The careers of Hollywood’s actors never die, they are merely repackaged.

The mainstream news is not designed to inform or to report facts concerning the “news of the world”, but to dispense propaganda which, in turn, has been well-formulated to psychologically influence, to shape, and to consolidate a collective consensus, concerning how the public should feel about what they’ve been told has happened.   

The alleged Nashville “bombing” was a psychological operation, a staged simulation, and facilitated by a badly scripted television production.

Several Hollywood actors portrayed key roles, including a pair of actors whom also portrayed the roles of iconic television characters during the eras of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

According to MSM sources, one of these participating actors – the father of a formerly popular performer from Hollywood’s music recording industry – is alleged to have recently died at the age of 69.

But this turns out not to be true.

He is now posing as the mayor of Nashville. 

The other actor – cast in the role of the Nashville bombing villain – was once noteworthy for having portrayed the centrifugal role in a formerly popular and highly-rated television series, entitled 7th Heaven. 

One of this actor’s former television co-stars also portrayed the role of “Carissa Kelly”, an alleged bombing victim whom claims to have escaped her apartment building, and mere minutes before the bomb’s calamitous mayhem struck.

As well, the date of the alleged “bombing” in Nashville has numerological significance: 12/25, 12+25=37/3 7’s/777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code.


For decades – along with New York and, of course, Los Angeles – Nashville, Tennessee has been noted as a major hub of the music and entertainment industry. However, unknown to the general public and left unreported by MSM sources, Nashville is part of the UN’s (United Nations) network of “smart cities” or Agenda 2030 (formerly Agenda 21).


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According to Wikipedia, the city was “founded in 1779”, and “Named for Francis Nash, a general of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.” During the earliest part of the city’s history , it grew – “due to its strategic location” – to become a {major} port on the Cumberland River and, in the 19th century, a railroad center.” As for Francis Nash, he subsequently went on have a distinguished public career in the professions of both law and politics in the state of North Carolina. Although Wikipedia doesn’t inform us of such, as a lawyer, Nash was an esquire and called to the Temple Bar, meaning, he was sworn to serve the Crown Temple in the City of London, rather than the interests of America’s citizens.

Particularly, this historical anecdote is pertinent, as it relates to the MSM’s manufactured narrative of the recent bombing in Nashville. For purely investigative purposes, it establishes a clear path, leading to a comprehensive understanding of the sinister deceptions which, for decades, have been sold to the public as self-evident “truth”. 

As shall be demonstrated, empirical evidence of the prior existence of private/public relationships – struck between the city of Nashville, private corporations, various NGO’s (non-government organizations), and the UN – serve as evidential means, motive, and opportunity to convict the genuine conspirators and perpetrators of – what was essentially – a psychological operation, with the sole purpose in mind of influencing public policy towards a preferred end.

As everyone whom frequents this site has learned, when it comes to considering the unquestioned masters of psychological warfare – the Society of Jesus or the Jesuit order – the ends always justify the means.

Considered within the grand scope of global governance, centralized from Washington’s District of Columbia, the Crown Temple in the City of London, and Vatican City in Rome, what are perceived to exist as the executive powers of both local and state governments to make and execute public policy are merely an illusion; a theatrical show put on for the public to perpetuate the illusion of “democratic” process and “freedom” of individual choice.

When the legal terms and conditions of each state’s constitutions are examined further and in-depth, it becomes clear that none such “democratic” process or “freedom” of individual choice exists.

As alluded to in an article published previously on this site (SEE: Dead Man Governing Golden State?), terms and conditions or legalese, as distinct from vernacular, serve to clearly spell out exactly where the true executive decision-making power in each state’s government truly exists.

If read carefully and with close attention paid to the legal terms and conditions, so expressed, the constitution of the (e)state of North Carolina, where the founder of Nashville, John Nash, went on to enjoy a distinguished career in the professions of both law and politics, one will immediately notice the terms “the” and “this” are strategically utilized, in reference to the governor.

Turns out, in the case of the (e)states of both North Carolina and Tennessee, their constitutions refer to the governor of  “the” state (the visible governor) and the governor of “this” state (hidden governor(s)).

In the latter case, the term(s) the governor of “this” state represents a legal reference to the covert governing body or the Commissioner of the Utilities Council – as distinct from the public or “elected” governor – who, though hidden, serves as the actual governor, while the role of the “elected” governor, who is most publicly visible, serves merely as a ceremonial spokesperson for the corporation of the (e)state.

The existence of such legal terms and conditions, as stated in the constitution of the state of Tennessee, legally allow for a Hollywood actor to be cast in the role of a public or “elected” governor or even as the mayor of Nashville.

In fact, in each (e)state, the most visible public officials are merely salespersons, spokespersons, and actors reading scripts, while, unbeknownst to the public, the genuine executive decisions, regarding public policy, are made covertly and by individuals whom remain inconspicuous.

Furthermore, each citizen’s consent – in each state – is given over to this deception through the act of voter registration and from the payment of property taxes.

These are the legal machinations and methods of operation which perpetually sustain the phenomenon everyone has come to know as Post-Modern Reality Simulation. 

These existing legal semantics are also, unfortunately, how the general public is repeatedly tricked into voting for, consenting to, and allowing for a disguised Hollywood actor to serve as a democratically “elected” public official. This is also how local and state governments legally get away with contracting for, what have been termed as, “private/public partnerships”, while also getting the public to pay for these agreements with increased tax expenditures. 

Of course, not every state or local public official – as shall be proved in the case of Nashville mayor, “John Cooper” – is a disguised Hollywood actor. Many, however – if not all – are sworn members of freemasonry’s blue lodge (first three degrees). Therefore, all, whom have been so sworn, owe their allegiance, rather than to the people whom “elected” them, to the cult of freemasonry, a global organization controlled by the Society of Jesus or the Jesuit order at Vatican City in Rome.

Most public officials – whether serving in state or local government – are chosen for such positions because, through appeals to their covetous desires, they can be easily controlled. Because these “public officials” harbor the most superficial and grossest of mentalities – those such as the current mayor of Nashville, “John Cooper” – they don’t mind, at all, reading scripts and acting out the theatrical roles assigned to them. After all, they get to appear intelligent, competent, and receive lavish public notoriety while posing as the pillars and even the “heroes” of their respective communities.

As everyone shall soon observe, what was alleged to have been a “bombing” in downtown Nashville, Tennessee was staged as a simulation to preserve and to execute the goals of conspiratorial private/public partnerships and, through a crude circumvention of the legislative process, to execute plans for the transformation of Nashville into a 21st century UN “smart” city.


According to an article published at on May 17, 2019, “Metro Nashville’s recent attempts at making the city function more efficiently through smart city technology have so far been defined by fits and starts.”  In October of 2017, the, then, mayor of Nashville, Megan Barry, proposed a $5.2 billion transportation plan, which includes a light rail system. The plan also includes a huge tunnel system below downtown and a complete revamp of the city’s bus system.” The article, published at, went on to report, “This is the largest transportation project in the city’s history, both in cost and in scope.” 

It seems, as recently as 2016, efforts to sell the public on the idea of transforming Nashville into a 21st century “smart city” – or “Habitats”, as the UN’s Agenda 2030 for global sustainable development defines them – were wholly unsuccessful. The article, at, goes on to further explain, “The U.S. Department of Transportation did not pick Metro {Nashville} to participate in its Smart City Challenge in 2016.” 

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This would seem to more than imply, the local officials of Nashville were a bit disappointed, they would not be invited by Uncle Sam to gorge their salivating snouts at the federal money trough. Though Nashville may have been rebuffed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, in a more strenuous effort to demonstrate its public officials remained undeterred, the city – at public expense, of course – decided on “hiring Robyn Mace as the city’s first chief data officer.” 

Apparently, “She {Mace} was tasked in part with coordinating the open data efforts of all Metro departments and educating city employees on how to use some of the new {smart} technology.” 

According to an article at, also published in 2017, “New possibilities are arising around the use of smart cities to improve the health of urban centers and communities. The smart city is a concept in which information and communication technology integrate with “Internet of Things” technology to connect machine components across an urban landscape.”


“Health of urban centers and communities” – “Internet of Things”? 

Could this mean, in addition to utilizing the efforts of Robyn Mace, the public officials of Nashville were also anticipating the opportunity, later on, to thoroughly exploit a coming “health” crisis, for the sake of the success of their “smart city” plans?   

In exchange for her Herculean efforts, the article goes on to inform us, “she {Mace} was featured on the cover of this magazine in 2017.”

Mace’s efforts proved all for naught, however, as a proposed referendum for the $52 Billion dollar plan, voted upon by the residents of Nashville in May of 2018, was soundly defeated and, subsequently, Mace was dismissed from her post. This was a result which, reportedly, according to the article published at the link listed below, “shocked” Nashville’s public officials.


Despite these legislative and administrative setbacks, Nashville’s public officials remained determined to implement their goal of transforming the downtown of the music city into a 21st century “smart city”. 

According to the Nashville Post, in a more recent article, published in May of 2019, the music city’s “smart city” plans went full steam ahead with efforts – through NashDigs, a city-wide bureaucracy – to involve several private corporations, including AT&T and Comcast.

“The city is working on adding private-sector firms such as AT&T and Comcast and Piedmont Natural Gas to the NashDigs network to further coordinate infrastructure disruption.”

If memory serves, according to most MSM news sources, “Anthony Quinn Warner”, alleged to have been Nashville’s recent bombing suspect, planned to attack the AT&T building, in protest of health concerns over 5G technology. 

Is this a coincidence?

Surely, one should think not.

It becomes clear that, considering their failed efforts at “smart city” transformation going back to 2016, Nashville’s public officials were all-too-well aware the staging of a bombing simulation event during a “pandemic” – in cooperation with FBI to control the MSM narrative – represented a perfect panacea to their previous legislative difficulties.

In politics – the art of deception – the ends always justify the means.

Additionally, if one looks closely at the official seal of the city of Nashville, resemblances to the solar depictions observed in the logo which represents the Jesuit order will become readily noticeable. 

Official Seal of the City of Nashville: 

Logo of the Society of Jesus (Jesuit order): 

While looking at the official seal of the city of Nashville, everyone will also notice the Fleur-de-Lis, a symbol which is also prominently displayed on the coats of arms of several of Europe’s royal and noble families, including that of the House of Bourbon. The Fleur-di-Lis, according to Wikipedia, “has been taken in retrospect to symbolize all the Christian Frankish kings, most notably, Charlemagne, the Emperor of the Romans from 800.”   

From the standpoint of objective analysis, it becomes clear, the establishment of a Nashville “smart city”, the ongoing “Covid-19 pandemic” – a grand cover to acquire the public’s consenting participation in a facial recognition/mass surveillance analytics military exercise designed to test the global implementation of the “Internet of Things” – and what has been alleged by the MSM as a “bombing” by a suicidal “domestic terrorist” in downtown Nashville are inextricably related. 

Now that the public’s fear over a “pandemic” has been exacerbated by the threat of a “domestic terrorist”, and with downtown Nashville slated to be “rebuilt” (Build Back Better?), the city of Nashville’s public officials, along with the private stakeholders, investors, and partners, will now, without doubt, receive even more than the originally proposed $52 billion windfall to facilitate the transformation of their city into a 21st century “smart city”.


Facial recognition analysis demonstrates the man alleged to have been Nashville’s “bombing” suspect was a fabricated character simulation. In fact, “Warner” (AKA Stephen Collins) was portrayed by a formerly well-known television actor, who, as circumstances would have it, was once professionally linked with the host actors in portrayal of both Nashville’s present and former mayors, respectively known to the public as “Megan Barry” and “John Cooper”. 

Turns out, all three host actors once starred on highly-rated television series during the eras of both the 1980’s and 1990’s. In the case of Collins, he starred on the highly-rated television series, 7th Heaven, cast as “Eric Camden”.

According to Wikipedia, Collins’s career “largely ended in 2014 when he confessed to sexual misconduct with multiple minors.” 

Anthony Quinn Warner:

Stephen Collins: 

Ironically, the host actor cast as the villain in Nashville was once professionally linked with one of his alleged “victims”, “Carissa Kelly” (AKA Jessica Biel), who once starred in the television series 7th Heaven along with Stephen Collins (AKA Anthony Quinn Warner).  

As everyone shall witness in the following video excerpt, despite the fact the official testimony of “Carissa Kelly” amounts to a nonsensical concoction of contradictions and unlikely scenarios, she seems rather ecstatic to have been placed in the midst of such “tragic” circumstances. Though her testimony states otherwise, while looking closer at the apartment complex observed directly behind “Carissa Kelly”, does the building appear to have sustained damage, which would be expectantly consistent with a terrorist bombing attack? 

Nevertheless, both voice print and image comparison analysis confirm Biel as the host actor of the fabricated character simulation, “Carissa Kelly”.  

“Carissa Kelly”:

Jessica Biel, Today Show   

As for “Megan Barry”, who, according to Wikipedia, “served as the seventh mayor of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County from 2015 until March of 2018”,  facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirm she was a fabricated character scheme portrayed by television actress Tracey Gold. According to Wikipedia, Gold is “best-known for playing Carol Seaver on the 1980’s sitcom Growing Pains.”

Former Nashville Mayor, Megan Barry:

Tracey Gold: 

As for the current “mayor” of Nashville, “John Cooper”, he, like “Megan Barry” has proved to be a fabricated character scheme. Turns out, Cooper’s host actor (Alan Thicke) was once cast as Gold’s co-star in the popular 1980’s television series Growing Pains.

Nashville Mayor, “John Cooper”

According to the biographical entry for the veteran television actor identified as the host actor (Alan Thicke) behind the character fabrication of Nashville mayor “John Cooper”, Thicke once appeared in the pilot episode of a 1990’s television series entitled “Hangin’  with Mister Cooper”.

Alan Thicke appearing on “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” :   

This fact is confirmed by Wikipedia: “In 1992, Thicke appeared as himself in the pilot episode of the sitcom Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper.”

Further and extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirms, the “late” and veteran television actor and producer, Alan Thicke as the host actor cast in the role of Nashville mayor, “John Cooper”.   

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  1. Another day, another hoax. Of course, “Smart Cities” is part of the initiative of restructuring infrastructure and centralizing control of populations and mass production under the same bloodline families (like the Bourbons you mentioned, the same family I discussed previously on your website, and the Rothschild cartel).

    1. Yes, what remains abstruse and esoteric to a majority of the population, appears transparent as glass to individuals such as you and I. In fact, upon observing some of the footage taken of the recent nonsense which was obviously staged at the capitol building, one couldn’t help but be reminded of our recent discussions, concerning the staging of the storming of the Bastille during the so-called French “Revolution” centuries ago.

      1. Yes, and just like 9/11, the Bastille’s demise was already predicted beforehand in popular culture.

        In the “Criticism and reform” section of the Bastille’s Wikipedia entry, you see two 18th century illustrations of its destruction. Both were published before 1789, the year the “French Revolution” erupted, which saw the fall of the prison-fortress and ultimately the destruction of the Ancien Régime it represented. This echoes the litany of predictive programming we see in publications and popular depictions that foresaw 9/11 long before it happened. Coincidence? I think not.

        Here is some information about the famous memoire, published in 1783, calling for the Bastille to be destroyed. It also describes (or rather exaggerates) the conditions inside the infamous fortress in order to manipulate public perception about the prison.

      2. Hey, thanks for your work. Are you going to public an article on the capitol building and how it was obviously staged? Thanks for your time.

      3. Indeed, I shall, very soon and, as well, reveal the identity of the man behind the political character scheme known to the public as “Mitch McConnell”.

      4. Even more interesting is the fact that the Bastille was replaced by a colosseum monument with an angel statue (Lucifer, perhaps?) placed on top of it. After the fall of the WTC towers in 2001, a tall phallic superstructure was erected on the area the Twin Towers once stood. You see the same patterns in both stories because the stories were scripted by the same authors and acted out, like in a simulation, by their agents. Out with the old, in with the new.

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