Squirrel Hill shooting: a security state infomercial?

Loyal readers and regular visitors have by now no doubt recognized, that the MSM, when reporting on the latest government sponsored crisis simulation drill at Squirrel Hill synagogue, attempted to connect the event to other such prominent “live” exercises performed in the recent past.

No doubt too, everyone has noticed the prevalent social and political narratives that were sewn together into a neatly wrapped and smoothly distributed all-purpose propaganda package.

There was one characteristic which differentiated Squirrel Hill from other so-called “live” crisis drills, however.

More than anything, and rather than making even the most vague attempt to solemnly prove a violent shooting had taken place at Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill Synagogue, the MSM’s coverage seemed to resemble a corporate infomercial, advertising the virtues of the continued establishment of the US corporate security state.

And although it was merely implied by the various crisis actors contracted by Homeland Security, this infomercial stressed the need for specific and greater security measures, despite the fact a spokesperson for Homeland Security stated Squirrel Hill had been visited in March of 2018 by agents from her department to perform various “security assessments” and also to instruct the local participants for a scheduled “live” crisis drill simulation.

Meaning folks, Homeland Security is actually telling the public that this recently reported “live” shooting at Squirrel Hill Synagogue, like the alleged Kennedy assassination, was performed and filmed months before and only presented to the public as a current events news story when deemed expediently necessary by the official principals and perpetrators.

Upon perusing CNN’s on-scene coverage of this event, one happened to have noticed that one of the most renowned and award-winning Hollywood actors had been a participant, an actor who the author positively identified as having formerly portrayed the 36th (3 6’s/666) US president.

One shall begin this installment with an analysis of this widely distributed mainstream account of the Squirrel Hill shooting that appeared just today in the Washington Post: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/’i-looked-up-and-there-all-these-dead-bodies’-witness-describes-horror-of-synagogue-massacre/ar-BBP0UmU?ocid=spartandhp

Of course, the mainstream “journalists” at the Post have taken care to riddle their scripted article with what are, by now, standardized numerological markers. Added to this expected characteristic, the age of a key eyewitness 90 (9=6/33), the number of victims, 11 (twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin), as well the number of charges the suspect was charged with, 29 (29 counts=2 9’s/66 in occult mirrored reflection/12/21/777), were all marked with numerological coding.

It should be pointed out at this juncture of one’s investigations and research that, the numerology coding observed in all of these mainstream stories may exist as a microcosm, serving a larger and more significant purpose, perhaps to fit in with an even greater, macrocosmic occult narrative.

As well, the so-called, alleged eyewitness and the accounts of SWAT team officers appear to have been scripted in advance, as one would expect for such a widely reported government sponsored and Homeland Security directed “live” crisis simulation drill.

The Post’s article begins with the eyewitness account of Squirrel Hill Synagogue congregant E. Joseph Charney, age 90 (E=reversed letters to #’s in occult mirrored reflection=3/EE=33/90/9=6 occult mirrored reflection/33/High-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry), who claims he was seated in the Synagogue’s pews on the second floor with six to eight others (6+8=14/77/angelic transformation) when the alleged suspect, Robert Bowers, 46 (4X6=24/6/33), reportedly armed with an AR-15 (29/2 9’s=66/occult mirrored reflection/12/21/777 intelligence joker code) and three (EE=33) other handguns, entered the room and allegedly proceeded to open fire.

“It sounded like furniture was tipping over,” Charney reportedly recalled.

After the shots rang out, Charney recalls looking up to view the ensuing human carnage, “I looked up and there were all these dead bodies.”

A loyal congregant of Squirrel Hill Synagogue since 1955 (29/2 9’s=66 occult mirrored reflection/12/21/777 intelligence joker code), Charney then recalled, “I wasn’t in the mood to stay there.”

Yes, that sentiment would be quite understandable considering the prevailing circumstances, Mister Charney!

The crisis narrative reported by the Washington Post then has Charney running (running, folks – at 90 years of age?) upstairs to the third floor (3/EE=33) to hide in a closet (does that narrative aspect sound familiar, folks – remember Sandy Hook and Kaitlyn Roig?). At which time it is claimed, pursuing SWAT and other officers exchanged fire with Bowers, resulting in two officers hit multiple times (2 3’s=33) with return fire from the alleged assailant.

When Bowers was finally apprehended, an arresting SWAT officer claims Bowers lashed out with anti-Semitic “hate speech”, paraphrasing the suspect as having said, “all Jews should die and that they were committing genocide on his people.”

Not to overly editorialize here folks, but remember that the scripts for these Homeland Security crisis simulations are written well in advance, and as this installment progresses with posted video examples of public officials and their poker-faced, canned accounts, one shall readily observe this to be the case.

One is well aware that there are those who will pounce on the author to make accusations of anti-Semitism. Rest assured, one gives no credence whatsoever to such childish notions of political correctness, and the search for the truth shall carry on here at Newsspell.

When one clicks the link provided below to view the following video excerpt from CNN, one shall undoubtedly concur with the author’s premise that it more resembles an infomercial for the US corporate security state more so than any journalistic investigation or attempt at an objectively rendered report.


Please note, the CNN reporter on-scene comments upon how quiet the scene appears, and that her commentary seems almost subdued, absent of the usual cliched hyperbole to describe “a chaotic scene” normally typical of MSM when reporting on these types of events. Note too, how the camera repeatedly pans to the robotic parade of SWAT, as if to psychologically condition the public to fully accepting a military presence in their own communities.

Keep in mind too, folks, these Homeland Security drills are filmed and marketed as VNR’s or video news releases and sold to major media markets as any other television production, whether it be a situation comedy, documentary, etc. etc.

In such cases, prime time television slots for “media buys” and advertising blocks are bought by corporate sponsors, just as they would for any other type of programming and, in essence, the exact air time of these live crisis simulation drills is decided well in advance by television executives, and the criteria of their final decision making process relies chiefly on the programming’s potential for maximal ratings along with the programming’s projected potential for bringing in advertising revenues.

Nevertheless, the article found at the following link, perhaps more than any other piece of empirical evidence, proves the event at Squirrel Hill was in fact, a staged mass casualty simulation. The article was originally published in a local Pittsburgh periodical, heralding the announcement of a scheduled crisis simulation drill on January 24, 2018, and specifying the scheduled location to be – wait for it folks – Squirrel Hill Synagogue.


Which ultimately implies, the coverage one may have viewed on CNN or other corporate mainstream networks wasn’t live, but most likely filmed months ago and only aired recently.

And now, for the revelation of the renowned Hollywood luminary who participated in this Squirrel Hill “massacre” and live crisis simulation drill whose performance, surprisingly, seems as stiff and robotic as the camera hogging SWAT squads. Comparatively speaking, Robbie Parker and Doctor Carver of Sandy Hook massacre fame should be definite contenders for respective Academy Award nominations or perhaps, at the very least, an Emmy or Golden Globe.

Before making the anticipated revelation, however, one shall put it to one’s loyal readers: does this actor appearing in the opening frames of the following video clip appear familiar to anyone?

When observing, try to look beyond the white-bearded disguise and also, if possible, listen very carefully to the cadence, modulations, and timbre of the voice.




Comparative voice analysis software indicates, the actor portraying the eyewitness seen in the video’s opening frames, who claims to have known the alleged Squirrel Hill shooter, Robert Bowers, and claims to have taken it upon himself to investigate the suspect before he entered the Synagogue to allegedly commit his heinous deed, is none other than legendary Hollywood luminary, Robert DeNiro.

And, what of the name of the character DeNiro’s portraying, Rabbi Bob Diamond? Well, the word diamond sums to 39 in English Ordinal gematria (12/21/777/joker code) and reduces to 3 (33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

Loyal readers may recall, DeNiro was also recently named as having been a victim of the recent mail bomb scares.

From his halcyon days starring in the Academy-Award winning Godfather part II and the towering, dramatic epic Casino, DeNiro has now been reduced to portraying bit roles in crisis simulation drills.

Oh indeed, how the mighty have fallen, eh, folks?


It should be noted that, virtually since the inception of his star-studded career in Hollywood, DeNiro has been dialed in with Barry Diller AKA Austro-German Prince Eduard von Furstenberg, Diane von Furstenberg AKA Barbara Walters, and Diller’s son, Hollywood entertainment mogul David Geffen, all of whom have cooperatively controlled Tinsel Town for decades.

So, is there anyone out there who still refuses to believe these mass casualty events are scripted like Hollywood movies?






2 thoughts on “Squirrel Hill shooting: a security state infomercial?

  1. I’m sure that saga was tax dollars well spent, considering who we’re dealing with here and where the funding comes from. Surely Homeland Security spent millions, if not billions, on that project – compensating the crisis actors involved handsomely.

    But the masses never get it, as usual, and still pay their salaries and projects.

    1. It is especially noteworthy, particularly regarding the “gun control” psychological operations involving multi-jurisdictional involvement – that not one executive representative of the NRA has come forward to expose these manufactured events as drill simulations, either because they’re in on the hoax or, worse still, they’re receiving kickbacks.

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