Was Lockerbie disaster media sorcerer’s psychological operation?

This installment will begin a new trend. One shall, for a short time, begin to examine some of the more noteworthy and highly publicized media events having occurred outside US borders. The first of these examinations shall center on the air crash of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

In retrospect, one recalls that almost immediately subsequent to the Lockerbie event, wild and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories began swirling about – unsubstantiated theories proffered by none other than the mainstream media concerning what may have truly happened. This is often a typical component of a psychological operation. The intelligence agencies charged with staging and managing the operation are the very element not only controlling the media narrative, but leaking out post-event disinformation in order to shape public perception.

In the wake of the alleged disaster, one recalls the stateside media sorcerers jumping on the prevailing bandwagon of the terrorist meme. This seemed like an obvious attempt at predictive programming prior to September 11, 2001, a concerted effort by the mainstream media sorcerers to psychologically prepare the public for the eventuality of terrorist mayhem in tandem with the theme of mass transit air travel.

For a while, throughout the era of the 1990’s, one seems to recall there were even intelligence agents seeded among those in the nascent online alternative media spreading ridiculous speculations rogue CIA agents may have been responsible for shooting down the plane with a hand held rocket launcher. But, speculations of this dubious sort are often a byproduct and even programmed into the psychological mechanics of such media stories concocted from covert intelligence sources. Often, CIA and MI6 don’t mind black washing themselves as long as the desired emotional and psychological effect upon the general pubic is achieved.

In truth, all the better to spread the viruses of confusion, cognitive dissonance, and chiefly fear.

It doesn’t matter – these intelligence monsters often reason – whether John Q. Public is afraid of CIA or some bogus terrorist construct dreamed up in the twisted minds of those holed away in Langley’s office cubicles and sub-departments toiling in front of banks of computer screens – as long as the masses remain frozen in fear over some ominous threat – whether legitimate or imagined.

After all, fear and uncertainty stimulate the flow of commerce, and keep profits flowing into the coffers of the ruling elite family monopolies the global intelligence octopus is designed to protect.

Studies conducted by both Tavistock Institute and Stanford Research Center have determined, that when mass psychological trauma is deliberately induced, very often the first impulse of the targeted victim is to rush out to the local shopping malls to buy more useless material rubbish in a spontaneous and possibly desperate effort to stimulate those pleasure centers of the human brain most associated with instant emotional gratification.

This is the psychological conditioning utilized repeatedly on the masses to keep the integrity of the global uniform commercial status quo perpetually intact.

In consideration of this, was the Lockerbie air disaster a deliberately designed psychological operation?

Read on folks, then decide. 

Pan Am Flight 103, on route to Detroit from Frankfurt via London and New York on December 21(777 intelligence joker code and angelic transcendence), 1988 (19, sun number and double 88, or 2 X’s symbolic of Saturn and the fullness of astrological time), was allegedly destroyed in mid-air by a bomb planted by Libyan nationals, killing all reported 243 (9) passengers and 16 (7, or G set within masonic square and compass) members of its crew. Additionally, 11 (masonic master builder, making 9 and 11 together for destruction code) people were killed on the ground when the plane crashed down in Lockerbie, Scotland. At the risk of appearing redundant, the numerous anomalies present in the story of Pan Am Flight 103 are almost too voluminous to document.

In fact, like many other major media events of the past examined here at Newspellcom.org, it seems utterly strange no one considered, much less mentioned, any of the glaring anomalies apparent in the reported details of this ‘terrorist’ induced disaster regurgitated by mainstream media networks, which in fact, when observed from a dispassionate and analytical remove, greatly strained credulity.

This sad state of affairs however, as loyal readers have observed, is merely par for the course, as it were, when it comes to the mainstream media sorcerers and their thoroughly concocted fairy tales passed off as ‘news’. It is highly probable, the only terrorists involved are the one’s repeatedly perpetrating such egregious psychological operations and utilizing crude and emotionally visceral manipulations.

As usual, our ubiquitous and dubious friends at the American Federal Bureau of (non)-investigation were reportedly charged – no doubt  as official liaison on behalf of notorious criminals in action, er, CIA – with keeping the media narrative on the ground thoroughly intact and free of unnecessary and troublesome leaks, and to make sure all media outlets received proper talking points and marching orders. At the close of an ensuing three year FBI investigation in 1991 (19, symbolic mirror images of the sun), carried out in tandem with Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary, and with the aid of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, arrest warrants were allegedly issued for a pair of Libyan nationals, one of whom, Abdelbaset al-Meghari, was a Libyan intelligence agent (the presence of an admitted intelligence agent is often a telltale sign something is amiss) found guilty of 270 (double 77, or twin lightning charges of the biblical Lucifer expelled from heaven) counts of murder in connection with the alleged bombing and sentenced to 27 (double 7 again) years of imprisonment upon the announcement of the judgement handed down from the high court at Camp (Z)eist, Netherlands (Z, or Kabbalah Zayin mind weapon).

Years later, in August of 2009 (August the 8th month+11=19, sun symbol for new beginning), the incarcerated al-Meghari was diagnosed with prostate cancer and released by the Scottish government on ‘compassionate grounds’.

Oh, the humanity, huh folks?

Now for the real story

What the media failed to mention to the general public is that Lockerbie is home to Quhytewoolen masonic lodge no. 258, located at 14 Main Street. Also, there exist numerous stories, published widely on the internet at various conspiracy oriented sights that Muammar Gaddafi, the former Libyan leader allegedly assassinated during the NATO attack on the North African nation in 2011, was in fact a high degree Scottish Rite Freemason. This turns out to be one of those half-truths that when repeated often enough, enter the realm of unassailable fact as if virtually by default.

Unfortunately, many of those aspiring researchers, perhaps due to languishing dutifulness, fail to breach what all too often formulates the boundaries of accepted and even hardwired doctrine. Turns out, the former Libyan leader, ‘Colonel’ Gaddafi, was in fact yet another character portrayed by a Freemason, but one belonging to an American lodge (Grove Lodge #842 AF & AM Downers Grove, Illinois). And, perhaps more incredibly, the man who portrayed Gaddafi is the same man portrayed former governor of New York, David Paterson. From an objective empirical standpoint, this provides incontrovertible evidence the American political system, at least the one publicly displayed by the mainstream media, is nothing more than theater. Perhaps now, the Shakespearean idea of the world as a stage shall resonate more lucidly in one’s mind.

That’s right folks, sorry to have once again violated your delicate sensibilities. One supposes it is a lot easier to fall into the vortex of emotional hysteria and believe over two-hundred people died in a terrorist induced plane crash, than it is to actually examine the empirical facts appearing in direct contradiction to what one has been conditioned to believe – or perhaps even feel – by those in positions of so-called authority.

Psychological operations are often predicated on the idea the masses are fascinated with the mystery of death, and thus, the intelligence agencies know this idea can always be utilized as a weapon of manipulation against them. But the real stunning evidence the Lockerbie event was nothing more than a psychological operation, played out with masonic pantomime, came to light when one performed a comparison analysis between names alleged to have been recorded in the Pan Am Flight 103 passenger manifest, obituary listings, and the social security death index.

Needless to say, the results were, though stunning, not surprising.

In truth, after an exhaustive search, one could not locate any obituary or death certificates for any of the alleged American citizens from the Pan Am Flight 103 passenger manifest list.

This would seem rather curious, wouldn’t it?

More curious still, for some of those alleged to have perished in the Lockerbie bombing, there exists more than one, or in some cases multiple obituaries.

Why would this be? To those emotionally invested into the narrative of the psychological operation, evidence such as this would not even register as legitimate.

Unless, there existed evidence of deliberate tampering and the creation of fraudulent identities from perhaps the government agency or agencies responsible, not only for the ensuing investigation into the alleged terrorist bombing, but also responsible for control of the flow of information distributed by mainstream media networks. In fact, cursory photographic analysis of victims provided with the alleged obituaries appears they were crudely photo shopped and in other cases even crudely sketched.

Keep in mind folks, the Lockerbie bombing took place before the age of highly developed photo shop imaging software which of course could have more easily facilitated the imaging fabrication process. This also underscores the inherent hubris of government intelligence agencies. Apparently folks, the overwhelming and inherent arrogance of these intelligence clowns, developing and carrying out these psychological operations, is such they always remain supremely confident whatever staggering emotional impact mainstream media reportage musters forth, will completely truncate any incipient public notions to even contemplate calling their bluff, even when empirical or alternative evidence tending to contradict their established and widely distributed narrative may be brought to light.

With regard to the eleven victims on the ground at Lockerbie, there reportedly were left no anatomical remnants, nothing substantial forensically left with which to determine positive victim identification.

Seems a little too convenient folks, no?

Be that as it may, one’s further investigation into the possible connections between the Pan Am Flight 103 terror hoax and alleged CIA narcotics activities in collusion with FBI, the Lockerbie masonic lodge at 14 Main Street, the possible involvement of Britain’s most profitable private export and import company, and the all too familiar resemblance of the distinguished spokesperson for ‘UK Families-Flight 103’ to another famous British television personality, struck forth a rather intriguing hypothesis:

What if the Lockerbie hoaxed terror bombing had been engineered as a cover for a crime of monstrously felonious and international proportions?

Terrorist hoax bombing as a cover for narcotics smuggling

Loyal readers here at Newsspellcom.org are certainly no stranger to the idea that the international intelligence octopus, specifically CIA, is intimately involved with the global narcotics trade (See: Nasa scam is taxpayer black hole Part VIII). This is when one’s research began to center on the name of John Swire, spokesperson for UK Families-Flight 103. Swire’s daughter, Flora, aged 23 (two 3’s, or 33, highest degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) was allegedly one of Flight 103’s victims perished in the crash.

Not only did Swire keep up a show of putting pressure on British PM Margaret Thatcher about airport security, but reportedly breached security at London’s Heathrow Airport, and was caught carrying a dummy replica of the alleged Pan Am terrorist bomb. According to established biographies, Swire was educated at Britain’s prestigious public institution Eton and Cambridge University.

Dr. Swire also reportedly received a medical Phd from Birmingham University and became a family oriented country doctor. Strangely, there is a paucity of genealogical information concerning Dr. Swire, save the official mainstream biographical dross about his involvement with the Lockerbie victim’s families, and his subsequent ‘humanitarian’ involvement in helping to free the convicted Pan Am 103 terrorist al-Meghari.

Looking closer at images of ‘Dr. Swire’, however, sparked the memory of yet another famous face one had observed most recently – Jimmy Savile.

Although the pursuit of research into one’s hypothesis concerning the possibility of a hoaxed terrorist plane crash as a sinister cover for smuggled shipments of narcotics precluded further ear bio-metric and facial analysis, it does appear there are stunning facial similarities between our good doctor and the late British television personality.

Nevertheless, if one has learned anything, it is that the ruling elites love to leave clues right out in plain sight – right where they know the emotionally overwrought public won’t be looking for them. It is no secret CIA and the international intelligence octopus are neck deep in the global narcotics trade. Various and sundry exposes, produced over a period of decades, have documented as much. The place to start, where one might quickly familiarize oneself with this topic, is to look into the involvement of CIA with the Mena airport scandal. This was a scandal that almost derailed the political career of William Jefferson Clinton.

Keep in mind, folks, the Mena scandal was most likely a disinformation campaign promulgated by the intelligence octopus itself, if only to convince the American taxpayer more of its hard earned money was needed by Uncle Sam to fight the ‘war on drugs’.

However, the most relevant component in the Mena scandal, as it relates to one’s hypothesis regarding Lockerbie and Pan Am 103, was the documentation of how CIA and a narcotics smuggling rogue pilot named Bobby Seal would manipulate flight manifests, plane fantail numbers, and flight logs, all in a massive effort to keep clandestine the felonious goings on at Mena Airport in Arkansas, a state that at the time was presided over by governor and future American president Bill Clinton. It has even been documented how the CIA maintained a fleet of planes dubbed Air America used to smuggle narcotics shipments out of Southeast Asia during America’s conflict in Vietnam during the 1960’s. These heroin shipments were flown to CIA laboratories in Laos for refinement before being loaded onto naval ships and air force cargo planes and transported to profitable markets in Europe and the US. And, of course, it is no secret to anyone paying attention, that US troops are currently being utilized to guard massive poppy fields in Afghanistan. What primarily piqued one’s speculative hypothesis regarding Pan Am 103 though – were the BBC reports of a man named Swire.

Swire Group

Headquartered in London, Jim Swire and Sons, or Swire Group, is a 2 billion dollar concern holding profitable assets in shipping, Coca-Cola bottling plants, and most pertinently – aviation. Swire Group is Britain’s largest privately held transport and leisure company, specializing in imports and exports. Its web of globe spanning assets include Swire Pacific, Cathay Pacific, and Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering and Steamships Trading Company. The history of Swire Group goes back to the nineteenth century, when founder James Samuelson Swire and other private transport charters such as East India Tea Company, expanded their markets to the Far East, where the Swire Group still dominates the shipping and trading enterprises throughout the hemisphere. Although ostensibly, these joint stock venture companies were involved in the shipping and trading business, they were also involved in the export and import of heroin and opium, both of which during this era, were steadily becoming the vices of choice among upper class London gentlemen and entitled nobleman throughout Europe.

If one were an investigator examining a crime scene such as the one at Lockerbie, and taking all the aforementioned anomalies and CIA involvement in the global narcotics trade into consideration, to whom would one look as a possible prime suspect and a possible conspirator in pulling off a hoaxed plane crash used as a cover for a covert narcotics shipment? It seems likely, in this case, that CIA in collusion with FBI, with complete control of the media narrative and in league with the local masonic lodge masters, would possess motive and opportunity, while an export and import business like Swire Group, with a global reach and involved in the business of shipping, and most importantly, aviation, could have provided the agency with the means to pull off the operation.

With CIA’s history of felonious activity in the international narcotics trade and control of the media networks, hypothetically, it would be a rather simple matter to partner with a firm like Swire Group to provide some scrap airplane parts painted with Pan Am markings concealing a considerable load of refined heroin. Is it possible Swire Group could have delivered the shipment to the drop sight sealed off by the local constabulary in Lockerbie via their fleet of ships and trucks? With CIA overseeing the operation and delegating control of the media narrative to FBI, and with the Bureau in charge of directing a cast of crisis actors from the local Lockerbie masonic lodge deployed to the scene of the hoaxed crash, does it not seem feasible that such a transaction could have been easily pulled off?

From the sheer standpoint of means, motive, and opportunity, one believes this may have been so.






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  1. Definite predictive programming. Makes you wonder when we will see the fruit of all these alien films and stories over the last 10 or so years.

    The article made me think of a quote made by Rudolf Steiner which I have pasted below

    “In life whole errors are in fact less worse than half or quarter truths. A whole error is quickly seen through. Half and quarter truths mislead people, so that they find their way into the lives and cause the most dreadful destructions.”

    1. As for the alien meme, Hollywood in cooperation with the American government has been promoting that sort of predictive programming since the post-war period of the late 1940’s, One believes it is only until the last decade or so that the technology to make the possibility of the idea of invading aliens appear to be genuine to the masses has advanced to the point where such an illusion could be made greatly feasible. Thanks once again for graciously taking the time to read and comment, and may the new year bring you peace and happiness.

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