If investigation has revealed anything, the MSM lies by omission. Perhaps better to say, they are adept at concealing the truth. Or, on the other hand – they merely lie to better service the widespread distribution and promotion of transparent propaganda funded by the City of London’s Crown Temple and the Swiss/Vatican banking consortium.

In the case of the recent school shooting hoax staged in Nashville, there exist key biographical details which the notoriously prevaricating MSM left undisclosed concerning ‘gun control’ advocate Ashbey Beasley, to who the MSM networks afforded maximum face time at the “press conference” held in the immediate wake of the staged drill’s execution.

Below: Ashbey Beasley

220728_ntl_gun_rights_1241_hpMain_16x9_608 (1)

Furthermore, concerning ‘gun control’ advocate Ashbey Beasley, the results of image comparison analyses have determined there is a more than probable connection between Beasley and the alleged assailant – “Audrey Hale” – now conveniently deceased, who appears to have been a photo shopped creation.

Below: Audrey Hale

Audrey-Elizabeth-Hale (1)

However, in a larger context, there appears to be no happenstance that the passage of a number of pieces of congressional legislation – Restrict Act, for example – has coincided with the execution of this latest U.S. corporate government/alphabet lettered intelligence agency sponsored and MSM promoted staged ‘gun control’ propaganda psychological operation in Nashville, Tennessee.

As shall be detailed further, there are verifiable connections between the recent “event” staged in Nashville, Ashbey Beasley, a “grass roots” ‘gun control’ organization called Moms Demand Action, Strong Cities Initiative, and the continued progress of the UN’s genocidal Agenda 2030/2050, also known as “Build Back Better” and “The Great Reset”, monikers which are synonymous with the planned global implementation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution authored and engineered by the Society of Jesus in control of the Vatican at the City of Rome.


For those who have bothered to fully digest the series of articles published on this site concerning the significance of the Crown Temple in the City of London, you’re more than likely aware – from a purely legal standpoint – the United States is a corporation operating under Admiralty Law and, in so far as they relate to the legal standing of citizens (AKA persons/corporate fictions/or corporate employees) there are no “rights” enshrined in the U.S. Constitution only granted privileges which can be revoked at any time by those private lawmakers “elected” to represent the citizen’s interests while inhabiting Congress-in-Session in Washington D.C., a private principality and corporate subsidiary of The City of London’s Crown Temple. Furthermore, as alluded to in previous published articles, the U.S. Constitution was made essentially null and void with the Treaty of Verona in 1822.

SEE: How Crown Temple Rules America (part I)

How Crown Temple rules America (part II)

How Crown Temple rules America (part III)

How Crown Temple Rules America (Part IV)

The terms and conditions contained in the historic document known as the Declaration of Independence only legally apply to the signatories. The document in legal standing exists as an internal memo between esquires sworn in allegiance to the City of London’s Crown Temple, most of whom were landowners in possession of allodial title.  However, revocation of such granted privilege – with particular regard in this case to the Second Amendment and the “right” to bear arms – rests upon one legal caveat: the citizen’s agreement to surrender of licensed consent.

Since the grand facade of “democracy” must be maintained at all costs, it would appear far better for the purpose of public perception if citizens (taxpaying/labor producing employees) of the U.S. corporation could be persuaded – perhaps better to say unwittingly duped or tricked – into willfully surrendering their legally granted privilege to acquire a license to keep and bear arms.

The achievement of this objective has been delegated to high-profile ‘gun control’ “activists” (AKA Jesuit/Marxist agents of chaos) such as Ashbey Beasley by her Jesuit/Masonic masters.

In the image posted immediately below, everyone will notice Beasley is posed at the speaker’s rostrum while demonstrating the Jesuit/masonic gesture known to initiates of the Scottish Rite as the lion’s paw. According to masonic texts, the lion’s paw is associated with Fellowcraft masonry or the 2nd degree, a vow of silence and obedience to the master of the lodge who holds the candidate captive with a grip which is symbolically represented in the form of a lion’s paw.


The lion is also symbolic of the Sun (AKA Lucifer), which can be observed prominently displayed in the Jesuit logo.

OIP (4)[6511]

Persuading the American people to surrender their consent and forfeiting their licensed privilege to bear semi-automatic and automatic arms is a key objective of the thirteen sovereign Jesuit families in implementing the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050. When the economy in America and the West is reformulated and transitioned to a centrally controlled digital currency and UN troops – whom have already been snuck in over the Mexican border and embedded in America – are brought in to stabilize and maintain order, they want to be assured of a strategic armaments advantage to quickly and smoothly quell or subdue any remaining pockets of political dissidents or even violent and armed revolt.


‘Gun control’ advocate Ashbey Beasley is affiliated with an organization called Moms Demand Action which, in turn, is connected to the UN’s Strong Cities Initiative or Network and to yet another ‘gun control’ advocacy organization called Everytown Creative Council (AKA Everytown for Gun Safety), founded and chaired by Hollywood actress Julianne Moore. As investigation has demonstrated, Hollywood works in concert with the U.S. military/industrial complex and is overseen by Jesuit-controlled CIA.

It follows then, by extension, that Hollywood actors/celebrities are nothing more than contract agents – either directly or indirectly – employed by CIA and charged with working towards bringing the Jesuit’s World Mission (AKA UN Agenda 2030/2050/Fourth Industrial Revolution) to ultimate fruition.

Moms Demand Action was founded and, up until recently in 2023, chaired by Shannon Watts, a woman who has now reportedly left the organization to actively pursue robust political ambitions. In other words, Watts is an opportunist, one who has chosen to cleverly but covertly and cynically utilize the manufactured ‘gun control’ issue as a steppingstone towards advancement to public office and greater public acclaim.

According to Wikipedia, “In 2016, Watts became a board member of Emerge America, an organization which recruits then trains women to run for office. Watts also served on the board of Advance Peace, which is dedicated to ending cyclical and retaliatory gun violence in American urban neighborhoods.”

Everyone may recall from a recently published article on this site, Emerge America is also connected to Arizona gubernatorial candidate “Katie Hobbs” (AKA MSM news anchor Nora O’Donnell/Kari Lake). From the description of the methods of operation utilized by Advance Peace, it appears they are in the business of covertly recruiting informants for the masonic police guilds. Putting it another way, both Moms Demand Action and Advance Peace are elaborate population control mechanisms to eliminate political dissidents and to pacify the American population into complete submission to the legal but unlawful authority of the State.

SEE: Why Katie Hobbs Hid in her Basement

Regarding Advance Peace, that organization was founded upon a 1.5-million-dollar grant from the city of Sacramento, California which means money was siphoned and fleeced from the taxpayers to fund their own pacification at the hands of a State-mandated propaganda program.

According to Wikipedia, “The program {Advance Peace} involves giving cash stipends to individuals identified as likely to commit violent crimes, but who police have not been able to arrest. The stipends are given to participants as a reward for their desisting from crime. The organization invests in the health and wellbeing of those at the center of the crisis. The size of the stipend varies for each participant depending on how successful they are in the program.”

Or – to put it another way – could it be the genuine but unstated goal of the organization known as Advance Peace is to lay the legally ambiguous groundwork in terms of probable cause for pre-crime initiatives?

Hypothetically, for example, could it be, once prospective suspects have been targeted by the masonic police guilds and criminally compromised by whatever legally dubious means, they are then recruited as participants – goaded, motivated and perhaps even outright coerced by promises of material and monetary acquisition – to act out assigned roles in staged and scripted U.S. corporate government sponsored ‘gun control’ drills which are subsequently sold to the unsuspecting general public as “live”?

The affirmative answer to the preceding hypothetical question lies in the fact that all of the aforementioned organizations – Moms Demand Action, Advance Peace, and Everytown Creative Council chaired by Hollywood actress Julianne Moore – are connected to the UN’s Strong Cities Initiative or Network. In addition, Everytown Creative Council is financed by Michael Bloomberg, who has been identified as yet another in the vast array of media generated fabricated character schemes portrayed by Hollywood executive David Geffen.

SEE: A Familiar Face with an Unfamiliar Name

Hotez the Hollywood-bred CIA spook

According to its webpage located at https://strongcitiesnetwork.org/en/what-we-do/, “Strong Cities Network {SCD} was launched at the UN General Assembly to mount city-led responses against hate, polarization and extremism in all its forms. We help our members partner with their communities to design and deploy local responses to these complex challenges, ensuring no city faces these threats alone.”

Similarly, the web pages associated with Moms Demand Action, Advance Peace, and Everytown Creative Council are littered with the identical but vacuously ambiguous but nevertheless emotionally engaging buzz words, semantically manipulative contrivances which have been designed to psychologically anchor the minds of targeted audience demographics and thereby persuading the general public, in the face of manufactured crises crafted to appear genuine, that a sense of urgency exists, manipulating them into feeling compelled to reach for their wallets and checkbooks to send in donations.

It should also be noted that at the link – strongcitiesnetwork.org – listed immediately above, everyone will surely recognize the subtle but conspicuous presence of masonic symbolism in the form of the masonic trowel, bricks and stone.

Unfortunately, for the majority who are all-too-often haplessly and naively manipulated by such contrived language, it will be far too late for them to realize they’ve been thoroughly bamboozled when they find themselves locked away in a FEMA camp under UN armed guards or kept at subsistence levels of survival in a heavily surveilled claustrophobic closet sized hovel located in a drab Blade Runner styled UN Smart City.


The execrable former CNN/MSM news anchor Chris Cuomo (AKA Jerry Seinfeld/Barack Obama/Jeffery Epstein/Harvey Weinstein/Osama bin Laden/Anthony Bourdain/Daryl Steinberg), now of News Nation, recently conducted an interview with Simara Hardcastle, a woman who claimed to have attended both middle school and high school with Audrey Hale, the alleged assailant in the Nashville Covenant School “shooting”.

SEE: Curtain Draws on Nina Jankowicz Show

Hardcastle claimed she attended Isiah T. Creswell Middle School of Arts, the very same Nashville art school where the MSM claims Audrey Hale, the alleged Covenant “school shooter”, matriculated and graduated from. When asked of her specific memories of Hale, Hardcastle’s impressions appeared less than convincing. Rather than drawn from firsthand, her account seemed derived from a scripted narrative consisting of half-baked psychobabble.

“Her personality or body language was a little bit jittery or energetic so maybe jumpy…but I also think she was on the autism spectrum,” Hardcastle told News Nation’s Cuomo.

But then, Hardcastle went on to undermine the validity of her own observations, stating, “I’m not familiar,” Hardcastle testified, “with what year she {Hale} was at Covenant school but I assume she went to IT Creswell…”

Hardcastle merely assumes?

If Hardcastle wasn’t certain what year Hale attended Covenant and only presumed she attended classes at Isiah T. Creswell middle art school with her and the rest of her classmates, then how could any of her alleged firsthand impressions of Hale’s “body language” or qualities of “personality” be taken as remotely credible?

Of course, true to form, News Nation’s “Chris Cuomo” never bothered to follow up and enquire as to the nature of this obvious discrepancy.

Then again, “Chris Cuomo” isn’t a journalist, he only pretends to be one.

Rather, he is a trained dramatic actor well paid to read a teleprompter and follow a tightly composed script.

In the final analysis, all that is meant to register in the general public’s collective mind – such as it is at present – is Hardcastle’s mere suggestion that Hale’s personality was jumpy and erratic and that she was borderline autistic. Therefore, to a majority of the public hampered with a short attention span and lacking critical faculties of discernment, all Hardcastle had to do was establish a personality profile which the American public could then associate with those observed to exhibit what could be perceived as similar or identical qualities, those who could then also be suspected of possibly turning into “school shooters”. Such is the magical power of suggestion and, time and again, it is utilized as a vital and powerful weaponized component in the execution of large-scale psychological warfare operations which are designed to alter the thought and behavioral patterns of a targeted population.

Further investigation into Samira Hardcastle reveals that prior to the execution of the staged school shooting drill in Nashville, Hardcastle was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol after leaving a local Nashville nightspot.

SEE: https://www.broadwaycrime.com/tags/samira-hardcastle/

Could it be, Hardcastle was coerced by the local sheriff’s office to pose as Audrey Hale’s “former middle school classmate” in exchange for legal leniency or a promise to have her blemished criminal record expunged? More extensive investigation suggests there could be, yet another reason Hardcastle was recruited for her assigned role as Audrey Hale’s “former classmate”.

Enter Averianna Patton, who, it turns out, is the only other “former classmate” of Audrey Hale’s to get wheeled out by the MSM. Patton claims – though she hadn’t spoken to Hale since they were alleged to have attended middle school together – that it was she who Hale chose to text message and disclose her plans of violent armed assault on the Covenant school in Nashville. Patton also related that the entire time she was in contact with Audrey Hale she was also in contact with the Nashville Sheriff’s office. This, along with the shaky testimony of “former classmate” Tamira Hardcastle, was the first clue that the persona known as “Audrey Hale” may have been completely fabricated.

Turns out, more remarkably however, that Samira Hardcastle and Averianna Patton are listed as friends on Facebook. On her personal Facebook page, Samira Hardcastle recently posted a piece of digital artwork complete with the caption “We are still Nashville Strong,” indicating that Nashville is an official partner of the UN’s Strong Cities Initiative or Network. Back in 2017, Nashville had begun laying plans to convert into a UN Smart City.

SEE: https://smartcitiesconnect.org/nashville-shaping-a-boom-town-into-a-smart-city/

Not only that, but Hardcastle’s Facebook friend, Averianna Patton, is somewhat of a media celebrity in Nashville, hostess of her own popular podcast and IHeart Radio personality dubbed “Averianna the Personality”.

SEE: https://www.averiannathepersonality.com/averiennathepersonality

Added to this, even further investigation indicates Patton has extensive Hollywood connections, having once worked on the set of the Doctor Phil Show with “Phil McGraw”, who, as everyone may recall, was identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Burt Reynolds (AKA Marlon Brando/Vladimir Putin) whose son, Quentin Anderson Reynolds (AKA Jeff Bezos/Kevin Spacey/Del Bigtree/John Wayne Bobbitt), and father, Hollywood actor Rod Steiger (AKA Lou Abbott/Raymond Burr/Mikhail Gorbachev/Howard Cosell/Milton Freidman/Bernard Selz), have also been identified as serial perpetrators of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

SEE: Del’s Big Tree Bears Rotten Fruit

Bezos Bunk Now Completely Exposed

Hollywood Peter Ustinov’s Marxist Charade



In the image posted immediately above, the alleged Nashville Covenant “school shooter” Audrey Hale is posed engaging in what appears to be a masonic handshake ritual while receiving what appears to be some sort of diploma featuring the word Nossi, which is a play-on-words to subconsciously imply the term Nazi.

The masonic grip shown in the preceding image – as confirmed by the following image – is known as the pass grip of a master mason, synonymous with or similar in relation to the sort of masonic hand gesture observed in the image posted earlier in the article featuring ‘gun control’ advocate Ashbey Beasley.



When examined more closely, the facial geometry and body type of the alleged “school shooter” featured in the image posted immediately above do not appear to resemble the person the MSM claims was “Audrey Hale”. Again, the power of suggestion was deployed to persuade a majority of the public how they should perceive what was presented to them.

Besides – is the public really expected to believe one who was alleged to have been an art student would so suddenly be able to acquire the ability to handle automatic or semi-automatic firearms as expertly as a military commando or trained law enforcement agent?

Everyone will also surely notice “Audrey Hale” is donned in a red cap, and both the weapon and accompanying paraphernalia are colored black. Red and black are colors associated with the Jesuit order or Society of Jesus in control of the Vatican in Rome.

Red is also symbolic and synonymous with Mars, the Roman god of war.

At the home page of https://momsdemandaction.org, everyone will immediately observe the color of red is prominently featured and is also the color chosen for the organization’s t-shirt merchandise. This is because – whether the organization’s operatives realize it or not – they are being used as foot soldier instruments of psychological warfare planned and executed by the Jesuit order in Rome.

Also, when viewed in its entirety, although the MSM claims students and faculty of the Covenant school were “locked down” inside the facility, there are no signs or indications from the alleged surveillance footage from the day of the Covenant School “shooting” this was the case, as the facility appears to be vacated and empty. Although most numbered among those in the controlled “alternative media” have pointed out the discrepancy with regard to Audrey Hale’s footwear to disprove the surveillance footage’s legitimacy, upon further investigation, I’ve got something far better. One was able to discover something far more damaging which completely undermines the authenticity of the MSM’s official account.

As shall be soon demonstrated, images of ‘gun control’ activist Ashbey Beasley which were beforehand backdated, modified, and photo shopped were utilized to fabricate the MSM’s image of the alleged “school shooter” “Audrey Hale”. Not so coincidentally, upon further investigation, it was also discovered that Beasley is an entrepreneur, and owns a digital photography business in Nashville called Lollipop UPS. Of course, the pixels of digital photo images can be routinely manipulated, and, on this occasion, significant evidence exists they surely were.


According to her page at linkedin.com, Ashbey Beasley is an entrepreneur and owns two businesses. One is called Lolli Bus and the other is a digital photography studio called Lollipop UPS. The webpage at linkedin.com also indicates Beasley worked as a hospital administrator at Mattel children’s hospital UCLA for eleven years. Gematria analysis of the word ‘lollipop’ reveals some rather interesting results. In English Ordinal ‘lollipop’ equals 107 which, in turn, when added, equals 8, a number symbolic of the infinity loop or the ouroboros.

The Reduction cipher of the number 107 equals 44 – destruction code.

In Reverse Reduction, 107 equals 37 or 3 7’s/777, Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code.

SEE: https://lolli-bus.com & https://www.lollipop-ups.com

By virtue of her being associated with a digital photography business and having worked as a hospital administrator, it appears that not only did Ashbey Beasley and her staff employed at lollipop-ups possess the means, motive, and opportunity to modify, manipulate, and photo shop rake digital images which could have been used to sell a staged “school shooting” drill sponsored by the U.S. corporate government as a “real” event, but, considering Beasley’s experience as a hospital administrator, she also had the means and opportunity to manipulate hospital records to legitimize the authenticity of simulated or fabricated “victims” associated with the staging of a simulated “school shooting”.

In the “About” section located at https://www.lollipop-ups.com, we read the following concerning Ashbey Beasley and the nature and history of her digital photography business: “I’m Ashbey! Wife. Mama. Smile wrangler. Laugh maker. Photographer. I’ve been photographing families for almost ten years, and I love, love, love my job!

But then there’s this located at https://www.lollipop-ups.com/single-post/book-a-session-help-ban-assault-weapons: “My six-year-old son and I became mass shooting survivors after a man opened fire with a AR-15 style weapon on our July 4th parade in Highland Park Il killing 7 people and injuring 40 others.”

Below: Ashbey Beasley, Audrey Hale

220728_ntl_gun_rights_1241_hpMain_16x9_608 (1)Audrey-Elizabeth-Hale (1)

While making ocular comparisons between the pair of images posted immediately above, everyone will observe the geometric contours and shapes of the nose, chins, lips, brows, and eyes are similar if not identical. More extensive facial recognition analysis indicates the proportional geometry of these facial features are indeed identical.


Ear biometric comparison analysis between the two images posted above indicates the proportional and epidermal geometry of the respective helixes and antihelixes – encircled with red marker – are identical.

Inked220728_ntl_gun_rights_1241_hpMain_16x9_608 (1)InkedAudrey-Elizabeth-Hale (1)

More extensive ear biometric and image comparison analysis indicates the geometric proportions and epidermal contours of the respective lobules – encircled in red marker – are identical.

“Audrey Hale” was a pure simulation fabricated from modified and backdated images of ‘gun control’ activist and digital photographer Ashbey Beasley.

It should also be noted that Ashbey Beasley – as evidenced by the following image – is affiliated with “Nancy Pelosi” (AKA Princess Lee Bouvier Radziwill/Jane Fonda/Dolly Parton), the very same who was identified as having played dual roles in the Sandy Hook school shooting simulation hoax and whose husband “Paul Pelosi” (AKA Hollywood director Roger Vadim), with the aid of the MSM, faked his own “hammer attack”.

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Pelosi Case Hammered Wide Open

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