When it comes to considering the influential politicians whom appear on the world’s stage, things are never what they seem. The political machinations the general public witnesses, played out on their television and computer screens, are purely theatrical charades; a well-scripted manifestation of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

As everyone who regularly visits this site has discovered, when it comes to politics, the major executive decisions, the sweeping geo-political agendas – such as the Covid-19 psychological operation – are made and carefully crafted behind closed doors by those representing and working on behalf of the global commercial interests of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

As extensive investigation has revealed, the politicians (blackmailed puppets/freemason intelligence operators) everyone witnesses performing on their television and computer screens, are merely salesman, pitchmen, and high-level influencers, and sworn by solemn oath to the international brotherhood of Freemasons whom, in turn, are controlled by the military order of the Society of Jesus, at the Vatican, in Rome.

Considering the political career of Tony Blair, his turns out to be no exception to this rule.

“Tony Blair”, too, like his hidden mother (Shirley Temple Black), is a controlled operative, and a highly skilled one at that.

L to R: Tony Blair, Charles Alden Black Junior/Shirley Temple Black

Blair, of course, is known to the American and British publics as the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

However, incredible as it may seem – at least among the maiden voyagers to this site – Blair is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Charles Alden Black Junior, a man who – in addition to the world of politics – also has connections to Hollywood, and to the music/entertainment complex.

Charles Aden Black Junior

L to R: Shirley Temple Black/Charles Alden Black Junior

The chameleon-like Charles Alden Black Junior, the son of former Hollywood child star Shirley Temple Black (AKA Jaclyn Kennedy Onassis/Judy Garland/Marilyn Monroe/Helen Thomas/Queen Silvia of Sweden), not only performs on the world stage as “Tony Blair”, he also portrays one of Hollywood’s most widely renowned celebrities.

SEE: Over the Rainbow & Back in Black

But before the dramatic unveiling of that shocking revelation, everyone – decades ago – may have known the notorious Mister Black in the guise of yet another of his famous fabricated character schemes, “John Taylor”, bass player of the 1980’s MTV pop band Duran Duran.

L to R: John Taylor, Charles Alden Black Junior

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses also confirms that throughout his career(s), “John Taylor” (AKA Tony Blair/Charles Alden Black Junior) has also been specifically modified to portray the live-action role players of several other famous figures (fabricated character schemes) in the Hollywood music/entertainment industry. Among these: “Steven Tyler” of American classic rock band Aerosmith, the “late” “Freddie Mercury” of pomp rock act Queen, the “late” “Sid Vicious”, the heroin-addicted bass player who performed as part of the short-lived “punk rock” phenomenon the Sex Pistols, and the “late” Chris Cornell, the American rock singer who was alleged to have hung himself from a hotel showerhead.

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Steven Tyler

Freddie Mercury

Sid Vicious

Chris Cornell

John Taylor

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP/Shutterstock (10182007q)
John Taylor, of Duran Duran, poses in the press room at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Barclays Center, in New York
2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony – Press Room, New York, USA – 29 Mar 2019

But even deeper investigation has revealed, both of these commercially profitable institutions, the political arena and the Hollywood music/entertainment industry, while serving as experimental crucibles and think-tank laboratories for the execution of psychological operations, are also controlled by the military/industrial/complex, the CIA’s global intelligence octopus and, primarily, in the case of Hollywood, controlled by the Pallavicini, Von Furstenberg, and families genealogically related to the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Rockefeller/Rothschild).

It should also be noted, these three families are numbered among the majority shareholders/owners of the US corporation.

Lately – at least to anyone paying attention – “Tony Blair” has emerged, once again, on the world’s stage.

But this time, as an advocate for the success of the ongoing Covid-19 psychological operation and the complete fruition of its covert end game – per the UN’s Agenda 2030 – of globally implementing a crypto-currency (cashless) financial system based on the use of body activity, a blockchain system which will replace mobile “smart phones” as the predominant tracking system of global human resources.

SEE: http://www.globalgovernmentforum.com/pandemic-preparedness-national-security-issue-former-uk-pm-tony-blair/

SEE also: https://medium.com/@ThePixelDoc/most-everything-in-the-coming-years-will-be-managed-by-blockchain-technology-including-physical-1fb71033a083


According to famouskin.com, Shirley Temple Black is the 35th great-granddaughter of both King Robert I of France and the Anglo-Saxon King Alfred the Great, and the 37th great-granddaughter of Charlemagne, King of the Franks and the first Holy Roman Emperor. Both Shirley and her son, Charles Alden Black Junior (AKA John Taylor/Tony Blair), are also genealogically related to US president Grover Cleveland, former Illinois governor Adlai Stevenson (AKA Sir Alec Guinness) and US president Ulysses S. Grant.

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According to an article published at globalgovernmentforum.com, the link to which is available immediately above, “Tony Blair”, the former British PM, believes, “It’s right to look at it {Covid-19 “pandemic”} almost in national security terms – as we prepare ourselves, and have the ability to defend ourselves, even though we don’t intend or want that we should have to do that.”

These remarks, according to the article posted at globalgovernmentforum.com, were related by Blair during an “online event hosted by the London based Institute for Government think tank.”

“It’s likely,” Blair went on to comment, “these types of pathogens will be present and can give rise to pandemics in a way that’s never happened before in our world.”

While weighing the significance of Blair’s remarks concerning Covid-19 to IFG, everyone should recall this was the same man who, like his American counterpart George W. Bush (AKA Brian Williams/Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi), was utterly convinced a war in Iraq was justified on the basis of “weapons of mass destruction”.

This faulty premise, though heralded as gospel truth, both by the MSM and the American public-at-large, was later thoroughly discredited – in the form of a humble mea culpa published by the New York Times – as ill-conceived and promoted primarily on the basis of foul tissues of propagandistic lies.

SEE: https://amp.theguardian.com/media/2004/may/26/pressandpublishing.usnews

Considering this, should there be anyone left on the planet who believes the validity of anything, concerning any topic of world importance, including the Covid-19 “pandemic”, which vomits forth from the forked-tongued mouth of the man known as “Tony Blair”?

Neither does it happen to be any coincidence – again, according to the article published at globalgovernmentforum.com – that Blair’s statements dovetailed with a recently released special report, entitled “The New Necessary”. “The report,” writes ggf.com author Josh Lowe, “The New Necessary, makes several recommendations including that the UK should treat ‘pre-pandemic’ preparedness as akin to a military operation, using the best military hardware and software to spot developments.”

This statement not only infers that movements of human resources will be subjected to military surveillance, but it also implies that such military guided surveillance systems will monitor human reproduction and population growth levels. After all, folks, in the eyes of the ruling thirteen Jesuit families, it is the human resources of the proletariat and middle-classes who represent the “virus”, a “virus” which must be stopped from spreading (reproducing) at current levels.

This is a eugenics philosophy which falls in accordance with the sinister resolutions published in the UN’s Agenda 2030.

Blair, of course, has also weighed in on vaccinations and the global implementation of “vaccine passports”.

“The common sense of the situation is: it’s going to be a major factor, so put some system around it,” Blair said, “Otherwise, you’re just going to find it grows like topsy with no control over it at all.”

Yes, folks, “Tony Blair” is essentially telling everyone that human resources – both to his Jesuit masters and to the thirteen ruling families – are merely regarded as commercial inventory.

Since, at least in the calculating minds of global luminaries such as “Klaus Schwab” and “Bill Gates”, the Malthusian theory of “overpopulation” is also philosophically tied to the Covid-19 “pandemic” and to the delusionary notion of human created “climate change”, the movement of human resources must either be tracked/traced, like commercial stock in a retail warehouse, or, if the commercial/social stock value of a particular segment of human resource populations are classified as negligible, marked for liquidation.

Rest assured, however, while the movement of human resources and population growth levels will be strictly monitored “using the best military hardware and software”, “Tony Blair” (AKA John Taylor/Charles Alden Black Junior) will be left free and unmolested to jet set around the world and to continue to enjoy his libertine and lavish lifestyle.


As everyone in the UK is certainly aware, “Tony Blair” has accumulated a long list of political and financial malfeasances. One such example of Blair’s numerous political miscalculations, according to an article published at thenewrepublic.com, was his tight relationship to the despotic president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. Reportedly, Blair also held a “fondness” for Central Asian dictator Ilham Aliyev, the president of Azerbaijan.

SEE: https://newrepublic.com/article/107248/buckraking-around-the-world-tony-blair

Blair also chairs the Tony Blair Institute, his eponymously titled “non-profit” organization which, according to ft.com, is connected to JP Morgan Chase and has received “donations” from the US Department of State, the Canadian government, African governments, and from Saudi Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Muhammed al Farhan, on behalf of Media Investment Limited, a subsidiary of Saudi Research & Marketing Group.

Also, according to ft.com, Blair “retains several lucrative business roles including chairing the JP Morgan International Council and the advisory panel to the Southern Gas Corridor pipeline. He {Blair},” ft.com goes on to report, “also receives an irregular income from highly paid speaking engagements.”

Extensive investigation has revealed, organizations alleged to be legally classified as “non-profit” are merely financial tax shelters which are often utilized to covertly fund revolutionary and paradigm-changing social and political movements. Not surprisingly, ft.com quotes a TBI spokesperson as having stated the aim of TBI continues to be to “help make globalization work for the many, not the few.”

SEE: https://ft.com/content/6426466c-b12c-11e8-99ca-68cf89602132

In other words, folks, “Tony Blair” and his “non-profit” institute are helping to enslave the “many” in a 21st century technocratic dystopia –  euphemistically termed “globalization” – while the “few”, the ruling thirteen Jesuit families, continue to digitally streamline and tweak the global business efficiency of their criminal commercial profiteering.


But Blair’s most publicly shameful exercise in criminal malfeasance occurred in 2006, while he was still serving as British PM, and in the form of what was termed by the MSM as the Cash-for-Honours scandal.

According to a brief synopsis published at Wikipedia, “In March 2006, several men nominated for life peerages by then Prime Minister Tony Blair were rejected by the House of Lords Appointments Commission. It was later revealed they had loaned large amounts of money to the governing Labour Party, at the suggestion of Labour fundraiser Lord Levy. Suspicion was aroused by some that the peerages were a quid pro quo for the loans.”

This gruesome glimpse into the business of politics demonstrates how, through the practice of quid pro quo financial arrangements, those serving in high-level government posts are personally appeased and, ultimately, thoroughly compromised and bought off.

After all, the day-to-day business of politics and the practice of such gross criminality have, time-and-again, proved synonymous.


In the video excerpt displayed immediately above, the narration explains how comedian/actor Jim Carrey was, some years ago, named the high priest of the Satanic church in Los Angeles. When freemason candidates reach the Royal Order of the Jesters, as revealed in Morals and Dogma by the revered freemason Albert Pike, they learn the philosophical tenets and rituals of the Brotherhood of Freemasonry and those of Satanism are synonymous.

Additional investigation reveals the actor/comedian known as “Jim Carrey” has a daughter, Jane Erin.

“John Taylor” (AKA Tony Blair/Charles Alden Black Junior) also has a daughter, named Atlanta.

Jane Erin Carrey, as the narration heard in the video excerpt featured immediately above explains, is a pop singer who once appeared on the popular “reality” television show American Idol.

Atlanta Taylor – according to official biographies – has performed as a club DJ.

Though official biographies claim Jane Erin Carrey is 33 years-of-age and Atlanta Taylor de Cadenet is only 29, facial recognition and image comparison analyses confirms they are both one and the same.

As everyone is surely aware, Jim Carrey’s Hollywood resume includes starring roles in “The Mask” and in the “Truman Show”.

Both cinematic productions, it could be persuasively argued, serve to confirm the conceptual premise of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Jane Erin Carrey

Atlanta Taylor de Cadenet

HOLLYWOOD, CA – OCTOBER 11: John Taylor and Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor attend Tiffany & Co. launch of the new Tiffany Men’s Collections at Hollywood Athletic Club on October 11, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Accordingly, ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses confirm that “John Taylor” (AKA Tony Blair) and Hollywood actor/comedian “Jim Carrey” are both fabricated character schemes portrayed by the son of Shirley Temple Black, Charles Alden Black Junior.

L to R: Charles Alden Black/Jim Carrey/John Taylor

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP/Shutterstock (10182007q)
John Taylor, of Duran Duran, poses in the press room at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Barclays Center, in New York
2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony – Press Room, New York, USA – 29 Mar 2019

Though “Jim Carrey” may be renowned as one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actor/comedians, everyone would do well to remember the dead serious criminal behaviors of his host actor (live-action role player) Charles Alden Black AKA former British PM “Tony Blair”, which are certainly no laughing matter.

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  1. Last night I saw this:

    Covid-19 – The World of CyberSlaves
    Covid is:

    Initial Corona-virus stage

    Initial phase

    Phase 1 – The Hoax – The Bat
    Phase 2 – The Reality Simulation increases
    Phase 3 – The Cage
    Phase 4 – The App (or monitoring bracelet for prisoners 24/7)
    Phase 5 – The Fake Vaccine (Old uncle Billy the Slayer’s Trojan, in the service of the Jesuits order) – toxins + heavy metals + nanotechnology)
    Phase 5.1- Removal – Removal and mass deportation of unwanted targets; elderly, dissidents, unvaccinated people etc., to special experimentation and elimination lagers.
    Phase 5.5 – Elon the Illusionist – Electrical autodrive cars, fake space probes, 5G everywhere!
    Phase 5.5.5 – The microchip/nanotechnology
    Phase 6.6.6 – The Mark of the Beast – The Apocalypse of the Slaves-Zombie

    Intermediate phase – Transhumanism

    Prison City – Vertical and Underground Slave Quarters – Drones and Micro Drones – Sadistic Psycho Police – Institute of Circumvention/Conviction and Psycho Science – Ministry of Illness, Vaccines, Chemosanity and Happy Slavery – Mad Scientists House – Ministry of Truth – Crown Central Server Bank – Tower of the Governor/Terminator – Krematon – Temple of the Cult of the Masters’ Stele – Slave Training Camp – Fake anticovid collar-5G digital leash and muzzled for life – Deprivation of personality, conscience and will – AHI, merger between AI and human mind – Cyborg/Androids.

    Final stage

    The Great Cyborg War – The Fall of the Empire – The Cyborg Legacy – The Dawn of the One-Universal-Artificial/Human God-Mind.

    1. That is an excellent summarization, particularly the final stage – Artificial/human/God mind – which is what those who’ve taken the “vaccine” – whether wittingly or not – have foregone their free will to enter into. This is the thirteen families’ idea of global business/governance efficiency. To those stricken with naivete’ and to those who exist in a permanent state of adolescent infantilism, this will appear as utopia, but, unbeknownst to them, it will turn out quite the opposite

      1. Beyond everything concerning the current situation, I think that we are facing the most devastating cultural, spiritual, intellective and psychological catastrophe in human history. A total crash of the human being, a one-way road towards hell.

      2. Dire and devastating though the current situation may appear to be, nevertheless, now is not the time to surrender the battlefield of psychological warfare.

      3. I agree, but there is no doubt that we are living a crucial time in human history, probably of change too. I would like to add a further consideration. What I wrote about covid19 operation, can be undoubtedly a possible reading key of the current situation, but there could be other reading keys of course. I thought it more than a year ago. The difficult present situation with the covid psy-op could be just a fleeting time of transition, or I could call it a hoax in another hoax.Since about the beginning of this story of covid19, with not casual timing, which was planned for decades or centuries, we noticed a quick and clear division between people according to their psychic, intellectual, and spiritual sensitivity or capacity. There seems to be a kind of selection. E obviously who is driving this crisis, is not stupid. And they have huge knowledge. So there could be a great surprise for the future, in one way or the other.
        Thank you again for your kind attention.

  2. Thanks for the appreciation, Actually I wrote this my prediction a year ago, but is seems like everything’s going that way. Yep, the final stage is their final goal. Of course, I put this my brief writing here, because I know you’re person aware, who know well the reality of global situation. In other places probably they would’ve said I was psychotic, resulting a pointless exercise. Today utopia has become a synonym for dystopia.

  3. Everybody seen in media are transgenders or androgynes ( genetically modified with male and female traits). Shirley Temple Black is an obvious example of this as the massively wide shoulders and narrow hips show conclusively that it is a male. Would appreciate seeing just a little biometric evidence in support of claims.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to visit Newsspell. Unfortunately, from a macrocosmic perspective, your argument, regarding the “sex” of the fabricated character scheme known as “Shirley Temple Black”, though well-taken, resembles an attempt at misdirection and, offered without sufficient corroboration, remains quite irrelevant. Particularly, since, in light of the fact, extensive genealogical research – performed at Burkes peerage and other similar sites – clearly demonstrates both Shirley Temple Black and her son Charles Alden Black Junior are descended from the families of European royalty. Dun & Bradstreet demonstrates the US is a monopoly corporation which is still owned by the royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and other such European royal families, many of whom have descended from the bloodlines of imperial Rome. These European descendants of royalty have hidden behind the fabricated identities of pop/movie stars, politicians, and other such figures whom are well-promoted by the MSM in other fields of human endeavor (Post-Modern Reality Simulation). This is done to not only influence the course of human perception in ways which benefit the profitability of their global economic system – controlled from three sovereign states, Washington D.C., the Crown Temple in the City of London, and the Vatican controlled by the Jesuit order – but to perpetually conceal the fact the US is a corporation and that all legally bonded human resources, classified as persons or corporations, are merely corporate owned tax farmed laborers still subject to the legal edicts decreed by these royal families/owners, When images of Shirley Temple Black, Judy Garland, Jaclyn Kennedy Onassis, and Marilyn Monroe, which are prominently displayed towards the latter portion of the article entitled “Over the Rainbow & Back in Black”, are viewed from similar and identical angles, it becomes possible to readily observe the dimensions of the right ear lobe are identical. Facial recognition results, derived from several sets of images, reveals dimensions of the facial landscape, most significantly, the eyes, to also be identical.

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