Even the most transparent masquerades can remain effective. But oftentimes – especially when put under greater and even microscopic scrutiny – not for very long. During the course of an ongoing investigation into politician, lawyer, former IMF directing manager and now European Central Bank president Christine LeGarde, one remained suspicious that not only did her French accent indicate a theatrical affectation, but that certain of her habitual mannerisms appeared familiar indeed.

Below: Christine LeGarde, Hollywood and television actress Allison Janney

It also became clear, while observing her perform during various interviews, that LeGarde’s responses were heavily laden with propagandistic buzzwords and scripted talking points, and therefore considered to be substantively deficient, leading one to conclude that something was amiss, and that one was watching an actor in the midst of a theatrical performance, a media-generated personality rather than a highly educated economist and competent executive.

Turns out, the “official” biographies of “Christine LeGarde” are complete fabrications and that she too is a fabricated character scheme placed in highly visible and prominent positions of influence – IMF managing director, presidency of European Central Bank – to promote the transformation of the global economy with the establishment of a central bank digital currency and to spout propaganda relating to the implementation of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 and its seventeen “sustainability goals”.


It didn’t take long during one’s investigation into the “official” biographies relating to “Christine LeGarde” to discover a key connection to the Jesuits or the Society of Jesus controlling the Vatican in Rome which, along with Washington D.C., a private principality serving as Rome’s military sword arm, and Crown Temple (AKA one square mile), the world’s legal and banking headquarters located in the City of London, sits at the head of a ruling global triumvirate.

According to her “official” biographies, during the late 1970’s, “Christine LeGarde” graduated from Paris’s Nanterre University, then subsequently went on to acquire a master’s degree from Sciences Po Aix. In 1981, she is alleged to have quickly found employment as an associate at the prestigious international law firm of Baker & McKenzie, specializing in labor and anti-trust law as well as mergers and acquisitions. LeGarde’s tenure at the firm was marked with a rapid rise through the ranks. In 1995, LeGarde was named to the firm’s executive committee and, in 1999, became the committee’s chairman while also presiding as president of the Global Strategic Committee.

But these professional bona fides were wholly created to legitimize a fake resume – known in intelligence parlance as an operative’s ‘legend’ – connected to a media generated fabricated character scheme, one which is portrayed by an award-winning Hollywood/television actress and as shall be further demonstrated, a Jesuit-trained Marxist activist.

Most prominent among Baker & McKenzie’s exclusive clientele is Unilever, a multi-national corporation headquartered in London which, over its long history, managed to acquire ownership over many popular brands of consumer goods, including Ben & Jerry’s and Dove soap. In addition to being one of the world’s largest producers of both soap and ice cream, Unilever’s subsidiaries also produce various brands of baby food, beauty products, bottled water, breakfast cereals, cleaning agents, condiments, energy drinks, healthcare and hygiene products, instant coffee, pet food, pharmaceuticals, soft drinks, tea, and toothpaste, many of which, if one takes the time to peruse the product labels, contain nearly identical toxic brews of hazardous, even carcinogenic ingredients.

Though established during the end of the first quarter of the twentieth century, it wasn’t until 1949 when John McKenzie, a litigator educated at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, an institution founded by Vatican City’s Society of Jesus in 1909, became a partner that Baker & McKenzie – formerly Baker & Simpson – grew to become a powerful and influential multi-national law firm with offices opened in Washington D.C., Amsterdam, Zurich, New York, and Sao Paulo.

Given that one of the multi-national law firm’s founding partners graduated from a Jesuit institution, it seems to be no coincidence that Baker & McKenzie chose to establish a South American office in Sao Paolo, Brazil. According to The Jesuits in Latin America, 1549-2000: 450 Years of Inculturation, Defense of Human Rights, Prophetic Witness by Jeffery L. Klaiber, S.J., “The Society of Jesus has played a major role in Latin America since its first missionaries arrived in 1549 in Brazil.”

An article published at oxfordbibliographies.com confirms this, then further elaborates, “The growth and expansion of the order in Latin America was rapid and continuous. The first Jesuits arrived in Brazil in 1549, in Peru in 1568, and in Mexico in 1572, and they soon became involved in the main religious, social, economic, and political activities in each region. The several Jesuit establishments in Latin America were territorially organized into provinces, which maintained constant and fluid communication with the headquarters of the order in Rome, where its highest authority, the Superior General, resided.”

Even Wikipedia, an informational platform covertly controlled by Jesuit CIA, admits that the Jesuit South American settlements – known as reductions – begun by Jesuit missionaries who were aided, accompanied, and protected by royally sanctioned armed troops from both Spain and Portugal – were in many cases established with forcible methods applied to the indigenous settlers.

“The Spanish and Portuguese relocated, forcibly in many cases,” Wikipedia confirms, “indigenous inhabitants of their colonies into urban settlements modeled on those in Spain and Portugal. Reductions could either be religious, established and administered by an order of the Catholic Church (especially the Jesuits) or secular, under the control of Spanish and Portuguese governmental authorities.”

But Wikipedia goes even further, confirming that the Jesuit’s methods of strategically relocating the populations of South America during the 16th century did not differentiate from those methods now being deployed – with help, of course, from Jesuit trained and controlled media generated personas such as “Christine LeGarde” – to globally implement the Jesuit’s 4th Industrial Revolution (AKA UN Agenda 2030/2050) in the 21st, in order to relocate entire regions of human resource populations into “smart” cities which will be centrally controlled and monitored by sophisticated digital surveillance systems overseen by artificial intelligence.

“Forced resettlements aimed to concentrate indigenous peoples into communities,” Wikipedia further reports regarding the Jesuit’s South American reductions, “facilitating the organization and exploitation of their labor and civil and religious control over populations.”

As has likely been pointed out previously, the genuine global powers – the thirteen Jesuit families – are only too happy to inform the general public beforehand of their nefarious intentions, it’s only that they will strategically place such revealing information on a Wikipedia page where they’re certain no one will be likely to search for it.

SEE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reductions

It is not surprising to discover that, after visiting Baker & McKenzie’s webpage, this international law firm co-founded by a Jesuit educated lawyer is indeed now fully dedicated, in cooperation with former IMF managing director “Christine LeGarde” who currently sits at the head of the European Central Bank, to promoting and helping to globally implement the UN’s seventeen sustainability goals (AKA Jesuit’s Fourth Industrial Revolution/UN Agenda 2030/2050/’Build Back Better’).

SEE: https://www.bakermckenzie.com/en/newsroom/2023/07/annual-sustainability-report-2023


But while her tenure at the prestigious law firm of Baker & McKenzie became notable for its rapid and steady upward mobility, the professional career of “Christine LeGarde” would soon experience a potentially damaging setback when she entered public life after being named to a cabinet post in the French government. It seems, while serving as President Nicholas Sarkozy’s Minister of Finance, an inadvisable decision made by LeGarde, in relation to flamboyant French Businessman Bernard Tapie, majority shareholder of Addidas and former owner of Olympique Marseille football club, almost served as her political undoing. Before getting into that a bit more, first, the content of the following video excerpt serves as a demonstration of the former IMF managing director’s skills at number magic (AKA the ancient art of numerology/gematria).


As everyone was likely to have observed in the previous video excerpt, “Christine LeGarde”, during an address in 2014 before the National Press Club in Washington D. C., made strategic use of numerology or gematria, specifically making references to the number seven, the Zayin, or mind weapon. “LeGarde” also makes several references to the letter G, which is not only the seventh letter of the alphabet but is also the letter found in the center of the masonic square and compass.


But more than this, everyone should also take note of the speaker’s distinctive mannerisms, the movements of the head, hand gestures, as well as the distinctive tone, timbre, pitch, and rhythm(s) of her voice.

While watching the performance of the actor in the next video – entitled ‘CJ Cregg returns to the White House Briefing Room’ – everyone will begin to observe the characteristic mannerisms, as well as the pitch, tone, timbre, and rhythm of voice – minus LeGarde’s French accent affectation – belonging to actor Allison Janney (AKA Kathy Hochul) is comparatively similar if not identical to those demonstrated by “Christine LeGarde”.

Janney’s surprise entrance into the White House press room in 2016 represented a deliberate mocking of the general public, who remain largely unaware that America’s most famous residence situated at Pennsylvania Avenue is nothing more than a movie set inhabited by actors. It is also noteworthy that “Donald Trump”, the former “elected” chief executive of the US corporation identified as a fabricated character scheme, is portrayed by the same actor, Martin Sheen, cast as President Bartlett in West Wing, which also co-starred Allison Janney as CJ Cregg. Both “Trump” and “Sheen” are fabricated characters who have been strategically modified from and are portrayed by the same host actor (live-action role player), the “late” Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco (AKA Brian Williams). 

Below: Martin Sheen, Donald Trump

Below: Donald Trump, Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi

The US corporate government (AKA United States/Virginia Company) is a subsidiary of the Crown Temple in the City of London and its four Courts of Inn (Middle and Inner Temple, Lincoln and Grey’s Inn) where – unbeknownst to the American general public – the real executive decisions are made.   

In the next video excerpt, also featuring Hollywood television actress Allison Janney in the role of White House press secretary CJ Cregg, everyone will take note that the “magic 7” alluded to by “Christine LeGarde” has been written into the script of the formerly popular television series West Wing. At approximately 58 seconds, the character speaking to CJ Cregg mentions a particular statistic: 0.7% (7, Zayin, the mind weapon). Again, at 1:03, the same character mentions the number 52 (5+2=7), while later in the same scene, at approximately 1:40, Cregg repeats the 0.7 statistic which, added together, equals 777, Alistair Crowley’s Qabalistic/intelligence joker code.

SEE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/777_and_Other_Qabalistic_Writings_of_Aleister_Crowley


In practice, politics is the art of deception. Conceptually, government is a mind control/psychological operation owned and overseen by the criminal cartels of private law and central banking monopolized by the thirteen Jesuit families. Actors, oftentimes found to be genealogical descendants of these thirteen families, are hired then modified into fabricated character schemes to be either trained and selected to become candidates for public office or placed into high level government posts, not only to maintain the illusion of “democracy” and freedom of choice, but to give the genuine criminal perpetrators plausible deniability and to also absolve them of any subsequent accountability. In terms of political expediency, the creation of fabricated character schemes such as “Christine LeGarde” serves a most useful purpose.

Once created and trained for a specific role, these fabricated character schemes attached to pseudonyms are placed into prominent government positions, where, while armed with scripted talking points, they will be best able to influence and even manipulate the public’s perception and to influence their behaviors. These characters are also designed to take the fall when and if something is made to appear to go wrong with public policy.

After a short tenure – 2007-2011 – as French president Nicholas Sarkozy’s Minister of Economy, Finance, and Industry, the professional career of “Christine LeGarde” appeared to ascend to even greater heights. But after assuming the chair as managing director of the IMF, “Christine LeGarde” seemed fated to experience her first bout with professional misfortune.


According to Wikipedia, “the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a major financial agency of the United Nations (UN), an international institution {established on December 27, 1945, at the Bretton Woods Conference} funded by 190 member countries with headquarters in Washington D.C. It is regarded as a lender of last resort to national governments and a leading supporter of exchange-rate stability.”

In other words, like all privately owned central banking institutions, the IMF, in practice, perpetrates usury, and, while doing so, offers loans at escalating interest rates to their member nations and, while having dictated the terms and conditions of those financial agreements, arrangements, then deploys digital surveillance in order to make certain those nations are allocating the spending of the money loaned to them in accordance with the IMF’s chosen desires. Furthermore, the IMF was established on the ideas of economist John Maynard Keynes, who, in turn, was heavily influenced by Thomas Malthus, a proponent of global depopulation.

Not surprisingly, as an agency of the UN, like Baker & McKenzie, the international law firm which first employed “Christine LeGarde”, the IMF, Wikipedia confirms, “is dedicated to economic ‘sustainable’ growth,” and is also, therefore, dedicated to the promotion and implementation of the UN’s seventeen “sustainability goals”. While investigating its recent history regarding IMF’s appointees as managing director, it became increasingly clear that an inclination for criminal activity must be a prerequisite.

Turns out, both of Christine LeGarde’s predecessors as managing director at IMF – Rodrigo Rato, Dominique Strauss-Khan – were notorious criminal felons. Rato, the one-time executive of Bankia which due to his mismanagement had to be bailed out, rescued by the Spanish government, was sentenced to a four-and one-half year prison sentence for embezzlement, fraud, and money laundering, while Strauss-Khan was charged with both sexual assault and ‘aggravated pimping’ while attending sex parties.

In 2016, charged with negligence and the misuse of public funds while serving as France’s cabinet Finance Minister, IMF’s then managing director “Christine LeGarde” was summoned before France’s Court of Justice of the Republic, which, according to several MSM sources, is mostly comprised of politicians rather than judges, and handles allegations of crimes committed by cabinet ministers in office.

In 2008, during her tenure as Finance Minister, “LeGarde” approved an award of 404 million Euros from the public treasury ($429 million US) to French businessman Bernard Tapie for the disputed sale of Addidas.

Strangely, though she did endure two full days of questioning which, according to the BBC, reportedly almost brought her to tears, “LeGarde” did not appear before the CJR on the day the court announced its decision, but had reportedly left France for Washington D.C.

Though “LeGarde” was found guilty of negligence, the court did not hand down punishment.

In other words, the CJR’s legal proceeding against “LeGarde” was a complete charade, a show trial.

Under prevailing Admiralty (Maritime) Law, “Christine LeGarde” could not stand to be formally prosecuted because she is a fabricated character scheme and does not legally exist. As observed in the image posted immediately below, the CJR’s official logo contains the Roman Fasces, which is also displayed in the US House of Representatives. Surrounding the Roman Fasces making up the CJR logo, are banners featuring the motto, in classical Latin, the language of Imperial Rome from which all European romance languages including modern English are derived, of Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality, a motto which is also associated with freemasonry.


State of Union
The chamber of the House of Representatives is seen at the Capitol in Washington, Monday, Feb. 3, 2020, as it is prepared for President Donald Trump to give his State of the Union address Tuesday night. . (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


As for Bernard Tapie, the French businessman to who “Christine LeGarde” approved the handing over of public funds numbered in the hundreds of millions, though regarded as one of France’s most colorful, charismatic, and iconic public figures, he was no stranger to criminal behavior.

Below: Bernard Tapie


While owner of French football club Marseille Olympique, in 1993, and after serving as a cabinet minister in the presidential administration of Francios Mitterrand, Tapie was accused of blatant match fixing. This should come as no surprise, since all professional sporting events and professional sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, present nothing more than stage managed entertainment spectacles in connection with the gaming/industrial complex headquartered in Las Vegas, which is covertly owned and controlled by the Grimaldi royal family of Monaco. As pointed out in previously published articles, some of the NFL’s major “stars” have proved to be fabricated character schemes with recycled identities.

SEE: The NFL’s Super Bowl Recycling Machine

NFL’s Touchdown Tom Not So Terrific

In 1994, Tapie was brought up before a French court on charges of complicity of corruption and witness tampering charges, for which he was sentenced to two years in prison. In addition to these legal imbroglios, Tapie accused French bank Credit Lyonnaise of undervaluing the sale of Addidas, of which, at the time, he was majority shareholder. A long legal battle ensued, and when Tapie – who was also, tellingly enough according to IMDb, a movie actor/singer active in the music/entertainment industry – opted to sue Credit Lyonnaise while also deciding to throw his public support behind Socialist presidential candidate Nicholas Sarkozy, it was then that Sarkozy’s Finance Minister, “Christine LeGarde”, stepped in to intervene, ordering binding arbitration in the case. After a special judicial panel ruled Tapie was entitled to damages of 404 million Euros, “LeGarde” suspiciously decided not to challenge the ruling.


According to the BBC, during Christine LeGarde’s trial, ex-treasury official Bruno Bezard testified to the CJR the French government had been warned beforehand on several occasions not to go to arbitration on Tapie’s behalf, which had “colossal risks”. He also told the CJR that LeGarde’s reluctance to appeal the arbitration panel’s decision to pay Tapie was “scandalous”.

SEE: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-38291281

Despite the damning testimony of an ex-treasury official and also being subsequently found guilty of negligence in her handling of public funds, “Christine LeGarde” not only got away without suffering imprisonment, but she also retained her post as IMF’s managing director, then proceeded to advance in her professional career to executive at the European Central Bank.

In the case of “Christine LeGarde”, crime does indeed handsomely pay.

But how many are aware, the current executive of Europe’s central bank and the current governor of New York are fabricated character schemes portrayed by the identical host actor (live action role player), American television actress Allison Janney?


Frequent visitors to this site may recall that in the previous article – NY Governor Hochul Full of Hokum – Hollywood television actress Allison Janney was identified as the live-action role player behind the portrayal of New York’s current governor, “Kathy Hochul”.

Below: Allison Janney, Kathy Hochul

In the previously published article, it was also pointed out that Janney had been modified into the character with generous amounts of strategically applied hair dye which – along with other strategic methods such as lighting angles, make-up, silicon-based prosthetics or ‘stippling’, and both real-time and post-production CGI/animation/photo shop augmentation, image manipulation, motion capture – was used to ocularly distort the public’s perception so that the genuine identity of the live-action role player could be better hidden.

As evidenced by the image posted below, Janney’s natural hair color is grey.


Though typically styled a bit differently than Janney, “Christine LeGarde” also has grey hair.


Even without the benefit of extensive facial recognition analysis, it becomes evident with ocular comparison alone that the structural architectures of the eyes observed in both of the preceding images are identical.

In addition, Janney and “LeGarde” have a particular mannerism in common: as seen in the screen shots posted below, both have a habit, in the form of a contemplative pose, of placing, resting a finger between the base of the nose and the upper lip.

Screenshot (35)

Screenshot (34)

Turns out, more extensive facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirm – along with confirming identically structured chins, cheekbones, noses, brows, and jawlines – that both Janney and “LeGarde” also have conspicuously distinguishing epidermal landmarks in common.

Not only that, but ear biometric analysis confirms that Allison Janney (AKA Kathy Hochul) and former IMF managing director “Christine LeGarde” are one and the same.

Below: Christine LeGarde, Allison Janney




Below: Christine LeGarde, Allison Janney, Kathy Hochul





Given that the global implementation of the UN’s genocidal Agenda 2030/2050 – with help, of course, from those such as Allison Janney (AKA Kathy Hochul/Christine LeGarde), observed in the image posted above as a Jesuit trained activist promoting feminism, a divisive ideology derived from Marxism, created by Jesuit scholar Luigi Taparelli d’ Azeglio – now seems unstoppable and even imminent, a famous speech made before the Roman senate in 63 BC by Consul Cicero deploring the state of the Republic, its declining morals, and how those with sinister and even destructive designs could plot with impunity seems still relevant today.

O Times, O morals! The Senate understands these things, the consul sees them, yet this man still lives. He lives? Indeed, he even comes into the Senate, he takes part in public debate, he notes and marks out with his eyes each one of us for slaughter!

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  1. Christine LeGate. The vast majority of us will instantly know who they are talking about these notorious people . In reality they are fabricated character schemes.
    I have seen videos which “LeGarde” delivered speech about vaccinating the whole planet necessarily.

  2. Kinda’ fitting that this same woman is the poster-child for a criminal organization (IMF) that is infamous for keeping third-world countries in debt with loans they have to pay back under the guise of helping them, which, of course, is designed to keep them impoverished and subservient to their first-world overlords running the IMF. It’s parallel to how central banks in the western hemisphere run similar scams on their respective countries to keep them in debt and impoverish their citizenries.

    And off-topic, but I’d also like to mention that Kathy Hochul reminds me plenty of Lynn Forester de Rothschild, who married into that infamous banking dynasty in the late 90s. To me, it seems that the only noticeable differences they made were with her hair color and accent. Plus, her ‘late’ husband, Evelyn de Rothschild, was rumored to have played another politician, Bernie Sanders, who so happens to be a phony socialist figurehead for the modern “progressive” movement in America.

    Kathy Hochul:


    Lynn Forester de Rothschild:


    Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul Interview (2019):


    Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild gets schooled on CNN (2008):


    1. You’re correct, the entire Crown Temple City of London central banking system – and all other merchant/private banking institutions hovering in its orbit – is designed to keep nations (AKA commercial markets) indebted so that they’ll never be able to repay the principal but keep afloat paying the interest while being bled absolutely dry in terms of human and natural resources. In other words, the entire global scheme is nothing more than a grand confidence game, a casino where the house always wins. Regarding Evelyn de Rothschild, in the article “Why the MSM Won’t Talk About George”, you may recall, I positively linked both he and the fake socialist politician “Bernie Sanders” as character modifications of King Constantine II of Greece and Denmark. In terms of Lynn Forrester being linked with NY governor “Kathy Hochul” (AKA Hollywood/television actress Allison Janney/Christine LeGarde), however, it’s worth looking into further.

      1. Banking and crowned royalty have always gone well together like a hand snuggly fitting a tailored glove (being really one in the same), so I’m not surprised that’s the case at all. Wherever he is now, ‘Evelyn’ is obviously having a laugh at his sheeple followers who haven’t yet realized that they’re being led astray by the very people their idol is pretending to work against.

        The same could be said for older “socialist” characters like Lenin or Marx, who I also suspect to be merely fabrications played by literal blue-blooded titans of the financial and titled variety. The former likely having been played by a fake Lusitania victim and Vanderbilt scion comes to mind.

      2. They’re laughing at all of us and they’re not even trying anymore to hide their hand. What’s more, I don’t even think they care that individuals such as us know what they’re up to because all that has to be done to eliminate our sphere of influence is to tinker with search engine’s algorithms. As evidenced by the submissive and obedient behaviors of most during the “Covid-19” psychological operation, they’re also quite aware a majority of the hoi polloi have been well placed in the palms of their hands. As you’ve suggested before, I too have no doubt Lenin was a fabricated character scheme. The sinking of the Lusitania, as we’ve too discussed together before, was definitely a manufactured hoax.

      3. No doubt about it. That’s why I’ve since taken a break from the whole “truther” scene until recently. Since most of the sheeple are beyond saving and even the ‘alternative’ media is full of charlatans and half-wits employed and used by the ruling psychopaths, I’ve treated the whole thing as nothing more than a futile endeavor.

      4. “I don’t even think they care that individuals such as us know what they’re up to…”

        Doubt they even think about us “truthers”, much less care about our efforts. Since they have paid trolls and gatekeepers to do their dirty work of blacklisting online dissent or criticism at all times, such things aren’t even an afterthought for these people.

      5. You’re right, of course. Let’s face it, in that regard, they’ve got us outgunned and outmaneuvered. Nevertheless, the trolls are easy to handle and many times, so transparent to the point of amusement.

      6. As to your last point about internet trolls and gatekeepers, I considerate it to be silver lining in the gloomy grey clouds of reality. At least that provides me some consolation, even if it’s minimal.

      7. “They’re nothing more than two-bit cowards, especially when they’re exposed.”

        Which should be self-explanatory. Why else would they troll under fake names or aliases beyond protecting their real identities from exposure and scrutiny?

      8. Yes, that’s certainly true, but more than that, they’ve made a choice to stand on the side of lies, and, therefore, perhaps without realization, contributing to humanity’s demise as well as their own. But perhaps also, the most frustrating realization is that most don’t possess the wherewithal to conceive of the truth much less face it. In the end, unfortunately for most, lies and deceptions are far easier to accept.

  3. It’s also important to note that LaGarde’s greenlighting of Europe’s tax coffers to be looted by corporate pirates such as Tapie occurred during the manufactured global economic crisis of 2007-08. These events all coincided with Lynn Forester’s CNN interview where she was defending her ‘opposition’ to Obama for being “elitist” and “audacious”, which is rich coming from someone who perfectly exemplifies those traits.

      1. Which, of course, includes Lynn’s ridiculous beef with Obama. I’m sure that behind the scenes, she’s in very good terms with him, just as much as she was with Clinton and McCain. Especially when you consider that once Obama became president, he continued Bush’s policy of bailing out corporate America and did nothing to end the costly War on Terror scam, which I’m sure made Lynn tremendously proud of him.

      2. That’s very true, they’re all in cahoots behind the scenes. Politics as demonstrated by the MSM is nothing more than scripted, staged theater. On the other hand, the “elected” commander in chief – no matter what was said during the campaign – must carry out the orders of the City of London/Swiss bankers. Ideological differences between the political parties are merely superficial marketing ploys – they’re owned and operated by the same bankers.

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