Diana: The myth made people’s princess (Part IV)

Diana: The myth made people’s princess (Part IV)

That this series of installments has proved to be the most popular here at Newsspell has not gone overlooked. Therefore, one has decided to provide one’s loyal readers with the results of additional and recently performed research concerning the creation of the Diana Spencer myth.

As one shall soon observe, it is a myth rooted deeply in the annals of classical antiquity, a mythological story that has appeared over the centuries many times and under many varying incarnations. It is a myth that when meticulously studied, reveals the nuanced methodology utilized by the ruling elite families in their cruel perpetuation of the phenomenon the author has chosen to dub, the actor based reality.

For all intents and purposes, the classical antiquity from which the Diana myth derives truly represents the blinding shroud that has been so thoroughly clasped about the eyes of the masses, shielding them from ever perceiving the enormity of the grand illusion that has perhaps for centuries enslaved their blunted perceptions.

As usual, one would encourage loyal readers to seek out some of the texts one shall observe mentioned, if only to corroborate or to refute the author’s research on this thoroughly mystifying and intriguing subject matter.   Continue reading “Diana: The myth made people’s princess (Part IV)”

Was Lockerbie disaster media sorcerer’s psychological operation?

This installment will begin a new trend. One shall, for a short time, begin to examine some of the more noteworthy and highly publicized media events having occurred outside US borders. The first of these examinations shall center on the air crash of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

In retrospect, one recalls that almost immediately subsequent to the Lockerbie event, wild and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories began swirling about – unsubstantiated theories proffered by none other than the mainstream media concerning what may have truly happened. This is often a typical component of a psychological operation. The intelligence agencies charged with staging and managing the operation are the very element not only controlling the media narrative, but leaking out post-event disinformation in order to shape public perception.

In the wake of the alleged disaster, one recalls the stateside media sorcerers jumping on the prevailing bandwagon of the terrorist meme. This seemed like an obvious attempt at predictive programming prior to September 11, 2001, a concerted effort by the mainstream media sorcerers to psychologically prepare the public for the eventuality of terrorist mayhem in tandem with the theme of mass transit air travel.

For a while, throughout the era of the 1990’s, one seems to recall there were even intelligence agents seeded among those in the nascent online alternative media spreading ridiculous speculations rogue CIA agents may have been responsible for shooting down the plane with a hand held rocket launcher. But, speculations of this dubious sort are often a byproduct and even programmed into the psychological mechanics of such media stories concocted from covert intelligence sources. Often, CIA and MI6 don’t mind black washing themselves as long as the desired emotional and psychological effect upon the general pubic is achieved.

In truth, all the better to spread the viruses of confusion, cognitive dissonance, and chiefly fear.

It doesn’t matter – these intelligence monsters often reason – whether John Q. Public is afraid of CIA or some bogus terrorist construct dreamed up in the twisted minds of those holed away in Langley’s office cubicles and sub-departments toiling in front of banks of computer screens – as long as the masses remain frozen in fear over some ominous threat – whether legitimate or imagined.

After all, fear and uncertainty stimulate the flow of commerce, and keep profits flowing into the coffers of the ruling elite family monopolies the global intelligence octopus is designed to protect.

Studies conducted by both Tavistock Institute and Stanford Research Center have determined, that when mass psychological trauma is deliberately induced, very often the first impulse of the targeted victim is to rush out to the local shopping malls to buy more useless material rubbish in a spontaneous and possibly desperate effort to stimulate those pleasure centers of the human brain most associated with instant emotional gratification.

This is the psychological conditioning utilized repeatedly on the masses to keep the integrity of the global uniform commercial status quo perpetually intact.

In consideration of this, was the Lockerbie air disaster a deliberately designed psychological operation?

Read on folks, then decide.  Continue reading “Was Lockerbie disaster media sorcerer’s psychological operation?”

America’s war for independence: revolution or hoax? (Part III)

America’s war for independence: revolution or hoax? (Part III)

Perhaps many patriotic Americans will dismiss the controversial premise found in this penultimate examination of the American revolution and its most renowned revolutionary figures. But, as became evident in the previous installment concerning Benjamin Franklin, America’s cherished founders may not have been who scholarly historical documentation claims.

In the case of George Washington, often labeled the founder of America, the gulf between objective fact and mythical historical portrayal shall prove to be sharply drawn. That Washington was a land holding aristocrat and not numbered among the hoi polloi shall not prove to be a profound revelation.

However, the actual identity of America’s founder shall no doubt prove shocking.

More revealing still is what the history books have generally omitted concerning the biographical details of Washington’s life and military record prior to the start of America’s alleged revolutionary conflict with Great Britain.

Indeed, one shall soon discover, the historical accounts of Washington’s life, and that of the military victory over Great Britain, may have been wholly cut from mythical cloth. Continue reading “America’s war for independence: revolution or hoax? (Part III)”


As promised in part IV, one shall continue to examine connections between members of the classic pop act the Rolling Stones and British royalty. Many, will no doubt consider the ultimate conclusion as to the true identity behind the host actor portraying Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards as pure absurdity. One supposes, that outcome alone, is truly testament to the global media sorcerer’s mastery of hypnotic power of suggestion. And yet, it is that very spellbinding power of media hypnosis, chiefly prevents the general public from ever thinking too critically in attempting to examine celebrity biographies. In the case of Keith Richards, even the most cursory of analysis reveals gross biographical anomalies. Often, one doesn’t consider blindness until the blindfold has been removed and thoroughly discarded.

Now, one shall attempt to permanently remove the mask, that for over the star spangled course of a hit making career spanning fifty years, has so well managed to obscure the true identity of one of pop musics most charismatic, and in many ways, enigmatic characters.

One may be shocked to discover, the true identity of the rock legend known as Keith Richards, has been hiding in plain sight for decades.   Continue reading “ACTORS IN HISTORY’s GRAND STAGE PLAY (part V)”

Grenfell tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition (part II)

Grenfell tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition (part II)

Yet again, a major mainstream crisis event has been successfully manufactured.


This time, however, for the purposes of satisfying multiple agendas. Blinded by emotionalism over the mainstream news narrative, critical analysis largely escapes the general public. The premise of the free masonic order is deception, and with the Grenfell tower inferno hoax, the shepherd is herding the sheep once again. While the masses quibble and remain divided over mundane ideological, gender, social and economic differences, the ruling elites, through their favorite tactic of pantomime theater, are trying their best to incite reactionary violence. For, they know that psychological weapons are far deadlier than bullets.   Continue reading “Grenfell tower inferno hoax: controlled demolition (part II)”