More often than people think, the world of sports, Hollywood/television entertainment, and the realm of politics intersect.

As detailed in a recent article, the NFL often recycles star players – with ulterior and profitable motives in mind – into new identities.

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True to form, upon further investigation it appears that, now, one of the NFL’s most popular stars recently served in Washington D.C. as a congressman.

“David Madison Cawthorn,” according to Wikipedia, “is an American politician who has served as the U.S. representative for North Carolina’s 11th congressional district since 2021. A member of the Republican party, he is the first member of Congress born in the 1990’s and the third youngest in U.S. history. He describes himself as a Christian and a constitutional conservative.”

Below: Madison Cawthorn

Does “Madison Cawthorn” happen to look familiar to anyone?

Indeed, he should appear familiar – especially among those residing in America who also happen to be fans of the NFL (National Football League). 

Turns out, however, “Madison Cawthorn”, U.S. congressional representative from North Carolina’s 11th district, and Tom Brady, declared the greatest quarterback to have ever played in the NFL, have been identified as fabricated character schemes modified from a live-action role player – a popular dramatic television actor famous for portraying the role of a serial killer. 


When it comes to considering the world of professional sports – in this case, specifically the NFL – recycling star entertainers into new identities ensures the successful marketing potential of dramatic narratives which, in turn, increases television ratings, advertising revenues, and merchandising profits. This is a scenario similar to what occurs in Hollywood. A reliable actor under long-term contract to a studio, with the ability to adapt to varying roles, represents a profitable commercial commodity.

It must also be noted that professional sports, particularly the NFL, are closely partnered with Las Vegas’s gaming industry complex. For this reason, NFL games which are scheduled during prime-time television hours are routinely stage-managed to mutually benefit the profitable partnership which exists between the gaming industry in Las Vegas and the NFL. 

Locking up reliable actors or, in intelligence parlance, moles, to long-term contracts ensures the successful stage managing of the NFL’s entertainment spectacles in accordance with the sophisticated gaming strategies practiced by professional bookmakers headquartered in Las Vegas. It must also be noted – as has been pointed out in several articles published on this site regarding this topic – though the NFL consists of what appear to be independently owned franchises, viewed from the standpoint of legal framework, the league operates as a singular profit-sharing entity.

With profit-sharing in place, owners know that even if their team statistically suffers a losing season, in the final analysis, the franchise ends up a profitable winner, sharing in the league’s bounty drawn from television contracts, advertising and merchandising revenues, media buys, signage and licensing fees, as well as stadium concession’s profits.

On the other hand, the average emotionally invested NFL fan – those who spend billions laying bets on stage managed entertainment spectacles with Las Vegas gaming professionals, pay out for exorbitant ticket, merchandise prices, concession fees – remains targeted by NFL owners as an exploitable commercial resource which can be financially bled dry again and again.

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According to former NFL stars like Dwight Smith, the MVP of Super Bowl 37, the outcome of NFL contests is “not decided on the field.” In fact – at approximately 1:49 in the following video excerpt – as the most highly touted defensive star of Super Bowl 37, Smith claims, “we knew every play they {the opponent} were running before the game even started.”

A more complete transcript of the revealing interview with former NFL star Dwight Smith includes a remark concerning another player from the NFL’s New Orleans Saints – ‘Deuce’ McAlister.

Facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirms the former NFL player known as Deuce McAlister was also known as Bo Jackson who, for a short period of time, once appeared to be the most heralded athlete in all professional sports.

In essence, Bo Jackson proved to be a marketable commercial commodity which could be recycled into a new identity to considerably benefit the profit margins of both the NFL and the gaming industry complex in Las Vegas.

Below: Deuce McAlister, Bo Jackson

OIP (3)[6291]OIP (2)[6290]

Facial recognition and image comparison analysis also confirms that the NFL player formerly known as Earl Campbell was later recycled into Ricky Williams who, like Deuce McAlister, was once contracted to perform for the NFL franchise New Orleans Saints. 

Below from L to R: Earl Campbell, Ricky Williams

OIP (5)[6293]OIP (4)[6292]

Everyone may also recall that former NFL legend “Joe Namath” who, as the NFL’s consensus historical narrative would have it, forced into retirement from the NFL due to severe “knee injuries”, was later recycled into “Joe Montana”, the San Francisco 49er’s Super Bowl champion quarterback. Not only were both NFL athletes identified as fabricated character schemes, but both “Joe Namath” and “Joe Montana” were portrayed by an identical live-action role player, Hollywood actor John Travolta. 

SEE: The NFL’s Super Bowl Recycling Machine

Hollywood actor John Travolta also went on to portray the fabricated music industry plant known as “Barry Manilow” and, despite the debilitating injuries associated with Travolta’s modified fabricated character scheme “Joe Namath”, he also went on to star as a disco dancing whirling dervish in the Hollywood production “Saturday Night Fever”.

Everyone may recall Travolta has also been identified as the host actor (live-action role player) behind the portrayal of former Walt Disney Company executive Michael Eisner.

SEE: Dead Man Blooms into Ukraine Hero  

Below: Michael Eisner, John Travolta

While making ocular comparisons between the images posted immediately below, everyone will not only begin to notice the identical symmetrical consistencies of the respective facial geometries – jawlines, chins, noses, lips, brows, nasolabial folds – but that the geometrical and epidermal contours of the respective ears are also symmetrically identical. 

Below from L to R: Joe Namath, Joe Montana, Barry Manilow, John Travolta


Wikipedia points out, despite the fact it is well-documented Tom Brady was “a lightly regarded prospect coming out of college with an unimpressive NFL Scouting Combine performance reinforcing this reputation and, as a result, was not selected until the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots, 199th overall, and the seventh quarterback taken,” he nevertheless unexpectedly rose to the pantheon of greatness in a violent professional sport not especially noted for allowing career longevity.

And yet, still, at an age – 45 – when most have long retired from the NFL, Tom Brady remains as not only the NFL’s marquee fan attraction but remains universally regarded as one of its premiere athletes. Though to be certain, the athletic skills of the average player among NFL rosters far surpasses those of even the most dominant or highly touted varsity athlete, whether at the high school or collegiate level, nonetheless, the continued stellar career success and professional longevity of the NFL’s Tom Brady not only defies adequate analysis, but also presents a particularly anomalous, even vexing conundrum. 

Wikipedia offers the following analysis which, to most NFL fans, would appear superficially plausible: “Brady’s success as a passer has been attributed to his work ethic, competitive spirit, pocket awareness, and intelligence.”

Or could it be that, upon his being drafted in 2000, due to his perceived telegenic, All-American wholesome image, NFL executives saw in Tom Brady a marketing opportunity ripe for long-term profitable exploitation?

When the NFL’s tight partnership with Las Vegas and the major MSM television networks is taken into fuller consideration, Wikipedia’s facile explanation for Tom Brady’s success rings hollow. In the final analysis, professional sports, the NFL included, presents entertainment spectacles not legitimate sporting contests. Therefore, logically, it follows then, a charismatic image possessing incalculable star power such as Tom Brady holds greater commercial value – to NFL owners, the NFL commissioner, to the league’s MSM television partners, and to the NFL’s partners among the gaming industry complex in Las Vegas – than sheer athletic brilliance.

Fabricated television stars like Tom Brady keep NFL fans habitually tuning in every Sunday at prime-time hours, a profitable habit which maximizes television ratings, advertising revenues, and merchandising sales.

Therefore, the methods of narrative production, marketing, promotion, theatrical stage management, and corporate quality control involved with the televised presentation of scripted entertainment spectacles to the general public by the NFL in cooperation with its gaming industry partners in Las Vegas, and MSM television networks, can be considered synonymous with those more generally associated with the production of blockbuster Hollywood movies.

Just as in Hollywood, while the names of bankable stars like Tom Brady shine in sparkling neon up on the marquee, there is the supporting cast of extras whose efforts often go unsung, largely forgotten.

Putting it another way, Tom Brady, throughout his professional career, has represented the NFL’s shining but manufactured superhero.  

As shall be demonstrated, from the standpoint of raw football analysis, Brady’s NFL career has defied the very concept of statistical probability. Historically, over the course of a single career, an NFL quarterback’s winning percentage during regular season contests comparatively far exceeds that of post-season and Super Bowl performances. The statistical winning percentage differential – regular season as compared to post-season performances – associated with the NFL’s Tom Brady appears to be an anomalously rare, if not unlikely, exception to this well-established statistical normality.

Statistical analysis of Brady’s NFL career indicates his winning percentage for regular season games stands at seventy-six percent, while his post-season winning percentage – including divisional playoff games – stands at 87.5%.

No other quarterback in the history of the NFL has managed to achieve such an impressive but statistically anomalous feat.

Furthermore, from the ages of thirty-six to forty-two, Brady managed a streak of four Super Bowl wins in seven years and a 16-3 record in NFL playoff games, achieving a winning percentage of 84.2%, far surpassing the winning percentage of his regular season record over the identical seven-year period. 

But perhaps more remarkably, facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirm that Kurt Warner, Brady’s opposing starting quarterback during Super Bowl XXXVI, had been recycled and was also once known as Jim Zorn, who had previously performed for the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks.

The final outcome of Super Bowl XXXVI was quite unexpected.

Prior to the game, Brady’s team, the New England Patriots, were slated by NFL commentators as underdogs to the Saint Louis Rams, a team – dubbed “The Greatest Show on Earth” – which possessed a slew of vastly superior offensive athletic weapons at its disposal.

To the surprise of America’s television viewing audience, the New England Patriots, led by rookie quarterback Tom Brady, managed to magically stymie the Ram’s powerful offense for most of the game’s first half. Though the Ram’s, led by Kurt Warner (AKA Jim Zorn) engineered key scoring drives to even the score in the dwindling minutes of the fourth and final quarter, it was Tom Brady, the underdog rookie, who, with a touch of rare dramatic flair, put his team in position to execute a game winning field goal during Super Bowl XXXVI’s waning seconds.

In retrospect, it seems Tom Brady’s emergence as a heroic figure had been predestined, if not wholly engineered by the football gods.

Or, does it seem more likely, NFL owners, their partners in Las Vegas, and major MSM television networks with whom the NFL was lucratively contracted, envisioned a unique opportunity to stage manage the outcome of Super Bowl XXXVI, with the intention to create the emergence of a long-term commercial commodity which was not only readily marketable, but one which was projected to become richly profitable? 

Below from L to R: Jim Zorn, Kurt Warner


R (4)[6326]OIP[6325]


In early 2022, only forty days after officially announcing his retirement from the NFL, Tom Brady did an about face and chose to return to the active player roster of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It appears to be no coincidence that, almost simultaneously, North Carolina congressional representative Madison Cawthorne’s short political tenure ended in late 2022, after losing his reelection bid in the Republican primary. This “election” loss occurred just after Tom Brady began suiting up for his 23rd season in the NFL. 

The rather abbreviated political career of David Madison Cawthorn appears to have been riddled with controversy.

Assuredly, much like NFL entertainment spectacles, much of the “controversy” associated with Madison Cawthorn was scripted and thoroughly stage managed.

“His tenure was marked by various controversies,” confirms Wikipedia, “including allegations of insider trading, improper payments, and a leaked nude video.”

Funny how those biographical tidbits which exist only as prurient interest always manage to make the boldest of MSM headlines.

Regarding Cawthorn’s official biography, its substance appears rather meager, as would be expected of a socio-political/behavioral modification influence asset which was deliberately fabricated by the Jesuit-controlled intelligence apparatus known as CIA.

Regarding one detail which could be culled from the paucity of biographical information associated with the formative years of Madison Cawthorn, Wikipedia informs, “He {Cawthorn} was homeschooled in Hendersonville, North Carolina, through 12th grade, and played football with the Asheville Saints, a league that includes home-schooled high school students.”

Yes, because the last thing the City of London Crown Templars, Swiss Vatican bankers, and the thirteen royal Jesuit families want is for the children of the hoi polloi to grow into well-adjusted, free-thinking, creative, independently reliant adults unsullied and unaffected by the standardized curriculum (AKA brainwashing) offered by the federalized indoctrination centers/propaganda factories better known as the American public school system.

“During the 2020 general campaign, a 2017 Cawthorn Instagram post with a picture of his visit to Adolf Hitler’s vacation residence Eagle’s Nest, which he said had been on his ‘bucket list for a while’, generated criticism and allegations of far-right sympathies. He had referred to Hitler as ‘the Fuhrer’, Hitler’s official title, and also called Hitler ‘a supreme evil’. In response, Cawthorn denied being a white supremacist, calling the allegations ridiculous, and said he ‘completely and wholeheartedly denounce(s) any kind of white nationalism, any kind of Nazism’.” 

Social media platforms such as Instagram are not only controlled by the Vatican/Jesuit managed CIA, but such platforms are also routinely utilized for the execution of psychological operations and for the promotion of intelligence created fabricated character schemes. 

Actually, “Madison Cawthorn” and “Adolf Hitler” (AKA Bing Crosby/King Leopold III of Belgium) do have one thing in common though.

They were both fabricated character schemes portrayed by Hollywood actors. 

SEE: His Highness Hollywood Fraud Zelensky

The Man Who Sold the World

While continuing on through the official biography of Madison Cawthorn, one gets the distinct impression his fabricated character scheme was engineered as an intelligence operator associated with stereotypical political, social, behavioral attributes and characteristics – most of which were scripted to appear as standing in deliberate and defiant opposition to the Sustainability Goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 – which could then easily be demonized by the MSM.

In other words, the public profile associated with “Madison Cawthorn” was promoted to brief prominence only in so far as he could then serve as the MSM’s straw man whipping boy.

For example, Wikipedia quotes Cawthorn as having made the following – undoubtedly scripted – asinine comment: “It’s time for the rise of the new right, it’s time for Dark MAGA to truly take command.” 

As alluded to in this article’s introduction, it turns out, ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm “Madison Cawthorn” is a fabricated character scheme modified from the NFL legend known as “Tom Brady”.

Below from L to R: Madison Cawthorn, Tom Brady


According to Wikipedia, “Michael Carlyle Hall is an American actor and singer best known for his roles as Dexter Morgan, the titular character in the Showtime series Dexter, and David Fisher in the HBO drama series Six Feet Under.”

Upon further investigation, Jennifer Carpenter, the spouse of actor Michael C. Hall and Giselle Bundchen, the former spouse of NFL legend “Tom Brady” appear to be one and the same.

Comparative facial recognition analysis indicates the geometric contours of the respective chins, jawlines, cheekbones, eyes, brows, and lips are symmetrically identical.

In the second image displayed in succession immediately below, Jennifer Carpenter has been elevated with high heels to promote the illusion of a height differential – six feet four/five feet eleven – between “Tom Brady” (AKA Madison Cawthorn) and his live-action role player, television/Broadway actor Michael C. Hall.

This is merely one method which can be routinely utilized to conceal a connection between the host actor (live-action role player) and the modified fabricated character scheme. 

Below from L to R: Giselle Bundchen, Michael C. Hall/Jennifer Carpenter


Further research indicates Giselle Bundchen (AKA Jennifer Carpenter) has performed philanthropic endeavors with NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations) connected to the United Nations.

According to Wikipedia, “Bundchen’s charitable endeavors include Save the Children, Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. She has been a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program since 2009.”

While the Red Cross is nothing more than a front for the global Swiss/Vatican, City of London Crown Templar banking consortium, the United Nations Environment Program was established to promote the seventeen “Sustainability Goals” of its genocidal Agenda 2030/2050.

Doctors Without Borders, meanwhile, is directed by an international council which meets – where else? – in Geneva, Switzerland.

But Bundchen’s array of suspicious, telltale connections don’t stop there.

She has also been involved with the Clinton Global Initiative; an organization involved with various criminal scandals since its founding. Bundchen has also been associated with the Worldwide Fund for Nature, formerly known as World Wildlife Fund, an organization founded by Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh (AKA Dick van Dyke/James Arness/Billy Graham) and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, a genealogical relative of Elon Musk (AKA Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands) and Boris Johnson (AKA King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands/Sir Richard Branson/Chris Hansen).

SEE: Hollywood Billy Graham’s Royal Smoking Gun

Bilderberg Returns to Build Back Better

Canadian Convoy Smells Like Royal Musk

Behind the Curtain of Boris’s Big Top

Most notably, however, Bundchen has been actively involved with Rainforest Alliance, an NGO which includes Labeeb M. Abboud on its board of directors. Abboud is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations – a front for the Vatican’s Jesuit order – with ties to the Rockefeller Foundation and was educated at Georgetown University, a Jesuit founded institution. Aparajita Bhalia, Chief Development Officer with Rainforest Alliance, is a former employee of pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson and has also worked with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

With high-profile and powerful connections such as these, is it any wonder then, the former spouse of Gisele Bundchen (AKA Jennifer Carpenter), “Tom Brady” (AKA Michael C. Hall/Madison Cawthorn) was hoisted into the pantheon of NFL greatness and allowed to experience a professional career which has seen unprecedented longevity?


While making ocular comparisons between the images posted below – between “Tom Brady” (AKA Madison Cawthorn) and Michael C. Hall – everyone will begin to notice the shapes, contours, and alignments of the respective sets of teeth – central and lateral incisors, canines – are symmetrically identical.

Below from L to R: Tom Brady, Michael C. Hall  

In the three final sets of images, the contours, shapes, alignments of the respective sets of teeth not only appear conspicuously and symmetrically identical, but the geometric symmetries, dimensions, and contours of the chins, noses, brows, and eyes are also conspicuously identical. 

Below: Tom Brady, Madison Cawthorn, Michael C, Hall

OIP (13)[6300]OIP[6332]OIP (22)[6301]

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