Should America buy what Elon is selling?(Part III)

In a world drowning in lies the saving grace of truth has been deemed “hate speech.”

There can no longer be any doubt you are living in a fabricated reality created by insecure narcissists and reinforced with the lethal club of psychological warfare repeatedly bludgeoning the masses into submissive docility.

The irony of this scenario is that the so-called ruling elite are more afraid than ever of what the masses may do if ever a great percentage became aware of the true nature of their illusion of power.

In truth, they are weak and pathetic – and they know it. Think about it folks, if those perceived as so-called authorities were telling the truth, would they need armies, police, guns and bombs to enforce it?

And remember, the perceived power of the ruling elite wouldn’t exist if the masses weren’t so willing to give away the power to rule over their own destiny.

Believe it or not folks, the actor based reality is not the only secret harbored by the ruling elite Jesuit families. In fact, the proverbial rabbit hole in this Wonderland of Oz sold to the masses through corporate owned mainstream media outlets as “reality” goes much deeper.

But for now, before one begins to address that dilemma, there is the issue of America’s “next level genius” Elon Musk (Elo=the biblical Elohim found in Genesis/EM=33, most supreme degree bestowed by Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

It is most probable the alleged host actor(s) hidden behind the CGI mask of Elon Musk are one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, and a royal European Prince. As one shall soon observe, the former was closely related to the career development of music industry superstar Lady Gaga, portrayed by Princess Beatrice, the Duchess of York (See: Unholy trinity: Sex, drugs, and rock and roll (Part IV)

Elon Musk is yet another mythical character hoisted into fame’s Pantheon of illustrious prominence to capture the attentions and mass adoration of the public. Yes folks, Musk is but another poor Shakespearean player, a walking shadow reflected in the bright footlights of history’s grand stage play. And he and his willing conspirators in this perpetrated theatrical farce have robbed you blind and are now laughing all the way to the bank.

The king of Tinsel Town

Suffice to say, when it comes to the execution of profitable psychological operations the wealthy, powerful and influential keep it in the family. Where else but from the dream factories lined along Hollywood’s neon spangled boulevards would one expect to emerge such a messianic cultural icon like Elon Musk?

No doubt Musk was not only created to capture America’s imagination, but to dominate it’s limited attention span and steal more of its tax money. To the mind of the host actor portraying Musk’s character, however, this was no doubt just another business deal – yet another day at the office.

But perhaps more than this existed the prevailing solopsistic philosophy alien to those deemed common masses – the grand experience of submerging one’s insatiable ego in oceans of mass adoration, accompanied by the powerful rush of god-like inscrutability while hiding protected by a well crafted audio-visual mask.

Yes, one of those contributing to the creation of the character of Elon Musk is a crowned King of Tinsel Town, one who throughout his privileged life has experienced more than marginal measures of public acclaim and perhaps even eclipsed legendary status within the American music industry. Indeed, this powerful corporate decision maker is heir to the throne of a vast Hollywood media empire ruled over by his father, Barry Diller, a Hollywood kingpin married to Princess Diane von Furstenberg of European royalty (See:Watergate covered up more sinister crime Part III)

By the way folks, regarding the royal princess, not only did she star in the role of tragic pop singer Karen Carpenter, but you would also recognize her as this television icon:

In the link provided above for an eye opening installment published back in January, one demonstrated empirical evidence Barry Diller starred as the host actor for one of America’s most beloved presidents, Dwight D. Eisenhower. It should come as no surprise to loyal readers his son has now chosen to carry on the family tradition in perpetuating the actor based reality of fairytales and mythical narratives perceived as American history.

And to think of the inconceivable and mind boggling irony: This was the same man during the American post-war era looked America in the eye through the television camera and without so much as a snicker of stifled laughter proceeded to lecture the unwitting masses in “guarding against” the rising threat of the very “military industrial complex” he had in fact helped to create while in league with the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families.

Yes folks, American history has been nothing more than a scripted Saturday Night Live skit and the ruling elites when retired behind the curtain after performing their roles on history’s grand stage are no doubt laughing at the public spectators continually paying admission to watch them.

In 2010, Business Insider Magazine reported that Diller expected to shortly divest some of his controlling interest shares in IAC (Inter/ActiveCorp.) in favor of his son-in-law – by way of his second marriage to Princess Diane von Furstenberg – Prince Alexander von Furstenberg who is rumored to have been involved in a dispute some years ago with NBA star Dwayne Miller over allegations of improper dalliances with his second wife, American model Ali Kay.



Indeed, ‘Phyllis’Diller (yet another of Barry’s transgender characters) is a media tycoon controlling vast shares of Hollywood’s magic dream machine, and now his son, David, the Prince of Hollywood, and his son-in-law, Prince Alexander stand in the wings ready to be crowned media kings.

King David

As a Hollywood impressario of music industry dreams, he has been credited as instrumental in resurrecting the career of American hard-rock titans Aerosmith, taking Guns and Roses from the gutters of the Sunset Strip nightclub scene to the top of Billboard’s charts, delivering the smell of teen spirit into American suburbia with the discovery of Seattle grungesters Nirvana, and with the skill of expert marketing prowess was even able to establish the street level phenomenon of Snoop Dogg’s “gangster rap” as palatable to the tastes of mainstream pop culture.

While all these celebrated accomplishments are a matter of public record, what is not generally known are the millions of dollars in political contributions King David thrust into the campaign war chests of many high-level American political candidates such as “Slick Willy” Clinton and CGI created presidential hopeful Barack Hussein Obama. In helping to create and even nuture the careers of America’s powerful and famous, perhaps David was persuaded it was his turn to become annointed with some of his own Hollywood glitter and take his unlawful but legal place on the illusory stage of fabricated American history.

And as usual, a majority of America seems to be enjoying the show. After all, the scripted legend of “next level genius” Elon Musk, a larger than life Hollywood character straight from central casting represents a profitable windfall for everyone on the inside of the deal, except of course the American people, who while no doubt entertained and perhaps even inspired by the exploits of Musk’s Space X shall in the end find themselves paying a hefty admission price, to say nothing of the cost to America’s soul in allowing itself to be yet again duped by the ruling elite Jesuit families.

It appears those King David helped get elected have decided – in the fashion of political quid pro quo – to offer their one time benefactor the opportunity to star in a tailor made role dressed up in the finest cutting edge veil CGI and voice synthesis software could offer.

It seems esteemed American recording executive David Geffen accepted the charge – well sort of. Turns out folks, the similiar method of sinister operation utilized to create the American historical character of ‘Tricky’ Dick Nixon may have also been utilized to create the character of ‘next level genius’ Elon Musk, in that one host actor was used as the primary CGI facial modification model (Prince Alexander von Furstenberg), while yet another, Hollywood King, David Geffen may have been utilized during the voice synthesis post-production process.

Prince Alexander von Furstenberg

In addition to his family’s long tradition posing as host actors for various television and American historical characters, the marital details of Musk’s character mirror that of Prince Alexander, in that they were both reportedly married twice. It is likely though, due to the expediency of maintaining the profitability of clandestine psychological operations, Alexander’s sister, Tatiana, with some modifications in the way of hair coloring from dark brown to fair blonde and certain custom lense photo distortions, has been posed as the now divorced first wife of the Elon Musk character.

With his long experience in the music industry as an executive, David Geffen would certainly be aware of just how effective – when competently performed by the music industry’s most technically skilled producers and recording engineers – the superlative emotional and aural impact top notch voice synthesis has on the public in creating the signature vocal sound of pop music’s biggest stars. To the media sorcerers, no two elements are more valuable than the deft geometric blend of visual light images and audio frequency in working their wondrous black magic spells on the public.

In fact, when one listens very closely to Musk’s public speaking voice, not only can one detect some of the same speech mannerisms of David Geffen, the probable voice synthesis host actor, but also at times detect the distinct but not necessarily persistent presence of a cosmopolitan accent commonly found among those immersed in the culture of aristocratic European nobility and the upper-class high-society circles of New York.

In the beggining frames of the first video sample provided, one shall notice the manner in which Musk’s hands are poised with thumbs and forefingers touching while the remaining digits are conspicuously sticking out. This represents the esoteric sign of the Baphomet, the anthropomophic half-man goat god of Pagan lore. More curious still, is that Musk’s main modified host actor doesn’t seem to have yet grasped the skill of not sounding so scripted or robotic with his responses. In fact, at times he seems as if he is straining to recall his important talking points. Which brings up another pertinent subject regarding the character of Elon Musk. One shall notice the rather vaguely profound nature of the interviwer’s opening question posed to Musk: “How do we go about building the future?” But does Musk offer a profound dissertation in response? Hardly folks. In fact, if one watches enough of these such theatrical charades with Musk playing the starring role, one shall truly notice the character is capable only of parroting that which is scripted for him by his CIA handlers. Elon Musk is not some scientific holy man or astronomical guru possessed of any especial philosophical insights.

He is an actor – and nothing more.

Which therefore brings one full circle. Should America buy what Elon is selling?


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      1. I don’t think so. I recently moved to the other side of the world and can’t speak the language very well though

      2. Thanks, its going very well! The best decision I ever made actually…

        I have became interested in the subject of gangstalking and have had some unusual experiences and coincidences over the last few years which I would like to put into a better context.

      3. While I’m not privy to your circumstances, I happen to know exactly why I was targeted and also familiar with the methods used against me. The gang stalking concept is a more severe and advanced protocol of programming only applied to targets on which the standard media/social/political psychological programming has been demonstrated to be ineffective. And just remember this – the target is much more valuable to the perpetrators and handlers than those used to carry out specific elements of the program.

    1. Could be any number of reasons depending upon the operation’s parameters, but the primary object is ususally to either preemptively discredit or to strenuously dissuade information the target may possess perceived to be embarrassing to pubic officials from ever becoming known by the general public.

    1. One must confess, this is truly an interesting, if somewhat curious line of questioning, However, one supposes helicopters – due to their unique aerial vantage point – could serve as a coordinating factor in efficiently facilitating all components of such a targeting surveillance operation. However, one doesn’t believe – in the tradition of the urban legend -that it would not be necessary for the distinctive markings of such vehicles to be black.

      1. Black helicopters kept coming up during my searches on the subject. There are all kinds of wild theories and I was wondering if you had any ‘gold nuggets’ on them which could save me hours of panning through youtube silt.

      2. Regarding the helicopters, I’m sorry to say I can’t offer any insights at present. However, one has observed a black SUV recognized tagged with the identical license each time I venture out perhaps coordinating surveillance with a local law enforcement fusion center. The general harassment patterns include electronic surveillance as well. For all one suspects, there may be shills frequenting this blog and trolling my search histories, Rest assured and come what may, one shall soldier on.

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