“Parkland Massacre”: The truth marches on


Facebook Banner Stephen Perkins[1781]There is no greater indication of cowardice and weakness than when one’s enemy refuses to fight on the battlefield of ideas but instead hides with a silent dagger clenched within a white gloved fist from the shadows while concealed behind a mask.

While there are many with You Tube accounts complaining  their channels were shut down prior to and during the incessant mainstream media coverage of the Parkland school massacre, one can honestly testify to the fact the author’s desktop internet connection was completely shut down and has only returned (after several and unrewarding attempts dealing with one’s service provider over the phone) until very recently.

In fact, the last two posts appearing here on Newsspellcom.org had to be composed on and uploaded to WordPress.com from one’s cell phone. But even in that case, one found significant problems hampering research efforts. For example, when one would attempt to access pertinent information, one discovered the internet connection either dropping out, redirected, or in some cases there was even inexplicable and severe battery drain.

In essence, something is clearly amiss here folks.

But wait, as if these weren’t anomalous indicators of foul play, there is every indication the US government, in league with their state sponsored media sorcerers and corporate partners, conspiratorially decided to plot an obvious and yet sinister trap for those they perceived to be a part of the ‘”truth community.”

What is the significance of all of this, one may ask?

It means the government surveillance program has run amok, and it is not only targeting certain individuals perceived to be government dissenters, but it is actively compiling psychological profiles. Though prevailing circumstances have made research into the alleged “Parkland massacre” difficult, one believes perseverance shall in the end indeed pay significant dividends. The circumstances one refers are the prefabricated efforts of the mainstream media sorcerers to misdirect, trap or outright discredit the genuine efforts of prospective researchers. Admittedly, those efforts, no matter how sinister or cynically motivated appear to have been largely successful. Nevertheless, one battle victory by no means signifies triumph in the overall war to establish some semblance of objective truth.

One thing is clear; the US government prior to the commencement of the HSLEEP drill at Parkland had identified, profiled and knew in advance when and where to hit with a preemptive strike on any and all prospective ‘conspiracy researchers’, including yours truly. After all, one’s enemy isn’t stupid, and possesses resources above and beyond those of this blog and other researchers perceived to be perpetual dissenters to the mainstream media and government line of propaganda.

Clearly, the well-conceived plan was to disable any dissenting voices prior to and during the media coverage of the Parkland event so that the US government, in tandem with conspiring mainstream corporate media outlets and various celebrity mouthpieces could broadcast established and consistent propaganda uninterrupted and unmolested. After all, it is much easier to yell over a pall of silence than it is a vibrant and vociferous mob yelling back.

However, it has become obvious these conspirators had an effective contingency planned should any prospective researchers not yet completely profiled and existing peripheral to the surveillance radar of the US government intelligence octopus or those managed to somehow slip through the government dragnet would be fooled and prodded into swallowing whole a prime piece of intelligence bait, or ‘honeypot’ which came in the form of a leaked You Tube video (since deleted) featuring none other than the star of the Parkland event, David Hogg, rehearsing his lines in front of CNN handlers.

By the way folks, the Hogg family is a complete fabrication. The family photos are photo shopped ‘tip ins’, and one should take note of the name “Hogg” itself, which represents yet another mocking and lewd anatomical reference to the male penis. It seems the mainstream media sorcerers and their intelligence masters in Langley simply cannot ever resist their propensity to mock the general public in incessantly producing such vulgar “dick jokes.”

This was augmented by deliberately leaked facts of Hogg’s (gg=77) family concerning the father’s former employment at FBI and as a former intelligence officer (really folks?) and the mother’s connection to mainstream network CNN. Knowing most of those perceived as ‘conspiracy researchers’ would pounce on this more quickly than a herd of hungry jackals on a fresh piece of prey, the cynical hook trolling through the ‘truth community’ had been well-set.

Not so coincidentally, the leaking of this information was expertly timed just when the mainstream media coverage had reached a fevered apex, and all in an effort to preemptively discredit any ‘conspiracy researcher’ unfortunately hooked. Which is primae facie evidence the mainstream media continually creates faux memes and then endeavors to mock the targeted demographic for happening to subscribe. This sinister and cowardly method of covert operation is a hallmark of the high masonic orders.

Despite the vulgar blackwashing aimed at dreaded ‘conspiracy theorists’ dished out by late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon (his show is recorded from a masonic lodge and features canned laughter augmented with prerecorded applause audio) one is certain the US government is painfully aware their cynically motivated propaganda efforts are becoming increasingly transparent. More than this, their psychologically and emotionally manipulative utilization of ‘children’ to promulgate their sinister social and political agendas is particularly repugnant.

Really folks, who is bullying whom into blind and mindless consent?

Mainstream news and government liars

The true hallmark of a master prevaricator is to engage with those daring to question credibility utilizing the most stringent and adamant denials no matter how seemingly absurd. Of course, anyone representing the international intelligence octopus, including CIA or Homeland Security is either an actor or professional liar – often both. Most of the information some researchers managed to uncover is certainly admirable and no doubt on the right track (school drama students involved in minor roles), and yet many have not exercised the requisite patience and perseverance to dig beneath the surface of obvious mainstream media disinformation leaks.

By incremental and by now exponential degrees, a greater number of American citizens (regardless of which end of the false political duality of left and right they fall) and even those not generally inclined towards inquisitiveness, are beginning for the first time to either question the government line of prepackaged propaganda or the credibility of teleprompter reading mainstream news anchors perceived to be ‘journalists’ starring on their favorite corporate network propaganda brand of choice.

The audibly shrill tone and militant demeanor utilized by those celebrity puppets promoting the latest social and political movements has proven the ruling elite Jesuit families who own the corporation of the US as well mainstream and alternative media are no doubt all too aware – of what to them – must certainly be construed as a most alarming trend.

It bears repeating, when it comes to researching these theatrically staged events promoting the ruling Jesuit elite’s social and political agendas the devil is in the details, and when one endeavors to do so, insightful observations can be derived into the deliberate obfuscations utilized by the mainstream media on behalf of their masters the international intelligence octopus.

Therefore, as usual, one notices the glaring anomalies reported in connection to the alleged Parkland shooting.

However, the ruling elites and their intelligence puppets always rely on the masses’ lack of inquisitiveness bolstered by the strength of generations worth of public school trauma based psychological programming in the hope a significant percentage of those frequenting mainstream news will never bother to notice or remain fearful the dire consequences of social rebuke may serve to ostracize them for even attempting to point out such glaring inconsistencies to their co-workers, friends, family, and to those of their professional colleagues stationed around the office water cooler.

Furthermore, in leaking prime disinformation the intelligence octopus knew the ‘conspiracy theorists’ would positively salivate over, what better method on which to rely in discrediting perhaps the only true grass roots movement not controlled by the ruling elite Jesuit families existing in the US?

The purpose of this covert yet plainly evident plan was to add yet another layer of protective disinformation to cover the blatant and absurd inconsistencies of the official, mainstream narrative.

Regarding the Parkland massacre event, one shall notice the myriad layers of emotionally and psychologically manipulative human interest stories augmented by the grossly misleading and purposely leaked details of “multiple shooters.” This was no doubt programmed into the exercise scenario to steer the public away from asking any questions regarding the fact the alleged shooter, Nicolas Cruz, was first reportedly apprehended two miles away from the campus, contradicting the testimony of an alleged student witness made later on the same day claiming Cruz was observed being apprehended by law enforcement on or much nearer the school campus.

The intelligence operatives supervising the execution of these CIA directed HSLEEP drills have little confidence a majority of the American public can spark the requisite number of brain cells together to recall anything in the way of details, hence they believe their haughty and recalcitrant hubris in the wake of the perceived successes of these operations is justified.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas = (D/4/Kabbalah door of perception+M/13/pyramid summit+S/19/sun number=3 7’s/777/ intelligence joker code)

Consulting various biographies of the woman for whom the Parkland high school in question is named turns out not only to appear as a panorama of anomalies, but it also appears it was no accident the intelligence octopus chose this location to perform yet another of their staged examples of tailor made psychological operations to manipulate the American social and political landscape in line with the ruling elite Jesuit family’s globalist agenda. Though Douglas is trumpeted as somewhat of a female prodigy from humble beginnings, closer study reveals Douglas may have been another historical character created for the purpose of starring in various social and political psychological operations benefitting those hailing from a rich and powerful pedigree. And lo and behold, further research indeed indicates Douglas was heavily involved with both the incipient stages of the American Woman’s Suffrage and civil rights movements, operations which were funded by the ruling elite Jesuit families to siphon more tax dollars from the public. The latter movement was created, handled, closely monitored and executed by CIA, and funded by American merchant banking luminaries the Rockefeller family.

While still an adolescent, it is claimed Douglas was already an accomplished writer living in the Boston area, having published an award winning story in the Boston Herald. The occult theme of the published work in question is rather curious, in that the narrative concerns a small child staring at the sun while piloting a small boat (Sun=the masonic and Jesuit Pantheistic god Lucifer/the morning star/light of the world).

One believes this was most likely ghost written and her profile was set up as an intelligence legend for future utilization in other operations. Speaking of which, there is every indication CIA did the same for the character of Lee Harvey Oswald prior to the Kennedy assassination psychological operation in 1963, when after the fact, it was revealed by the mainstream media Oswald had connections to Cuba’s ‘Fair Play Committee’ which abundantly established the character’s Communist bona fides in the eyes of the innocently minded and Communist phobic American public.

In the Parkland operation, one notices the same method of intelligence operation visible too, in that Nicolas Cruz was also a character set up with a prior intelligence legend involving both the mental health and gun control memes. It is claimed Cruz was orphaned by his biological father but taken in by family friend James Snead and his wife, Kimberly. What the mainstream media doesn’t reveal is that Snead is a retired army veteran and – wait for it folks – a military intelligence analyst. Given this revelation, it is most likely Snead and possibly his wife were acting as Cruz’ handlers (the same role CIA connected asset George de Mohrenschildt played in ‘handling’ the character of Lee Harvey Oswald prior to 1963). The role of the Snead family may have been to brief the character of Cruz on the particulars of his role prior to the Parkland HSLEEP operation.

Not coincidentally, the name of the Parkland school corresponds with the name of the hospital in Texas where the bullet riddled body of the late president was allegedly interred. This is not surprising, for the intelligence octopus likes nothing more than to reference other psychological operations it has pulled off successfully in the past. The same was done for the 2013 Colleen Ritzer operation taking place in Massachusetts, when both the color pink was mentioned as the deceased victim’s favorite color (the corresponding color of the late first lady Jackie O’s suit worn on the day of the assassination in Dealy Plaza) and the alleged assailant going to a local movie theater after the conclusion of the operation (Oswald was allegedly apprehended by Dallas police in a downtown Dallas movie theater but was most likely being briefed by his FBI/CIA handlers).

But the proverbial rabbit hole goes much deeper here folks. For, it indeed appears Douglas was indeed yet another historical character portrayed by a host actor belonging to one of America’s richest, prominent and most powerful political dynasties, the Roosevelt family.

Consulting the biography of former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, one learned of more than a striking resemblance to that of Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Both were writers and were said to have been strong advocates of minority civil rights as well outspoken proto-feminists. But both figures also had royal lineages in common and connected to figures belonging to the British peerage (John of Gaunt/Sir Edward Neville/Sir James Stewart).

See: https://famouskin.com

But in addition to facial recognition similarities one found an American founding father common to genealogies of both distaff historical figures: United States third president and principal author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson.

Given it has been demonstrated to loyal readers Kermit Roosevelt was in fact the host actor behind some of American history’s most renowned historical figures (Walt Disney/Adolph Hitler/Walter Cronkite) along with his younger brother Quentin rising from the ‘dead’ from a post-world war I plane crash to star as Joseph P. Kennedy, the patriarch of the historically manufactured Kennedy family, is it such a colossal stretch to conceive that the late presidential first lady Eleanor Roosevelt may have employed the tricks of the family trade and portrayed the fictional historical character of Douglas?

If so, is it any wonder CIA chose a public school location bearing her name as a prime sight from which to execute their latest psychological operation upon the unsuspecting American public?

Coincidence folks? Not a chance.

One believes these are the sort of hidden messages CIA and the international intelligence octopus likes to incorporate deep beneath the surface of their black operations, daring those with the eyes to see and ears to hear to delve and discover it.

Unfortunately, given the manufactured polarization poisoning the state of political and social affairs here in the US, shouting the covert message to all and sundry is much like the silence of a lone tree falling in the forest with not a soul around to hear it.



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