Should America buy what Elon is selling? (Part II)

Facebook Banner Stephen Perkins[1781]Should you buy a car from a man named Elon? Turns out, based upon the following information, one should probably reconsider.

Increasingly, there is evidence Tesla Motors may be not only a brass plated Ponzi scheme, but the company’s establishment may have been a kickback quid pro quo in exchange for considerable political contributions to the wealthy and influential Hollywood host actor portraying the manufactured character of ‘next level genius’ Elon Musk.

Not only has Musk’s Tesla Motors failed to meet its production targets for its Model Three, but mechanical difficulties with a number of those models delivered from past production lines have reportedly marred customer confidence going forward.

Not only does significant evidence exist Tesla Motors may be operating on a dubious business model, but its CEO and founder, Elon Musk, turns out to be yet another manufactured mainstream media cartoon character portrayed by a host actor.

Yes, you read that correctly folks, ‘Mr. Next Level Genius’ Elon Musk is a CGI generated cult of personality, and once again America has been thoroughly duped. Guaranteed, after reading the following, one may choose to balk before buying anything – much less an electric powered car – from the man America’s masses have come to know as ‘Elon’. 

Vilifying ad hominems hurled at those proffering narratives differing sharply from the publicly accepted perspectives of mainstream sources has increased exponentially. Thinking logically, why should this be so in a nation established upon a democratic bedrock historically cherishing the cultural enrichment of diverse opinion?

After all, if those subscribing to mainstream narratives are indeed certain in the righteousness of their cause, then why should it be the moral high ground is continually sacrificed in lieu of such shrill and profane dialogue?

Perhaps before proceeding further, it would be best to elucidate what exactly defines a ‘Ponzi scheme’. This is a fraudulent business and investment enterprise set up in such a way older or original investors – under the guise of new investment opportunities often yielding unusually high and often artificially manipulated returns – become enriched from new investors enticed by immediate financial returns but unaware of the operation’s intentionally fraudulent parameters.

The catch here is that although the scheme is continually funded by new investors induced by promises of substantial and profitable returns, the lack of overall stable investment capital seeding the operation in the initial stages of the operation cannot sustain any substantial deliveries on grand promises made for profitable returns on the mass production of marketable products over the long-term.

When the influx of new investors dries up and ceases, the entire integrity of the operation folds under its own weight. This definition would seem to best suit the suspicious nature of Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors.

Indeed, reliable market analysis indicates without continuing and considerable aid of government backed welfare and bond market subsidies, the dubious future of Musk’s Tesla Motors imcreasingly stands on a tenuous foundation of quicksand, and appears to be sinking fast.

Clearly, the launching of the Falcon Heavy Space X rocket with a Tesla model electric car aboard augmented by CGI graphics reflected Musk’s desperation in pumping up the plummeting value of Tesla Motors’ stock to attract another round of new investors.

But perhaps this was the point all along and Tesla Motors wasn’t built to last. Now, once the true face behind the CGI generated mask of Elon Musk is revealed, one shall observe a clear vista into the criminal nature of the Tesla Motors Ponzi scheme and for what purpose it was likely to have been established.

But remember folks, nothing observed on television is real.

It bears repeating any television programming promoted by mainstream corporate networks are manufactured and scripted productions, and are not designed for the purpose of relating public information but rather for the purpose of generating profits for mainstream network shareholders.

Events such as the latest HSLEEP drill (Homeland Security Emergency Preparedness Exercise) in Florida at Parkland Public School (the name Parkland is a clever psychological reinforcement of the JFK assassination hoax/mocking the public with tales of multiple shooters) continue because they are profitable for not only the networks, but local police and related law enforcement agencies. These exercises also fortuitously afford the US government copious air time with which to promote and promulgate its latest propagandizing political and social agendas. In fact, it could be argued that the creation of Elon Musk, Space X and Tesla Motors – in addition to generating massive commercial profits for the ruling elite Jesuit families – served several simutaneous political and social agendas with the Musk character at the public hub of a vast psychological operation maintained by multiple corporate and intelligence conspirators harboring considerable vested interests.

The emergence of Space X and its alleged ‘missions’ to ‘outer space’serves to focus the attention of the masses. After all, so long as people are inspired by and concerened with what may be happening in the heavens the less likely they will focus on the events going on in the nation’s capital. Curios too, that Musk would state the alleged footage taken from the latest Space X mission looked “so fake it must be real.” Could it be the character known as Elon Musk was scripted to undermine the credibility of his own agency’s space mission so as to bolster flagging public confidence in Space X’s so-called competitor, NASA?

Before one scoffs at what on its face may seem to be a rather absurd hypothesis, consider for a moment that here is yet another all-encompassing pop cuture figure, assisted by generous dollops of mainstream media hype virtually exploded into mass public conciousness seemingly overnight. Truth be told, not much is known about Elon Musk other than his alleged involvement with PayPal. And yet, like the CGI character inhabited the White House for eight years prior to the present CGI masked president, Musk arrived into the public eye replete with a typically anomalous biography. Indeed, an in depth glance at Musk’s public biography demonstrates the sort of biographical ‘legend’ composed by intelligence agencies.

The most cospicuous detail of Musk’s biography tells of his learning to program computers at the age of 12 (21 in the mirror’s reflection/777 = angelic transformation). In fact, Musk’s biography is rife with such numerology markers – yet another indication of fabricated details establishing bona fides composed by intelligence sources. One has meticulously documented the intimate relations between the international intelligence octopus and the globally consolidated commercial system ruled over by the thirteen elite Jesuit families.

There can be no doubt, the recorded narrative of history and its mythical tales of ‘heroes’ such as Elon Musk is merely a grand cover for the continued maintainance of the ruling elite’s legal but criminally unlawful commercial status quo. But the actor based reality spoon fed to the masses through mainstream and even alternative sources goes deeper.

In truth, it very well could be the transgender agenda promulgated by the mainstream media sorcerers acts as a grand cover for the Hollywood/royal family members starring in history’s stage plays under carefully selected pseudonyms as characters switching between sexes while hidden under layers of prosthetics and CGI modifications.

Confusing folks? Yes indeed.

But that is the preferred psychological state of global affairs the ruling elite Jesuit families wish to occupy the massses.

As for our man reportedly possessed of”next level genius”, Musk’s biography states he grew up in South Africa but attended Queen’s college in Canada. Research indicates both of these geographical locations act as major hubs for the international intelligence octopus. Further research indicates Queen’s college to have been founded by Presbyterian’s, a Protestant religious order founded during medieval Europe’s Protestant Reformation. One has stated in a previous installment the Protestant Reformation was itself a Jesuit psychological operation:

See:Jesuit bloodlines behind gunpowder plot hoax)

It should also be pointed out the religious order of Presbyterians founded the World Council of Churches, a globalist organization funded by multi-national merchant banks with the express purpose of promoting the consolidation of all major religious sects into a single one world faith.

After matriculating at Queen’s, Musk’s biography alleges he received a business degree from Pennsylvania University’s Wharton School of Business and from there to Stanford Ubiversity (Stanford Research Center is connected to psyop central/London’s Tavistock Institute of Human Relations) in California where it is claimed Musk attended graduate school to obtain a Phd in applied physics but chose to drop out in lieu of a entrepreneurial career.

Which is where a pertinent question comes into play. From where did Musk obtain funds to begin his successful entrepreneurial pursuits? In 1995, Wikipedia claims Musk founded Zip2, a software development company bought by Compaq a mere 4 years later for 340 million (3+4=7/zayin mind weapon/Masonic ‘G’ centering square and compass). Then, it is claimed Musk founded, an online bank that came to be known as PayPal and subsequently purchased by Ebay in 2002 soon after founder Pierre Omidyar’s initial public offering (IPO) for 1.5 million dollars (2+2=4/Kabbalahistic door of perception/1.5=15/Tetragrammaton/masonic triangle). Pierre Omidyar is another interesting character, in that in addition to becoming a multi-millionaire at 31 (13 in the mirror’s reflection/masonic pyramidal capstone), he appears quite similiar in appearance to Musk’s younger sibling, Kimbal who also attended Queen’s college and opted for an entrepreneurial career in venture capital.

Could it be Musk’s character was merely created as a frontman by intelligence to act as spokesperson/PR representative for these multi-million dollar deals, and to pose as the public face in not only making the business deals appear legitimate to the public but also to provide the masses with a character made into messianic figure by the mainstream media sorcerers to promote the ruling elite’s social and political agendas related to the research and development of technologies necessary for the maintenance of the global survellance grid and final consolidation of their New World Order?

Musk, like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has been proactive in promoting the global warming and energy sustainability agendas (See: Vegas shooting hoax: The real story

Musk is also currently chairman of OpenAI and Neuralink, companies primarily and respectively preoccupied with public promotion of friendly relations between artificial intelligence and humans and establishing commercial applications for a human brain and computer interface system. More curious still, Musk is CEO of a company called Boring, which specializes in underground tunnel construction.

Indeed, where does Musk find the time to micro-manage so many simultaneous projects? Or could it be, Musk is merely a character trotted out before the public by the real managers standing in the shadows (the international intelligence octopus) whenever expedient?

Musk has often spoken on record concerning the future of urban transportaion with electric powered automobiles through underground tunnels. Not coincidentally, Kermit Roosevelt (in the guise of the historical character Walt Disney) spoke of the same future for urban transportation when introducing his grand vision for Disney’s environmentally sustainable Epcot Center decades ago.

Which begs yet another paramount point.

Although he is mistakenly credited as the originator of the ideas for many of the technologies he ardently promotes, the mainstream media sorcerers still herald Musk as a visionary “next level genius.” When it comes to the character of Elon Musk however, the propagandizing hosannas have become increasingly transparent.

CGI modeling and modification: Image Metrics

Image Metrics is a company specializing in digital facial animation modeling and modification. Believe it or not folks, you’ve seen this technology utilized on the nightly news casts with most of the anchors performing on all major mainstream networks. You’ve also seen this technology used with so-called live footage from on location.

But is live footage really live?

In truth, the answer is no, though the mainstream media sorcerers – with the power of suggestion through neural linguistic programming – have surely conditioned the masses to believe otherwise.

The process of “markerless” facial animation has been greatly perfected and is now available for commercial clients but has been utilized to rig presidential and political elections and is also used to hide the true identity of Hollywood/royal host actors portraying characters such as Elon Musk heavily promoted by the mainstream media.

Though the technology is rather sophisticated, the technical process of practical application is technically elementary.

An actors performance is recorded then analyzed in post-production by proprietary digital animation software. Though the technology is quite advanced glitches can still be detected. But in the hands of top notch animation software specialists in combination with voice synthesis, any traces of modification or “raking” to a host actor’s performance can be very difficult to detect. Unless, one knows what to look for: computer graphics pIxels!

Analysis of interview footage featuring Elon Musk reveals his facial image is heavily pixalated, a clear indication the identity of the host actor has been hidden with post-production animation modification.

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion presented in part III, when one shall reveal the man behind Elon Musk’s mask of pixels!

And if one is averse to cliffhangers, in the meantime here’s a clue: there’s a music industry connection with the character of Lady Gaga!




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