This installment is my Christmas present to all those loyal readers who have repeatedly returned to discover yet another world shaking revelation at

And please, believe it folks, one may want to take a deep breath before removing the bow and unwrapping this gift. For, what one shall discover lying beneath the colorful wrapping may change your entire perception of reality – perhaps forever!

The more youthful among one’s loyal readers may certainly not recall, but the Ed Sullivan Show represented the most iconic television production in the entire history of the medium. For millions of Americans during the era of the 1950’s and 60’s, Sullivan’s variety hour was perceived to embody the essence of American family entertainment. Even Sullivan’s benign image was such that his show could endure the searing controversy of having featured the risque and hip swiveling Elvis Presley and the mop top Beatles with their loud guitars, and transform what was initially perceived to be dissonant and shocking into a slice of warm apple pie Americana.

But behind the mask of Sullivan’s televised image lurked dark secrets, which until now, many have not bothered to unlock.

As loyal readers know, is always on the search for buried treasure. And the secret treasures buried underneath the carefully conceived all-American image of Ed Sullivan are filled with troves of shining gold. In doing research for this particular installment, one began to truly piece together a more complete picture of the intricate web of deception and nepotism in the American entertainment industry.

Believe it folks, the true identity of Ed Sullivan’s host actor not only opened a clear vista to his close family relationship to other prominent entertainers, but not surprisingly a vital link to the royal bloodlines of the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families.

At one time during its broadcast heyday, it was estimated the Ed Sullivan show was seen in prime time by as many as six million Americans. In addition to a collection of circus acrobats, fortune tellers, singers, comedians, and other assorted oddball entertainers (Tiny Tim among them, but more on him later), the Sullivan show was often the first to expose America to cutting edge entertainment normally considered outside the comfort zone of a conservatively minded American public. In today’s latter day world steeped in prevailing cynicism, it is truly hard to imagine a single performance by Elvis Presley or the Beatles having offended anyone. To his credit – considering the prevailing culture at the time – it is remarkable how Sullivan was able to assuage his scathing critics with a poised and even-handed grace often found lacking in today’s mainstream television milieu. Viewing Sullivan now however – once considered to be America’s most recognizable television celebrity – it is amusing to note the almost robotic stiffness of his peculiar mannerisms; the eccentrically conceived mode of mangled speech delivery.

Nevertheless, this was only an act. Yes, folks, not surprisingly, Ed Sullivan was an actor. But, was this act of Sullivan’s an attempt to hide something – a dark secret perhaps?

In the past, many loyal readers have learned of the monopolizing and intricate web of stock holdings that encompass ownership of the American media. The list of major stockholders – should one care to investigate – reveal a shocking discovery. All of America’s mainstream media outlets and networks are in fact owned by the royal families of Europe, and it is their offspring and family relations one observes entertaining you and posing as politicians on your television screens. After all folks, if you owned a television station, wouldn’t you feel compelled to feature the talents of your offspring to millions of viewers?

Furthermore, wouldn’t you feel also compelled to broadcast only those stories that shed the brightest light on your family, and served to promote your prevailing agenda, in an effort to protect and promote the financial and social interests of same? The idea of a free American press and media is an absolute facade. It is far more accurate to say, the American media represents the interests of a monopoly, a monopoly based on European royal nepotism and propaganda.

Think about this folks – why is it that royal marriages are heralded in spectacular fashion on American television networks?

The answer?

This is so, because the royal families of Europe (and Saudi Arabia as well as other Middle Eastern principalities) represent the major shareholders of the mainstream television networks, and it is their board of directors and stockholders working on behalf and at the behest of these thirteen ruling elite Jesuit royal families who ultimately call the shots as to what programs and news stories get produced and widely distributed.

‘Toast of the Town’

An examination of Ed Sullivan’s published biographies reveal that he was of Irish descent, and born on September 28, 1901 and raised in Harlem, New York (September 28, 1901, or 11+28+20 = 59 or 5+9=14, or 77). Of course, biographical details highlighting humble social and economic origins always represents a telltale red flag when it comes to one’s in depth analysis of American celebrity culture. Most likely, this is always done to accentuate the myth of the American dream, that anyone, even those hailing from obscure stock, employing hard work and dedication to a particular craft, can successfully ‘make it’ in America.

Nevertheless, it is alleged Sullivan rose from the depths of obscurity while toiling at a variety of newspapers and periodicals to finally become a columnist and theater critic at none other than the New York Daily Mirror, a periodical with stockholders numbered among the wealthy and socially prominent. During the earliest stages of his career in mainstream American media, Sullivan managed to become a rival of Walter Winchell. Winchell was notably recognized during the era of mid-twentieth century America as an infamous newspaper and radio gossip commentator – the Rush Limbaugh of his era.

Traveling in exclusive circles – which is no doubt where all his gossip about the wealthy and powerful derived – Winchell was a regular of the Washington D.C. high society cocktail set. Winchell was also intimate with Allen Dulles, director of the fledgling CIA, and no doubt served as a conduit for many of the most prime pieces of agency propaganda placed in mainstream periodicals during the American mid-twentieth century era. During the early post-war era, television had not yet quite emerged as a mainstream instrument of mass communication, and mass distribution of information via radio and newspapers still dominated the attentions of a majority of Americans.

However, by the dawn of the late 1950’s,  the technological results of ground breaking research and development into high fidelity sound wave and diode electronic colored picture transference performed by German scientists during the second world conflict and financed by international banking cartels in cooperation with Europe’s royal families, was beginning to find its way into American homes. Dulles and his upstart government agency saw this newly developed technology as an ideal tool with which to successfully launch Operation Mockingbird. Ostensibly, CIA created Mockingbird propaganda to stir up anti-communist ‘cold war’ hostilities among the American general public. As one of America’s major radio personalities, Winchell was employed on CIA’s payroll as a controlled opposition agent. It was Winchell, along with other popular radio personalities Drew Pearson, Fulton Lewis, and Westbrook Pegler, who would be charged with helping to spread the virus of America’s anti-communist ‘Red Scare’.

Simultaneous with all of this, Sullivan created and hosted his famous television variety hour which was initially entitled The Toast of the Town, and later renamed The Ed Sullivan Show. Sullivan’s popular and acclaimed show endured for 23 years ( two threes, or 33, Scottish Rite Freemasonry’s highest degree), from 1948 until 1971 – the longest running American television production of its kind.

But this is where one’s research into the career of ‘Ed Sullivan’ took off in a somewhat curious direction. Unknown to most, Sullivan wrote and starred in a cinema production entitled Mr. Broadway back in 1933. The theme of the film centered around Sullivan’s appearances at various New York nightspots to meet with an assortment of popular entertainers and other celebrities. One of the clubs featured in the film was called the El Morroco, which was a very exclusive haunt of New York’s high society and the rich and famous. How is it, one wonders, a man such as Sullivan – allegedly raised in the dregs of Harlem and at this point in his career still a relatively obscure figure – was able to gain admittance to such an exclusive nightspot to intimately hobnob with the glitterati of New York?

Looking into the history of the El Morroco, one discovered some rather fascinating details pertinent to the overall thematic thrust of this installment.

The proprietor of the club was an Italian immigrant by the name of John Perona, who originated from Chiaverano, in the Italian Province of Turin. Up until as late as December in 2014, Turin was the capital of the Piedmont region of Italy. It is now known as the Metropolitan City of Turin. Historically, Turin has been home to the Residences of the House of Savoy, an ancient royal family directly connected to gambling interests both in the Principality of Monaco and Greater Europe – profitable interests which eventually expanded to the US and established the city of Las Vegas in the twentieth century (See: Grenfell Tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition).

It should also be noted that these lush and sprawling Residences feature an obelisk structure and a reflecting pool similar to the ones found at the Vatican, the Crown Temple bank within the one square mile of London, and in the US capital of Washington D.C..

Genealogically speaking, the House of Savoy is intimately tied in with the Knights of Malta and the House of Orsini, one of the most powerful and influential of the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit bloodlines. The Savoy Residences have now been added to the official lists of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) is a multi-national non-profit organization tightly connected to the Jesuit order and to the propagandized scientific consensus of the latter day global climate change agenda.

Ed Sullivan interviewed Fidel Castro

Although one shall not normally find this piece of historic broadcast television broadly mentioned, here is some rare footage of Ed Sullivan interviewing Jesuit trained Cuban revolutionary agent Fidel Castro in 1958:

Particularly noteworthy is the timing of this interview. This nationally broadcast interview no doubt served as CIA predictive programming in the wake of the staged McCarthy anti-communist hearings. And, it wasn’t long after this interview, Castro reportedly entered the island capital with his band of rebels to oust Cuban Premiere Batista. This was all but another example of staged masonic historical theater, with Sullivan dutifully playing his role. But, Ed Sullivan was yet another actor in history’s grand stage play, and his prominent role as television variety hour host was not the only role his host actor portrayed. Brace yourselves, folks – what shall be revealed next may be too incredible for even loyal readers to contemplate.

Casablanca’s Chairman of the Board

Humphrey Bogart is probably best remembered for his charismatic performance in the Academy award winning Casablanca. But, as shall soon be revealed, Bogart was just another pseudonym hiding a genuine birth identity. It positively boggles the mind when one considers the scope of the schemes fabricated to clandestinely conceal the fact the American entertainment industry has always been steeped in nepotism. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that ever since the invention of the camera, distortions of identities and the creation of grand illusions have been the standard methods of operation – not only in the entertainment industry – in virtually all fields of commercial and human endeavor, whether it be politics, sports, or even science and literature.


This song by none other than the ‘Chairman of the Board’ (behind which there exists a hidden reference and a clue), describes exactly what the thirteen Jesuit ruling elite families have been doing to humanity at large while utilizing the technological wonders of broadcast radio and television:

Just where is one going with this? Well, although loyal readers have most likely surmised the answer, it can now be reported that the aforementioned iconic American show business characters all had one thing in common – the identical host actor. Yes, folks, once again, ear-bio-metric, facial recognition, and even voice analysis have determined beyond shadow of doubt that variety show host Ed Sullivan, Hollywood actor Humphrey Bogart, and the saloon singer turned international pop sensation Frank Sinatra were merely characters with pseudonyms attached concealing the true identity of the common host actor.

Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma and Luxembourg, and Belgian King Leopold III

One of the first and more eccentric guest performers Ed Sullivan introduced and debuted on his popular television variety hour was known as ‘Tiny Tim’. With his high pitched and tremulous falsetto and rudimentary strumming of a ukulele, Tiny Tim made quite an impression on millions of Americans when he appeared on the Sullivan show in 1968, performing a rather bizarre rendition of Jerry Lee Lewis’ seminal rock classic ‘Great balls of fire’. Listening carefully to the audio of Tim’s performance set off alarm bells.

First- the high pitched and somewhat strained falsetto sounded oddly familiar to another performer rising to prominence around the same time – David Bowie. Second- when comparing the vocal nuances from Tim’s performance to that of a Bowie recording from the seventies entitled ‘Golden Years’, one found striking similarities in both timbre, vibrato and pitch. Sure enough folks, facial comparison analysis availed truly stunning results – could Tiny Tim and David Bowie have shared the same host actor? In a leap of intuition involving Ed Sullivan, the El Morroco club in New York, and connections to the House of Savoy and the Orsini elite Jesuit bloodline, one began once again investigating the royal family of Luxembourg and that principality’s reigning Grand Duke, Henri (See: Actors in history’s grand stage play Part III).

Consulting various genealogical sites, one determined that Henri had two elder relations, Crown Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma, and King Leopold III of Belgium, who though crowned the fourth king of Belgium in 1934, chose to abdicate his throne in 1951 in lieu of his heir apparent. Perusing various images from online sources, it can now be reported there is no doubt – due to ear bio-metric comparison – the host actor portrayed Ed Sullivan, Humphrey Bogart and Frank Sinatra was the Crown Prince, Felix of Bourbon Parma and Luxembourg, the grandfather of the present Grand Duke Henri (aka David Bowie/Tiny Tim/Richard Carpenter). The telltale detail of Felix’ biography – in terms of intuitively relating him to Frank Sinatra – was that he was once ‘Chairman of the Board’ of Luxembourg’s Red Cross.

Ed Sullivan:

Frank Sinatra:

Humphrey Bogart:

Prince Felix Marie of Bourbon Parma and Luxembourg:

But things became even more exciting, folks, when one began perusing images of Grand Duke Henri’s other notable family relation, King Leopold III of Belgium. Examining images of Leopold and his royal consort, Astrid, flashes of recognition ignited. The vintage images of Leopold and Astrid appeared remarkably similar to yet another pop star emerging during the mid-twentieth century’s golden age of American entertainment. Once again performing facial comparison analysis and ear bio-metrics, it can now be reported the host actors that portrayed renowned American entertainer Bing Crosby and his alleged first wife, lounge singer Dixie Lee, were indeed none other than abdicated Belgium monarch Leopold III and his consort Astrid.

Which means, wouldn’t you know it folks, good old Mr. White Christmas, Bing Crosby, Ed Sullivan and David ‘thin white duke’ Bowie, are all part of the same royal family, and also related to the current family of royal monarchs inhabiting the British throne, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

King Leopold III of Belgium:

Bing Crosby:

Just think of the implications folks – not only have these royal families dominated American entertainment for several generations, but they have – for an even longer duration as owners and major stockholders of the corporate American media – not only stuffed their already bulging portfolio’s with massive profits while exorbitant taxes drawn from the proletariat fund the maintenance of their castles and palaces, but have controlled the general public’s very perception of reality for over two-thousand years with masonic coded psychological operations.

When watching this memorable Christmas performance by Bing and Bowie, try to remain cognizant of the fact you are viewing a pair of clever frauds. They are royal host actors hiding behind pseudonyms. Though entertaining, their only impetus was to emotionally solicit your adoration and blind celebrity worship, and for their own self-aggrandizement and self-promotion. Furthermore, they wished to coax you into purchasing the products distributed and marketed by the companies they owned from the commercial advertisements bought and broadcast on corporate networks their families monopolized:

That’s right folks, these are the same royals who still own majority stock in Phillips Electronics and General Electric, companies which developed – under the cover of a mid-twentieth century world war these royals engineered and stage managed – the very technologies they would utilize to control your perception of reality. These are the very same royals who employed 47 scholars during the early seventeenth century to write the bible and sell you a literal version of an allegorical story, all so that later on, they could invent a holiday called Christmas in order to sell you their material commercial goods and convince you – through songs and dances performed by royal family members – to admire and worship them while they stole your hard earned money in exchange for commercial goods of dubious value their monopoly companies manufactured with a built-in obsolescence – material goods which – if their ads hadn’t seduced you via the television – you probably wouldn’t really want, and most likely didn’t really need in the first place.

Just think about it folks.

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    1. I find too, that individuals such as Murdoch et. al are merely front men to take the heat from the public stockholders, while the real owners and executives hide behind various shells or holding companies. But, yes, it seems you are correct, in that all- in whatever capacity – are ultimately working for the Jesuits.

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    1. Research seems to indicate (Clooney, Cruise, and Washington, who attended Fordham, a Jesuit institution) – all of these characters, from the inception of their careers in Hollywood, have been used as Jesuit agents.

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