As the title implies, one shall attempt to once again examine the true nature of one of the most effective psychological operations utilized by the ruling elite Jesuit families –  the sports and entertainment complex.

For this installment, one shall briefly transition the focus away from the centrifugal concept explored in the recent past concerning the actor based reality and examine the purpose(s) for which the American sports and entertainment complex was created, how it is maintained, and to identify the psychological factors in maintaining its hegemony over the lives of the masses.

This subject matter happens to coincide with the recent government psychological operation unleashed in Florida, in so far as the identical mass manipulative psychological dynamics utilized to maintain the socio-political effectiveness of such intelligence operations are common to that of the sports and entertainment complex.

Perhaps even for loyal readers, the conclusion(s) presented here shall not be perceived as comfortable notions to contemplate, and as usual, shall no doubt be dismissed out of hand by some. The pursuit of truth often implies one shall be forced to forge their own path through a desolate, lonely and dangerous wilderness.

Nonetheless, one shall proceed – undaunted. Americans are addicted to their favorite entertainments, and statistics have demonstrated the overwhelming favorite among the majority is professional football – the NFL. But why does the NFL’s popularity persist while the profit making potential and popular appeal of other sporting entertainments seem comparatively abbreviated or remain less culturally relevant over extended periods of time? Could there be more attributed to such spectacular popularity that seems to last in perpetuity?

In past installments of this blog series the chief elements contributing to professional football’s enduring popularity – though by no means exhaustive  – have been discussed, examined and identified. Comparatively speaking however, this analysis shall probe more deeply. In truth, the world of sports in general and the NFL specifically represent ongoing psychological operations, and play a key role in maintaining the continuing hegemony of the ruling Jesuit elite’s commercial, social, and political status quo.

Perhaps however, it would be more instructive to primarily address how and why the sports entertainment complex is such a valuable tool for the ruling elite Jesuit families in continually pacifying the revolutionary potential among those millions of the working slave class.

The continual presentation of public sporting events is a cornerstone element of the global commercial system presided over by Uniform Commercial Admiralty Law in maintaining the integrity of cultural delineations between the slave class and the ruling elite at the top of the commercial pyramid, and also acts not only as a ‘weapon of mass distraction’ and mental sedation, but as a visual and sensory opiate siphoning off mass quantum energy channeled back into the commercial system which could – unchecked – feed into the constant potential for violent revolutionary revolt.

This state of perpetual affairs offered by NFL sporting spectacles – through the constant neurological activation of key satisfaction based sensory pathways  – allows for the slave class to keep happily returning to work and to remain blissfully unaware of the psychological manipulations that plague them. Primarily, this state of affairs keeps the masses running on the hamster wheel of the prevailing commercial status quo. Secondarily, weekend football and other sporting entertainments keep the masses of slave workers not only satisfied in being saddled with menial and low wage employments, but through the systematic artificial activation of certain cerebral pleasure and emotional centers induced from vicarious participation in NFL sporting contests, the masses are tricked into believing such intolerable working conditions are in fact not only tolerable, but when and if their favorite team with whom they’ve developed an addictive emotion based attachment wins a championship or procures a key first round draft pick, perhaps even pleasurable.

After all, a working class slave and NFL fanatic is more likely to look forward to reporting to work on Monday morning when his team has secured a victory on Sunday afternoon.

Additionally, has one never wondered why the broadcast slate of games is scheduled primarily on weekends?

The elites know the weekends away from the workplace is likely the only opportunity for those numbered among the slave working classes to ever discover knowledge or pertinent facts concerning the global economic commercial system enslaving them.

The scheduling of NFL and other sporting entertainments during prime time television weekend hours not only keeps the working classes occupied with meaningless games rather than achieving their own life victories, but also serves as the time when the most viewers will most likely be watching television, which in turn means maximized advertising profits for the ruling elite owners and their partnering stockholders.

Thus, the artificial psychological pleasure state promoted and induced by professional sporting contests also keeps the working slave classes preoccupied with the fabricated virtues of obedience to corporate and administrative authorities. This is why ardent football fans experience psychological and even physiological withdrawal symptoms when the NFL football season finally concludes. However, this is also why the sports/entertainment complex is purposely designed so that when the season of one sporting spectacle ends, another immediately begins to captivate the masses attentions.

The slave masses are tricked into believing they are free

Through the sports/entertainment complex – featuring routine programming reinforcement, constant psychological manipulation, in tandem with a tyrannical economic and legal system favoring the hegemony of the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families and backed by force of arms – the masses are coerced into adopting and maintaining the artificial social and political paradigms presented to them.

Perhaps most importantly, all of these factors allow for the psychological weakening of the masses, and for the incremental development of a malignant tolerance for the prevailing social philosophy of moral relativism requiring the sacrifice of personal free will in lieu of an acute reliance upon a tyrannical global system demanding mass participation in both psychological and armed warfare  – whether in uniform or with overt vocal support – and active participation in divisive cultural, social, and political memes promoted and reinforced by the prevailing military//industrial, pharmaceutical/medical and sports/entertainment complexes.

The psychological stresses and physiological chaos resulting from the constant bombardment of emotional and psychological manipulation offered through the sports/entertainment complex leads to the subsequent weakening and even breakdown of the human nervous and cerebral systems which greatly aids the government bureaucracies of the ruling elite Jesuit families in statistically maintaining acceptable and manageable population levels generation after generation.

In the West, the social and economic illusion of a middle class existing between the working slave class and the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families is maintained to intentionally blur the delineation between master and slave, and acts as another cultural buffer between the ever present potential of a revolutionary confrontation between an armed and united working slave class and the ruling elites protected by standing armies, Byzantine layers of armed law enforcement, and the array of intelligence agencies with virtually limitless tentacles of surveillance at their disposal.

Control based illusion of choice

The essence of what makes the sports and entertainment complex so remarkably successful as a mass population control mechanism is the accentuated illusion of individual choice, which in turn stimulates a fabricated pleasure-based reaction within the nervous system of the slave class, and promotes the illusion that the masses are in control of their own political and social destiny.

In truth, since NFL games are nothing more than stage managed spectacles what is merely being promoted is a cruel hoax, the perpetual survival and social relevance of which is continually fed by the psychologically driven and emotionally based quantum levels of energy expended by the working slave classes thoroughly controlled by the ruling elite Jesuit families.

In essence folks, the tyrannical sports/entertainment complex is effective in miring the enslaved masses in the low vibrational frequency of materialist consumption because through prevailing social pressures they wholeheartedly believe in it, and uphold it with their time, energy, money and attention.

Though the masses of NFL fans believe they have the freedom to choose between thirty-two individual teams to cheer for and offer their emotion based allegiance, little do they realize the NFL is but one corporate entity sharing the billions in revenue derived from the large sums of money the masses have wasted on useless and ultimately valueless merchandise, poison filled food concessions and the crudely sedating effect of overpriced alcohol, overpriced season tickets, not to mention the billions of tax dollars routinely filched by puppet politicians and used to fund, build, and maintain the colossal sports complexes present in every major city across the nation.

To prevent the illusion of individual choice from being exposed, the NFL provides the masses with fabricated and mythical themes of vicarious heroism and celebrity worship, and victory based psychological elation induced through artificially created and induced emotional states of behavioral modification, further stemming the potential tide of revolutionary furor lurking just beneath the surface level of mass psychological and social conditioning.

Only the strongest are bribed

The strongest and potentially most rebellious among the working class slave masses are recruited and brought into the sports/entertainment pyramid complex and summarily bought off, psychologically tamed and compromised.

Has one never considered what could happen if an enlightened collection of professional NFL players – most of them of course much larger and stronger than the average human working class slave – genuinely concerned with the economic and social injustices of a tyrannical commercial and economic system, endeavored to stage a public protest of their own?

One imagines – celebrity athletes committed to a true cause of social and political justice leading their fans in a revolt against the system – such an occurrence, however unlikely, would present the ruling elite Jesuit families with a rather precarious scenario.

After all, can one imagine what might occur if a physically inferior law enforcement officer or government official, armed with clubs and truncheons, so much as attempted to prevent a protest lead by a determined group of physically superior professional NFL athletes backed by an angry mob of economically and socially underprivileged working class?

Well, one also imagines with the inception of the sports and entertainment complex such a scenario had beforehand been imagined by the ruling elites, and with their superior knowledge of human psychological manipulation and administrative legal expertise, they no doubt planned ahead for such a radical contingency.

Other than the armed military forces, could this be why the strongest and most physically able of Western society’s youth are channeled into the sports/entertainment complex then contractually bound with multi-millions and trained by paternal authority figures called coaches?

Could it be that in exchange for the socially and economically elevated privilege of being contractually bound and summarily rewarded with multi-millions, professional athletes must agree to never engage in any such behavior that would threaten the integrity of the established commercial system created and maintained by their ruling elite masters, should they suffer the dire consequences?

In other words folks, if professional athletes ever dared defy or egregiously violate the contractual and implicit understanding forged with their owners, they would first suffer public shaming and humiliation, then quickly discover the virtually unlimited supply of money, fame, women, mass acclaim and wild applause to have suddenly and completely vanished.

And for the athletes and the masses of working class fans alike, such economic, psychological and unlawful but legal blackmail is enough to keep the legions in line and obedient to the ruling elite’s social and political status quo.

Indeed folks, when one dares look objectively, the effectiveness and ingenious psychological manipulations of the sports/entertainment complex could be considered covertly brilliant – that is if they weren’t so conspicuously sinister.

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