One supposes – since the “inauguration” of the present American presidential administration – everyone has witnessed some of the recent performances of White House Press Secretary Jenn Psaki.

From the outset of her tenure as White House Press Secretary, Psaki has become infamous – as everyone can observe in the video excerpt displayed immediately below – for what has become her standard response to questions about the Biden administration’s policies: “I’ll have to circle back”.

Many who frequent this site may have already surmised Psaki’s well-used response has occult and masonic significance and, as well, relates to the practice of sacred geometry.

You would be correct.

Whether intentional or not, Psaki’s “circle back” is a reference to the Ouroboros, or the snake eating its own tale, the cycle of death and rebirth.


Though recently, Psaki has received considerable criticism for her seeming unwillingness to comprehensively respond to direct questions posed by members of the gathered press, one had not, until only recently, viewed – as it were – Psaki in action.

When I finally did, one’s intuitive senses were immediately pricked with a sense of overwhelming familiarity.

Yes, I had, with certainty, seen her before, but long ago, long before she was known as “Jenn Psaki”.

The tone, timbre, and unique cadence of her voice, along with her curious penchant for certain distinct physical mannerisms (frequent, expressive, and often excessive hand fluttering/hair flipping), struck chords of distant memories, of an era of time during the 1980’s, when a group of young Hollywood actors, dubbed the “Brat Pack”, were seen quite frequently on the silver screen and, with great frequency, enjoyed lavish attention, both from the press and public alike.

In fact, the actress identified as Psaki’s host actor starred in one of the most popular and memorable ‘teen’ movies of the entire 1980’s era: The Breakfast Club.


According to Wikipedia’s official biographical entry, “Jennifer Rene Psaki, born December 1, 1978, is an American political advisor and the 34th and current White House press secretary.” Also, Wikipedia informs us, “{Psaki} is a member of the Democratic Party, she previously served in the Obama administration as the White House Deputy Press Secretary (2009), the White House Deputy Communications Director (2009-2011), the Spokesperson for the Unites States Department of State (2013-2015), and the White House Communications Director (2015-2017). Psaki was a political contributor for CNN from 2017 to 2020.”

Ah, yes – CNN – the bedrock pillar of truth and the shinning pinnacle of television journalism.

Can it be any surprise to discover the numerological significance – 3X4=12/21/777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code – of “34th and current White House Press Secretary”?

Though it is claimed – to judge by the date Wikipedia provides as her official date of birth – Psaki is 42 years-of-age (4+2=6/33/highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry), a detailed examination of her facial architecture and epidermal landmarks indicate we are looking at someone older.

Turns out, the Hollywood host actor discovered to be in portrayal of her fabricated character scheme is, in fact, much older.

Customarily, thus far, the 34th White House Press Secretary has often been referred to as simply “Jenn” Psaki.

In English Ordinal gematria, “Jenn Psaki” sums to 99 and reduces to 9, while equaling 36 in Full Reduction, which also reduces to 9 and, respectively, also sums to 144 and 54 in Reverse Ordinal and Reverse Full Reduction.

Both of those sums also reduce to 9.

When subjected to the occult law of mirrored reversal, 99 equals – wait for it, folks – 66, 2 6’s, or 12/21/777.

As for Psaki’s positions as “Communications Director”, listed on her biographical resume, those particular words, when put together, represent a euphemism for “media spin” and “perception management”.

“Communications” – in the context of politics – can be best defined as the sinister art of telling big lies often and repeatedly enough until hand-picked political focus groups have determined a significant enough percentage of the American general public have begun to believe them.

Subsequently, therefore, “spokespersons or press secretaries” – such as Psaki – can be trotted out before press gatherings to gloat about how well the ruling political administration has spiced, reformulated, and repackaged a putrid sewage teeming with ill-conceived lies into a gourmet banquet of flavorful “public perception” and served them up for mass consumption.

Regarding collective public perception, for decades, since its inception in the early part of the twentieth century as the entertainment capitol of America and of the entire world, Hollywood has played an enormous role as an agent of social and political propaganda.

Though, ostensibly and superficially, Hollywood appears to be a creator, producer, and distributor of what the general public believes to be mere entertainment, beneath this sparkling veneer, lurk covert and ulterior objectives which are much more insidious and even sinister.

Behind the neon curtain, Hollywood is a colossal Pavlovian behavioral modification laboratory, consisting of social scientists, political activists, and Jesuit-trained psychological warfare experts, with the general public acting as their unwitting but all-too-willing and contented lab rats.

This is the ultra toxic environment into which the host actor of “Jenn Psaki” was born and, given a key biographical detail of her mother, Charlotte Baum, “a writer and press agent who was involved in women’s and civil rights movements”, she may very well – while pretending otherwise – know what she is doing and why.

In which case, the Hollywood actress identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as “Jenn Psaki” is no stranger to the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

In essence, Psaki is not what she appears to be: a snarky, petulant, and thin-skinned model of toweringly arrogant incompetence.

She is something far more dangerous.

She is an agent of chaos, and working on behalf of her crafty Jesuit masters in Rome.


While Psaki appears as a television image played by an actress – albeit, an accomplished one – she is by no means benevolent.

Though she is only an actress and was hired to regurgitate a hackneyed script, she was also created as a blackened vortex, one designed to vacuum away the considerable time, attentions, and energies of the American public down into the deepest of dark rabbit warrens.

Nevertheless, regarding White House Press Secretary “Jenn Psaki”, two things appear to be certain.

Psaki will never tell the press or the public who is really in control of the presidential administration she has been hired to speak for. Nor, assuredly, will she dare tell the American public “Joe Biden” and “Donald J. Trump” are fictitious characters whom are portrayed by the identical host actor, Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi AKA “Brian Williams”, the very same European royal who also portrayed George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.

After all, whatever statements Psaki happens to make, regarding the official “policies” of the Biden administration, are moot, in consideration of the fact that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) – on behalf of the Jesuit order, in control of Vatican City – are in charge of overseeing the execution of US corporate government policymaking, policies which have been dictated, in a compartmentalized and top-down fashion through the high-degree masonic agents of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), from the Jesuit Superior General, in Rome.

Though most Americans remain unaware, the US has been divided up into 10 regions, each with its own FEMA commander.


SEE also:

In fact, as one has alluded to before, the US has been under a state of emergency since 1933.

Long before that, the terms and conditions of the Treaty of Peace, negotiated between agents of the Crown Temple in the City of London in the aftermath of the American colonial “revolution”, made the US constitution legally null and void. Furthermore, due to the Treaty of Verona of 1822, the terms and conditions of all of the American colony’s founding documents were, thereafter, further invalidated, in lieu of the Virginia Charter of 1602. In fact, if examined closely, one can easily surmise how similar the terms and conditions of the Jesuit-controlled CIA’s charter and that of the Virginia Charter of 1602 actually are.

Today, in 2021, the clown circus “circle back” sideshow acted out by “Jenn Psaki” is merely more distractive scenery for the general public.

Certainly, thus far, Psaki’s infuriating and astonishing antics – in consideration of the business monopoly of the thirteen, Jesuit families over You Tube, Google, and all popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, etc. etc. – have served to make an extraordinary profit from advertising click rates.


Repeatedly, “Jenn Psaki” has demonstrated a penchant for certain physical mannerisms – hand fluttering and hair flipping – which also happen to be in common with those of her Hollywood host actor. In the opening seconds and, again, at the juncture of 1:36 of the following video excerpt, everyone will notice Psaki reach, with her right hand, to sweep at a shock of her flaming mane of red hair.

Due to the confirmed identity of her Hollywood host actor, a brunette, we can, therefore, conclude that “Jenn Psaki” is not a natural red head.

Notice also, both the FOX reporter, Peter Doocy (the Deuce of the Tarot Deck/snake eyes, SEE: and Psaki mention “a friend of President Biden” named “Richard Trumpka”, a subtle mockery – in reference to the fact both the current president  “Joe Biden” and the former president “Donald J. Trump” are portrayed by an identical host actor, Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi (AKA Brian Williams) – that didn’t go at all unnoticed.

SEE: The Resurrection of a Chameleon Prince


At the link listed immediately below, everyone will observe a rare video of Psaki’s Hollywood host actor, an excerpt taken from an interview conducted, years ago, on the Charlie Rose show.

At the outset of the interview, the host, Charlie Rose, in his introduction mentions a “book written {by Psaki’s host actor} at the age of 12”.

This is confirmed by Wikipedia: “At age 12 she {Ally Sheedy} wrote a book, She Was Nice to Mice. The book was published by McGraw Hill Education and became a best-seller.”

The number of 12, of course, when subjected to the law of occult mirrored reversal, equals 21 or 3 7’s/777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code.

Additionally, at approximately 15:19, everyone will notice Psaki’s host actor – in much the same manner as the current White House Press Secretary – begins to flip the dangling locks of her hair and, as well, she demonstrates a penchant for fluttering her hands to assist her when accurate verbal articulation falters. Like the fabricated character scheme of “Jenn Psaki”, her host actor, too, demonstrates a similar penchant for staring blankly into the void of space during moments of faltering verbal articulation.

Everyone will also notice, throughout the interview, Psaki’s host actor also frequently peppers her verbal responses with ‘uh’ and ‘um’, a curious penchant which has also been repeatedly demonstrated by President Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary, “Jenn Psaki”.

While focusing keen ocular perceptions on both of the images, displayed immediately below, everyone will notice that, comparatively, the facial geometry and facial and epidermal landmarks are, in fact, conspicuously identical between those of “Jenn Psaki” and her Hollywood host actor.

Glamour And Facebook Host Brunch To Discuss Sexism In 2016 During WHCD Weekend
WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 29: Whitehouse Communications Director, Jen Psaki attends the Glamour and Facebook brunch to discuss sexism in 2016, during WHCD Weekend at Kinship on April 29, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Glamour)


While looking closely, everyone will readily observe, the comparative geometrical architectures and epidermal alignments of the eyes, brow ridges, noses, cheek bones, chins, lips, and teeth, between those of “Jenn Psaki” and her Hollywood host actor Ally Sheedy, are, in fact, identical.

While looking even more closely, with especial attention paid to the left ear lobes of both Psaki and Sheedy (appearing to everyone’s right), everyone will observe a piercing mark is identically located.

Further and extensive facial recognition, image comparison, and even voice print sample analysis has confirmed that, indeed, Ally Sheedy, formerly a member of the 1980’s Hollywood “Brat Pack”, is the host actor portraying the current White House Secretary “Jenn Psaki”.

10 thoughts on “‘Circling Back’ to the Brat Pack

  1. While reading your article on Psaki, I looked at the video and photographic evidence you provided and she bears a striking resemblance to Hollywood celebrity “Jodie Foster” (who also played Australian MP Julia Gillard). I believe they could be the same person. Ally Sheedy does bear some similarity to Psaki (eye color, eyebrows, and dentures are similar), but overall, IMO, there isn’t a strong resemblance between the two women. Great article, nonetheless.

    1. Initially, I did consider Foster as a prime suspect. However, the voice analysis from several samples – in the case of pitch, breath frequency – didn’t quite match up, Also, Sheedy has an array of distinctive epidermal landmarks positioned just beneath the neck region, landmarks which perfectly matched up with Psaki. Interestingly, many of Psaki’s images, available on google, have been heavily photo-shopped to conceal these distinctive landmarks. The comparative architectures of the eyes, however, are what ultimately gave the identity of the character’s host actor away. Results from facial recognition were a perfect match. I’m not surprised to hear of your information concerning the Rothschild family and their connections to both infamous shipping disasters. War profiteering is, after all, one of the favorite profitable pastimes of the ruling families.

      1. It’s great to hear you elaborate on your theory that “Jen Psaki” is portrayed by “Ally Sheedy”. Upon looking at the evidence again, it does appear they do share some physical resemblance. It’s possible that the host actress who portrays both characters is using latex and black wigs to disguise herself for her role as “Sheedy”, with the photos touched-up in later stages of production by the creators behind the characters Sheedy and Psaki.

        Yes, it is unsurprising to learn about how deeply connected the families are to these hoaxes and how extensive their control is over the given narratives surrounding stories of major historical events. You can argue that faking tragedies, as well as waging hoax wars, is too one of the ruling bloodlines favorite [profitable] endeavors.

      2. I am happy to do so. I also agree with your premise that it is quite possible Ally Sheedy may be a pseudonym. The details of her official biographies are highly suspect. During her interview with Charlie Rose, her attempt to explain why she chose to walk away from the Hollywood limelight while still in the prime of her career to act in smaller scale productions seemed muddled and, quite frankly, puzzling. There can be no doubt, the ruling families fund the execution of these hoaxes as well honed weapons of psychological warfare. Hollywood and the entire American political structure have always shared a close-knit and symbiotic relationship. In fact, better to say, they are one and the same.

  2. Oh gee – Jodie Foster was Julia Gillard?! That explains the voice of Julia which does not sound like anything like the rest of us Aussies but yes she sure does have Fosters voice, the drawl she couldnt disguise well enough is what made Julia’s accent sound non Australian. Lordy lordy lol – you know there are a couple of well meaning Australians that actually lodged charges of treason against her and a few other politicians. Charges are still sitting there, of course nothing was or will be done, but not for the reasons I thought. I guess you cant haul someone to court that does not exist, right?! But I wonder why did they not just pick an Australian for the role, we have our share of elites here too.

    1. Yes, I recall hearing something of the sort – Zuckerberg in a wig – regarding “Jen Psaki” before. Zuckerberg’s sister? – an intriguing notion to be sure.

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