible says …what is done in the dark will be brought into the light….if this is truly the case …these people will be judged for their actions in due time .If people spent more time letting the masses know about the good things happening maybe it would be a different world .troy✌

    1. Thank you for graciously taking the time to peruse the material at However, please consider the pertinence of the following queries: Can there be any greater ‘sin’ than choosing to remain passive in the face of evil, waiting for an avenging savior while humanity’s inherent right to choose the direction of its own destiny is covertly subverted? Faced with such dire circumstances-what nobility, or righteousness consolation exists in remaining submissive, and on one’s knees, continuing to pray for the return of a metaphysical savior? For, that is precisely the position the ruling elites (whose 47 high degree masonic scholars, including Francis Bacon, composed the modern bible, an exoteric reworking of the esoteric Kabbalah), desire for one to remain while they continue to subvert the inherent vitality of future generations. Has one never considered, the overt passivity one chooses to champion in the face of such moral monstrosities, shall allow evil to ultimately triumph?

      1. So says you????…im not here to preach…..or argue all I’m say ing is in the end ..and it’s coming….we will all see who’s right…God Bless..troy✌

      2. In disparaging the information provided one has merely served to underscore my premise. The purpose of creating the content one discovers at Newsspellcom,org is not to establish right or wrong. Rather, the overarching purpose is to encourage further corroboration through individual research and hopefully, intellectually penetrating inquiry and dialogue. True scientific inquiry is never synonymous with blind faith. It is my sincere wish that one shall overcome the seemingly incorrigible obtuseness one has demonstrated and indeed, put aside your cell phone, laptop, and bludgeoning theological hammer, long enough to visit one’s local library to begin one’s own journey towards the truth concerning these paramount topics.

      3. Practice what you preach….you are telling me I’m wrong in the way I’m thinking….i don’t need the library. We will Although I just went Saturday…i have a BIBLE and I choose to live by that…right or wrong according to you

      4. Im other words its your wish that i confirm to your way of thinking when i have already established my own.Not thru blind faith but thru prayer and study of God’s word and also thru 53 years of life itself. The mistakes I’ve made along the way.. the problems I have overcome and all thru the Grace of God and his son Jesus Christ….all I can say is don’t knock it until you try it.I will keep you in my prayers. Troy✌

      5. Thank you so much for the gracious compliment, and for your continued interest in the material presented at I wish you and and your family a happy and healthy holiday.

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