Yet another novel attraction has been brought into the carnival known as American politics.

Rest assured, though the American public has been repeatedly told of her glittering biographical backstory, “Kamala Harris” – recently named as the official running mate of democratic presidential nominee “Joe Biden” – is a phantom made to appear as material living color, a popular image created for the grand theatrical stage which we have come to recognize as the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Yes, folks, “Kamala” is a fabricated character scheme currently portrayed by a Hollywood actress, one who has co-starred in cinematic productions with the likes of Liam Neeson, Leonardo di Caprio, and the Jesuit trained (Fordham University) Denzel Washington.

Furthermore, there exists circumstantial evidence, her political character’s pseudonym was drawn from, or, perhaps, was inspired by the name of a fictional movie character portrayed by a child actor who, in 2019, co-starred with Kamala Harris’s host actor.

Though the “official” biographies of “Kamala Harris” tell us her racial profile derives from Indian and African-American emanations, these details have merely been scripted and tailormade for a fabricated character scheme.

In fact, as shall be proved  – like Barack Obama (AKA Jerry Seinfeld) – the biographical racial profile attributed to the fabricated characterization(s) of “Kamala Harris”  is fraudulent, a cynical manipulation which was designed for the purpose of political image making.

Yes, folks, the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families, owners of the US corporation, have, once again, successfully endeavored to gaslight the American general public.


As has been detailed and proved previously, the US presidential contest is tantamount to “bread and circus”, a cinematic production.

America’s White House is merely a movie set and, “Kamala Harris”, the newly announced vice presidential nominee, is an actress cast in a scripted production.

Before delving into the “official” details found in the biographies of “Kamala Harris”, it should be noted that, although the following anecdotal nugget has been omitted from her “official” biographies, Harris has ties to San Francisco University, a Jesuit founded institution.

According to Wikipedia, since 1927, the SFU campus has been located “on the site of a former masonic cemetery.”

The following video excerpt, posted immediately below, features Harris’s guest commencement address, which she delivered to graduating students and attending faculty on the SFU campus, back in 2009.



Beginning, approximately, at the one minute mark of the video, “Kamala Harris” delivers what could be construed as telltale remarks concerning what the influence of the Jesuit order has meant to her burgeoning career in politics: “The University of San Francisco has always held a special place in my heart. The air, of course, is so fresh up here on the hilltop. And I can tell you, that many a day, I found sanctuary on this campus.”


Yes, folks, that is an esoteric reference to Capitoline Hill, or, the Seven Hills of Rome, the location of Vatican City which, as everyone has learned, is under the complete control of the Jesuit order. Though historical texts inform that the city of San Francisco was named after Saint Francis of Assisi, a Franciscan monk, the region which came to be known as the state of California was claimed by the Spanish royal throne and the throne of Charles I, the Holy Roman emperor, with the help of a Spanish Ducal nobleman, the 3rd Superior Jesuit General, Francis Borgia.


Since the 16th century, the Borgia family line has contributed many popes, cardinals, as well as kings and queens to both papal and royal thrones. Their great political influence, on the whole of Europe and the world, can still be felt today. The Borgia family – through Pope Alexander VI – was responsible for patronizing the arts, and commissioned the works of both Michelangelo and Raphael. The royal Borgia coat of arms features the symbolism of the Bull.

Borgia Coat of Arms:

The Borgia family, of course, is numbered among the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Referring back to the video, displayed above, everyone will note, while nervously flourishing with her hands (an habitual mannerism the fabricated character of “Kamala Harris” shares in common with her Hollywood host actor) Harris – like any actress struggling to remember her lines – begins to fumble with her delivery, but attempts to compensate for it with a grin, or, rather, duping delight.

As everyone will also surely notice, throughout her entire address, Harris appears to demonstrate an especially acute case of duper’s delight.

During her performance in the video, it even appears, at times, as if Harris is struggling to stay in character.

However, since Harris’s host actor is a well-accomplished, highly-skilled, and veteran Hollywood performer, she manages to soldier on, regaining her composure to stay in character, just well enough to convincingly deliver a good reading of the script prepared for her.

“Um – because I was just out of law school – and it was here, at USF, that I studied for the bar exam.”

Did you really, Kamala?

Wikipedia claims otherwise, chronicling that Harris’s undergraduate studies – economics, political science – were performed at Howard University in Washington D.C., while her post-graduate studies were conducted at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.

Nevertheless, the considerable time Harris testifies to having spent at USF “studying for her bar exam” is an important detail which has been curiously omitted from Harris’s “official” biographies.

Not surprisingly, this crucial biographical anecdote has also been thoroughly ignored by the hacks at Wikipedia whom secretly publish on behalf of their covert masters at Langley’s CIA.

Wonder why?

Could it be, Harris’s biographers have been told to keep the identity of her true benefactors – the Jesuit order – hidden from the American general public as a complete and total mystery?

But the following quote from Harris’s USF address, perhaps, registers as most telltale of all: “And unfortunately, I remember those days like they were yesterday. My friends would come up here with me to the mountains and – basically – sequester. And sitting day after day at those long wooden tables in those hardbacked chairs in that dimly lit library, it felt like we were doing penance for some serious sin.”

The beseeching of penance from a priest is a religious practice common to the Catholic church which, of course, is headquartered in Rome at the Vatican, a principality controlled by the Jesuits. Yet – as shall be explained further, a bit later – Harris’s official biographers claim she was a devotee of Hinduism during her formative years.

After delivering that dubious anecdote, at precisely the 1:50 mark, everyone will witness and hear more nervous laughter from Harris. Then, following her statement about performing “penance”, Harris says this: “And you can believe me, there was a whole lot of praying going on.”

The former section of that statement, “And you can believe me”, sounds almost as if “Kamala” is not only attempting to convince the audience, filled with Jesuit clergy and administrators, of her religious devotion but, as well, herself.

During the latter part of her statement, “there was a whole lot of praying going on”, Harris’s voice acquires a distinctively African-American timbre and rhythm. It is at this juncture of the video, everyone is able to witness the theatrical skills of Harris’s host actor (Live Role Player).

It is to be expected, however, the actress discovered to be in portrayal of “Kamala Harris” should be well-accustomed to such character adaptations.

After all, as everyone shall soon learn, the actress chosen for Harris’s role was nominated for Hollywood’s most prestigious honor – the Academy Award.


The name of “Kamala”, in English Ordinal gematria, sums to 39 which, when added together, equals 12, or, when also applied to the occult concept of mirrored reversal, equals 21 or 3 7’s/777.

777, as everyone has learned, is a “magical” number associated with the infamous occultist and British MI5 counter-intelligence agent, Alistair Crowley.

The surname of “Harris” sums to 73 in English Ordinal gematria which, when, again, applied to the occult concept of mirrored reversal, also equals 3 7’s or, of course, Alistair Crowley’s 777.

It becomes clear, the character fabrication of “Kamala Harris” was cynically fabricated to symbolically represent the tirelessly touted concepts of religious “diversity” and racial “multi-culturalism”.

From the standpoint of a purely political analysis, however, it could also be said, Harris’s character was formulated as a cynical manipulation to appease the programmed ideological expectations of political progressives, those most likely to cast their vote, in November, for the Democratic presidential ticket.

As one’s loyal visitors and readers have discovered, both sides of the political aisle have been fooled.

Both “Donald J. Trump” and “Joe Biden”, it has been proved through extensive ear biometric, facial recognition and image comparison analysis, are character fabrications portrayed by Brian Williams AKA Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi, the “late” prince of the principality of Monaco.

SEE: The Resurrection of a Chameleon Prince

Regarding “Diversity” and “Multi-culturalism”, these, of course, are Marxist ideological concepts, wholly conceived by scholars at the behest of those at the highest levels of the Jesuit order.

According to America, the Jesuit Review Magazine, Harris “was raised on {both} Hinduism and Christianity.”


The article, published at the Jesuit Review, goes on to inform us that, “Her {Harris} mother, Shyamala Gopalan, was from Chennai, India; her father, Donald Harris, from Jamaica. The two met as graduate students at the University of California, Berkley.”

Yes folks, you read that correctly.

The University of California, at Berkley, the very same Jesuit institution that offered up to the world the CIA/Jesuit trained counter-culture (intelligence) LSD guru, Timothy Leary, an acolyte of, none other than, the infamous 20th century occultist, Alistair Crowley (AKA Sir Winston Churchill).

SEE: Your spell is broken, Mister Crowley

According, also, to the Jesuit Review, “Her {Harris’s} name, Kamala, means ‘lotus’ in Sanskrit, and is another name for the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi.”

What the Jesuit publication fails to mention, however, is that the Lotus flower is also symbolic of the birth and resurrection of the Sun God, Osiris.

Those at the very highest echelons of the Jesuit order are worshipers of the Sun, through which, according to both masonic and occult lore, arrives Lucifer, the light of the world.

The logo of the Jesuit order features the rising Sun.

Logo of the Jesuit order

Regarding Harris’s name, there is yet another clue which exists within the biographies of the Hollywood actor who has been positively identified as her host actor. This Oscar nominated actress, as recently as 2019, starred in When They See Us, a crime web television series which appeared on Netflix. One of her co-stars in that production was Caleel Harris, a child actor and voice actor performance artist who was under contract to Nickelodeon, a television network owned by Disney Corporation.


Before becoming named as the presumptive vice presidential nominee, “Kamala Harris” served as California’s Attorney General.

While serving in that office, a number of controversies plagued Harris’s tenure.

One such controversy involved Planned Parenthood, a taxpayer funded organization which, it has been proved, traffics in aborted infant body parts, or, as some of the organization’s executives recently testified while under oath, “specimens”.




But how did “Kamala Harris”, then serving as California’s Attorney General, respond to the news of Planned Parenthood’s apparent criminal activities?

Rather than ordering her office to investigate the allegations further, Harris’s office maneuvered to bring a legal suit against the whistleblowers who brought the information to public light.


But, it turns out, the appointment of “Kamala Harris” as California’s Attorney General was only being used as a conspicuous lightning rod for public backlash.

How can we be assured of this?

Hidden behind the public face of “Kamala Harris”, was Georgetown-educated Jeffery Tsai, an Esquire of the Crown Temple, who served as Kamala Harris’s chief assistant and chief council in California’s office of the Attorney General.

Rest assured, behind the scenes, as a Jesuit-educated Esquire, sworn to the Crown Temple Bar in the City of London and Partner at the powerful law firms of DLA Piper LLP and Alston & Bird LLP, it was Jeffery Tsai making the actual executive decisions in the California Attorney General’s office during the tenure of “Kamala Harris”.

According to his official biographies, Jeffery Tsai was educated at both Georgetown University, the most prestigious Jesuit institution of higher learning in America, and the University of Texas at Austin which, for decades, has historically served as a recruitment source for CIA, while its campus has been utilized as a staging ground for the purpose of executing psychological operations.


SEE also: All Along the Black Magic Clocktower

Historically, the Jesuit order – as a common tactic – has always used the creation of theatrical fronts to successfully implement their social and political agendas.

As shall soon be proved, the personae and public image of “Kamala Harris” fits that description.

From the beginning of her “career” in public life, “Kamala Harris” has been nothing more than a fabricated character modification scheme, a product of smoke and mirrors.

From the beginning, Harris’s Jesuit masters, at the University of San Francisco, were well-cognizant that, under the terms and conditions of presiding Admiralty Law, she could never be held ultimately and legally accountable.

While reading the following article, made available at the link immediately below, everyone will readily observe the narrative content of the published “story” supports the hypothetical premise that, indeed, “Kamala Harris” is merely a fabricated Trojan horse portrayed by a Hollywood actor, a fabricated character which was created and continues to act under the control of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate.



Yes, folks, though the “story” – featured in the article, available at the link immediately above – everyone just read may be a complete fabrication and rife with telltale gematria and masonic symbolism, the veil of theatrical spectacle has always been utilized to hide the global hegemony of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

In essence, folks, through the presentation of an absurdly conceived story promoted by an MSM news source, nevertheless, everyone is being told, exactly, for whom the fabricated character scheme known to the American general public as “Kamala Harris” truly works for and to whom she owes her allegiance.


In the following video, featuring remarks from Democratic Vice Presidential nominee “Kamala Harris”, everyone will notice, beginning at approximately 2:19, Harris conspicuously resorts to gesturing with her hands to accent her vocal phrasing while delivering her scripted remarks.

Regarding those “remarks”, everyone will also notice Harris accentuates certain talking points: “pandemic” and “racial division”. Harris fails to mention, however, these are scenarios which, of course, have been deliberately conceived and meticulously executed by her covert masters – the Jesuit order – in the form of psychological operations.

Harris’s masters, of course, are those whom populate the highest levels of the Jesuit order.

Also, while sharply attuning aural senses, everyone should take note of the pitch, timbre, and rhythm of Harris’s voice, which, as shall be demonstrated, exactly matches the cadence, tone, and unique pitch of the voice belonging to that of the award-winning Hollywood actress portraying Harris’s host actor.

In the following video excerpt, beginning at approximately 20 seconds, everyone will notice the featured Hollywood actress resorting to Harris’s identical accenting hand gestures. Also, take especial notice, each time, whenever these particular hand gestures are observed – physical mannerisms which can be readily observed as conspicuously common between both Harris and her host actor – the frequency of their deployment  exactly mirrors the rhythm of the actor’s vocal cadence(s).


In the following image, available at the link immediately below, everyone will notice there exist distinct facial landmarks spreading across the neck region of “Kamala Harris”, facial landmarks which are also identically common to her award-winning Hollywood host actor.

Kamala Harris:

In the next image, everyone, while concentrating ocular senses upon the neck region, will readily notice the identical facial landmarks appearing on the neck region of Harris’s host actor.

Correspondingly, further and extensive facial recognition, image comparison, and voice comparison analysis, prove, beyond shadow of doubt, “Kamala Harris” is a character fabrication scheme portrayed by award-winning Hollywood actress, Vera Farmiga.

Kamala Harris:

Vera Farmiga:

The US presidential elections are merely theatrical productions, distracting and obstructive veils to conceal the genuine owners of the US corporate government: the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families and their minions counted among the Jesuit order at the Vatican, in Rome.

No matter for whom you cast your vote, they always win.





81 thoughts on “A Front Row Ticket to Kamala’s Carnival

  1. Truth be told, any and all poli-tic-al hopeful will have their closet looked through with a magnifying glass – with no corner left out.
    In the end – it’s all a moot point… these people are ‘selected’ to do things, OR will be sacrificed (sometimes even both) once their usefulness is over.

    1. Thanks for your continued interest in the articles published at Newsspell. I would submit, what, exactly, the candidates are “selected” to promote – the social and political agendas of the thirteen ruling families, the owners of the US corporation – can hardly be defined as “moot”.

  2. Good find. I’m not that familiar with Vera Farmiga, but her voice and mannerisms are spot on. Also noticed that Kamala smiled when she said “coalition of conscience” (CC = 33), a strange buzzword for the rioters…

    1. Yes, regarding Harris’s (AKA Farmiga’s) statement – an odd choice of words, indeed – you’re correct about the gematria. That particular number seems to be ubiquitous.

      1. I also suggest you should cover the French Revolution and the many anomalies in that story as well. Having done some research on the event, it is apparently obvious that it was nothing more than a massive masonic deception ran by the same families who also were behind countless other fake revolutions and wars throughout the world.

        I and others have also uncovered many of the persons involved in that hoax to also be mere simulated characters created out of thin air, such as Marie-Antoinette, for example, who was a fictional royal played by an English aristocrat known to us as Maria Fitzherbert, the “secret” wife of George IV, son of “The Mad King” George III who also allegedly played George Washington of the American Revolution fame. And her husband, Louis XVI, was also another fictitious character who was portrayed by the same host actor that played his younger brother, Louis XVIII aka the Comte de Provence or ‘Monsieur’, German architect David Gilly, and German poet Hölderlin.

        Even Lafayette was a fictional character who was portrayed by the same host actor that portrayed “Founding Father” Thomas Jefferson – and both men drafted and signed the “Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen” in 1789, the year the French Revolution broke out, btw.

        The French Revolution hoax:

        Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette:

        Marie-Antoinette and Maria Fitzherbert:

        One such anomaly is the storming of the Bastille on 7/14/1789. According to the mainstream story, it all began when the French king, Louis XVI, sacked his top advisor, Swiss banker Jacques Necker, from his role as a minister of finance. This enraged the Parisian populace and the newly formed National Assembly took concerted efforts with the support of the mob to destroy the Bastille prison, an ancient fortress, and usurp political power in the capital. Apparently, the king did nothing about the chaos until days after the event. The story starts to crumble from the first few sentences on the screen. For one thing, to say that a disgruntled, hungry population revolted because their leader thrown a banker under the bus makes no sense on any level. It is like saying that people will protest in front of the White House or the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. because Donald Trump fired a Goldman-Sachs executive from his advisory role in his cabinet. When has a banker ever been a representative of the “common” people?

        “News of Necker’s dismissal reached Paris on the afternoon of Sunday, 12 July. The Parisians generally presumed that the dismissal marked the start of a coup by conservative elements. Liberal Parisians were further enraged by the fear that a concentration of Royal troops—brought in from frontier garrisons to Versailles, Sèvres, the Champ de Mars, and Saint-Denis—would attempt to shut down the National Constituent Assembly, which was meeting in Versailles. Crowds gathered throughout Paris, including more than ten thousand at the Palais-Royal. Camille Desmoulins successfully rallied the crowd by “mounting a table, pistol in hand, exclaiming: ‘Citizens, there is no time to lose; the dismissal of Necker is the knell of a Saint Bartholomew for patriots! This very night all the Swiss and German battalions will leave the Champ de Mars to massacre us all; one resource is left; to take arms!'”” –'s_dismissal

        Even more revealing is what Wiki has to say about the Bastille hoax:

        “Meanwhile, in 1784, the architect Alexandre Brogniard proposed that *the Bastille be demolished and converted into a circular, public space* with colonnades. Director-General of Finance Jacques Necker, having examined the costs of running the Bastille, amounting to well over 127,000 livres in 1774, for example, proposed *closing the institution on the grounds of economy alone.* Similarly, Puget, the Bastille’s lieutenant de roi, submitted reports in 1788 suggesting that the authorities *close the prison, demolish the fortress and sell the real estate off.* In June 1789, the Académie royale d’architecture proposed a similar scheme to Brogniard’s, in which *the Bastille would be transformed into an open public area, with a tall column at the centre* surrounded by fountains, dedicated to Louis XVI as the “restorer of public freedom” …. by July 1789 only *seven* prisoners remained in custody. Before any official scheme to close the prison could be enacted, however, disturbances across Paris brought a more violent end to the Bastille.” –

        The “storming” of the Bastille was a controlled demolition event like the WTC attacks in 2001. As Wikipedia shows us, the ancient fortress was already scheduled to be destroyed because it didn’t meet code, was taking too much space, was dilapidated, was too expensive to maintain, and most importantly had almost no prisoners. Doesn’t the event now look like a precursor to the 9/11 con? It is very convenient that all of this was taking place in the days leading up to this big event. No way any of this is “coincidence.”

        There’s also a possibility that the Bastille itself, like the Twin Towers and the Titanic, was probably an empty shell and not a real prison. There’s even a possibility that the prison never even existed, that it, as well as the July 14 event, was made-up by the authorities of history to sell the French Revolution hoax as a real grassroots movement against what was perceived to be a despotic and regressive regime.

        (There is also a connection between Freemasonry and French royalty. It has been said that many of Marie-Antoinette’s friends were freemasons. Her father, Francis Stephen of Lorraine, was too a mason. Louis XVI was especially favorable towards the fraternity and some speculate that he was also a member of the masonic lodges in France. )

      2. Thanks for graciously deciding to follow at Newsspell, and for helpfully providing links. Generally, I think one shall discover that all major historical events were not only fabricated psychological operations, but they were also executed utilizing similar methods drawn from an identical playbook. In terms of the execution of such operations, one has found, members of the masonic orders are the foot soldiers whom, while provided with compartmentalized information, are charged with carrying out and executing various phases of these so-called “revolutionary” movements. Extensive research has indicated, however, it has always been those at the highest levels of the Jesuit order whom have been the major players, moving the pieces, as it were, around on the world’s Grand Chessboard.

      3. Speaking of Freemasonry and its connections to French royalty, here is an excerpt (translated by me) about Louis XVI’s alleged initiation into a Masonic lodge early in his reign. This explains why the King was tolerable towards the Masons, despite the fact that its powerful members (many of whom were his relatives, e.g. Duc d’Orleans aka Philippe Égalité) were one of the principal instigators of the revolution and the chaos that followed.

        “King Louis XVI was a Freemason. For him and for his two brothers, the Count of Provence and the Count of Artois, on August 1, 1775, a lodge was founded, “in the east of the Court”, called “the Military of the Three United Brothers”. It was then the second year of the reign of this twenty-year-old king whose ministers were Turgot and Malesherbes, … whose promises were not kept. The philanthropic character of the institution, the attraction of mystery, the antiquity of traditions, the example and the exhortations of their cousin the Duke of Chartres, is undoubtedly what had brought the three august brothers to receive the initiation. They did not take long, probably, to cool down for an association whose progressive and reformist spirit could not escape them; but they did not go so far as to break with it. This is why Louis XVI, when he came to be reconciled with the Parisians three days after the storming of the Bastille, was received at the entrance of the Hôtel de Ville with the Masonic honors of a “steel vault”. And, after the death of Louis XVIII, a funeral ceremony was celebrated by the Grand Orient to honor the memory of this king, “protector of Freemasonry”.” – Une loge Maçonnique d’avant 1789 (1897), p. 96

        For more information on the Masonic “steel vault” mentioned above, visit:

  3. Yes, and beyond the Jesuits are the same crypto-Jewish families that created Freemasonry and the Jesuit order. Miles Mathis calls them the “Phoenician Navy,” which were powerful merchant families from Phoenicia. At least that’s according to ancient history, which is a hoax, IMO. Their descendants still run the world today, and the above mentioned players in the French Revolution hoax were offsprings of those families.

  4. The slave trade was a hoax:

    *Gustavus Vassa.* Pretty interesting name. Miles Mathis covered the crypto-Jewish House of *Vasa* from Sweden in his essays on Napoleon and the French Revolution back in 2016. Axel von Fersen, who was a close friend of Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI and (allegedly) fought in the American Revolution (which was funded by the same French king, btw), descended from that bloodline, as did his sovereign *Gustavus* III of Sweden, who was also a close ally of the French royal family. Fersen’s father was a prominent aristocratic merchant and statesman who was renown as the richest man in Sweden and both were directly tied to the *East India Company* which had a huge monopoly on the “slave trade” at the time. Marie-Antoinette also adopted a Senegalese boy who was an African slave. He (allegedly) died in the Reign of Terror.

    And speaking of Gustavus, is it possible that he was a bastard from an illicit relationship between a Vasa and a colored “black” woman? They always use their own in these psyops, even illegitimate ones. Is it also possible that before he assumed his alias as G.V. that he was the Senegalese ‘slave’ boy who Marie-Antoinette freed and adopted as her own? That would explain everything.

    1. In my country, Greece, you have to text 13033 to receive automated permission from the government to go out, due to the covid hoax.

      1. Thanks for visiting Newsspell. Yes, you’re quite correct, the Covid-19 “pandemic” is a hoax. In fact, it is a military psychological operation overseen by the Jesuit order in Rome, and it is designed as a grand cover for the covert execution of a number of objectives – reaching “sustainable” levels of population/human resource growth, the establishment of “smart cities” and a global surveillance and digital cash grid, i.e. the “Internet of Things” – all of which are clearly documented in the UN’s Agenda 2030. However, those numbers you cited, given their numerological significance, are not surprising.

  5. And speaking of the French Revolution, it was also funded by the masonic Jewish banking houses in England – the same people who funded the American Revolution, the “Crown Temple/Crown Templars”. So it was a double-con on all sides by the same people. And of course, what did the French Revolution achieve? Nothing, except more fake wars that drained more fake money from the fake economy in France and an opportunistic dictator who ended up being “defeated” and exiled by the same banking crime syndicate that put him there in the first place, and the return of the Bourbons, also facilitated by the same people who faked their downfall early in the revolution. It was another staged paper war between the ruling families who were vying for control, or what Miles Mathis would call a “turf” war inside the “Phoenician Navy.” It had nothing to do with the “common” people. The same pattern we see with almost every single major revolutionary movement in history.

    1. The ruling families have always regarded the common people as merely human resources to be used and discarded. You’re assessment is absolutely correct. The families vie for control, ownership, and the eventual monopolization of resources. Psychological operations such as the French Revolution are about maximization of commerce and the power derived from controlling the means of production.

      1. We see the same pattern with the Russian Revolution where the communist government monopolized and centralized control over Russia’s economy and prohibited competition. The French Revolution also had similar censors running that farce in France as well. It appears as though the ruling classes have realized that in order to maintain their hegemony over the masses they have to assimilate (infiltrate) and exploit whatever new “republican” or “democratic” trend is popular amongst the hoi polloi – or simply create it from scratch and sell it to them and create fake movements that is run by their opposition.

        “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” – Lenin

      2. Yes, and in this case, the only way they could’ve achieved that was to remove the aristocracy and the church from power. Thanks to the revolution, the old nobility and especially the roman catholic church in France had suffered a tremendous loss of power due to radical changes made by the bankers to steal their money, properties, and authority – or at least that is what the history books say. But the ones who suffered the most from this entire debacle were the common people, or the third estate, who were betrayed and oppressed by their “leaders” in the end. Far more peasants and commoners were allegedly killed than aristocrats or clergymen during the “Reign of Terror.” And when the “Terror” ended, another famine allegedly occurred in 1795.

  6. More things I have found. Marie-Antoinette was known to have many friends, several or more of whom so happened to be masons or were connected to freemasonry in some fashion. One of her most famous friends was Count Axel von Fersen who I mentioned previously here in my comment about the slave trade. He is rumored to have been her lover and some believe he even fathered two of her four children. His father was a mason.

    Before “Maria Fitzherbert” coupled with the future King George IV, she was married to another man who was of great wealth with an illustrious pedigree like Fersen’s. His name was William Weld. He allegedly died in 1775, the year “Marie-Antoinette” became Queen of France. Apparently, there is little info on this man and there is only one painting of him, which is strange. He bears a striking resemblance to Count Fersen.

    William Weld

    Axel von Fersen

    If the two men were one and the same, this explains why Antoinette and Fersen are always portrayed closely together in popular depictions, almost as though they’re in a relationship, because Fersen was really the real husband of “Marie-Antoinette” (and possibly the real father of her children) who was played by the same host-actress who played Fitzherbert. He was Edward Weld, Maria’s first husband. Louis XVI was simply the stand-in for this ruse. Her relationship with the “Prince of Wales” as MF was probably also a sham to conceal this fact. I believe Weld simply faked his death and continued playing Fersen to spend more time with his wife and perhaps to be her hidden handler as well.

    That may also explain why we don’t have an abundance of depictions of Maria’s children available online for us to look at. They are probably hiding the fact that the offsprings of these two women were played by the same children.

    Fersen was also involved in another psyop from the French Revolution: the flight to Varennes, which was actually an attempted escape to a royalist fortress in the countryside (Montmédy) near the Austrian border.

      1. There’s no need to apologize. Still, I have managed to identify such similarities before. These ruling elites – from-time-to-time – do like to reuse their pseudonyms, especially from the remove of centuries apart. The better to avoid detection of their ruse

      2. You are welcome. Yes, indeed, the controllers have always used numerous aliases to avoid detection and to simultaneously manipulate and misdirect events and individuals to their own benefit. We see this is the case with Weld’s and Fersen’s fudged biographies. According to mainstream sources, Weld was born in 1741 and Count Fersen in 1755, fourteen years apart. But as we have seen with the Tate sisters from the Manson murders hoax, the dates and bios are intentionally fabricated to disguise the real truth. So we may assume this was so for the host actor who portrayed the two men. They definitely look very much alike, which I think you will agree.

        For more information:

      3. Edward Weld had a younger brother who inherited his estates after the older brother’s death in the mid-1770s. His name was Thomas Weld. After the French Revolution of 1789, he “hosted refugee remnants of the French royal family” at Stonyhurst Castle (now Stonyhurst College) in England. He was also a close friend of John Carroll, one of the most powerful Jesuits in America at the time (he was also the wealthiest landowner who loaned the DC area to the “U.S. government” for their use). He passed away in 1810, the same year as Axel von Fersen’s “death”.

        (According to Wikipedia, Edward died in a horse-riding accident three months after his marriage to the future Maria Fitzherbert. His time of death was in late October 1775, just a few days shy of Halloween, which is very telling. His fate reminds me of the “death” of Swedish crown prince Charles August. Fersen was blamed for his death, and he was “murdered” by a bloodthirsty mob while leading the late prince’s funeral procession in Stockholm, Sweden in 1810. Scholars speculate that Fersen’s demise was predetermined by his enemies due to the bizarre nature of his death. I believe Axel simply faked his gruesome death and disappeared from the scene, only to die a natural death. Since Fersen was “one of them”, they would’ve never allowed harm to touch him. It’s possible that they recycled Weld’s death story to be used in the “demise” of Charles August so as to hint on the upcoming brutal end of Count von Fersen).

        Another interesting factoid: the Weld brothers’ mother was born “Dame” Mary Teresa, née Vaughan (possible relation to David (Vaughan) Icke). Marie-Antoinette’s mother was Maria Theresa von Habsburg, Holy Roman Empress and Queen of Austria-Hungary. I suspect it is another strong hint as to the true identity of his first and last wife – Maria Fitzherbert – due to his association with her.,_Crown_Prince_of_Sweden

    1. How interesting, this European noble’s name should be “William Weld”. That was also the pseudonym of a former Massachusetts governor, who I’ve identified as having been portrayed by a host actor belonging to the Belgian royal family (King Phillipe). His daughter, The Duchess of Brabant portrayed climate activist “Greta Thunberg”. The current Massachusetts governor – “Charlie Baker” (AKA former television talk show host Conan O’Brien) is also an actor.

      1. What’s even more interesting is the fact that Edward’s mother was a Vaughan. This ties him to many famous people with that name such as David Icke, middle name Vaughan, for example. He was also educated by the Jesuits at an early age and was affiliated with prominent people who were closely related to the Swedish, Polish, Austrian, and French crowns like Louis XV’s father-in-law Stanislaw Leszczynski, deposed King of Poland who later became the Duke of Lorraine under the Holy Roman Empire where “Marie-Antoinette” came from (Marie’s father was also the Duke of Lorraine before Stanislaw assumed the title). He was the father of Maria Leszczynska, grandmother of Louis XVI whom I have also covered previously. The Leszczynskis descend from the crypto-Jewish Vasa and Jagiellon bloodlines of Europe. The Vasa line ties them to the Swedish throne and Sweden’s East India Company, “the country’s most profitable undertaking ever,” and Axel’s illustrious father owned a large share of stock in that monopoly.

        Even more interesting is the fact that Axel von Fersen played a role in the American Revolution. He was an aid to the French regiment on the American side against Great Britain during the war. He also was good friends with Washington and Lafayette. More telling is the fact that Edward Weld “died” in England in 1775, the year America’s “war of independence” commenced. Considering Weld’s striking similarity to Count Fersen and his wife’s similarity to Marie-Antoinette, it is very likely that he feigned his death and reappeared as Fersen in order to control and manipulate the events following the outbreak of the American Revolution on behalf of “The Crown.”

      2. It also appears that he may have wanted to spend more quality time with his acting wife. Perhaps his transition to Fersen was one successful attempt he made in cementing his relationship with “Marie-Antoinette” and perhaps handling her as well.

      3. Regarding royal handlers, I think you’ll find such to be the case with most of the European royals of antiquity, many of them had advisors – infiltrated from Papal Rome – in their court to whom they completely lent the royal ear. The prime or most conspicuous example was the relationship between King Henry VIII and Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, who, at one time, harbored ambitions to seize the papal throne.

      4. Yes, indeed. Speaking of royal handlers, Marie-Antoinette’s representative at the French Court was Florimond Claude, Comte de Mercy-Argenteau, sent by Marie’s mother Maria-Theresa, Empress of Austria, to oversee the young princess. He acted as her advisor (as well as her mother’s spy) for much of her life in France. He also gave important advice to (crypto-Jewish) finance ministers Lomenie de Brienne and Necker who presided over the events that led to the fake French Revolution, which I have discussed before on numerous occasions.,_Comte_de_Mercy-Argenteau

        And for more information on the Diamond Necklace Affair and other events connected, read this paper. You will find plenty of references in pop culture regarding the hidden players pulling the strings behind these hoaxes:

        As for the Papacy, it has always been Jewish run, but it was especially so after the crypto-Jewish banking family Medici infiltrated the Papal nobility and placed their puppets in the Vatican. So the “Jesuits” are basically the emissaries of the bankers through the Vatican, as is the case with every other major institution or group in existence. They always control or manipulate every side of the argument to their advantage, as you may know.

      5. Yes, indeed. Speaking of royal handlers, Marie-Antoinette’s representative at the French Court was Florimond Claude, Comte de Mercy-Argenteau, sent by Marie’s mother Maria-Theresa, Empress of Austria, to oversee the young princess. He acted as her advisor (as well as her mother’s spy) for much of her life in France. He also gave important advice to (crypto-Jewish) finance ministers Lomenie de Brienne and Necker who presided over the events that led to the fake French Revolution, which I have discussed before on numerous occasions.,_Comte_de_Mercy-Argenteau

  7. As for the Papacy, it has always been Jewish run, but it was especially so after the crypto-Jewish banking family Medici infiltrated the Papal nobility and placed their puppets in the Vatican. So the “Jesuits” are basically the emissaries of the bankers through the Vatican, as is the case with every other major institution or group in existence. They always control or manipulate every side of the argument to their advantage, as you may know.

  8. The first comment (published today at 1:28 am) initially didn’t appear on my screen so I copied and pasted segments of the original in the three new comments published at 1:33, 1:37, and 1:38 am. Please delete those later comments and keep the original long one.

    1. I couldn’t help but notice, the article states the “lawyers” alleged to have brought forth the suit are not suing the WHO for willingly perpetrating a fraud, but for the alleged unlawfulness of the global “lockdowns.” My initial reaction, therefore, this legal action was preplanned as a psychological steam valve, designed to maneuver those now stricken with solidifying doubts over the veracity of the “pandemic” into a much softer position of psychological complacency. If memory serves, this same legal maneuver was attempted post 9/11, with a lawyer named Hilton leading the charge. Alas, nothing more ever came of it.

      1. Indeed. It now seems like more damage control than an actual attempt to bring justice against the criminals behind this scam. Otherwise, they would’ve gone further than that.

      2. I agree, this legal suit is merely more Shakespearean theater which, throughout history, they’ve used as a valuable tool to manipulate and mold public perceptions. I’d like to sincerely thank you, once again, for providing another volume of valuable research material. In fact, the material you provided – some time ago – concerning the Dreyfus Affair (another well-orchestrated hoax) proved to be very helpful in my research for the article concerning Barr, the US Attorney General.

      3. I find it rather interesting that a Hilton began a lawsuit about 9/11. Perhaps related to the Hiltons who own the Hilton hotels and gave us Paris Hilton? They always use their blood relations in these psychological operations.

      4. Oh yes, the involvement of blood relations ensure the integrity of the operation will never be compromised. Regarding Hilton and his 9/11 suit, I believe, too, this is done to mock the masses of proletariat, many of whom are unaware the U.S. operates as a corporation, and exists as a corporate subsidiary under the Crown Temple in the City of London. Once again, the true perpetrators are arrogantly leaving their mark – as it were – at the scene of the crime, knowing there is no one among the ill-informed proletariat whom will bother to notice. Rather, they are made to think there is someone among their so-called bettors who is acting on behalf of their interests when, in fact, it is all just for show and to foster the desired psychological effect of immobilizing the people.

      1. I’ve noticed the behavior of these freemasons here, locally. They possess a very petty mindset, and seem only to care about the satisfaction of their own petty desires. Those at the top, on the other hand, act with patience, dogged perseverance, and have the ability to plan on multiple levels. Though they’re still dirty and filthy bastards and, even at times, demonstrate hubris and arrogance, they are, in a word, quite formidable, and are never to be underestimated.

      2. Indeed. Hence the heightened levels of propaganda and chaos seen in the news media as of late. It appears as though some factions within the system are beginning to see that their ever expanding web of deceptions and intrigues is quickly falling apart at a much pace than before. Not as many people are buying into the news as readily as they used to before the dawn of the internet and 9/11.

      3. While there may be a growing minority beginning to dare to glimpse – as it were – behind the veil, I still sense the majority have been forever caught in the media’s enormous web of deceit and, still even more, remain-all-too comfortable to be mired in complacence, apathy, and demoralization. After all, when I venture beyond my own doorstep, I am still the only one not donned in a face diaper. I sense the same may be true of your everyday experience.

      4. Definitely. Though in my neck of the woods, there are still many who aren’t donning theirs. But still, sadly not enough people are fully aware and resisting the scam.

  9. Edward Weld had a younger brother who inherited his estates after Edward’s death in 1775. His name was Thomas Weld. After the French Revolution, he “hosted refugee remnants of the French royal family” at Stonyhurst Castle (now Stonyhurst College) in England. He was also a close friend of John Carroll, one of the most powerful Jesuits in America at the time (he was also the wealthiest landowner who loaned the DC area to the “U.S. government” for their use). He passed away in 1810, the same year as Axel von Fersen’s “death”.

    (According to Wikipedia, Edward died in a horse-riding accident three months after his marriage to the future Maria Fitzherbert. His time of death was in late October 1775, just a few days shy of Halloween, which is very telling. His fate reminds me of the “death” of Swedish crown prince Charles August. Fersen was blamed for his death, and he was “murdered” by a bloodthirsty mob while leading the late prince’s funeral procession in Stockholm, Sweden in 1810. Scholars speculate that Fersen’s demise was predetermined by his enemies due to the bizarre nature of his death. I believe Axel simply faked his gruesome death and disappeared from the scene, only to die a natural death. Since Fersen was “one of them”, they would’ve never allowed harm to touch him. It’s possible that they recycled Weld’s death story to be used in the “demise” of Charles August so as to hint at the upcoming brutal end of Count Fersen).

    Another interesting factoid: the Weld brothers’ mother was born “Dame” Mary Teresa, née Vaughan (possible relation to David Vaughan Icke). Marie-Antoinette’s mother was Maria Theresa von Habsburg, Holy Roman Empress, and Queen of Austria-Hungary. I suspect it is another strong hint as to the true identity of his first and last wife – Maria Fitzherbert – due to his association with her.,_Crown_Prince_of_Sweden

    1. That is quite an intriguing story, the sort of which great literature is made. I must look further into John Carroll. From what I’ve been able to surmise thus far – like all persons connected to the Jesuit order – he was an unscrupulous, furtive, and shady character. Truly amazing, how Marie-Antoinette, and the royal relatives of same, keep popping up in relation to several of these historical events. The nature of the particular account you’ve cited also seems similar to the circumstances concerning the vehicular homicide committed by Leopold III, which ended the life of his Queen consort. That story – I believe – was reformulated as a drunk driving incident to fit the backstory of Hollywood star and fabricated character scheme Bing Crosby (AKA Adolf Hitler). I’ve also suspected, for some time, that “David Icke” is a European royal or, at the very least, a member of the high British peerage. But, alas, I haven’t been able to definitively prove it – yet , at least. I couldn’t help but notice, none of his videos have been purged or scrubbed from You Tube or any other popular online video format.

    2. “Icke” is also a variant of “Hicks”, the surname of Bill Hicks (rumored to be playing Alex Jones). That explains why you see David and Alex together. Birds of a feather flock together.

      1. Yes, they are often together to provide one another plausible deniability and to authenticate their bogus fabricated characters. I have developed a hunch “Icke” could also be a play on the name of Ike, as in Ike Eisenhower, the former US president, who I’ve identified as former Coca-Cola executive Barry Diller. Diller, though his biography claims he’s Jewish, is also a European royal, Eduard von Furstenberg-Hohenlohe, the spouse of Barbara Walters (AKA Princess Diane von Furstenberg).

      1. I’ve got “Jack Nicholson” coming up in the next article. Not only is he a European royal – one who is supposed to be “dead” – but he was also at the Dallas police station in 1963. Speaking of dead royals, this incessant fawning over Queen Elizabeth’s late consort, Prince Phillip, is truly quite nauseating. After all, why are they honoring this man – have we run out of human beings – do they think we are that desperate for heroes to worship? As I’m sure you’re aware, “His Highness” is on record stating he would have liked to be resurrected or “reincarnated” as a “virus” to reduce the global population. Nice, huh?

      2. The post-mortem public reception for the late husband of QEII reminds me of the constant emotional outpouring Diana received when she “died”, which was just as nauseating. Even more unfortunate is the fact that there are still many sycophants who are too besotted with the “People’s Princess” to realize that she was an absolute fraud.

        Prince Philip was truly a piece of work as you’ve pointed out. He was a suspected pedophile who was friends with child molesters like Jimmy Saville – who was also a necrophiliac. His uncle, Lord Mountbatten, was also an alleged pedophile and a Satanist. He was supposedly killed by the IRA in 1979, which was probably another royal death hoax like Lady Di’s, perhaps fabricated by the British establishment to demonize Ireland and to create political and cultural division in Britain.

      3. What seems even more remarkable, I’ve noticed there are those in the so-called “alternative” media who’ve recently decided to jump on the bandwagon in wishing the Prince “rest in peace”.

      4. I find it very interesting how the Icke and Vaughan families all sport the fleur-de-lys on their crests. The fleur-de-lys is an important bloodline symbol hailing back to “ancient” Egypt. It was also a symbol of the Merovingians, who were Jews/Phoenicians that claimed descent from Jesus Christ, a mythical deity that was recycled from past deities like Mithras and Horus, which the families paid homage to before Christianity was introduced to the world. The Merovingian bloodline would later produce many royal and aristocratic dynasties of Europe and the British Isles. I suppose the Vaughans and the Ickes are cousins not only by marriage but by blood, which explains why the fleur-de-lys is shown on their family crests.

      5. Relating to “David Icke”, I’m most appreciative of the fact, you’ve provided what appears to be a great clue. Regarding the recycled nature of the “Jesus” myth, to think, there are those whom still cling to the absurd notion he will, one day, return to earth as their “savior”.

      6. The Vaughans also produced the Tudors who would later rule England after they won the “Wars of the Roses”, which connects us to King Henry VIII and the “English Reformation”, according to the House of Names website. That means “David Icke” is related to the Tudors, making him a royal by blood.

    3. Additional information on the Weld family:

      Notice the crescent moons on the Weld crest. It is another occultic symbol that makes reference to the moon goddess Diana/Ishtar, I suppose. It is also the symbol of Islam, which is an extension of the ancient mystery religions (Babylonian mysteries). The famous French croissant pastry actually came from Austria (the birthplace of Marie-Antoinette) and is shaped after the crescent moon.

      I suspect the name “Weld” is a variant of the name “Guelph”, as in the House of Guelph, who are members of the “Black Nobility” and is the bloodline the current British royals descend from, making them one of the most important families running the world. This means that the Weld dynasty is an extension of the so-called Papal bloodlines known as the “Black Nobility”, if true. That makes “Edward Weld” a cousin of “Marie-Antoinette/Maria Fitzherbert”, since the Habsburgs and the Guelphs are of the “Black Nobility” bloodlines and are of Germanic extraction.

  10. It has been said that Louis XVII (nee Louis-Charles, Dauphin of France) “died” in captivity in the Temple prison in Paris, France in 1795. Knowing that many of the deaths from the French Revolution were hoaxes (including the deaths of Louis and Antoinette), it is safe to assume that he never died in captivity nor was he ever held captive. All of that was made-up too.

    So where did he go? It’s really hard to say, but I believe he went on to play Karl Naundorff, famous for claiming to be the “late” Dauphin, and Daniel Payseur, who established the clandestine Payseur dynasty which holds a lot of clandestine power and wealth in the Americas. They were also involved in railways and owned dozens of various companies. They are one of the so-called “Illuminati Thirteen Bloodlines” running the world.

    One of his descendants, Jonas W. Payseur (you’ll see him on p. 4 in the pdf file), bears a stricking resemblance to Count Fersen/Edward Weld, who was the partner of Marie-Antoinette/Maria Fitzherbert, the mother of Louis XVII/DanielPayseur/Karl Naundorff. That lends more credibility to the claim that this family descend from European royalty.

    Jonas Payseur:

    Axel von Fersen:

    Edward Weld:

    It’s also been said that Maria Fitzherbert sired a son named James Ord, who was born in 1786 (some say 1789, doesn’t that ring a bell?) I speculate he may have been played by Louis-Charles, too. After all, the mothers were the same person.

    1. Remarkably superb information. After further investigation, this is likely to figure prominently when my piece on the French Revolution is finally published.

    2. Karl Naundorff owned an insignia ring. After his death, it was passed to French statesman Jules Favre (possibly related to the Marquis de Favras, née Thomas de Mahy?), who signed the Treaty of Frankfurt, which ended the Franco-Prussian war in 1871, at the Palace of Versailles, the birthplace of Louis-Charles, the “lost” Dauphin. In the treaty, France ceded Alsace-Lorraine to Germany and the Second Reich (aka the German Empire, which was the continuation of the Holy Roman Empire of Germany), which lasted until the end of World War One in 1918.

      “Using a ring he had received from Naundorff, Jules Favre, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, puts his seal on the Treaty of Frankfurt.” – Karl Wilhelm Naundorff, Wikipedia

      Thomas de Mahy, Marquis de Favras (1744-1790):,_Marquis_de_Favras

      1871 was also the year the Organic Act was passed by the U.S. Congress, which was “An Act to provide a Government for the District of Columbia”, a municipal corporation now known as “Washington, D.C.” The act “replaced the municipal governments of the City of Washington, Georgetown, and Washington County with a single, unified government for the whole district.” Some sources say that this law incorporated the entire United States, thereby establishing a corporatocracy in America. That is is misdirection, because the “United States” has always been a “corporation” since the days of the Virginia Company of London.

      In the Internet Archive document about the Payseur dynasty (pgs. 199-200), it is mentioned that one of Daniel Payseur’s descendants married into the Gatling bloodline that gave us Richard Gatling, the inventor of the famous Gatling gun which revolutionized military technology. The Payseurs also owned the company that manufactured the Gatling gun – Colt Firearms (Colt’s Manufacturing Company). That ties the Payseurs directly to the Civil War hoax, indicating that they benefited tremendously from arming both sides with weapons manufactured by that company. North Carolina, the family’s home state, was one of the Confederate states that “fought” in the American Civil War.'s_Manufacturing_Company

    1. Your hypothesis – Payseur/Booth – appears to be an intriguing possibility. If this turns out to become confirmed, the historical ramifications could be profound. Thanks, as always, for graciously bringing this to one’s attention.

    2. Perhaps, I can work this into the article I have planned on the subject of Harriet Tubman who, empirical evidence demonstrates beyond any doubt, was an historical myth, a fabricated character scheme

      1. And – as I’m certain you’ve surmised – very controversial. But, as I’m also certain you’ll agree, that alone should never deter anyone from searching for the truth.

  11. Having glossed over the Wiki page on the Flight to Varennes (which was really an attempted escape to Montmédy, then a monarchist city-fortress neighboring what was known as the Austrian Netherlands), it’s obvious to me that the story is fake. For one thing, Varennes-en-Argonne is twenty miles away from the French royal family’s intended destination. Bouille’s (who was also Jesuit trained, btw) troops stationed in the royalist enclave could’ve easily beseiged the town in a matter of days and escort the royals to safety. As the distance between Paris and Varennes is far greater compared to the distance between Varennes and Montmédy, interception by counter-revolutionary forces could’ve been easily done in a nick of time.

    Also, the manner in which the flight was orchestrated is equally suspicious. It was poorly executed due to the indecisiveness on the part of Louis XVI, the lack of secrecy surrounding the flight, and the fact that they made too many stops across the French countryside for food and meeting people – all of which could’ve been avoided with better timing and appropriate measures taken to ensure a smooth escape from captivity. At the very least they could’ve worn disguises that properly disguised their faces. They were also offered alternative escape plans by their co-conpsirators Fersen and Bouille which were better designed, and those were rejected before they left Paris on this disastrous flight, because they required the immediate royal family to travel separately in order to ensure a more speedy escape.

    These factors all indicate that the whole event was another hoax, just like the Bastille storming, the August 10th insurrection, the French Revolutionary wars, the “Reign of Terror”, etc., etc.

    (Apparently, while Louis XVI and his family were reportedly caught and brought back to captivity at the Tuileries, his younger brother, the Comte de Provence (future Louis XVIII), managed to successfully escape to Brussels, before spending the rest of his life in exile traversing across Europe and the British Isles. If they were the same person, as Miles suggested in one of his essays, then that explains why they manufactured the Varennes fake – to divert people’s attention from the king’s actual whereabouts in June 1791.

    Marie-Antoinette’s BFF, the Princesse de Lamballe, also successfully escaped Paris at the same time, having first went to Brussels (where she expected to meet the doomed queen after she was supposed to be in Montmédy briefly), then to England where she rallied support for the French monarchy, before reportedly returning to France in late 1791. Knowing that her death was also faked, I suggest that she never went back to her shared house arrest in the Tuileries – at least not when the revolution was still active. She probably continued her stay in England or Brussels under an assumed alias (or aliases) for some time.)

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