Turns out folks, 33rd US president Harry S. Truman was likely someone other than what American history texts claim. In fact, it also turns out, Ronald Reagan was not the first Hollywood actor to serve as US president. But, as loyal readers also know, Ronny Ray Gun wasn’t exactly who or what he claimed to be either (Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XI). 

In fact, regarding the former small-time haberdashery proprietor who was transformed into history’s most unlikely epic figure, merely observing the number 33 in the opening sentence of this installment likely signals to those among the most astute of one’s loyal readers there may be something truly amiss about the late Harry Truman.

They would be correct.

On this occasion, not only did the trail of one’s research wind back to our old friend, Hollywood mogul Barry Diller, but lead straight to Mister Diller’s father, Michael.

The first clue that Harry S. Truman was not who history claims, existed with an inherent problem with his middle initial, which according to established, mainstream biographies apparently stands for – wait for it folks – absolutely nothing of any significance whatsoever.

From there, one began to reason that yet another actor in history’s grand stage play had been identified, and that the entire moniker of Harry S. Truman may be a manufactured pseudonym.

Join with me now folks, on what is certain to be considered one of the more memorable journey’s into the hall of mirrors known as the actor based reality.

Hollywood and politics have always been synonymous, in so far as both entities were created for the ulterior purpose of mass deception. The official mainstream historical narrative informs us that America’s 33rd president, Harry S. Truman, still remains America’s only commander in chief in the history of modern warfare to have ordered the utilization of atomic weapons against a declared enemy, a decision which allegedly lead to the mass slaughter of Japanese civilians. Those same official history texts also inform that Truman’s justification for the utilization of such weapons was to spare any further loss of life on the part of invading US troops.

Not surprisingly of course, the dubious strategic and ethical merits of Truman’s decision are never questioned by Western historical scholars and the general public alike. Rather, the account is merely parroted as sacred gospel. One supposes, it has never occurred to those in either camp that the prosecution of war, at least to the ruling elite families, represents the collective and methodical machinations of a series of commercial business transactions involving strategic relocation of human resources, monopolization of natural resources and controlled demolition by carefully selected, militarily issued ordinances. Be that as it may, though there are those who shall wish to quibble merely because the author’s brief analysis runs diametrically counter to what they’ve been conditioned to believe, one shall not bother with such distracting tangentialities.


Though American history frames the image of Harry S. Truman within a recalcitrant and unassuming nature, his presidential administration was marked with sweeping political gestures that would effect American foreign and domestic policy for generations going forward. In fact, a cold and objective analysis of Truman’s record while occupying America’s most famous address on Pennsylvania Avenue stunningly reveals, up until that time in American history, perhaps no other commander in chief had so boldly and decisively utilized executive privilege to greater historical effect.

In addition to his decision to utilize atomic weapons, Harry Truman also was the first public figure on the world political stage to both endorse the establishment of diplomatic relations and pledge official recognition toward the then newly minted state of Israel, decisions he allegedly made unilaterally and without the counsel or approval of duly elected congressional bodies. Truman also unilaterally maneuvered to racially integrate all branches of the US military. While such political maneuvers have been framed in the historical annals as motivated solely by an overwhelming sense of altruism, the truth is altogether different, in that the ruling elites always hide their true motivations behind the veil of high-minded altruism and the smiling, benign visages of their political puppets.

The most telling clue both Truman and his administration were merely puppets of the Jesuit, ruling elites, lies with his success in gaining approval from the newly established United Nations (1947/Euclid’s 47th geometric problem + Jesuit sun #/777/joker code) to deploy troops to South Korea after the alleged invasion from the North. Keep in mind folks, according to those tenets of the US constitution that procedurally address checks and balances concerning hostile declarations directed at foreign targets, only those duly elected, congressional law making bodies of the senate and house of representatives can legally declare war.

And yet Truman, without legal censure from any congressional body, was able to completely ignore constitutional tenets to send American troops away overseas on yet another costly foreign military adventure.

But folks, the ruling elites have long realized that you can’t criminally prosecute a corporate puppet registered under a pseudonym in any court.

And why is this so? Because any strawman puppet, while operating under a pseudonym doesn’t legally exist under Admiralty law and is therefore not prosecutable.

In the presidential reelection year of 1952, widespread charges of corruption were lodged at the Truman administration, which were largely drummed up as a show for the public. In reality, these charges were thoroughly concocted to smoothly pave the way for Dwight D. Eisenhower AKA Barry Diller/Austro-German Prince Eduard von Furstenberg, the son of Harry S. Truman’s host actor, Michael Diller AKA Prince Tassilo Egon von Furstenberg of the Swabian Austro-German royal House of Furstenberg who was preselected to assume occupancy of America’s historic white house under a fabricated pseudonym.

Prince Tassilo Egon von Furstenberg:


Indeed, what Americans and the world at large until now have never realized, is that Harry S. Truman was merely a character set upon history’s grand stage play and portrayed by a host actor, one who had previously starred upon Hollywood’s silver screen in the role of an underdog, small-time politician thrust into the political limelight of the nation’s capital.

But Truman’s host actor had not only previously starred in Hollywood, he had been a popular music recording artist and bandleader whose life – does this sound familiar, folks? – allegedly suffered a tragic denouement in a plane crash before the second world conflict’s official cessation of hostilities. As loyal readers and regular visitors shall soon observe, the death of this popular music recording star and the emergence of Harry S. Truman onto the American political scene synced up perfectly.

Before embarking on that stunning revelation however, one shall first reveal that Truman’s official biographies, both at Wikipedia and elsewhere, are littered with the usual, telltale numerological markers.

Indeed folks, Harry S. Truman’s biographical account is typical of all other major historical figures that have been examined here at Newsspell, in that Truman’s consisted of the fantastical cliché of one who improbably rises from rags to riches and from compete obscurity to the pantheon of epic historical figures.

Indeed, Harry S. Truman was yet another historical image that had been magically conjured into material consciousness and gloriously reflected upon history’s pages. To the ruling elites, the perpetuation of such images relies almost solely on the fact that they trust the general public, educated not to think critically but rather to regurgitate predigested propaganda via wrote memorization in their tax farm funded public school systems, does not possess the wherewithal to delineate between fantastical dreams and objective reality nor the necessary faculties to identify an archetypical or symbolic image from that which is in fact a genuine article.

It is alleged that Truman was born within the environs of the tiny American mid-western county seat of Lamar, Missouri, and raised on his family’s farm of 550 acres (220 ha) = (77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer/angelic transformation) nestled near the tiny town of Independence (Independence, Missouri = 221 in English Ordinal gematria/5/2 3’s/33). Upon reaching the of age of six (33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry), Truman’s family moved to a 600 acre farm (240 ha) = (777/joker code) owned by his grandparents.

To this day, Missouri remains a statutorily demarcated territory where politics is dominated by the insider cronyism common to masonic brotherhood networks. During the era of Truman’s alleged entrance into local politics after having allegedly served in the first world war as an army artillery officer with the 379th (3 7’s/777/9=6/33) field regiment of the 102nd (3/EE=33) infantry division, the political process in the state capital of Kansas City functioned on the basis of a well-oiled machine lead by Tom Pendergast, who at the time was notorious for his suspected felonious activities involving illegal patronage and voter fraud while acting as chairman of the Jackson County, Missouri democratic party committee.

How ironic then, one should discover that Truman’s host actor, while working under a famous Hollywood pseudonym, portrayed the character of a political maverick who comes to Washington to fight political corruption.


“Get up there with that lady, that lady that’s up on top of this capitol dome,” rails renowned Hollywood actor and Truman host actor Jimmy Stewart in the opening frames of the video.

The cinematic oration delivered by Stewart’s character and observed in the video excerpt provided above represents yet another illusion that the ruling elites have always perpetrated upon the masses since the inception of Hollywood as a visual propaganda vehicle.

“Lady Liberty”, the revered edifice to which Stewart’s character refers during his stirring, heartfelt oration to his congressional colleagues in the Hollywood classic, Mister Smith Goes to Washington, is the occult symbol of the ancient goddess, Isis or Diana.

The veil of Isis is a metaphor and allegorical motif in which nature is personified as the goddess of Isis covered by a veil. Both allegorically and metaphorically, the veil represents the inscrutability of nature’s, or in this case, the ruling elite’s closely guarded occult secrets. One of those closely guarded secrets harbored by the ruling elites and personified in the regal edifice of “Lady Liberty”, is that America is not now nor ever has been a democratic republic but was in fact, established as a commercial outpost for the specific purpose of the mining and global monopolization of its vast human and natural resources.

Of course, those inconvenient facts would have irreparably marred the overall dramatic effect of Mister Stewart’s heartfelt oration filled with Hollywood inspired propaganda.

Jimmy Stewart:



Harry S. Truman:



One shall note, that while performing comparison sight analysis between those images of Stewart and Truman, both men have been photographed in identical poses which are symbolic of and specifically refer to masonic gestures and occult signs. Below, one has provided a link to an image illustrating a virtual array of such masonic gestures, some of which may already have become familiar to regular visitors here at Newsspell.

One shall recognize the identical gestures demonstrated by both Stewart and Truman in diagram III at the link provided immediately below.


Keep in mind too, folks, that various arrays of applied eye wear, along with artificial stippling, makeup and lighting angles/lens distortions are among the many techniques utilized to perpetuate the illusion of the actor based reality. One can readily observe, that in the case of Harry Truman, many or all of the aforementioned techniques have been employed, including and perhaps most conspicuously, the application of eye wear accompanied by generous image manipulations provided by a technique known as photo “tipping”, a crude photo manipulation tool often utilized decades ago before the advent of digital technology and the development of today’s photo shop software packages.


Glenn Miller (reduces to 176/5/2 3’s/33 in reverse ordinal gematria and 59 in Reverse Full Reduction/5/2 3’s/33):



One has to readily admit, the music associated with Glenn Miller AKA Michael Diller is far superior in melodic and rhythmic quality to the third-rate cacophonous mayhem later performed by his son Barry Diller, the host actor behind the image of heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne during the 1980’s MTV era (See: A peek behind the curtain of OZ) . 

The song featured in the video above was but one of Miller’s string of mammoth top 40 hits recorded and popularized during the “swing era” of the 1940’s. In fact, between the years of 1939 (3 9’s/occult mirrored reversal/3 6’s/666) to 1943 (3+4=7/Kabbalah Zayin/the mind weapon), Miller was credited as the best selling popular recording artist, and in this short four year period racked up 17 number one records and 59 top ten hits, which surpassed the overall commercial success later achieved by both Elvis Presley and the Beatles.

Inevitably however, Miller’s rousing success in the American music industry came to a crashing halt – no morbid pun intended – when Miller’s aircraft mysteriously disappeared over the English channel while on route to France. What is even stranger concerning the account of Miller’s untimely and sudden disappearance on December 15, 1944 (27/2 7’s/77 angelic transformation/44=destruction code/19/Jesuit sun #/new beginnings), was that the air base his UC-64 aircraft (U=21/777/C=3/EE/33/64/6X4=24/6/33) had departed from, RAF Twinwood Farm in Clapham, on the outskirts of Bedford, was home to what were termed “night fighter” aircraft, also known as all-weather fighter or all-weather interceptor aircraft which were fully equipped to navigate bad weather conditions and, were specifically modified with equipment which enabled it to operate during the late evening hours.

In light of this fact, Miller’s mysterious demise would appear rather implausible.

Of course, it is still claimed the wreckage of Miller’s plane was never found nor was his body ever recovered, which would be convenient if someone wanted to completely disappear then reappear under an alias, right folks?

These sorts of scenarios represent a technique that has been utilized by various branches of the global intelligence octopus, including CIA, MI5 and MI6, whenever it became necessary to securely reassign agents requiring new identities and bona fides.

What’s even more curious about Miller’s strange disappearance, is the fact that approximately five months later (5/2 3’s/33) on April 12, 1945 (5/2 3’s/33/12/21/777/2 8’s/aces and eights/mark of Saturn and the Jesuits), Franklin Delano Roosevelt was pronounced dead and Harry S. Truman inaugurated on the very same day.

Coincidence, folks?

One should positively think not!


Now folks, for what shall no doubt resemble a bombshell.

One of the 11 (twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) victims of the recent Tree of Life synagogue mass casualty shooting in Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania, was officially identified as Melvin Wax, aged 88 (88/aces and eights/mark of Saturn and the Jesuit order/In English Ordinal gematria Melvin sums to 75=12/21/777/Wax sums to 48=12/21/777).

This is one of the last known images of Jimmy Stewart before his alleged “death” in 1997:


As implausible as it may seem, facial recognition analysis between images of Melvin Wax and Jimmy Stewart have demonstrated too many similarities to be discounted.

This by no means indicates Jimmy Stewart’s host actor was still alive at the time of the mass casualty event’s execution. It merely indicates the media sorcerers found a way to utilize older images of the host actor which may have been culled from the past to create the Melvin Wax character.

Well, at any rate, one shall leave it up to one’s loyal readers to make their individual and final determinations.

However, in summary, if one has learned nothing else about the truly sinister nature of the actor based reality, nothing is ever impossible, folks!


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