Tavistock: pop culture mind war masters (part II)

The mad scientists of global mind war at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations want you to believe in the existence of extraterrestrials. For generations, the Institute, aided by NASA and Hollywood, acting in tandem as force multipliers, have cooperatively and incrementally conditioned humanity to not only believe in the existence of extraterrestrials, they are conditioning humanity to the idea aliens will unite humanity into accepting a global form of governance.

The ‘alien’ meme is both psychologically and sociologically complex, playing upon humanities inherent fears and deepest desires. And folks, the mad scientists of global mind war at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London are playing humanity for suckers.

But, as one shall soon surmise, the agenda goes deeper.

Tavistock Institute, headquartered in the city of London, is the conductor orchestrating symphonic global movements. They are the master of global mind war not only spearheading the transgender agenda, but have actively seeded the internet ‘truth movement’ with intelligence trained personalities such as Alex Jones and Mark Dice. Tavistock, founded on the early 20th century work in psychoanalysis performed by Sigmund Freud, is also the source of another equally paramount movement of social and political significance: The construction of the alien meme.

For decades, going back to the mid-20th century, Tavistock worked with Hollywood in creating the profitable science fiction cinema genre. They also aided the fledgling NASA in using the latest psychological techniques to brainwash entire populations into believing a man had actually traveled into outer space and landed a rocket ship on the surface of the moon. Towards the end of his tenure as US president, former Hollywood B movie matinee actor, the late Ronald Reagan, played out the performance of a lifetime before a packed house of delegates at Rockefeller Center’s UN headquarters:

“I occasionally think how our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat form outside of this world.”

Not only was this a remarkable statement for a sitting president to have made, it is even more remarkable, looking back through the mists of time, to notice how Reagan’s truly wooden performances as US president mirrored those of his mediocre screen appearances prior to beginning his career as a political sock puppet for the elite Crown Temple bankers.


Tavistock Institute of Human Relations represents an octopus with tentacles extending into the corridors of power of Western governments, academia and beyond, into non-government agencies tied in with the globalist agenda. Tavistock are the mad scientists of cultural, social, and political manipulation. They advise governments, heads of state, corporate CEO’s, and even the boards of directors of most prestigious academic institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UCLA, and Georgetown, to name but a few.

There is not a single field of major human commercial endeavor where the grip of the Tavistock octopus isn’t felt.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, prevailing trends in science, politics, economics, and even pop culture have been influenced by the mad mind scientists of psychological warfare at Tavistock. The invention of modern digital based technologies, specifically the internet and accompanying hardware such as laptops and hand held smart phones, are useful tools for Tavistock to collect mass information much more quickly than in the past, for the purposes of monitoring and even from time to time tweaking pubic reactions to their ongoing sociologically based psychological warfare programs. One has outlined how Facebook, through its public relations spokespersons, has begin floating the idea to the general public of converting their massive online platform into an interactive interface via digital connections made directly to the human brain cortex. See: The real purpose of social media

Increasingly, the commercial promulgation of this technological utility will pull out all the stops in using advanced psychological manipulations to condition a public accustomed to the concept of ‘convenience’. In essence, if performed on a significant and even mass scale, this digital interface, directly connected to the collective human consciousness, would represent a communal hive mind which presumably would be, for those with subsequent objections, difficult to remove oneself from.

The overarching purpose of all of this is to direct the evolutionary process of mankind itself, towards first a trans-human future, and eventually to a post human future.

This is the true purpose and end game of the alien agenda.

Raging Falcon - 3D[1343692]

1947 ‘a magical year’

In terms of understanding how and why the alien meme came about, one must go back to the magical year of 1947, to the inception of what came to be known as the Central Intelligence Agency. It was in those short years, soon after the second world war’s cessation of hostilities, what was then known as the Office of Strategic Services, officially renamed itself, and became America’s ‘Cadillac’ of prestigious government agencies. Operating under the firm hand of General ‘Wild’ William Donovan, its charter implied it had been created to protect ‘American interests’.

However, just what was meant by that?

By, American interests, Central Intelligence was created to keep a lid on the criminal activities of those banking and industrial elite families like the Rockefeller’s, DuPont’s, and others. Its other purpose was to actively misdirect any public probes into the activities of the elite families, while any competition was either marginally disrupted, derailed, bought out, or, if considered a genuine threat to the families’ monopoly, utterly destroyed. It should come as no surprise then, Tavistock Institute was founded with a grant from the Rockefeller foundation, relationships which have been synonymous in terms of seeding the idea of extraterrestrials in the minds of the public.

Rockefeller funds also seeded the Radio Research Project beginning in 1937, the very same project hired a young Orson Welles to perform his War of the World’s saga, scaring untold millions into believing an invasion of earth from Mars had actually taken place.

See: Tavistock: pop culture mind war masters (part I)

It was not long after, in the magical year of 1947, CIA decided to stage an alien hoax crash in New Mexico with the cooperation of cattle farmer Mac Brassel, who, in truth, was nothing more than a prototype crisis actor hired to play a role in a government sponsored psychological operation.

Subsequent ‘sightings’ of UFO’s, have either been top secret military vehicles using alternative propulsion energy systems, and most lately, sophisticated holographic projections. Tales of these sightings and the possibility of the existence of alien life in the universe have been steadily reinforced for the last several generations with reams of science fiction blockbuster cinema produced by Hollywood’s perpetual dream machine. These Hollywood productions have come a long way from the days of Ed Wood and his science fiction schlock epic ‘Plan nine from outer space.’

Using a concept called ‘predictive programming’, the masses will grow incrementally accustomed to first, the idea of intelligent life elsewhere, then, through the mainstream media sorcerers, stirred to apprehension over the idea this alien presence may possibly be menacing, and even hostile, requiring the united response of a ‘global community’.

Escape to Death - 3D

The aliens are invading!

One may be indulging in overly grand speculation, but most likely, the grand psychological operation of a global threat from outer space will employ genetically manipulated crisis actors, appearing visually similar to that which the public at large has grown accustomed to witnessing on the silver screens of their local cinemas.

The alien craft, most likely directed by NASA, will be a manifestation of either holographic projections, and or in combination with classified military craft using alternative propulsion systems.

Don’t be surprised if someday, one turns on CNN, and Anderson Cooper begins to blather about the threat of an alien attack upon the nation’s capitol.

The question is: Will you be manipulated into believing it?

COMING SOON in part VI of Actor’s in history’s grand stage play:

John Lennon and the men who portrayed the imaginary Beatle!

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  1. Hopefully we won’t be sucked into Anderson Coopers blathering on CNN but he’ll be one pitching it won’t he. Do you think Alex Jones is “intelligence trained”? This post has a lot to think about.

    1. The internet ‘truth’ movement amounts to a psychological operation devised by Tavistock and controlled and monitored in the US by CIA, Common Purpose, a non-government organization affiliated with Tavistock, and police fusion centers. The purpose of the truth movement is to, in the words of one of Tavistock’s recently published papers on their website, “to re-frame the truth for a post-truth world.”

      1. Thank you for sharing the site with us. Important to read things like this and gain new perspective. Eye opening is a good thing. Many like to squint and not see.

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