While the American general public finds itself adhering to the “recommendations” of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) —– an organization it perceives to be an agency of the federal government —- they remain unaware of its well-shielded business practices.

With the information provided in this installment, it is hoped those well-entrenched misperceptions held by the American general public —- regarding the CDC —-  can be reshaped into a more balanced and informed perspective.

While many Americans are well-aware of the CDC and the vital functions it purports to serve, they remain unaware of the CDC Foundation, a non-profit organization, through which it receives most of its funding.

A deeper investigation into the sources of the CDC’s funding has revealed what may be perceived, by many, to be most surprising.

It turns out, the CDC’s sources of funding come from private corporations, many of which also happen to be vaccine manufacturers.

But more than this, a familiar host actor —- one who formerly starred as a US vice president, a famous climate change activist, and a Sandy Hook coroner —– has recently been discovered posing as the CDC’ s director, “Robert Redfield”.


With the help of their dutiful minions employed by the MSM, the “coronavirus” psychological operation has proved to be one of the most effective magic spells ever conjured by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Then again, when millions are fooled into thinking “Donald Trump” AKA Prince Stefano Grimaldi represents their political savior, anything thereafter, one begins to suppose, becomes thoroughly conceivable.

Donald Trump:


Prince Stefano Grimaldi:


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Of course, the MSM, which is staffed by teleprompter reading actors rather than journalists, will never bother to inform the public concerning the truth about anything which compromises the profitable interests of the thirteen families and their global economic monopolies.

Character modification schemes as a function of the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, such as “Donald Trump”, are created to serve as divisive lightning rods and instruments of psychological warfare, which, ultimately, distract the American public from discovering the ulterior agendas of those which truly rule over them.

Therefore, why would anyone, among the American general public, expect the MSM to inform them of the truth concerning the CDC (which also features an actor as its chief executive), or, of the sources from which it derives most of its funding?

The truth is, folks, they never will, and on the basis of the information gathered at https:minnpost.com, an alternative news source, it becomes rather elementary to discover why this should be so.

But there exists a great deal more the MSM will never inform the American general public concerning the business methods of the CDC Foundation, which receives millions in donations from vaccine companies to promote their products. In common legal parlance, while such a relationship may be termed as a public/private partnership, it is also, more accurately, known as a conflict of interest, or, in the case of the CDC Foundation, deliberate collusion.

While on the one hand, the CDC may claim part of their mission is to safeguard the general health of the public, on the other, there appear to be ulterior motives which seek to make profits.

According to the information regarding the source(s) of CDC funding found in an informative article published at minnpost.com, “pharmaceutical and other types of companies can —– and do —— fund CDC projects by giving money to the CDC Foundation, a non-profit organization created by Congress in the 1990’s to connect CDC to the private sector to advance health.”

The latter part of that quote is a semantic deception because, it turns out, the donations made to the CDC Foundation are tantamount to financial contributions made by professional lobbyist groups, financial contributions which are designed to advance, rather than ‘health’, the widespread promotion of products manufactured by ‘pharmaceutical and other types of companies’.

In helping to dramatically illustrate this point, the article goes on to detail, “For example, to help pay for its new ‘Take 3’ flu-prevention campaign, the CDC, via its foundation, accepted a $193,000 donation from Roche, the company that makes the anitviral drug Tamiflu.”

Notice the presence of the number of 3 (33/highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry)?

The word ‘take’ sums to 37 in English Ordinal gematria which equals 3 7’s or 777 (Alistair Crowley’s Liber Aleph/intelligence joker code) and 26 or 8 in Reverse Full Reduction (Saturn/El/Mark of the Jesuits).

SEE: https://www.minnpost.com/second-opinion/2015/05/revelations-cdcs-industry-funding-raise-questions-about-some-its-decisions/

The CDC willingly accepted the donation from Roche, despite, as the article goes on to point out, the contradictory statements made by the Food and Drug Administration, which indicated, “the clinical trial data it reviewed does not support the claim that Tamiflu saves lives or reduces hospitalizations, including among the elderly.”

But that wasn’t the only concern raised by the article at minnpost.com regarding the CDC Foundation and the “donations” it received from “pharmaceutical and other types of companies.”


Apparently, in 2015, the CDC made a “recommendation” ‘that everyone born between 1945 and 1965 {should} be screened for the hepatitis C virus’.

And why were the folks at the CDC prompted to make this public recommendation?

After reading the following excerpt from minnpost.com, everyone should be capable of coming to the only conclusion possible:

“In 2010, the CDC, in conjunction with the CDC Foundation, formed the Viral Hepatitis Action Coalition, which supports research and promotes expanded testing and treatment of hepatitis C in the United States and globally. Industry has donated over $26m to the coalition through the CDC Foundation since 2010. Corporate members of the coalition include Abbot Laboratories, AbbVie, Gilead, Janssen, Merck, OraSure Technologies, Quest Diagnostics and Siemens —– each of which produces products to test for or treat Hepatitis C infection.”

Surely, everyone noticed that Merck was on the CDC’s list of “corporate members”?

The outright crimes of Merck have been documented in several past installments.

Gilead, another company which appeared on the CDC Foundation’s list of corporate partners —– according to an article discovered at fool.com —- has recently manufactured a drug, remdesivir, which is being used to treat Covid-19 patients.

SEE: https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/03/11/cdc-gilead-sciences-remdesivir-is-being-used-to-tr.aspx

More noteworthy still, the article points out that remdesivir was utilized previously during the alleged Ebola outbreak, “but with little success.”

Thanks to the ‘fine folks’ at the CDC Foundation, however, the company’s failed drug has been offered a new vista towards success.

After all, there’s nothing like being given a second chance — courtesy of an alleged government agency, no less —- to use a cross section of the American public as an open air laboratory filled with millions of prospective guinea pigs, right folks?

Despite obvious collusion existing between the CDC Foundation, vaccine makers and corporate pharmaceutical giants such as Gilead and Merck, it also comes as no surprise to discover that the CDC Foundation and a virtual laundry list of other money mad pirates would so readily endeavor to continue operating their conspiratorial and psychopathic criminal enterprises with such impunity.

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According to the article at minnpost.com, as recently as 2010, there arose an “epidemic of chronic kidney diseases among agricultural workers in Central America, particularly among young men working in the sugar fields.”

Despite the work of independent researchers which identified correlating factors such as negative working conditions and toxic pesticides as causative factors of the pandemic, the CDC accepted 1.7 million from the sugar industry to ostensibly disprove there was a direct correlation between workers cutting sugar cane amid searing tropical weather conditions —– conditions which often lead to physical dehydration —— and the susceptibility to kidney damage caused by chemical toxins.

But according to minnpost.com, Doctor Tom Friedan, the CDC’s director during the time of the study, insisted there was a “firewall” between the funders and the CDC researchers, thus denying there existed any traces of conflict of interest between his organization and those funding its ongoing research.

“Public-private partnerships allow CDC to do more faster,” Friedan responded to the charges of possible collusion. “The agency’s core values of accountability, respect, and integrity guide the way CDC spends the funds entrusted to it. When conflicts of interest arise,” Doctor Freidan insisted, “we take a hard, close look to ensure that proper policies and guidleines are followed before accepting outside donations.”

However reassuring Freidan’s response, echoing the highest-minded nobility, there exists empirical evidence which thoroughly contradicts the former CDC director’s adamant claims.


According to the website at fedhealthit.com, the CDC has partnered with Rainmakers Strategic Solutions LLC.

Not only that, but they’ve also partnered with the Rand Corporation.

As has been documented before, Rand Corporation (https://www.rand.org/) is a part of the US military/industrial complex.

One supposes, this is why the Surgeon General of the US mentioned something about the coronavirus being our “Pearl Harbor moment”?

I got news for you though, folks, “Pearl Harbor”, the event which prompted the US into World War II, and like the Gulf of Tonkin event which represented the casus belli for the Vietnam war, was a manufactured hoax.

Of course, “Pearl Harbor” was presided over by Franklin Delano Roosevelt AKA Randolph Churchill, a relative of Walt Disney AKA Kermit Roosevelt/Adolph Hitler and the hidden son of Winston Churchill AKA Alistair Crowley, who, in turn, was a genealogical relation of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, one of the most prominent of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

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SEE: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/05/pearl-harbor-us-surgeon-general-coronavirus-deaths-donald-trump-white-house-briefing

SEE: https://www.thefield.io/listing/rainmakers-strategic-solutions-llc/

SEE also: https://www.fpds.gov/ezsearch/fpdsportal (type “Rainmakers LLC” and “Rand Corporation” into search field)

What is Rainmakers Strategic Solutions LLC?

Though the ‘About’ section of their website (https://rainmakerssolutions.com) does its best to hide the fact by employing every imaginable type of tortured jargon, they are essentially a marketing firm.

“Rainmakers Strategic Solutions LLC (Rainmakers) is a certified 8(a) economically disadvantaged woman-owned small consulting firm, founded in 2007 to provide expertise and highly practical solutions in support of government and commercial sectors.”

‘Economically disadvantaged woman-owned’?

Now that their ‘services’ have been sought out by the US corporate government and subsequently employed by the CDC, one wonders how, exactly, Rainmakers can scarcely claim their company remains ‘economically disadvantaged’?

Then again, I suppose because they’re ‘woman-owned’ their self-described status is to be assumed as a priori.

And, get this folks, their self-proclaimed status as an Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business comes with its own official government abbreviation (EDWOSB).

But now, since they’re officially contracted and in business with the CDC, I’d wager a guess these “economically disadvantaged women” aren’t benignly planning private wedding receptions.

And, since the CDC and Rainmakers LLC have legally entered into a public/private business relationship, both the CDC and Rainmakers LLC possess official Dun and Bradstreet identification numbers.

This entails that private shares, invested in both companies, can be publicly traded.

That’s right, folks, as the American economy figuratively circles near the bottom of the toilet bowl due to the coronavirus hoax, the CDC Foundation and its public/private partner(s), Rainmakers LLC, are heftily profiting.

We should not fail to mention their moniker, “Rainmakers”, possesses occult significance.

The term ‘rainmakers’ is referential to the ancient Greek legend of the Pleiades and the seven sisters, the rulers of the oceans before the arrival of Poseidon.

Water is symbolic of a transfer of energy; an idea which is derived from the spiritual realm and manifests into the material world, comparable to what is occurring now with the coronavirus psychological operation.

The thirteen families, with the help of the CDC and the “economically disadvantaged women” of Rainmakers LLC, have magically spelled humanity into believing in a myth, just as they’ve done for centuries.

Proceeding to read further, toward the bottom of Rainmakers’ title web page, and what do we see?

There is a section dedicated to “Event Planning,” which includes “Venue Selection”, “Speaker Recruitment”, “Event Branding and Promotion”, “Onsite Logistics and Support”, “Budget Management”, “Event reporting”, “Contract Negotiation”, and “Facilitation”.

In other words, folks, Rainmakers is helping the US corporate government to plan and promote the execution of the coronavirus psychological operation in America.

Not bad for a bunch of “economically disadvantaged women”, huh?

Not only, does it appear, Rainmakers LLC is helping the CDC to promote the Covid-19 psychological psychodrama, worse yet, these economically disadvantaged women are likely motivated by the misguided idea they’re helping to defeat the very patriarchy that has employed them —– at a cost of millions to the taxpayers — to solidify the thirteen families’ global agenda of economic transition, a turn of events which, it is certain, will disadvantage and negatively impact millions of women across America, their families, and their children.

Bit ironic, don’t you think?


Surely, one’s loyal readers remember Doctor Wayne Carver AKA Rob Reiner/former US vice president Al Gore, the “medical examiner” who prominently starred in the Sandy Hook psychological operation?

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis have confirmed Doctor Carver’s host actor has graced us with yet another stunning performance.

On this occasion, however, Mister Reiner, or “Meathead”, has taken his place on the world stage as the chief executive of the CDC, “Robert Redfield”.

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Doctor Wayne Carver:


Robert Redfield, CDC:


Doctor Wayne Carver:


Robert Redfield, CDC:


20 thoughts on “Things You Didn’t Know About the CDC

  1. I think they’re speeding up events of agenda 2030 and ID2020 about vaccines. Now they seem to be in a hurry.

    1. Although I’m an optimist, and have even been accused of being an idealist, it seems the behavioral response of the American public to the coronavirus psychological operation proved more malleable than even the families’ expected. Considering this, I believe you’re correct regarding Agenda 2030, in that, they may very well decide to accelerate their timetable.

    2. Comical though, how they utilized a character modification of Doctor Wayne Carver from Sandy Hook as the CDC director. Listening to Robert Redfield’s audio samples, it becomes clear, they didn’t even attempt to hide the voice of the host actor, Rob Reiner.

      1. Yes, sometimes they seem like holograms. Anyway last days there were some protests that breaking quarantine en masse in Brazil and Michigan, that seemed spontaneous.

      2. That is an interesting piece of news of which, up until now, I was unaware. Coming up next, I’ve got some interesting news to impart concerning Donald Trump’s vice president.

  2. It’s dawned on me that “the invisible enemy” is predictive programming for people who don’t have the ID2020 chip.

    1. Yes, you’re quite correct. One of the goals of the coronavirus psychological operation is to program mass behaviors toward accepting the implementation of ID2020. Surely, you’ve also noticed the propaganda that use of cash can help to “spread the virus” has now been ramped up by the MSM. The ID2020 chip is designed to work in concert with 5G and the global “internet of things”. By the way, the surveillance, both on my residence and on this blog, has also ramped up.

  3. I’m surprised, too, how malleable the population is. I know folks who won’t visit their own families, because they’re scared of passing the virus. The real virus is the mind control that has swept up everyone, imo.

    1. This behavioral malleability has been demonstrated repeatedly in studies conducted by Yale (Milgram experiment) and Stanford University (Stanford prison experiment). This sort of psychological operation exploits the prominence of the R complex portion of the cerebellum which, of course, is mainly concerned with survival and the fear of death.

      1. It’s possible the Minnesota riots was staged, of course. But in MIchigan Lensing I saw 3 hours of video streaming and there was a whole city Involved in riots. It seemed different from other hoaxes. About Gates today I found out this MS device/chip patent for cryptovalute body system


        And by the way, I noticed the number of patent, and pubblication and filing dates.

      2. That’s a great find concerning both Gates and the patent! One can’t be armed with enough ammunition to put that waste of human flesh out of business. As for the riots, these sorts of events have been staged before, in Selma, Alabama, LA and in Chicago, in 1968, at the Democratic political convention. However, perhaps you’re correct, and the footage you’ve cited deserves greater scrutiny.

      3. I spent the last hour researching some of the names mentioned in cooperation with the device’s patent. What I’ll also be looking for is device specifications which might reveal under what conditions this device works at optimal levels. If any of that information correlates with a 6ft to 13 ft. frequency radius (“social distancing”) I believe that will represent the discovery of one very large smoking gun.

    2. Yes, I agree, but many now are awakening. They are taking this cv19 psy-op too far. The King Is Naked and it is the most depressing sight anyone has ever see, a true obscene show.

      1. I’ve always maintained that the US stood as the greatest impediment to the thirteen families’ agendas. And, as you’ve pointed out, since their position is deceptively weak, a united demonstration of non-compliance becomes imperative. However, I was thinking strategically about this enforcement of “social distancing” of 6 to 13 feet and, it occurred to me, that enforcement of such a policy in public spaces would serve to facilitate greater effectiveness of GPS tracking.

      2. I hope that American people, the healty part of USA, their innate, deep sentiment of freedom, can cause serious problems to the agenda of thirteen families. In Michigan riot, I saw written on the signs ” We are not slaves” I think a clear message for the clique. I also know about the huge “shitstorm” that Americans did on Bill Gates social profiles, about toxic vaccines of which he is the salesman.
        I noticed how the effect of the so-called “social distancing” is powerfully disruptive for the human community and their natural, healthy behavior. It’s really disturbing.

      3. I haven’t looked into these riots, but my innate sense of suspicion indicates that, though they may appear to be organic in nature, they may have been staged by government paid operatives and executed in cooperation with local law enforcement. Many police departments, both state and local, have been trained by Common Purpose, a non-profit organization which is connected with London’s Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. As for Gates, you are quite correct to characterize him as a morally bankrupt salesman, for that is precisely what he is. As for the recommendations of social distancing, I believe, at present, those measures are legally dubious, as are the mandated recommendations for the closures of small businesses.

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