Delving back into the mists of time, the ‘Iran-Contra affair’ seems all but faded from the American historical memory.

And yet, at the time, it was a crisis that threatened to derail a presidency, much as Watergate had more than a decade before.

More so than any other story, tailor-made to entrance the public, the Iran-Contra affair seemed purposely convoluted, almost to the point of incomprehensibility.

However, like the Watergate scandal, the story sold to the public by the mainstream media sorcerers was filled with anomalies. Turns out, this was done so that the public, entranced with sorting through the intricate web of story lines, and colorful characters, would never see the truth lurking behind the backstage curtain. Like so much, if not all of American history,  the Iran-Contra affair was, in truth, a scripted hoax. One would do well to remember, after all, before his election as American president, Ronald Reagan made his living in Hollywood as an actor. This installment, shall kill two birds with one stone, as it were, in examining not only the blatant hoax known as the Iran-Contra affair, but the staged attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.

Stay tuned folks, this one shall, no doubt, represent a play by play unraveling of historical lies in the post-truth, twenty-first century era.

Ronny stars in his own assassination film

What better way to focus public attentions, than to stage a presidential assassination? After all, echoes of the maudlin melodrama, generated by the grand theatrics created in Dealy Plaza in 1963, are still being heard today. One must understand, the ruling elites, through the clever utilization of their media organs, constantly work to shape human perception and consciousness. In 1981, former California governor, and Hollywood B movie actor, Ronald Reagan, had just been swept in to the oval office on the strength of a virtual landslide popular vote. But, ballooning unemployment numbers, and a population that was growing politically disaffected, quickly began to dampen the sunny optimism of Reagan’s campaign rhetoric.

The natives grow restless

As a result of growing national discontent, Reagan’s approval quotient began to plummet soon after his election, leaving those in his administration in charge of public perception management, scrambling to concoct damage control. Things did not get much better for the Hollywood president, when his own Vice President, former CIA director and future president George H. W. ‘Poppy’ Bush, slipped up before a national audience on ‘Meet the Press’, and referred to Reagan’s economic policies as ‘voodoo economics’.

Conferencing to arrive at what could best be done to mitigate these ongoing issues, Reagan’s administration, no doubt taking into consideration he was a former and accomplished Hollywood actor, decided there was nothing like a dose of melodrama to spruce up their bosses approval ratings.

Additionally, the public sympathy afforded the chief executive at the hands of a ruthless assassin, proved invaluable in distracting the public away from paramount issues, which while foremost in their minds, were nonetheless negatively effecting the popularity of the president. They couldn’t afford to allow the people to look with disfavor upon the Actor in Chief, now could they?

After all, perception is reality in high politics.

Moreover, there was the gun control issue, just then beginning to rear its ugly head. With the FBI deliberately spiking urban crime rate statistics, the public was being conditioned to perceive armed madmen may exist around every bend, waiting to cause murderous mayhem. Better that the public remain unaware, the ruling elites pillage their tax dollars with impunity, and a concocted boogeyman always works to conceal the high crimes and felonious chicaneries of those sitting on the thrones of the mighty. As usual, the ruling elites had an epic story line ready to go the moment the assassin’s bullets struck the president. Heroic tales of surgeons fighting to revive a flagging Reagan while lying on his death bed were repeated ad nauseam.

Looking at the news footage of the assassination attempt, one became befuddled as to why anyone with two brain cells still functioning bought this obviously staged nonsense. In fact, if observed very closely at 1:50:32 in the following video, on a frame by frame basis, one can see Reagan, shielded by a host of swarming secret service, being shoved into the back of his awaiting car and swept away. The director’s cue for the action to begin, with the camera’s perfectly positioned to catch the scripted drama about to unfold, is the woman clearly heard to say, “President Reagan.”

In truth, this hastily thrown together production of the Reagan assassination attempt, comparatively speaking, makes the Zapruder film look like Citizen Kane.

It turns out, other than Ronny Reagan, there were other actors portraying roles that day. It can now be reported, the host actor starring in the role of assassin John Hinckley Jr., has been identified as Vincent D’ Onforio. D’ Onforio went on to a noted film and television career, most notably starring in Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 Vietnam war film Full Metal Jacket as crazed marine recruit Private Pyle, who ironically, murders his drill Sergeant just before he is sent into the rice patties overseas as cannon fodder for the Vietcong. As usual, real gun legislation was drafted in the wake of the assassination hoax that came to be known as the ‘Brady Bill’. Speaking of Reagan Press Secretary James Brady, it can now be reported his character and Mrs. Brady were respectively portrayed by host actors Ed Asner and Jean Stapleton. Anyone familiar with American television is cognizant both actors starred in the award winning, and long running, Norman Lear produced situation comedy, ‘All in the family’. Brady’s character was killed off exactly thirty-three years after the date of the assassination, on March 30, 1981 (that’s two 33’s in one event, adding to 66, or 6+6=12, or 777, the joker hoax code).

Ronald Reagan really was an actor!

And now, for the coup d grace, folks. It can now be reported, the host actor portrayed the president historians have uniformly lionized as a giant in American politics, was German billionaire Leo Kirch. Kirch’s genealogy, perhaps not surprisingly, traces back to several royal European houses, including that of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, which would make him an ancestor of the Rothschild ruling elite merchant banking family.

Things always have a way of coming full-circle, don’t they folks?

Iran-Contra hoax

The story of the Iran-Contra hoax is so convoluted, it may require one to employ a flow chart just to keep track of all the weaving story lines.

In truth, the story of Iran-Contra resembles something concocted from the minds of Hollywood scriptwriters on loan from some James Bond movie project. Suffice to say, there is always a method to the madness of the ruling elites in creating these elaborate public spectacles. The motive, this time, may have been to cover up CIA involvement in the international narcotics trade.

Or, Iran-Contra may have been created to draw the public’s attention away from the fact the Washington Times ( was about to publish a front page expose stating young male prostitutes had been seen coming and going from the White House with the regularity of Domino’s pizza deliveries. Nonetheless, one shall provide a thumbnail sketch of this interweaving narrative involving fake terrorists, fake hostages, and an actor, most likely a CIA operative, named Mehdi Bahremani (the elites love to mock the public with plays on words, in this case a bit of onomatopoeia, Mehdi Bahremani, or Me borrowed money, get it?)

The entire affair allegedly involved senior Reagan administration officials, who it is claimed, secretly facilitated the sale of arms to Iran, in the hope of using the proceeds to fund the Anti-Sandanista’s, or Contra’s, fighting in Nicaragua. The first clue this story is a hoax is the number of the hostages, 7 (the “G’ centered between the masonic square and compass), and the involvement of Hezbollah (Z, or the Kabbalah zayin, or 7, once again). In terms of numerology, that is two sevens, or 77, plus the date of the sale of arms, March 4, 1987 (March the third month and 4, the dallet or door of perception, 3+4=7, making for 777, the joker code strikes yet again).

As they say, folks, the devil is in the details, and the ruling elites, or high level criminals, love nothing more than to leave behind clues, hidden in plain sight.

One guesses, these royal clowns merely cannot help themselves.




26 thoughts on “Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XI)

    1. The reference to the character name is a direct reference to the 70’s television show, signaling the Reagan assassintation is but another theatrical television production produced by the masonic lodge masters.

      1. dude, don’t gloss over that shit, correct it or provide evidence that carol oconnor and asner were one in the same. just pointing out the sloppiness here….i know the reagan “assasination attempt” was a hoax long before i came across your site. oh….maybe your trying to murky the waters?

      2. dude, don’t gloss over that shit, correct it or provide evidence that carol oconnor and asner were one in the same. just pointing out the sloppiness here….i know the reagan “assasination attempt” was a hoax long before i came across your site. oh….maybe your trying to murky the waters?

      3. Since one has posed oneself as prosecuting attorney, one should be aware burden of proof does not ultimately lie with the defense, only the raising of reasonable doubt. Rather, burden of proof ultimately lies with the persons serving in high office portraying characters under pseudonyms, while claiming to possess verifiable birth monikers. Since, one claims to be aware of the actor based reality with regard to American politics, one would suggest, rather than allotting time and energy and losing oneself in emotional hysteria to nitpick the authenticity of one’s articles here online, time would be better spent petitioning the legal system in attempting to change the law, so that actors operating under pseudonyms will no longer be able to serve in high office.

  1. Perhaps even more fascinating here, is the involvement of renowned television producer Norman Lear. There is every indication, he may have been involved with other street theater psychological operations such as Ferguson and the Black Lives Matter controlled-opposition co-agitator movement. As for the Reagan administration, his reign as president was pure theater, nothing more.

  2. I hadn’t thought about before but, Ed Asner and Caroll O’Conner are close enough in age and looks to easily be the same actor. Definitely worth looking at, especially since Ed Asner is currently a government actor and has been for a number of years. Anyone in the Mary Tyler Moore crowd is probably suspect. Also, meathead (Rob Reiner) played Dr. Carver at Sandy Hook.

    1. As well Norman Lear is suspect, the executive producer of All in the Family, and other top rated television shows. Lear is also connected to Oprah Winfrey who was involved in the Ferguson hoax. It should be accentuated that all of the continued execution of these crisis drills, though unlawful, and morally suspect, are in fact legal. My next piece, How Crown Temple rules America, will explain why these crisis drills are legal, and additionally, why the legal system represents the ruling elites Achilles heal.

      1. Oprah Winfrey as well as Ellen Degenerate, Dr. Phil and many other daytime icons are all in on the game. Their shows are used to validate the fictional lives of their guests. There are numerous examples of this.

      2. That maybe, but here’s some information that isn’t so prevalent. Local police are now utilizing what is termed as ‘Beware’ spyware software algorithms to target individuals in the alternative media. This is done through police fusion centers compiling social media and blog post data to compile ‘threat assessment’ rating. I have an intuition NEMLAC is one of the private police non-profit groups one has written about that is currently test marketing this product.

      3. I am just thinking of the latest false flag school shooting very near to me….and the fact that we had a Monsanto murder here….local police are easily purchased.

      4. My overall theory is that the overall purpose of the spate of these Homeland security preparedness drills, sold to the public as actual emergencies, may have been to test these technologies. This is all tied in with the concept of big data, in cooperation with the telecoms, intelligence, and local law enforcement. The ruling elites are in the midst of setting up what have been termed as federal pre-crime initiatives. It is one’s understanding such initiatives have already been legislated in Canada and other selected US cities. All of this ‘big data’ floods into a military fusion center out in Utah, somewhere in the vicinity of Salt Lake, and is then filtered down to federal agencies and then to local law enforcement who have signed on to receive federal grants.

      5. What you are saying makes sense. It just seems like a lot of deception and a lot of fuss just for data collection. although I see data collection going on too. Two examples: the first is the Bundy Ranch and Oregon Standoff hoaxes. Legit independent militia was invited in to register themselves an their weapons in both of these incidents. Second, I see it in the study of the Cantwell Character. Listeners of his program are being encouraged to send him mail that won’t be accepted without a return address. Obviously…only a nut job would respond and who would be reading that mail since Cantwell is fake? Obviously the feds. So they could collect information on nut jobs with guns in this way. I live in an area known for independent militia. When I moved here 20 years ago there were militia…the government effectively eliminated them years ago. I really don’t think there is much real militia left anywhere…the 3% is a psy op. I am busy completely re doing my work on Cantwell since I was wrong. That happens sometimes with what I am doing…if I become unclear. I think I have him nailed now so it should be a much better presentation.

      6. One thing is certain, social media is being utilized for two distinct purposes, one for data collection to better increase corporate add revenues and tweak sales demographics, the other is to better test the technological capabilities of big data to improve law enforcement surveillance.

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