The MSM’s report of the collapse of the Fern Hollow bridge in Pittsburgh, PA, on January 28, 2022, featured a very interesting ‘eyewitness’, Jane Dudley, one who appeared as well as sounded all-too familiar.

Below: Jane Dudley

download (1)[4920]

In the video clip displayed immediately below, Jane Dudley, alleged to be a Pittsburgh resident, volunteers an eyewitness testimony which not only suspiciously sounds like a well-rehearsed script delivered by an experienced actress, but as shall be thoroughly explained later on, the details of Dudley’s testimony do not appear to be remotely credible. In fact, when put under even the least bit of scrutiny and measured against the official timeline reported by the MSM, her testimony falls completely apart.

Indeed, after repeated listening, Dudley’s voice sounds very similar to that of the award-winning actress Annette Bening, observed in the following video clip, who, as most will recall, was identified as the live-action role player behind the masks of the fabricated character schemes known as former Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, current Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, and Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren.

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Further investigation has revealed, according to her professional profile at, “Jane Dudley” is an “Assistant Creative Director” at Pittsburgh University’s Office of Communications and Marketing. That dubious title appears to be an ill-conceived intelligence cover, part of a custom-tailored legend or backstory designed to legitimize the professional bona fides of an intelligence operator. More intriguingly still, even further investigation has revealed, Hollywood actress Annette Bening has an older sister – wait for it, folks – named Jane.

Below: L to R, Annette and Jane Bening



As everyone shall hear in the following MSM report by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, the collapse of the Fern Hollow bridge occurred on the morning of the same day President Joe Biden (AKA Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi/former NBC newsman Brian Williams) was scheduled to arrive in Pittsburgh.

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At approximately the 1:39 juncture of the following ABC news video clip, ABC’s Joe Benitez reports the following: “The fire chief saying just moments ago, 3 to 4 vehicles were on that bridge when it collapsed. But everyone in them has now been rescued. Three people have been taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. All of this happening on the same day President Joe Biden is expected to be in Pittsburgh to talk infrastructure.”

Of course, in a previous article published on this site, ABC anchor personality “George Stephanopoulos” was identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Hollywood actor Michael J. Fox (666). In which case, woe be to anyone who would believe a single word issued from the accursed lips of such a professional liar and impostor.

Surely, as well, the conspicuous presence of Alistair Crowley’s 777 joker intelligence code – “3 to 4 vehicles” (3+4=7)/”Three people have been taken to hospital…”=3 7’s/777 – didn’t fail to escape anyone’s keen notice.

Turns out, too, the former U.S. president “Richard M. Nixon”, a fabricated character scheme portrayed by the current spouse of the Hollywood actress identified in the role of “Jane Dudley”, according to, was genealogically related to the high-ranking occultist, mason, hidden Jesuit priest and historically lionized British PM Sir Winston Churchill (AKA Alistair Crowley, Prince George, Duke of Kent, Hollywood actors Bob Hope and Jack Benny).

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As shall shortly be proved by raising reasonable doubt upon the official story promoted by the MSM, by the incredible improbabilities evident in the eyewitness testimony of “Jane Dudley” and, by virtue of further examination, the numerous anomalies present in the official images taken by various photographers employed by the MSM, this seemingly odd convergence of Joe Biden’s arrival in Pittsburgh to “talk infrastructure” and the collapse of the Fern Hollow bridge was indeed no coincidence.

Since his inauguration, President Joe Biden (AKA Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco/NBC newsman Brian Williams) has made no secret of his determination to ram the Build Back Better bill through both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, a bill which, despite contrary to the reams of ongoing MSM propaganda, is merely the UN’s genocidal “sustainability goals” of Agenda 2030 in disguise. It should not be mistaken, “Joe Biden” was placed into Washington D.C.’s oval office to economically hobble and to ultimately destroy America at the behest of his Jesuit masters and to bring the American people into compliance with the covert implementation of the UN’s Agenda 2030 and, while brutally implementing trauma-based psychological gaslighting, to behaviorally condition them to its grand and sweeping economic and social transformations.

Recently, as everyone will plainly hear in the video excerpt posted immediately below, Rochelle Walensky, the Director of the CDC, admitted, that, all along during the global execution of the Covid-19 psychological operation, ‘following the science’ has meant getting the public to adhere to the behavioral conditioning tactics deployed by psychologists and sociologists, rather than getting them to pay attention to the medical advice of epidemiologists and virologists.

Could it have been, therefore, the sudden collapse of Pittsburgh’s Fern Hollow bridge was some sort of deliberate controlled demolition, yet another emotionally exploitive covert psychological operation designed to legitimately appear as a tragic accident to facilitate public support for Build Back Better? Given that, for centuries, the practice of politics has represented the Machiavellian art of deliberate deception, semantical distortion, and psychological sorcery, such seems very likely to be the case.

After all, President Joe Biden (AKA Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco/MSM newsman Brian Williams) was also in the White House, in the guise of the fabricated character scheme known as “George W. Bush”, during the controlled demolition of the twin World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001, an event which led to the wars in both Afghanistan and in Iraq.

Is it any wonder then, on this occasion, “Joe Biden” is promoting yet another war, this time in Ukraine, where, for some time now, military drills and exercises between forces from NATO and Ukraine have been conducted?



According to an article published at, since 2011, reports made by inspectors indicated the Fern Hollow bridge on Forbes Avenue had a repeated history of poor ratings. The article reveals, “The bridge had been rated poor condition during every two-year inspection since 2011, with the deck considered in fair condition, the superstructure that supports the deck in poor condition and the substructure where it is anchored in the ground in satisfactory condition.”

On the other hand, the article at goes on to quote Kent Harries, “a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Pittsburgh,” who claims, “While this bridge was rated poor, there was nothing that flagged it as ‘poorer’, he said. “Poor is an indication the bridge is longer rated for all traffic. It basically means it is in need of attention. Should it be an immediate concern? No.”

But, while reading on at, one couldn’t help but notice, while attempting to buttress the need for the congressional passage of Biden’s Build Back Better agenda (UN’s Agenda 2030), Harries added, “the nation probably needs five to seven times more money than $1 trillion federal infusion passed by Congress last fall if it wants to make a big progress on infrastructure improvements. Bridges are not the worst piece of the infrastructure by a long shot,” he said. “Resources are desperately needed. The question is, how much are people willing to pay?”


Wikipedia confirms, “Prior to its collapse in 2022, the 446.9 foot-long (126.2m) replacement bridge had been listed by the National Bridge Inventory as being in poor condition since September 2011. The weight limit of the bridge was 26 short tons (24 t) and it carried more than 14,000 vehicles per day. The bridge was inspected most recently on September 19, 2021.”

Does it seem plausible, due to its poor condition, in advance and in anticipation of the arrival of President Joe Biden and with the expected promise to local and state officials of a sudden infusion of federal funds from the Build Back Better bill, the Fern Hollow bridge was targeted for controlled demolition, an exercise premeditatively designed as a psychological operation which, in turn, was planned to be sold to the American public by the MSM as an emotionally manipulative tragedy and gravely toned human-interest story?

Particularly, given the presence of repeat perpetrators – “Joe Biden” and “Jane Dudley”, who has been identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by an accomplished Hollywood actress, Annette Bening – such a hypothesis seems more than plausible.


As numerous investigations have proved, the perpetrators of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, perhaps out of a sense of sheer hubris and arrogance, can always be relied upon to leave revealing clues behind at the scene of the crime. As everyone shall readily observe, each of the following images all excerpted from MSM sources not only consistently and conspicuously feature telltale numerological, masonic, and Jesuitical symbolism, but also feature anomalous and inconsistent details.    


While examining the image displayed above more closely, everyone will begin to notice the number of 33 (highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry) imprinted above the window to the far left just above the front wheel housing of the abandoned red bus. The number of 33 is also accompanied by the number of 9. When combined – 3+3=6/09 – these numbers appear as both 6 and 9, numbers which, from a purely occult perspective, are mirror images of one another. Together, 6 and 9 symbolically represent the ying and the yang and the black and white chessboard squares featured on the tracing boards found in masonic lodges, both of which are also symbolically related to the deeply occult concept of duality.

Also, as everyone surely noticed, the bus is colored in red, which is symbolic of Mars, the Roman God of War. The color of black is also clearly present, and together with red, these pair of colors are symbolic of the Jesuit order or the Ignatian Society of Jesus.

Accordingly, which also appears to be no coincidence, the ABC newscasters observed in the videos displayed earlier are donned in burgundy red ties, while the interviewee, “Jane Dudley”, the featured “eyewitness” and alleged Pittsburgh resident, is also wearing a coat colored in red and a winter hat colored in black.

Additionally, the words “Port Authority”, in English Ordinal gematria, equal 206 and, in Reverse Full Reduction, equal 73, 3 7’s, or 777. When added, two sixes equal 12 which, when subjected to the occult law of mirrored reflection, also equal 21, 3 7’s, or 777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code. Notably, as well, in gematria, the words bus and Jesuit both equal 42 (4+2=6/2 3’s/33/highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

When examining the following image excerpted from the site at, everyone will notice that, in the foreground, below the abandoned red bus perched atop the wreckage of the collapsed Fern Hollow bridge, a sign affixed to the rickety wooden fence can be clearly observed. The words “Hot Dog Dam” are embossed upon the sign.


Respectively, in both English Ordinal and Full Reduction gematria, “Hot Dog Dam” equals 87 and 42. Both of those numbers reduce to 6. In Reverse Ordinal and in Reverse Full Reduction, “Hot Dog Dam” equals 156 and 39. Both of those numbers reduce to 3. When combined, all of these ciphers equal 3 6’s or 666.

In the next image, presumably taken from a wider angle, there is a compact vehicle, colored in pristine white. White is also the color of the horse or pale rider, which, according to the King James’ freemasonic biblical Book of Revelation, arrives during the apocalypse.


However, as everyone shall surely observe, the content of the following image excerpted from yet another MSM source,, though also taken shortly after 6:39 on the morning of January 28 and from what appears to be the identical location, depicts a disparately different scene.


The condition of the white compact vehicle, which appeared pristine in the previous image, appears to have changed and also appears to have been radically repositioned, presumably to more greatly dramatize the emotional effect of the image. Also, what happened to the fence, the cluster of trees and to the collapsed bridge wreckage observed in the previous image? Did they magically disappear, were they cleared away or were they merely photo shopped out of the picture in post-production? When the foreground of the previous image is examined even more closely, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of sheared tree stumps, nor does there seem to be any thick tire tread imprints left upon the ground from the movements of heavy equipment or machinery.


According to the web page at, “Jane Dudley” is employed as the Assistant Creative Director for the Office of University Communications & Marketing at Pittsburgh University. An examination of Dudley’s web page at reveals an article linked to Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, a non-profit organization with connections to the promotion of 21st century smart cities and the UN’s Agenda 2030 (Build Back Better/666).

Since 2011, Jeremy Waldrup has served as President and CEO of Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, located on the 2nd floor of The Bank Tower 307 Fourth Avenue.

Surely, everyone took note of the number of the address, 307 (3 7’s/777).

The following derives from Waldrup’s official bio at “Mr. Waldrup is responsible for working with the Board of Directors, stakeholders and staff to create and implement a vision that ensures Downtown Pittsburgh remains a vibrant and innovative place to live, work and play.”

While that brief description may appear to be benign, further investigation demonstrates that Jeremy Waldrup, “in addition to leading the work of the PDP, Mr. Waldrup participated in the inaugural class of Lead Now, is a graduate of Leadership Pittsburgh Class XXXI and serves as chairman of the Board of Directors of Healthy Ride Bike Share Program. He has also been recognized as Bike Pittsburgh Business Times Fast Tracker, and member of Smart Business’s Smart 50 – class of 2015.”


As everyone who frequents this site will undoubtedly recognize, the global urban implementation of bike share programs and smart cities are both connected to the “sustainability” goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030. The grand objective of such goals, under the guise of solving the manufactured global crisis of “climate change,” is to manipulate global economic conditions, such that, the driving and ownership of private gas-powered cars becomes economically unfeasible for most, if not all, of the global population, particularly those among the middle-class. When this objective comes to fruition, most of those formerly among the middle-class, faced with economic penury, will be forced into smart cities, where they will not only become part of the non-binary “Internet of Things”, a digital, block-chain economic system based on body activity (Covid=Certificate of Vaccination Identification) controlled by AI, but suffer under police-state levels of constant surveillance.


As for the performance of Jane Dudley, the alleged eyewitness, each time, after delivering her lines, she pans her eyes off camera and to the left. Could it be, Jane is not a survivor or as she claims, a “neighbor”, but a professional actress darting her eyes towards the director likely standing nearby and just out of the network camera’s view? One thing is certain. Dudley’s delivery is too well-rehearsed and slickly delivered for anyone to plausibly believe she is just some local yokel living near Pittsburgh’s Forbes Avenue, someone who the MSM dragged before the camera to give her “eyewitness” testimony. In addition, Dudley’s performance is accented with a great deal of contented grinning, a behavior which certainly seems inconsistent with someone who, that very same morning, witnessed the shocking tragedy of a life-threatening bridge collapse. Dudley claims – at 6am – to have been shoveling snow on her sidewalk when she heard a “boom” and a “roar which was the gas line rushing.”

Dudley’s added detail about the “gas line” – an emergency which was likely to have been deliberately created so the local police could move in to seal off the public’s access to Forbes Avenue and to the surrounding area during the early morning hours before dawn – serves as a clue as to the method of operation used to execute this psychological operation/controlled demolition.

Everyone will also notice, throughout her testimony, Jane Dudley demonstrates rather expressive hand gesticulations, of the sort which are identical to those used by Hollywood actress Annette Bening and the fabricated character schemes – Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, and Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren – she has publicly portrayed.

Next, while accenting her testimony with a sweet smile, Dudley then claims to have walked to the park to witness the bridge collapse before police and first responders arrived on the scene. Even if, thus far, there are those who find Dudley’s testimony to be even remotely credible, the next slew of details she offers should serve to give even the most gullible pause. Not only does Dudley suspiciously describe the scene she claims to have witnessed as “surreal”, but after claiming she ran to the park to see the bridge collapse before the arrival of first responders and police, Dudley then adds, “I looked for my husband…did a quick google to see that the bridge collapsed and that’s when we walked down into the park.”

But why would Dudley have to do a “quick google” to verify the bridge’s collapse if she claims to have been a fist-hand eyewitness?

Dudley also claims – at approximately 6:00 to 6:30 am – that “the people had already been rescued.”

Does any of Dudley’s testimony appear to be plausible?

No – certainly not to anyone possessed of an enquiring, free thinking, and rational mind.

As if Dudley’s testimony weren’t, thus far, a colossal enough insult to one’s intelligence, before inappropriately and oddly choosing to begin spouting off talking points concerning “infrastructure” which seem recited straight from a White House Build Back Better memo, “Jane” then adds, “Once again, I’m just happy it happened so early. There was a two-hour delay, so the school busses weren’t out.”

Voice imprint comparison analysis between Jane Dudley’s audio and that of Hollywood actress Annette Bening heard in the video excerpt posted earlier in the article indicate identical pitch modulations and breath frequencies. Added to that, facial recognition and image comparison analysis indicate both Dudley and Bening possess identical facial landmarks (identical smile marks running from the edges of the pointed chins and parallel to the left and right cheek bones) as well as identical contours to their respective facial geometries (chins, brows, noses, lips and eyes). It seems likely, therefore, the name of “Jane” was borrowed from Bening’s older sibling and appropriated for application to her fabricated character scheme.

Annette+Bening+Short+Hairstyles+Messy+Cut+QDErYur2ILOl[4925]download (1)[4920]

Therefore, is it any surprise we should hear “Jane Dudley” reciting Build Back Better talking points? After all, “Jane Dudley” has proved yet another fabricated character scheme portrayed by Hollywood actress Annette Bening, who also portrays Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm.

Accordingly, there exists an official document from the Office of the Secretary of Energy regarding the domestic construction of “smart bridges”. 


And for what covert purpose does anyone suppose these “smart bridges” are being constructed?

According to an article published at, as early as back in 2018, both Pentagon and U.S. military officials began actively lobbying for the roll out of heavy military vehicles and equipment autonomously controlled by AI systems for deployment to domestic “combat zones”.


10 thoughts on “‘Eyewitness’ Testimony Collapses MSM’s Bridge Story

  1. Dudley is also a peerage name, so there may be a blood connection to Robert Dudley, Elizabeth I’s paramour. The fact that Jane is also the name of Annette Bening’s sister is interesting. Maybe “Jane Dudley” is portrayed by Annette’s sister instead?

    As for the bridge collapse, it well could’ve been a controlled demolition scenario, coupled with the fact that it was old and there were plans for replacing it with a new bridge.

    1. Indeed, we are of like mind on both points, the eyewitness’s name and its connection to the British peerage and to the idea Dudley may have been Bening’s sister. On the other hand, regarding further consideration of the latter point, voice print analysis, hand gesticulations, facial recognition and the discovery of identical facial landmarks indicate “Jane Dudley” is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Annette Bening and not her sister, who, according to the scant biographical information available, is a gynecologist working in California without any professional acting experience. As I’m sure you observed in the video excerpt taken from ABC news, Dudley’s performance can only be characterized as that of a seasoned professional and not an amateur.

      1. It does appear that “Jane Dudley” has copious stippling affixed to portions of her nose. This is always done, as we’ve discovered, of course, to better conceal the identity of the live-action role player behind the portrayal.

      2. It’s also possible that they are hiding more about “Jane Benning” than they would let us know of. Perhaps she too is a seasoned crisis-actress used for such pysops? The fact that there’s little information on the sibling of a celebrity like Banning is very suspicious, IMO. After all, this is not some distant relation we’re dealing with here.

        It could also be that we’re dealing with a phantom character that’s another of Annette’s alters. We’ve seen numerous times how other celebrities like Sharon Tate, Amelia Earhart, and Nicole Simpson-Brown have sibling alters that they play. Sometimes, the bios of these close relatives are conspicuously scant, which typically suggests that they’re veiling revelatory information from the public.

      3. I will not deny your hypothesis has credibility. However, further investigation is likely necessary to, as you suggest, unveil such revelatory information.

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