Though alleged to be one of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs, Blue Origin chief and former president and CEO of Amazon “Jeff Bezos” is not at all who the MSM claims him to be.

He exists – in much the same manner of “Jeffery Epstein” (AKA Barack Obama/Jerry Seinfeld) – as nothing more than a media generated image.

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In fact, to be more precise, “Jeff Bezos” is an impostor, a Hollywood derived actor in disguise, the hidden son of yet another renowned Hollywood actor, the “late” Burt Reynolds (AKA Marlon Brando/Doctor Phil McGraw/Dabney Coleman), who, in turn, is the son of Hollywood actor Rod Steiger (AKA Raymond Burr/Howard Cosell/Lou Abbott/Mikhail Gorbachev/Milton Friedman).

Reynolds, everyone will surely recall, was also identified as the live-action role player behind the portrayal of Russian Premiere “Vladimir Putin”. Bezos hidden grandfather – Rod Steiger – meanwhile, was identified as the live-action role player behind former Russian premiere “Mikhail Gorbachev”.

NASA’s Fake Hollywood Space Cadets

The hidden mother of the Hollywood actor identified in portrayal of “Jeff Bezos” is Lonnie Anderson (AKA Sally Field), a Hollywood actress who is also no stranger to the concept of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

While making ocular comparisons between the pair of images featured below, everyone will eventually determine – due to identical geometrical symmetry of the teeth, lips, chins, noses, cheekbones, brows, and lower epidermal portions of the ears – that “Lonnie Anderson” is a fabricated character scheme modified – with blonde hair dye and strategically placed makeup applications – from Hollywood actress Sally Fiield.

Both Hollywood actresses were, of course, joined in matrimony with Burt Reynolds (AKA Marlon Brando/Vladimir Putin).


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But there’s much more to this story.

Because both the public persona and “official” biographical narrative associated with “Jeff Bezos” was fabricated by CIA in cooperation with the US military/industrial complex, specifically, the US Department of Defense, of which NASA and United States Space Force are subdivisions.

Not coincidentally, both organizations – NASA and USSF – are also chief investors of Blue Origin, Bezos’s private aerospace venture.


Once one understands the identity of the actor(s) hidden behind the media generated gallery of masks, it then becomes a rather simple matter to see through the veil of “official” biographical accounts associated with such fabricated character schemes.

Ironically, therefore, the tissues of lies established by the MSM become a trail of invaluable clues which ultimately lead to the truth.

Research indicates, the Hollywood actor identified in portrayal of “Jeffery Preston Bezos”, through his hidden Hollywood parents, has genealogical connections to J.P Morgan Senior (AKA Teddy Roosevelt/King Edward VII), the biological father of “Alistair Crowley” (AKA Winston Churchill/Prince George, Duke of Kent/Bob Hope/Jack Benny) which, in turn, genealogically links Bezos to the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Hanover/Rockefeller/Rothschild). 

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Thanks for the Memories, Your Highness

As everyone shall soon observe, the historical persona associated with “JP Morgan Senior” and the international private banking cartels controlled by Crown Temple in the City of London and Swiss Templars and their relationship to Jesuit-controlled CIA and Operation Mockingbird – a decades-long CIA program to maintain control of the MSM as a vehicle for the execution of psychological operations – figures prominently when, as it were, one reads between the lines published in Wikipedia’s “official” biographical account of “Jeffery Preston Bezos”. 

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But before delving much further, the significance of the aforementioned biographical details can be better understood when one comprehends that, as evidenced by extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis, “Jeff Bezos” is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by the Hollywood actor known to the general public as “Kevin Spacey”.

While making ocular comparisons between the series of images posted immediately below, everyone will begin to observe the geometrical architecture and structural alignment(s) of the eyes, brows, chins, noses, as well as the proportional geometric alignment of the ears are identical.

While attentions are drawn to the comparatively identical dimensions of the respective chins in the first pair of images below, everyone will also notice a clefted epidermal indentation is conspicuously common to both “Jeff Bezos” and to Hollywood actor “Kevin Spacey”.

Curiously, however, in the third image in succession featuring “Jeff Bezos”, that particular epidermal element has been strategically raked with photo shop.   

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Further facial recognition analysis indicates “Kevin Spacey”, the hidden son of Burt Reynolds (AKA Marlon Brando/Vladmir Putin) and Sally Field (AKA Lonnie Anderson), was also modified into talk show personality “Doctor Drew Pinsky”. 

Below: Doctor Drew Pinsky, Kevin Spacey

download (6)[5990]

Kevin Spacey
Actor Kevin Spacey attends a pretrial hearing on Monday, June 3, 2019, at district court in Nantucket, Mass. The Oscar-winning actor is accused of groping the teenage son of a former Boston TV anchor in 2016 in the crowded bar at the Club Car in Nantucket. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

But further ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis indicates that Quenton Anderson Reynolds (AKA John Wayne Bobbitt/Del Bigtree) is the host actor (live-action role player) from which the fabricated character scheme known as “Jeff Bezos” (AKA Kevin Spacey/Doctor Drew Pinsky) was modified. 

While examining the succession of images posted below, everyone will observe the geometric architecture of the brows, noses, lips, and most conspicuously, the geometric structure and epidermal symmetry of the ears are identical.

Particularly, while examining the last pair of images in succession featuring Quenton Anderson Reynolds and Jeff Bezos (AKA Kevin Spacey/Doctor Drew Pinsky), everyone will observe, the geometric structure and dimensional symmetry of the chins are also conspicuously identical.   

Below from L to R: Quentin Anderson Reynolds, Jeff Bezos

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Below from L to R: John Wayne Bobbitt, Kevin Spacey

images (2)OIP (12)[5986]

Below from L to R: Del Bigtree, Quenton Anderson Reynolds, John Wayne Bobbitt. Kevin Spaceydel-bigtree

imagesimages (2)OIP (13)[5985]


According to Wikipedia, those alleged to be Bezos’s parents – Jacklyn Gise, Theodore Jorgensen – divorced in 1968 just as he reached the age of four. In April of 1968, Wikipedia reports, “After his parents divorced, his mother married Cuban immigrant Miguel “Mike” Bezos. Shortly after the wedding, Mike adopted four-year-old Jeff whose surname was then legally changed from Jorgensen to Bezos.”

Regarding Bezos’s adoptive father, Miguel “Mike” Bezos, an article published at reports, “Miguel Bezos was born in Cuba and came to the United States alone when he was fifteen as part of Operation Peter Pan – a CIA-run program which spread rumors that Fidel Castro’s government would be forcibly putting children in military schools and work camps, and helped Cuban parents place their children with host families and group homes in the United States.”


Not coincidentally, the hidden Hollywood parents related to the host actor – Quenton Anderson Reynolds (AKA Kevin Spacey/John Wayne Bobbitt/Drew Pinsky) – identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as “Jeff Bezos”, were also divorced.

As has been documented in many previous articles, CIA and the US military/industrial complex – both of which are controlled by the Vatican’s Society of Jesus (AKA Jesuit Order) – have long worked hand-in-glove with Hollywood and used it as a vehicle for social and political propaganda as well as a stable and reliable base from which to covertly launch psychological operations.

Of course, later on, according to “official” MSM narratives, Burt Reynolds (AKA Marlon Brando) remarried “Lonnie Anderson” (AKA Sally Field) and “adopted” Quenton Anderson Reynolds.

In essence, the “official” biographical account associated with the fabricated character scheme known as “Jeff Bezos”, exists as a parallel narrative concocted by intelligence sources derived from that belonging to his Hollywood host actor (live-action role player) Quenton Anderson Reynolds (AKA Doctor Drew Pinsky/John Wayne Bobbitt/Kevin Spacey) for the purpose of investigative misdirection.

The “official” biography of “Jeffery Preston Bezos” also reveals connections to the international private banking cartels which are connected to Crown Temple in the City of London and to the Templar Swiss banking consortium.

But first, it should be noted that gematria analysis of the intelligence derived pseudonym attached to the fabricated character scheme known as “Jeff Bezos” reveals predictable but telltale results. 

Respectively, English Ordinal and Full Reduction ciphers associated with “Jeffery Preston Bezos” sum to 249 and 96, with both reducing to 6. Reverse Ordinal and Reverse Full Reduction ciphers respectively sum to 264 and 93, with both reducing to 3. Added together, these ciphers total 3 6’s or 666, while the Reverse Full Reduction cipher – 93 – adds to 12 which, in turn, when applied to the law of occult mirrored reversal, equals 21 or 3 7’s/777, Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code. 


At two years of age, “Jeff Bezos” is alleged to have attended what is termed a “Montessori” school, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Montessori curriculum is rather unique, in that its educational methods differ rather sharply from the standardized curriculum associated with the federalized American public school system.

According to Wikipedia, “The Montessori method of education is a system of education for children that seeks to develop natural interests and activities rather than use formal teaching methods. A Montessori classroom places emphasis on hands-on learning and developing real-world skills. It emphasizes independence and it views children as naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a sufficiently supportive and well-prepared learning environment.”

More interestingly, reports Wikipedia, “It {Montessori} discourages some conventional measures of achievement such as grades and tests.” 

This unique early childhood educational curriculum was developed just after the turn of the twentieth century by Italian physicist Maria Montessori, a graduate of the University of Rome, one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious institutes of higher learning for the Italian ruling class, established in 1303 after a Papal Bull decreed by Pope Boniface VIII.

As most who frequent this site may recall, it was also Pope Boniface who issued another historically significant Papal Bull known as Unam Sanctum, which, in addition to laying the legal groundwork which thereafter established the Jesuit-controlled Vatican’s ownership of all crown land, legally proclaimed the supremacy of the pope and insisted on the submission of the temporal power of European monarchs to the spiritual predominance of the Vatican’s edicts.

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As for Bezos’s CIA connected father, Miguel, the Cuban immigrant, after receiving his degree from the University of New Mexico, Wikipedia informs, “the family moved to Houston, Texas, so that he could begin working as an engineer for Exxon.”

After a time, Bezos’s family would migrate to Miami, Florida, where it is alleged Jeff attended Miami Palmetto High School and, Wikipedia reports, “worked at McDonald’s as a short order line cook during the breakfast shift.” 

“He was high school valedictorian,” Wikipedia informs, “a National Merit Scholar, and a Silver Knight Award winner in 1982. In his graduation speech, Bezos told the audience he dreamed of the day when mankind would colonize space. A local newspaper quoted his intention ‘to get all people off the earth and see it turned into a huge national park.”

Was the latter biographical anecdote meant as a dark allusion to the UN’s genocidal Agenda 2030/2050 executed under the twin Trojan horses of the “climate change” and Covid-19 “pandemic” manufactured crises, perhaps?   

After graduation from high school, Bezos’s “official” biographies claim, for a brief time, before going on to matriculate at Princeton, he attended the Student Science Training Program at University of Florida. 

Regarding Bezos’s maternal grandfather – Lawrence Preston Gise – Wikipedia reports, “he was a regional director for the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) in Alburquerque. Lawrence retired early to his family’s ranch near Cotulla, Texas, where Jeff would spend many summers in his youth. Jeff would later purchase this ranch and expand it from 25,000 acres to 300,000 acres. Jeff displayed scientific interests and technological proficiency and once rigged an electric alarm to keep his younger siblings out of his room.” 

Oh yes, indeed – alarm bells are pealing loudly and clearly. 

It seems rather evident, given what has been discovered about Miguel, his CIA-connected “father” (AKA intelligence handler/mentor), right from the earliest stages of his life, “Jeff Bezos” (AKA Kevin Spacey/Doctor Drew Pinsky/Del Bigtree/John Wayne Bobbitt/Quenton Anderson Reynolds) was trained to be used in future as a key CIA intelligence asset. Undoubtedly, a high-level intelligence asset which the Jesuit-controlled CIA would assiduously plan to set up as the figurehead front man and public face/public relations operative of both Amazon and Blue Origin. 

Ample empirical evidence exists to support this premise.

While “Jeff Bezos” is publicly credited with the visionary idea for Amazon, the algorithmic nuts and bolts of the on-demand cloud computing platforms and IT infrastructure which makes Amazon successfully function – Amazon Web Services – was initially the brainchild of Amazon chief technology officer Allan Vermeulan, who, with assistance from Matt Round, CISO Tom Killalea, Andy Jassy and Matt Barr, established the vision for Internet OS and EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), S3 (Simple Storage Service), and RDS (Relational Database Service), all of which, according to Wikipedia, are vital technological components concertedly “made up of foundational infrastructure primitives that alleviate key impediments for shipping software applications faster.”          


According to Wikipedia, “Bezos graduated from Princeton University in 1986” from which “he holds a degree in electrical engineering and computer science.”

While still matriculating, Bezos was admitted membership into Phi Beta Kappa, one of America’s most prestigious and historic fraternities.

It should also be noted, Princeton University is also associated with the biography of Hollywood actor Jimmy Stewart (AKA Franklin Delano Roosevelt/Harry Truman/Henry Fonda/Fred Astaire/Walt Disney/Walter Cronkite/Glen Miller/Al Jolson/Prince Tassilo Egon von Furstenberg). 

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Turns out, too, Princeton University’s official history harbors a symbiotic connection to both American founding father and vice president Aaron Burr and to the rather impressive genealogy of Hollywood actor Burt Reynolds (AKA Marlon Brando/Vladimir Putin). 

Regarding Princeton’s august history, Wikipedia reports, “In 1747, following the death of then President Jonathon Dickinson, the college moved from Elizabeth to Newark, New Jersey, as that was where presidential successor Aaron Burr Sr.’s parsonage was located.” 

According to, Hollywood actor Burt Reynolds, the father of the host actor identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as “Jeff Bezos” (AKA Quenton Anderson Reynolds) is genealogically connected to the historically infamous Aaron Burr, who killed Alexander Hamilton, creator of the first central bank of New York under royal charter, in a vicious pistol duel. 

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Incredible as it may seem, but, not so coincidentally according to, Hollywood actor Marlon Brando (AKA Burt Reynolds) is also genealogically connected to Marilyn Monroe (AKA Shirley Temple Black/Judy Garland/Jaclyn Kennedy Onassis/Helen Thomas/Madeleine Albright), to television/Hollywood actress/comedienne Lucille Ball (AKA Queen Elizabeth II), to Boris Johnson (AKA King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands/Richard Branson/Chris Hansen), to Hollywood actress Jodie Foster (AKA Anne Heche/Helen Hunt/Judy Greer/Julia Gillard) and – wait for it, folks – to “Ellen DeGeneres” (AKA Madonna Louise Ciccone/Lorena Bobbitt/Jennifer Lopez/Angelina Jolie). 

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After allegedly graduating from Princeton, Wikipedia informs, “he {Bezos} worked on Wall Street in a variety of related fields from 1986 to 1994.”

Although it is claimed Bezos was offered entry level positions at Intel, Bell Labs, and Anderson Consulting, he opted for employment at Fitel, a fintech telecommunications start-up where, according to Wikipedia, “he was tasked with building a network for international trade.”

After becoming a product manager for Bankers Trust from 1988-1990, Bezos signed on to work for D.E. Shaw & Co, a hedge fund where it is alleged, at the tender age of 30, he became the company’s vice president. 

From its inception in 1903, controlling stock interest in Bankers Trust was held by J.P. Morgan Senior (AKA Teddy Roosevelt/King Edward VII).

According to, the early twentieth century ‘robber baron’ known as J.P Morgan Senior (AKA Teddy Roosevelt/King Edward VII) and Hollywood actor Burt Reynolds (AKA Marlon Brando/Vladimir Putin), the father of Quenton Anderson Reynolds (AKA Kevin Spacey/Drew Pinsky/John Wayne Bobbitt), the host actor (live-action role player) identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as “Jeff Bezos”, are genealogically connected.  

Shortly thereafter, Wikipedia informs, “Bezos founded Amazon in late 1994 on a road trip from New York to Seattle.”

Regarding Amazon, “Jeff Bezos” and their respective relationship to Jesuit-controlled CIA, Wikipedia admits, “In 2013, Bezos secured a $600-million contract with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on behalf of Amazon Web Services.” 

Seattle, or more specifically, Mercer Island, Washington, is the locational headquarters for the offices of Bezos Expeditions, an investment firm which, according to Wikipedia, “invests in early-stage ventures, late-stage ventures and seed stages of companies in many sectors.” 

Though Bezos’s firm primarily invests in for profit ventures, “it also supports funding philanthropic efforts,” claims Wikipedia.

In 1998, in a major stock investment made through venture capital firm Bezos Expeditions, “Jeff Bezos” invested $250,000 in Google which, by 2017, had exponentially ballooned to $3.3 million shares worth $3.1 billion.

Insider information from one’s friends at CIA can sure work wonders, no? 

Wondering what percentage of that colossal windfall Bezos may have decided to philanthropically donate to some worthy charity?

Though not prone to gambling, in this case, one would confidently wager that percentage is precisely equivalent to the number of times US vice president Kamala Harris (AKA Hollywood actress Vera Farmiga) has visited the US southern border.

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However, in lieu of using his venture capital firm for charitable causes, in 2013, Bezos purchased The Washington Post for $250 million. This, no doubt, was a strategic maneuver on the part of Bezos’s CIA intelligence handlers, to not only better shape the public’s perception of Bezos’s media image, but to ensure they had a reliable intelligence operator at the helm of the periodical to better disseminate the flow of propaganda and to better and more efficiently execute psychological operations. 

Historically, from the time of its founding in 1877, The Washington Post has been a purveyor of US corporate government propaganda and has always worked closely with CIA as a psychological operations conduit.

In 1898, the Post published the classic illustration – drawn by Clifford K. Barryman – entitled “Remember the Maine” which helped precipitate the American public’s acceptance of the Spanish-American War. During this same era, The Post also helped create propaganda for Bezos’s genealogical relative, Theodore Roosevelt (AKA JP Morgan Senior/King Edward VII), when, according to Wikipedia, then President Roosevelt was featured in a cartoon “showing compassion for a small bear cub which inspired New York store owner Morris Michtom to create the teddy bear.”

The Washington Post’s sordid history continued on into the twentieth century, when, on June 1,1933, fearful of being outbid by newspaper titan Randolph Hearst, financier Eugene Mayer, executive of War Finance Corporation during WWI and former Chairman of the private Crown Temple subsidiary Federal Reserve bank, bought the paper at bankruptcy auction for a mere fraction of its worth.

Later, in 1946, Mayer’s son-in-law, Phillip Graham, who worked with OSS and CIA, succeeded Mayer as the Post’s owner.

Prior to taking over ownership duties of the Post, according to an article published at, in 1942, Graham “worked as an assistant to William Donovan, head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS),” the very same Jesuit-controlled intelligence organization which became known to the American public as CIA.

The article at goes on to report, “In 1944, Graham was recruited into the “Special Branch, a super-secret part of Intelligence, run by Colonel Al McCormick.”

During WWII, Graham worked under General George Kenney, commander of the Allied Air Forces in the Southwest Pacific. OSS chief Donovan also sent Graham to China where he worked with future CIA director Richard Helms and the infamous E. Howard Hunt.

While serving as a Jesuit-trained intelligence operator for CIA, Graham was also instrumental in guiding former US president John F. Kennedy (AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper) into the White House. 

Tellingly, the article at goes on to report, “It is also claimed that Graham played an important role in Operation Mockingbird, the CIA program to infiltrate domestic American media. According to Katherine Graham, her husband worked overtime at the Post during the Bay of Pigs operation to protect the reputations of his friends who had organized the ill-fated venture.” 

Surely, by now, everyone is starting to see a clear pattern developing regarding the connections between Jesuit-controlled CIA, the international private banking cartels, and the creation of the fabricated character scheme and intelligence asset identified as “Jeff Bezos” (AKA Kevin Spacey/Doctor Drew Pinsky/Del Bigtree/John Wayne Bobbitt/Quenton Anderson Reynolds)?               

But wouldn’t you also know it?

Bezos Expeditions – his venture capital firm – also has a connection with the Apollo 11 hoax.

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“In 2013, Bezos Expeditions funded the recovery of two Saturn V first stage Rocketdyne F-1 engines from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. They were positively identified as belonging to the Apollo 11 mission’s S-1C stage from July 1969. The engines are currently on display at the Seattle Museum of Flight.”

Regarding the preceding anecdote quoted verbatim from Wikipedia’s biographical entry for “Jeff Bezos”, considering Bezos’s established connections with CIA and DOD (Department of Defense), under which NASA exists as a subdivision, it should come as no surprise that “Jeff Bezos” would be mentioned in association with NASA’s Apollo 11 moon mission hoax.

NASA – the US corporate government funded Hollywood-styled movie production house publicly operating under the intelligence cover of an organization dedicated to astronomical and scientific discovery – was a primary investor in Blue Origin, facilitating “Jeff Bezos” in faking his own sub-orbital “space” flight eight years later in 2021. 

In summary, it could be so argued, due to the pattern of conspiratorial behavior and the web of connections established between CIA, Amazon, The Washington Post, Blue Origin, NASA, DOD, and City of London Crown Temple and Swiss Templar banking cartel subsidiaries, that not only is Jesuit-controlled CIA’s sinister Project Mockingbird to control the MSM still ongoing, but that the fabricated character scheme identified as “Jeffery Preston Bezos” (AKA Kevin Spacey/Doctor Drew Pinsky/John Wayne Bobbitt/Quenton Anderson Reynolds) was actively recruited at the earliest stages of his life and well-trained to become one of the program’s primary perpetrators and covert intelligence operators.     


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