Squirrel Hill shooting: a security state infomercial?

Loyal readers and regular visitors have by now no doubt recognized, that the MSM, when reporting on the latest government sponsored crisis simulation drill at Squirrel Hill synagogue, attempted to connect the event to other such prominent “live” exercises performed in the recent past.

No doubt too, everyone has noticed the prevalent social and political narratives that were sewn together into a neatly wrapped and smoothly distributed all-purpose propaganda package.

There was one characteristic which differentiated Squirrel Hill from other so-called “live” crisis drills, however.

More than anything, and rather than making even the most vague attempt to solemnly prove a violent shooting had taken place at Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill Synagogue, the MSM’s coverage seemed to resemble a corporate infomercial, advertising the virtues of the continued establishment of the US corporate security state.

And although it was merely implied by the various crisis actors contracted by Homeland Security, this infomercial stressed the need for specific and greater security measures, despite the fact a spokesperson for Homeland Security stated Squirrel Hill had been visited in March of 2018 by agents from her department to perform various “security assessments” and also to instruct the local participants for a scheduled “live” crisis drill simulation.

Meaning folks, Homeland Security is actually telling the public that this recently reported “live” shooting at Squirrel Hill Synagogue, like the alleged Kennedy assassination, was performed and filmed months before and only presented to the public as a current events news story when deemed expediently necessary by the official principals and perpetrators.

Upon perusing CNN’s on-scene coverage of this event, one happened to have noticed that one of the most renowned and award-winning Hollywood actors had been a participant, an actor who the author positively identified as having formerly portrayed the 36th (3 6’s/666) US president.
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Vegas shooting hoax: The real story

Vegas shooting hoax: The real story

When considering stories promoted by mainstream media outlets, whether online, magazine, periodical, newspaper, or television, the real story is always concealed behind the headlined facade. As is the case with all simulated crisis drills, there is usually an ulterior agenda. And, that agenda, usually has to do with monetary profiteering.

Of course, the looming question for any prospective investigator is, who ultimately benefits? The thorough investigator, however, will take it a step further once that initial question has been satisfied, and then ask, exactly how?

In the case of the staged crisis shooting drill in Vegas, the obvious answer to the first question as to who ultimately benefits is, of course, the elite ruling families holding the monopoly umbrella under which all major revenue generating corporations are placed. For the independent investigator, finding out the true end game can prove a bit more difficult. But, after more than a bit of perseverance, patience, and exhaustive research, one thinks they just may have the answer. Continue reading “Vegas shooting hoax: The real story”

Grenfell tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition (part II)

Grenfell tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition (part II)

Yet again, a major mainstream crisis event has been successfully manufactured.


This time, however, for the purposes of satisfying multiple agendas. Blinded by emotionalism over the mainstream news narrative, critical analysis largely escapes the general public. The premise of the free masonic order is deception, and with the Grenfell tower inferno hoax, the shepherd is herding the sheep once again. While the masses quibble and remain divided over mundane ideological, gender, social and economic differences, the ruling elites, through their favorite tactic of pantomime theater, are trying their best to incite reactionary violence. For, they know that psychological weapons are far deadlier than bullets.   Continue reading “Grenfell tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition (part II)”



One did not have to possess the clairvoyance of a seer in order to see this coming.

In order to dodge accountability and responsibility for staging simulated terror events, the cowardly puppets in high government positions now wish to silence dissent by any means necessary. British Prime Minister Theresa May’s latest remarks from a televised speech on June 3, 2017, in the wake of the latest so-called ‘terror attacks’, are typical of the method of operation of puppet tyrants. To ensure compliance with globalist directives, she publicly advocates the corporate owned internet stay loaded with low level informants, trolls and shills working on behalf of criminal corporate governments bent on stamping out any opinion that doesn’t align with state derived propaganda. This tyrannical agenda has worked its way down to even the local level in each hometown and community, where even your local police, trained by private stakeholder Common Purpose, working under the auspices of Tavistock Institute in London, are involved in an ongoing program to transform your very own neighbors into informants, in order to target and marginalize those who may be perceived as non-compliant to the new order of global, political, and social affairs.

Simply put, the elite bankers and industrialists want the masses to fear them, when in truth, it is they who fear the masses.  Continue reading “MANCHESTER HOAX: NEITHER BOMBS NOR DEATH (Part IV)”