The power of unobstructed and unfettered observation and perception – both powerfully and properly directed – can be wondrous tools.

Immediately, upon witnessing the emergence of “Doug Emhoff” on the American political stage, one was stricken with an eerie familiarity, as if one had seen him somewhere before.

Sure enough, upon further examination, one’s gnawing intuition turned out to be confirmed.

For those unfamiliar, “Doug Emhoff”, according to Wikipedia, “is an American lawyer who is the current second gentleman of the United States. He is married to Vice President Kamala Harris. As the first-ever husband of a U.S. vice president, Emhoff is the first second gentleman in American history. He is also the first Jewish spouse of a vice president.”

Regarding the current U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, as those whom frequent this site certainly recall, she has also been identified as a fabricated character scheme, portrayed by Hollywood actress Vera Farmiga.

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Further and deeper investigation into “Doug Emhoff” has not failed to demonstrate that he, too, like “Kamala Harris”, is also a fabricated character scheme, and portrayed by an award-winning and renowned Hollywood actor with whom Farmiga co-starred in the 1998 film production entitled Return to Paradise, a film which, according to Wikipedia, was produced by – wait for it, folks – Propaganda Films.

Though Wikipedia claims Emhoff is Jewish, the man identified as his host actor is not.

Again, according to the official biographical entry available at Wikipedia, for the award-winning Hollywood celebrity identified as Emhoff’s host actor, he “was born in the Rio Piedras district of San Juan, Puerto Rico.”

This is typical of the usual method of covert operation on the part of the Society of Jesus or the Jesuit order – the military organization disguised as an ecclesiastical congregation of Catholic priests whom control Vatican City – when crafting a fabricated character scheme to help execute their well-crafted psychological operations.

Oftentimes, such biographical elements are woven into the fabricated characterization’s script, for the sole purpose of completely shielding the public persona from any semblance of scathing criticism.

Anyone that overtly dares to criticize Emhoff, in future, shall certainly be tarred and feathered with the label of “anti-Semitism”. Similarly, such shall surely prove to be the case with anyone whom dares to cast dreaded stones of criticism at Emhoff’s “wife”, “Kamala Harris”. They, too, shall also be subjected to public shaming, either from the well-paid mobs of state propagandists employed by the MSM or social media’s legions of keyboard wielding social justice activists, and labeled as a “racist” or “misogynist”.

As has been demonstrated, time-and-again, such ad hominem work just as effectively as when the terms of “conspiracy theorist” are similarly deployed on an American populace which has recently suffered from extreme psychological demoralization at the hands of the Jesuit’s Covid-19 (Certificate of Vaccine ID/ID 2020) psychological operation.

If there is still anyone whom still thinks the concept of an ID microchip embedded into human extremities via vaccine implement is “conspiracy theory” or may only be a recently developed idea, one should consider the content of the article published by the Sun (UK) back on August 1, 1989, the link to which is featured immediately below.


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As for the host actor identified in the role of “Doug Emhoff”, certainly, once revealed, he will be readily recognizable to everyone.

Without giving too much away at the outset, here are some clues: Emhoff’s host actor has starred in many high-profile Hollywood productions.

Most notably, in 2000’s Gladiator co-starring with Russel Crowe and, most recently, as the “Joker”.


Described as an “American lawyer”, this would mean that, like his spouse “Kamala Harris”, “Doug Emhoff” has been called to the Temple Bar, and has been sworn in sole allegiance, not to his clientele, but to the Crown Temple, located in the City of London.

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According to Wikipedia, “Emhoff began his career as an entertainment lawyer.”

This latter biographical detail serves as a key investigative clue, which leads us to the Hollywood movie industry in which Emhoff’s host actor is employed.

Wikipedia goes on to inform, “He {Emhoff} was managing director of Venable’s West Coast offices and later became a partner at DLA Piper.”

While there’s a bit more to be said about the operations of DLA Piper, as to the identity of the creator’s of Emhoff’s fabricated character scheme, the next biographical detail, divulged by the CIA’s hacks at Wikipedia, proved to be even more pertinent and revealing: “He {Emhoff} is also a distinguished visiting professor at Georgetown University Law Center.”

Georgetown University, of course, is an institution which was established by the Jesuit order. Georgetown, a Jesuit military fortress, is also home to the CFR or the Council on Foreign Relations, the true policy-making organ of the US corporate government. 


SEE also:


As for Emhoff’s legal partnership with DLA Piper, it is with this biographical detail that we encounter connections to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg (AKA Lord Nicholas Windsor/Nathaniel Rothschild), and to the Swiss Templars.

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Turns out, DLA Piper’s connections with Zuckerberg and Facebook harbor controversial and possibly illegal implications.

Again, according to Wikipedia, “DLA is a multi-national law firm with offices in more than 40 countries throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. In 2014, it had total revenues of US$2.48 billion and average profit per equity partner of US$1.490 million, and was the third largest law firm in the United States as measured by revenue. Formed in 2005, by a merger between three law firms: San Diego-based Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich LLP, Baltimore-based Piper Rudnik LLP and United Kingdom-based DLA LLP. It is composed of two partnerships, the United Kingdom-based DLA Piper International LLP and the United States-based DLA Piper LLP (US). The two partnerships share a single global board and are structured as a ‘Swiss Verein’.”

What is a Swiss Verein, many may ask?

As it happens, though DLA Piper is one of the world’s most profitable law firms and may boast of a clientele which spans the globe, it is also – legally, according to Swiss law – considered to be a non-profit organization (NPO) or non-governmental organization (NGO).

According to Wikipedia, “A Swiss association (“Verein” in German, “association” in French, “associazione” in Italian) is a legal structure in Swiss law, defined in the civil code (Part One, title two, chapter two). It is similar to the Anglo-American voluntary association. Unlike in Germany, a Swiss association does not need to be registered in order to have a separate legal personality. It must be registered if it ‘conducts a commercial operation’. An association can serve as a non-profit organization (NPO) or non-governmental organization (NGO) and this form is used by several Swiss sections of international NGO’s such as Amnesty International, and the World Wildlife Fund, by business firms or by international organizations such as the Federal Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The form can also be used by political parties and alliances, such as trade unions.”

Let that all sink in for a moment, folks.

While DLA Piper, Emhoff’s law firm, rakes in staggering quarterly profits, it can also operate as an NPO or a non-profit association or organization.

It should also be noted, the American NFL (National Football League) conducts its business operations in the identical fashion of FIFA (Federal International Football Association).

Though, legally, both sports leagues are allowed to make profits, and consist of teams which appear to be structured as independent entities, they are both – though, it should be noted, the NFL has claimed its legal status has recently been altered and it is no longer registered as a non-profit – registered as non-profit organizations. 

One should think, DLA Piper, a law firm with vast financial resources and global influence, could very easily deploy the requisite resources at hand to set up a corporation or legal fiction named “Doug Emhoff”, one which, while expertly portrayed by an award-winning Hollywood actor in disguise, could also be sold to the American people as America’s “first second gentleman”. 

As for DLA Piper’s relationship with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, Wikipedia has the following to report: “In 2010, DLA Piper represented Paul Ceglia in his claim that he hired Mark Zuckerberg to create a website that became Facebook and that under the agreement, Ceglia was entitled to 84 percent of Facebook, then worth multiple billions of dollars. Zuckerberg and Facebook responded that Ceglia had hired Zuckerberg to work on an unrelated site, but Ceglia had fraudulently altered that contract to make it appear to cover Facebook. A DLA Piper attorney told the Wall Street Journal that although he had not seen the original document, he had ‘absolutely 100% confidence that {Mr. Ceglia’s} agreement is authentic’. Ceglia’s document was later, in fact, found to be fraudulent and in 2014, Facebook and Zuckerberg sued DLA Piper and others, claiming Ceglia’s lawyer’s ‘knew or should have known that the {initial} lawsuit was a fraud’. The suit was later dismissed.”

The unfortunate story of Paul Ceglia appears to have ended tragically, however.

“On May 1, 2015,” Wikipedia reports, “Ceglia and his family were found to have vanished. In 2018, he was arrested in Ecuador.”

During the 18th century, South America was home to what became known to history as the “Jesuit Reductions” and, still today, the entire continent remains under the complete control of the Society of Jesus. 


Did everyone catch the occult significance of the date (May 1st), the exact day Wikipedia claims Paul Ceglia was alleged to have ‘vanished’? 

May 1st or “May Day” is Beltane, the Pagan celebration day of the “bright fire”, and of the {Triple} Goddess and the Greenman. 

But, apparently, Paul Ceglia’s biographical narrative also, according to Wikipedia, involves Andrew Cuomo, yet another prominent public figure who has been identified as a fabricated character scheme.

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Further investigation reveals that Ceglia and his wife Iasia, again, according to Wikipedia, “were owners of Allegany Pellets LLC and were charged with one count of first-degree scheme to defraud and 12 counts of fourth degree grand larceny in November of 2009. In December 2009, the then-Attorney General of New York (later Governor) Andrew Cuomo announced a temporary restraining order banning Ceglia from taking advance payments from consumers, destroying any business records or property, or transferring any assets. Cuomo stated in a press release that the company, had “lied to customers and solicited new orders” even when it could not “deliver products as promised”. The charges,” Wikipedia goes on to explain, “were eventually dropped as every customer was either refunded or received wood pellets.”

Does that entire account – from a purely legal standpoint – strike anyone as absurd?  

Additionally, of course, the involvement of “Andrew Cuomo”, recently proved to be a fabricated character scheme, and the conspicuous and familiar gematria – 12 counts equaling 21 or 3 7’s/777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code – present in Wikipedia’s account, serve to thoroughly discount any shred of narrative veracity.

Likely, folks, the story of Paul Ceglia is another example of a manufactured narrative.

After all, as we’ve learned, trusting the veracity of any narrative formulation presented by either the MSM or Wikipedia has its inherent dangers. 


Again, according to Wikipedia, Vera Farmiga – the host actor identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known to the public as U.S. Vice President “Kamala Harris” – “began {in 2004} dating Deadsy musician Renn Hawkey.”

For those unfamiliar with the American pop music scene which existed in the early 2000’s, Deadsy was an “alternative” rock band led by Elijah Blue Allman, known professionally as P. Exeter Blue. Blue, according to official biographies, is the son of singer Cher and her second husband, Greg Allman. Turns out, proved by extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis, Greg Allman has been identified as yet another fabricated character scheme which was portrayed by Hollywood music executive David Geffen (AKA Sonny Bono/Charles Manson/Doctor Anthony Fauci). 

SEE: Is it live or is it Milli Vanilli? 

Blue’s band, Deadsy, is perhaps best remembered for their hit single “Grammercy Park”, the video for which features some very interesting and telltale visuals, especially while considered in tandem with Blue’s biological connections to David Geffen (AKA Greg Allman/ Doctor Anthony Fauci) and his professional relationship to Renn Hawkey, his former bandmate and the current husband of VP Kamala Harris’s host actor, Vera Farmiga. 

At exactly 1:04 into the following video excerpt, featured immediately below, everyone will notice, positioned near Deady’s singer P. Exeter Blue, there is a clear depiction of the Caduceus (the biblical snake, symbolic of the 33 human spinal vertebrae).

Directly in front of the Caduceus symbol, stands one of Blue’s bandmates, donned in what appears to be a Covid-19 mask.

Everyone may notice that, too, Renn Hawkey, Deadsy’s keyboardist, appears to be donned in protective medical gloves. 

Do these rather mordant visuals represent specific examples of predictive programming?

This analysis would appear to be logical, when one comprehends the significance of the identity of Blue’s biological parents.

Blue is also related to Geffen and Cher Bono’s hidden daughter, former Disney child-star Christina Aguilera (AKA Kim Kardashian/the “late” Ashli Babbitt)

SEE: The American Revolution ‘Reality’ Show    

In fact, while viewed in its entirety, everyone will also observe Deadsy’s music video production is chock filled with occult symbols, including the masonic square and compass.  

Keep in mind, folks, the following music video was produced in 2002.


While everyone compares the images, of “Doug Emhoff” and the award-winning Hollywood celebrity identified as his host actor, posted immediately below, everyone may notice the top left portions of the outer ears, known as Pinna or auricle, are conspicuously covered with what appears to be a skin overlap or an excess epidermal layer.

Image comparison analysis – between “Emhoff” and his confirmed host actor, Joaquin Phoenix – has repeatedly confirmed, the width and geometric architecture of both noses, chins, brow ridges, and eyes are identical.

Furthermore, extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm Joaquin Phoenix as the host actor who portrays the fabricated character scheme known to the American public as “first second gentleman” “Doug Emhoff”.

It is clear that, given the constant stream of propaganda filtered through the MSM, “Doug Emhoff” was created as a tool of social programming, to demonstrate, as a dramatic illustration, the changing spousal roles between men and woman.  

As mentioned earlier, in this installment’s introduction, back in 1998, Phoenix starred with Kamala Harris AKA Vera Farmiga in Return to Paradise.


Doug Emhoff:    

Joaquin Phoenix:    


28 thoughts on “Is “Doug Emhoff” another Hollywood Joker?

  1. Again, yet another fascinating article from yours truly. I applaud you for this latest masterpiece in deconstructing the illusory personalities presented to us on our screens and in publications. There is definitely a similarity “Doug Emhoff” shares to “Joaquin Phoenix” upon close examination. All they had to do was remove Joaquin’s fake beard and moustache and add a latex mask, fake grey hair, and make-up to make him look years older.

    As for the “Jewish” question, the host actor who portrays “Doug Emhoff” (Joaquin Phoenix nee Bottom) is indeed Jewish like the character he’s portraying. The Jesuits were also Jews, so that still pegs him as Jewish either way. Also, note the name Phoenix, a reference to the “ancient” Phoenicians/Jews. The Phoenix also represents “Lucifer” (NWO) rising from the ashes (of the Old World Order). Nonetheless, I do agree that the controllers often use the Jewish angle to discredit opponents as “anti-Semites” or “Nazis”, despite merited concerns for the extensive control which the crypto-Jewish elite and their agents (Jesuits included) wield over society.

    The Jewish origins of the Jesuits:

    Phoenix is also an animal rights activist and a vegan. Veganism is very huge in Israel and is growing in popularity due to widespread awareness of serious animal welfare infringements in industrial animal agriculture (aka “factory farming”) and the horrible impact it has on the environment. In my opinion, it is another example of how the ruling elite control both sides of every social issue (in this case pro-meat vs. anti-meat) in order to produce outcomes they desire. It reminds me of how the same ruling families that gave us stars like “Joaquin Phoenix” had, in earlier times, coopted or created similar trends like abolitionism, the civil rights movement, and environmentalism in order to neutralize or weaken grassroots opposition to the status quo. That may also explain the prevalance of “crazy” vegans like Freelee and ThatVeganTeacher in social media. I suspect some of them are controlled opposition agents sent by the Big Meat & Dairy industry to misdirect and to discredit the vegan community.

    1. Yes, indeed, the ruling families have funded all of the major social and political movements, and driven them forward with the directed energy of the deceived participants among the masses of proletariat. I also agree with your assertions concerning the vegan agenda, which has, no doubt, been devised as yet another dividing dialectical social movement. After all, the ruling families have always keenly understood how to manipulate the rather primitive psychology of the proletariat. They have always well-understood, if thought can be influenced, shaped, and molded, one can also direct the intentions of the mind which, in turn, directs mass behavior in ways which are beneficial and profitable to their global commercial monopoly over all human and natural resources. In short, in maintaining control over their global empire, psychological warfare has proved to be more useful and, over the long term, more cost effective than the maintenance of standing armed forces.

    2. Speaking of “the vegan agenda”, here is an enlightening video on the origins of animal liberation:

  2. Great article. Thank you, it is nice to have something truthful to read. I find it fitting that Emhoff played the “Joker”, since the joke is always on us. I noticed in Kamala’s inauguration photo, her hand is raised and her ring finger is significantly longer than her index finger. Makes me wonder if her host actor was assigned male at birth. It would only be fitting since most, if not all of the “First Ladies” were assigned male at birth. These people love to “reverse”. I don’t know the reasoning but I am sure it is just another way to mock us.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to consider the information published in the article. Your observation- regarding Vera Farmiga, VP Kamala’s host actor – is well-taken, and it shouldn’t be completely ruled out as a possibility.

  3. Greetings!

    I hope life is treating you well, and the worst of the winter is behind you.

    I was listening to YouTube tonight and may have stumbled across a couple of old favorites getting (at least part of) the band back together.

    Skip forward to 4:45 for the song that got my attention. Its a great version, as you would expect.

    1. Indeed, life is a gift and I don’t plan on wasting it. You’re correct, the winter season, at least here, in this region, seems to be on the wane. Are you referring to the band Deadsy? I must admit, that particular song – Gramercy Park – is infectious and very well performed. The video, however, is filled with occult imagery, including the Triple Tau, which is also the symbol for the Jesuit order: IHS. Essentially, they’re telling the viewer – in a subliminal fashion, of course – exactly whom controls the music industry: the thirteen Jesuit families, including the Pallavicini family, whom also are in control of Hollywood.

    2. Oh, I apologize, I didn’t see the video you provided. I see that’s our old friend, Rod Stewart AKA John Lennon/Buddy Holly/Steve Perry/Peter Sellers! You’re correct, however, it is a great performance. I’m convinced , he’s the greatest voice artist and, indeed, one of the greatest acting chameleons – along with Warren Beatty – now living.

      1. I was paying more attention to Stewart. Amazingly, even when he’s moving freely around the stage, his pitch, tone, and microphone placement never falter. You won’t want to miss the next article about Miss “Circle Back” Psaki, the new White House Press Secretary.

      2. Truly incredible performance from Stewart, one of a kind. What happened to all these performers?

        I am fairly sure the bassist is Paul McCartney.

      3. Yes that is McCartney. The second number the band plays, at the beginning of the video, is called Baby I’m Amazed which, I believe, appeared later, on a Paul McCartney and Wings recording. McCartney – the Faces bassist – sings the intro, and the vocal style is unmistakable.

      4. That is the song i was referring to in the original post! The second he started to sing it was, as you say, unmistakable.

        Crazy how the human mind works, though. These things are so clear to me now but for years were right under my nose and I had no idea!

        I recently stumbled upon the host actor behind the Kinks Ray Davies so thats just about all my favorite artists identified.

      5. LOL! Yes, that would have been rather witty. Of course, in hindsight, the moniker of the band appears to have been purposely placed as a clue, perhaps, even designed as a form of public mockery.

  4. Thats good to hear. Summer here is at its peak and many of the tropical fruits are in season. Life is sweet.

    I thought I had left a YouTube link to the song in question with my comment, but perhaps there was an error.

    If you go to YouTube and search “The Faces Live 1972” there should be a 43 minute live video near the top of the search results. The song in question is the 2nd of the set and starts at the 4:45 mark.

    1. Yes, summer is my favorite time of year! I just watched the portion you’ve referred to. One has to truly appreciate the fact there is no auto tune, no sampled backing tracks or other artificial enhancements. After seeing this, one can’t help but to appreciate the flawless expression of true artistry.

  5. Isnt the host actor Prince pavlos of Greece? Or atleast at the top level we can tell. As well as Tom Hanks? IIRC

  6. I read many years ago, that Paul McCartney was decapitated in a car accident in the ’60’s. That he was also a left hand guitar player. The guy that replaced him had to learn to play left handed. I don’t remember his name off hand. The story is, the powers that be, didn’t want the money to stop, so they pulled this psy-op on the masses.

  7. Doug Emoff cannot be a real name is it a play on words? Do U Gem Off (do you get me off) idk I don’t trust anything since I found you and everything resonates with me 🙂

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