Upon first impression, the attempt to draw connections between the JFK “assassination” and the classic Hollywood movie Wizard of Oz may appear to be a dubious hypothetical proposition.

download (4)[6397]download (2)[6389]

Unlikely as the premise might seem, deeper investigation demonstrates this hypothesis has empirical merit.

Turns out, not only was there a family connection between Allen Dulles – who served as CIA director during the brief tenure of the Kennedy presidential administration – and “Lee Harvey Oswald”, JFK’s “assassin”, but Allen Dulles has direct connections to Bing Crosby, to Adolf Hitler, and to Jack Haley, who starred in the classic Hollywood cinema production of Wizard of Oz.

Below from L to R: Allen Dulles, Bing Crosby, Jack Haley

OIP (3)[6417]

Below: John Foster Dulles, Walt Disney, Ray Bolger

OIP (13)[6349]OIP (24)[6354]

Ray Bolger, cast as the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz, has direct connections to Walt Disney (AKA Henry Fonda/Jimmy Stewart/Al Jolson/Franklin Delano Roosevelt/Harry S. Truman/Glen Miller/Walter Sommerlath/Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg), and to CBS newsman Walter Cronkite, who was the first to go on the air immediately following JFK’s “assassination” in Dallas’s Dealy Plaza.

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Furthermore, actor Jack Haley – cast as the Wizard of Oz’s Tin Woodsman – harbors a host of connections: to Adolf Hitler, Hollywood actor/singer Bing Crosby, and to Serco, the British multi-national corporation formerly known as RCA which now controls the US National Visa Center, the US Defense Ammunition Center, the US patent and trademark office, and FEMA region 9 on the West coast of the United States.

But as everyone shall soon observe, the Wizard of Oz’s Tin Woodsman (Jack Haley), Scarecrow (Ray Bolger), Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles are descended from European royalty.

But the connections between one of Hollywood’s most celebrated cinematic works – Wizard of Oz – and the JFK “assassination” don’t stop there.

Judy Garland (AKA Shirley Temple Black/Jaclyn Bouvier Kennedy Onassis/Marilyn Monroe/Madeleine Albright/Helen Thomas), who starred as the character known as Dorothy Gale in Wizard of Oz, has more than one connection to not only the JFK “assassination” hoax but to the more recent Sandy Hook school “massacre” hoax.

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Added to this, the occult philosophies espoused by “Alistair Crowley”, infamously renowned as the twentieth century’s most influential occultist, are also inextricably linked to the intriguing investigative mysteries surrounding one of American history’s greatest hoaxes.


History texts are unanimous in their consensus that CIA director Allen Dulles was fired by US president John F. Kennedy.

It is generally believed Kennedy’s dismissal of CIA’s director was due chiefly to Dulles’s bungling failure at the Bay of Pigs on the island of Cuba.

For those perhaps unfamiliar with the details of the commonly popularized narrative concerning this era of American history, the following may represent a more comprehensive synopsis providing historical context.

During the era of the late 1950’s to early 1960’s, as head of CIA, Allen Dulles presided over America’s “cold war” with the Soviet Union. At the time, Cuba was observed by both CIA and the American State Department – led by John Foster Dulles – as a safe haven for Soviet military buildup. With Soviet installed puppet Fidel Castro (AKA Prince Rainier Casiraghi Grimaldi) in control of the island of Cuba, it was widely believed America was not only susceptible to communist political infiltration, but vulnerable to Soviet military incursion.

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Shortly after the “election” of John F. Kennedy (AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper) in a slim margin over Richard Milhouse Nixon (AKA Hollywood actor Warren Beatty) to the White House, when it was learned the Soviets had possibly installed nuclear missile installations in Cuba within short striking distance of America’s shores, CIA director Allen Dulles then decided to engineer a preemptive paramilitary strike consisting of Cuban exiles at the Bay of Pigs.

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When the agency’s operation ended in dismal failure, John Fitzgerald Kennedy decided to hand Dulles his walking papers, subsequently threatening to “smash the CIA into a million pieces.”

However, as those who frequently visit this site have been made aware, there are several problems with this popularly held historical consensus.

For one, as has been previously documented, the Soviet Union was a manufactured geopolitical stalking horse created and economically steered by the City of London Crown Temple and Swiss banking (AKA Holy See) consortium and politically stage-managed in cooperation with the Jesuit-controlled CIA and Soviet KGB.

It is pertinent to note, therefore, that in his published text, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, author Anthony Sutton details how the rise of “revolutionary” figures such as Lenin and Trotsky onto the world’s geopolitical stage were covertly funded and actively promoted by international bankers.

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As former US president “Franklin Delano Roosevelt” put it himself, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Sutton’s text goes on to detail how the Soviet Union was nothing more than a paper tiger, created and maintained as a geopolitical threat to justify continued expenditures to expand the US’s military/industrial complex and to bolster Washington D.C.’s credible position as global military sword arm or geopolitical enforcer acting at the behest of the Jesuit-controlled Vatican in Rome and the Crown Temple bankers in the City of London.

As detailed in a previously published article, CIA is a private company, operating under the Virginia charter of 1602, the very same charter under which the US corporation (AKA United States/Washington D.C.) has operated since its legal incorporation in 1871. Moreover, the Treaty of Verona – ratified by the Vatican in 1822 – invalidated the US constitution in favor of the Virginia Charter of 1602. The terms and conditions of the Act of 1871 which created the US corporation governed by Admiralty Law (AKA Roman Law) are outlined in the legal decision of Baron vs. Mayor and City of Baltimore 32 U.S. 243.

Furthermore, since 1302, with the establishment of the City of London Crown Temple’s Inns of Court (Gray’s Inn, Lincoln’s Inn, Inner Temple, Middle Temple) and the issuance of the first of three papal bulls or encyclicals (crowns), claiming all crown land – including those lands territorially demarcated as Russia, United States – under the ownership of the Vatican, the conceptual legal framework of global governance has always covertly existed.

The terms and conditions of the first of these papal bulls, or three crowns, Unam Sanctum, issued by Pope Boniface, bound all crown land in ownership to Vatican City. The second of these bulls, ratified in 1481 by Pope Sixtus IV, legally bound all crown land to Vatican City in perpetuity. The third of these papal bulls, Convocation, ratified by Pope Paul III (AKA Alessandro Farnese), a Jesuit-trained cardinal and member of one of the most powerful and influential merchant banking clans numbered among the sovereign royal thirteen Jesuit families, only served to further legally strengthen Vatican City’s stranglehold over its ownership of all human and natural resources designated as Crown properties.

In 1947, the establishment of the UN at Rockefeller Center in New York marked the beginning of incrementally maneuvering the reality of this global governing structure out from behind the drawn curtain of “national security”.

Today, in the twenty-first century, the objective of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 and its seventeen “Sustainability Goals” – through the deliberate creation of simulated crises such as “climate change” and the Covid-19 “pandemic” – is to incrementally transition this global structure of governance which has covertly existed since 1302 into a streamlined digital global grid system connected by “smart” cities or “sanctuary” habitats, Universal Basic Income (UBI) and a universal digital ID data base centrally controlled by artificial intelligence.

The preceding facts serve to place the geopolitical crises which occurred during the early 1960’s involving America and the Soviet Union – “Cuban missile crisis”, the Soviet/US “cold war”, the presidential dismissal of Allen Dulles from his directorial chair at Langley, Virginia, and the subsequent “assassination” of JFK – in a radically different context than that which has been traditionally promoted by popular historical consensus.

To the sovereign thirteen Jesuit merchant/banking families, the majority stockholders of the City of London Crown Temple and Swiss banking consortium, nations are nothing more than mercantile marketplaces consisting of human and natural resources which, historically and systematically, have been targeted for economic and commercial exploitation.

It was during the post-war period of the 1960’s that the City of London Crown Temple and Swiss bankers saw the island of Cuba as one such commercial market ripe for economically exploitable possibilities.

When considering the ulterior economic and commercial motives behind CIA director Allen Dulles’s stage management of both the Bay of Pigs paramilitary invasion and Cuban missile crisis, the following quote from Anthony Sutton’s text – Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution – appears especially relevant.

According to Sutton, both the US and USSR, CIA and KGB worked cooperatively together in an effort to monopolize “a captive market and a technical corporate socialist colony to be exploited by a few high-powered financiers and the corporations under their control.”

In addition, at the time of both CIA’s bungled Bay of Pigs invasion and the Kennedy administration’s Cuban “missile crisis”, the US had already established a military installation at Guantanamo Bay which, according to Wikipedia, “has been permanently leased to the United States since 1903 as a coaling station and naval base, making it the oldest naval base in the world.”

In light of this fact, it is no surprise to discover declassified CIA documentation which reveals at the time of both the Bay of Pigs paramilitary invasion of Cuba and the Cuban “missile crisis”, the US was performing an ongoing joint naval exercise with the USSR dubbed ORTSAC which, in accordance with Alistair Crowley’s occult law of mirrored reversal, is also Castro spelled backwards.

But – as everyone shall soon observe – deeper investigation into the American historical persona known as former CIA director “Allen Dulles” reveals that he existed as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a Hollywood actor who also starred in the Wizard of Oz.

But wait – there’s more.

JFK “assassin” “Lee Harvey Oswald” has been discovered as a hidden family relation of “Allen Dulles”.

Given this, in retrospect, it becomes clear their respective fabricated character schemes – “Allen Dulles/”Lee Harvey Oswald” – were set up by CIA and KGB to act as patsies for manufactured crises.

In the case of CIA’s “Allen Dulles”, he was set up to take the fall for the failed Bay of Pigs invasion while “Lee Harvey Oswald” (AKA Sir Anthony Hopkins/Gene Wilder/Dick Van Patten), Dulles’s hidden family relation, was set up to play out his role as JFK’s “lone gunman assassin”.

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It was also no coincidence that “Allen Dulles” was chosen to head the Warren Commission; the sham blue-ribbon congressional panel charged with investigating the JFK “assassination”.


While making ocular comparisons between the images posted below – featuring Hollywood actor/singer Bing Crosby and former CIA director Allen Dulles – everyone will notice the epidermal contours and symmetrical proportions of the eyes, ears, chins, noses, brows, and cheekbones are identical. Extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirms this.

Below from L to R: Bing Crosby, Allen Dulles

download (4)[6359]OIP (10)[6357]

In the next pair of images, while making ocular comparisons and with attentions drawn to the ears, everyone will begin to observe the epidermal, geometrical contours, proportional symmetries, and shape of the respective ears are identical.

Below from L to R: Allen Dulles, Bing Crosby

Facial recognition and image comparison analysis of the next set of images featuring Bing Crosby (AKA Allen Dulles) and Jack Haley, cast as the Tin Woodsman in the Hollywood classic film Wizard of Oz, confirms the symmetrical alignment of the respective sets of teeth are identical. Also, facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirms the epidermal, geometrical contours of the chins, noses, cheekbones, and nasolabial folds are identical.

Below: Bing Crosby, Jack Haley


It seems likely the fabricated character scheme known to American history as CIA director Allen Dulles was modified from another historical fabricated character scheme portrayed by Bing Crosby – Adolf Hitler.

images (4)[5104]images (3)[5102]

Hollywood actor/popular singer Bing Crosby (AKA Adolf Hitler/Allen Dulles/Jack Haley) was an avid golfer.

In fact, it is well-documented that one of the most frequent golfing partners of “Bing Crosby” was Hollywood comedian/actor Bob Hope (AKA Prince George, Duke of Kent/Winston Churchill/Alistair Crowley/Jack Benny).

“Bob Hope”, of course, was identified as a Hollywood fabricated character scheme modified into the mythical “Alistair Crowley”, the twentieth century’s most influential and renowned occultist and Grandmaster of the masonic Order of the Golden Dawn.

One supposes we now know the source from which “Adolf Hitler” derived his extensive knowledge of the occult.

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Thanks for the Memories, Your Highness

As the image posted immediately below confirms, King Leopold III of Belgium, the royal host actor (live-action role player) from which Hollywood actor/singer “Bing Crosby” was modified, also enjoyed teeing off on the links from-time-to-time.

It should also be noted that for most of his entertainment career, Hollywood singer/actor “Bing Crosby” was contractually obligated to the RCA recording label. RCA is also known as British multi-national corporation Serco, located in the Crown Temple’s City of London. During the Covid-19 “pandemic” psychological operation, Serco was given executive control over FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) region 9 on the west coast of the United States and granted full but covert  control over the distribution of genocidal Covid “vaccines” by the US corporate government.

Serco is also in control of the U.S. patent and trademark office, the U.S. National Visa Center, and the U.S Defense Ammunition Center.

To those living in the U.S. who frequently visit this site, you may want to consider mentioning the preceding facts when encountering anyone who still thinks America is a free and independent country. 

Below: King Leopold III of Belgium, Bing Crosby

downloadOIP[6358]OIP (12)[6409]



According to Wikipedia, “Operation Paperclip was a secret United States intelligence program in which more than 1,600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians were taken from the former Nazi Germany to the U.S. for government employment after the end of World War II in Europe between 1945 and 1959.”

The U.S. president who approved Operation Paperclip was Harry S. Truman.

Wikipedia confirms, “in a secret directive circulated on September 3, 1946, President Truman officially approved Operation Paperclip and expanded it to include 1,000 German scientists under temporary limited custody.”

Facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirms that “Harry S. Truman”, 33rd president of the U.S. was a fabricated character scheme modified from Walt Disney (AKA Jimmy Stewart/Fred Astaire/Henry Fonda).

One supposes we now know how Bing Crosby (AKA Adolf Hitler/Allen Dulles/Jack Haley/Alger Hiss/Danny Kaye/Hollywood television actor Carol O’Connor/King Leopold III of Belgium) ended up as the director of Jesuit-controlled CIA. According to official biographies, “Bing Crosby” attended Jesuit-founded Gonzaga University in his youth.

In the images posted below, everyone will observe, the epidermal and geometrical shapes, contours of the respective noses are conspicuously identical. Extensive facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirms that the geometric contours and proportional alignments of the chins, jawlines, lips, and brows are also identical. The epidermal contours and landmarks of the respective necks are also conspicuously identical.

Below L to R: Harry S. Truman, Walt Disney

But Walt Disney (AKA Harry S. Truman) also starred as the Scarecrow in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s classic production of the Wizard of Oz under the Hollywood pseudonym of Ray Bolger.

Extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses indicates Walt Disney (AKA Harry S. Truman/Ray Bolger) was also modified into John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State and the brother of CIA director Allen Dulles (AKA Jack Haley/Bing Crosby/King Leopold III of Belgium).

Below: Ray Bolger, Walt Disney

OIP (24)[6354]OIP (1)[6438]

Below L to R: Ray Bolger, Walt Disney, John Foster Dulles, Harry S. Truman  

R[6431]OIP (7)[6388]OIP (4)[6420]OIP (5)[6428]

Facial recognition and image comparison analysis indicates Walt Disney (AKA Ray Bolger/Harry S. Truman/John Foster Dulles) was a fabricated character scheme modified from the host actor (live-action role player) Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg (AKA Henry Fonda/Jimmy Stewart/Fred Astaire/Al Jolson/Franklin Delano Roosevelt/Walter Sommerlath).

Below from L to R: Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg, Walt Disney, Harry S. Truman, John Foster Dulles, Ray Bolger 

OIP (15)[6347]OIP (1)[6406]Harry-Truman-Getty-640x481[6421]OIP (7)[6388]R[6431]


As observed in the video excerpt displayed immediately above, “Abraham Zapruder” was the man who filmed the JFK “assassination” from Dealy Plaza on November 22, 1963.

During his interview in 1966, “Abraham Zapruder” states he’s convinced the findings of the Warren Commission headed by former CIA director “Allen Dulles” (AKA Jack Haley/Bing Crosby/Adolf Hitler/Alger Hiss/Danny Kaye/Carol O’Connor/King Leopold III of Belgium) was correct in its assessment that “Lee Harvey Oswald” (AKA Sir Anthony Hopkins/Gene Wilder/Dick Van Patten), the hidden son of “Allen Dulles”, acted alone.

What “Abraham Zapruder” (AKA Walt Disney/Harry S. Truman/Ray Bolger) didn’t dare inform the American general public is that the Bay of Pigs invasion, Cuban “missile crisis”, and the JFK “assassination” were psychological operations conspiratorially engineered by his Jesuit masters at the Vatican in Rome in cooperation with the City of London Crown Temple and Swiss banking consortium to intensify the perception of a looming “communist” Soviet threat in the West to justify greater expenditures for America’s military/industrial complex, thereby expanding their strategic stranglehold of economic and commercial hegemony over the US corporation with the soft power weapon of economic debt usury.  

Extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis indicates “Abraham Zapruder” was a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Walt Disney (AKA Harry S. Truman/Ray Bolger). 

Below from L to R: Abraham Zapruder, Ray Bolger, Harry S. Truman, Walt Disney 

OIP (11)[6439]OIP (6)[6427]walt-disney-5[6432]


While the American general public thought “John Foster Dulles” (AKA Ray Bolger/Harry S. Truman/Walt Disney) was serving at the Department of State, he was also sitting at the CBS/MSM news anchor desk acting under the pseudonym of “Walter Cronkite”, announcing to the world the death of “John F. Kennedy” (AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper/Roger Daltrey/Andy Warhol).

In the succession of images posted below, everyone will notice the conspicuous epidermal lines running from the nasolabial folds to the edge of the lips towards the bottom of the respective chins.

Everyone will also notice this epidermal feature was left consistently unmodified in each of the images featuring “Walter Cronkite”, “John foster Dulles”, “Ray Bolger”, and “Walt Disney”.

In the first set of images featuring “Walter Cronkite” and “John foster Dulles” the geometric proportions and alignments of the noses, chins, lips, foreheads, brows, eyes, and cheekbones are identical.

These identical geometrical and proportional alignments are also observably consistent in each successive image.

Below from L to R: Walter Cronkite, John Foster Dulles

download (4)[6435]OIP (9)[6444]

Below from L to R: Walter Cronkite, Ray Bolger

download (4)[6435]OIP (7)[6442]

Below from L to R: Walter Cronkite, Walt Disney

download (4)[6435]walt-disney-5[6432]

Below from L to R: Walter Cronkite, Harry S. Truman

download (4)[6435]OIP (6)[6427]


Although the Hollywood cinema classic Wizard of Oz is popularly interpreted as merely a fantastical story, there exists yet another alternative interpretation which may seem unorthodox. Though Hollywood movies are generally perceived by the general public as merely presented for the purpose of entertainment, there are often covert, ulterior motives behind their presentation.

While on the surface, Wizard of Oz appears to be the fantastical story of a young girl trapped in a strange dream world traveling the yellow brick road with three oddball companions and her little dog, when analyzed on a much deeper or esoteric level, it becomes a story of quite another sort. A story of how the proletariat – the scarecrow without a brain, the Tin Woodsman without a heart, the lion without courage, the child wandering lost, aimless – lives in complete ignorance of the routine psychological manipulations of the “Man Behind the Curtain” wielding his invisible levers.

It could be argued, therefore, that when viewed from the context of the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, the “great and powerful Wizard of Oz” is a metaphorical representation of the modern-day money magic practiced by the banking cartels at the City of London’s Crown Temple, the emotive spellcasting propaganda of MSM sorcerers, and the geopolitical psychological operations – such as the Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile crisis, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the “assassination” of JFK – which are  masterfully but covertly executed by the military order of the Society of Jesus or Jesuit order in control of Vatican City in Rome. 

Nevertheless, alternative analysis indicates there are occult connections between the JFK “assassination” and the Hollywood cinema classic Wizard of Oz.

Judy Garland (AKA Shirley Temple Black/Jaclyn Kennedy Onassis/Marilyn Monroe/Madeleine Albright/Helen Thomas/Queen Silvia of Sweden), cast as Dorothy Gale in Wizard of Oz, recorded a soundtrack album for the American musical “Annie Get Your Gun” on – wait for it, folks – Sandy Hook Records.

Is it any coincidence, therefore, in-depth investigation recently discovered her royal sibling – Princess Lee Bouvier Kennedy Radziwill (AKA Nancy Pelosi/Jane Fonda/Dolly Parton) who is also genealogically related to Henry Fonda (AKA Walt Disney/Jimmy Stewart/Fred Astaire/Al Jolson/Walter Sommerlath/Glen Miller/John Foster Dulles/Ray Bolger/Walter Cronkite/Franklin Delano Roosevelt/Harry S. Truman/Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg) portrayed two roles in the Sandy Hook “massacre” psychological operation?

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Gematria analysis of the word “Oz” in Chaldean numerology equals 77.

It just so happens that the license plate affixed to the back bumper of JFK’s motorcade on November 22, 1963, in Dallas’s Dealy Plaza was numbered GG – 300. When summed in Pythagorean numerology GG also equals 77.

The text of Alistair Crowley’s Liber Oz LXXVII – A.L. 11.21/AL I.40 – states “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. The law of the strong. This is our law and the joy of the world.”

Just remember those published words of “Alistair Crowley” (AKA Winston Churchill/Bob Hope/Jack Benny/Prince George, Duke of Kent) the next time you turn on your television and find yourself emotionally manipulated by the MSM’s propaganda.

The sovereign thirteen Jesuit royal families believe that as the strong ruling over the weak proletariat it is their birth rite to do whatever they want to you as long as they’re assured the people’s legal consent is well in hand. 

The question is – for how much longer are you going to continue to willfully surrender your legal consent to such sadistic monsters? 

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