The actor based reality is indeed, all-pervasive. The character narrative of Michelle Obama continues to be a well-scripted screen play. But once again, the American public has been bamboozled into emotionally investing into yet another mythical, holographic construct they’ve mistaken for a flesh and blood icon.

With this installment, beyond merely identifying the host actor behind the myth, one shall endeavor to examine and speculate upon the grand implications of the phenomenon of the actor based reality, and what meaning its continued perpetuation may hold for the future of humanity.

The dawn of the new millennium brought with it the explosion of the commercial availability of digital technology.

The ensuing assault upon mankind’s cognitive perceptions has debilitated and distorted his ability to accurately discern objective reality and forced him – both collectively and individually – to go kicking and screaming into the dark maw of post-modern perceptual and cognitive relativism, and even dissonance.

One would submit, the existence of the character of Michelle Obama, stands as not only case in point, but a prime outcome of the philosophical solipsism underlying the forward thrust of this newly arrived post-modern era.

It would stand to reason, that with a CGI layered actor serving as president during the so-called Obama administration, the identity of the alleged First Lady may also become suspect. While there may be certain of those who may think the author relishes making such revelations, it simply isn’t the case.

It represents a tragedy, the American public has been subject to such a grand masquerade for so long, and even more tragically, it finds itself acutely stricken with cognitive dissonance in refusing to attempt to see it.

Be that as it may, the actor based reality persists; and will continue to persist, as long as the majority of the American public continue to cloud their minds with ideological identifications rather than objective analysis.

Political ideologies, whether identified with the extreme left or as it seems to be so commonly referred, the “alt-right,” represent fraudulent constructs, designed to busy the mind of those either too riven with lassitude or burdened with prevailing social pressures to arrive at their own objective conclusions.

Politics, like the phenomenon of the actor based reality, concerns itself primarily with theatrical distraction and distorting deceptions. And, it is pertinent to point out, those claiming allegiance with one political extreme or the other, when pressed, find it difficult to grasp the inherent contradictions and logical fallacies of the artificially created philosophies with which they’ve chosen to so adamantly identify.

Just as within every field of human endeavor monopolized by the ruling elite families, heroes, icons, and even myths are created, images which draw the emotional investment of that majority unaware, they are being distracted by a media-driven illusion.

The illusion of Michelle Obama exists as one such heavily promoted icon, designed to keep the majority from ever contemplating, that beneath the superficial ideological façade of left versus right, exists a cabal of thirteen families who don’t require their votes or emotional support to maintain their hegemony. The only thing they require is that the majority regularly participate in their globally connected economic, political and commercial system, and that the masses continue to pay tribute in the form of tax dollars.


Anomalous factors permeate the biography of Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, and once again, a numerological analysis indicates her image represents a fabricated and modified character ruse. Michelle Obama sums to 99 in English Ordinal gematria (99=66/occult mirrored reversal/12/21/777/intelligence joker code). The English Ordinal sum of her middle names, LaVaughn and Robinson is 192 (12/21/777) which sums to 6 in Reverse Ordinal (33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

It would seem, the ruling elite’s scribes who formulated Obama’s official biographies are broadcasting a message to those who can see through the illusion of the actor based reality.

Other pertinent details of Obama’s biography are also similarly coded with numerology.

Born on January 17, 1964 (666/1964=29/2 9’s/99/66/12/21/777), we are told she matriculated and was graduated from both Princeton and Harvard Law School.

Both of these institution’s campuses have proved themselves to be not only intelligence recruiting grounds, but there exists substantive documentation to prove both institutions have received millions in government grants over a long succession of decades to carry out pernicious and even sinister social and science based experimentations (See: Weather weapons unleash war on America (Part II).

After graduation, Obama’s official biographies go on to inform that her early career as a licensed attorney while allegedly called to the Temple bar was spent at the legal firm of Sidley & Austin, where it is claimed, she worked primarily on marketing and intellectual property law. It is also alleged Sidley & Austin is where she met her future husband and the man who would become America’s 44th US president, Barack Obama.

It is interesting to note that marketing is listed in many of her mainstream biographies as one of Obama’s job descriptions while allegedly employed at Sidley & Austin. This is pertinent primarily because as it turns out, the success and effectiveness of her perceived character image, and of her entire career, owes itself almost entirely to the expedient and conceptual deployment of marketing.

In 1991, it is alleged Obama held public sector positions in the Chicago city government as an assistant to the Mayor’s office, and served on a committee dedicated to the city’s planning and development. One shall take note, that in the case of Michelle Obama, as in seemingly all the cases of such high-profile public figures examined in past installments, her official resume, prior to becoming America’s First Lady, appears to list a preponderance of vague job titles entailing rather nebulous job descriptions.

This seems telltale, in so far as such job titles seem to imply no actual or greater utility, other than existing for the sole purpose of padding an official resume for the sake of appearances, and to satisfy the rather incurious and superficial impressions of those belonging to the general public.

Curiously, in 1993, it is claimed Obama was appointed Executive Director for the Chicago office of “Public Allies,” a non-profit organization that was designed, per Wikipedia, “to encourage young people to work on social issues in non-profit groups and government agencies.”

Recall that, significant empirical evidence has been produced detailing how such “non-profit” groups are designed as tax-payer funded vehicles, and stalking horses, for the advancement of certain social and political agendas of paramount importance or of great interest to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Loyal readers have observed this method of operation detailed before.

Though fronted by colorful and attractive celebrity cults of personality, and while heavily promoted and made to appear benign and even altruistic, such “non-profits” are merely  tax-payer funded criminal operations through which social and political agendas proved counter-productive, and ultimately destructive to the general public’s vested interests are incrementally advanced.

In essence, the tax payer and the general public – while conditioned through the pervasive promotional influence of the MSM into psychological compliance – are conned into consenting to the covert and ulterior motives that contribute to their own demise and destabilization.

Obama’s documented involvement with “Public Allies” is demonstrative of the ruling elite’s method of operation when creating bona fides for their manufactured or mythical characters.

Recall too, prior to the JFK “assassination,” the character of Lee Harvey Oswald was set up by CIA through their sub-departments and associated private contractors to pose as a representative of the “Fair Play for Cuba Committee.” In the wake of the assassination, this narrative detail conditioned the public to believe, through the power of suggestion, that the character scripted to portray Oswald, “the communist sympathizer,” was in fact the president’s assassin.

Similarly, it appears the character of Michelle Obama, from her earliest character incarnations, was being prepared to appear as a proto social justice warrior, a role which would prepare the character for her larger public role as presidential First Lady.

Thus far, like the character that would later portray her husband and America’s 44th president, Barack Hussein Obama AKA Osama bin-Laden/Tim Osmond AKA television comedian Jerry Seinfeld,  it appears that like Oswald, Michelle Obama was set up as a government funded corporation, a controlled social change agent or perhaps even an agent provocateur.

Regarding Obama’s alleged career in the law profession, two immediate elements come into play.

Primarily, since 1993, Obama’s license to practice law has been put on “voluntary inactive status.”

As one shall soon discover, this euphemistic description is simply a veil, a disguise to hide a verifiable likelihood the character known as Michelle Obama never had a license to practice law to begin with.

Every pertinent source of biographical information seems to have conveniently arrived at a consensus concerning the status of Obama’s law license. It is claimed she continues to hold her license, but as she no longer needed it for her work subsequent to 1993, she has opted to keep it on an inactive status.

Secondarily, the Chicago law firm where Obama briefly served as an associate, Sidley & Austin, was embroiled in the Savings and Loan crisis of the 1980’s and 1990’s, for which its legal partners reportedly paid out several millions to settle legal malpractice claims emanating from its representation of the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association.

But in looking at the biographical details of the law firm’s culpability in this massive scandal, it seems such details are, like those of Obama, their former alleged associate, coded with numerology.

According to mainstream sources such as Forbes magazine, Obama’s former law firm of Sidley & Austin, as well several others held culpable, paid a total of 7.5 million (12/21/777) to settle outstanding legal malpractice claims due to their representation of the offending Lincoln Savings and Loan Association.

Does this imply the scandal itself was a hoax?

Not exactly, folks. It is only indicative of disinformation or an outright cover.

It is far more likely, the story of the savings and loan scandal was a cover story concocted by the mainstream media. It is also interesting to note that, Mary Todd Lincoln, another of America’s first lady’s, was among the first clients of Sidley & Austin soon after its inception in 1866.

Of course, loyal readers have now become aware that, not only was Abraham Lincoln a mythical character portrayed by a prominent member of the Rockefellers, his entire administration was nothing more than a front for the monopolizing industrial expansions of the Rockefeller family. This bit of information therefore, brings the entire history of Michelle Obama’s former law firm into question.

The entire story of the Savings and Loan scandal of decades ago seems to have been predicated on the deregulation of risk-taking loans made from the savings depositors.

In truth, since the Federal Reserve Act of the early part of the American 20th century, banks have been able to legally issue mortgages, small business, and other personal loans, at up to tens times the amount of deposits on hand during the course of any annual financial quarter.

They want you to believe, what occurred during the alleged savings and loan scandal was the result of anomalous circumstances, when in fact, such circumstances have been business as usual since the time of the Federal Reserve Act.

This is the magic sleight of hand the mainstream media and their manufactured scandals perform. While informing the public gross criminality is due in part to the ill-behavior of a “few bad apples,” they are hiding from the public what they don’t want them to know.

Meanwhile, what they don’t or won’t tell you, is that the entire financial premise of the Federal Reserve system, though legal, is unlawfully corrupt.

These stories are manufactured, precisely so that not only will the general public believe the American Justice system is interested in looking out for the financial interests of the middle-class home owners and small business owners, but such media-driven psychological operations serve to bolster the prevailing perception that any banking malfeasance or other illegalities will be readily investigated and summarily adjudicated.

Of course, the entire thrust of the S&L scandal shields anyone from ever entertaining the notion that the entire Federal Reserve system is a criminal operation run by a cabal of criminals to benefit the criminal’s interests over those of the American general public.

This story was created to preclude the public from ever investigating or becoming even slightly suspicious something may be amiss with the general business practices of the Federal Reserve and their associated merchant and commercial subsidiaries.

Such dramatic stories hide from the pubic the knowledge that banks create money out of nothing, then, in loaning it out to not only individuals but businesses at a biting rate, they reap enormous profits, exponentially increasing their capital gains.

However, if you, for example, decided to create money out of nothing, and loan it out to your friends and community at exorbitant interest rates, you would be charged with counterfeiting, arrested, prosecuted, and then sentenced to a very long term in federal prison.

Scandals like the savings and loan are manufactured to prevent the public from ever finding out, that while their regular savings deposits collect only a minimal interest rate, those same deposits are regularly and legally loaned out at ten times their value at a significantly marked-up interest rate.

When for example, a mortgage is defaulted, the bank as a legal representative of the federal government via the FDIC, can then legally seizes your home and your property. Banks regularly target home owners with marginal financial resources, knowing in advance, over time, they will be unable to pay the interest on the principal.

They are also well aware, the ensuing loan default will garner legal repossession of both the land and the house, which with the complicity of the courts, can be seized for a pittance, and profitably resold at as much as three to five times its market value.

This is also how banks within the Federal Reserve/Crown Temple global financial system, from the principal collected on loan interests – during the compilation of their quarterly reports – can claim profits that on paper are subsequently transformed to appear as positive growth capital.

Meanwhile, the character image of Michelle Obama, the social justice warrior, the strong role model to woman, the fashion icon, poses as the vacuously smiling front person for the gross criminality of a global cabal of ruling elite vampires intent on draining the lifeblood of America until it resembles a bloodless carcass.

But who is really behind the mask of the 44th US president’s former first lady?


Michelle Obama:

Halle Berry:

The Michelle Obama character is a heavily modified version of the host actor, Halle Berry, but comparative facial recognition analysis was still able to identify marked similarities in the geometry of the eyes, lips and nasal cavities.

Regarding Obama’s eyes, it appears as if they have been heavily mascaraed. It also appears that synthetic eyelashes and hair extensions have been applied in helping to fully formulate the Michelle Obama character.

Comparative voice recognition also demonstrates marked similarities of pitch, tone, and vocal nuance. Though there seems to exist a consensus among some, indicating Michelle Obama is a man in drag, those making such claims don’t seem to understand that the LGBTQ agenda, heavily promoted by the MSM, is merely a CIA created psychological operation designed for the digital age as a cover for the ongoing actor based reality.

The ruling elites don’t care about the rights of anyone, including those of the LGBTQ community, they only appear to.

They only want those numbered among the masses to keep buying into their global commercial system, to keep paying their taxes while remaining unquestioningly obedient to and dependent on the government, and well-subscribed to the tortured dialectical propaganda of their shopworn political and socio-cultural ideologies.

If there is anyone still not familiar with the ruling elite’s methods of how they prefer to subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) leave behind a myriad of pertinent clues as to their monstrous deceptions, here is but another example.

The following video excerpt has the character of the former first lady candidly informing a British television audience how, during her tenure as first lady, she constantly worried about “imposter syndrome.”







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  1. Michelle Obama is also portrayed by New Zealand actress Lucy Lawless. Another Hollywood star in blackface.

    As for the “tranny” question, Joan Rivers was famous for “outing” Michelle Obama as a transvestite many years ago. Rivers “died” shortly after the staged expose of the then-First Lady. As I’m sure you are aware, the whole thing was a psyop, including Joan’s death, which was faked.

    1. Yes, I’ve happened to notice the host actors are frequently switched out. This has been the case with Hillary Clinton and, lately, I also believe Martin Sheen may be portraying the public role of “Donald J. Trump”. As we both know, all of these high-level public figures are merely fabricated character schemes. Regarding Rivers, I believe you’re correct, both about her comment about the first lady and about her death, which, most likely, was a staged ruse.

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