Would Americans vote for a “dead” man?

Turns out that, indeed, they have, and on several occasions.

This is the story of the resurrection of a chameleon royal prince, who, though alleged to have died, he went on, more than once, to become US president.

While there are those who may not know it, the man cast in the current role of US president, “Donald Trump”, is supposed to have died in a “boating accident”, decades ago.

This chameleon prince, a European royal, who was alleged to have perished in a maritime tragedy off the coast of France, has also been cast in the role of yet another prominent American politician, a former vice president and US senator.

He has also, believe it or not, portrayed several men named “Bush”.

Yes, folks, this mysterious chameleon prince has been known to the American general public by many names.

Most familiarly, however, he is known as “Brian Williams”, the prevaricating NBC news anchorman, who, some years ago, lied, concerning his involvement in a helicopter attack while reporting on the “war” in Iraq.

SEE: https://money.cnn.com/2015/02/04/media/brian-williams-recants-iraq-story/index.html

One can very well guess, what, at this very moment, everyone may be thinking: in what possible direction could this be heading?

You may be surprised by the answer.

“Brian Williams” is merely but one of the many characters this chameleon prince has portrayed.

Many more have figured prominently in the annals of American history.

One of these characters, portrayed by this chameleon prince, is on-record as once having called for the establishment of a ‘New World Order’:

This mysterious “dead” man is a royal relation to one of the richest, most powerful, and influential of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Many Americans may still imagine that —- at least in his current incarnation as “Donald Trump” —- he is some sort of maverick and, perhaps, even a savior.

Be assured, he is neither.

He’s a detestable villain and, most unfortunately, many have been deeply deceived, while the truth has remained hidden.

That is, until now.

Everyone may also be wondering: what sense of urgency prompted the publishing of more detailed information about this man; one of American history’s greatest impostors?

Recently, “Donald Trump” issued a most alarming public statement.

Apparently, he’s well-prepared to “mobilize” the US military, to administer untested and poisonous vaccines to those American citizens suspected of being afflicted with the “coronavirus”.

SEE: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-coronavirus-vaccine-military-distribution-ready

What follows, is the fascinating story of Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi AKA “Donald Trump”; the chameleon royal; a true master of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Join me, now, as we proceed to rip away the masks of a living ‘dead’ man.   

Indeed, Mister “Williams”, after so many colossal lies and after so many years posing as an impostor, you have much to apologize for.


This story begins in the tiny principality of Monaco.

Though comparatively diminutive in size — “the second-smallest country in the world after the Vatican City”, according to Wikipedia —- Monaco is a prominent banking center for the wealthy and powerful, making it one of the world’s most economically prosperous.

Officially, like Vatican City, the Crown Temple in the City of London and Washington’s District of Columbia, Monaco is not classified as a “country”.

Monaco is a principality; and ruled over by the royal Grimaldi family, in the form of a constitutional monarchy.

Monaco’s presiding monarch is Albert Grimaldi II, the royal descendant of Prince Rainier III and Hollywood actress Grace Kelley.

Bordered by France on three sides and the deep blue expanse of the Mediterranean Sea on the other, Monaco is home to Monte Carlo; a vast playground for Europe’s libertine royal class, which is inhabited by finely appointed luxurious hotels and the grand architectural designs of high-rise sky scrapers.

But merchant banking hasn’t been the only profitable industry for the tiny principality by the sea.

For almost two centuries, recreational gaming has been Monaco’s most profitable industry and, Monaco’s capitol, Monte Carlo, features Casino de Monte-Carlo, one of the world’s finest and most renowned gaming complexes, accommodated with gold and ivory fixtures, lush carpeting, and shimmering glass facades.

Historically, the House of Grimaldi has also drawn considerable revenue from taxes levied on the production of olive oil and the harvesting of fruit, revenue which was threatened, in 1848, by two seceding towns declaring independence from Monaco, Menton and Roquebrune.

To compensate for this loss in revenue and to save the family from rumored bankruptcy, Princess Caroline, who, according to Wikipedia, was the “shrewd, business-minded spouse of Prince Florestan I”, proposed the development of gambling casinos.

But is was Charles, Florestan’s son, who brought together a team of French financiers to erect the principality’s first operating casino, Ville Bellevu, modeled after Bad Homburg vor de Hohe, the successful gaming complex established in Hesse, Germany.

Later, in 1865, Charles II organized the Societe des Bains de Mer, a financing group which opened an even more sprawling gaming casino in Monte Carlo.

From its inception, the gaming industry in Monaco developed into such a profitable and successful business venture that, from the time of the late 19th century forward, Monaco’s citizens have been spared the burden of levied property taxes.

Today, Monte Carlo’s Casino complex is one of the most profitable, famous, and most luxurious in the world.

In fact, on several occasions, during the era of the 1960’s and 70’s, the lush and neo-baroque-styled appointments of Monte Carlo’s casino were chosen by the British film director Cubby Broccoli to serve as a movie set for the swashbuckling but fictional exploits of James Bond’s 007 character.

By the time of the mid-20th century, which marked the beginning of the reign of Prince Rainer III, in 1949, Monte Carlo became world-renowned as a gambling Mecca for Europe’s most libertine royal figures, a reputation which drew hordes of jet-setting tourists, from around the globe, hoping to merely catch a glimpse of royalty, or, while playing roulette, to hobnob with a count, duke, duchess or, even a king or queen.

But while most of the ‘low-rolling’ tourists were seeking the adrenal thrill provided by games of chance and the visceral excitement of meeting, observing, or, even speaking to a royal family member, the royals themselves sought other opportunities.

Often, these royals congregated at the casino gaming tables to discuss prospective business or investment opportunities, or, through covert means, to discover what profitable business deals, with which, a rival royal family may be involved.

To many visiting royals, from around Europe and the world, and those among Europe’s aristocratic social class, the gaming tables at Casino de Monte Carlo merely represented a vehicle for the discussion of business; a means to an end.

In fact, it was often a point of chivalrous prestige and even royal honor to lose as much as one-million dollars at Monte Carlo’s gaming tables without blinking an eye.

After all, from the royal’s perspective, what may have seemed extravagant loses to the tourists were merely a small price to pay in exchange for the invaluable information they were able to glean, concerning profitable business opportunities and market investments which, in future, held the possibility of garnering billions or even tens of billions in profits, for not only themselves, but for their royal and aristocratic families.


The French have dubbed Monaco and its diminutive but elegant capitol, Monte Carlo, tucked away in quaint isolation on the banks of the Riviera, the “Las Vegas of the Beaches”.

Monaco has been noted for its curious mixture of modernity and the medieval.

Monte Carlo’s shimmering and well-heeled 468-acre strip of land, with its gothic cliff called ‘the Rock”, is also noted not only for its glamour, but for its stunning compactness.

On countless occasions, according to sun-sentinel.com, American tourists, when experiencing the glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo for the first time, are amazed “so much can be packed into so little space.”

SEE: https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-xpm-1987-09-06-8703120186-story.html

Despite being small in size, Monaco is not small in stature.

Monaco’s place in the annals of European history and the power and influence amassed by its ruling royal family, the House of Grimaldi, looms large.

Such widening influence, which began to spread throughout Europe during the medieval historical period, was helped along with the support of Papal Rome.


Not only is the House of Grimaldi intimately associated with Papal Rome, it is also, historically, associated with the Republic of Genoa.

These political, financial, and genealogical associations extend back to the year 1297, and to Francesco Grimaldi, the Genoese leader of the Guelphs, or the House of Welf; a faction of Italian city-states located in central and northern Italy, which also consisted of the family of the Dukes of Bavaria, and Swabia, in Southwestern Germany (home to the royal House of von Furstenberg).

Collectively, the Grimaldi and the House of Welf were known for their support of both the Pope and the interests of the Holy Roman Empire.

Genealogically, the House of Grimaldi descends from Grimaldo, a consul of the Republic of Genoa during the 12th century.

With their long-developed expertise in the merchant and shipping trades, and with the overwhelming support of Papal Rome, and their weaponized trade of debt-based centralized banking – a financial concept which established the Crown Temple and, in modern times, its global banking subsidiaries of the SNB (Swiss National Bank), the World Bank, IBS (International Bank of Settlements), and the Federal Reserve, here in America – the Grimaldi were able to solidify their vast influence, not only throughout Italy, but throughout France and Europe.

After a period of inter-family squabbles, during the Renaissance historical period, in 1528, the Grimaldi consolidated their family interests into a corporation, called the ‘albergo’.

From that time forward, the royal family line of the Grimaldi went on to produce several Popes, Cardinals, cabinet ministers, and military officers, whom, in one way or another, influenced not just the history of Italy and France, but the history of Europe.

This, folks, is the ancient royal bloodline from which, our mystery man of the hour, Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi AKA “Brian Williams”, genealogically descends.


Most recently, a question was posed in the comment section of this site, concerning the technical aspects used to so routinely achieve the illusive sorcery of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Though one intends, in this installment, to more thoroughly and, perhaps, simply, detail as well as to demonstrate those particular technical aspects of the PMRS phenomenon, one chose to, first, respond with a fundamental explanation as to how, through the regimented application of psychological and behavioral modification which has been disguised as the American public school “curriculum”, entire generations among the American general public have been effectively molded, into a homogenous but demographically segmented horde of cognitively impaired and obedient taxpaying consumers.

When considering the well-trained behavioral psychology of the American general public, in relation to their, largely, submissive responses to the coronavirus psychological operation, the contributive influential factor(s) of the state-controlled public schooling system cannot be underestimated or dismissed out-of-hand, especially, when seeking a comprehensive explanation as to their cowed subservience to the will of those they’ve been trained to believe exist as “authorities” or even “experts”.

In essence, the American public has been trained, not for critical analysis of the information promulgated from those perceived to be “authority” figures, but, to merely obey, to work (generate taxable income), and to consume.

This is why, when the public is presented with fabricated character modifications, such as “Donald Trump”, “George H.W. Bush”, or “Brian Williams”, the general public finds themselves psychologically ill-equipped to critically evaluate the deceptions with which they are faced, or, to even effectively and critically evaluate the propaganda, disguised as “news and information”, which is distributed from sources they’ve been systematically trained to unquestioningly accept as “authoritative”.

Rather than question the dictates of “authority”, the American public have been systematically trained, through a lifetime of bombardment from behavioral and psychological modifications, only to accept it.

But the loyal readers of Newsspell don’t have that problem, right?

Below, everyone will find the link to a set of images, featuring a familiar young face.

Without resorting to peering at the caption provided, who, purely from objective ocular examination, does this young man appear to most resemble?

Does the young man, featured in the image(s), at all, appear to identically resemble the man featured in the images found at the following link, listed immediately below?

Not only have extensive image comparison, facial recognition and ear biometric analysis confirmed Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi and “Donald Trump” are one and the same, the identical process of image comparison analysis confirms Grimaldi AKA “Trump” was modified into the fabricated character known to American history as “George H.W. Bush”.

While comparing the similarities, regarding facial geometry, between the image, displayed immediately below, of “George H. W. Bush” and those images, displayed above, of Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi AKA “Donald Trump”, everyone should attempt to take especial note of the identical similarities of the hairlines, the identical geometrical shape and contours of the ears, noses, and the geometrical formulation of the chins.

George H. W. Bush


When “Bush” went on to become US president, at exactly the period of time, in 1990, Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi faked his death – wait for it, folks – the royal mother (Fernanda Biffi-Casiraghi) of the host actor, Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi, also portrayed his first lady, “Barbara Bush”.

“Death” of Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi:

SEE also: Did Royals Fund Flat Earth Psychological Operation?

Undoubtedly, everyone will notice that, while comparing the images, displayed below, of “Barbara Bush” and the royal figure identified as her host actor, Fernanda Casiraghi, both can be observed to have a penchant for donning identical sets of white pearled necklaces.

“Barbara Bush”:


Fernanda Casiraghi:


But, as shall be further proved, beyond shadow of doubt, prior to 2004, when he was cleverly modified into the character which came to be recognized as NBC’s anchorman, “Brian Williams”, George “Poppy” Bush wasn’t the only “Bush” family member portrayed by the illusive host actor, Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi.

Before modifying into NBC newsman “Brian Williams”, Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi became US president, once again, and portrayed “George W. Bush”.

George W. Bush:

Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi:

“George W’s” first lady, “Laura”, was portrayed by the woman alleged to be the “dead” host actor’s widow, Princess Caroline of Hanover and Monaco.

“Laura Bush”


Princess Caroline of Monaco & Hanover:



Technically speaking, the identical pixel stretching and photo shop “rakes” were utilized to create the images of “George W” and his first lady, “Laura”.

The same concept can be applied to the realm of real-time CGI modification, a capability which, for decades, has been utilized by the MSM and intelligence agencies to create both images and films which were designed to widely promote brands of social and political propaganda.

Barak Obama AKA Jerry Seinfeld (SEE:9/11: terror’s symbolic black magic ritual (Part 1)

Deep fake videos:

In the image of “Laura”, displayed above, the eyes have been “raked” or painted with a photo shop brush. Most likely, such raking was performed to further conceal the presence of the royal host actor, Princess Caroline.

While examining the image of “Laura Bush” more closely, everyone will begin to notice, her raked and photo shopped image, observed in the foreground, has been pixel stretched and, then, pasted to, what appears to be, a stock background image.

Below, everyone will find a pair of videos which clearly and concisely demonstrate and explain how the concepts of photo shop rakes, ‘pixel stretches’, and other pixel manipulations are applied to modify stock or other types of images.

By the way, though these technical capabilities, from the beginning of the new millennium until now, have been heavily commercialized, the technology utilized to modify and to utterly fabricate character images is far from new, and these transformative technical capabilities were routinely used by intelligence agencies, long before such image modifying technologies were applied and made available to commercial and consumer markets.


Ironic, certainly, that US president “Donald Trump” would have popularized the concept of “fake news”.

After all, subsequent to having lied about his helicopter attack while alleged to be in Iraq, Trump’s host actor, Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi AKA NBC’s “Brian Williams”, would, expectantly, have been more than well-familiar with the concept.

But even before his well-publicized mea culpa, while starring as NBC’s prime-time MSM anchorman, Monaco’s “dead” prince, Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi, would keep right on doing what he has always done best: delivering colossal deceptions to the American general public.

Enamored with the showering limelight, provided by US presidential politics, Grimaldi AKA “Brian Williams”, after starring as “George W. Bush”, modified into the host actor behind the mask of “Joe Biden”.

Brian Williams:

Joe Biden:



Turns out, “Uncle’ Joe is correct.

“Donald Trump” does wear a fat suit.

Additionally, and in both cases, whether starring as “Trump” or “Biden”, strategic layers of latex stippling are applied to certain areas of the facial geometry, to conceal the identity of the host actor, Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi.

Nevertheless, how is it possible, many may wonder, that “Joe Biden” and “Donald Trump” could be portrayed by the same host actor, when, they have been observed appearing to stand together, on television?

The answer: ‘split-screen projection’.


Below, everyone will find a link to an article, which explains how this technology has been utilized to place identical actors, while cast in the portrayal of separate characters, into the same shot.

SEE: https://filmschoolrejects.com/dual-screen-roles-orphan-black/

This technology was, first, utilized by Disney, back in the 1960’s, during the filming of ‘The Parent Trap’, which starred Haley Mills cast as her identical twin.

The identical concept, although, now, developed into a much more sophisticated form, has been applied to the arena of politics and for the production of television MSM news.


When this concept of ‘split-screen projection’ is presented in the context of either movies or television, mediums the public has been conditioned to believe are presented for the purpose of only entertainment, the illusion is often detected by the audience.

On the other hand, when ‘split-screen projection’, combined with other similar special effects such as video morphing (9/11), is utilized in the contextual arena of politics or by MSM news, ironically, the general public’s abilities of critical analysis and lucid observation become, in most cases, utterly nullified.

This represents a dramatic illustration of the effective powers of psychological and social conditioning which have systematically molded the minds of several American generations to the will of “authority”.

The MSM is well-aware of this, and they are able, time and again, to direct the general public’s attentions and, then, to mold their collective perceptions in whichever direction that is desired.

Still think, your “vote” will count during the 2020 presidential “election”?

Most assuredly, whichever way your “vote” is cast, the Grimaldi royal family of Monaco will still be in complete control of the US corporation.





51 thoughts on “The Resurrection of a Chameleon Prince

  1. This was educational. Thanks for explaining the special effects. I worry about what will happen when the AI gets so good that we won’t be able to tell what’s real or fake anymore. I believe if we want the truth bad enough, we’ll get it somehow, but still, I don’t want it to go this far.

    1. Thanks for your continued interest in Newsspell. I think, from here on out, rather than discuss the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation in purely theoretical terms, terms which are often more difficult for any to conceive, describing the actual technological elements will be more instructional and helpful for many to grasp. As to your second comment, concerning AI, you’re very perceptive. I believe, in our lifetimes, we will see the thirteen families put forth an AI-produced hologram as a presidential candidate. Everyone, except us, of course, will be completely deceived.

  2. Stefano’s breadth of characters is fascinating. It makes me wonder why they chose him, and who created his roles. Laura Bush’s picture looks like something out of a horror movie. I do see Caroline in her. I wonder when Caroline had a baby with Ernst August, if she was still married to Stefano, or if they secretly got a divorce before that.

    1. Those are all great questions. Regarding the Grimaldi family, I believe, with their predominant financial interest(s) in the global gaming industry, they have gained the necessary leverage with which to buy a monopoly on the American presidency. There is also significant evidence the family’s vast gaming interests extend to Las Vegas. The gaming industry is, perhaps, just as profitable as the international narcotics trade, interests which have been monopolized by the thirteen families and, in turn, are protected by their minions in the CIA, FBI, and the masonic police guilds. The Grimaldi are also connected to Aristotle Onassis AKA Constantine II of Greece/George Soros/newsman Dan Rather, who had a large hand in corporatizing Vegas into what it is today. Since, over a number of decades, Stefano and his family have also proved successful in pushing the social and political agendas of the thirteen families forward in the West, the Grimaldi continue to be allowed to occupy the White House. I also believe Stefano has proved to be rather a skilled actor and, through Caroline of the House of Hanover. possesses the backing of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, which is better known as the British royal family or the House of ‘Windsor’. Over the decades, Stefano has also proved, while in the guise of such character modifications as “Brian Williams’,’George W. Bush’ and, now, ‘Donald Trump’, to be very effective in projecting to the American public, as they say, ‘the common touch’. As for Ernst August, I have yet to perform significant research, but, it appears, his genealogy is deeply connected to some of the most powerful of the thirteen families, and to the lineage of those families who were also, in the past, politically aligned with Papal Rome and the Holy Roman Empire. Then again, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Ernst August and Stefano may turn out to be one and the same.

    2. Stefano is Prince Ernst. That’s what they do! It’s brilliant! I’ve cried! I’ve praised them for being brilliant & I’ve kicked myself that we have been bling for many years! It’s a game & I along with your help have figured it out. Nit even 13 families! It’s only 1 that rules the world, The Gerimaldi/von Furstenberg. I will never believe anything now that I’ve pierced the veil of illusion. I don’t even want social media anymore. I know it’s fake & I will stand my ground not to comply. I am going to do my best to create the reality Heaven on earth. You are the universe experiencing itself as a human for a short while namaste

      1. I find you to be little more than a lazy dilletante harboring delusions of grandeur. Furthermore, what little you’ve managed to “figure out” has been derived from bits and pieces of well-researched information contained in the comments section and from some of the articles published on this blog. That is – if you’ve even bothered to fully read the articles at all. Nevertheless, if – as you’ve seemed to indicate – you’re appreciative of the “help” the published content of the articles has provided, then please muster the courtesy to demonstrate your glowing appreciation by smashing the like button in conjunction with the articles, not just the comments of the author. In essence, what you’re attempting is commonly known as a sophisticated counter-intelligence technique – but, in this case, rather crudely applied and with half-literate execution – which is designed to discredit or marginally disrupt the effective authority of the research /source material and ultimately the reputation of this site’s publisher/author. I would also like to add, the timing of your sudden appearance – coinciding with the “Paul Pelosi” (AKA Roger Vadim) “hammer attack” – appears not to have been coincidental. One of the first comments you published – concerning “Judaism” – represented the first red flag something was awry.

    3. I believe Ernst August was another fabricated character of Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi just as Phillipine Rothschild is Fernanda Bifi is Barbara Bush!! Lord Jacob Rothschild is John Rockefeller. Is Trump aka all his other fabricated characters Baron Phillipe Sereys Rothschild? Baron Trump! Seriously! Baron is British nobleman of the lowest rank. They put it in our faces! I think Baron is actually Pierre or Andrea Grimaldi! After all my research I have come to the conclusion one
      Family rules the world Rockefeller/Rothschild! All others are fabricated characters! Trump aka has always had access to the “White House”Monaco runs the shit show! Ugh just my two cents! So disturbing but so genius!

  3. Good idea for the new blog direction. I agree that discussing the means and the motives will make this material more accessible to others. Your last two posts were especially informative. As for the Grimaldis, their funds from gaming make a lot of sense. Las Vegas is like an extension of Monaco. I also think they’re involved with Hollywood, Disney, the fine art world, the heroin trade, and the diamond/jewel industry, based on some of the characters they play. And the news media, of course. There are also ties to Oprah that I’d love to figure out. Their empire is mind-boggling.

    1. All great points. I’m especially thinking of the new visitors, and to help provide a greater and comprehensive understanding of the Post-Modern Reality thesis. You’re quite correct about the Grimaldi family, and Prince Rainier III was noted for being an astute and opportunistic businessman. As for Oprah, admittedly, I am chomping at the bit to begin investigating her, and I have more than an intuition, the rabbit hole travels deeper than anyone can imagine.

  4. I have been on your site for hours now, reading and researching and my mind is absolutely blown!! So much is coming together now and I appreciate the way you structured all your information for someone like myself, who is new to learning about this enormous scale of deception. I will be buying your books and following you on any social media I can find you on. Thank you so much!

    1. I genuinely appreciate your keen interest in the material published at Newsspell. Though you appear to be an exception to the rule, many, still, have yet to realize, those that rule over them – those belonging to the thirteen families – appear right in front of them on a daily basis. They are often disguised as Hollywood celebrities, pop stars, politicians, popes, and even preachers. Some of these elite family members, like NBC’s Brian Williams AKA Prince Stefano Grimaldi, have even portrayed a myriad of characters and several US presidents, including the current occupant of the White House, “Donald Trump”. While posing in the guise of various character modifications, they also hide under pseudonyms, which, often, can be found to have an occult or symbolic meaning. These are classic traits of psychological warfare; a dialectical concept which has been developed, over a period of many centuries, by the Jesuit order. As for my books, all of which are available on Amazon, in both ebook and print editions, you can find them all listed here: amazon.com/author/stephenperkins.
      You can find me on Twitter at Twitter.com@RAGEOFWORDS
      You can also see the video trailer for my latest book release, Grand Masquerade, on this blog’s title page: https://newsspellcom.org/

  5. Evil will come again and again with many different faces. And, yes, the “American public has been trained, not for critical analysis of the information promulgated from those perceived to be “authority” figures, but, to merely obey, to work (generate taxable income), and to consume.” 😞

    1. Good to see you back at Newsspell, once again, AOC. I truly hope you are enjoying the invigorating summer weather. Despite the rather grim nature of the analysis you’ve quoted from my post, I do believe human potential is truly limitless. As I’ve alluded to before, if readers are dejected after visiting my site, they can always proceed to visit yours and get cheered right up again!

      1. Regarding “George Floyd”, the entire “event” was a staged psychological operation; a contingency which was planned, well-in-advance, to the execution of the “Covid-19” operation. As was the case with the “Nipsey Hussle” MSM hoax, a former professional athlete of some renown was utilized to portray the role of “George Floyd”. Here’s a clue: this professional athlete was once involved in what sports writers and commentators have legendarily termed “the Malice at the Palace”.

      2. A staged psychological operation? People are caught up in various forms of energy as occult .. a black man murdered by a cop? an officer being charged with murder? only Satan could do this and only if God allowed him.

      3. When it comes to understanding the nature of the methods of operation utilized by the ruling royal families, one must understand that, to them, the ends always justify the means. Understand too, they not only own the US corporation, but they also own the MSM and, through the Jesuit order, control the masonic police guilds,

      4. Well if any Masonic Order (royal crowns too)invoked the police murder and riot, there has to be some hidden reason for such an operation. I wonder🤔

      5. Allow me to explain a bit further and make very clear, no one is killed, maimed, or hurt during the execution of these psychological operations. The entire exercise was an elaborate ruse executed for ulterior social and political motives. The ultimate goal, through the utilization of trained “activists” and “protestors”, is to rile up a significant portion of the American public to commit just enough mayhem to justify the use of Martial Law in all major American cities.

      6. I understand and what you are presenting I would term as an in-depth perception.(Nazi) i try to stay on the pray side of worldly events. Political science today has become all agenda plus. 😞

      7. Nevertheless, I hope, when and if time and inclination permits, you will approach my next article with an open mind. We can agree on one thing, at least: the spirit of good will prevail over evil in the end.

      8. A closed mind is not beneficial with your shares and yes, good will prevail over evil. Have a restful evening newsspellcom!❤️🙏❤️

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