Stars of the Hollywood music industry – and oftentimes, too, their “music” – are often used for ulterior purposes.

As many who frequent this site may by now have surmised, the Hollywood music and entertainment industry – from its inception – has always been closely dialed in with the US military/industrial complex and the Jesuit-controlled CIA/FBI.

Many of the music industry’s biggest stars – those such as “Kanye West”, for example – are routinely used as controlled-opposition and psychological operational intelligence assets.

Therefore, would it surprise anyone to learn that “Kanye West” has also been identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a former NFL/UFL athlete and the eldest son of one of Hollywood’s most renowned movie stars – a Fordham educated Jesuit-trained actor and music recording star – with not only a long award-winning resume but one which, as revealed in a previously published article, stretches back several decades to when this iconic performer began his illustrious career as a child star in the Hollywood music industry as the leader of a doo-wop pop vocal group called the Teenagers.

It seems his eldest son – the actor identified in portrayal of music industry star “Kanye West” – has decided to follow in his famous father’s footsteps as a perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

Therefore, no, the results of the following investigation into “Kanye West” shouldn’t disturb or surprise anyone.

Because not only was “Kanye West” created as an MSM-driven Hollywood music industry image and socio-political influence agent/CIA intelligence-controlled opposition asset, but his former spouse – “Kim Kardashian” – is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by the hidden daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono (AKA Hollywood executive David Geffen/Doctor Anthony Fauci) who played a key role in the January sixth “insurrection” psychological operation which was staged in cooperation with Jesuit/Vatican-controlled FBI in 2021.


According to Wikipedia, John David Washington is an American actor and former professional football player. He played college football at Moorehouse College and signed with the Saint Louis Rams as an undrafted free agent in 2006.

The image of the Ram has occult significance, in that it is symbolically or metaphorically representative of the Sun (AKA Lucifer), the object of adoration among the highest ranks of the Jesuit order or Society of Jesus in Rome.

Professionally, Washington spent four years as the running back for the United States Football League’s Sacramento Mountain Lions.

The image of the Lion, too, has occult significance.  From an occult perspective, the Lion is also symbolically or metaphorically representative of the Sun (AKA Lucifer), the object of philosophical adoration among the highest ranks of the Jesuit military order or Society of Jesus at the Vatican in Rome.

The image of the Ram, of course too, harbors occult symbolic significance. The Ram is symbolic of the creature known to ancient Greek mythology as Pan, also better known in masonic occult terms as the androgynous image of the Baphomet.

Further investigation indicates the short-lived and financially plagued history of the United States Football League has an interesting if not telltale connection to the US corporate government’s levers of power in Washington D.C.

More specifically, to the spouse of the former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, “Nancy Pelosi” (AKA Princess Lee Bouvier Kennedy Radziwill/Jane Fonda/Dolly Parton).

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Nancy Pelosi Gets Nailed Once Again

Regarding the troubled history of the United States Football League, which hoped to competitively vie for television markets traditionally dominated by the NFL, the desk-ridden CIA hacks writing for Wikipedia have chronicled a rather brief if not interesting and revealing narrative.

“The United States Football League was founded by Bill Hambrecht and Tim Armstrong. The UFL initially had plans to start with eight teams with $12-20 million rosters playing in targeted sites in the fall of 2008. T. Boone Pickens and Mark Cuban had originally been in discussion with the league as potential owners., but both backed out prior to the 2009 season. On February 9, 2009, it was announced that Paul Pelosi, husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, was one of four investors who had stepped forward to invest $10,000,000, plus a personal commitment to cover opening season losses up to another $10,000,000 for a one-half interest in four franchises to play in the league’s 2009 inaugural season. The leagues were under the overall direction of William Hambrecht, a former Wall Street figure who had sold his old firm, Hambrecht and Quist, to what was then Chase Manhattan Bank for US $1.35 billion in 1999.”

Turns out, one of those UFL teams “Paul Pelosi” negotiated for “one-half interest” in exchange for the tacit agreement of covering opening season financial losses was the California Redwoods, which later, before the league’s demise, changed its moniker to the Sacramento Mountain Lions, the very same team which drafted John David Washington in 2009 during the UFL’s Premiere Season Draft.

Meanwhile, cursory examination of the legal maneuvering performed in the aftermath of the UFL’s swift demise seems to suggest the entire enterprise may have been established as a colossal money laundering scheme for Chase Manhattan Bank and for “Paul Pelosi” – identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Hollywood filmmaker Roger Vadim – who, as most will surely recall, was recently embroiled in a ridiculously conceived criminal imbroglio involving an alleged “hammer attack”.

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Before performing on the roster of the UFL’s Sacramento Mountain Lions, John David Washington was drafted to suit up for the NFL’s Saint Louis Rams, the very same team which faced the New England Patriots in Super Bowl (Superb Owl) XXXVI, a team quarterbacked by then rookie “Tom Brady” (AKA television actor Michael C. Hall/US congressional representative Madison Cawthorne).

As most may recall, further investigation also discovered the quarterback who started for the Rams in that Super Bowl – Kurt Warner – was also one of the NFL’s recycled players, formerly known as “Jim Zorn”, who once played years before for the NFL franchise Seattle Seahawks.

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But this time, it appears, John David Washington – with the help of his famous Hollywood father, no doubt – also starred in the Hollywood music recording industry before being recycled into a professional gridiron warrior. As in-depth investigation has demonstrated, this is a common scenario for the military-industrial complex/Jesuit CIA-controlled Hollywood/music/sports entertainment industry.

As past investigations have demonstrated, while legally subject to strict contractual terms and conditions, intelligence assets are often recycled or modified into a variety of fabricated character schemes or public personas which are, in turn, used to promote and influence the direction of social and political agendas.

Before being recycled into “Joe Montana”, the San Francisco 49er’s star quarterback and mentor of “Tom Brady”, the NFL’s “Broadway Joe Namath” was modified into Hollywood music industry star “Barry Manilow”. As everyone may recall, too, the lynchpin linking all of the aforementioned fabricated character schemes was live-action role player Hollywood actor John Travolta, who still later went on to portray Disney executive “Michael Eisner”.

SEE: The NFL’s Super Bowl Recycling Machine


According to his page at, John David Washington has starred in several movies, including Tenet, Amsterdam, BlacKKKlansman, and Love Beats Rhymes. According to Wikipedia, Washington’s acting career began in 2015, when he was cast in his best-known role as “Ricky Jarret” in the HBO television series Ballers. But as Wikipedia’s Jesuit-controlled CIA hacks admit, the release date of Hollywood movies is often timed to correspond with the cross-promotion of CIA’s psychological operations.

“In September 2017,” Wikipedia goes on to confirm, “Washington was cast in the lead role of detective Ron Stallworth in Spike Lee’s thriller BlacKKKlansman, which was based on Stallworth’s memoir. The film premiered on May 14, 2018, at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, where it competed for the Palme d’ Or. The film began a U.S. theatrical release on August 10, 2018, a date chosen to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the Charlottesville (stage managed control/psychological operation) rally.”


Official MSM biographies have well-documented Kanye West’s beginning in the Hollywood music industry during the era of the 1990’s as a music producer who “pioneered” what became known as “Chipmunk Soul”, a sound mixing style which relied heavily on the use of auto-tune software. Turns out, the pioneering ubiquity of auto-tune or “the box” in the Hollywood music industry was originally credited to Cher Bono (AKA Celine Dion/Shannon Tweed), when her producers – quite by accident, the official music industry consensus narrative informs – used the sound mixing/mastering technique to uniquely flavor her 1998 hit single, ‘Believe’.

The involvement of Cher Bono – spouse of Sonny Bono (Hollywood executive David Geffen/Gene Simmons/Doctor Anthony Fauci/Sylvester Stallone/Willie Nelson/Greg Allman/Harvey Levin/Henry Kissinger/Bernie Madoff/Michael Bloomberg/Dick Cheney) in connection to “Kanye West” makes sense in this case, since he was once joined in matrimony to reality television star “Kim Kardashian”, a fabricated character scheme portrayed by the concealed daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono.

It must be pointed out, however, that though “Kanye West” went on to develop into a major star of the Hollywood music recording industry, reportedly having profited millions, he is merely an employee, a tool of powerful men – headquartered at the Jesuit-controlled CIA in Langley. Virgnia – with ambitions far beyond the imaginative scope of the hoi polloi.

Due to the standard contractual terms and conditions offered to most “artists” in the Hollywood music recording industry, they do not own the master recordings of their own music discographies, or even own their own artist’s name or the image(s) fashioned for them for the purposes of marketing and promotion.

Throughout a Hollywood music industry artist’s career, those profitable elements remain the sole properties of the recording labels.

Since the master recording – templated final music mix from which retail recordings of an artist’s music are reproduced, manufactured, and distributed for all popular music listening formats – is held in ownership by the major music industry label, therefore, it is the corporate Hollywood music recording labels and their executives, boards of directors, and majority shareholders, rather than the artist, whom profits from issuing hefty licensing fees for the use of that music –  for use as ‘bumpers’ or ‘jingles’ in music industry parlance – to Fortune 500 companies, to Madison Avenue, or even to an online platform such as You Tube to be featured in advertising campaigns.

It seems likely, however, that as a successful music producer, “Kanye West” may have used that success to leverage “points” – royalties derived from the gross profit margin of record sales – on the records he produced while contracted to Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records.

Which brings us to yet another primary contributive factor in this investigation – the Hollywood music recording industry star and fabricated character scheme known as “Jay-Z” – which inevitably led to discovering the identity of “Kanye West” and to his connections to both “Kim Kardashian” and Cher Bono.


While examining the following pair of images, everyone will immediately notice the identically located epidermal landmarks or epidermal moles which have been encircled with white markups. Not only does the fabricated music industry character scheme known as “Jay-Z” have this conspicuous and identically located epidermal landmark in common with his host actor (live-action role player) Denzel Washington, but when the epidermal surfaces of the respective neck regions are more closely examined, it becomes evident the geometrical architectures, shape, and contours of the neck region – more commonly referred to as the ‘Adam’s Apple’ – is identically structured. More extensive facial recognition and image comparison analysis indicates the geometrical architecture, shape, and contour of the lips, noses, nasolabial folds, brows, and chins are also comparatively identical.

Below from L to R: Denzel Washington, Jay-Z

Official MSM biographies confirm Denzel Washington is a graduate of Fordham University, a Jesuit-founded institution located in the Bronx, New York city. But as documented in a previously published article, not only has Denzel Washington been identified as a repeat perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, but he began his career in the Hollywood music entertainment industry as Frankie Lymon, the child star who fronted the pop/doowop group known as the Teenagers during the era of the late 1950’s.

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Below from L to R: Denzel Washington, Frankie Lymon

It is no coincidence that while official biographies claim Frankie Lymon died of a ‘heroin overdose’ at the age of twenty-five in 1968, his host actor (live-action role player) modified into the portrayal of a notorious narcotics dealer known as “Freeway Rick Ross”.

Below: Freeway Rick Ross

Facial recognition and image comparison analysis also indicate Denzel Washington also modified into the fabricated character scheme known as Jean-Michael Basquiat. It seems likely Washington’s Jesuit-controlled intelligence masters utilized character traits common to both “Jean-Michael Basquiat” and “Freeway Rick Ross” to better fashion the public image and biographical backstory popularly associated with the Hollywood music industry persona known to the general public as “Jay-Z”.

Below: Jean-Michael Basquiat


As everyone will observe at approximately 2:08 in the following video excerpt, Denzel Washington is put on the spot by the talk show hostess during an interview on the Queen Latifah show. When asked to “freestyle” – a technique performed by artists classified in the hip-hop/rap genre of the Hollywood music recording industry to varying degree of success – the actor refuses to perform but instead admits to the hostess and the studio audience, “I gave Jigga {Jay-Z} a few lines, a couple of things.”

Alas, Washington didn’t dare talk about how he got his start in the music recording industry as child singing star Frankie Lymon during the era of the late 1950’s.

But there will also be more revealed about the talk show hostess, Queen Latifah, who, it turns out, has connections to both Oprah Winfrey and to Jay-Z’s spouse, Beyonce Knowles.

Jay-Z, the modified Hollywood music industry star and fabricated character scheme portrayed by live-action role player Hollywood actor Denzel Washington is also a high-degree freemason. In the following image, everyone will clearly observe “Jay-Z” seated in the middle of the second row next to Will Smith (AKA Tyler Perry/Neil DeGrasse Tyson/Tedros Adhanom) amid others dressed in freemasonic regalia.

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Space Case Snake in the Grass

WHO’s the Head Witch Doctor?



Both the music industry career and the popular music discography associated with “Kanye West” has been closely and collaboratively associated with “Jay-Z”.  After signing on as a producer with Roc-A-Fella Records, “Kanye West” was instrumental in reviving the rapper’s flagging career.

Wikipedia confirms, “In 2000, West began producing for artists on Roc-A-Fella. West is often credited with revitalizing Jay-Z’s career with his contributions to Jay’s 2001 album The Blueprint, which Rolling Stone ranked among their list of greatest hip-hop albums.”

But more revealingly, Wikipedia also informs that while working as a producer for Roc-A-Fella, in addition to having produced records with hip-hop luminaries such as Beanie Sigel and Cam’ron, West also produced for an artist by the name of “Freeway”.

Under the subheading of “Early life and career beginnings” in association with the biographical entry for Leslie Edward Pridgen, Wikipedia reports the following telltale anecdote: “He {Freeway} adopted his moniker from the name of the infamous drug trafficker ‘Freeway Rick Ross’ as he found that no one wanted to listen to a rapper named Leslie.”

One supposes – based upon the conclusions drawn from in-depth investigation into Hollywood actor Denzel Washington (AKA Freeway Rick Ross/Jay-Z/Frankie Lymon/Jean-Michael Basquiat) – we now know from where Leslie’s artist moniker truly derived.


As observed with the creation of the fabricated character scheme known as US congressman “Madison Cawthorne” (AKA Tom Brady/Michael C. Hall), Hollywood sports/entertainment assets are often used as socio-political influencers/intelligence operators and even sometimes as social agitators. Recently, such has proved to be the case with “Kanye West”, who has now been posed as a controlled opposition propaganda agent/social agitator by his CIA/Jesuit intelligence handlers.

But these radical alterations to a fabricated character scheme’s public persona merely serve as strawman entrapment ploys designed to funnel and corral the public figure’s or Hollywood celebrity’s fans or followers into a socially unacceptable classification which, in turn, is used by Jesuit-controlled FBI and other alphabet-styled agencies and their associated military contractors to justify greater levels of digital surveillance on social media platforms.

“West’s outspoken views have received significant media coverage; he has been a frequent source of controversy due to his conduct on social media,” Wikipedia admits, then goes on to report, “and at award shows and public settings, as well as his comments on the music and fashion industries, U.S. politics, race, and slavery. His Christian faith, high-profile marriage to Kim Kardashian, and mental health have also been topics of media attention.”

Surely, everyone noticed how the CIA hacks who write for Wikipedia conflated religious faith with mental health. This is a prime example of psychological warfare’s active measures taken against a population demographic targeted by the US corporate government as undesirable towards the advancement of a prevailing and ongoing social and political agenda which, in this case, is the global implementation of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 and its seventeen “Sustainability Goals”.

What CIA-controlled Wikipedia fails to mention or will never report: both “Kanye West” and his former spouse “Kim Kardashian” are both intelligence assets actively but covertly working for the interests of the Jesuit/Vatican-controlled CIA, the City of London’s Crown Temple, and the Swiss banking consortium.


Facial recognition and image comparison analysis between the pair of following images indicates the geometrical architecture and contour alignment of the chins, noses, cheekbones, jawlines, lips, eyes, and brows are identical. The alignment of the respective hairlines also appears to be identical.

Below from L to R: Kanye West, John David Washington

Comparative ear biometric analysis performed from similar angles between the following four sets of images – featuring Kanye West, John David Washington – indicates the geometrical architecture and contour alignment of the respective ears positioned towards the right-hand of each image are identical.

Comparative ear biometric, facial recognition indicates the geometrical, epidermal, and structural architectures, contours, and shapes of the respective jawlines, noses, brows, lips, cheekbones, eyes and ears are identical.

Once again, too, the identical alignment of the respective hairlines appears to be conspicuous.

As demonstrated in a previously published article concerning the fabricated character scheme known as Duchess “Meghan Markle”, a key epidermal landmark was discovered left unmodified while performing image comparison and facial recognition analysis.

Further and extensive facial recognition analysis proved this key epidermal landmark was common to not only her host actor – Princess Beatrice Borromeo of Monaco – but in common with the modified fabricated character scheme known to the American public as “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”.

SEE: Royal Duchess Meghan Completely Unmasked

Such was also found to be the case – a key epidermal landmark positioned just above the right breast – when performing image comparison analysis between Christina Aguilera, Meghan McCain, and Ashli Babbit, alleged to have been shot by Capital police during the “insurrection” psychological operation which took place on January 6, 2021, in Washington D.C.

SEE: The American Revolution Reality Show

But that’s not the only thing Christina Aguilera, former Disney child star and hidden daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono, Meghan McCain, and Ashli Babbit have in common. They are all connected to “Kim Kardashian”, the former spouse of “Kanye West” (AKA John David Washington).


OIP (3)[6573]download (6)[6569]

As everyone will observe in the pair of images posted immediately above, not only does it appear “Meghan McCain” and “Kim Kardashian” share from the same wardrobe closet – matching garments complete with masonic lodge tracing board black and white – but facial recognition and image comparison analysis indicate the architectural and geometric dimensions of the respective lips, chins, noses, brows, and eyes are identical. Also, the respective contour alignments of the hairlines are also identical.

In the three following images, the architectural and dimensional contours, shapes of the respective chins, lips, noses, brows, and eyes are conspicuously identical, as are the alignments of the jawlines. 

OIP (2)[6566]images (2)[6574]InkedMegan-Mccain-5612773bc6f848c39547e2c06345b1f6[6560]

There can be no question, while Christina Aguilera (AKA Kim Kardashian/Meghan McCain/Ashli Babbit), the hidden daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono, and her former spouse, “Kanye West” (AKA John David Washington) are CIA/Jesuit-controlled social and political agitators and perpetrators of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, they are merely being used by the US corporate government to summarily identify and entrap their fanatical and loyal followers into a social media/digital surveillance dragnet.

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  2. What about Hunter Biden & Adam kipzinger! Same? The names they came up with!! And I believe Jimmy Buffet is Prince Michael Duke of Kent! Throw in Kenny Chesney who was married to Gwynth Paltrow makes perfect sense!! Possibly his so called sis Lucy is Princess Micheal, the ex wife What do you think?

  3. Great article! I also found it interesting that Denzel Washington played Rubin Carter in the 1999 film The Hurricane, and Jay-z’s real last name is Carter (Shaun Corey Carter, CC = 33) and obviously he recorded all his music with Rick Rubin = Rubin Carter. Rick Rubin sold out his Def jam recording company to universal records (David Geffen), same as Jay-z did with roc-a-fella records.

    1. Thanks for visiting. It is also worthy of note – as pointed out in many of my other published articles – that “Sonny Bono” is but one of the many fabricated character modifications portrayed by Hollywood executive David Geffen.

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