You perceptions about “reality”, your particular life’s role and, to an even greater extent, your behavioral and psychological responses have, throughout your lifespan, been incrementally programmed due to constant exposure to the mass behavioral modification mechanism known as the MSM (mainstream media).

This has been done to you (person, corporation, debt slave) for the sole benefit of your owners, the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families, to both bolster their unchallenged monopoly over the means of global economic production and to reinforce their overwhelming political hegemony.

Since its inception and its nearly ubiquitous proliferation in the post-modern age, the electronic media (television, radio, and the internet/social media) has been used as an effective weapon of psychological warfare and – by those belonging to the highest ranks of the Jesuit order, in Rome – wielded quite expertly.

With the help of many of Hollywood’s biggest stars – many of whom, as everyone has discovered, are the descendants of the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families – the concept of history has also been weaponized to effectively influence, shape, and mold both the social behaviors and political perceptions of the general public.

As most whom frequent this site have incrementally learned, many of those belonging to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, have hid behind the veil of Hollywood celebrity while starring in popular film productions which –  unbeknownst to the public – were secretly produced as pieces of social, political, and, on some occasions, historical propaganda.

After some time in the limelight, and after their stars had dimmed on the silver screen – as it were – some of those counted among Hollywood’s glitterati were transformed into important and even influential historical figures, carefully crafted roles which were meticulously designed to echo into posterity.

Shirley Temple Black – once one of Hollywood’s brightest stars – exists as one such prime example.

Choosing to follow in his mother’s footsteps, Shirley’s son, Charles, represents yet another such example.

Charles Alden Black, it has been proved, not only portrayed the roles of many famous personalities in the music industry – Steven Tyler, Freddie Mercury, Sid Vicious, John Taylor of Duran Duran, and the “late” Chris Cornell – but, like his mother, he also proceeded to take his place on the world’s stage, and became “Tony Blair”, Prime Minister of Britain.

SEE: Tony Blair The Minister of Prime Lies?

Decades ago, during a time in America’s history which, in retrospect, seems long faded into mist, Shirley Temple Black was known as Hollywood’s most luminous child star.

From that time forward, she became a valuable asset of the military/industrial/entertainment complex, and went on to portray roles which would became renowned and even iconic in the annals of American history and American popular culture.

As any police investigator is likely to inform, during the course of an investigation – especially, one which takes place over an elongated term –  the list of suspects can alter as more information becomes available.

On this occasion, the compilation of greater and more voluminous information has led to an astonishing series of discoveries, concerning a famous member of a family known to history as the Kennedys.

Additionally – wait for it, folks – a Jesuit cardinal has been discovered among the genealogy of the Bouvier AKA Black family.


“Sparkle, Shirley – SPARKLE!,” Hollywood legend Orson Welles once merrily recollected while appearing on Michael Parkinson’s talk show.

Welles’s remark came in reference to Misses Temple’s advice to her daughter, Shirley, on what it would take for her to become a star in Hollywood.

Welles’s recollection, as quoted, however, is meant to function within dual contexts: one, which is meant to operate on a literal or superficial level for the benefit of those considered to be numbered among the masses of the profane (proletariat/general public) and, secondarily, on a hidden or surreptitious context for those comparative few whom have been initiated into the highest levels of the occult.

The word ‘sparkle’, in the context of the occult, employs a secret reference to the feminine energy of Isis, Ishtar, or Sophia, or what is more commonly understood to represent the light of Lucifer (Prometheus, the bringer of the divine fire). In English Ordinal gematria, the word sparkle sums to 82 or, when subjected to the law of occult mirrored reversal, 2 8’s (88, aces and eights, mark of the Jesuit order, the god of Saturn).


With a film career which began at the age of three, in 1931, Shirley Temple, according to Wikipedia, became “Hollywood’s number one box-office draw as a child actress from 1935 to 1838.” Surely, everyone noticed that number of 3 (EE=33/highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry)?


Though the juncture of Temple’s biography which consists of her child-stardom in Hollywood is well-familiar to most, many may be less familiar with Temple’s positions on the corporate boards of Del Monte Foods, National Wildlife Federation, and Walt Disney Company and, still later, of her positions as U.S. Ambassador to both Ghana and to Czechoslovakia, and as Chief Protocol of the United States.

Much has been published on this site concerning the man known to American history as Walt Disney (AKA Adolf Hitler/newsman Walter Cronkite) and the various other fabricated character schemes he also portrayed, but, it turns out, there was yet another – one whom, perhaps, was the most famous American entertainer of the 20th century – which shall be revealed in an upcoming installment.  

It also turns out, however, that, throughout her career in Hollywood, “Shirley Temple” has operated under a number of famous pseudonyms, one of which – through the process of voice comparison analysis – has been newly discovered. Concerning that name – “Temple” – it should be noted, Temple’s son, “Chris Cornell” (AKA Charles Alden Black), once starred as lead singer of the popular 1990’s “alternative” rock act Temple of the Dog. 

SEE: Chris Cornell’s Jesus Christ Death Pose   


Further and extensive ear biometric, facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirm, the Hollywood child star known as “Shirley Temple” and “Judy Garland” are portrayed by the identical host actor.

Shirley Temple:

Judy Garland:

But one was able to discover a key clue as to the identity of yet another famous fabricated character scheme which linked the host actor of both “Shirley Temple” and “Judy Garland” to Jaclyn Kennedy Onassis, and to the CIA’s Cuban Missile Crisis and “Bay of Pigs”.

Both of these historical events – identical in nature to the latter day “Covid-19 pandemic” in terms of generating maximal levels of public fear – were well-planned and thoroughly staged psychological operations, overseen and executed by the Jesuit order, in Rome.

Fidel Castro, who became Cuba’s president after the ousting of Fulgencio Batista in the late 1950’s, was advised by Fr. Armando Llorente during the so-called “revolution”. Llorente, in turn, was operating under both the direction of Cardinal Spellman of New York’s archdiocese and Jesuit Superior General Pedro Arrupe.

The aforementioned clue exists in the following video, excerpted from “Inside the CIA – On Company Business”.

At approximately 35:33, concerning the CIA’s “Bay of Pigs” psychological operation, everyone will hear the voice over narration make a clear reference to a “covert radio message, alert, alert, look well at the rainbow.”

Of course, during this time of American history, the man whom occupied the white house was John F. Kennedy Junior (AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper, hidden brother of Hollywood actor “Jack Nicholson” AKA Bobby Kennedy/Prince Henrik of Denmark) with his first lady, “Jaclyn Kennedy”.

In terms of numerological analysis (also known as gematria), the word “rainbow” sums to some very interesting and telltale numbers.

In English Ordinal gematria, “rainbow” sums to 82 or, when subjected to the law of occult mirrored reversal, 2 8’s (88/aces and eights/mark of the Jesuit order/Saturn) and, in Full Reduction, sums to 37 or 3 7’s (777/Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code). In Reverse Full Reduction, “rainbow” sums to 44 (destruction code).

During the abbreviated time period of the Kennedy presidential administration, the CIA was directed by Allen Dulles, while his brother, John Foster Dulles, had served as U.S. Secretary of State during the presidential administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower (AKA Hollywood executive Barry Diller/Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg). John Foster Dulles had a son, Avery Robert Dulles, a Jesuit priest whom, during his lifetime, was awarded the Croix de guerre, a prestigious French military decoration.

Although, superficially, the “Cuban Missile Crisis” was sold to the American public as a developing “cold war” between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), both psychological operations – the “Bay of Pigs” and “Missile Crisis” – were 1.) engineered to justify – in the eyes of the American public – the centrally governing mechanism of the United Nations as a global arbiter during what were perceived as dire geo-political disputes and 2.) to test – immediately following the post-WWII period – the working effectiveness of a growing Jesuitical international intelligence network or octopus, which included CIA, FBI, Mossad, KGB, as well as British MI5/MI6.

The MSM’s resurrection of the historical legend of “Camelot” – as it generally related to the short-lived Kennedy administration and, more specifically, to John F. Kennedy’s “assassination” and to the widowed First Lady “Jaclyn Kennedy” – was created merely as entertaining scenery and also served as a mesmerizing psychological smokescreen to preoccupy the puerile fascinations of the American public.

Hidden by the hysteria surrounding America’s “cold war” with the Soviet Union, was the ongoing business dispute over the control of SBM, an intercontinental gaming and hotel enterprise, waged between Prince Rainier of Monaco and Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.

Of course, still, to-this-day, the royal Grimaldi family of Monaco controls a majority of the hotel and gaming interests, not only in Monte Carlo and throughout Europe, but, as well, in Las Vegas, an enterprise with which, during the era of the city’s inception, Onassis, too, was intimately involved.

In relation to the interests of the Jesuit-controlled CIA, the vast shipping monopoly of Onassis became a valuable asset in helping the agency to garner control over the distribution networks of a global narcotics empire.

As for the United Nations, officially established via charter in 1948, it was founded as merely an elaborate bureaucratic veil, behind which – still today – hides the global hegemony of the Crown Temple in the City of London and the Vatican or the Holy See, in Rome, controlled, of course, by the Jesuit order.

SEE: Rebel Conspirators in a Deceptive Cause?


According to Wikipedia , Jaclyn Lee Bouvier (Kennedy) was born on July 28, 1929, in Southampton, New York, and baptized – fittingly enough – at the Church of Saint Ignatius Loyola, in Manhattan which, of course, was named after the legendary mercenary soldier whom is credited with founding the Jesuit order during the 16th century.

Though history books seem to have neglected her, Jaclyn had a younger sister, Caroline Lee Bouvier, whom, also according to Wikipedia, was usually known as Princess Lee Radziwill.

It turns out, upon further examination, the royal family into which Caroline married has genealogical relations with many of Europe’s most prominent royal families, including those of Denmark, Greece, and Sweden.

Also, perhaps not surprisingly, Caroline’s family tree includes – wait for it, folks – a Jesuit priest.

According to Wikipedia, the Radziwill family, “was a powerful magnate family originating from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the kingdom of Prussia, and later the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland and, from the pope in Rome, “received the title of Reichsfurst (prince) from the Holy Roman Empire.” Wikipedia goes on to inform, “The Nesvizh Castle complex, maintained by the family between the 16th century and 1939, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.”

One of Caroline’s descendants, Jerzy Radziwill – the aforementioned Jesuit priest – “was a Polish-Lithuanian nobleman and imperial Reichsfurst (prince).” Wikipedia goes on to inform, after becoming ordained as a Catholic priest and later rising through the ranks as Bishop of Vilnius, Jerzy Radziwill “continued to study at Jesuit colleges in Poznan, Vilnius, and Rome.”

Later on in his career with the church, Wikipedia tell us, “he {Jerzy Radziwill} became a close friend and advisor of king Sigismund III of Poland and represented his interests in front of the Pope.”

Additionally, Wikipedia goes on to say, “He {Jerzy Radziwill} established Vilnius Seminary and heped to obtain university status for the Jesuit Academy in Vilnius.”

In addition to a slew of cardinals, queens, nobleman, and other royalty throughout the centuries, the Radziwill family, through Princess Eugenie of both Greece and Denmark, is genealogically linked to Prince Henrik (AKA Jack Nicholson/Jon Voigt/Bobby Kennedy), the royal consort of the sitting Danish Queen Magarethe II, to Constantine II of Greece (AKA Dan Rather/George Soros/Aristotle Onassis), to Princess Marie Bonaparte, a French psychoanalyst – according to Wikipedia – closely linked to Sigmund Freud, to Christian IX, former king of Denmark of the royal House of Glucksburg and, also, to his consort, Ingrid of Sweden, the Danish Queen.

Through Christian IX king of Denmark and Ingrid of Sweden, Caroline Radziwill, the sister of Jaclyn Kennedy, is also genealogically linked to the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Rockefeller/Rothschild/Windsor) and to Queen Victoria and her consort, Prince Albert.

Through Elisa Radziwill (1803-1834), both Jaclyn and her sister Caroline are genealogically linked to both Wilhelm I, German Emperor and, through Constantin Radziwill (1850-1920), to Francois Blanc, the founder of Monte-Carlo in Monaco which, of course, grew to become the gaming capital of Europe, ruled over by the Grimaldi, the royal family of Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi (AKA Donald Trump/Joe Biden/George H.W. Bush/Brian Williams).

Yes folks, when considering – over the centuries – the grand genealogical scope of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families and their influence on American history – including the Kennedy “assassination”, “Cuban Missile crisis”, and “Bay of Pigs” hoaxes – everyone, in some shape, manner or form, is truly interconnected.

Collectively, these perpetrators, known as the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families, have worked to spin the colossal web of deceit which the public falsely perceives as both American and world “history”.


Extensive voice print comparison analysis between the samples of Marilyn Monroe and Jaclyn Kennedy, heard in the previous video excerpts, both proves and confirms the vocal characteristics – pitch, breath, and tonal frequency – are indeed identical. Further and extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis, confirm both Marilyn Monroe and Jaclyn Kennedy were one and the same.


The following video excerpt, taken from official MSM coverage of the “assassination” of U.S. president John F. Kennedy in 1963, reminded one of the recent George Floyd psychological operation. In both cases, what was presented to the public as “live” footage – as would be done in any Hollywood movie production – were compilations of “B roll” takes spliced together in post-production and presented as a “live” television production.

Though the footage from the following excerpt may appear to be of negligible quality, much of it is of sufficient quality to demonstrate the subtle visual anomalies which, upon first glance, are not readily apparent.

If frozen at exactly 1:13, at the exact moment when the voice over narration of the newscaster (spellcaster) – whom is expert in the utilization of neural-linguistic programming, a form of speech cadence designed to induce hypnosis – can be clearly heard to say, “No one knew – rather – whether the president was alive or dead,” everyone may be able to detect a subtle but glaring anomaly.

Everyone will notice, at the precise moment she appears to enter Parkland hospital, Jaclyn Kennedy is not donned in her hot pink suit and famous pill box hat, which she is clearly shown to be wearing in the Zapruder film, recorded by Abraham Zapruder whom, in a recent installment, was identified as Alistair Crowley AKA Winston Churchill.

While freezing the video at exactly the 1:13 mark, everyone will take note that Jaclyn Kennedy is not wearing an overcoat and is, in fact, bear-armed.

The proceeding frames of the news footage, however, allegedly taken on November 22, 1963, clearly demonstrate Jaclyn Kennedy appearing to reenter the hospital, but this time, she is donned in an overcoat.

This anomaly is also a clear indication that this scene – Jaclyn Kennedy arriving at Dallas’s Parkland hospital – was performed and shot much like it would have been on a Hollywood movie set, with different takes, with the best “takes” composited together to make the action appear as one fluid scene.

But there is yet another problem with this “news” footage.

In the Zapruder film, Jaclyn Kennedy was clearly shown to have been riding in the ill-fated motorcade with her husband, the slain president. Therefore, why does the news footage demonstrate Misses Kennedy arriving at Parkland hospital much later, after-the-fact, and on the afternoon of the alleged “assassination”?

If she had been riding in the motorcade with the president, wouldn’t she and her husband, the president, have arrived simultaneously?

SEE: Some Music Legends Only Die Twice!

Without further question, the anomalies present in the MSM newsreel footage, appearing immediately above, stand as clear and lucid evidence, the official historical narrative of the “assassination” of U.S. president John F. Kennedy – as it has been repeated to generations of the American public for more than five decades – was a complete fabrication and – along with the “Cuban Missile crisis” and “Bay of Pigs” – was deliberately executed as part and parcel of a larger psychological operation, one which came to be known to American history as America’s “cold war” with the USSR or the former Soviet Union.

After the “death” of the fabricated character scheme known as “Judy Garland” and “Marilyn Monroe”, the host actor they shared in common, “Shirley Temple Black”, assumed yet another fabricated character scheme attached to the pseudonym of “Helen Thomas”, who came to be universally known and labeled by her colleagues in the MSM as the “Grand Dame of the White House Press Corps”.


Helen Thomas’s host actor – as well the identical live-action role player identified in portrayal of – observed in descending order in the images posted below – “Shirley Temple Black”, “Judy Garland”, Marilyn Monroe, and “Jaclyn Bouvier Kennedy” is still very much alive. Ear biometric and image comparison analysis demonstrates the dimensions of the lobe of the right ear on each Hollywood fabricated character scheme observed below to be identical.

NEW YORK – MARCH 1955: Movie star Marilyn Monroe gets fitted for her costume in a dressing room before riding a pink elephant in Madison Square Garden for a circus charity event in March 1955 in New York City, New York. (Photo by Ed Feingersh/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

She is the sitting monarch of the kingdom of Sweden – Queen Silvia.

Queen Silvia of Sweden:

48 thoughts on “Over the Rainbow & Back in Black

  1. Wonderful article. It has been said that “Jackie Kennedy” did not attend her husband’s birthday gala in May 1962. Many people try to explain why that’s so, with the most common excuse being that she was in the Kennedy estate riding horses and watching TV. But since “Jacqueline” was portrayed by the same host actor who played “Marilyn”, it’s likely that Jackie WAS there – but as the one on the podium singing “Happy Birthday” to the President.

    The Radziwills are also Jewish, like the Rothschilds. They were one of the first Jewish aristocrats to be ennobled in Europe during the Middle Ages. This makes many royals and premiers related to them Jewish as well.

    1. Even the origin of the name “Jacqueline” (Jackie’s birth name) is Jewish.

      “Jacqueline comes from French, as the feminine form of Jacques (English James). Jacques originated from ‘Jacob’, which is derived from the Hebrew meaning ‘may God protect’ or ‘supplanter’.

      Supplanter refers to a person who replaces someone or thing of lesser value, and this Hebrew meaning refers to Jacob supplanting Esau as recorded in the Hebrew Bible. ‘May God protect’ has a more positive connotation and is, therefore, the preferred meaning for the name.”

    2. Yes, I’ve heard that story. Over the years, of course, the MSM and even mainstream historians have tried – utilizing the most tortured and absurd reasoning – to explain Jackie’s absence. What I find even more absurd, is how many “alternative” news researchers still buy into the satanic blood sacrifice nonsense in explanation for these heavily promoted celebrity “death” stories. Most have yet to figure out, these people are not only long-term assets, but have been trained right from a very young age at the finest performing arts schools in the world, and – as I’ve discovered, time and again – these valuable assets are often the descendants of the ruling families, who do not eat there own, since there is also a great profit involved. In the case of “John F. Kennedy” (Dennis Hopper), his host actor was transitioned to the fabricated character scheme known to history as “Andy Warhol”. Once “Warhol” was heavily promoted, art galleries became filled with what was tantamount to children’s finger paintings. The entire industry became nothing more than a global money laundering scheme benefiting the families. The CIA – in fact – uses the art world to launder illicit drug and narcotics profits through. As I’m sure you’re also aware, soft power resources – such as the music and art industries – have always been used as powerful weapons of psychological warfare against the proletariat.

      1. Very good points you made. JFK would also play Jimmy Carter, too, and his wife now plays Rosalynn Carter. The theory that celebrity deaths are “blood sacrifices” is of course misdirection to hide the fact that most of these deaths are in fact ritual hoaxes. These are psyops that carry plenty of significant occultic power but no one is actually harmed in the process. These are mock sacrifices of fictitious character schemes meant to serve certain agendas and to foster massive emotional outpouring from the public. The “deaths” of JFK and Princess Diana are good examples of how ritualistic death hoaxes work and their impact on the mass consciousness.

      2. Absolutely, as you’ve astutely pointed out, the “deaths” are hoaxes but the psychological effect they have on the public is quite real. Case-in-point, the latest Covid-19 hoax. Which, as I’m sure you’ll admit, is quite transparent. Yet, a majority of the population seem to want to believe the propaganda. As Alfred Hitchcock once said – something of the sort – people so do love a good scare. Even more tragic, they begin to love the very ones whom are responsible for their emotional trauma. Indeed, it is a fascinating sociological phenomenon, and the psychological programming which accompanies it is quite insidious.

      3. “Even more tragic, they begin to love the very ones whom are responsible for their emotional trauma.”

        They very much follow the pattern of Stockholm syndrome patients – people who have deep bonds with their captors regardless of the circumstances they are put into or the treatment they receive from those holding them in captivity.

      4. As like Stockholm patients, they make the perfect compliant slaves, which is exactly what the controllers want. And so, these psychological operations are utilized to achieve that effect in the general population.

      5. I just published a comment with additional info on “Arizona Wilder” in your article about “Diana Spencer”. I also discovered some interesting things about a lesser-known figure involved in the “JonBenét Ramsey” psyop. I hope you’ll include my findings in your future articles about Arizona and her alternate personalities.

      6. The Jon Benet Ramsey hoax is loaded with gematria and occult symbolism, and many of the participants – I discovered – belonged to the von Furstenberg royal family. Jon Benet’s alleged father, for example, was portrayed by Fox news Bill O’Reilly. His host actor is Hollywood executive Barry Diller AKA Prince Eduard von Furstenberg. Like some members of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the von Furstenberg family is married into the Pallavincini family. Diller AKA von Furstenberg was also the host actor behind the mask of US president Ike Eisenhower, who, like his host actor, was made a Knight of Malta. His son – Warren Beatty – portrayed Richard M. Nixon. I will look more into Arizona Wilder who, upon initial examination, also appears to be yet another fabricated character scheme.

      7. I’ve covered the character fabrication scheme known as “Conan O’Brien” before. Currently, he is the host actor behind the mask of the Massachusetts governor, “Charlie Baker”, and he also portrays Hollywood film director, Quentin Tarantino. If memory serves, didn’t Kathy Bates star in the Titanic movie?

      8. By the way, you won’t want to miss the next article, which will reveal connections between who is behind the Covid-19 “track and trace” program, as well connections to Serco, Sir Roy Garner and AstraZeneca, the pharmaceutical contracted by the US corporate government for “operation warp speed”, and to the Crown Temple, in the City of London.

      9. Great observation. They cherish the symbolic concept of the mirror’s reflection. The next article will also include some information about how the UK and US corporate government have both made legal provisions for “DNA retention”.

    3. Thanks for your kind comments. Yes, Kathy Bates did star in “Titanic” as ‘Molly’ Brown, née Margaret Tolbin (who was also a close friend of Mark Twain, btw) with Kate Winslet as Rose and Leo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson (he also portrays Florida Congressman “Matt Gaetz” as you revealed in another article on this website last year). I find it rather telling that the film was released a few days shy of Christmas (December 25, 1997). JonBenét was “murdered” on Christmas Day or the Winter Solstice (in Ancient Rome it was celebrated as the day of Saturnalia or the god Saturn aka Satan/Lucifer in the Bible).

      Speaking of the Bible, there is a passage in the book called “Psalm 118”, which praises “God” as merciful. In the JonBenét Ramsey saga, Patsy went down a spiral starcaise and found a ramsom note that demanded $118K from the Ramseys if they wanted to save their daughter from harm. So there’s a lot of religious connotation in the story as well as occultic. Also note the number 18 mentioned in the story. 18 is referenced in a lot of these hoaxes. 18 = Aces and Eights = Chai or Dead Man’s Hand.ét_Ramsey#Ransom_note

      1. Thanks or the confirmation on the actress known as Kathy Bates, since I was only vaguely familiar with her body of work. Those are all outstanding points, and the spiral staircase is pure freemasonic symbolism. The character name from the James Cameron production of ‘Titanic’ appears also to be symbolic: Rose (Rosicrucian), as well the name of the actor known as Leo DiCaprio – Leo (the lion, the sun through which, according to high-degree freemasonic lore, flows the light of the world or Lucifer. In future, I’ll be looking into both Bates and the JonBenet Ramsey story (Ram, more symbolism) much more deeply. Of course, too, you’re correct about the number of 18 (aces and eights) – a number which seems ubiquitous in relation to these psychological operations promoted by the MSM. I believe the phrase “Build Back Better,” – regurgitated by British PM and other high-level politicians of the EU – may also equal 3 6’s, 18, or 666. the correlations with the King James bible aren’t surprising. After all, the entire book is an allegorical work which was composed by 47 freemasonic and Rosicrucian scholars at the behest of the British monarch and, most likely, the Vatican in Rome.

      2. Lady Gaga’s mother bears a resemblance to Patsy Ramsey:

        (Discount the blonde hair and the aquiline nose on Cynthia. The blonde hair could be hair dye or a wig and the big nose could be a prosthetic added onto the host actress’s real nose to disguise her. Hollywood does it all the time.)

        Gaga’s father looks like John Ramsey:

        What do you think?

      3. Oh yes, Gaga’s public image is perhaps the most fabricated in the history of popular music. In fact, there’s an entire brain trust (song doctors/producers/sound engineers)) behind the creation and production of her entire discography of hits, none of which she was likely to have composed. Unlike other pop stars, however, she can actually sing reasonably well without aid of auto-tune or, as it is called in the industry, “the magic box”.

      4. Very true. It has been said by some that Lady Gaga herself was JonBenét Ramsey. There are definitely some similarities they do share, though JonBenét looks much more like Katy Perry, IMO. I wouldn’t surprised if the three went on to make great successes in the entertainment industry from the “Lady Gaga” brand image. After all, the Ramseys themselves were heavily connected to showbusiness and of course pageants.

    4. That also explains why every four years in America the presidential elections are held in November (11), often on the eighth day (8) of the month. Aces and eights, chai, deadman’s hand.

  2. This was one of your juiciest articles yet! I’m very surprised about Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, and Marilyn. These are personalities associated with mk ultra mind control. I’m curious what you think about mk ultra in general. I know some of the info is fake, but it also seems there is real stuff going on with targeted individuals. I’m thinking the elites don’t do it to themselves, as claimed. But to experiment on us seems plausible. I also think that the wild stories of mk are a distraction from the “regular” mind control of television, schooling, etc., that people should be looking at.

    1. The latter portion of your comment is very astute and perceptive. The global media propaganda machine, which collectively consists of television, radio and , of course, the internet, is all-pervasive and is not just a tool of propaganda but a vehicle for mass behavioral modification. These “stars”, celebrities or cults of personality, if you will, are created for the purpose of behavioral models, so that their behaviors will be mirrored by the public in ways which commercially benefit the thirteen families whom, as monopoly owners, are in total control of the means of commercial and industrial production as well as the global economic system. As for the performers or stars, they are the sons and daughter of the descendants of the ruling elite royal families identified at a young age and sent to the finest performing arts schools in the world to learn techniques and methods of psychological and physical discipline which will enable them to master the craft of entertainment, molding themselves into whichever character scheme is required. As for “targeted individuals”, that phenomenon is quite real, and these types of programs are used against individuals – those such as us, for example – upon whom the standard programs of psychological manipulation prove largely ineffective. These programs are usually carried out and executed by those belonging to the blue lodge mason halls (Eastern Star) and Knights of Columbus – police, administrators, and their family members.

  3. As usual, a great article. Thank you very much. In watching “Walter Cronkite” state that JFK died “;;; 38 minutes ago”, it brings to mind the George Floyd’s grade school “teacher” who saved Georgie’s drawing for “38 years”. The “murder” was on 38th ST. The movie “Murder by Numbers has the “E” in “Murder” and the “B” in “Numbers” replaced by a 3 and 8 respectively. I guess “38” is code word for a fake murder? What does Gematria say about that? Thanks again!

      1. Love your site and I’m not even close to reading it all yet so I’m not sure if you posted this about Micheal Jackson.. but just when I thought Jackson must be dead because they can’t reuse his face anywhere, TMZ post a side-by-side of MJ and Paul Stanley and going back over pics, they’ve been playing the same actor along time! Just wondering if you no anything about the giant buildings and mudfloods that may have happened in the 1800s? Thanks Jackie

      2. Thank you for your gracious interest in the material published at Newsspell. I recently published a piece on MJ, but in relation to Donny Osmond whom, as it turns out, was also the 1980’s pop star George Michael. Haven’t looked into the connection between MJ and Stanley, and I’m only vaguely familiar with the latter subject(s). Nevertheless, they’re both intriguing subjects for further investigation.

      3. The name “Stanley” is also a reference to the powerful Stanleys of the British peerage. They are the bloodline that put kings like Henry VII on the English throne and engineered massive psyops like the War of the Roses in the Middle Ages. They are England’s version of the Medicis or the more recent Rothschild dynasty.

        This is reminiscent of Napoleon’s rise to power, engineered by the Rothschilds, the family that would later displace him after causing him to lose the fake Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

    1. Thanks for providing the links to the pertinent images. Preliminary investigation indicates there is a link between the two artists: the late Edward Van Halen. Stanley worked with Edward van Halen and his brother on early Kiss demos, while Edward also worked with MJ on his seminal “Thriller” album.

    1. At its highest level of artistry, the strategic application of makeup can significantly, if not magically, alter the public’s ocular recognition capabilities. In fact, before the development of motion capture markers , CGI animation, photoshop, and other similar post-production visual effects, wigs, prosthetics, and makeup were all it took to fool the public. In fact, research has indicated that many of the royal actors who’ve portrayed most of the fabricated character schemes I’ve investigated, were well trained at the finest performing arts schools in the application of both makeup and prosthetics. During the golden era of Hollywood, both at Disney and at all of the major movie production houses, entire teams of those especially trained in this specialized art were gainfully employed and well-paid to keep the stars on contract in character.

    2. Correct on all points. Makeup also carried cultural and political significance as well as a function of disguising the user’s appearance. For instance, during the 18th century “beauty marks” were used to send subliminal messages to the keen Georgian observer and were formed in different shapes with that purpose in mind. Application of other cosmetics like rouge and white powder also served as methods of expressing the applicant’s social status in the rigidly formal environ of 1700s society. The same was true for the wide usage of elaborate hairstyles (the poufs, for example) and fancy hats.

  4. And speaking of Jacqueline Kennedy, I discovered that she also has an IMDb page. IMDb, of course, is famous for usually curating the bios of actors, so that’s a huge clue.

    In the above link, it’s admitted that Jackie worked for the CIA in the early 1950s as a photographer. While on assignment for the agency, she met JFK, whom she dated and married shortly thereafter.

    “She took a job at the CIA and in January of 1952 went to work at a Washington newspaper as a photographer. During an assignment, she met U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy, who was 12 years her senior.”

    Jackie and the Kennedys were also close to the Jesuits. She kept lengthy discreet correspondence and discussions with the Jesuit priesthood in Georgetown, among them her confessor.

    1. Good to hear from you, once again. I’m not surprised to hear “Jackie” (AKA Shirley Temple Black/Marilyn Monroe/Judy Garland/Helen Thomas) has an IMDB page, but I was not fully aware she was ever actively employed by the Jesuits at CIA. Once again, you’ve proved to be a skilled researcher. I shall have to look into this further. Jackie’s CIA connections certainly go a long way into explaining how Jackie’s hidden son – Charles Alden Black Junior – became adept at assuming a slew of fabricated identities, both in the realms of the Hollywood entertainment/music industry and in high-level politics.

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