During recent interviews with PBS news correspondent Judy Woodruff and with NBC’s ‘Meet The Press’, US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm confirmed that America is currently being subjected to the cruel effects of siege warfare.

According to the transcript of Granholm’s interview conducted with PBS – published at pbs.org – Woodruff posed the following query concerning the relationship between monetary inflation, gas prices, and the “Build Back Better” bill which, after passing through the US House of Representatives, is now seeking passage by the US senate: “I’m asking you about when Americans are going to see results from this, because we know many Americans increasingly worried about the price of gas, about the cost of goods that are being shipped, the so-called supply chain problems. And it caught our eye that, over the weekend, the White House said this bill is going to ease inflationary pressures strengthen supply chains by making these long – these long overdue improvements. How exactly is that going to happen? When are prices going to come down in connection with this legislation in a way that Americans can see that, touch it?”

It seems, when it comes to considering the preferred method of operation on the part of these clownish actors – the descendants of the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families – the insidious nature of their brutal intentions is always couched in such touchy feely terms. 

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm testifies before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in Washington
Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm is sworn in prior to testifying before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee during a hearing to examine her nomination to be Secretary of Energy, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., U.S., January 27, 2021. Jim Watson/Pool via REUTERS

Secretary of Energy “Jennifer Granholm” responded – perhaps, unsurprisingly – with the following: “Yes, I mean, first of all, we know that a lot of the mismatch between supply and demand is the world and the economy coming out of COVID. The quicker we can ensure that everybody’s vaccinated, the quicker we get back to normal, right?”

SEE: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/amp/show/energy-sec-granholm-on-how-infrastructure-bill-will-ease-inflation-supply-jam 

Those among the highest ranks of the Jesuit order (Society of Jesus), who, for centuries, have possessed a comprehensive understanding of how to manipulate the collective psychology of the proletariat, know all-too-well such implied threats sound less threatening and even palatable when articulated in dulcet tones from the benevolent face of a distaff presidential cabinet appointee. Then again, when it comes to politics, the arts of sorcerer’s deception, it’s all about creating favorable optics and assiduously molding the gullible public’s perception into solid material reality.

Secretary of Energy “Jennifer Granholm”, of course, is a well-trained and well-practiced sorceress and a professional liar.

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm testifies before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in Washington
Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm is sworn in prior to testifying before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee during a hearing to examine her nomination to be Secretary of Energy, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., U.S., January 27, 2021. Jim Watson/Pool via REUTERS


“Jennifer Granholm” is also a fabricated character scheme portrayed by the spouse of a renowned Hollywood actor who once formerly played the role of a disgraced American president, “Richard ‘Tricky Dick’ Nixon”.

SEE: Powell Was One Very Tricky Dick

Conveniently enough, however, now that the “Build Back Better” bill stands before the US senate, the host actor identified in portrayal of Secretary of Energy “Jennifer Granholm” has been discovered pulling double duty.

The Hollywood host actor – a member of the royal house of von Furstenberg, the Dukes of Swabia, Holy Roman emperors – identified in portrayal of “Jennifer Granholm” is also playing the role of another fabricated character scheme, Massachusetts senator “Elizabeth Warren”.

SEE: FDR: America’s Royal Hollywood Fraud

Senate Finance Committee Examines Nomination Of Adewale O. Adeyemo For Treasury Secretary
WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 23: U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) attends a Senate Finance Committee confirmation hearing for Deputy Secretary of the Treasury nominee Adewale O. Adeyemo on February 23, 2021 in Washington, DC. Adeyemo was previously a Deputy National Security Advisor in the Obama administration. (Photo by Jim Lo Scalzo-Pool/Getty Images)


To properly and perceptively judge from the dire implications of Jennifer Granholm’s comments during her recent interview with PBS’s Judy Woodruff, it seems, beforehand and with great foresight, those among the highest ranks of the Jesuit order, the hidden operators behind the curtain of the Covid-19 “pandemic” psychological operation, had planned to utilize the Covid-19 “vaccinations” (AKA gene therapy) as a conditional bargaining chip with which to maneuver the demoralized American public into utter submission to their indomitable will.

While perusing the content of the PBS interview’s transcript, it also becomes lucidly clear, the “climate change” agenda and the ongoing execution of the Covid-19 psychological operation are inextricably linked.

The following video excerpt cleverly serves to debunk the ridiculously alarmist premise associated with the “climate change” agenda.

The following statement, also made by Granholm during her interview with PBS’s Judy Woodruff, seems to more than imply the US corporate government is committed to utilizing weather modification technologies as a contingency to dramatically illustrate to the American public the threat of “climate change”: “For example, one thing we didn’t talk about is making sure that we remove lead pipes from the older building stock across the country, so that children are not lead poisoned, or the investments in resilience for communities that may be adversely experiencing the impacts of these extreme weather events.”

For those still skeptical about the military deployment or even the very existence of weather modification technologies (AKA geoengineering), the informative content available at the following links should serve to dispel any lingering doubts.

According to the article published at the second link posted immediately below, the effectiveness of weather modification technologies were covertly but strategically tested out on the unwitting people’s of Southeast Asia during America’s “war” in Vietnam.  

SEE: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/international-organization/article/abs/negotiating-a-treaty-on-environmental-modification-warfare-the-convention-on-environmental-warfare-and-its-impact-upon-arms-control-negotiations/8D7A5BC8D4FE3FD2A49C217E2DAEB1B6#authors-details 

SEE also: https://www.popsci.com/operation-popeye-government-weather-vietnam-war/ 

After thoroughly examining the content available at the preceding links, it should become immediately apparent how a government, in a strategically Machiavellian fashion, could conceivably utilize such technologies to make a population utterly servile to its will.

But as shall soon be made clear, from a purely historical perspective, the deployment of such draconian tactics, to effect conditions of siege and starvation, are not at all novel and not without prior historical precedent.


According to an article published at history.com, “the famed Greek conqueror Alexander the Great set his sights on the ancient city of Tyre, A Mediterranean island located a half mile off the coast of Lebanon. While Alexander’s 35,000-strong army dwarfed the Tyrian military, the city had a strong navy and enough supplies to weather a long standoff.”

Is this beginning to sound like a familiar scenario, applicable, perhaps, to what is now occurring in 21st century America?

The article at history.com goes on to inform that, though Alexander may have possessed superiority in armaments and sheer numbers in the ranks under his command, he was faced with the daunting prospect of scaling surrounding city walls which stood “150 feet high.” Determined in his plans for conquest, Alexander “then ordered his men to use timber and stone to build a causeway connecting the island to the mainland. Once this artificial land bridge had gotten close enough to Tyre, his men were able to set up siege engines and bombard the city walls. After a seven month standoff, the Greek forces finally breached the fortifications and took the island in a brutal onslaught.” 


Like Alexander the Great, during the Norman invasion of Britain in 1066 AD, William the Conqueror – a genealogical relative of the current sitting UK monarch, Queen Elizabeth II of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Hanover/Rockefeller/Rothschild) – also proved eager to apply tactics of siege warfare in more effectively bringing to bear the utter surrender of the British nobility. 

According to the article published at history.com, from the eleventh century forward, William’s and Alexander’s strategic and effective applications of siege warfare became standard and common procedure for other ambitious military commanders while conducting the arts of warfare against targeted population centers.

SEE: https://www.history.com./news/7-brutal-sieges 

Now, today, in the 21st century, though tactics of siege warfare appear to be applied with greater subtlety in combination with soft power resources – with key participating perpetrators of Post-Modern Reality Simulation such as “Jennifer Granholm” (AKA US senator Elizabeth Warren/Hollywood actress Annette Benning) posing as the proverbial iron fist in the velvet glove, for example – the incremental but dire effects inflicted upon America’s commercial/trade supply chain and traditional economic prosperity are observed to be no less brutal. 


While observing the performance of US Secretary of Energy “Jennifer Granholm” during her recent  appearance on “Meet the Press” hosted by anchor Chuck Todd, everyone should take note of Granholm’s conspicuous hand gestures. Also, after viewing the performances of US senator “Elizabeth Warren” and Hollywood actress Annette Benning in the following pair of video excerpts, it shall surely become apparent to everyone, that, comparatively, the hand gestures used by both are nearly identical or positively identical to those deployed by “Jennifer Granholm”.

It appears, Annette Benning, the host actor identified in portrayal of both fabricated character schemes known to the American public as “Jennifer Granholm” and “Elizabeth Warren”, though despite having been nominated for both prestigious Academy Awards and Golden Globes, has yet to discover a surefire method to mitigate the distractive effect of these habitual mannerisms.

Benning’s amateurish propensities exist as further proof success in Hollywood and the entertainment industry, rather than based solely on merit, is firmly founded upon the corruptive concept of nepotism.

After all, Annette Benning is the spouse of Warren Beatty (AKA former US president Richard Nixon, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Senator John McCain, former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani, Hollywood actor George Hamilton), the son of Hollywood/Coca-Cola executive Barry Diller (AKA Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg Hohenlohe, former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower, Oliver Stone, Alfred Hitchcock), and the brother of Hollywood executive David Geffen (AKA Doctor Anthony Fauci, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Charles Manson, Gene Simmons, Sonny Bono, Sylvester Stallone, Greg Allman, Willie Nelson, Bernie Madoff).

With powerful and influential connections such as those, is it any wonder Benning has been hoisted to prominent positions in the US corporate government to play out her assigned role(s) in helping to bring to fruition the UN’s genocidal sustainability goals of Agenda 2030 (AKA “Build Back Better”=666)?        

US Senator Elizabeth Warren on the View

Annette Benning appears with Jimmy Kimmel

Added to these observations, upon further examination, ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses indicates “Meet The Press” anchor “Chuck Todd” is also a fabricated character scheme portrayed by former MTV television host/comedian Tom Greene.

Below: Tom Greene, Chuck Todd 


Further and extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses confirms, Hollywood actress Annette Benning is the host actor in portrayal of both US Secretary of Energy “Jennifer Granholm” and US Senator “Elizabeth Warren”. 

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm testifies before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in Washington
Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm is sworn in prior to testifying before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee during a hearing to examine her nomination to be Secretary of Energy, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., U.S., January 27, 2021. Jim Watson/Pool via REUTERS


Senate Finance Committee Examines Nomination Of Adewale O. Adeyemo For Treasury Secretary
WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 23: U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) attends a Senate Finance Committee confirmation hearing for Deputy Secretary of the Treasury nominee Adewale O. Adeyemo on February 23, 2021 in Washington, DC. Adeyemo was previously a Deputy National Security Advisor in the Obama administration. (Photo by Jim Lo Scalzo-Pool/Getty Images)

36 thoughts on “SOE Confirms: America Under Siege Warfare

  1. The weather modification/geoengineering is so obvious for so long now with so much denial and shillary around it I’m thrilled when anyone mentions it at all! All the impostorism is interesting speculation and it’s not that I doubt it so much, but I wonder if it’s possible that one human being can play that many roles in one lifetime, many of the simultaneously—that’s an awful lot of work, and an awful lot of talent. I do speculate on the possibility that Jon Benet Ramsey is now playing the role of Dr. Carrie Madej.

    1. Regarding the Ramseys, it should also be obvious to everyone that they are a fictional family. And the poor melodramatic acting on the part of “Patsy Ramsey” in her first interview (January 1997), made shortly after the JonBenét Ramsey murder hoax, is as transparent as glass. Also note the nonchalant attitude on the part of “John Ramsey”, who only attempts to swell-up towards the end of the video.


      I also believe that Patsy’s sister “Pamela Paugh” is played by the same actress who portrays Kathy Bates. They’re very similar.

      Oh, and btw, “JonBenét” is also related to David Hogg, crisis actor and gun control activist. I discovered that while doing research on her family tree at geneanet. Hence the say “it’s all in the family”.

      1. The entire “Ramsey” operation – to anyone with a discerning mind – was obviously staged as a psychological operation. Remarkably, I have yet to look very deeply into “David Hogg” – perhaps, long overdue – but I’m not truly surprised to hear of such news. Regarding this most recently staged news event, the “Rittenhouse” trial” simulation, it appears to have been staged in much the same manner as the “Manson” and OJ Simpson trial simulations. In fact, if one looks particularly closely at the available “courtroom” news footage, one can readily discern that green screen and other post production techniques were utilized to manipulatively achieve the desired psychological effect upon the American public. Also, it must be remarked that the “riot”, the scene of the “crime”, as it were, also appears to have been meticulously staged using similar television production techniques. Unfortunately, once again, a majority of the American public seem to have fallen prey to the hoaxed deception(s).

      2. Also, the details of the Rittenhouse debacle makes no sense. I’ve heard that they even allowed Rittenhouse to show-off a gun in front of the courtroom – something that would never happen in a real trial, lest they risk endangering everybody physically involved in the procedures – and he was also given the right to choose in his own jury, which makes no sense in a real trial presided by an impartial judiciary. Also, the cameras in the Rittenhouse courtroom is a big no-no in real lawsuits. And finally, the jury verdict is also ridiculous (but expected considering the conflict of interest involved in jury selection). The whole story screams fake.

      3. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with your analysis. Each aspect and every narrative detail which were reported by the MSM concerning this particular trial simulation/psychological operation can only be described as utterly absurd.

      4. Not only that, we shall never forget the piss poor acting on the part of Kyle Rittenhouse. His fake crying and swelling makes “Patsy” Ramsey’s lackluster acting look like an award-winning performance. That alone proves the whole thing was fake. No one acts like that in a real lawsuit.


        Plus, it is a huge divide-and-conquer story for the masses by design, as we all know well. The like to dislike ratio of this video attests to that fact (assuming they’re real, of course).


        They love to manufacture divisive psyops like this to keep people at odds with each other and to misdirect attention from more important things.

      5. Ah yes, Rittenhouse’s performance does appear to be overblown – the hallmark of amateur actors everywhere. Surely, a bit more subtlety would have suited him better – LOL! But you’re correct, there can be no doubt, this “trial” was planned as a divisive psychological operation.

    2. Thanks for visiting newsspell. Weather modification or geoengineering was first developed by General Electric and, I believe, was first tested on the populations of Southeast Asia before being implemented here, in the West. As for the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, every news event one observes played out on television is meticulously scripted, just as any other theatrical production would be. Not only that, but the television executives – due to reams of data collected from focus groups consisting of psychologists, behavioral specialists, and other professionals employed by think tanks, NGO’s, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, etc. etc. – are well aware, in advance, how the targeted television audience demographic is most likely to emotionally react to any major news story. The same principle applies to professional sports, which are also scripted and stage managed.

      1. General Electric is also connected to the Rockefellers, which is not surprising considering the fact that they also are one of the forces behind another form of engineering – social engineering in “education” and in mass media through acquisition or creation of these entities and through funding from their NGOs such as the Rockefeller Foundation.



      2. Yes, absolutely. If memory serves, I also believe that, for several decades, General Electric has been dialed in with DARPA, NASA, and with the Defense Department. In addition, the Rockefellers also took care – before the “Spanish Flu” pandemic hoax – to gain a foothold in terms of controlling financial interest over what grew into the massive medical/pharmaceutical/industrial complex.

  2. I’ve noticed that when comparing the ears of the three women (Warren, Granholm, and Benning), two of them are wearing fake earlobes and one (Benning) is not. Otherwise, the ear cartilages are the same. Knowing what we know about how they can disguise people with hyper-realistic disguises, it’s obvious that the actress playing Granholm and Warren is using latex, among other things, to disguise herself.

    Here’s one good example of this in action:

    1. Regarding the presence of latex stippling applied to certain epidermal portions of the ears, you’ve made a most astute observation, That’s why repeated image comparisons – utilizing several sets – are necessary when performing any definitive analyses.

    1. I’m not well-versed in hand-writing analyses, but I will visit the links you’ve kindly provided and no doubt you’re correct. If I may, regarding your earlier comment – concerning latex stippling applied to certain epidermal structures of the ears – I’ve also noticed, photo shop rakes are also frequently applied to the published images of many of these fabricated character schemes. This is done to not only distort the public’s perceptions and to hide the identity of the host actor(s), but to also frustrate or outright hinder any further attempts at facial recognition and ear biometric analyses. When one knows what to look for, however, these obstacles can be overcome. Nevertheless, this is why, oftentimes, there is such a long gap between published articles.

    2. Yes, indeed, upon further examination, I believe you’re analysis is correct – the handwriting samples demonstrate a remarkable similarity. As I’m sure you were already aware – along with actress Shirley Jones who, I believe, portrayed the character during an earlier incarnation of “Hillary Clinton” – Annette Benning has also portrayed the most recent incarnation of the fabricated character scheme known as “Hillary Rodham Clinton”.

      1. With regard to Annette Bening playing Hillary Clinton, I am not too sure about that, as the Hillary shown to us nowadays doesn’t look to much like her. However, I do agree that Shirley Jones plays Hillary Clinton, as there’s a strong resemblance there.

        It’s highly likely that she is portrayed by more than one actress. Perhaps Annette Bening played the younger Hillary before she was replaced by Shirley Jones for the old Hillary role. Rumor has it that ‘they’ utilize doubles to portray her. Some even say that clones are used in the deception, although I find that suggestion to be more fantasy than reality, and such a theory is probably disinformation planted by The Powers That Be to discredit skeptics.






      2. Regarding “Clinton”, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. Concerning the “clone” hypothesis, I concur. I, too, believe that particular idea, lacking substantive and supporting data, belongs to the realm of pure speculation.

  3. I found some more information on Kyle Rittenhouse: while perusing his pictures online, I noticed that he bears a resemblance to Sandy Hook school shooting “victim” Noah Pozner. It appears he is one of the people who played the phony casualties of the fake tragedy that went on to assume different aliases and some of which continued their careers as crisis-actors, such as child “victim” Emilie Parker who went on to play another woman – who is also known as Emilie Parker (they really think we’re stupid, don’t they?)


    Here are the pictures of Rittenhouse and Pozner for comparisons. You’ll find many similarities. They’re also close in age, as both are around three years apart, so it’s very likely that they fudged their ages by only a few years. Noah was allegedly born in 2006, and Kyle is reportedly 18 years old.



    1. You must possess clairvoyance. I, too, thought he resembled Pozner, who, as I’m sure you recall, was killed twice. Once, at Sandy Hook, and during another psychological operation – if memory serves – in Afghanistan sometime later.

      1. In fact, just now, before you’re comment posted, I surfed around for to verify my recollection. Sure enough, the image of the Afghan “victim” the MSM issued was identical to one of the images of “Noah Pozner” published in 2012.

      2. No, it certainly is not. But I think things like this are performed as a deliberate calculation – sort of a beta test performed upon the general public to gauge what absurdities can be passed off as “news”.

    2. Upon initial examination, there does appear to be similarities in the epidermal contours between the ears of “Pozner” and “Rittenhouse”. Research also indicates the family name of Rittenhouse is genealogically connected to Ferdinand III, a Holy Roman Emperor (!608-1657) and to William Barton, who was an esquire (attorney) called to the Bar at the Crown Temple in the City of London one of the creators of the US Great Seal.

      1. Truly revealing. The blueblood connections is always an expected part of the procedure with these people. And, of course, Barton’s mother was a Rittenhouse, which says a lot (William also the nephew of David Rittenhouse, who was an astronomer and scientist.) The Rittenhouses were one of the first founders of paper mill production in colonial America before the American Revolution. It’s quite a small world.

  4. Reading your articles and their comments is the only thing that keeps me sane. There is so much propaganda and social conditioning (The quicker we can ensure that everybody’s vaccinated, the quicker we get back to normal, right?”) I feel like I am living in Orwell’s dystopia. Everytime I see “Fauci” it is all I can do to keep from puking. I believe he also plays Harvey Levin of TMZ.

    It is nice to hear the truth every now and then. In the movie “The Good Shephard”, one of the characters is asked to play the violin. When he asks why, he is told because it is the one thing truthful from him. Well when I want to hear the truth, I turn to Newsspell. Please keep up the good work!!.

    It was so nice to hear that others agreed with my assessment that Kyle has to be the God awful worst actor ever,. He needs a job on daytime television. He does appear to have participated in the Sandy Hook hoax (the school’s head maintenance engineer testified under oath that the last maintenance service was provided at the school in 2009 and the school was unfit for occupancy) and would be about the correct age, although he appears older than 18.

    1. The Good Sheppard went largely unheralded but nevertheless offered a revealing glimpse into the shadowy world of the CIA. As for “Kyle Rittenhouse”, I’m still looking into it. However, thus far, there appear to be many fascinating connections between the family moniker and to the creation of the US Great Seal, a Holy Roman emperor, an 18th century esquire (attorney) called to the Bar of the Crown Temple in the City of London, to the US mint and, yes, even to the family of one of the “victims” of the Sandy Hook “massacre” – “Noah Pozner”. The Sandy Hook school, according to a report issued by the Connecticut state police, was closed down due to asbestos violations and, prior to the event simulation, was being used as a storage facility.

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