Though the revelations included in the first pair of installments concerning the JFK assassination may have seemed shocking enough, there exists more to be revealed.

On this occasion, we shall endeavor to examine the alleged romantic entanglement between the late JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and his surviving Soviet defector, Marina Oswald.

Turns out, “Marina Oswald” is not at all who you thought she was.

History tells us, Marina Oswald Porter met and became intimately involved with Lee Harvey Oswald during Oswald’s trips to the former Soviet Union in the spring and fall of 1962, well before he was alleged to have been in Dallas in the fall of 1963. In order to fully understand the implausibility of this narrative, it is necessary to place the Oswald’s transatlantic romance into proper historical context.

Despite official history’s claims America and the Soviet Union were at loggerheads during this period of the “cold war”, it is further claimed Oswald was able to travel between Washington and Moscow while remaining virtually unmolested by government authorities on either side. We are expected to believe during this era of history, while both nations remained respectively suspicious of the other’s geopolitical motivations and especially in the wake of the Cuban Missile crisis, that Lee Harvey Oswald, an American citizen, was somehow able to garner passports and other necessary documents from official government administrative sources which facilitated his ease of transport to and from the former Soviet Union.

Incredibly, there still exist some official, mainstream historical accounts maintaining the allegation – despite the Kennedy administration’s executively decreed travel ban to the Soviet occupied third world island – that Oswald had even traveled to Cuba on more than one occasion.

It is more than likely however, that none of these documented details truly represent an accurate portrayal of historical events. Furthermore, it appears quite conceivable the entire narrative, as they are for most large-scale psychological operations, was completely and utterly fabricated, designed merely to strongly suggest the idea to the minds of the naïve American public that the fabricated character of Oswald was a staunch communist sympathizer, capable of acting alone to assassinate the American president.

The methods of psychological operation never change folks, only the names of the actors and the scenery.

In the minds of objective researchers however, the transatlantic romance of Lee Harvey Oswald and his Soviet paramour Marina marks one of the more highly suspect and irregular aspects of the JFK assassination’s historical narrative. More than anything, and against the claims of most mainstream, historical scholars, this aspect of the JFK assassination narrative clearly indicates there existed cooperation at the highest levels of both the American and Soviet governments.

The key to understanding how such high-level administrative coordination could have existed and been easily facilitated, lies with the understanding that it was the family of prominent merchant bankers, the Rockefellers, who not only funded the Bolshevik, communist revolution in Russia that allegedly removed the royal Romanovs from their seat of power in Saint Petersburg, but also had controlling interest over the American print media and later, during the era of the JFK presidential administration, complete control over the American television medium.

Regarding the tragic story of the Romanovs, some historians have even now, begun to cast aspersions on the story of the pre-world war abdication of the last royal Russian Czar, Nicolas, on the 15th of March 1917 (3 6’s=666), and have even begun to doubt the historical authenticity of the entire epic post-war story of the Romanov dynasty, which tells the tragic tale of the Czar and his children, who were allegedly executed on July 17 (7+8=15/6=33), 1918 (3 7’s=777) .

From the displayed dates and their numerological analysis alone, loyal readers can certainly ascertain the story of the Romanov’s looks to be fraught with historical inaccuracies.

Added to this, there are the historically invalidated stories of the five (5/2 3’s=33/highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry) persons which claimed to have been surviving royal descendants of the Romanovs, but were later identified as royal imposters.

Therefore, historically speaking, are we incorrect to question the authenticity of the story of Soviet defector, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Marina Oswald Porter?

Certainly, from a purely macrocosmic perspective, it begins to appear, the historical accounts recorded in the annals of American history may have been manufactured out of whole cloth, but those of other nations as well, Russia included.

In the case of Marina Oswald, she was not who or what official, mainstream history claims. Rather, she was but another actor in history’s grand stage play, taking direction from the orchestrators of the JFK assassination simulation and dutifully portraying her assigned role.


When watching the video sample provided below, one shall notice Marina Oswald taking direction from a handler positioned off-camera charged with reminding her of the details of her script. At approximately and perhaps appropriately 2:23 (223=322 occult mirrored image/Skull and Bones/22X3=66/12/21/777 joker code), Marina can be clearly observed quietly asking confirmation from her off-camera handler as to whether or not her child Rachel is three-years-old (33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

The truth possesses instant recall, and never requires such artificial affirmation.

Through close examination, though one senses Marina’s approximation of a Russian accent may have seemed genuine to a grieving American audience in the wake of what they believed to have been the assassination of their president, there appear to be brief periods when Marina has to concentrate to get the accent just right.

At times, “Marina” seems to struggle to stay in character, particularly at those junctures of the interview when, she is heard clearing her throat, like any vocalist, theatrical or an opera performer would do, clearing from the airway of their throat any perceived impediment which may preclude the summoning forth of the clearest tonal quality.

A worthy biographical detail to note is the fact “Marina” Oswald Porter remarried two years (twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) subsequent to her husband’s alleged murder at the hands of Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby AKA David Rockefeller Senior.

If one clicks the link displayed above and examines the photograph of “Marina” with her late husband Lee Harvey Oswald, one shall notice Oswald is flashing an occult palmistry signal symbolic of the occult god of Mercury. According to the doctrines of the occult and alchemy, Mercury represents the passive female principle, or quicksilver.

Known as a metal that can be easily shaped by outside forces, Mercury is silver in color, and silver is associated with womanhood and the moon, while gold is associated with the sun and man. Mercury also figures prominently in the occult legend of the red and white queen, which together, originating from the same base substance, allegorically represent the adjoining of the properties of sulfur and mercury, or the adjoining of the two genders of male and female. The most pertinent fact concerning the biography of Marina Oswald is that her father was alleged to have been a colonel in the Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs. In past installments, one has detailed how the military rank of colonel (Colonels Tom Parker and Paul Tate) has often been synonymous with those charged with the execution of military psychological operations.

More interestingly, both well before and during the establishment of Soviet Russia, there existed what was called the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Created by Alexander I on the 28th of March in 1802 (2 8’s/Mark of Saturn and the Jesuit order/2 3’s/33) as a process of enacting government reforms, the Ministry represented a centralized police force which had ultimate power to arrest anyone suspected of any crime without the benefit of Habeas Corpus at their disposal as a form of legal recourse.

These Internal Affairs units, often seen riding on horseback, were aided by “guard dogs” or “porters”, who were charged with the duty of watching every house in the rural countryside and reporting or informing on any suspicious characters or suspicious activity thought to be of immediate interest to the police.

Could it be, the name of “Porter” assigned to the fake character of Marina Oswald existed as an inside joke among the intelligence lackeys assigned to her character’s handling and maintenance during the JFK assassination’s psychological operation?

Just as an aside, the aforementioned description of these “porters” in the former Soviet Union reminds the author of the gang stalkers working on behalf of the local Freemason lodge in my very own neighborhood, those who gaslight my landline and cell phone with prank phone calls on a daily basis, and are involved in all manner of electronic harassment on behalf of the local police.

But then again, we’re all supposed to be living in a “free” country, right folks?

Yeah, right!

In the last installment, loyal readers shall recall that many of the main participants in the JFK assassination’s psychological operation were either prominent or would-be prominent figures in the American music and entertainment industries.

Turns out folks, “Marina Oswald” was no exception.

Patsy Cline:

Marina Oswald:

For those unfamiliar with the celebrated music career of country and western star Patsy Kline (get it folks – married to Oswald the Patsy?), she was a renowned singer and part of the “Nashville sound”  during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. She was also one of the first singers of her chosen musical genre to have become known as a “cross-over” artist and during this era, her records could often be found placing high on both the country and western and pop music charts. Cline was also known for her distinctive and emotionally evocative contralto which was later cited as an inspiration to many generations of future female country and western performers.

Like many other celebrated stars of the music industry however, it is claimed Cline perished in a tragic airplane crash at the age of 30 (3/three/EE=33) on March 5th of 1963 (3+5=8/aces and eights/1963/82/2 8’s=88/Saturn/mark of the Jesuit order).

But guess what, folks?

Patsy later rose from the dead years later to perform in the music industry under yet another pseudonym: Martha Davis.

Martha Davis:

Patsy Cline:

Take note, that in the previous video selection featuring a 1961 television performance from Patsy Cline, she is performing before a brick fireplace, and bricks are symbolic of the hierarchical structure of the International Brotherhood of Freemasons. Also note, how the performer positions herself so that the pair of long-horns positioned above the masonic bricks are clearly visible.

The horns are symbolic of the Baphomet, the androgynous half-man/goat god of Freemasonry. But perhaps most significantly of all, a voice comparison analysis between the audio samples – despite having been recorded 21 (777) years apart and performed in varying popular musical genres – reveals both entertainers are utilizing the identical and emotionally evocative contralto vocal styling with matching breath and intonation patterns.

Noteworthy too, is that the pseudonym of Martha Davis fully reduces to 73 (3 7’s/777) in English Ordinal gematria. An occult derived analysis of Davis’s band, the Motels, which gained popular renown during the early years of the 1980’s MTV era, is also very revealing.

MOTELS: O=mark of the beast/15=6/33, EL=biblical Elohim/Saturn/T=20/M-13/English Ordinal gematria/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

Davis’s recording label, Capitol, is also an occult reference to Capitoline Hill or the Seven Hills of Rome, the location of Vatican City, in Rome, controlled by the Jesuit order.

Given, both the Rockefellers and the Rothschild families, by the time of the JFK era, respectively enjoyed complete control over the American media and entertainment industries, could it be Patsy Cline had a genealogical connection to the Rockefeller family?

One must consider, is it so unreasonable to expect that anyone, other than the most powerful family of merchant bankers in America with complete control of the media, could possess the requisite clout to not only transform one of their own into a popular star in the music industry but then, utilizing their vast intelligence connections to fake the epic story of their death, later set them up with a new identity operating under yet another concocted pseudonym?

Patsy Cline:

Mary Rockefeller:

Also, given, David Rockefeller Senior has been positively identified as the host actor that portrayed Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby, is it so unexpected that other Rockefeller family members would have been deployed in helping to pull off the massive ruse known to American history as the JFK assassination? Perhaps, the ulterior motive in mind, was to continue to hide the fact that America has never existed as a “democracy”, but is, in fact, a corporate tax farm, and was established as a joint commercial venture, to be held in trust by the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and others of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families?


In the final scene of the counter-culture cult classic Easy Rider, the character of Captain America portrayed by Fonda is brutally murdered while embarked on a cross-country motorcycle sojourn by a shotgun wielding red neck who eerily resembles JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. When it comes to Hollywood imagery, appearances can often be deceiving, and beneath the superficial entertainment value of the images routinely produced by Tinsel Town’s dream factory, there is often occult symbolism discovered working on deeper and often multiple levels. From yet another perspective, while Hollywood’s superficial narratives may be voraciously consumed by the public’s conscious mind, the occult symbolisms seeped into the collective subconscious never surface from their dark haven until later triggered by related visual or verbal stimuli.

One believes, within this occult method of operation lies the secret to fully understanding the psychologically manipulative nature of what one has come to describe as the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

In compiling research for that installment, one, not unexpectedly, discovered Peter Fonda had genealogical relations to those of the British peerage and to the royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, including genealogical relations to the “late” Diana Spencer, the former Princess of Wales.

Given, the Rockefellers (Levinson) have similar genealogical relations, could it be that Fonda is, in fact, a family relation of the prominent merchant banking family?

Taking one’s reasoning further, could it be that “Peter Fonda” is a Hollywood pseudonym, and that all the major players in the JFK assassination’s psychological operation were tightly-knit family relations, related to either the prominent Rockefellers or to European royal bloodlines, or in fact both?

If so, then, that would definitively explain how nothing of any significance – other than the officially distributed disinformation and propaganda leaked from intelligence organs such as CIA – has ever managed to leak out over the long span of decades since 1963 concerning the JFK assassination event. This may also be why, any thesis garnering significant merit which specifically targets the idea the event was a complete and utter hoax has never been advanced by the MSM.

Consider also, with control of the American television medium and print media, the Rockefellers virtually commanded the inscrutable powers of the most skillful illusionist.

But this is not all folks, because after positively identifying Ann-Margaret as the host actor that portrayed the iconic character of Jaqueline Onassis, one wondered further still if there was a grander connection between Margaret’s royal relations to the Swedish royal family, the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha?

Further research into the genealogical roots of the royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha indicates there is such a connection tying-in the royal lineages between all of the host actors that participated in perpetrating the JFK hoax assassination upon the American public.


The house of Oldenburg is a European dynasty of North German origin, and for centuries since Count Christian I of Oldenburg was elected King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden in 1448, has been one of Europe’s most influential royal houses. It’s royal franchises comprise a wide geographical area, and include royal lineages that rule or have ruled over Denmark, Iceland, Greece, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the British Isles.

In fact, Prince Phillip, the royal consort of the current monarch of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II AKA Lucille Ball AKA JFK assassination character witness Jean Hill, as well the first thirteen persons in line of succession to the British throne, are all patrilineal members of the Glucksburg branch of the House of Oldenburg.

With North Germany as their centralized base of control, this would as well tie-in the House of Furstenberg and Hollywood mogul Barry Diller AKA Prince Eduard von Furstenberg.

Keep in mind, that these are the same royal families who, from the beginning of the founding of the US corporation as a corporate commercial joint stock venture, have been majority stockholders in every field of its industrial and commercial endeavor, and with absolute control over the television and entertainment mediums, they have managed to  hide their vast commercial hegemony behind the Rockefeller and Rothschild monikers, those pair of names they have allowed to become most familiar to the general American public.

The psychological operation known as the JFK assassination – as well as the fabrication of other alleged historical events which are either related to, associated with, or peripherally surrounding it – collectively represent mere smokescreens to conceal the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s vast royal influence.

The strenuous maintenance of such a grand smokescreen – through the ensuing decades – also serves to further perpetuate the false notion America was founded as and continues to be a democratic republic, and not merely a commercial outpost established for the sole purpose of the aggrandizement and profitable enrichment of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and others of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Ironically enough, in marketing the phony Kennedy family to the American public as the resurrection of the mythical Camelot, through their handmaidens employed by the mainstream media complex, the MSM still managed to completely hide royal secrets in plain sight, while, simultaneously, enchanting the public with magical perceptions the collective ego of the unwitting masses ultimately found too enticing to ever begin comprehending something may have been wildly amiss.

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