Two scandals have figured prominently in the news lately, involving health technology startup Theranos and cryptocurrency exchange FTX/Alameda Research.

Much has been bandied about by the MSM concerning the alleged perpetrators involved in these tandem scandals.

Much ado about nothing. Nothing truly pertinent, anyway.

As expected though, the MSM failed to both investigate and report the real news concerning Theranos’s “Elizabeth Holmes” and FTX’s “Sam Bankman-Fried”.

There can be no mistaking it. The City of London Crown Templar and Swiss banking consortium in conspiratorial cooperation with the Jesuit-controlled Vatican City and the sovereign royal thirteen families still ruling over humanity – those such as the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Hanover/Rockefeller/Rothschild), for example – not only desire to drain their subjects of cash-based financial resources, but they also want possession of their blood.

In order to fully implement the seventeen Sustainability Goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 and to better facilitate a new global order of economic and social ‘equity’ manifested in the form of Universal Basic Income (UBI), the middle-classes in both Europe and the West must be economically downsized or eliminated altogether.

As detailed in a previous article, for some time now, King Charles III has remained an intransigent advocate of “global sustainability”, a bureaucratic euphemism designed to hide true intentions which are not in the best interests of humanity at large.  Those covert intentions are to incrementally limit or curb human resource population growth for the sake of addressing the manufactured crisis of “climate change”.

Charles and Ted’s Not So Excellent Adventure

One of the methods being used to achieve this sinister objective is to engineer financial investment scams which, on the surface at least, are made to appear attractive to those among the ranks of the economic working and middle classes who’ve become desperate to quickly replenish their depleted stock and IRA portfolios with liquid dividends.

Establishing glittering superficial impressions is the key to pulling off such massive cons.

Theranos – the defunct health technology start-up formerly headquartered in Palo Alto, California and led by criminally convicted chief executive officer “Elizabeth Holmes” – exists as a prime example of one such colossal con game which appeared to satisfy the superficial first impressions of most its potential investors among the general public.

With a gallery of star-studded luminaries in public support behind the biotech startup’s comely faced young CEO splashed onto countless magazine covers, the conspiring fraudsters running this colossal con figured that’s all it would take to dupe those among the American working and middle-classes out of the paltry remains left in their retirement investment accounts.

Not only was the long list of Theranos’ supporters filled with those who formerly held presidential cabinet positions and worked in service towards the profits of the US military/industrial complex, but one of those supporters was “Henry ‘Heinz’ Kissinger” (AKA Hollywood executive David Geffen/Doctor Anthony Fauci), a sure sign that, right from Theranos’s inception, something was amiss.

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Bilderberg Returns to Build Back Better

Alas, seemingly no one bothered to notice or care. But such prevailing apathy always works towards the advantage of predatorial conmen.

A high-profile Hollywood-styled marketing and promotion campaign was also sanctioned to pump up the public stock investment portfolio of FTX/Alameda Research, which involved celebrities such as the NFL’s “Tom Brady” and his former spouse, Giselle Bundchen.

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But little did any of Theranos’ potential investors among the American general public realize that, too, there was something awry about “Elizabeth Holmes”, the company’s fresh young chief executive officer. Nor would they have suspected she was connected to “Sam Bankman-Fried” and “Caroline Elllison” of FTX/Alameda Research.

There are also another pair of elements which ties Bankman-Fried, Ellison, and Holmes together – Stanford University and Sequioa Capital.

Turns out, upon further investigation, “Elizabeth Holmes” is an MSM-generated fabricated character scheme portrayed by a young British royal.

OIP (4)[6480]OIP (3)[6478]

But as shall shortly be revealed, “Elizabeth Holmes” is more closely connected to FTX/Alameda Research’s “Sam Bankman-Fried” and “Caroline Ellison” than anyone could have previously imagined.


According to its former CEO “Elizabeth Holmes” – who, according to Wikipedia, harbored “a fear of needles” – Theranos was founded upon the desire to “democratize health care.”

While still allegedly matriculating as an undergraduate at Stanford University – an institute of higher-learning with connections to not only the Jesuit-controlled CIA but to the US military/industrial complex – her idea failed to take immediate hold.

According to “official” MSM sources, Holmes’s idea was to perform blood tests using only miniscule samples of human blood.

However, when Holmes related her ambition to some of the tenured staff at Stanford, she was told, by, among others on campus, her medicine professor Gladys Gardner, the technical prospect of her idea ever becoming a feasibly standard methodology in the context of health medicine simply wouldn’t work.

Nevertheless, as an ambitious young woman, “Elizabeth Holmes” remained undaunted in the pursuit of bringing her idea to fruition and into the healthcare marketplace.

After gaining the support of Channing Robertson, dean of Stanford’s school of engineering, according to Wikipedia, “In 2003, Holmes founded the company Real-Time Cures in Palo Alto, California.”

Soon after the company’s launch, Real-Time Cures became known as Theranos, a portmanteau of ‘therapy’ and ‘diagnosis’.

As has been documented on several occasions, high-level masonic initiates always like to accompany their gross criminal behaviors with copious displays of what they believe to be clever word magic or Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

It wasn’t long, though, before “Elizabeth Holmes” found herself serendipitously surrounded by a host of luminary supporters such as former US Secretary of State George Shultz and “Henry Kissinger” (AKA Hollywood executive David Geffen/Doctor Anthony Fauci/Sylvester Stallone/Dick Cheney/Willie Nelson/Sonny Bono/Bruce Ivins/Greg Allman/Gene Simmons/Michael Bloomberg/Bernie Madoff/TNT executive Harvey Levin/Charles Manson).

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Bruce Ivins Anthrax Attack Hoax

Regarding George Shultz, up until the time of his death, his residence was near the Stanford University campus, where the ideas for both criminal schemes connected to FTX/Alameda Research and Theranos  – in cooperation with Sequoia Capital Investment firm – were likely to have been hatched.

As for “Henry Kissinger”, it should be noted, the host actor (live-action role player) identified in portrayal of his fabricated character scheme – Hollywood executive David Geffen – is also tied in with “Bernie Madoff” and his pyramid financial scheme.

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It should also be noted that Geffen, along with his hidden father – Hollywood executive Barry Diller (AKA former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower/Prince Eduard von Furstenberg Hohenlohe/Alfred Hitchcock/Oliver Stone/Robert Shapiro/Mike Nichols/Cary Grant/John Avery/John Ramsey/Bill O’Reilly) – and his other family relation, Prince Alexander von Furstenberg (AKA Florida governor Ron DeSantis/podcaster Joe Rogan) were both recently indicted for insider trading.


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But first, before proceeding with the results of one’s investigation into Theranos’s “Elizabeth Holmes”, “Sam Bankman-Fried” and “Caroline Ellison” of FTX/Alameda Research, there is the matter of “Channing Robertson”, dean of Stanford school of engineering, who Wikipedia alleges was the first to show interest in Holmes’s health technology idea.

Deeper investigation, however, confirms the seed money for Theranos came from Sequoia Capital which, according to Wikipedia, also has “notable successful investments including Apple, Cisco, Google, Instagram, Linkedin, PayPal, Reddit, Tumbir, WhatsApp, and Zoom.”

It should also be noted, in 2005, shortly after securing the seed money for “Elizabeth Holmes” and Theranos, Sequoia Capital established firms in both India and China.

Turns out, not only is Sequoia Capital headquartered a mere five miles within the campus of Stanford University in Menlo Park, but facial recognition and image comparison analysis indicate Doug Leone, former Sequoia Capital managing partner and Stanford professor “Channing Robertson” are one and the same.

In the images posted immediately below, while making ocular comparisons, everyone will not only notice the identical epidermal alignments, structure, and proportional shapes of the left ears, but the identical geometric proportions of the noses, chins, teeth, brows, and foreheads.

Below from L to R: Channing Robertson, Doug Leone

OIP (13)[6482]OIP (4)[6492]

OIP (4)[6507]OIP (6)[6499]


It seems Sequoia Capital and its managing partner Doug Leone (AKA Channing Robertson) may have had ulterior motives for fronting the seed money to “Elizabeth Holmes” and Theranos.

As detailed in a previous article, the UN has established a global “Digital Library” consisting of human resource DNA samples.

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According to Wikipedia, “Holmes operated Theranos in ‘stealth mode’ without press releases or a company website until September 2013, when the company announced a partnership with Walgreens to launch in-store blood sample collection centers.”

Indeed, if, as confirmed by Wikipedia, “Elizabeth Holmes” was operating Theranos in “stealth mode”, it doesn’t seem much of a stretch, therefore, to imagine that most of the DNA drawn from Walgreens blood collection centers most likely ended up in the UN’s “Digital Library”.

Meanwhile, it also seems likely, Sequoia Capital and its managing partner Doug Leone (AKA Channing Roberts) made billions from both ‘put’ and ‘stop’ options placed with money stolen from hapless investors on the Wall Street futures market for Theranos’s artificially inflated stock margin before, in 2018, the SEC moved in to permenently shut down both “Elizabeth Holmes” and her fraudulent company.

Wikipedia confirms, “In 2018, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged Theranos and Holmes with deceiving investors by “massive fraud” through false or exaggerated claims about the accuracy of the company’s blood-testing technology.”

Though the MSM claims “Elizabeth Holmes” was indicted for fraud and summarily sentenced to a little more than eleven years in prison, everyone can rest assured that is merely theater for the general public, a maneuver designed to make them think some semblance of Justice was served when, in any case, Holmes’s sentencing is little consolation to the investors who were duped out of their money.

Rest assured, however, given the genuine identity of the fabricated character scheme known as “Elizabeth Holmes”, she will never spend one hour or even one day locked in a prison cell.

The British royal identified as her host actor (live-action role player) will merely return to the comfort of her royal palace to laugh at the gullibility of the American general public while enjoying a flute of vintage champagne.

Under the terms and conditions of prevailing Admiralty/Maritime Law administered by the middle temple of Crown Temple in the City of London, royals are legally designated as “sovereign” and, therefore, cannot be subjected to criminal prosecution because, legally speaking, they are above the law.


Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses confirm that “Elizabeth Holmes” never matriculated at Stanford University, nor is it likely, therefore, the idea for Theranos and its “health technology” ever derived from her.

She existed merely as a media-generated fabricated character scheme designed to act as, first, a pretty face for the purpose of marketing and promotion and then, secondarily, to act as the penultimate scapegoat once Theranos was exposed by the SEC as nothing more than a massive con game.

While making ocular comparisons between the images posted immediately below, everyone will begin to observe the identical geometric proportions of the eyes, brows, noses, lips, and nasolabial folds.

The angular alignments of the respective jawlines extending from the right side of the chins are also identical. Most notably, everyone will also note that, in the first four images which follow, the ears have been photo shop raked/modified to frustrate an accurate comparative ear biometric analysis.

Below from L to R: Elizabeth Holmes, Princess Beatrice of York

In the next pair of images posted below, everyone will observe the respective identical alignments of the teeth, particularly the identical shapes, contours, and alignments of the central, lateral incisors, and canines.

In the following set of images, everyone will observe that, absent of any photo shop rakes/modifications to obscure or frustrate an accurate comparative ear biometric analysis, the epidermal, architectural dimensions, and proportions of the respective ears appear identical.

The geometric alignments of the respective chins, noses, and brows are also conspicuously identical.

The comparatively identical epidermal and structural geometric proportions of the ears – between “Elizabeth Holmes” and her live-action role player, Princess Beatrice of York – are also conspicuously consistent with the other pair of fabricated character schemes Beatrice, Duchess of York has portrayed – Lady Gaga and the “late” “Amy Winehouse”.

It also seems likely the first name tailored for the fabricated character scheme known as “Elizabeth Holmes”, modified from the host actor (live-action role player), Princess Beatrice of York, derived from Beatrice’s late royal family relation – Queen Elizabeth II of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

As everyone can observe in the following sets of images, the epidermal contours, shapes, geometric proportions and alignments of the respective ears are identical.

Below from L to R: Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Princess Beatrice of York, Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes, the chief executive officer and founder of Theranos, a health care technology company, listens as Deputy Secretary of Defense Ash Carter speaks at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif., April 17, 2013. (DoD photo by Glenn Fawcett/Released)

The series of three images which follow allow for perhaps a better demonstration as to how both the fabricated character schemes known as the “late” “Amy Winehouse”, and “Elizabeth Holmes” were modified from the host actor (live-action role player) Princess Beatrice of York.

In the case of “Amy Winehouse”, for example, her hair has been strategically modified with hair coloring. Such simple but strategically applied colorings, especially when augmented with facial makeup applications, lighting angles, lens distortion, and photo shop rakes, help to deceptively transform the public’s ocular perceptions of the fabricated character scheme’s facial geometry, thereby more completely concealing the identity of the portraying live-action role player.

Despite these various modifications, it is still possible to observe that, in each image posted below, proportional and structural dimensions of certain key portions of the respective facial geometries – chins, lips, noses, brows, jawlines, cheekbones, nasolabial folds – remain largely unmodified and conspicuously identical.

Below from L to R: Amy Winehouse, Ellizabeth Holmes, Princess Beatrice of York

OIP (11)[6472]OIP (4)[6480]OIP (3)[6478]

But ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis indicate Princess Beatrice of York (AKA Elizabeth Holmes/Lady Gaga/Amy Winehouse) was also modified into “Caroline Ellison”, alleged to have been the CEO of FTX/Alameda Research in connection with “Sam Bankman-Fried”.


When ocularly comparing the pair of preceding images, everyone will notice, though the image of “Caroline Ellison” has been modified with lens distortion and photo shop rakes, the comparative structural, proportional geometries of the chins, noses, and eyes remains conspicuously identical.

“Caroline Ellison” has also been modified with oversized eyewear to intentionally distort the public’s ocular perceptions of the facial geometry which, in turn, serves to better conceal the identity of the host actor (live-action role player).

While examining the respective sets of ears featured in the preceding images, everyone will begin to notice the architectural, epidermal contours of the outer and inner ear are geometrically and proportionally identical.

Comparatively, the structural alignment of the respective hairlines is also identical.

Alignment of the respective sets of teeth – particularly the lateral incisors, canines – are also identical.

The comparative architectural contours of the respective chins, noses, and the structural geometric alignment of the jawlines are also proportionally identical.

It should also be noted the surname attached to the fabricated character scheme known as “Caroline Ellison” is evident of masonic wordplay or Neuro Linguistic Programming.

The word ‘El’ is an ancient Phoenician word meaning ‘god’ or ‘deity’, while the ‘son’ (sun/Lucifer) references the object of occult worship among the highest ranks of the masonic/Jesuit order in Rome.

A symbolic representation of the sun (AKA Lucifer) can also be observed as part of the Jesuit order’s official logo.

OIP (4)[6511]

Below from L to R: Caroline Ellison, Princess Beatrice of York

846dba668073079a7d8382c8303baca5[6500]R (3)[6517]


As everyone will soon observe, the Theranos scam – involving “Elizabeth Holmes” (AKA Princess Beatrice of York/Lady Gaga/Amy Winehouse/Caroline Ellison), Sequoia Capital, and Doug Leone (AKA Channing Robertson) – was closely related to the recent bit coin con involving FTX/Alameda Research, “Sam Bankman-Fried”, and his girlfriend and partner in crime, “Caroline Ellison”.

Below from L to R: Sam Bankman-Fried, Caroline Ellison

OIP (3)[6506]846dba668073079a7d8382c8303baca5[6500]

Both cons had two things in common.

For one, both scams were hatched on the campus of Stanford University, which is closely connected with both the Jesuit-controlled CIA and the US military/industrial complex.

For another, it turns out, though the MSM would have the American general public believe otherwise, “Elizabeth Holmes”, her fiancé “Billy Evans”, “Sam Bankman-Fried”, and “Caroline Ellison” know one another quite intimately.

How – everyone might be wondering?

Because further and extensive investigation indicates both “Sam Bankman-Fried”, “Caroline Ellison”, “Elizabeth Holmes”, and her fiancé “Billy Evans” are connected to British royalty.

According to official biographies, “Sam Bankman-Fried” was born on the campus of Stanford University in 1992.

In 2017, according to Wikipedia, Bankman-Fried co-founded “Alameda Research, a cryptocurrency trading firm.”

Though there are no biographical sources explaining why, Alameda’s headquarters were relocated to Hong Kong.

Before filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November of 2022, the company’s CEO was “Caroline Ellison”.

Further detailing the “official” biographies of both Ellison and Fried is an exercise in futility, simply because each represent complete fabrications which were designed for nothing more than to establish the professional bona fides of intelligence operatives working in cooperation with the Jesuit-controlled CIA.

However, regarding the legal arrangements regarding the infrastructure of Alameda Research/FTX – which is primarily of greater pertinence – Wikipedia does provide some interesting if eye-opening details.

“FTX is incorporated in Antigua and Barbuda and {before relocating to Hong Kong} headquartered in The Bahamas.”

Added to this, there’s the following pertinent fact to consider.

According to Wikipedia, “Before Bankman-Fried’s wealth disappeared in November 2022, Bankman-Fried was a major donor to Democratic Party candidates. He was the second largest donor to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, personally donating $5.2 million, and he donated $40 million mostly to Democratic candidates, during the 2022 U.S. midterm elections.”

Based upon the preceding information, the probable hypothesis exists Bankman-Fried’s Alameda Research/FTX was nothing more than a money laundering scheme.

While Bankman-Fried acted as the operation’s front man, it seems probable that US congressional appropriations were laundered through Alameda Research/FTX’s offshore locations then – through a dizzying and complex array of financial nexus points – filtered back into the US and into selected political campaign coffers to make the transactions appear as legitimate donations which, in turn, appeared to meet the most threadbare of federal legal requirements.


As indicated by the image posted immediately below, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi is the spouse of Princess Beatrice of York, the niece of King Charles III (AKA Keith Richards/Ted Koppel/Ted Kennedy/Cat Stevens/Al Pacino/Bruce Springsteen).

According to Wikipedia, “Edoardo Allesandro Mapelli Mozzi is an English property developer, founder and chief executive of Banda Property, a property development and interior design company.”

Mozzi emanates from an Italian noble and aristocratic family hailing from the region of Italy formerly known as Lombardy which, historically, since before the time of imperial Rome, has been the richest region in Italy for the mining of natural resources and agricultural expansion.

Mozzi’s noble family is genealogically connected to Frankish and Bavarian (German) nobility.

Additionally, the Lombardy region is renowned for an event significant to world history.

Soon after Charlemagne I conquered Pavia, Lombardy in 744, he was crowned by the Pope as King of the Holy Roman Empire.

Turns out, Mozzi’s family is genealogically descended from Charlemagne I, Holy Roman emperor.

SEE: Charles and Ted’s Not So Excellent Adventure

Mozzi’s family also has a very close relationship to the Vatican, controlled by the Jesuit order. Though he may have been coerced to keeping silent about the Duchess of York’s tandem scams – perhaps even by King Charles III himself – another member of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, a repeat perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, has once again been found guilty.

Below: Princess Beatrice of York, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi


According to Wikipedia and other official MSM biographical sources, “Elizabeth Holmes” was engaged to marry hotel heir Billy Evans in 2019, while right around the same period of time, in 2020, Princess Beatrice of York was marrying Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, the Italian aristocrat.

As everyone can observe while examining the following pair of images, though the eyes in the first image featuring “Sam Bankman-Fried” have been colored with photo shop brush, their geometrical architecture is conspicuously identical with those observed in the second image featuring “Billy Evans”, the former fiancé of “Elizabeth Holmes”.

The epidermal contours and bone structures of the respective brows, noses, and chins are also identical. As well, not only do the hairlines appear identically contoured, the epidermal and structural contours of the ears are also similar if not identical.

Below: Sam Bankman-Fried, Billy Evans

OIP (3)[6506]R (2)[6509]

Comparative facial recognition and image comparison analysis of the following pair of images – between Billy Evans/Sam Bankman-Fried – indicates the epidermal and structural contours of the ears are identical. As well, the epidermal and bone structural alignment of the respective chins and jawlines is identical. Closer examination of the respective eyes and brows indicates their epidermal and structural contours are also identical.

Extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses confirm both “Sam Bankman-Fried”, formerly of FTX/Alameda Research, and “Billy Evans”, hotel heir, are both fabricated character schemes modified from the portraying host actor (live-action role player), Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, who, of course, is a close royal family relation of Beatrice, Princess of York (AKA Elizabeth Holmes/Lady Gaga/Amy Winehouse/Caroline Ellison).

As in the case of Princess Beatrice of York, who used strategic application of hair dye to modify into the fabricated character schemes known as “Amy Winehouse” and “Elizabeth Holmes”, such was also the case for Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex when modifying into “Billy Evans” and “Sam Bankman-Fried”.

Those who frequent this site may also recall Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex was also identified as the live-action role player in portrayal of the fabricated character schemes known as “Doctor Bryan Ardis” and “David de Rothschild”. In fact, it appears the latter fabricated character scheme portrayed by the Duke of Sussex – David de Rothschild – may have served as the template from which “Sam Bankman-Fried was modified.

Below from L To R: David de Rothschild, Sam Bankman-Fried


SEE: Doctor Ardis is a Royal Snake

Below from L to R: Billy Evans, Sam Bankman-Fried

OIP (19)[6449]

Below: Billy Evans, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

R (2)[6509]

OIP (3)[6528]

Below: Harry, Duke of Sussex, Billy Evans, Sam Bankman-Fried

OIP (8)[6529]OIP (19)[6449]

Below from L to R: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Sam Bankman-Fried

OIP (3)[6528]OIP (3)[6506]OIP (6)[6527]download[6523]

Below from L to R: Sam Bankman-Fried, Doctor Bryan Ardis, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Billy Evans

Below from L to R: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Billy Evans, Sam Bankman-Fried, David de Rothschild

Below from L to R: Doctor Bryan Ardis, Sam Bankman-Fried

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9 thoughts on “Bankman Holmes & the Missing Royal Link

  1. i like the obvious word play. Sam (uncle Sam), Bankman (man of the bank), Fried (is fried).
    i also noticed that they like to use a rosey hue on their masks.

    1. The world play is always present in these sorts of psychological operations. There can be no doubt two British royals were used to front both operation(s) – FTX/Alameda Research and Theranos. From a legal standpoint, royals are designated as sovereign and cannot therefore be prosecuted in a court presided over by Admiralty Law. They were put up as fronts to hide the true perpetrators at Sequia Capital, which is located near the campus of Stanford University.

  2. I believe that one of the reasons for the manufactured blackwashing and downfall of Theranos and co. was to make the concept of a (truly) innovative, high-tech, and affordable healthcare that’s accessible to the masses look like a scary and unattainable goal.

    As a better, modernized healthcare system ain’t as profitable for the ruling families as the corrupt, expensive versions found in countries such as the United States are – for it would cut into their profit margins derived from their investments in our (at best) lackluster medical system – having an (actual) upstart company attempting to change the current “healthcare” system for the better would be a threat to their financial hegemony over the sector.

    Hence why they invented this story about Elizabeth Holmes and her business defrauding investors and customers with her phony (and reportedly harmful) blood-testing product for millions of dollars to blackwash the idea, to make it seem dangerous and implausible. Also as a warning to those who would dare to try to uproot the current mess and replace it with a superior and inexpensive alternative: “be careful to not mess with the wrong tree or else you’d be stung with a poison stem.”

    It’s similar to how they blackwashed the anti-war/hippy movement with the fake Manson killings decades earlier to weaken opposition to the Vietnam war and the ever-expanding Military Industrial Complex in the United States and abroad. Or how they stage fake race wars and killings to darken racial tensions amongst blacks and whites.

    1. Regarding the “Manson” operation, you’re quite correct. The idea was to discredit the counter-culture movement. The same hypothesis – when applied to the Holmes scandal and alternative systems of health care – appears to be more than plausible.

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