Sometimes – after deeper investigation – the truth stares back at you in plain sight.

This only proves what can happen when close enough attention isn’t paid to every pertinent and important detail.

In which case, the truth can become most elusive and it will escape you.

Such was found to be the case with the fabricated character scheme known as Congresswoman “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”.

Although, previously, her host actor (live-action role player) was misidentified, on this occasion, the right suspect has been well caught.

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a British royal.

Indeed, this helps to explain her meteoric rise from utter obscurity to political prominence in the US House of Representatives.

After all, the royal family AOC’s host actor has married into – the royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Rothschild/Rockefeller) – is a majority proprietor of the MSM.

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While keenly honing ocular senses upon the images posted above, everyone will begin to notice a birthmark conspicuously and identically positioned just below the jawline.

Not only do “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ and her host actor (live-action role player) Meghan, Duchess of Sussex have this identically positioned epidermal landmark in common, but extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses confirm Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex has been modified into the charismatic American political persona known as “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”.

Of course, “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” (AKA Princess Meghan, Duchess of Sussex) is well-known as an ideological proponent of “Social Justice”.

Though both the royal duchess and her fabricated character scheme continue to be vigorous promoters and staunch proponents of this popularized socio-political philosophy – to many among the American public – the doctrine’s emanations are less well-known.

However, research has revealed, the doctrines of ‘Social Justice” and Marxism are closely related, if not synonymous, and both originate from a single source: the Jesuit order at the Vatican in Rome.

In fact, Social Democrats – the lobbying/marketing organization responsible for positioning “Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez” (AKA Meghan, Duchess of Sussex) into the US House of Representatives and promoting her through the MSM into the forefront of the American public’s consciousness – is filled with avowed Marxists.

As shall soon be further explained, both the philosophies of “Social Justice” and Marxism were derived from the fertile minds of 19th century Jesuit scholars, one of whom – Luigi Taparelli D’ Azeglio – was also a contemporary of Karl Marx and Josef Engels.


An article published at confirms that “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” is a well-trained actress, and that her rise to prominence within the Democratic party was orchestrated well beforehand.


Regarding this, in her article published at, author Tiffany Lane includes the following quote from the content creator/narrator of the following video excerpt posted immediately below, “She {Cortez} was used by this group, the Justice Democrats, as a figurehead…these guys not only scripted and produced AOC’s beautiful campaign video, but they organized the entire grass roots campaign effort. They handled all the fund-raising, the social media, the ‘get out and vote’ effort. They turned Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into a brand. And they used that brand to take control of that house seat. The people of New York did not elect a Puerto Rican girl from Brooklyn to represent them. they elected an Indian guy {Saikat Shakrabarti} from Texas and a white guy {Zack Exley} from Tennessee.”

As the narration of the video displayed above thoroughly confirms, “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” is an actor, a mere mouthpiece following a script.

In essence, the sinister methods of operation described in the preceding video excerpt – those used to “elect” “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” to the US House of Representatives – confirm the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

However, the scenario described and detailed in the preceding video is far more sinister.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a British royal representing the interests of America’s owners, the royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha who, for centuries, along with twelve other royal families sworn in fealty to the Vatican, have ruled over America and over a global empire which was established two thousand years ago in Rome.

Indeed, hers is not a unique scenario, but the standard order of business when it comes to American politics.

Though Americans have been psychologically conditioned to believe they are “free” and “independent”, the people (persons/corporations/tax farmed commercial stock) have merely been tricked into giving their consent (vote) to the royal families who have always ruled over them.

While considering the followers of “Social Justice” among the American public, this is truly ironic.

Those claiming adherence to the tenets of this Jesuit-derived Marxist philosophy claim to firmly stand in opposition to the concepts of imperialism or “colonialism”. Meanwhile, these staunch adherents of “Social Justice” remain blissfully unaware, they are giving their consent to the agenda of their hidden rulers, the thirteen Jesuit families, who view them as little more than commercial stock to be bought, sold, traded, or liquidated.

Where, exactly, is the justice in that?

But such is often the tragic plight of useful dupes and blind followers, those who never acquire the requisite awareness to realize they’ve been subversively persuaded to actively advocate against their own social, political, and economic interests. Nevertheless, while lacking the fundamental wherewithal to even begin to understand the ulterior motivations behind the socio-political slogans they so zealously regurgitate, millions, like moths to a roaring flame, have been drawn into becoming followers of “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”, the British royal disguised as the pied piper of America’s “Social Justice” cult .

While the narrator of the preceding video presentation might characterize the sordid machinations which helped to “elect” “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” to the US House of Representatives as something of a novel arrangement, surely, at least to everyone whom frequents this site, they are not.

Above all, those “elected” into high politics have always been chiefly interested in covetous self-gratification. Most have also proved to be descendants of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, the hidden owners of the US corporation.

However, to those working behind the scenes to secure the public ascendance of such “elected” high officials, the promotion of “Social Justice” is merely a facade, a means to an end, an effective tool to be used in furthering the acquisition and consolidation of political power.

To such covert manipulators – as “Henry Kissinger” was said to have once put it – power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

SEE: Kissinger: Master of Geopolitical Disaster


One of the covert manipulators behind the public ascendance of “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” (AKA Princess Meghan, Duchess of Sussex) was her campaign manager/Chief of Staff Saikat Shakrabarti. A graduate of Harvard and a former organizer of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, Shakrabarti is also a devotee of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, who was a contemporary of Mahatma Gandhi and a revolutionary fighting for Indian independence from British rule.

Of course, “Bernie Sanders” has also proved to be a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a European royal – Constantine II of Greece and Denmark.

SEE: “Bernie” the Royal Political Impostor

SEE: Why MSM Won’t Talk About George

SEE also:

Regarding Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, though some Indian historical scholars still consider him to have been a “forgotten hero,” he was also in favor of the strategic use of violence to achieve his political objectives. During the beginning stages of the Second World War, according to Wikipedia, Bose conspired with the Nazi regime and with Adolf Hitler (AKA King Leopold III of Belgium, Bing Crosby, Carol O’Connor, Alger Hiss), and with the leaders of the Soviet Union to incite armed revolt to “liberate” India.

SEE: The Man Who Sold the World

SEE: More Secrets Unearthed from History’s ‘Bunker’

SEE also: Begging the ‘Parton’ of a Princess

To begin to get a sense of the kind of man whom AOC’s campaign manager, Saikat Shakrabarti, reverently admired, Wikipedia documents the following: “Subhas Chandra Bose was born into wealth and privilege in a large Bengali family in Orissa during the high noon of the British Raj. The early recipient of an Anglo-centric education, his teenage and young adult years were interspersed with brilliant academic success, oversize religious yearning, and stark rebellion against authority. In a college in which his five brothers had preceded him, he was expelled for participating in an assault on a professor.”

At the earliest stages of life, it became quite evident Subhas Chandra Bose was already accustomed to deploying violence to get what he most desired. However, it seems Bose’s incipient career as a political revolutionary didn’t stop at just roughing up university professors. After completing his formal university education and his election to the Indian National Congress, where he openly campaigned for socialist reforms, Bose sought out the help of both the regimes of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia to violently overthrow the government of India.

Later, in July 1940, Bose was arrested and confined to his house by Bengali officials for inciting public unrest. Wikipedia goes on to document, in April of 1941, Bose arrived in Nazi Germany, “where the leadership offered unexpected, if equivocal, sympathy for India’s independence. In November, 1941, German funds were used to open a Free India Center in Berlin, and to set up a Free India Radio on which Bose broadcast nightly.”

In May 1942, after meeting with Adolf Hitler (AKA King Leopold III of Belgium, Bing Crosby, Carol O’Connor, Alger Hiss) Bose absconded to Southeast Asia with the help of a Nazi submarine transport. Before his death in a plane crash, Bose continued to solicit the help of Soviet Russia to achieve – by violent means, if necessary – not only the “liberation” of India, but, according to Wikipedia, “to transform India into a model of diversity by religion, ethnicity, and gender.”

Sound familiar? It should. “Adolf Hitler” (AKA King Leopold III of Belgium), too, was an actor and member of the royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha who was brought to power by the same methods of media manipulation which led to the meteoric rise of “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”.

Neither, for that matter, is the idea of “Diversity” a novel concept.

“Diversity” is a deceptively utopian euphemism found among the UN’s sustainability goals for Agenda 2030; a grand plan formulated decades ago to incrementally establish a global techno-fascist state where humanity – or what is left of it – is held under constant surveillance via the artificial intelligence of the “Internet of Things”, a virtual system of global governance under which the idea of political and social dissent will be made obsolete.

But this shouldn’t come as any surprise. The global implementation of the “Internet of Things” merely represents a streamlining of the tyrannical methods of operation – the use of “soft power” resources (propaganda/semantical deceptions known as “laws”) backed by threats of armed coercion – which have always been used to shape the perceptions and behaviors of the masses into complaint submission.


American politics isn’t the only battlefront established by the warriors of Jesuitical “Social Justice”.

Zach Exley was a key co-conspirator of Saikat Shakrabarti in the effort to “elect” “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AKA Prince Meghan, Duchess of Sussex).

An article published at explains how Exley, a co-founder of Social Democrats, has organized an evangelical movement to infiltrate “America’s major evangelical institutions, ministries, and seminaries through propagation of what is known as ‘Social Justice’.” According to the article, Exley’s efforts to “Christianize Marxism” have been remarkably successful. Rightfully, the article pinpoints the philosophical source of “Social Justice”, an invention of Luigi Taparelli D’Azeglio, a 19th century Jesuit priest, a contemporary of Karl Marx. During the latter half of the 19th century and into the twentieth, another Jesuit scholar, Gustavo Guttierez, extrapolated the concept of “Liberation Theology” from Taparelli’s ideas.


The article at goes on to explain, “Out of fear that Communists would win full control of South and Central America during the Cold War, Guttierez’s band of Roman Catholics combined their efforts with the continent’s liberal Protestant minority to formulate an ideology which could embrace Marxist economic ideas while maintaining theism (Marxism was typically opposed to religion, and the South American religious community was looking for a way to appease the Communists and keep religion alive under Soviet-influenced revolutionary leadership). It’s here that ideas were put together that would be presented to the world at the First International Congress on World Evangelization in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1974. Here, Marxists found allies in the World Council of Churches with the assistance and influence of the major ecumenical evangelical leaders Billy Graham and John Strott. Through this effort, Marxist principles like the redistribution of wealth were perversely wed with Bible-twisting Christian proof-texts.”

Yes, indeed, proponents of Marxism have always proved highly skilled at concealing their sinister intentions behind honeyed semantics and humanitarian sounding euphemisms.

Regarding Billy Graham, he, too, has proved to have been a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a Hollywood actor, and an article exposing Graham, who was once America’s most influential and charismatic evangelical speaker, will be coming soon.

In the meantime, the next time you see “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” (AKA Prince Meghan, Duchess of Sussex) preaching the gospel according to “Social Justice”, everyone may want to remember whose interests she truly represents.

Because surely, they aren’t yours.

28 thoughts on “Princess AOC’s Social Justice Squad

  1. It’s been mentioned in some places that Cortez is also related to Puerto Rican royalty. Of course, this makes even more sense if she and “Meghan Markle” are played by the same actress. The “Cortez” character is basically a revamp of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, both of whom were cloaked aristocrats pretending to be the voices of the proletariat masses.

    1. Regarding Marx and Lenin, that’s an astute observation. They were both frauds and could have cared less for the fate of the proletariat. I, too, believe that “Meghan Markle” is a fabricated character scheme and, sooner than later, I will expose who she really is. Though I just happened to notice, the man who recently accompanied “Cortex” to a fashion show in New York appears to resemble a modified Duke of Sussex.

      1. And, of course, Vladimir Lenin was likely played by a multi-millionaire Vanderbilt who faked his death on the Lusitania, further proving the Bolshevik Revolution was another hoax. I think once we’re finally finished with the French Revolution, an in-depth study on the Russian Revolution would be needed. I have a few ideas about what happened to the Romanovs that I’ll share with you later on.

      2. I’m always appreciative of your willingness to graciously share information. Regarding my last article, I don’t believe Chandra Bose died in a plane crash/ Could be, he assumed another identity and went on to play another, perhaps more pivotal, role on the world’s stage.

      1. That’s a good point. The ruling families never enjoin in marriage or breed with any “commoners”. If “Meghan Markle” were merely an obscure Hollywood actress lacking noble or royal pedigree the marriage to the Duke of Sussex would never have been contracted. My next article concerns another European royal who married a Hollywood actress and became “Fidel Castro”.

  2. If you study the genealogy of AOC, you’ll find that she is related to a Felix Betancourt from the Spanish Canary Islands. The noble Bettencourt family settled in the Canary Islands in the 14th century and crowned themselves the islands’ ruling dynasty. The family would later settle in the Americas during the expansion of the Spanish Empire. Their roots goes back to France where they were members of the French nobility under the reign of Charles V. So Ocasio-Cortez’s family were definitely not nobodies.éthencourt

    It is a documented and admitted fact that all European aristocracy are related to each-other thanks to centuries of interbreeding amongst members of the ruling class and the wealthy gentry. Knowing that both MM and AOC are descendants of bluebloods, what are the odds that they aren’t related or come from the same elite bloodline?

    For more information, here’s Markle’s genealogy:

    1. Thanks so much for graciously providing this – very helpful. Additionally, regarding the next article, I’ve been able to find some patents listed under the names of “Rothschild” and ‘Rockefeller” (House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha AKA Windsor” that prove beyond shadow of doubt this “Covid -19” psychological operation is a ruse to hide an ulterior agenda.

  3. Thank you for another interesting article.

    Re your comment above that ‘Princess Meghan’ is a fabricated character scheme, what makes you think that the other Royals are not? Is she not just the latest distraction? Princess Diana looks like a fabricated character scheme also as it appears to have been played by different people based on available photos. The Queen of England does not appear to have aged in the last 20 years too.

    It is seeming increasingly likely to me that the ‘Royals’ playing the roles on the world stage are no more real than the characters they play. Given the level of deception involved it maybe naive to assume these Royals even exist as we are told they are. More ‘bread and circuses’ for the masses perhaps. The public thus have no idea who is really in charge. Perhaps they maintain the illusion of the Royal families where it is convenient to do so for public perception.

    1. Regarding the last part of your comment, it can be argued that the real royal bloodlines have simply receded into the shadows due to increasing public pressure (or rather the fear of it) and decided instead to put phony royals in front of us to take the blunt of public scrutiny and media intrigue. We have something similar in American politics where the real ruling class (the same royal and banking families of Europe) hide behind political actors to avoid exposure and the tide of public opinion turning against them, as all that energy is spent on their puppets. Hence all the fake political scandals like Watergate, the Clinton scandals, pizzagate, the recent Afghanistan debacle, Russiagate, Chinagate, etc., etc., all of which were engineered to achieve this task.

    2. Your point is well taken. Nevertheless, regarding “Meghan Markle”, it seems unlikely a marriage contract with the Duke of Sussex with someone outside the peerage would have been approved. Traditionally, European royalty and, particularly in the case of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, marriages with those considered to be “commoners” have been frowned upon. Therefore, prior to her marriage to the Duke, it seems very unlikely Markle was merely an obscure Hollywood actress. Even in the case of King Edward VIII, who abdicated his throne to wed Wallis Simpson, his spouse was genealogically connected to the British upper class. Since the time of the Magna Carta, the monarchs of England have been pledged in fealty to the Vatican pontiff in Rome. For confirmation of this, the following link leads to an article published at Fordham University’s official historical site, which details the terms and conditions of King John’s concession to the Pope in 1213. This agreement is still legally binding.

      1. And speaking of the Magna Carta, it’s well-documented that some of Meghan Markle’s ancestors were signers of the Magna Carta, and I suspect that includes King John himself. Here are a couple examples provided, all of which show that she is directly descended from the barons who signed the fabled document, such as Henry de Bohun, 25th g-grandfather of Meghan Markle, who is mentioned in the first link below.

        Others include Saher de Quincy, Robert de Ros, John Fitz Robert, and William d’Aubeney, all signers of the Magna Carta and all great-grandfathers of Meghan by 20+ generations. The names de Quincy and de Ros may tie us to other famous figures such as the Quincy-Adams family that gave us two presidents and singer Diana Ross. A very small world, indeed.

      2. Yes, indeed, the genealogies of the ruling families and their descendants extend back to the Middle Ages and, according to sites such as Burke’s peerage, even further, to ancient Rome.

      3. I’m certain you noticed the latest New York Post headline: “Omicron Among Us?” Omicron among us = O magnum coronis = Oh great ending/conclusion. Also, of course, Omicron is an anagram for moronic, but also for “Oncomir” = mRNA linked to cancer. The 15th letter of the Greek alphabet (1+5=6/33/highest degree Scottish Rite freemasonry/Jesuit order).

      4. I seldom pay direct attention much to the mainstream media, so I haven’t seen that one from the NYP. Nonetheless, what you mentioned here about their recent article seems very telling. “Omicron” could also be a play on “oxymoron”, as they both make reference to “moron”. It clearly refers to the paradoxical “thinking” of the moronic (pun intended) masses.

  4. I am sure you are also aware of Meghan’s trip to N.Y.C., made a week after this article was published. People have been commenting about how the quasi-royal trip was almost like an official state visit, with hundreds of security personnel surrounding the “former” royal couple. From the point-of-view of the uninitiated, this is rather odd, as Harry & Meghan are supposedly no longer “working” members of the British royal family, so such a pompous visit to New York seems unmerited. But if Meghan is also portraying a famous politician who is actively involved in “public service” (AOC), it makes perfect sense. Currently, Ocasio-Cortez is U.S. Representative of N.Y.’s 14th District, so it’s expected that she’s surrounded by heavy security when attending public events and surrounded by hundreds of MSM reporters and paparazzi, even if she’s playing another celebrity.

    At the same time, H&M have been calling for “vaccine equity” at the Global Citizen Live (GCL) conference in New York City, where hundreds of celebrities and politicians attended. In that conference, they emphasized the importance of “equal” worldwide distribution of vaccine dosages to billions of people and how pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and J&J must relinquish their intellectual property rights (sound familiar to the Communist Manifesto? Abolition of private property is one of its goals) to their vaccines in order to achieve it. How appropriate knowing that they’re associated with people (like Prince Philip) who publicly called for population reduction through vaccination, as Bill Gates said in his TEDx talk on pandemics (convenient) six years ago.

    Problem, Reaction, Solution.

    1. Regarding the event you’ve brought attention to, we are of one mind. As for “Equity”, that is a term straight from the Marxist handbook. Also, I’m certain you’ve noticed the symbolic significance of that number – 14 (double 7, Saint Corona). If I had a dime for every time I’ve seen that number show up in countless news stories, I could afford to have a private plane on standby.

      1. “If I had a dime for every time I’ve seen that number show up in countless news stories, I could afford to have a private plane on standby.”

        IKR? And speaking of private planes, it’s well-documented that M&H often use private jets to go from place-to-place instead commercial, which is ironic as they pretend to be “eco-warriors” who pretend to be very “concerned” about “climate change”, yet their actions cause far more damage to the environment than the average person’s consumption of petroleum. Private jets burn more fuel than commercial planes used by the paying public. Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

      2. The hypocrisy of “Meghan Markle” is particularly transparent, as is the case with Al Gore (AKA Rob Reiner) and Tony Blair (AKA Charles Alden Black Junior), the son of Shirley Temple Black (AKA Jaclyn Kennedy Onassis/Judy Garland/Marilyn Monroe). As well, members of congress are exempt from “vaccine” mandates. I must say, if there’s anyone who hasn’t figured out what is truly going on by now, they are destined to remain mired in cognitive dissonance while they march straight towards their own demise.

  5. Deeper research shows that she’s related to almost everybody rich and famous such as the Bush and Rockefeller families, several presidents, British peers, generals, entertainers, European royalty, and even the Jesuit Carrolls. Quite impressive, I must say.

    Likewise, Meghan’s related to characters involved in a wide variety of hoaxes from Lizzie Borden to Lee Harvey Oswald and phony NASA astronauts like Story Musgrave (nice pun name), who is a scion of a very prestigious New England bloodline that includes actors from the fake Boston Tea Party on their roster. She also is related to Titanic “victim” Arthur Ryerson via Sir Martin de la See.

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