Sometimes, choosing to take the road less traveled is well worth the trip. Although from the perspective of most investigators such an approach may appear unorthodox, on the other hand, this nonconformist procedure can yield great dividends.

This turned out to be the case with one’s continued investigation into the death hoax of Hollywood actress “Anne Heche” (AKA Jodie Foster/Helen Hunt/Judy Greer/Julia Gillard), which led to not only a living member of the historically lionized “Kennedy family” and to Disney, but straight to the doorstep of an esteemed British actor who, as it also turns out, was a key perpetrator of the JFK “assassination” hoax.

SEE: Anatomy of a Hollywood Death Hoax

In addition, not only did this British actor assume the role of the MSM’s villainous antagonist in the JFK “assassination”, one whose character portrayal, belying its brevity, significantly echoed into posterity, but he also has an intimate genealogical relation to the Hollywood actress identified in portrayal of the “late” “Anne Heche”.

Turns out, too, over the course of his decades long award-winning career, this particular British actor has proved to be quite a chameleon, having assumed several Hollywood-derived pseudonyms as well as an array of famous public personas.

The coup de gras is this: the live-action role player identified in portrayal of the “late” Hollywood actress “Anne Heche” (AKA Jodie Foster/Helen Hunt/Judy Greer/Julia Gillard) is not only still alive, posing as a prominent member of the American political dynasty known as the “Kennedy” family, but she is also the biological daughter of the aforementioned British actor from who, conveniently enough, so MSM sources uniformly claim, she has been estranged for a number of years.


In Part 1 of ‘Anatomy of a Hollywood Death Hoax’, Hollywood actress “Anne Heche” was identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Jodie Foster (AKA Helen Hunt/Judy Greer/Julia Gillard).

Everyone may want to reread that initial article to refresh their memories as to the particulars of one’s in- depth investigation.

Below: Anne Heche, Jodie Foster, Judy Greer, Helen Hunt, Julia Gillard

OIP (12)[6006]OIP (13)[6009]images (2)[5863]images[5836]images[5880]

Nevertheless, here’s a brief recap. Part 1 of ‘Anatomy of a Hollywood Death Hoax’ revealed that the residence of Lynn Mischele – 1766 Walgrove Avenue, Mar Vista – is actually located in Greater Culver City, in close proximity to Disney Digital Studios, Sony Pictures (AKA MGM), and the residence of Hollywood actress “Helen Hunt” (AKA Anne Heche/Judy Greer/Julia Gillard), another fabricated character scheme modified from the image of veteran Hollywood actress Jodie Foster.

Though the MSM claims “Anne Heche” suffered from life-threatening injuries, horrific burns, and was in need of emergency medical attention, rather than being transported to nearby UCLA Medical Center, which is equipped with one of the world’s finest burn treatment centers, instead, she was taken to Grossman Burn Center in Calabasas, located twenty-five miles from Mar Vista’s Walgrove Avenue.

Further investigation also uncovered that Grossman Burn Center is located in proximity to Spahn Ranch which, back during the counter-culture era of the late 1960’s, was alleged to be the residence of “Charles Manson”.

As everyone may also recall, “Charles Manson” was identified as yet another media-generated fabricated character scheme, one portrayed by Hollywood executive David Geffen. For decades, Geffen has been a serial perpetrator of media hoaxes (AKA Post-Modern Reality Simulation), one who, throughout his lifetime, has donned a virtually numberless array of deceptive but artificial masks, one of which belongs to the fabricated character scheme known as “Doctor Anthony Fauci”.

SEE: A Familiar Face with an Unfamiliar Name

Bruce Ivins Anthrax Attack Hoax

Bernie Made Off But Still Alive

Not coincidentally, Hollywood executive David Geffen was also identified as the live-action role player behind the portrayal of television executive/producer “Harvey Levin”, the founder of television network and chief editor of tabloid website TMZ.

TMZ, along with FOX News (666), were the first among MSM sources to release the doorbell camera footage of the speeding vehicle – blue painted Mini-Cooper – alleged to have been piloted by “Anne Heche”, just before it crashed through a virtually impenetrable hedgerow and into the residence of Lynn Mischele at 1766 Walgrove Avenue.

Reportedly, the suspicious doorbell camera footage – which, upon further examination, appeared to be digitally fabricated with video morphing – came from the residence of David Manpearl, an executive at Mandeville Studios, a subsidiary of Disney. Sure enough, further investigation uncovered that Dana Theodoratos – Manpearl’s spouse- is a high-level television executive at CW in charge of ‘scripted digital programming’.

TMZ’s headquarters are located on West Jefferson Boulevard, Los Angeles, which, not coincidentally, according to Google Maps, is only sixteen minutes away from Mar Vista (AKA Greater Culver City).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the lynchpin connecting all of these suspects is Disney and Disney Digital Studios which, also, is headquartered in Mar Vista (AKA Greater Culver City), not far from 1766 Walgrove Avenue, alleged by the MSM to have been the scene of the lethal “accident” involving the “late” Hollywood actress “Anne Heche” (AKA Jodie Foster/Helen Hunt/Judy Greer/Julia Gillard).

Further investigation into the extensive acting resume of “Jodie Foster” (AKA Anne Heche) reveals that, during the initial stages of her Hollywood career as a ‘child star’, she was once under contract to Disney, and starred in a children’s oriented cinema production with the “late” “Dick Van Patten,” a Hollywood/television actor who – as confirmed by ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses – was not at all who he claimed to be.

Below: Dick Van Patten, Sir Anthony Hopkins

download (1)[6010]images (3)[6012]


In-depth investigation has revealed, Hollywood actors or celebrities with the most publicly visible profiles are nothing more than highly trained intelligence assets contracted in the employ of the international intelligence octopus, specifically CIA, which, while controlled from the Vatican in Rome, is also under the command of the Superior General of the Society of Jesus or Jesuit order, the capstone of the global masonic brotherhood.

As genealogical investigation has confirmed, many of Hollywood’s recruited intelligence assets are descendants of the thirteen Jesuit families, namely, House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Hanover/Rockefeller/Rothschild), Grimaldi, Savoy, Farnese, Orsini, Massimo, Aldobrandini, Pallavicini, Borgia, and Von Furstenberg, the Dukes of Swabia.

In the case of just three examples, Hollywood celebrities such as former child star “Jodie Foster” (AKA Anne Heche/Helen Hunt/Judy Greer/Julia Gillard), Shirley Temple Black (AKA Jaclyn Kennedy/Marilyn Monroe/Judy Garland/Helen Thomas/Madeleine Albright/Queen Silvia of Sweden), and “Jeff Bezos” (AKA Kevin Spacey/Drew Pinsky/John Wayne Bobbitt/Quenton Anderson Reynolds) are identified and recruited at the earliest stages of their lives and assiduously trained at the finest performing arts schools, in future preparation for their roles as social engineering agents, mass behavioral influencers, and even to serve in roles designated as key political propagandists.

Turns out, too, “Jodie Foster” (AKA Anne Heche) genealogically descends from one of the most prominent of the thirteen Jesuit families.

According to, “Jodie Foster” (AKA Anne Heche) is the 33rd great-granddaughter of King Robert I and the 37th great-granddaughter of Charlemagne I, King of the Franks and crowned the first Holy Roman emperor by the Vatican. She is also genealogically connected to John Adams, 2nd US president, John Quincy Adams, 6th US president, Millard Fillmore, 13th US president, Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th US president, James Garfield, 20th US president, Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th US presidents, to William Floyd and William Williams, Signers of the Declaration of Independence, to Aaron Burr, former US vice president who killed Alexander Hamilton, founder of the first central bank of New York, in a horrific pistol duel, and – wouldn’t you know it? – to J.P. Morgan Senior (AKA Teddy Roosevelt/King Edward VII), an historical fabrication who figured prominently in the previous article concerning “Jeff Bezos” (AKA Kevin Spacey/Quenton Anderson Reynolds).

By genealogical extension, this also connects “Anne Heche” (AKA Jodie Foster) to the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Hanover/Rockefeller/Rothschild).

“Jodie Foster” (AKA Anne Heche), according to, is also genealogically connected to Mark Hopkins Jr., a prominent American railroad executive who not only founded the Central Pacific Railroad over the Sierra Nevada from Sacramento, California to Promontory, Utah, but managed to acquire quite a huge fortune over the course of his lifetime during the 19th century.

As everyone shall soon learn, the surname of ‘Hopkins’ proved to be a key contributive factor and significant investigative clue in discerning the genuine identity of the Hollywood actress known as the “late” “Anne Heche” (AKA Jodie Foster/Helen Hunt/Judy Greer/Julia Gillard).

SEE: Bezos Bunk Now Completely Exposed

After being recruited and sworn by oath into the masonic order(s), each of these high-level Jesuit-trained Hollywood intelligence assets then goes on to act or role play in MSM promoted psychological operations on behalf of their covert Jesuit masters in Rome whom work in concert with the Crown Temple bankers/legal esquires/attorneys in the City of London (AKA One Square Mile), the Swiss banking consortium (SNB/World Bank/Bank of International Settlements), and with the US corporation (AKA military/industrial complex) which, historically, has served as the Society of Jesus’s global military sword arm located in the private principality known as Washington D.C.

It should be pointed out, those recruited and promoted into the highest degrees of the masonic red lodge (Scottish Rite) are required to take a solemn vow to the Jesuit order’s Superior General which includes chastity, poverty, obedience, and dedication to the global implementation of the Jesuit’s world mission (AKA Novus Ordo Seclorum/Great Work or “Reset”/Fourth Industrial Revolution).

This global agenda or world mission is now being swiftly implemented under the guise of the “climate change” (AKA weather modification) and Covid-19 “pandemic” psychological operations.


Per the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050, the Jesuit’s Fourth Industrial Revolution entails the incremental reduction of human resource population growth and, by 2050, the forced physical imprisonment of all remaining human resources within an artificial intelligence/digital surveillance “smart” grid (AKA smart or sanctuary cities/habitats).

Therefore, in essence, given the harboring of hidden and often sinister motives, while covertly acting on behalf of their Jesuit masters at the Vatican in Rome, Hollywood celebrities – whether starring in the Hollywood popular music recording industry or as cinema actors, many of whom have also portrayed modified and fabricated roles in politics and other fields of human endeavor – are not at all to be trusted or admired.

The covert or ulterior motives which are well-hidden behind each of these Hollywood celebrity’s public facades and the disingenuous smiles beaming from their well-tailored masks, to be certain, are not indicative of ones who should be considered heroic saviors or even suitable as trustworthy friends.

Rather, they are to be considered as tantamount to a collective nest of seething snakes, the putrid enemies of humankind.


In 1976, “Jodie Foster” (AKA Anne Heche/Helen Hunt/Judy Greer/Julia Gillard), was cast to co-star with “Dick Van Patten” in Freaky Friday which, confirmed by Wikipedia and other MSM sources, was produced by Walt Disney Company.

Freaky Friday was distributed by Buena Vista Pictures which, Wikipedia reports, “is an American film distribution studio within the Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution division of The Walt Disney Company. It handles theatrical and occasional digital distribution, marketing and promotion for films produced and released by Walt Disney Studios, including Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century Studios…”

Interestingly, but perhaps not coincidentally, English Ordinal and Full Reduction gematria analysis of the film’s moniker – Freaky Friday – sums to ciphers respectively equaling 129 and 66, both of which reduce to 3. While Reverse Ordinal and Reverse Full Reduction ciphers respectively equal 195 and 69, both of which reduce to 6. Paired together, these reduction ciphers equal 3 6’s or 666, while the numbers making up the Full Reduction cipher – 66 (6+6) – when added, equal 12 which, when applied to the law of occult mirrored reversal, also equal 21 or 3 7’s/777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code.

Regarding the namesake of Disney subsidiary Lucasfilm, “George Lucas” (AKA 1960’s folk rock star Bob Dylan) was identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Gary Lewis, the son of legendary Hollywood actor/producer/comedian Jerry Lewis, who once starred in King of Comedy, a production which also starred Robert De Niro (AKA former US President Lyndon Baines Johnson).

SEE: Bilderberg Returns to Build Back Better

George Lucas and his Death Star Deception

The Voice of a Misled Generation


As everyone may have surmised from the pair of images posted a bit earlier in the article, Foster’s co-star in Disney’s Freaky Friday – “Dick Van Patten” – was a fabricated character scheme.

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis indicates “Dick Van Patten” was a Hollywood-derived pseudonym – merely one among several more, it turns out – for British actor Sir Anthony Hopkins, who would later go on to once again co-star with “Jodie Foster” in Silence of the Lambs.

In the first pair of images posted immediately below, with especial attention focused on the ears, everyone will begin to notice, though comparatively, while the upper epidermal structures of the ears are proportionally identical, there appears to be additional latex stippling applied to the bottom portion or lobe of the ear belonging to “Dick Van Patten”. For the benefit of everyone attempting ocular comparisons, the second pair of images in succession provide a much better demonstration of the proportionally identical epidermal structures of the respective ears.

However, between “Dick Van Patten” and Sir Anthony Hopkins, the respective proportions and epidermal structures of the facial geometries – chins, brows, lips, nasolabial folds, noses, cheekbones, and eyes – appear to be comparatively similar if not identical.

Closer examination demonstrates the respective alignments of both receding hairlines are also identical.

Below: Dick Van Patten, Sir Anthony Hopkins

download (1)[6010]images (3)[6012]images (1)[6013]images (2)[6014]


Before Sir Anthony Hopkins co-starred with child star “Jodie Foster” in the Disney production of Freaky Friday and again with Foster in Silence of the Lambs, he was cast in what became one of Hollywood’s most memorable and iconic roles – Willy Wonka – while acting under another Hollywood-derived pseudonym – that of actor/comedian “Gene Wilder”.

In the pair of images displayed below, while making ocular comparisons, it will become immediately apparent to everyone, the respective geometrical structures and alignments of the eyes, brows, noses, lips, chins, and nasolabial folds are identical.

Below: Sir Anthony Hopkins, Gene Wilder

OIP (12)[6016]OIP (1)[6015]

But even before co-starring with “Jodie Foster” while under contract to Disney and starring in the role of Willy Wonka as “Gene Wilder”, Sir Anthony Hopkins played yet another role which became prominently significant in the annals of American history.


The “official” MSM story of JFK “assassin” “Lee Harvey Oswald” reads like a fabricated intelligence legend filled with contradictions and anomalies.

According to the MSM, despite being a poor rifleman who was court-martialed and jailed on two occasions before being discharged from the marines and one who thereafter appeared to lack significant financial resources, still, fifty years onward, the general public is expected to believe “Lee Harvey Oswald” defected to Soviet Russia, only to return to the US and then to Mexico.

Additionally, despite, according to Wikipedia, “attending 12 schools in his youth, quitting repeatedly,” the public is still expected to believe that before defecting to USSR “Oswald” somehow managed to teach himself to speak fluent Russian. Coupled with the fact Oswald’s assassin, alleged Dallas nightclub proprietor “Jack Ruby” was identified as media-driven character fabrication portrayed by Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson, it only stands to reason that further investigation into “Lee Harvey Oswald” should reveal that he, too, was a fabricated historical persona created by intelligence sources, specifically CIA.

Below L to R: Lee Harvey Oswald, Sir Anthony Hopkins,

OIP (14)[6020]images (10)[6022]download (4)[6019]download (7)[6021]

In reward for dutifully portraying his prominent role in the JFK “assassination” as “Lee Harvey Oswald”, Anthony Hopkins was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II (AKA Hollywood actress/comedienne Lucille Ball), who, as revealed in a recently published article – His Highness Hollywood Fraud Zelensky – also portrayed a role in the same psychological operation staged in Dallas’s Dealy Plaza as “eyewitness” “Jean Hill”.

In retrospect, it seems the primary motive behind theatrically staging the JFK “assassination” served as a dramatic illustration and a solemn warning to all Jesuit-controlled intelligence principals, both in Hollywood, the US corporate government, and to those numbered among the international central banking cartels in the City of London and in Templar Switzerland, to remember – upon pain of certain death – their sworn oaths to dutifully carry out and help bring to final fruition the Society of Jesus’s World Mission (AKA New World Order).


Below: Abigail Hopkins


According to an article published at, “Hopkins hasn’t seen his own daughter, Abigail – his only child – in more than 20 years.”

The article posted at goes on to elaborate, “Sources close to Hopkins told The Post {New York} that Abigail, who is now 52 and a sometime actress and singer based in London is a ‘complex and difficult’ subject for him. The same goes for Abigail, who said that, as a teen, she contemplated suicide because of her fractured relationship with her father.”

Everyone surely noticed the article isn’t quoting Hopkins directly, but suspiciously speaking through what appears to be anonymous parties which allegedly spoke on record to The New York Post, which claims to have been in touch with dubious and unnamed “sources”.

Given what we’ve learned thus far about “Sir” Anthony Hopkins, there is a very specific reason as to why he would consider the subject of his only daughter to be “complex and difficult”.

While examining and making ocular comparisons between the series of images posted immediately below, everyone will begin to observe the identical structural geometry of the chins, noses, brows, and lips. While comparing the second pair of images, everyone will notice the comparatively conspicuous epidermal landmarks running from the chin towards the identically proportioned cheekbones which are in parallel alignment with the identically structured jawlines. Everyone will also begin to observe, while making ocular comparisons between the second pair of images, that the structure and alignment of the respective hairlines are also identical

Below: Jodie Foster, Abigail Hopkins

In the next series of images posted below, everyone will also observe these same epidermal landmarks running from the lower edge of the chin towards the cheekbones and parallel to the identically structured jawlines are also in common with “Anne Heche”, “Judy Greer”, “Helen Hunt”, and “Julia Gillard”, all of whom are fabricated character schemes modified from Abigail Hopkins (AKA Jodie Foster).

Below from L to R: Abigail Hopkins, Anne Heche, Judy Greer, Helen Hunt, Jodie Foster, Julia Gillard

images (8)[6035]OIP (13)[6009]download[5874]


Below from L to R: Abigail Hopkins, Carolyn Bouvier Kennedy

images (6)[6037]2738ed5eb3_caroline_01122009[6040]

In a prime example of a CIA/MSM-fabricated parallel narrative, “Carolyn Bouvier Kennedy” is the only living daughter of former US president JFK (AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper/Roger Daltrey/Andy Warhol).

SEE: NASA’s Fake Hollywood Space Cadets

Not coincidentally, Abigail Hopkins (AKA Jodie Foster/Anne Heche/Helen Hunt/Judy Greer/Julia Gillard) is also the sole daughter of Sir Anthony Hopkins (AKA Lee Harvey Oswald/Dick Van Patten/Gene Wilder).

In the pair of images posted above, the comparative structures, dimensions, and alignments of the respective facial geometries – noses, chins, brows, eyes, and cheekbones – appear strikingly similar if not identical. But more than these, upon closer examination, everyone will begin to notice the proportional alignment and structure of the teeth are also identical. The shapes and dimensions of the right hand cuspids are also conspicuously identical. In the next series of images, everyone will observe this unique shaping of the cuspid in particular and, as well, the unique alignments and shaping of the teeth proceeding towards the molars, exists in common between “Jodie Foster”, the “late” “Anne Heche”, “Carolyn Bouvier Kennedy”, and their host actor (live-action role player) Abigail Hopkins.

Below from L to R: Jodie Foster, Anne Heche, Abigail Hopkins, Carolyn Bouvier Kennedy

While making ocular comparisons between the next pair of images, everyone will observe the alignments of the jawlines, hairlines, and structural geometry of the noses, brows, cheekbones, and lips are identically and proportionally symmetrical. The comparative epidermal structures of the ears – between “Carolyn Bouvier Kennedy” (AKA Abigail Hopkins) and “Jodie Foster” (AKA Anne Heche/Helen Hunt/Judy Greer/Julia Gillard) – appear, as well, to be an identical match.

OIP (5)[6042]jodie-foster_620x713[6041]

Indeed, it appears, the myth of Kennedy’s Camelot has now been relegated to the dustbin of history and the “late” “Anne Heche” was nothing more than a Hollywood fabricated image modified from Abigial Hopkins (AKA Jodie Foster/Carolyn Bouvier Kennedy/Helen Hunt/Judy Greer/Julia Gillard), the only and “estranged” child of Sir Anthony Hopkins (AKA Lee Harvey Oswald/Dick Van Patten/Gene Wilder).

Below from L to R: Carolyn Bouvier Kennedy, Abigail Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Anne Heche

6bf041ec1b1d8e48d54140b57b59ae97[6047]download (2)[6027]images (1)[5873]R[5849]

17 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Hollywood Death Hoax II

  1. Fantastic exposé. Immediately thought this Abigail Hopkins person was Tina Fey, she of NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ’30 Rock’ fame. Her characteristic lower lip scar may be a feigned attempt to throw off such comparisons, or perhaps even a blatant reveal of such identical person(s).

    1. I’ve managed to identify yet another impostor in the “Kennedy” family which was a completely fraudulent historical construct fabricated by intelligence sources, specifically CIA. But there’ll be still more revelations concerning the JFK “assassination” coming up soon. Turns out, JFK (AKA Dennis Hopper/Roger Daltrey/Andy Warhol) was born into European royalty, and the story of his staged “assassination” was a parallel narrative of historical events having to do with the deposing of the royal family of Greece/Denmark which was appropriated by CIA and tailored to the specifications of their psychological operation.

  2. Stephen, what would we read without you? MSM fiction I suppose? You couldnt have phrased it better “tantamount to a collective nest of seething snakes, the putrid enemies of humankind”.

    Thank you for listing 10 of the 13 Jesuit families.

    Next to “Bing Crosby” who portrayed over 10 other “celebrities”, Anthony Hopkins probably stands alone as the unofficial king of Post Modern Reality Simulation. From what I understand, he portrays upwards of 20 characters, including Daddy Brady (Reed) and Dr. Bellows from Jeannie. Definitely an actor extraordinaire, and need I remind you that Black’s Law definition of “actor” is “In Roman law. One who acted for another; one who attended to another’s business; a manager or agent. A slave who attended to, transacted, or superintended his master’s business or affairs”.

    So I guess these “celebrity actors” are slaves to the Jesuit hierarchy.

    As far as Oswald, I do see the liking to Hopkins, but always understood him to be Country Singer Jim Reeves, who conveniently died in an airplane crash in 1964, just in time for his aliases Jack Paar, followed by Johnny Carson,, to surface.

    This would make sense since pretty much every musician in the East Texas town of Beaumont was involved in the JFK fantasy.

    One last thing, someone recently made a comment to me about Ann Margaret, questioning her true gender. I replied that I knew her as Queen Consort Sylvia of Sweden, but never questioned her birth-assigned gender. Now if Ann Margaret is also Jackie Kennedy, and Marilyn Monroe, both confirmed males, that would make the person’s statement true when they questioned Ann Margaret’s gender.

    I know that Nero married a man dressed as a lady, and the US likes to model itself after Rome, master subjugators who only specialized in taxation and slavery, so it wouldnt surprise me if most of the US presidents were married to men posing as female. There is a phenomenon called “transantiquity” where they feel this practive elevates them to divine status.

    Sorry for going off subject, just wanted to provide some food for thought and send you my appreciation for your fine work.

    1. Thanks for once again visiting and for taking the time to comment. The “JFK” psychological operation, in terms of advance planning, was truly immense. I believe it was set up more than a decade in advance and involved the masonic brotherhood right down to the lowest levels of the Dallas Police. Research indicates that legacy family’s such as the “Kennedys” are set up as profitable corporations and function as Fortune 500 companies complete with top-down management with the Jesuit order and the Superior General serving as the board of directors issuing orders to the directors of CIA and FBI. I’ve got more coming about “JFK” and “Abraham Zapruder”, and the involvement of Serco, the multinational British corporation which owns the US patent office. I’ve also discovered that the actor who portrayed Marshall Dillon in the television series Gunsmoke was not only a high-degree freemason and a CIA asset but was later modified into one of America’s most renown and influential fundamentalist religious leaders who also had a connection to Richard M. Nixon (AKA Warren Beatty).

      1. Speaking of SERCO, it’s one of those cartels which has hands in every aspect of federal government that we know of, from the IRS tax collection agency to alphabet gangs such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, DOD, HHS, etc., as I’m sure you know.

        It’s ran by the British crown across the pond, which is further proof that America’s “independence” from Britain has always been a cruel joke. Otherwise, why would the United States outsource much of its national government services & programs to a foreign multinational group which belongs to a country it supposedly broke free from two centuries ago?

        More about SERCO, including its promotion of space propaganda:

      2. Thanks for kindly providing the links. Not only is Serco tied in with the JFK “assassination” hoax it also owns the US patent office and as you’ve pointed out is involved with providing various services to other alphabet agencies.

      3. It’s also no coincidence that the Kennedys themselves enjoyed a close relationship to British Royalty. Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., after all, was an ambassador to the United Kingdom. Plus, they’re closely related to each other, like all the other U.S. presidents. They always keep it within the family.

        And here’s the late Queen Elizabeth II doing her part in promoting the JFK hoax post-mortem:

      4. I’d like to mention that SERCO’s CEO – Rupert Soames – is also related to the Churchills. That family is closely related to the Spencer bloodline, thereby connecting us to Lady Diana Spencer and her British-royal-in-laws (Soames was “appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)” in 2010, according to his Wiki page, so he was clearly close to the royals). He’s also connected to the Baden-Powell clan, which may connect us to Joe Biden and Collin Powell (who also knew Diana). It’s all the same criminal network. They always keep it within their shady circles. To quote two sources on this subject:

        “Soames was born in Croydon, to Christopher and Mary Soames. He is a grandson of Winston Churchill,[2] a nephew of one-time Defence Secretary Duncan Sandys and his wife Diana Churchill, of journalist Randolph Churchill, and of actress and dancer Sarah Churchill, and is a great-nephew of the founders of the Scout movement, the 1st Baron Baden-Powell and his wife, the Baroness Baden-Powell. His brother is former MP Sir Nicholas Soames.”


        Lady Diana Spencer, the “late” Princess of Wales, is 4th cousin 2x removed to Sir Winston Churchill, ex-U.K. Prime Minister. Both are descendants of Henry Bayly alias Paget and his spouse Jane Champagné.


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