Michael J. is sly like the Fox

In this installment, one shall travel back to the 1980’s to examine a very intriguing if not prime example of the actor based reality as it applies to politics, television, music, and the entertainment industries.

Yet again, another popular entertainer has been caught portraying several roles under various pseudonyms – some of them more renowned than others. Nevertheless, for a spate of years spanning the 1980’s, this actor was seen by millions, and not only on television, but the silver screen, starring in what was perhaps the most iconic film series of the decade. Apparently, however, the fame and adulation derived from television and Hollywood wasn’t enough, for this actor went on to star in a role directly related to the notorious character of K Street Lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, who was examined in a previous installment.

Guaranteed, folks, after experiencing what follows, one may firmly arrive at the conclusion that Michael J. was indeed, slyer than a fox. Continue reading “Michael J. is sly like the Fox”

Unholy Trinity: Sex, drugs, rock and roll (Part II)

Unholy Trinity: Sex, drugs, rock and roll (Part II)

Assuredly, this installment will offend most classic rock fans everywhere.

So be it.

Behind the beguiling melodies and glittering and romantic image, lurks a destructive social agenda. After all, a population under the influence of sex, drugs, and rock and roll becomes a vulnerable mass ripe for further political and social manipulations. Many, if not all of the superstar pop and rock stars one worships and adores are merely vessels and puppets of the ruling elite Jesuit bloodlines, soldiers enlisted in a globally coordinated scheme of psychological and perhaps even spiritual warfare.

Be that as it may, the sphere of the commercial music industry, perhaps just as much if not more so than any field of human endeavor, one shall find propped up with the illusion of smoke and mirrors. Nostalgia is a powerful myth making elixir, and is therefore heavily utilized as a prime weapon of psychological warfare upon the masses.

One doesn’t have to be a music industry aficionado to observe many classic rock bands have chosen to persist, some rather pathetically, in attempting to reclaim the superstar status of their youthful glory days. All too often, the generations that came of age during the acts glory years, are willing to pay the overly inflated price of admission to once again travel back in time to relive the gilded memories of forgotten prom dances.

This installment will include a rather damning story involving a superstar classic rock band and a dedicated albeit disgruntled fan, as well detail the hoax that rocked the music industry.  Continue reading “Unholy Trinity: Sex, drugs, rock and roll (Part II)”

Tavistock: pop culture mind war masters (part II)

The mad scientists of global mind war at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations want you to believe in the existence of extraterrestrials. For generations, the Institute, aided by NASA and Hollywood, acting in tandem as force multipliers, have cooperatively and incrementally conditioned humanity to not only believe in the existence of extraterrestrials, they are conditioning humanity to the idea aliens will unite humanity into accepting a global form of governance.

The ‘alien’ meme is both psychologically and sociologically complex, playing upon humanities inherent fears and deepest desires. And folks, the mad scientists of global mind war at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London are playing humanity for suckers.

But, as one shall soon surmise, the agenda goes deeper. Continue reading “Tavistock: pop culture mind war masters (part II)”