Those who frequently visit this site from Australia may be surprisingly confronted with someone they well recognize after clicking the following link – a popular MSM news personality operating under a less than familiar name.

It seems Fox News hosts/anchors Laura Ingraham, “Sean Hannity”, and former NBC veteran anchor “Brian Williams” (AKA Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco/Donald Trump/Hollywood actor James Dean/Martin Sheen/George W. Bush/Joe Biden) aren’t the only MSM television personalities with a penchant for posing as impostors and as perpetrators of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

As everyone who is a regular visitor to this site recently became aware, it was Ingraham, the veteran and popular Fox News (666) hostess, who was identified as the hidden face behind the fabricated mask of CDC director “Rochelle Walensky”.

As for Ingraham’s MSM colleague, “Sean Hannity”, he was identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a European royal – the son of Constantine II of Greece and Denmark (AKA George Soros/Newt Gingrich/Dan Rather/Evelyn de Rothschild/Bernie Sanders/Aristotle Onassis/Colonel Michael Aquino) – who for decades has not only been posing as both renowned Hollywood actor “George Clooney” and late-night talk show host “Jay Leno” but has also assumed the roles of an array of other well-known characters in the US corporate government’s public arena.

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Now, however, one of Sky News Australia’s most popular anchors has been caught posing as an alternative media podcast host. Recently, while conducting research for an upcoming article, one happened across a video excerpted from a podcast episode hosted by “Maria Zeee”.

Below: Maria Zeee

images (2)[5126]

No, the hostess’s surname was not misspelled, and everyone read it correctly – a “Z” followed by three e’s.

Deeper investigation uncovered that not only is “Maria Zeee” an obvious pseudonym, but she is also a fabricated character scheme whose live-action role player is better known as a popular Sky News Australia anchor/host.

images (3)[5128]

More intriguingly, after digging a little deeper, it also turns out that hidden behind the well-known identity of this particular Sky News personality is the eldest daughter of the former Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who assumed the throne after the Jesuit-controlled American CIA and British MI6 engineered a coup d’état which overthrew Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953. As some regular visitors may recall, the Shah’s royal consort – Princess Fawzia Fuad – was identified as the mysterious Hollywood “Black Dahlia”.

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images (6)[5129]

Added to these revelations, as observed in the preceding video excerpt, Maria’s featured guest was Leo Zagami, billed as an “Illuminati insider” and “ex-33rd degree freemason”, who, it turns out, is also a fabricated character scheme portrayed by the brother of an Italian count – Count Roffredo Gaetani d’Aragona Lovettelli – who once courted Ivana Trump. Reportedly, both Count Roffredo and his brother Luca Gaetani d’Aragona Lovetelli faked their deaths and are now living in exile in Switzerland, the headquarters of Roche pharmaceuticals or their holding company Roche Holding AG, the criminal activities about which – in relation to the execution of the Covid-19 “pandemic” psychological operation – “Leo Zagami” remains absolutely silent.  

Also, the man identified as Zagami’s host actor (live-action role player) and his notorious brother – the Italian count who not only once dated Ivana Trump but is rumored to have faked his death and is now residing in Switzerland – are members of the Gaetani noble family, an aristocratic Italian crime family which is genealogically related to the House of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies, to the House of Savoy, and to both the Aldobrandini and Orsini families, the latter two of which are among the most wealthy, powerful, and influential of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

As shall also be revealed, the Italian crime family of Count Roffredo Gaetani has connections to the man known as “Trump’s attorney”, the ex-mayor of New York City “Sir” Rudy Guiliani (AKA Hollywood actor George Hamilton/Warren Beatty/former US president Richard ‘Tricky Dick’ Nixon/US Senator John McCain/former Secretary of State Robert ‘Strange’ McNamara/the “late” Colin Powell).

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As well, the Gaetani crime family is connected to a pair of Donald Trump’s former key presidential advisors, both of whom, it has been discovered, were not only former executives at multi-national military contractor Black Water but were knighted into the Vatican’s Sovereign Military Order of Malta.   



On her “About” page located at, “Maria Zeee” informs her subscribers, “Controversy has always been comfortable for me. Most people searching for the truth are the same way, and that is probably what has led you here today.”

Oh yes – the search for the truth quite indeed. 

“Maria Zeee” then adds, “In the midst of the greatest deception to ever sweep humanity, I decided something needed to be done on a larger scale than the already uncomfortable conversations I was used to having with those around me about what was really going on in this world. In 2021, I decided to launch Zeee Media which has quickly evolved into one of the most trusted, uncensored sources of information in Australia.” 

Gematria analysis of “Zeee Media” turned up some rather telltale results. In English ordinal gematria, “Zeee Media” equals 73 or 3 7’s/777, Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code.

The explanation for this result may very well have to do with the fact that the host actor (live-action role player) identified in the role of both “Maria Zeee” and a popular Sky News Australia anchor personality is genealogically related to the former Shah of Iran who, even Wikipedia admits, was installed in place of Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh due to “the 1953 Iranian coup d’état orchestrated by the United Kingdom’s MI6 and the American CIA, led by Kermit Roosevelt Jr.”

For decades, going back to the ouster, historically known as “the Dismissal”, of Australian PM Gough Whitlam by Governor-General Sir John Kerr at the behest of Queen Elizabeth II, all facets of Australian media and government has been infested with covert agents secretly working for the interests of both MI6 and CIA, which are both integral pieces on the global grand chessboard controlled by the Vatican’s Society of Jesus.

According to Wikipedia, ASIS, “The Australian Secret Intelligence Service, the foreign intelligence agency of Australia, tasked with the covert collection of information overseas through personal contacts and other means of human intelligence,” has often been “compared” by intelligence analysts “to the American CIA and the British MI6.”

As has been previously well documented on this site, both the MSM and the so-called “alternative media” or “Truth movement” are thoroughly but covertly controlled by CIA and have been infiltrated by covert agents from other related alphabet lettered organizations numbered among the Jesuit/freemasonic global intelligence octopus controlled from the Vatican in Rome.

Both the “alternative” media and the MSM in Australia, including Sky News, have proved to be no exception.

Most recently, the host actor (live-action role player) identified in portrayal of both “Maria Zeee” and the popular Sky News personality observed in the video excerpt posted immediately below, eviscerated US Vice President Kamala Harris (AKA Hollywood actor Vera Farmiga), belittling her as a “cackling nincompoop”. 

Evidently, the “journalists” at Sky News Australia have been tasked with regurgitating their assigned talking points regarding the bizarre behavioral quirks and disastrous policy decisions of both US president “Joe Biden” (AKA Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco) and his VP, “Kamala Harris” (AKA Hollywood actor Vera Farmiga).

Of course, MSM news anchors who’ve mindlessly and uniformly repeated such insipid talking points have served their sole purpose in distracting the general public from ever considering that such disastrous policy decisions and constant gaffe-ridden public engagements routinely performed by the current US corporate political regime are not the result of “dementia” on the part of US president “Joe Biden” or incompetence on the part of VP “Kamala Harris”.

Rather, they are the deliberate stage-managed behaviors of well-trained actors who’ve been strategically placed on the world’s stage and directed by their Jesuit masters to strictly follow a script designed to promote the perception that, in the face of mounting and even seemingly insurmountable global crises – “climate change”, Covid-19 “pandemic”, monetary inflation, food shortages, supply chain disruptions, the possibility of US military or even “nuclear” confrontation with Russia over Ukraine – the governments of sovereign nations, the US included, are inadequate to the task at hand in lieu of a grand arbitrating intervention by a global collective techno-synarchy which, at least publicly, will be fronted by the UN, which, itself, represents a chiffon-thin organizational front concealing the global commercial monopoly of the thirteen Jesuit families whom, since the medieval historical era, have worked in league with the Crown Temple and Swiss bankers and sworn eternal fealty to the papal fiefdom in Vatican City controlled by the Superior General of the Society of Jesus. 

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Extensive voice comparison analyses between the audio heard in the video excerpt posted in this article’s introduction and the previous clip from Sky News Australia, combined with extensive facial recognition and image comparison analyses, appears to indicate and does confirm that “Maria Zeee” from and Sky News Australia’s “Rita Pinahi” are one and the same. 

But that’s not all.

As everyone shall soon discover, it turns out, the surname – pseudonym – of “Pinahi” is merely a reworking of that belonging to the identity of the host actor in portrayal of both “Maria Zeee” and Sky News’s “Rita Panahi”. 


According to her official biographical account located at Wikipedia, “Rita Pinahi was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States, the child of Iranian parents. Her mother was a midwife, and her father was an agricultural engineer. The family returned to Iran during her infancy, living on the coast and moving to Tehran by 1979. Her mother worked for a hospital associated with the Shah during the Iranian Revolution.” 

Pine Bluff?

Yes, indeed, the official biographical intelligence legend concocted for Wikipedia by the CIA’s cubicle dwelling desk jockeys and especially designed to authenticate the fabricated character scheme known as Sky News personality “Rita Pinahi” (AKA Maria Zeee) represents a colossal narrative bluff.

Suffice to say, one remains undeterred in calling it out.

Sure enough, since the time of America’s “cold war” with the Soviet Union, according to none other than the New York Times, the CIA has had a spy base located in Pine Gap, Australia’s outback.

“From the base, known as the Joint Defense Facility Pine Gap, the United States controls satellites that gather information used to pinpoint airstrikes around the world and target nuclear weapons, among other military and intelligence tasks, according to experts and leaked National Security Agency documents.”

Although the NY Times may report leaked top-secret NSA documents claim Pine Gap’s radar arrays are designed to ostensibly control satellites which pinpoint airstrikes and nuclear weapons installations, it seems most likely, such documentation, in a fashion similar to “Wikileaks”, was “leaked” to the public as a US corporate government sanctioned disinformation campaign to conceal from the public the genuine but hidden purpose.

According to patent applications located at going back to 1991, artificial satellites have been used in service to modify weather systems.

According to yet another document, Beijing City doppler radar mosaic systems have been routinely utilized for the purpose of weather modification in China. In addition, the video posted below dramatically demonstrates how Doppler Radar system pulses and nanotechnology combine to artificially create weather systems (geoengineering).  

Though it may have escaped the general public’s remarkably short attention span, Harvard scientists have gone on written record, admitting that weather modification (AKA geoengineering) is being utilized to promote the “climate change” agenda.   


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Regarding Panahi’s description of the relationship with her parents during her formative years, Wikipedia goes on to inform, “Panahi described her parents as ‘relaxed Muslims who were not particularly political’. However, her family was targeted by the Shia Islamist government of the Ayatollah Khomeini. In 1984, they were accepted as refugees and lived in Melbourne.” 

As implied by the following biographical entry at Wikipedia for Farahnaz Pahlavi, though not easily discernable, there exists a key chronological parallel between the respective biographical narratives which have been fabricated for both Sky News personality “Rita Pinahi” and her host actor (live-action role player).

Though seemingly circumstantial, nevertheless, these are the types of glaring clues intuitively surmised which are oftentimes left conspicuous, and which repeatedly escape the easily distracted attentions of the general public.

It appears, Wikipedia has indicated, both Pinahi and Pahlavi (surely everyone noticed the subtle modification applied to the latter surname to create the fabricated character scheme) lived in Tehran during the identical time period of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when Iran’s capital was embroiled in revolutionary and political turmoil, before moving abroad to continue their respective higher educations.  

“She {Farahnaz Pahlavi} studied at Niavaran Special School in Tehran, the Ehtel Walker School in Simsbury, Connecticut, United States, and the Cairo American College in Cairo, Egypt. From 1981 to 1892, she attended Bennington College in Bennington, Vermont.”

Both facial recognition and image comparison analyses confirm Farahnaz Pahlavi, the eldest daughter of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the former Shah of Iran, is the host actor in portrayal of both alternative media figure “Maria Zeee” and Sky News host/anchor personality “Rita Pinahi”. 

Below: Maria Zeee, Farahnaz Pahlavi, Rita Pinahi 


Despite the unravelling of these blatant deceptions, even more intriguing is the hidden identity of “Leo Zagami”, the “ex-33rd degree freemason” who appeared as a podcast guest of “Maria Zeee.”


Below L to R: Leo Zagami, Galesio Gaetani d’Aragona Lovetelli 


Oftentimes billed as an “Illuminati insider” and “ex-33rd degree Freemason,” researcher “Leo Zagami” has several books to his credit and has made several podcast appearances, with both and with Alex Jones’s Info Wars.

Similar to Alex Jones (AKA Prince Gustav of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg), though Zagami’s presentations are slickly delivered and, at times, chock-filled with information which neophytes may consider particularly juicy and controversial, his omissions concerning the global role of the Crown Temple in the City of London, the Swiss National Banking system and their respective relationship(s) to Washington’s District of Columbia and to Vatican City controlled by the Jesuit order are glaring.

Firstly, his frequent use of the term “Illuminati”, a term derived from the CIA, the identical intelligence source which brought forth the term “conspiracy theory” into the public’s vernacular, represents a surefire indication of the presence of an intelligence-trained controlled-opposition agent.

Secondly, there exist no “ex-33rd degree masons”.

That sentiment is a falsehood and tantamount to pure fable. A fabricated but titillating myth designed to generate You Tube advertising rates and to massage, stimulate, and to popularly manipulate digital algorithms.

Rather, the philosophic essence of the Freemasonic order, particularly at the highest levels of the Scottish Rite, is perhaps most adequately described by a dramatic line from the lyrics of the Eagles’ pop/rock classic “Hotel California”: “You can check out {from the lodge} anytime you like – but you can never leave.”

It is also noteworthy, though “Leo Zagami” hails from Italy, his “research” never seems to have uncovered the global commercial hegemony of powerful families such as the Orsini, Aldobrandini, Borgia, Farnese, and Massimo, old Roman families whom, in centuries past, have not only produced royal progeny ascended to the papal throne, but have been found to possess royal and aristocratic lineages which extend back to the ancient era of imperial Rome.   

Turns out, there is a very good reason for this.

Below, in descending order: Leo Zagami, Gelasio Gaetani d’Aragona Lovatelli, Phil Bronstein & Sharon Stone, Gelasio Gaetani d’Aragona Lovatelli & Sharon Stone, Leo Zagami & spouse Christy


Sharon Stone And Husband Split

images (3)[5173]images (1)[5171]

Further investigation reveals that “Leo Zagami” is a fabricated character scheme whose host actor (live-action role player) also portrays an MSM “journalist” – “Phil Bronstein” – who is connected to Hearst Newspaper Corporation and was once the spouse of Hollywood actress Sharon Stone.

After all, what better strategic method to provide adequate cover for your family’s global criminal activities than to plant a trusted family member into prominent positions within both the “alternative” news community and the MSM.     

The man identified as the host actor in portrayal of “ex-33rd degree freemason Leo Zagami” – Galesio Gaetani d’Aragona Lovatelli, proclaimed as Italy’s “Wizard of Wine” – and “Phil Bronstein” can both be observed with Hollywood actress Sharon Stone in the series of images posted immediately above.


Facial recognition (identical geometrical architecture of the cheekbones, noses, chins, brows, eyes, and teeth) and image comparison analyses indicate “Sharon Stone” (masonic Stone of Destiny) is, yet another fabricated character scheme portrayed by Annette Bening (AKA Hillary Clinton/US Senator Elizabeth Warren/US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm).

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Sharon-Stone[5188] Annette+Bening+Short+Hairstyles+Messy+Cut+QDErYur2ILOl[4925]

As everyone is about to observe, this would perhaps explain the reason Rudy Guiliani (AKA Warren Beatty, Bening’s real-world spouse) was knighted by the House of Savoy, which not only controls the Sovereign Military Order of Malta but is also connected to the Gaetani crime family, to which the host actor identified in portrayal of “Leo Zagami” belongs.

In the parlance of intelligence methodologies, it appears Annette Bening (AKA Sharon Stone) was “loan-closeted” or “bearded” to the fabricated character scheme known as “Phil Bronstein”, to not only publicly authenticate the fabricated character scheme, but, perhaps, this was done in exchange, as the price for Rudy Guiliani’s knighthood.

After all, the massive egos of Hollywood actors such as Warren Beatty (AKA George Hamilton) can never resist the temptation for prestigious superlatives and hails of public adulation.      


According to several articles, one in particular published at, “the Gaetani family had two popes with Pope Gelasius II or Giovani Gaetani of the 11th century and Pope Boniface VII of Benedetto Gaetani of the 13th century.”

The Gaetani crime cartels are also genealogically connected to the Agnelli family who are, in turn, married into the Grimaldi royal family of Monaco. 


The Gaetani family are documented as being part of what is termed the “Black Nobility” and, historically, have controlled European monarchies and organized crime as proxies, the very same criminal proxies which were alleged to have facilitated the acquisition of the necessary cement materials to lay the foundations for Donald Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This latter fact checks out with the confirmation that not only has Donald Trump been identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco (AKA former NBC anchor Brian Williams/Joe Biden/George W. Bush), but Monaco is a principality also renowned for its lavish casinos. With its close relationship to the Jesuit’s global intelligence octopus, specifically the American CIA, the Grimaldi royal family also enjoys covert control over the gaming and hotel industry in Las Vegas.

Prince Stefano’s royal genealogical relation, Prince Rainier (AKA Fidel Castro) was installed by the Jesuit-controlled CIA in Cuba both to nationalize and to bring greater centralized control to the casino and gaming businesses, and to serve as a geopolitical stalking horse for America’s hoaxed ‘cold war’ with the Soviet Union which, all along, proved to be nothing more than a profitable taxpayer-driven scam for the US military/industrial complex.

SEE: Fidel Castro the Jesuit Racketeer

As has also been documented, the Grimaldi family have genealogical emanations from Genoa, Italy and have an historically tight relationship with Papal Rome and to the Holy Roman Empire.

As for sordid business connections between “Donald Trump” and organized crime, these allegations have been confirmed by several MSM sources, including the Washington Times and at the article available at immediately below. 


SEE: The Resurrection of a Chameleon Prince

Beginning in the 19th century, the Gaetani family aligned with the House of Savoy, which is headed by Vittorio Emmanuel and his son Aimone, Princes of Naples.

Through the American Foundation of Savoy Orders, headquartered in New York City, the House of Savoy controls the city’s organized crime elements as criminal proxies. Vittorio Emmanuel is also a member of Italy’s P2 (AKA Propaganda Due) masonic lodge which, according to an article published at, was formulated during the late 19th century in Italy with the following mission statement drafted by the lodge’s Grand Master Roberto Gelli: “Freemasonry is the association most qualified to govern. If it does not govern, therefore, it misses its very raison d’etre. {In order to reach Freemasonry’s ultimate goal} It is obviously necessary to obtain the most suitable instrument: power.” 


According to their official web page at, in 2005, the UN designated the Savoy Foundation as an NGO (Non-Government Organization) and “in Roster Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.”  

Most notably, Prince Vittorio is the current head of the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta, who granted Rudi Guiliani (AKA Hollywood actor George Hamilton/Warren Beatty/former US president Richard ‘Tricky Dick’ Milhouse Nixon), the former mayor of New York City with the grade of Cavaliere di Gran Croce (Motu Proprio) of the Order of Merit of Savoy.

Guiliani has also been knighted by the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Queen Elizabeth II.

As the man formerly trumpeted by the MSM as “Trump’s lawyer”, Guiliani is no doubt also well-acquainted with two of former US president Donald Trump’s senior advisors – Eric Prince and Joseph E. Schmitz – who also have both been knighted into the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

Prior to September 11, 2001, Schmitz served as New York City’s head of the Port Authority.

Later – not coincidentally – Schmitz was made Ambassador to Italy.


Prior to her marriage to the fabricated character scheme known as “Donald Trump”, Ivana Trump was once romantically linked to Count Roffredo Gaetani d’Aragona Lovatelli, Gelasio’s sibling who, reportedly, according to, may have faked his death and absconded to Switzerland.

Further investigation revealed that Switzerland is the headquarters of Roche pharmaceuticals and its holding company Roche AG, a multinational healthcare company and, according to, the developers of Omicron home Covid-19 test kits.

The company’s manufacture and marketing of the test kits is a colossal profit-making scam, of course, but more than this, Roche and its holding company, Roche AG, according to Wikipedia, have been lodged with allegations of gross criminal malfeasance.

Decades ago, in 1973, Roche was alleged to have broken anti-trust laws and engaged in price-fixing.

“Stanley Adams,” Wikipedia reports, “Roche’s World Product Manager in Basel, contacted the European Economic Community in 1973 with evidence that Roche had been breaking anti-trust laws, engaging in price-fixing and market sharing for vitamins with its competitors. Roche was fined accordingly, but a bungle on the part of the EEC allowed the company to discover that it was Adams who had blown the whistle. He was arrested for unauthorized disclosure – an offense under Swiss law – and imprisoned. His wife, having learned that he might face decades in jail, committed suicide.”

Is there anyone who thinks “ex-33rd degree freemason Leo Zagami” (AKA Gelasio Gaetani d’Aragona Lovatelli/Phil Bronstein) will ever dig beneath the thin surface of his usual sensationalistic superficialities to disclose anything substantial about the sordid and criminal relationships between the ancient Italian crime family to which he belongs, the House of Savoy and the royal Grimaldi of Monaco, the political fraud known to the public as “Donald Trump” (AKA Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi/Brian Willilams/James Dean/Martin Sheen/George W. Bush/Joe Biden), and Roche AG and its criminal scams?

Though I’m not a gambling man, rest assured, one wouldn’t want to be caught dead betting on such a long shot at an Atlantic City Trump-owned casino.

Then again, America is nothing more than one big casino, and the house (AKA the US corporate government) owned by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families always fixes the odds to ensure they’re the winners. 


Everyone should examine the image posted immediately above of the government building in Ukraine.

Sky News Australia claims it was targeted by a “Russian missile attack” which resulted in the deaths of 33 (highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry) people.

Other than the conspicuous numerological coding, notice anything amiss?

At the very top of the image, everyone will notice dangling wires, such as those which would normally be attached to a construction demolition ball.

While examining even more closely, everyone will notice the demolition ball has been raked with photo shop and removed from the image.

Given the fact Sky News features an anchor – “Rita Pinahi” (AKA Farahnaz Pahlavi/Maria Zeee) – proved to be a fabricated character scheme and now, in addition, they’ve been caught misrepresenting the content of an image found to have been raked with photo shop to accompany an emotionally manipulative headline to sell a “war”, suffice to say, they are truly perpetrators of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.          


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