Global commercial finance is a deadly weapon.

Geopolitics represents the iron will to pull the trigger.

The covert object of the art of politics, of course, is to utilize euphemism, emotionalism, and all manner of psychologically manipulative deception – with the ends justifying whatever means – to not only persuade or outright trick the targeted populations into consenting to their own enslavement at the hands of the ruling elite thirteen Jesuit families but to demand it.

The royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha – led by the reigning monarch of Britain, Queen Elizabeth II – well understands the great utility of this Machiavellian tactic and, over the last two centuries, they have deployed it to great effect.

Most recently, in the 21st century, with the help of CIA, MI5, MI6, and MI7 (BBC) in gaining unlimited access and even some measure of influential control over the MSM, the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor, Hanover, Rothschild, Rockefeller) have cleverly used the ongoing marital saga of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – in combination with the Covid-19 psychological operation and the “climate change” agenda – to thoroughly distract the public from their ultimate objective: bringing the UN’s “sustainability” goals of Agenda 2030 to complete fruition; a grand agenda which entails global human resource depopulation, the elimination of entire human resource employment sectors, and the global implementation of a universal blockchain digital crypto-currency system conceptually based on the total surveillance of human body activity while acting in symbiosis with artificial intelligence.

The following information, excerpted from a CDC document entitled “2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCOV) Rea-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel,” underscores the premise that the Covid-19 “pandemic” was created as a grand Trojan horse to conceal a global effort to place human consciousness under the draconian influence of a centrally controlling artificial intelligence apparatus.

Though the CDC published the first version of this document on July 13, 2020, the amended version of December 1, 2020, on page 42, under the subheading of “Performance Characteristics”, states: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays {diagnostic tests} designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”


The first line of the preceding excerpt appears to clearly indicate the CDC is admitting to the fact they have not comprehensively or quantifiably isolated any measurable samples of the “Covid” virus under laboratory conditions.

Therefore, to objectively interpret from their own published document – for all intents and purposes – it would appear, the CDC is also admitting to the world at large the “Covid-19” virus does not and has never existed.

To everyone who frequents this site, it has also become clear, the Covid-19 “vaccines” are merely delivery devices to implement a digital form of human genetic therapy, with the genetic information of human resources efficiently stored in a global “Digital Library” hosted by the United Nations.



The detailed substance of a pair of recently published articles – one at and the other at – would appear to support the premise of the thesis that the Duke of Sussex and “Megahn Markle” were matrimonially paired to serve ulterior purposes.

The first, published at the, details Queen Elizabeth’s decision to strip both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of their royal titles while the second, published at, reports “Prince Harry could ‘address rumors’ Prince Charles isn’t his father in new memoir.”

Regarding the Duchess of Sussex – “Meghan Markle” – it shall soon be revealed that further and extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses confirms, the “Duchess” is not only the hidden face behind the mask of the fabricated character scheme known as American congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she also is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by another European royal, a princess of the ancient Italian royal House of Borromeo who is married to the eldest son – Prince Pierre Casiraghi (AKA ABC newsman David Muir) – of the “late” Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi (AKA George W. Bush/Hollywood actors Martin Sheen, James Dean/Donald Trump/current US president Joe Biden/MSM newsman Brian Williams).

SEE: FDR: America’s Royal Hollywood Fraud 

Below: Princess Beatrice Borromeo of Monaco’s House of Grimaldi, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  


Surely, those who frequent this site have pondered notions as to why the Covid-19 “vaccines” have been mandated for the entirety of the American population but not for their congressional representatives and “elected” senators inhabiting Washington D.C.?

Those who’ve bothered to read the content published in the series of articles entitled “How Crown Temple Rules America” know very well why this should be so.

SEE: How Crown Temple Rules America

The constitution of the US corporation was meant to implement a system of private law which was never meant for the “common” man but rather for the commercial law merchants operating as “government”. It is a legal document couched in legal terms used by attorneys (esquires) called to the Temple Bar rather than the standard vernacular used by the “common” man. The governmental and judicial systems – both federal and state (estate) – are owned by the Crown Temple in the City of London (one square mile).

This is also why, there exists a reflecting pool in Washington’s District of Columbia.

While the reflecting pool’s esoteric symbolism is masonic in nature, it was designed to symbolically demonstrate that, like Vatican City, Washington D.C. is a private city state and it’s system of corporate governance reflects the legal and banking systems established by the Crown Temple’s four Inns of Court (Gray’s Inn, Lincoln’s Inn, Middle and Inner Temple).

Below: reflecting pool, Washington D.C.


Inside both the House of Representatives and the Senate chamber is displayed the Roman Fasces, symbolic of Pax Romana (Roman Empire), the global rule of the Vatican in Rome, which is hidden behind the United Nations, the Holy See (Swiss National Bank) and the World Economic Forum.

State of Union
The chamber of the House of Representatives is seen at the Capitol in Washington, Monday, Feb. 3, 2020, as it is prepared for President Donald Trump to give his State of the Union address Tuesday night. . (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

While the international Brotherhood of Freemasons are controlled by the Jesuit order, it is the Society of Jesus which secretly controls the Vatican in Rome. Since the 13th century, the royal families of Britain and of Europe have been sworn in fealty to the Vatican pontiff (white pope/Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio AKA Prince Stefano Massimo) who merely acts as an emissary of the black pope, the current Jesuit Superior General, Arturo Marcelino Sosa Abascal SJ.


According to an article recently published at, Queen Elizabeth II has decided to strip both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Prince Harry/”Meghan Markle” AKA Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) of their respective royal titles.

“The Queen was left with ‘no choice’ but to strip Harry & Meghan of their titles as the Duke wanted to ‘live a life free of responsibility’.” Author Joseph Gamp goes on to report, “Royal commentator Dylan Howard said Harry’s grandmother the Queen took back the titles as they decided to step away – despite them publicly backing notable causes such as paternity leave for US mothers and climate change. Speaking in 2021 documentary, ‘Secrets Of The Royal’ – The Markles vs. The Monarchy, Mr. Howard said: ‘I think Harry wanted to have it both ways. He wanted to be able to live a life free of responsibility but still make change’. And the reality was, the Sussexes in another country are isolated from everything the Royal family means – And that puts the Royal Family at peril. So, the Queen had no choice but to strip them of the titles.”

Added to this, in June of 2021, an article published at reported Prince Charles (AKA Keith Richards/Bruce Springsteen/Al Pacino/Cat Stevens), the reigning Queen’s successor, “has made it clear to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that their children will not receive royal titles when he becomes king.”


SEE also:

But consider for a moment – what if? – this ongoing melodramatic saga of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has been nothing more than a media-driven ruse, a cynical ploy, manufactured and concocted to hide an ulterior political agenda in which the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha are heavily invested.

What if, the Duke and Duchess were never granted titles from Queen Elizabeth II and, to begin with, their “marriage” was created as a smokescreen, a fraudulent media-driven distraction to hide ulterior political motives, a storybook spectacle designed for the rabid consumption of the gaping but unsuspecting public?

Could this have been because the Duke of Sussex was born a bastard, and the woman alleged to be his “spouse”, “Meghan Markle” (AKA Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), already held a royal title, having been born into another royal house which was native to another European country, a young, attractive, and vivacious royal figure, with a charismatic and media-savvy personality, someone who, while already comfortably accustomed to the public limelight, was potentially considered to be an ideal political and intelligence asset in America?

After all, with both the aging Prince Charles and Prince William, Harry’s elder sibling, standing supreme in the line of royal succession behind the ailing Elizabeth II, it seems doubtful the Duke of Sussex could ever have a genuine chance at being crowned monarch within the span of his lifetime.

Could it be, therefore, in a bit of crafty and heavily calculated maneuvering, the Royal Family sought to utilize Prince Henry (AKA Harry) of Wales in another capacity – in tandem with another effective royal intelligence asset – which nevertheless would remain ultimately beneficial to their interests?

Yet another article, published at, entitled “Prince Harry could ‘address rumors’ Prince Charles isn’t his father in new memoir”, would appear to support the shocking premise that Harry, the Duke of Sussex, was not the biological son of Prince Charles.

Reports author Selina Maycock, “Prince Harry could set the record straight and ‘address rumors’ that Prince Charles isn’t his father as he prepares to release an explosive autobiography. The Duke of Sussex has confirmed that he is writing a tell-all memoir after signing a multi-million pound deal with publishers Penguin Random House – and plans to give proceeds to the charities he has supported over the years. It comes after months of turbulence and tension following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.”

Regarding “Oprah Winfrey”, an article exposing her as a fabricated character scheme – one who, for decades, has been portrayed by a former television actress and MTV pop star who is now employed as an MSM news anchor – will very soon be published.

Meanwhile, the article at goes on to inform, “And rumors have circulated for years that the Prince of Wales is not the biological father, with claims in the infamous dialogue of royal scandals that Major James Hewitt, a former boyfriend of the late Princess Diana, is his real father.”

In addition, reports, “Earlier this year Prince Harry wrote a deeply personal letter to his father Prince Charles ahead of attending Prince Phillip’s funeral, following his claims that his {biological} father had ‘stopped taking his calls’ since he quit the UK.”


All of the aforementioned begs the question, if the Duke of Sussex was, as rumor would have it, the biological son of a naval officer, someone who the Royal Family would likely consider a “commoner”, would such a discovery, from the outset, have jeopardized his right to be granted royal title?


The ancient Royal House of Borromeo has quite a storied history.

According to Wikipedia, “the aristocratic Borromeo family were merchants in San Miniato around 1300 and became bankers in Milan after 1370. Vitaliano de’ Vitaliani, who acquired the name of Borromeo from his uncle Giovanni, became the count of Arona in 1445. His descendants played important roles in the politics of the Duchy of Milan and as cardinals in the Catholic Reformation. In 1916 the head of the family was granted the title of Prince of Angera by the King of Italy.”

Over the span of several centuries, the royal House of Borromeo has enjoyed a close and favorable relationship with the Vatican and were granted their name (Buon Romei) because of their origins from the city of Rome.

Also, several of its family members were entitled cardinals and Archbishops. Wikipedia confirms, “The best known members of the {Borromeo} family were the cardinals and Archbishops of Milan, Carlo (1538-1584), who was canonized by Pope Paul V in 1610, and Federico (1564-1631), who founded the Ambrosian Library. The figure of the Borromean rings, which forms part of the family’s coat of arms, is well known in the diverse fields of topology, psychoanalysis and theology. The first member of the family to come to prominence was Filippo who, backed by Holy Roman emperor Charles IV and Gian Galeazzo Visconti, (later to become Duke of Milan), led the Ghibellines of San Miniato in their 1367 revolt against the Florentine Guelphs. In 1370 he was taken prisoner by the Florentines and decapitated. He left five children who had taken refuge in Milan at he time of the revolt. The sons Borromeo and Giovanni founded the Borromei Bank in Milan, with other family members running banks in Venice and Florence.”


According to Wikipedia, “Donna Beatrice Borromeo Arese Taverna (born 18 August 1985, in San Candido) is an Italian journalist and fashion model. Born into an Italian aristocratic family, she graduated from Bocconi University and Columbia University.”

Beatrice’s resume as a journalist includes stints with several prestigious European publications as well as Newsweek, while during her career as a fashion model, “she became the 2021 ambassador of Dior.”

It should also be noted, in 2015, Princess Beatrice was “sanctioned Special Envoy for Human Rights for F4D (Fashion for Development) and considers herself to be an atheist and leftist.”

As for the princess’s immediate family, Wikipedia also reports, “Borromeo has an older brother, Carlo Ludovico Borromeo, who is married to Marta Ferri. She has three older half-sisters from her father’s marriage to German model Marion Sybil Zota. Isabella, married to Count Ugo Brachetti Peretti; Lavinia, married to John Elkann, and Matilde, married to Prince Antonius zu Furstenberg.”

Turns out, Princess Beatrice Borromeo has more than one connection to the von Furstenberg royal family, to the long historical succession of Holy Roman emperors, and to the Dukes of Swabia. Reportedly, Princess Beatrice’s husband, Prince Pierre Casiraghi Grimaldi – who after extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses has been identified as the host actor (live-action role player) in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as ABC news anchorman “David Muir” – got his own start in the business of journalism while working with the legendary “Diane Sawyer”.

Below: Prince Pierre Casiraghi Grimaldi, ABC news anchor David Muir

Recently, while at the ABC anchor desk, which is owned by Disney, the company bearing the name of Tassilo zu von Furstenberg (AKA Walt Disney/Walter Cronkite/Franklin Delano Roosevelt/Harry Truman/Jimmy Stewart/Henry Fonda/Fred Astaire/Al Jolson/Glen Miller), “David Muir” (AKA Prince Pierre Casiraghi Grimaldi) has been responsible for regurgitating some of the most cringe inducing Covid-19 “pandemic” propaganda this side of CNN, while his MSM mentor, “Diane Sawyer”, in 2012, was involved with widely promoting the Sandy Hook Massacre hoax.   

Sawyer’s spouse is Hollywood director “Mike Nichols”, another fabricated character scheme – strategically donned with a luxuriant hair piece – portrayed by Hollywood executive Barry Diller (AKA Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg Hohenlohe/former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower/Alfred Hitchcock/Oliver Stone).


As for “Diane Sawyer”, she exists as a modified fabricated character scheme (blonde hair dye/contact lenses) and also possesses an identically located and conspicuous epidermal landmark (observed in the images posted below just above the collar bone and below the left side of the chin) in common with her host actor (live-action role player) Princess Diane von Furstenberg. 

Turns out, as well, Princess Beatrice Borromeo also possess a conspicuous and identically placed epidermal landmark, located just beneath the right side of the chin, in common with the pair of fabricated character schemes she portrays: “Meghan Markle”, Duchess of Sussex, and US congresswoman “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”.  

InkedR (1)[6588]




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32 thoughts on “Royal Duchess Meghan Completely Unmasked

  1. Thank you for another shocking and inciteful article. It makes sense that many of our top “journalists” are European Royalty incognito. I was shocked to find out that “David Muir” is the son of “Brian Williams”. How fitting!. “Walter Cronkite”, “Hugh Downs”, “Dan Rather”, “Harry Reasoner”, “Barbara Walters”, “Diane Sawyer”, “Mike Wallace”, all “messengers straight from the abyss in disguise. As written in the Guide to COVID 19 Vaccine Communications, the “messenger” plays a very important role in the psychological operation.

    Thank you for the link to the UN’s digital library. The Guide to COVID 19 Vaccine Communications is very revealing. They show that they are not interested in the truth, health, morality or any virtuous trait, only in brainwashing people by whatever means available. They are experts in the “human condition” and will pull out all the stops to exploit it. Here is an excerpt:

    “The human brain struggles to process
    uncertainty and complexity. It’s not surprising
    that hesitancy regarding a COVID-19
    vaccine is so rampant, and that it’s easy and
    understandable to put trust in those around us
    who are expressing hesitancy and our own gut
    instincts, rather than trusting institutions”

    They are revealing that they study the human brain and that their role is to convince us to not trust our own intuition, but to trust “institutions” that they ask us to trust, based on the “measures” they use. In other words, a psychological operation geared to ultimately change our behavior, based on manipulation of the human mind. They are nothing more than magicians. Convincing us that the lie is the truth. The more I read it the sicker I get, but I cant stop reading it, because it shows the true motivations and nature of our enemies, who pose as our advocates.

    1. Thanks for, once again, visiting worldnewsspell and for offering what I would consider a sound analysis. After reading the content of the UN’s digital library and how the data is collected, there can be no doubt the PCR tests are a key element in the collection of that data. The last line of your comment could not ring more true, those posing as the people’s advocates are nothing more than actors trained in the arts of psychological operations and are skilled in the ways of disseminating propaganda.

    2. Same!! I am making a family tree(sticky notes & poster board) I’ve cried while looking at it but seeing a visual helps me understand how it’s all connected. Genius to pull this off & the character Ted Turner I’m guessing is Roger Vadim (Paul Pelosi Car Dean) they literally own everything!

      1. You might be correct about Ted Turner – established CNN, former spouse of “Jane Fonda” (AKA Nancy Pelosi/Princess Radziwill) – who stands as a good subject for further investigation.

  2. I find your work fascinating and enlightening but there’s one thought that continually bothers me. I wonder why your site is allowed to reveal all the hidden information about our make believe world because surely the powers that be know all about

    1. Thanks for taking the time to visit worldnewsspell. Delighted to hear you find the published information to be of some redeeming value. Regarding the substance of your latter comment, you possess free will to believe what you will concerning the nature and motives of the author.

      1. I appreciate your response, Mr. Perkins, but my remark was more aimed towards understanding the world in which we live. I did not mean to disparage.

        As someone who realized that all is not as it seems only last year, I struggle to understand quite a lot, although Mr. Robert, in his response below, clarified a few major holes for me. Your site has been the only site to which I return again and again, simply because of your detailed research, clear writing and lack of emotional manipulation.

        The path of digging and sifting through the lies has been a long process, is isolating and quite honestly disheartening. I continue to have many questions. But I return to your site again and again, reading and re-reading the articles. I hope that I am clear this time when I say I’m grateful for your work.

      2. It never entered one’s mind you would’ve had cause towards expressing disparagement. Nevertheless, while empathizing with your position, and due to the controversial nature of the published content, I would encourage continued utilization of your own free will and keen faculties in discerning both the utility and veracity of the information published on this site. After all, one should never stop questioning or searching. Nevertheless, since you’ve become a regular visitor, you should enjoy the next series of articles, one of which will feature an expose on the connections between the gaming industry in Las Vegas, the Grimaldi family of Monaco, the masons, and the creation of the NFL’s biggest star, Tom Brady. It turns out, Brady is the hidden son of a Hollywood actor, Disney executive, and former NFL star who was once embroiled in a gambling scandal.

    2. Maria, yes the “powers that be” or the “social engineers” or the “invisible force” does know about this website. The information provided is rare, but consistent. Based on my years of searching for the “truth”, I find it to be very accurate. We should consider ourselves lucky to know about it.

      Post Modern Reality Simulation is a little known concept, but there are other authors that have delved into this field. Mitchell Brooks (Moor Hall Studios) , Greg Bradford, and Ed Chiarini to name a few. Stephen Perkins’ information is more thorough, and he also reminds us of the culprits behind this invisible force, and his research is impeccable.

      I say this because I have been searching for the truth since 1978, and the road has been winding and frustrating, but always led to one place, and that is Rome. Some of the best researchers in the world echo the sentiments of who is behind Post Modern Reality Simulation, and that is why I find Newsspell to be bona fide.

      There is a concept known as the “revelation of the method”. In short, the problem with the perfect crime, is the perpetrator gets no credit. These perpetrators will have none of that, they want us to wallow in our own helplessness, and so they do allow the truth to get out, although they use “honey pots” and “strawmen” to create pitfalls along the way to add to the confusion (remember, they know the “human brain struggles with uncertainty and complexity”)

      Also, the information provided on Newsspell is very valuable, but in know way encompasses all of the more shameless acts perpetrated by the “powers that be”, who yes,, in the third dimension are the Jesuits ands there minions.

      The Jesuits get all of their power from the lower 4th dimension (Black Magic), and so Post Modern Reality Simulation is just the beginning of the story, or one piece to the puzzle.

      In order to access information from the 4th dimension, you have to pay, and they take only one form of payment. That is the real story, the story that starts where Newsspell ends.

      The powers that be know that most people will not believe it and the ones that know it to be true will feel helpless to do anything about it. They relish in our feelings of helplessness.

      In summary, be thankful for this website because, yes, one day this information will not be readily available. . This information use to be available on You Tube and almost all of it has been removed by YT.

      If you look up Black’s Law definition of an Actor: “One who acted for another; one who attended to another’s business; a manager or agent. A slave who attended to, transacted, or superintended his master’s business or affairs, received and paid out moneys, and kept accounts.

      Who better to be a “president” or a “Senator” or a “politician” or a “epidemiologist” or a “doctor” (see Wayne Carver) or any expert in any field, than an actor, or a “slave”

      Try googling the public Social Security death records of MLK who we all know died 4-4-1968, they dont exist. Try googling the public prison records of any high profile “mass murderer” or “serial Killer”. You wont find them. Everything was an act, they all wear masks, and they mock us every second of every day, from the second we are born, until we are laid to rest.

      Thank Heavens for people trying to spread a little truth, like Mr. Perkins.

  3. Mr. Robert, thank you for your long reply as you have filled in a few holes for me and given me new names to research.

    You mentioned that you began searching in 1978. I started in 2020. Because of Mr. Perkin’s research, I accept that most, if not all, of what I thought was true or historical or real, is likely anything but. I know I have enormous gaps in my level of understanding and I’ve learned to question everything because of all the trickery and lies. Learning the truth of our world isn’t exactly a fun topic, but the burning desire to know what is real is what keeps me moving forward. For instance, I don’t know about the 3rd and 4th dimensions of which you wrote, nor do I know about Black’s Law, but I’ll find out. Post Modern Reality Simulation is a concept I’ve heard about but don’t fully understand. Perhaps you could point me towards a resource?

    I’m not a devious thinker and would make a very poor “bad guy” but from what you have said, part of the game of the powers that be is to make sure that we know the truth. As you pointed out in your comment, we are helpless and they love that, leading me to understand why worldnewsspell is allowed to exist.

    I don’t question the honesty of Mr. Perkins or the accuracy of his research. If I thought Mr. Perkins was yet another shill, I wouldn’t have bothered to comment.

    So yes, I echo your last remark – thank heavens for Mr. Perkins!

    1. Thank you Maria. The search for Truth is never ending, and from what I have determined, is almost inconceivable. Perhaps that is what was meant when it was said that there are more things on heaven and earth than can be dreamt of in our philosophy.

      As a defense mechanism, I have decided that just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, truth is in the mind of the beholder. In other words, the truth is so vacillating and far-fetched, there can be multiple truths surrounding the same concept, sort of like a parallax view, and so if we believe something to be true, it is.

      A Christian would say the only truth is John 14:6. I am not a Christian, but I believe in Jesus, who I call Yeshua, and based on what the enemies of mankind say about him (please read Jesus in the Talmud), I find him to be on the side of humanity and compassion.

      Compassion is something our enemies dont have. When they used the English alphabet to create sigils, they purposely spelled love as the reverse of evol. They know that phonetically, vowels are interchangeable and the subconscious mind reads right to left, therefore whenever we see love, we see evol (evil). This is how demented they are and why I always try to use the word “compassion” instead of love.

      Their are many Gods in many mythologies, but you can count on one hand the Gods of Mercy or Compassion, which is really what being a God should be about.

      I think there is only one, whose Greek name is Eleos. All the other Gods are “vengeful” jealous Gods that seem to lack self esteem??

      As far as a resource for Post Modern Reality Simulation, the only true resource I know is Newsspell. Ed Chiarini introduced the concept of Chartered Reality, but most of his work is unavailable.

      I got this off of Newsspell’s “About” page:

      So, you think the mainstream news is legitimately telling you the truth?

      Do you really think your favorite news anchor is reporting what’s really happening in the real world, or are the majority of all major news stories completely contrived?

      The answer may shock you!

      The corporate news exists for two primary reasons.

      One – to make a profit and sell advertising time. Thus, the corporate television board of directors and their CEO have a fiduciary responsibility to create content that generates ratings and most importantly, generates a profit for the stockholders.

      Two – the corporate mainstream news exists not to inform you of the truth. Rather, their created content is a theatrical charade designed to not only keep the public watching by securing their emotional investment, but to also shape mass perceptions and modify the public’s behavioral reactions and emotional responses.

      In the latter sense, modern news anchors in the post-modern age are not reporters or journalists, rather they are the witches, warlocks and sorcerers of old, handmaidens to the rich and powerful. Rather than boiling cauldrons, wands, and medieval incantations, theirs are the tools of psychological operations, utilizing the ancient art of numerology, in effective combination with primary color codes, and sinister neural-linguistic programming. In essence, when one endeavors to consume the mainstream news in televised form, they become susceptible to a spell, the spell of black magic!

      Mr. Perkins can provide you with the best definition of Post Modern Reality Simulation.

      Good luck in your search for the Truth!!

  4. Today your newspwllorg blog it is no longer reachable. In addition, on the reader pages the last articles of November are gone.

    1. Yes, the old URL ending in .org has expired. From now on, I would suggest, when searching, typing into the box. As for the latter problem, that seems rather odd, but I thank you for alerting me.

  5. While doing some research into Beatrice Borromeo, I noticed that one of her ancestors was also involved in the rocky religious landscape of Tudor England and was connected to the Jesuits there. He also appears to be a crypto-Jew (note the prominent hook nose), and his family were bankers who married the crypto-Jewish Medici banking dynasty.

    “Borromeo had also been involved in English affairs when he assisted Pius IV. …. He gave pastoral attention to English Catholics who fled to Italy to escape the new laws against the Catholic faith.[12] Edmund Campion, a Jesuit, along with Ralph Sherwin visited him at Milan in 1580 on their way to England. They stayed with him for eight days, talking with him every night after dinner. …. The archbishop carried on his person a small picture of John Fisher, who, with Thomas More, had been executed during the reign of Henry VIII, and for whom he held a great veneration.”

    “Borromeo was a descendant of nobility: the Borromeo family was one of the most ancient and wealthy in Lombardy, made famous by several notable men, both in the church and state.[1] The family coat of arms included the Borromean rings, which are sometimes taken to symbolize the Holy Trinity. Borromeo’s father Gilbert was Count of Arona. His mother Margaret was a member of the Milan branch of the House of Medici. The third son in a family of six children, he was born in the castle of Arona on Lake Maggiore 36 miles from Milan on 2 October 1538.[2]”

    The Medicis:

    This may provide a new understanding of Beatrice’s role as Meghan Markle, who has strong connections – by blood as well as marriage – to British royalty, and who received a Catholic education since youth at private schools (and appears to have Jewish names on the paternal side of her family tree). As I said previously, the Medicis have married into many royal and aristocratic households throughout Europe and Britain, which makes Markle and Borromeo “distant” cousins via the Medici bloodline.

    And btw, Beatrice was ranked “Britain’s most stylish royal” by the fashion magazine Tatler. Yet another huge clue.

    1. I wasn’t aware she was given that particular award. But then again, I suppose that’s isn’t so surprising. There’s no doubt Borromeo (AKA Meghan Markle/AOC) is quite enjoying her time in the spotlight. In a way, she appears to be the perfect useful dupe: a superficial personality harboring no serious convictions other than an indefatigable energy to pursue self-interest, publicity, and attention from the public through promotion of various political and social causes.

  6. There’s also a lot of fraud surrounding “Meghan’s” charities, as well. Not to mention the fact that she bilked British and Canadian taxpayers millions for security, even after they officially gave up royal duties, before moving to California and then paying for private security with their ill-garnered wealth, with the exception of using law enforcement to surround them during their NYC trip. I’m sure that includes massive welfare fraud under different aliases, such as ones from social insurance programs. Not to mention how much she costs us directly as AOC in taxes.

    “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been blasted as “arrogant” for assuming they would keep royal security after fleeing the UK — which would have cost taxpayers an estimated $5.5 million each year, according to the former top royal cop.”

    “The couple both complained in their bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview about losing their royal security detail, with Harry saying it came at “short notice” and was why they rushed their move from Canada to California after Tyler Perry offered security along with his mansion.”

    Hence her “love” of social welfare programs like guaranteed paid leave: bilk their tax base for billions of dollars, a larger portion of which goes to them in handouts from their corporate machine that is “government” to fundraise their parasitic lifestyle on the backs of society. Otherwise, why would they support “socialism” if they couldn’t get a huge, guaranteed piece of the state trough which we all fund in one way or another, as they own the state and print and control the money supply? Why do you think people like Karl Marx, from a “capitalist” family, favored socialism? Because in that way, their revenue is always guaranteed, and their subjects couldn’t easily avoid paying the price without consequences unless the masses came together and overthrew the system and forced them to return all public monies stolen.

    1. It is no coincidence to find “Tyler Perry”, a Hollywood fabricated character scheme portrayed by Will Smith, in association with both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, both of whom, I believe, were set up as intelligence assets to help promote “social causes” which further the implementation of Agenda 2030 here in the West. In addition to “Meghan” in the role of several high-profile roles, “Harry” has appeared on the Alex Jones info wars program as “David de Rothschild”. Your characterization of socialism is quite correct. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, many of these intelligence assets covertly promoting Agenda 2030 repeatedly use the term “equity”. In other words, these royals prefer a global state of feudal technocracy comparable structurally to what existed in the middle-ages, when no middle class existed. Those of the House of Saxe-Coburg Gotha (AKA Windsor), those such as Prince Charles prefer “equity” to prevail because it means all classes beneath them would be equally poverty stricken, equally stupid and unquestioningly obedient to and reliant upon the State, while his royal ilk remain perpetually untouched, serenely secure in their hegemony over their royal subjects.

      1. In other words, the more things change, the more things stay the same. That’s what makes the New World Order such a scam: there’s really nothing new about it because you still have the same people running the show and it still ultimately serves their M.O., which is protecting their interests and ill-gotten assets at all costs, and it has been in the making for years. The only thing that’s new is how those objectives will now be met.

        There have been numerous talks throughout the years about an international tax system that would directly fill the coffers of their “one world government”, a scheme similar to citizenship-based taxation, which only several countries now have in the world, the most famous examples being the United States and Eritrea, as they fully follow the draconian policy, whereas the rules in countries that implement it – or used to – are lax in comparison.

        (And to add further insult to injury, just like the citizens of U.S. territories, which included D.C., Americans overseas didn’t even have the nominal taxation with representation, much less any proper one, or the right to vote overseas until the 1970s. So much for the “taxation without representation” canard they love to drool about.)

        Eritrea has been called out by the U.N. and other “peace groups” (LOL) of being one of the most corrupt regimes with severe human rights abuses, and the U.S. itself has been guilty in the past, as well as present, of similar abuses (discrimination, slave labor, cronyism, etc.), except that here in America those abuses are often better concealed and ignored.

      2. That what’s so insidious about the global digital financial system now being tested and implemented under the guise of the Covid-19 psychological operation. Since it is based on surveillance of a person’s body activity, the bankers will have acquired complete control over how much one spends and even what those digital funds are spent upon. Applied to the concept of the proposed social credit system, one’s account could be frozen if, for any reason, one is arbitrarily deemed a political dissident.

      3. Correct. It’s fascism 101. Hence why you often see “governments” like the United States utilize the fasci symbol – which goes back to the Roman empire, of course. The symbol is also commonly seen in France, which predates the French Revolution hoax by the 17th century under the absolutist Bourbon monarchy, infamously known for its excesses which were encouraged by the same psychopaths to manufacture desired socio-economic changes out of chaos (funding massive wars, extravagant lifestyles, etc. – which brews class conflict, creating a convenient scenario for change) – as well as funneling money to their corporate enterprises.

        And if that’s not enough, exaggerate those excesses even more with outlandish stories such as the Diamond Necklace Affair to spark outrage amongst the populace and to keep them distracted from other pressing issues. Just like what has happened elsewhere, the socialistic power structure of France simply changed its mask, but not its essential operation. The “ancien riche” – or the “old rich” – simply disappeared and merged with the “nouveau riche” – or the “new rich” – after the controlled demolition and restructuring of the French socio-economic power structure towards the end of the 18th century.

        And we’re doing this with money that wasn’t really ours to begin with no matter how we got it. Like I said previously, they inject trillions of dollars into the economy through their central banks to fuel economic activity, which then has to be paid back to the state and its sanctioned central banks via taxation and other fees, and vice versa through state-sponsored handout schemes. It’s an endless cycle of debt slavery that can only end when the masses simply refuse to be scammed like this.

      4. I’m still planning a series of articles on the French revolution which shall be partially based on the volumes of research you’ve graciously provided. Regarding the latter portion of your comment, unfortunately, I believe the psychological programming which has conditioned entire generations through public- school curricula, the MSM, and Hollywood/music industry/sports entertainment has been reinforced to such a degree that many will never escape to become free thinking individuals. Nevertheless, one still remains optimistic that some may discover sites such as this and, at least, for a time, begin to consider another perspective other than the state of affairs they’ve grown all-too accustomed in accepting

      5. Social Security also fits in this description. It’s another massive scheme created with the intention of sucking more money out of their debt-slaves through taxation, which in the program’s case is regressive in contrast to the “progressive” income tax, and ultimately redistributing most of that wealth for themselves, leaving little to the debtors. It’s no accident that the wealthy pay next to nothing in Social Security taxes, whereas as lower-income earners are left with the bill.

        And, more importantly, those on the program’s dole aren’t even guaranteed their refunds for paying into the system, according to the 1960 Supreme Court case “Flemming v. Nestor”, which explains why so many Americans under the scheme often have a hard time getting any benefits or, if they’re lucky, they receive crumbs of money in return.

        Also, there’s no requirement that the money solely belongs in the fund and nothing else, which means that the state can basically spend it however much they like for whatever project they have, leaving it open to even greater abuses, not to mention the already massive abuse of the program for ill-gotten benefits. Helvering v. Davis, 301 U.S. 619 (1937) says thus that it can be spent on the “general welfare” of this nation, which could be from defense spending to illicit covert operations to direct subsidies, which in turn are funneled into the corporate coffers of the enterprises these same politicians hold stocks in, while profiting off of the incremental destruction of the enslaved population (us) and enabling the diabolical activities of those criminal operations (factory farms, drug trafficking, weaponized disinformation, destroying competition, mortgage fraud, abortions, vaccine deaths and injuries, etc.)

        Even more intriguing is the fact that the money doesn’t even necessarily go into the Treasury itself, which is where normally all federal tax monies are deposited from the IRS (with a cut kept to fund the tax collection agency’s revenue), despite the fact that there’s a scheme created under that department for Social Security recipients. Which bring up even more questions as to how that embezzled money is spent, with sinister implications of fraud and corruption at play here. Perhaps it goes into their black budgets? I suppose why not.

        “Title II of the Social Security Act provides for “Federal Old-Age Benefits” for persons who have attained the age of 65. It creates an “Old-Age Reserve Account” in the Treasury and authorizes future appropriations to provide for the required old-age payments, but, in itself, neither appropriates money nor brings any money into the Treasury.”

        As someone once said, it’s basically a much larger and more sinister version of Bernie Madoff’s $65 billion Ponzi scheme. This is ten times worse.

      6. What’s going on with these “social programs” also ties into what Clint Richardson and others have exposed about the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) scheme. CalPERS is one good example of this multifaceted “white-collar” crime, which he covers in-depth.

        And to tie all of this to what’s going on in the U.K. and the parasites that run it (Meghan Markle included), the British too have a CAFR scheme. That probably explains the incredible wealth of the massive companies in the United Kingdom, such as Harrod’s, owned by the Al-Fayed family (which us again to British royalty via the Diana hoax. The family themselves enjoyed close relationships with other British royals such as the Queen Mother.)

      7. Regarding the CAFR financial scheme, you’re quite correct to characterize it as nothing less than institutionalized white-collar criminality.

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