The coronavirus psychological operation is a grand masonic ritual to initiate everyone, while employing the most sinister methods of psychological coercion and manipulation, into becoming a dedicated member of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic global cult.

Though the MSM will never report it, “Covid” is an anagram for Certificate of Vaccination Identification.

Covid-19 is a code derived from those at the highest levels of the military/industrial complex for a global Marshall Law exercise.

As we’ve learned, who else but those at the highest levels of the triumvirate Templar/Jesuit/Masonic global cult not only cherish the use of semantics as a tool of deception, but also thrive on the pageantry and grandeur of elaborate ritual initiations?

Only this time, the outrageous behavior of sycophantic public officials is signaling to those of the general public they have no choice but to comply and submit to participating in this grand masonic ritual.

The thirteen families have employed their vast media organs and, augmented by baseless threats of arrest from thuggish legions of masonic police guilds, are attempting to force mass compliance with a globally promulgated advisory public health opinion, the legality of which, while only made to appear legal with the public’s conspicuous consent, is backed by nothing other than blatant acts of psychological coercion, emotion driven propaganda, and crude intimidation.

The donning of masks and gloves mirrors the ritualistic garb of high-degree freemasonic ceremonies and rituals, while the ‘washing of hands’ represents a psychological cleansing; a spiritual transcendence from death to resurrection and, finally, to rebirth.

This is a symbolic transcendence which is necessary, for those who partake in the masonic ritual, to become reborn into a new spiritual perception of not only themselves but of their place in the new order of global affairs.

Recently, we have observed yet another key actor appearing on the global stage.

“Doctor Deborah Birx” now stands before the American general public to assume her role as the ritualistic master of ceremonies, and to remind all and sundry of their duties and roles as the grand masonic ceremony progresses to its final culmination.

The appearance of Birx symbolically represents the emergence of Isis, the feminine energy of the Triple Goddess.

She is also a symbolic representation of the high masonic priestess; the nurturing earth mother, guiding the masses of new initiates as each prepares to transcend the death of old identities and readies to embrace a symbolic rebirth into the new age of Aquarius.

One presumes, Birx is well-aware of her occulted role, due to one simple fact: her host actor is a close family relation of a celebrated Wiccan high-priestess; one who is both a high-ranking initiate into the masonic order of the Eastern Star and a European princess in disguise.

Turns out folks, the host actor identified as “Doctor Deborah Birx” is not only well-familiar to us, she is the daughter-in-law of one of Hollywood’s most esteemed, accomplished, and award-winning actresses — Shirley McClain —  the sister of Hollywood actor/director Warren Beatty AKA former US president Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon.

While everyone watches the following performance of “Doctor Deborah Birx”, one suspects there are some, if not many, who will begin to recognize, while paying especial attention to the particular qualities of her voice, mannerisms, and facial geometry, that Doctor Birx resembles a certain former democratic presidential candidate and senator from the state of Massachusetts.

But the stunning discoveries don’t end there.

Another video clip, excerpted from a popular BBC television production, features an eerie example of predictive programming which foreshadowed the coronavirus’s global psychological operation.

Stay turned folks!

In addition to the jargon-laden responses of Doctor Deborah Birx, everyone surely took especial note of her comments regarding the public’s adherence to the US corporate government’s “social distancing” policy, and how it will continue to be monitored and enforced in a “laser-focused ‘granular’ way.”

Not coincidentally, this identical syntax mangling terminology is found in several pdf’s available at +.

That’s right folks, though she speaks with the nasally bleated and larynx fried patois of an aging valley girl seized in an arrested state of adolescence, Birx is an actor, and she’s doing what actors do best: faithfully regurgitating the lines of their assigned scripts.

In one of the pdf’s found at the site, entitled “Insights from Smart Meters: The Potential for Peak-Hour Savings from Behavior-Based Programs”, the term ‘granular’, in connection to the concept of data collection, appears numerous times.

In fact, upon further examination, this term appears in all the site’s documentations to describe how customer data collection is derived from smart meters.

Smart meters are nothing more than population surveillance devices.

But what could possibly be meant when ‘Behavior-Based programs’ are alluded to, folks?

Although, I would recommend everyone read the series of Orwellian documents, one particular excerpt describes how smart-meter customers who undertake —–  under strict confidentially — “a rigorous consumer behavior study (CBS) would be obliged to collect and report highly granular customer-level consumption and demographic data (hereafter referred to as Project data).”

The pdf goes on to tout the benefits of such a study and states that participants will be financially compensated.

Sure, why not throw the laboratory guinea pigs some tasty pellets for their trouble, right?

In essence, what Birx describes is the deployment of a massive surveillance grid, which consists of not only the legions of paid police informants and blue lodge level masonic snitches already patrolling in your neighborhood who will be spying on you to determine whether or not you’re a good little doobie adhering to “social distancing” recommendations, but “granular” information collected via artificial intelligence existing in the form of digital smart meters.

By dint of logic, while taking the tortured jargon of Doctor Birx into full consideration, it would seem, the social distancing recommendations have not been made to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (a medical classification of the common cold or flu), but to better facilitate effective GPS tracking and surveillance, either from remote aerial sources such as planes or drones, or from the digital ‘smart’ devices virtually everyone now habitually carries on their person.

But —- some of you still might respond —- these recommendations are for everyone’s safety, right?

As for me, I’ll take my chances with the dangers of unlimited freedom over the “safety” and “security” provided by the US corporate government’s jackbooted criminal protection racket.


Before we proceed with our examination of the official biographies of “Doctor Deborah Birx”, there is an interesting detail to report, regarding a recent television production starring Shirley McClain, the mother-in-law of Doctor Deborah Birx’s host actor.

After clicking on the video excerpt from the BBC’s popular television production of Downtown Abbey, posted immediately below, fast forward to precisely the 3:02 mark, and listen very carefully to what the male actor seated between the pair of female performers says about “the science of quarantine”.

Apparently, this segment of the video is part of a compilation of excerpts drawn from the 21 episodes of the fifth season of Downtown Abbey, the popular BBC television series, which aired in 2014, 6 years before the  coronavirus’ “pandemic”.

Surely, everyone noticed the numerological significance of the numbers cited in relation to the television series: 1.) 21=777 (Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code/symbolic spiritual transformation), 2.) 6=33 (high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry).

Perhaps, most eerily, everyone will take note of the fact, the precise moment at which the actor speaks the word “quarantine” comes at 3:02 (2 3’s=33) in the video.

Given how the male actors cast in the BBC’s television production appear to be nothing more than human dart boards for the stabbing barbs of sharpened wit cast with lethal intent by the septuagenarian female protagonist, it is very likely Downtown Abbey was created as a covert vehicle for the viral spread of feminist propaganda; the brand of mind altering sorcery with which Shirley McClain, Hollywood’s highest ranking witch, and her royal family would be most familiar.


Iconic Hollywood legend Shirley McClain, the Oscar-winning American actress, starred in the BBC’s Downtown Abbey as the character of Martha Levinson.

The name scripted for McClain’s character, “Levinson”, has also been used as an historical and genealogical veil, a surnamed pseudonym for some of the more prominent members of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

As most of those who frequent this site know, the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is genealogically related to the Swabian royal House of von Furstenberg, a pertinent fact which is also a clue as to the true identity of “Shirley McClain”, the mother-in-law of the host actor identified in portrayal of “Doctor Deborah Birx”.

Before shortly getting to that, here is an example of McClain’s acting prowess, witnessed in yet another scene from the BBC’s production of Downtown Abbey.

The name of “Levinson”, as one discovered after investigating the ancient family trees of some of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families which are documented at Burke’s peerage and other sites, has shown to be connected with some of the more well-known historical pseudonyms of Rockefeller and Rothschild, family pseudonyms —- similar to those historically legendary pseudonyms of Kennedy, Bush, and Clinton — which, as we’ve also discovered, particularly, in the case of Jacob Rothschild AKA Prince Edward Duke of Kent, and his son, Nathaniel AKA “Mark Zuckerberg”, have been routinely utilized by members of the British peerage in close genealogical relation to some of the more prominent members of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

SEE: The Truth about Facebook and Zuckerberg

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According to Shirley McClain’s official biographies, she was named after the legendary child star Shirley Temple (reference to masonic temple/Templars?).

One of Shirley Temple’s famous offspring has proved to be Charles Alden Black Junior, who, with the proficiency of a true chameleon, portrayed a slew of characters, including rock superstars Steve Tyler, Freddie Mercury, Peter Frampton, Tommy Shaw, Sid Vicious, John Taylor, Chris Cornell, and British PM Tony Blair.

SEE: Has Freddie Mercury Kept Himself Alive?

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But as we further examine McClain’s biography, at Wikipedia, we encounter some glaring clues which, for all intents and purposes, strike us with the force of an epiphany’s wrecking ball: “Her father, Ira Owens Beaty, was a professor of psychology, public school administrator, and real estate agent, and her mother, Kathryn Corine (ne’ Maclean) was a drama teacher, originally from Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. MacLaine’s younger brother is the actor, writer, and director Warren Beatty; he changed the spelling of his surname when he became an actor.”

Given the score of pseudonyms we’ve discovered adopted over the decades by actor Warren Beatty (Richard M. Nixon, George Hamilton, Rudy Giuliani, etc. etc. ), one can almost imagine the hacks toiling away in their cubicles at Langley, Virginia’s CIA helplessly smirking as they typed out the latter portion of that excerpted paragraph.

In addition, everyone should take note of the place name of “Wolfville”.

Oftentimes, as we’ve discovered, nocturnally oriented animals, particularly those classified as predators, represent occult references to what are termed as “spirit animals”.

Did everyone notice, too, that one of the professions biographically listed for McClain’s alleged father was “professor of psychology”, as in psychological operations?

Occulted interpretations of such conspicuous references to carnivorous animals, especially when made in tandem to the science of psychology, also provide a grim glimpse into the predatory psychological nature of not only high-level occultists and those initiated into the highest levels of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate, but they provide a dramatically stark portrait as to the hidden intentions behind the superficially philanthropic and duplicitously benign or “normal” façade of those initiated into the lowest degrees of the masonic blue lodges.

Rest assured, the masonic order is nothing more than a perverse death and sex cult filled with deeply sociopathic and psychologically damaged malcontents; a congregation of pusillanimous dregs imbued with delusions of grandeur, dredged up from the fecal ridden depths of human ciphers terminally stricken with the disease of dreaded mediocrity.

It also turns out, the name Ira, listed for McClain’s father, represents a huge clue as to the European royal identity behind the legendary Hollywood facade of “Shirley McClain”.


For decades now, Shirley McClain’s dedication to occult practices has been an open secret. On several occasions, she has publicly proselytized her adherence to “new age” principles.

McClain has also made no apologies for her desires to live as a ‘liberated’ woman, in keeping with the tenets of post-modern feminist ideology.

As you can hear from McClain’s daughter, Stephanie Sachiko “Sachi” Parker, in the video clip, posted immediately below, her mother’s relationship to husband Steve Parker —– in keeping with her feminist principles — was best described as an ‘open marriage’.

Regarding Sachi McClain, she seems genuinely regretful of, and perhaps even saddened by, her Hollywood mother’s profoundly dysfunctional behavioral tendencies.


As for the true identities of her parents —– Virginia “Ira” von Furstenberg and Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg —– Stephanie “Sachi” Parker’s biographies have also appeared to provide us with subtle hints, they belong to the royal Swabian/German royal House of von Furstenberg which, through the bloodline of Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg AKA US president Harry Truman/Hollywood actor Jimmy Stewart/1940’s bandleader Glen Miller via Clara (Agnelli) von Furstenberg, is genealogically related to the ancient Tuscan-Umbrian family of Italian nobles and royalty, the Margrave Grand Dukes of Tuscany, and to the ancient Italian noble bloodline of the Medici.

SEE: Honesty not Harry S. Truman’s best policy

Shirley McClain and Steve Parker:

Princess Virginia “Ira” von Furstenberg and Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe


The success of propaganda relies upon emotional manipulation. Recently, while beseeching forth an emotional plea for Americans to head the guidelines of “social distancing”, “Doctor Deborah Birx” told a story involving her alleged “grandmother”.

This is an old sorcerer’s trick founded upon the belief that once a human audience’s emotional responses can be uniformly coaxed, the collective dynamics of group psychology become a unifying identity which transcend the established boundaries and programmed characteristics of individual personality.

During a press conference on March 25, 2020, held in the James Brady Briefing Room, at the White House, “Doctor Birx” invoked a memory of her grandmother, Leah, who, during the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918, “caught the flu at school” and, in turn, infected her mother.” Of course, in a typical display of emotional manipulation, the article at mentions that, thereafter, Birx’s grandmother “lived with a lifetime of guilt.”


While consulting the article at and keenly observing that the date of Birx’s press conference is coded with occultist and former MI5 counter-intelligence operative Alistair Crowley’s 777 (March=3rd month, 2+5=7/3 7’s=777), reading on, we also observe the article proceeds to provide quotations of Birx’s story, as the White House’ coronavirus response coordinator recounted it: “She never forgot that she was the child that was in school that innocently brought that flu home,” Birx said of her grandmother, who was 11 at the time. “This is why we keep saying to every American: You have a role to protect each and every person that you interact with. We have a role to protect one another.”

Of course, everyone probably noticed the number of 11 (twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin). It follows then, while casting her stones of psychological trauma upon the gathered audience, that Birx takes care to remind “every American” of their “role” in the ongoing masonic initiation.


While, once again, focusing our skeptical gaze on the official biography of “Doctor Deborah Birx”, we learn that, at the age of 14, she was alleged to have gained national notoriety as a child prodigy, in the field of paleontological science.

In a published article, discovered at Lancaster Online (LNP), we not only learn Birx placed third in a County Science Fair in Lancaster City, Pennsylvania, we are also provided with what is alleged to be Birx’s entire professional resume.

“In 1971, the Intelligencer Journal of March 31 featured a photo of Birx, then 14 and a 9th grader at Lampeter-Strasburg Junior High School, with her project at Lancaster City-County Science Fair. Entitled “Record in the Rocks,” it focused on paleobotany and netted Birx an honorable mention in the General Science division as well as a US Army Certificate.”

Did you get that folks —– “a US Army Certificate.”

Consider also, the proper name of the source periodical for Birx’s photo: “Intelligencer Journal”.

Intuitively, one would speculate the hacks at Langley’s CIA are trying to tell us something, without risking the burden of responsibility for attempting to be so forthcoming.

Also, we can’t help but observe, the article is inundated with numerological markers: 1.) 14=77+March, the 3rd month=777, joker intelligence code, 2.) 9=6(occult mirrored reflection) or 33 (high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry).

The reference to “rocks” also holds occult significance.

Masonic lore tells us that, during the medieval historical period, the Knight’s Templars were known as stone builders; those who built the castles and cathedrals of Western Europe, and erected cornerstones of granite as geometrically arranged foundations.

Later, according to her official biography at Wikipedia, “From 1980 to 1994, Birx served as an active duty reserve officer in the United States Army. From 1994 to 2008, Birx was active duty regular Army, achieving the rank of Colonel.”

As we’ve learned from past investigations, the rank of Colonel has often been connected to the specialized military field of psychological operations, particularly in the case of Colonel Paul Tate, a man who was known to have been involved in the execution of the Charles Manson Family murder hoax, an event which, as we now know, featured yet another key member of the von Furstenberg royal family in the starring role (Hollywood music industry executive David Geffen AKA Sonny Bono/US presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, etc. etc.).

Starting to see a pattern developing here, folks?

As so often is done in the case of the execution of military psychological operations, the biographical backstory of a counter-intelligence asset consists of tailormade intelligence bona fides. While these credentials may appear authentic to the targeted demographics of an executed operation, they are merely fabricated for the purpose of establishing an intelligence asset’s credibility in the eyes of the general public.

This too, was found to be the case with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex AKA Allison Williams, the daughter of NBC newsman Brian Williams AKA Donald Trump/George H.W. Bush//Prince Stefano Grimaldi of Monaco, who, we are also told, was a prize-winning child prodigy before assuming her role as a US congressperson.

SEE: AOC: Has America Elected Yet Another Actor?

SEE also: Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part VII)


Regarding the photographs of an adolescent Birx, one which was published along with the article at Lancaster online and yet another derived from other mainstream sources, a thorough ocular examination of each indicates there may be several elements which appear to be amiss.

Deborah Birx, aged 14:

From ocular examination alone, the figure of the young girl featured in both images doesn’t appear to possess facial geometry consistent with the host actor which has been identified portraying “Doctor Deborah Birx” (coming up shortly).

Rather, the facial geometrical characteristics of the young girl we are being led to believe is an adolescent Deborah Birx seem to be more consistent with those of Sachi Parker, the daughter of Shirley McClain AKA Princess Virginia “Ira” von Furstenberg.

More intriguingly still, preliminary facial recognition comparison analysis, particularly when considering the unique geometric configurations of the chins, noses, and eyes, between the 14-year-old young lady known as “Deborah Birx”, a youthful Sachi Parker, and a former 1970’s television child star, known as Kristy McNichol, appear to indicate identical similarities.

Debbie Birx:

Sachi Parker:

Christy McNichol:

A thorough examination of four other images of a young female alleged to be an adolescent “Debbie Birx”, all of which seem to have only appeared at Google images until very recently, appear also to be problematic.

Debbie Birx:

While looking at the first photograph, several elements which comprise its crudely designed composition seemed to have been clunkily cut and pasted, utilizing the identical “tip in” methods which were commonly evident with the black and white Life magazine photos of JFK “assassin” Lee Harvey Oswald, released to the American public subsequent to November 22, 1963.

The remaining three which feature a teenaged “Debbie Birx” appear to be arranged as movie or theatrical set pieces, designed to promote, through the psychological power of suggestion, the tailormade characteristics or personality type of a fabricated counter-intelligence agent, or, in the parlance of intelligence circles, to build the narrative archetype of a ‘legend’.

Harking back to the Lancaster online article, a teenaged Birx, regarding her success at the science fair, was qouted as remarking, “I agree history may not help you predict the future, so that’s why I like rocks, they’re more consistent than people.”

Yes folks, we observe another glaring reference to the stone building Masons/Templars.

However, while examining the last image in the series of “Debbie Birx” at the Lancaster County Science Fair, we begin to notice other examples of masonic symbols.

After clicking on the link and examining the last of the images in the successive series of four, listed above, everyone should begin to notice the parallel lines drawn underneath the heading “Record in the Rocks” and the distinctive way in which such lines have been arrayed.

Do they not appear to formulate into adjoining pyramidal structures?

They do, in fact, appear to be identically arrayed in the geometrical manner of the Templar’s Red Cross, which can be observed in the following image:

Templar Red Cross:

The slogan “Record in the Rocks”, when broken down into gematria segments, equals several telling numerical sums:

1.) “Record”=63/3 6’s/666

2.) “in”=23/2 3’s/33

3.) “the”=33

4.) “Rocks”=66/12/21/777


Perhaps not surprsingly, Birx is alleged to have a long professional history working with White House coronavirus Task Force Leader Doctor Anthony Fauci.

According to Wikipedia, Birx, in addition to having a professional reputation as both a physician and a “diplomat”, and as a specialist in the fields of immunology, vaccine research, and global health, served as the Ambassador-at-Large and United States Global Aids Coordinator charged with executing the president’s Emergency Plan for AIDS relief.

Between the years 1983 and 1986, according to Wikipedia, “she {Birx} completed two fellowships in clinical immunology in the areas of allergies and diagnostics, where she worked in Anthony Fauci’s lab.”

It now becomes clear that “Doctor Deborah Birx” AKA Annette Benning/Elizabeth Warren, daughter-in-law of iconic Hollywood legend Shirley McClain, is yet another example of a fabricated counter-intelligence character modification, one which was tailormade and, through the sorcery of the power of suggestion repetitively delivered by the thirteen families’ monopolized MSM media organs, made to appear as an impressive and accomplished figure to those among the disinformed and gullible American general public, the very same who were observed, via computer modeled social media profiles, to be the perfect targets of her psychologically-driven propaganda.

In retrospect, it is rather a simple matter to ascertain why Michael Bloomburg AKA David Geffen and his family relative Elizabeth Warren AKA Deborah Leah Birx/Annette Benning chose to withdraw from the presidential race and, at the precise moment, before the coronavirus psychological operation was rolled out in the West and in America.

SEE: Mike’s Bloom crashes into Truth’s Titanic ‘Berg

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis, with especial attention paid to the epidermal landmarks, both underneath the chin and those about and surrounding the neck, confirm that the character known as “Doctor Deborah Birx” is being portrayed by a host actor, Annette Benning, a veteran Hollywood actress and the long-time spouse of Warren Beatty AKA former US president Richard M. Nixon.

Annette Benning:

Deborah Birx:

Annette Benning:

Deborah Birx:

20 thoughts on “Birx another brick in the Masonic Wall?

  1. Very interesting item. I think the key psychological points of this psy-op are these “lived with a lifetime of guilt.” and terror of a nonexistent desease/contagion. They managed to convince the mass, they inculcated in their minds these two concepts, absolutely distorted ed unnatural. They so-called medicine has inoculated a concept of life, risk and death, absolutely pathological and against nature. This is the key not the virus. And it was stunning semplicity to do it. What is evident is how they now have a total control on people’s minds, reduced 95% to a mass of larvae or zombies.
    Through the media they can drive people to believe and do anything like bots. And this time, they did it with a supposedly statistically irrelevant “desease”, compared to even just a seasonal flu. And I can tell you there is no contagion. It’s a psy-op based on totally fake and simulated elements – more than usual. Here in Italy, deaths was just exactly in the most polluted area, (industries, air pollution etc.) it has affected people already ill and especially in that exact area and just in that, in November 2019 were vaccinated 220000 with flu shot. No coincidence, no cotagion. It’s just a masonic ritual. Vaccines kill people not virus. And now this mass of con-vinced, are their best weapon against those who have understood and know the truth. This mass is now hostile, informer, and aggressive towards those who know and continue to behave in natural way. The real danger are not the masters, but the brainwashed puppets that applaud them…

    1. Again, you’ve managed to encapsulate an astute analysis. I might add, however, those at the highest levels of the masonic order have always known the most effective tool of psychological warfare and trauma based psychological control is that the most terrifying enemy is often an invisible one without a face. And you’re quite correct; this is a masonic ritual and vaccines do kill people. Nevertheless, don’t become surprised, when that collective of brainwashed puppets will soon applaud and even justify the killing of individuals who speak and behave righteously, and all to merely allay the petty fears and hatreds of their fearful collective. To those who’ve willingly surrendered their free will to a tyrannical authority, the thing they fear the most, rather than some invisible virus, is for a free thinking and living individual to suddenly arrive in their midst to remind them of their abject slavery.

    1. Thank you for your interest in Newsspell. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the WordPress platform is designed to provide for such a function, at least for individual blog posts, but it would greatly facilitate the process of cross-referencing for those interested in beginning their own research efforts. Indeed, this is something which shall have to be remedied.

  2. Good analysis of Birx. I don’t like how they use guilt and peer pressure to make people accept the masks, social distancing, and vaccines. It’s unethical. I saw a Law and Order episode once where an all-natural, organic mother was convicted for “murder” for not vaccinating her child, which resulted in the death of another person’s child, because the herd immunity was broken. It was pure propaganda. As you said so eloquently, “I’d rather take my chances with the dangers of unlimited freedom” than live in an Orwellian world.

    1. Absolutely, and I meant that particular statement with the utmost sincerity. I, for one, will never, under any circumstances, submit to the will of authority, especially one which, as I’ve proved empirically, time and again, is merely a poor actor, married into the royal privilege of the ancient bloodline of the House of von Furstenberg. Their time is over, their position is deceptively weak, and the thirteen families, with which “Doctor Brix” AKA Annette Benning/Elizabeth Warren/Hillary Clinton is aligned, are well aware of this.

  3. Social distancing will provide a convenient reason for A.I. to take factory and warehouse jobs as well.

    1. Of course, you’re correct. That will be used as the thinnest of pretexts to revamp the entire industrial infrastructure of the West and of America, which, in future, will be controlled and managed by AI. The concept of SD is a classic behavioral modification technique, introduced incrementally and applied on a massive scale. I recently read a story, concerning a memo, leaked from a bureaucrat’s office located in a rural county in Montana, which stipulated pink wrist bands must be worn by all customers entering retail establishments. Of course, when word of this leaked to the public (predictive programming for the ID2020), the memo was rescinded. Then again, the global economic transition of Agenda 2030, which is now unfolding, was planned decades ago.

      1. Do you think the memo was to test public approval for the future ID?

        It might sound a bit far fetched but I can imagine a future where the general population actively request AI to govern all spheres of society.

      2. Precisely. On several occasions, this has proved to be their method of chief operation with regard to testing the public’s attitudes towards political or social issues. Calculatingly, they will, from time to time, coordinate to leak something like this through their media organs to test public reactions; a trial balloon, similar to a political/social focus group study.

      3. On the other hand, I do believe the wristband will be an intermediate step to introducing or even lawfully mandating the ID2020 program. After all, they’ve been able to observe how well the general public accepted wearing the masks and the gloves. Introducing the wrist band seems merely to be the next step in the thirteen families’ global program of incremental human resource behavioral modification.

      4. Not far fetched at all. In fact, when one truly considers the ramifications, large segments of the population – through using Google and “smart” devices rather than the natural capacities of their own cerebral capacities augmented by the printed resources found in physical libraries – have already been conditioned to interact with AI on a daily basis

  4. They’re also testing the reaction to censorship across youtube and other platforms. I think we might look back on the last couple of decades as a golden age for free information.

    1. That could quite possibly be the case. Of course, they hide the act of censorship behind utilizing the semantics of “community guidelines” or “standards” as well as with vaguely stated terms and conditions to commercially penalize content creators. A similar result is achieved with algorithms which are constantly tweaked and manipulated. My next post, which is coming soon, will feature an expose on a nightmarish Microsoft microchip patent designed to encrypt human DNA and to operate on anatomical biorhythm sensors.

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