In the case of iconic Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen (AKA Corey Feldman) there can be fewer examples of greater irony.

Charlie Sheen

Corey Feldman

Some time ago, as everyone may be aware, the actor known as “Corey Feldman”, the fabricated character scheme portrayed by Charlie Sheen, went on record, threatening to expose the seedy underbelly of Hollywood’s hidden pederasts. “Corey Feldman” even went so far as attempts to solicit funds for a documentary expose which, he promised, during several high-profile interviews, upon its release to the public, would serve to shed devastatingly revelatory light on Hollywood’s covert cabal of pedophiles. Among these, “Feldman” claimed, existed some of Hollywood’s most prominent and influential figures, executives, and even film directors.

Alas, Feldman’s expose has yet to see the light of day.

Nor, is it ever likely to.

It seems probable, Feldman’s (AKA Sheen) “film project” was designed as a cruel deception, merely more distractive noise generated and promoted by the MSM.

This is a standard and time-worn tactic of psychological operations: placing a fabricated cult of personality at the forefront of a social movement – controlled opposition – to co-opt, dissuade, or even to mitigate the further development and organization of genuine grass-roots motivated movements which are perceived as potential or even genuine threats to the hegemonic status quo of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

The other grand irony of this scenario: not only is “Corey Feldman” a fabricated character scheme, the father of his host actor (live-action role player), Charlie Sheen, was the chief editor and executive founder of – what was for decades – a popular men’s publication filled with soft-core pornography.

From L to R, Hugh Hefner, Charlie Sheen, Corey Feldman

As everyone is about to learn, Sheen’s (AKA “Corey Feldman”) secret father, in fact, was himself no stranger to the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

As confirmed by ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses, Sheen’s (AKA Corey Feldman) father was known as “Hugh Hefner”, America’s primary purveyor of commercially peddled soft-core smut.

“Hefner”, however, as confirmed by further and extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses, was also known, during the era of the 1950’s forward, as Pat Boone, a successful pop singer/”B” Hollywood movie actor, who, even more ironically, was reputed to cultivate the public image of a god fearing “Christian”.

From L to R, Pat Boone, Hugh Hefner, Charlie Sheen, Corey Feldman

But as everyone shall also learn, the king of soft core smut Hugh Hefner (AKA Pat Boone) has a fascinating genealogy which connects him to William Bradford, the former governor of Plymouth Colony, established in the 17th century.

Through an extensive study of William Bradford, it was discovered Hefner (AKA Pat Boone) has connections to King Edward VII of England (AKA Teddy Roosevelt/J.P. Morgan Senior), to Alistair Crowley (AKA Winston Churchill), to 1960’s counter-culture LSD guru Timothy Leary, and to the history of Crown Temple in the City of London.

King Edward VII

Teddy Roosevelt

J.P. Morgan Senior

Crown Temple, as we’ve learned, is a principality – “one square mile” – which, in turn, is connected to the Vatican, in Rome, controlled by the Jesuit order.


It appears, the deceptive methods of operation demonstrated by Corey Feldman (AKA Charlie Sheen) and his hidden father Pat Boone (AKA Hugh Hefner) are identical.

While cultivating what, superficially, might have appeared to be socially magnanimous, philanthropic, and socially conscious modes of public behavior, contradictorily, those same methods of operation merely served as thin facades, a grand cover for, what was often, criminally-oriented commercial exploitation and, as well, the covert execution of psychological operations which were designed for the sole purpose of thoroughly manipulating public perception.

As further and extensive investigation has revealed, such methods of deceptive and even sinister operation are also quite frequently demonstrated by those sworn in loyalty to the Jesuit-controlled masonic order.


While they were still relevant in the public’s eye, the diametrically opposed public images reflected by both Hugh Hefner, the chief editor and publisher of Playboy, and Pat Boone, the god-fearing pop star/G-rated cinema personality, existed as living examples of the dualistic symbolic nature of the masonic twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin.

For the benefit of newcomers to this site, an article published at offers a comprehensive definition and description of the masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin.

“{Boaz and Jachin} were the names of the two pillars cast in brass set upon the porch of King Solomon’s temple. They were eighteen cubits height and beautifully ornamented with wreaths of chain work, nets, and pomegranates. On top of each pillar was a large bowl – one of the bowls containing fire and the other water. The celestial globe (originally the bowl of fire), surrounding the right-hand column (Jachin), symbolized the divine man, the terrestrial globe (the bowl of water), surrounding the left-hand column (Boaz), signified the earthly man. These two pillars respectively connote the active and passive expressions of divine energy, the sun and the moon, sulphur and salt, good and bad, light and darkness. Between them is the door leading into the House of God, and standing thus at the gates of sanctuary are a reminder that Jehovah is both an androgynous and anthropomorphic deity. As two parallel columns they denote the zodiacal signs of Cancer and Capricorn which were formerly placed in the chamber of initiation to represent birth and death – the extremes of physical life. They accordingly signify the summer and the winter solstices, now known to Freemasons under the comparatively modern appellation of the two St. Johns.”



According to the CIA’s cubicle dwelling hacks responsible for the content creation at Wikipedia, “Hugh Marston Hefner (April 9, 1926 – September 27, 2017) was an American magazine publisher. He was the founder of Playboy magazine, a publication with revealing photographs which provided charges of obscenity.”

Wikipedia goes on to further chronicle a rather interesting fact concerning Hefner’s inaugural publication of Playboy: “The first issue of Playboy was published in 1953 featuring Marilyn Monroe in a nude calendar shoot, it sold over 50,000 copies.”

Discovery of the latter biographical anecdote is not wholly unsurprising.

After all, as discovered through extensive investigations, which have bolstered and legitimized the observational premise of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, Hollywood’s fabricated character schemes have often been found congregating together, especially, while in mutual pursuit of potentially profitable commercial business and other professional enterprises.

In which case, regarding Hugh Hefner, the likelihood of his biographical narrative intersecting with one of Hollywood’s most iconic and legendary images, “Marilyn Monroe”, seems rather probable, if not certain.

Regarding “Marilyn Monroe”, as most whom frequent this site may recall, she was identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Hollywood child star Shirley Temple Black (AKA Queen Silvia of Sweden).

“Shirley Temple Black”, of course, went on to assume a plethora of other pseudonyms attached to renowned fabricated character schemes, including, among several others known to the Hollywood entertainment/music industry, “Judy Garland”, “Jaclyn Kennedy Onassis”, and “Helen Thomas” .

SEE: Over the Rainbow & Back in Black

Wikipedia has this to say, regarding the origins of Hefner’s parents: “Hefner was born in Chicago on April 19, 1926, the first son of Glenn Lucas Hefner (1896-1976), an accountant, and his wife Grace Caroline (Swanson) Hefner (1895-1997) who worked as a teacher. His parents were from Nebraska. His mother was of Swedish ancestry, and his father was German and English.”

In particular, the biographical detail about Hefner’s father having been employed as “an accountant” – according to the list of Hefner’s genealogical relations available at – exists as a blatant attempt at misdirection, yet another attempt to manipulate public perceptions that Hefner’s immediate family emanated from rather humble, middle-class origins.

In addition, the latter portion of the preceding biographical entry which alluded to the origins of Hefner’s parents – “His mother was of Swedish ancestry, and his father was German and English” – proved also to be a glaring clue, leading in the direction of revelations as to the royal ancestry (royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) of Hugh Hefner (AKA Pat Boone).


Also, according to Wikipedia, “Through his father’s line, Hefner is a descendant of Plymouth governor William Bradford.” Regarding William Bradford, Wikipedia informs, “William Bradford (c. 19 March 1590 – 9 May 1657) was an English separatist originally from the West Riding of Yorkshire of Northern England. He moved to Leiden in Holland in order to escape persecution from King James I of England and then emigrated to Plymouth Colony on the Mayflower in 1620. He was a signatory of the Mayflower Compact and went to serve as Governor of the Plymouth Colony intermittently for about 30 years between 1621- 1657. His journal of Plymouth Plantation covered the years from 1620-1646 in Plymouth.”

Though the officially sanctioned historical narrative – from sources such as Wikipedia but also derived from public school and university history texts – would have us believe the Puritans were religious separatists escaping religious persecution at the hands of the British Crown, this turns out not to be true. Plymouth Colony was established as a joint-stock commercial venture which was, in fact, sanctioned by King James I, who founded the Plymouth Company.

Contradictory to its claims concerning the chief “religious” impetus for William Bradford and others of his ilk escaping England for Plymouth, in America, Wikipedia confirms, “Plymouth Colony was an English colonial venture in America from 1620-1691.”

A year prior to the establishment of the Plymouth Colony, again, according to Wikipedia, “a land patent from Plymouth Company in June 1619” was granted to William Bradford, the future governor.

What was the Plymouth Company?

“The Plymouth Company was an English joint-stock company,” Wikipedia informs, “founded in 1606 by {King} James I of England. It was a company of knights, merchants, adventurers and planters of the cities of Bristol, Exeter, and Plymouth. Its purpose was establishing settlements on the coast of North America, between 38 and 45 degrees north latitude, within 100 miles of the seaboard. The merchants agreed to finance the settlers trip in return for repayment of their expenses plus interest of the profits made.”

Yes, folks, the very same King James who assembled 47 Rosicrucian (Jesuit) scholars, including Sir Francis Bacon (William Shakespeare), to compose what became known as the King James’ bible, including the new testament, which, when rationally analyzed, is nothing more than a textual blueprint, hidden in the literary allegorical form of “prophecies”, describing the masonic/Jesuit plan for the global implementation of a centrally governed technocratic commune (UN’s Agenda 2030).

On the one hand, regarding the establishment of the Plymouth Colony, Wikipedia echoes the standard historical propaganda concerning America’s earliest settlers, a mythical narrative of pilgrim settlers absconding from religious persecution on the part of the British crown.

On the other, however, hidden within obscure notations no one is likely to notice, the CIA’s hacks composing Wikipedia’s content creation tell us otherwise, confirming that, in fact, the Plymouth Colony – governed by William Bradford “intermittently for about 30 years from 1621-1657”, an ancestor of Hugh Hefner (AKA Pat Boone) who, in turn, is the hidden father of Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen (AKA Corey Feldman) – was established as a joint-stock commercial venture and not as a haven for those suffering from religious persecution.

In essence, we are being told, rather than pious god-fearing pilgrims, the settlers of the Plymouth Colony were contract employees of the Plymouth Company established by the King of England and not, as historical texts would have entire generations of public high school students and university graduates believe, religious separatists.

Wikipedia goes on to further confirm that William Bradford, during the identical span of time he was working on behalf of the King and the joint-stock merchant venture of Plymouth Company, owned property in the City of London, the “one-square mile”, a principality connected to the Vatican, in Rome, controlled by the Jesuit order, and to Washington D.C., the Jesuit’s military fortress here, in America.

“In 1619,” Wikipedia confirms,  “William Bradford sold his house in Leiden (Holland) and appears in March 1620 tax records in London being taxed for personal property at Duke’s Place, Aldgate. Aldgate was an area of London known to be the residence of numerous Dutch merchants,” then, in a face-saving maneuver to fit historical propaganda, Wikipedia adds, “as well as many religious dissenters.”

Regarding Aldgate, in the City of London, Wikipedia further amplifies, “Aldgate is one of 25 wards in the City of London, each electing an Alderman to the Court of Alderman and Commoners (the City equivalent of a councilor) to the Court of Common Council of the City of London Corporation.”

The establishment of the Plymouth Colony had everything to do with pursuing profitable commerce, rather than with some historically nonsensical and idealistic notion of religious freedom.


According to, one of William Bradford’s ancestors – in addition to Hugh Hefner (AKA Pat Boone), Bradford’s 8th great-grandson – was, his 7th great-grandson, American banker and Philanthropist, J.P. Morgan Junior.


J.P. Morgan’s father, James Pierpont Morgan Senior, has been identified as an historically fabricated character scheme who was portrayed by King Edward VII of England (AKA US president Teddy Roosevelt), the hidden father of his bastard son British PM Winston Churchill (AKA Alistair Crowley).

SEE: Your spell is broken, Mister Crowley

J.P. Morgan Senior

King Edward VII

Teddy Roosevelt

King Edward VII

Winston Churchill

Alistair Crowley


Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses also confirm that Hugh Hefner (AKA Pat Boone), the hidden father of Charlie Sheen (AKA Corey Feldman) also portrayed, during the era of the 1960’s, one of the primary cults of personality who came to be – in the eyes of the American general public – the symbolic face of what was promoted by the MSM as the “hippie counter-culture”, Timothy Leary.

Timothy Leary

Hugh Hefner

Pat Boone

Everyone will observe, in the video excerpt posted below, “Timothy Leary” extolling the virtues of – who else? – “Alistair Crowley” (AKA Winston Churchill).

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  1. Are you able to tell if the following famous Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan is the same actor who portrays Mick Jagger? I now believe that the Bollywood actors and actresses are not Indians.;_ylt=AwrEzNyV9qpgaBQA.yqInIlQ;_ylu=c2VjA3NyBHNsawNpbWcEb2lkAzkxYjRlYjJhY2FiOTcxODBmNDFjMGU4NzdiYjJmYWZlBGdwb3MDNzAEaXQDYmluZw–?

    Mick Jagger:;_ylt=AwrExo699qpgMoYAxeKInIlQ;_ylu=c2VjA3NyBHNsawNpbWcEb2lkA2NjYWZiZjg1MGFjZGZmYjMzNDhlYjgxMTk1MjU5ZDI4BGdwb3MDMjQEaXQDYmluZw–?

    1. Thanks for graciously bringing this to my attention. By the way, incredible as it may seem, Keith Richards is portrayed by the identical host actor – Charles, the Prince of Wales – who also portrays Bruce Springsteen (AKA Cat Stevens) and the Hollywood actor known as “Al Pacino”.

      1. Yes I can see how the young Charles looked a lot like the young Pacino. I’m getting more certain about Jagger. The dates of birth of Jagger and Bachchan are very close and I compared their dance moves on YouTube from the 1970’s and they are very similar. Reason I started getting suspicious about Bollywood just now is that my brother’s friends who moved from India claimed to be related to some of these stars. Now that I am going back and remembering all the lies that were fed to me, I realize they were deliberately trying to make it look like the Bollywood industry is real.

        By the way, Bachchan is supposed to be the father-in-law to Aishwarya Rai, who won Miss World in 2000 and whom Julia Robert’s called the most beautiful woman on earth. Now I can see how Rai is not Indian either.

        Anyway, I’m almost done reading all of your articles and I learn something new every time. You are truly a masterful researcher. Can’t find anybody like you on the Internet. Look forward to reading your next article!

      2. I’ve certainly made a genuine research effort. I don’t publish anything that can’t be affirmed on an empirical basis. Nevertheless, I would encourage your own research efforts – as I’m happy to see you’re doing – into these matters. My next article – concerning the host actor portraying Jim Carrey and, as well, some devastating new information concerning the coronavirus hoax – is coming soon

  2. Sorry, it didn’t link up to the correct picture for amitabh. Sorry to clutter up your page. If you look up his younger pictures they seem to match up to Mick Jagger.

    1. There is no need to issue an apology. You’re always welcomed to contribute ideas.
      Many music industry/pop stars are direct descendants of the ruling families who own the record companies. A prime example of this would be Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg (AKA David Bowie). Yet another, would be the rock singer known as “Rod Stewart” who is portrayed by the identical host actor who also portrayed “John Lennon” and “Steve Perry” of the popular 80’s rock act Journey. Soon, in future, I will publish an article proving that “Robert Plant” is also a fabricated character scheme, a true music industry “plant”.

  3. And I think that Aishwarya Rai might be portrayed by Monica Bellucci. The eyebrows and forehead seem to match up exactly.

    1. I’ll be looking further into Jagger. As I’ve discovered, these pop musicians are continually recycled into other fabricated character schemes. I expect, too, such may be the case, with your Bollywood stars.

  4. As I’m researching more, I’m getting a strong feeling that the ancient Egyptian empire has ruled over everything, including “the Roman Empire” from the beginning until the present. These hieroglyphics prove that they had already conceived of modern technology thousands of years ago. That means they mapped out our whole future from way back then. That’s how they know “aliens” will be coming. That’s how they also knew 9/11 would “happen” because they already knew about planes. This is crazy!! What a meticulous plan they laid out!!

    1. You should be aware, the “alien” or ET agenda is being promoted by the Vatican, controlled by the Jesuit order which perpetrated the “Pilt Down Man” archeological hoax. At any rate, the images of “ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs” – displayed at the web page for which you kindly provided a link – appear to be snippets of photo-shop animated composites.

    1. No one is infallible, including yours truly. Nevertheless, I think you’ll discover, when researched further, there is a direct nexus between both the “Pilt Down Man” archeological hoax, the “Alien” or ET agenda, and the Jesuit order, in Rome. On the other hand, this documented nexus doesn’t serve to thoroughly discount the hypothetical notion; the ancient Egyptians may have been more technologically advanced than previously thought.

    1. I think this website about the “muurs/moors” is suspect since I didn’t realize the guy who is writing it is a 33 degree mason. I think I’ll have to quit jumping the gun next time. Too much disinformation. Just seemed so believable.

  5. Thank you for another insightful, informative and compelling article. Without Newsspell I would be lost. I may have some names to add to “Hef Baby’s” repertoire. Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster), David Ferrie, the alleged standby getaway pilot for the JFK hoax; and last but not least, L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientolgy and “Crowley’s” sidekick.

    Hubbard’s famous quote was “why sing for a dollar a day when you can get rich by starting your own religion”. I can just imagine him down in his basement conjuring up religious dogma, and he sure reaped the rewards.

    1. Thanks for providing additional information on Hugh Hefner and his connection to the JFK hoax. The article concerning Sheen/Feldman – as well as royal connections to the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/Winston Churchill (Alistair Crowley) – was the culmination of research that had been ongoing for quite some time. I can assure you, regarding Hubbard, he was merely following an age-old tradition of creating philosophically dubious religious dogma which, of course, serve as nothing more than population control mechanisms and profitable commercial enterprises. The brotherhood of Masons operates on identical principles of psychological manipulation, to maintain the organizational integrity of their cult of blind followers who, ironically, believe they are “enlightened”.

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