Taking the trouble to investigate then expose the machinations of humanity’s rulers, owners, and slave masters presupposes those now living are invested in fighting at all costs for the perpetuation of their own survival. Lately, after venturing out among the general public, there doesn’t seem to exist much evidence this appears to be the case.

In fact, the opposite seems to be true. Rather, the most remarkable characteristic about the American general public appears to be their willingness to not only unquestioningly obey the edicts of perceived “authority”, but, even while seemingly resigned to the genocidal fate which has been planned for them, the American public seems determined to never abscond from its stubborn propensity to defend their betrayers, subjugators at every turn.

Worse yet, many appear ridden with apathy while concerned only with satisfying their most petty desires.

In the astute words of occult researcher Michael Hoffman, “Modern man is a mind bombed patsy who gets his marching orders from twilight language key words sprinkled throughout his news and current events, so that even as he dances to the tune of the elite managers of human behavior, he scoffs with great derision at the idea of the existence and operation of a technology of mass mind control. Modern man is the ideal hypnotic subject. He vehemently denies the control the hypnotist holds over him even while his head bobs up and down on a string.”

The hypnotists and elite managers of human behavior, those with the power to wield the levers of the media’s mass mind control machinery – the perpetrators of Post-Modern Reality Simulation – have never shied away from utilizing a pretty face to assist them in the success of their sinister mass manipulations.

Sometimes – as in the case of “Erin Brockovich” – the face of the betraying enemy appears as benign and even benevolent.

As reported by the MSM, “Erin Brockovich”, along with US Secretary of Transportation “Pete Buttigieg” (AKA Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark/Bradley Manning), recently visited catastrophe plagued East Palestine, Ohio and, still earlier in her public career, was also the subject of an award-winning Hollywood cinema production.

SEE: Mayor Pete is a Royal Impostor

But deeper investigation has revealed that paralegal, whistleblower, consumer advocate, and environmental activist “Erin Brockovich” is not who or what she seems.


Megyn Kelly Portrait Session, New York, USA

Wedding Tiara () for Crown Princess Mary of Denmark 6

In fact, beneath the savior-like exterior lurks a cruel impostor, an actor cast in the role of a public interest advocate, a symbolic representation of the occultic ancient Divine Feminine (AKA Isis/Semiramis/Mother Mary/the Statue of Liberty) harboring the eternal flame (AKA activation of the pineal gland or third eye) portrayed in the flesh by a European royal princess, one who has also been previously identified as a serial perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

SEE: Bankman-Fried Trial Judge Royal Impostor


Right from the outset of one’s investigation into “Erin Brockovich”, the identity of her intelligence handlers – albeit somewhat hidden – became quite evident, indicating the fabricated character scheme known as “Erin Brockovich” was created as a sparkling media-driven image disguising the identity of a CIA/Jesuit-trained intelligence asset.

Although Wikipedia and other “official” biographies fail to mention the fact “Erin Brockovich” matriculated at a Jesuit founded institution – Loyola Marymount University – this fact is confirmed at https://www.linkedin.com/in/erin-brockovich-a359773b.

Loyola Marymount Research University, named after the founder of the Society of Jesus, Ignatius Loyola, was established in 1973 as the result of a merger between Loyola College, founded in 1917, and Marymount College, founded in 1932, with its roots in Marymount school which was founded in 1923. The concept of the “Reseach University” emanates from the mind of Wilhelm von Humboldt, a German/Prussian philosopher who, for most of his professional career, served as an emissary to Vatican City in Rome, controlled by the Jesuit order, and also served as a diplomat with plenipotentiary powers granted by the Prussian sovereign monarch. History texts inform us that in 1812 and in the following year, Von Humboldt negotiated the terms and conditions of the Treaty of Paris which ended the Napoleonic Wars in Europe.

After perusing the details of her professional page located at linkedin.com, one would presume “Erin Brockovich” visited East Palestine, Ohio in the wake of the disastrous train derailment on behalf of her consulting firm, Brockovich Research and Consulting. Professional consultancy services, especially in the burgeoning, rather lucrative and fast-growing eco-environment industry, come attached to exorbitant fees, and one would therefore also presume that “Erin Brockovich” was financially compensated for her recent appearance in East Palestine. By whom exactly is quite open to speculation. But perhaps the most likely answer to that pertinent enquiry would be the U.S. corporate government.

In which case, if the U.S. corporate government was acting as her hidden paymaster, the cost of such consultancy and appearance fees to Brockovich Research and Consulting would be subsequently passed on to the taxpayers. Given her reputation as the people’s advocate and her celebrity as a renowned eco-environmental activist, her appearance in East Palestine could also have been calculated to distract the inhabitants from the covert maneuverings of the EPA. As pointed out in a previous article – Hollywood Peter Ustinov’s Marxist Charade – EPA undoubtedly intends to utilize the CERCLA act of 1980 to hamper or severely cripple the farming industry and America’s food supply – specifically the cattle/meat packing industry – with further government restrictions and regulation, and to eventually drive the remaining rural populations of America’s farming heartland into “smart cities” as stipulated in the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050.

While watching her performance in the video clip excerpted from Fox News (666), it becomes apparent that the commentary offered by “Erin Brockovich”, even after her decades of alleged experience in the field of environmental investigation, lacks any piercing or even profound insights. In lieu of valuable and insightful commentary as to what actually may have occurred in East Palestine, “Erin Brockovich” offers little more than vague emotional appeals.

From the standpoint of further keen observation and given the rather boilerplate predictability of her responses during her Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson, it also becomes quite apparent “Erin Brockovich” was created as a CIA/Jesuit-trained controlled-opposition intelligence asset, a fabricated character scheme acting out a scripted role.

Considering this, “Erin Brockovich” can neither afford – upon pain of career disgrace or even worse – to admit the train derailment in East Palestine, as similarly seems to be the case with several other subsequent incidents having recently occurred both in the US and abroad, was deliberately planned and premeditatively perpetrated as a force multiplier working in tandem with the staged and preplanned elements of a larger psychological operation executed on a global scale and promoted in conspiratorial cooperation with both the MSM and “Alternative Media” to ensure the covert but incremental implementation of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 in America and the West.


According to Wikipedia, “In 1993, Brockovich became a whistleblower when she spoke out against PG&E after finding widespread unexplained illness among the town of Hinckley, California. She became instrumental in suing the utility company on behalf of the town. The case (Anderson, et al, v. Pacific Gas and Electric, file BCU 00300) alleged contamination of drinking water with hexavent chromium. The case was settled in 1996 for (US) $333 million, the largest settlement ever paid in a direct-action lawsuit in United States history to that time.”

It should be noted that the former chairman and president of Pacific Gas and Electric was James Byers Black, the father of Charles Alden Black Senior (AKA Bill Aucoin), the spouse of Shirley Temple Black (AKA Jaclyn Kennedy Onassis/Marylin Monroe/Judy Garland/Helen Thomas/Madeleine Albright/Queen Silvia of Sweden), and the grandfather of Charles Alden Black Junior (AKA Steven Tyler/Freddie Mercury/John Taylor/The Edge/Anthony Blinken/Tony Blair/Chris Cornell) who have both been identified as serial perpetrators of Post-Modern Reality Simulation. The lawyer representing the plaintiff in Brockovich’s whistleblowing case of Anderson v. Pacific Gas & Electric was Edward Masry, who matriculated at Loyola Law School, yet another Jesuit-founded institution.

But more interestingly, Johnnie Cochran and Robert Shapiro (AKA Prince Eduard von Furstenberg Hohenlohe/Hollywood executive Barry Diller/Alfred Hitchcock/Cary Grant/Oliver Stone/Mike Nichols/John Avery/Bill O’Reilly/John Ramsey/former U.S. president Dwight D. Eisenhower), who both represented O.J. Simpson (AKA Danny Glover) as defending attorneys in the infamous made-for-television trial simulation/psychological operation were also, according to Wikipedia, graduates of Loyola Law School.

Not only are intelligence created fabricated character schemes featured and promoted by the MSM recycled and modified, but so aren’t the corresponding details of each of their equally manufactured biographical details along with the accompanying professional bona fides.

Perhaps just as notably, Irving Kanarek, who one biographer dubbed the “Toscanini of Tedium” after objecting over two-hundred times while representing “Charles Manson” (AKA Hollywood executive David Geffen/Doctor Anthony Fauci/Harvey Levin/Sonny Bono/Gene Simmons/Greg Allman/Sylvester Stallone/Michael Bloomberg/Dick Cheney/Henry Kissinger/Bernie Madoff/Willie Nelson/Bruce Ivins/Chris Hadfield) and being jailed twice for citations of contempt of court during the circus-like atmosphere which characterized the proceedings of the “Manson family” show trial, was also a graduate of Loyola Law School.

More remarkably, upon further investigation, it turns out “Erin Brockovich” is entangled in this deceptive web of associations because she, too, has an intimate connection with “Nicole Brown Simpson”.

Extensive ear biometric (identical epidermal and geometrical architecture of the respective lobes and inner ears) and facial recognition (identical geometrical and epidermal structural alignment of the respective chins, jawlines, brows, eyes, lips, teeth, and noses) of the following pair of images posted below indicates that both “Nicole Brown Simpson” (AKA Fox News anchor Megan Kelly/Laura Ingraham/Harris Faulkner/Kamala Harris/Ronnie Abrams/Rochelle Walensky/Vera Farmiga) and “Erin Brockovich” are fabricated character schemes modified from the identical host actor (AKA live-action role player), a European Crown Princess royal who has also been identified as a repeat perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

SEE: Bankman-Fried Trial Judge Royal Impostor

Below from L to R: Nicole Brown Simpson, Erin Brockovich, Megan Kelly

March 1994 29


Megyn Kelly Portrait Session, New York, USA

Below: Erin Brockovich, Laura Ingraham


Prior to her visiting East Palestine, Ohio and after her alleged legal victory over PG&E in 1993, Brockovich’s most publicly visible legal involvement came in 2012.

According to Wikipedia, “In 2012, Brockovich became involved in the mysterious case of 14 students from Leroy, New York, who began reporting perplexing medical symptoms, including tics and speech difficulties. Brockovich believed environmental pollution from the 1970 Lehigh Valley railroad derailment was the cause and conducted testing in the area. Brockovich was supposed to return to Leroy to present her findings, but never did, in the meantime, the student’s doctor determined the cause was mass psychogenic illness, and that media exposure was exacerbating their symptoms. No environmental cause was found after repeated testing, and the students improved once the media attention died down.”

In other words, Wikipedia is admitting this event was an aborted psychological operation involving a CIA/Jesuit-trained controlled-opposition agent posed in the classic role of heroic savior before the American public.

But – as shall be further demonstrated – “Erin Brockovich” is certainly no heroine, she just plays one on television.


Despite all of the accolades “Erin Brockovich” has received for her eco-environmental activism, curiously, she has yet to investigate the devastating cumulative effects of the U.S. corporate government’s decades-long geoengineering and climate//weather modification programs. Nor does she seem to be aware of the public statements of Doctor David Keith of the University of Calgary who has gone on record as stating, “There’s no question that larger scale climate engineering is untested and dangerous.”

In addition, it is apparent “Erin Brockovich” remains unaware of dangerous nanoparticles which, for decades, have been routinely used in the U.S. corporate government’s cloud seeding/climate/geoengineering programs. Within the text of US patent US5003186, these nanoparticles are termed as Welsbach materials which include barium and aluminum oxide. Though claiming to be a staunch environmental activist, “Erin Brockovich” has somehow never bothered to investigate the devastating effects of Welsbach materials routinely sprayed into the atmosphere from both high-altitude commercial and military aircraft, nanoparticles which have significantly contributed to the severe contamination of lakes, streams, ground water and large swaths of soil across America.

SEE: https://www.nawmc.org/

Of course, as a CIA/Jesuit-trained controlled-opposition agent, she would never be allowed by her CIA/Jesuit intelligence handlers to publicly investigate this matter, much less be permitted to publicly allude to the U.S. corporate government’s climate/geoengineering programs because that would also mean she would have to mention the program’s connection to the UN’s genocidal Agenda 2030/2050.


In a previous article recently published on this site – Bankman-Fried Trial Judge Royal Impostor – it was revealed that “Judge Ronnie Abrams”, Fox News anchor “Megan Kelly” and CDC director “Rochelle Walensky” were identified as fabricated character schemes modified from the identical royal host actor (live-action role player).

In the series of images posted below, everyone will observe – encircled in red marker – the very similar or identical nature of the respective rings worn by both “Erin Brockovich” and “Rochelle Walensky” (AKA Megan Kelly/Nicole Brown Simpson/Laura Ingraham/Harris Faulkner/Vera Farmiga/Kamala Harris/Ronnie Abrams).

Oftentimes, professional photographers take great care to photo shop rake such identifying clues consisting of either common jewelries or identical fashion accoutrements during the post-production process, to distance each modified fabricated character scheme from the portraying live-action role player.

On this occasion, however, the photographer(s) got careless and the identified item in question – the identical styled ring which ties “Erin Brockovich” to “Rochelle Walensky”, another modified character scheme portrayed by the same royal host actor – was left conspicuously intact.

Everyone will also take note that in the third image in succession, “Erin Brockovich” has aligned her hands in a familiar diamond pattern common to those initiated into the highest rank – 33rd – of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.



Legal researcher and activist Erin Brockovich at the Womens Center’s 16th Annual Leadership Conference on Economic Equity of Women. Her past experiences served as the basis for the film Erin Brockovich. (Photo by Greg Mathieson/Mai/Getty Images)



In the next series of images which follow – featuring “Erin Brockovich”, Fox News Anchor “Megan Kelly”, and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, the European royal figure positively identified as the host actor (live-action role player) from which their fabricated character schemes were modified – everyone will observe that in each case, the epidermal contours, geometrical and architectural structures of the respective ears are identical.

Below: Erin Brockovich, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Megan Kelly


Wedding Tiara () for Crown Princess Mary of Denmark 6

Megyn Kelly Portrait Session, New York, USA
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock (9096787i) Megyn Kelly poses for a portrait in New York. Donald Trump is a guest on Kelly’s first Fox network special, which airs May 17 Megyn Kelly Portrait Session, New York, USA

While making ocular comparisons between the following pair of images featuring “Erin Brockovich” and her live-action role player Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (AKA Megan Kelly/Nicole Brown Simpson/Laura Ingraham/Harris Faulkner/Ronnie Abrams/Kamals Harris/Vera Farmiga) everyone will begin to observe the identical features of the respective facial geometries. Though the fabricated character scheme known as “Erin Brockovich” was strategically modified with blonde hair dye, it is possible, while examining the first image more closely, to observe the black roots belonging to the confirmed host actor (live-action role player) Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

In most of her featured images, “Erin Brockovich” (AKA Crown Princess Mary of Denmark/Megan Kelly/Nicole Brown Simpson/Laura Ingraham/Harris Faulkner/Ronnie Abrams/Kamala Harris/Vera Farmiga) can also be observed having donned modifying colored contact lenses.

As has been pointed out and explained on several previous occasions, such modifications are strategically applied to distort the public’s ocular perceptions and to divorce the fabricated character scheme from a connection to the portraying live-action role player. Comparatively, in each of the following images, everyone will observe the epidermal and geometrical architectures and bone structure alignments of the respective chins, teeth, jawlines, brows, eyes, noses, lips, and nasolabial folds are identical. As well, the epidermal features and geometrical alignments of the respective necklines prove to also be identical.

Below: Erin Brockovich, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

Legal researcher and activist Erin Brockovich at the Womens Center’s 16th Annual Leadership Conference on Economic Equity of Women. Her past experiences served as the basis for the film Erin Brockovich. (Photo by Greg Mathieson/Mai/Getty Images)


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