After a two-year hiatus, the infamous Bilderberg Group recently reconvened in Washington D. C. between the 2nd and 5th of June. According to Bilderberg’s official web page, King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands (AKA British PM Boris Johnson/Sir Richard Branson/Chris Hansen), Canadian Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland, US Deputy Treasury Secretary and former BlackRock executive Adeyemo Adewale, and perhaps not surprisingly, Henry Kissinger (AKA Hollywood executive David Geffen/Doctor Anthony Fauci) was in attendance.

Not unexpectedly, given the controversy surrounding their penchant for covert behavior, Bilderberg’s home page at couches the nature of their annual meetings in the most general if not ambiguous terms: “Since its inaugural meeting in 1954, the annual Bilderberg Meeting has been a forum for informal discussions to foster dialogue between Europe and North America.”

Over the years, despite such similarly bland reassurances, Bilderberg’s dark shroud of secrecy and its insistence upon garrisons of heavily armed guards has only served to invite greater suspicion regarding their hidden agenda.

The MSM, which until recently and only in passing admitted with reluctance such an annual meeting even exists, predictably preferred to remain mum about this year’s stellar gathering of global luminaries right in the very backyard of America’s capital.

Apparently, instead, the sycophantic MSM decided to fawn over the jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth II (AKA Lucille Ball), thinking that was more paramount.

While there is more to be reported about US Deputy Treasury Secretary and former BlackRock executive Adeyemo Adewale, his connections to infamous Wall Street trader Larry Fink, to SES (Senior Executive Services) and British based contractor Serco, to a digital algorithmic platform dubbed Aladdin, and, as well, about “Henry Kissinger” (AKA Hollywood executive David Geffen), King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands (AKA British PM Boris Johnson, billionaire philanthropist Sir Richard Branson, MSM news presenter Chris Hansen) the hidden brother of “Elon Musk” (AKA Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands) and how all of these influential and powerful public figures fit into the larger scenario concerning the global implementation of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 and the “Internet of Things”, deeper investigation has also revealed that, like “Justin Trudeau” (AKA Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey), Canada’s former finance minister and current Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland is not who she claims to be.

Below: Canadian Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland

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Kissinger: Master of Geopolitical Disaster

But would it also surprise everyone to discover there is something amiss concerning “Big Jim Tucker”, the late and legendary independent investigator associated with Info Wars’ “Alex Jones” (AKA Prince Gustav of Sayn Wittgenstein-Berleberg) who, decades ago during the era of the mid-1970’s while employed by independently published Spotlight Magazine, was solely credited with breaking the news of the existence of the Bilderberg Meetings to the world-at-large?

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Turns out, there is a good reason as to why “Big Jim Tucker” would have been privy to the secret location of Bilderberg’s annual meetings and about the nefarious nature of their secret but far-reaching agendas.

Upon further investigation, “Big Jim Tucker” was a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a Hollywood actor who was once cast in the role of US president.

Below from L to R: ‘Big’ Jim Tucker and former US president Lyndon Baines Johnson

images (9)[5550]


For seemingly the entirety of his professional career, ‘Big’ Jim Tucker and the publication which employed him, Spotlight Magazine, existed on the obscure fringes of American journalism. The official story goes that, beginning in 1975, Tucker became renown for hunting down the secret locations of the elusive Bilderberg Group’s annual meetings with dogged intensity and perseverance.

For years seemingly, no one paid any attention, and Tucker’s claims about Bilderberg and their sinister plans languished in obscurity. It wasn’t until decades later, after appearing in ‘End Game’, a documentary produced by Info Wars and narrated by “Alex Jones”, that Tucker’s revelations concerning the shadowy Bilderberg began to reach a wider audience. But with even just a cursory glance at Wikipedia’s wafer thin official biographical entry, it became evident that both ‘Big’ Jim Tucker and the magazine he was alleged to have worked for may have been created to serve an ulterior and ideologically driven agenda while acting as intelligence assets.

In his book “Finks”, author Joel Whitney describes how the CIA, during the heat of the “cold war” between the US and USSR, both created and colluded with literary and news magazines which were ideologically posed on both the left and right of the political spectrum to produce reams of fabricated cultural propaganda.


As everyone shall bear witness to at approximately 27:41 of the following video excerpt posted immediately below, ‘Big’ Jim Tucker once went on record with a very revealing remark about the guttural and gravelly toned voice of former US Secretary of State “Henry Kissinger”, intimating Kissinger’s German accent was an affectation and put on merely for public consumption.

While responding to a question directly posed concerning his attendance at a Bilderberg meeting in Innsbruck, Austria, Tucker recalls Kissinger “for a moment forgot to affect his German accent.”

The narrator of the video production amplifies Tucker’s extraordinary anecdote, confirming Kissinger’s German accent as one which was clearly put on, an exotic affectation theatrically utilized to camouflage his clearly discerned American one.

More astonishing than this, however, one wonders, just how did Tucker get close enough to Kissinger to even pose his question? Could it be, like “Henry Kissinger” (AKA Hollywood executive David Geffen), ‘Big’ Jim Tucker was also an intelligence created fabricated character scheme, and that his anecdotal confrontation with the former US Secretary of State was part of a theatrical production staged to mock the American general public with the none-too-subtle revelation of Kissinger’s fraudulence as an actor playing a role while posed on the world’s stage, a perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation?

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses indicate ‘Big’ Jim Tucker was a fabricated character scheme modified from the popular image of a former US president who, at the time, during the mid-1970’s, was alleged by the MSM to have died.


Turns out, too, the thick Texas accent of former US president “Lyndon Baines Johnson” was also an affectation put on by his live-action role player, Hollywood actor Robert De Niro. While listening to the audio of “Lyndon Baines Johnson” accompanying the video clip posted below, everyone will surely be able to discern that the former president’s fabricated persona was entirely performed as mocking and satirical parody.

Below from L to R: ‘Big’ Jim Tucker, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Robert De Niro


After LBJ’s “death” in 1973 (3 7’s/777/Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code), right-wing political pundit and aspiring presidential candidate Pat Buchanan got hired on as a speech writer for Richard M. Nixon (AKA Hollywood actor Warren Beatty/George Hamilton/Robert McNamara/John McCain/Rudy Giuliani/Colin Powell).

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Extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses indicate “Pat Buchanan” was, yet another fabricated character scheme portrayed by Hollywood actor Robert De Niro (AKA Lyndon Baines Johnson/’Big’ Jim Tucker), a public image which was strategically modified from that of former US president “Lyndon Baines Johnson”. 

Indeed, how appropriate that Robert De Niro was once cast in a Hollywood production entitled “Wag the Dog”, a movie with a plot based on the very philosophical premise of Post-Modern Reality Simulation. De Niro has also been identified as one who played a role in promoting the JFK assassination hoax, starring as Texas governor John Connally. De Niro was also identified as the live-action role player behind the mask of the fabricated character scheme known as Reverend Jerry Fallwell, a high-profile figure in the Christian fundamentalist evangelical movement of the 1980’s. 

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Below: Lyndon Baines Johnson, ‘Big’ Jim Tucker, Robert De Niro, Pat Buchanan

download (1)[5547]  


It just so happens that, according to Wikipedia, Spotlight, the magazine for which ‘Big’ Jim Tucker wrote, before its demise in 2001, publicly supported the 1992 and 1996 presidential campaigns of “Pat Buchanan” (AKA Robert De Niro, Lyndon Baines Johnson, ‘Big’ Jim Tucker/John Connally/Jerry Fallwell).

It should also be noted that, according to his official biographical entry at Wikipedia, Buchanan not only attended the Jesuit military fortress known as Georgetown University, but also attended the “Jesuit-run Gonzaga college high school” which, interestingly, was the very same Jesuit-founded institution which Hollywood actor Bing Crosby (AKA King Leopold III of Belgium/Adolf Hitler/Alger Hiss/Danny Kaye/Carrol O’Connor) attended during his formative years.

Therefore, it seems very likely Robert De Niro, the live-action role player identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as ‘Big’ Jim Tucker, was recruited as an intelligence asset from a very early age and, before beginning his award-winning career in Hollywood, was trained and subsequently used by the Jesuit-controlled CIA as a valuable high-profile asset to promote ideologically oriented cultural/political propaganda.    


“Tucker,” reports Wikipedia while adding doses of malicious ad hominem, “has been described as a ‘veteran Bilderberg observer’, ‘the doyen of Bilderberg hunters’, as ‘an oddball Washington journalist’, and as a ‘right-wing conspiracy investigator’.”

Regarding his death on April 26, 2013, lacking further details or pertinent explanation, Wikipedia claims, “Tucker died from complications due to a fall, according to his obituary.” This appears to be an obituary which, as in the case of former US president “Lyndon Baines Johnson”, rather than listing the official cause of death, was all-too likely to have been fabricated by Jesuit-trained intelligence lackeys employed by the CIA, the very same misbegotten liars who write for Wikipedia.

In hindsight, it appears doubtless, the guilt by association scenario fabricated between ‘Big’ Jim Tucker (AKA Lyndon Baines Johnson/Pat Buchanan/Robert De Niro) and “Alex Jones” (AKA Prince Gustav of Sayn Wittgenstein-Berleberg) was engineered to ultimately develop into a social media based political/cultural entrapment scheme, facilitated and designed to discredit and to divide those self-identifying with the so-called “truth movement” and to, in turn, psychologically and behaviorally condition those among the mainstream American general public whom would then consider it socially acceptable to hurl discrediting ad hominem at those observed to be lending the slightest credence to “conspiracy theories” promoted by either Jones or Tucker regarding the hidden agenda or even the very existence of Bilderberg.


Current US Treasury Deputy Secretary Adeyemo Adewale was listed among Bilderberg’s 2022 attendees. Adeyemo’s professional resume includes a stint as an executive at BlackRock, a publicly traded company established by infamous Wall Street inside bond trader Larry Fink.

At least, anyway, that’s the official narrative the MSM reports to the public. But as mentioned and explained in a previous article, both BlackRock and Vanguard are merely a front for DTCC (Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation).

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In combination with British based Serco, which, over the last two years, received numberless contracts from the US corporate government through SES (Senior Executive Services) for an entire array of services during the execution of the Covid-19 “pandemic” psychological operation including operational control over FEMA Region 9 (California/Oregon/Washington/West Coast) and full control of the US patent office, DTCC (AKA BlackRock/Vanguard) exists as an opaque facade for not only the Crown Temple in the City of London and its monopolizing livery companies and its Four Courts of Inn, but also as an elaborate cover for the complete ownership of all Crown (AKA Commonwealth) land and the corporate bonds (birth/death certificates) attached to global human resources (AKA persons/people/corporate fictions) by Jesuit-controlled Vatican City.

Regarding Serco, helmed by executive Rupert Soames, a genealogical relative of Winston Churchill (AKA Alistair Crowley/Prince George, Duke of Kent/Bob Hope/Jack Benny) who presides over a plethora of offshore subsidiary corporations operating as money laundries, the following video excerpt posted below confirms that company’s leading role in the execution of the UN’s depopulation Agenda 2030/2050.

Wikipedia describes DTCC as, “User owned and directed. It automates, centralizes, standardizes, and streamlines processes in the capital markets. DTCC also provides clearance, settlement, and information services for equities, corporate and municipal bonds, unit investment trusts, government and mortgage-backed securities, money market instruments, and over-the-counter derivatives. It also manages transactions between mutual funds and insurance carriers and their respective investors.”

In other words, DTCC (AKA BlackRock & Vanguard), through the process of computer and algorithmic automation, controls and oversees every conceivable financial transaction on the planet.

These vast number of global financial transactions are managed by a computer-generated algorithm dubbed “Aladdin”, a process which BlackRock also used to crash the American housing market back in 2008.

According to Wikipedia, Aladdin is an anagram for Asset, Liability and Debt and Derivative Investment Network, “an electronic system built by BlackRock Solutions, the risk-management division of the largest investment management corporation, BlackRock, Inc.”

Describing Aladdin’s operating systems, Wikipedia goes on to report, “Aladdin uses the following technologies: Linux, Java, Hadoop, Docker, Kubernetes, Zookeeper, Splunk, ELK Stack, Git, Apache, Nginx, Sybase, ASE, Cognos, FIX, Swift object storage, REST, Angular JS, and TREP. It was built/upgraded using Julia, i.e., ‘analytics modules for’ were written in Julia. It has also been reported that it was written originally in C++, Java and Peri.”

Among the 14 key topics listed for discussion this year at, it is presumed the primary purpose of US Treasury Deputy Secretary and former BlackRock executive Adeyemo Adwale’s attendance at Bilderberg 2022 was to discuss how Aladdin – the computer algorithm system developed by his former employer and colleague, the appropriately named Larry Fink – could be deployed in helping to implement “Continuity of Government” subsequent to the planned incremental disruption of the global financial system.

As was previously alluded to, BlackRock undoubtedly utilized Aladdin to deliberately crash the American housing market in 2008, a criminal exercise which was likely to have been planned as a test run for Aladdin’s later application to, as stated among the discussion topics for Bilderberg 2022, achieving the incremental “disruption of the global economy”.


King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands (AKA Boris Johnson/Sir Richard Branson/Chris Hansen) was also among the attendees at Bilderberg’s meeting in Washington D.C. 

Willem-Alexander’s hidden brother is Tesla and Space X chief “Elon Musk” (AKA Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands), who, on numerous occasions, has extolled the virtues of, according to a recent article published at, achieving a “symbiosis between the human brain and artificial intelligence.”

Below from L to R: Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, Elon Musk



It is no coincidence that Pfizer’s mNRA “vaccine” is still being distributed under the FDA’s emergency authorization clause, a legal classification which not only continues to shield them from any prosecution due to legal immunity granted from the US corporate government, but also continues to shield Pfizer from the slightest criminal liability lodged against the company due to either injury or death which may have resulted from their pharmaceutical “vaccines”.

But in the eyes of Bilderberg, the deployment of such legal semantics is necessary to facilitate the smooth and unimpeded implementation of Musk’s neuralink and the Internet of Things, a crypto currency/global surveillance system based on body and brain activity. 

The 17th century royal ancestors of King Willem-Alexander (AKA British PM Boris Johnson/Sir Richard Branson/Chris Hansen) and Prince Constantijn (AKA Elon Musk), William III and Mary, Prince and Princess of Orange, founded the Bank of England, one of the world’s first central banks.

Both the Dutch royal family and the other attendees at Bilderberg’s 2022 meeting understand that the global implementation of the Internet of Things will not only afford complete and centralized technetronic control over monetary policy, but, with the global linking of the human brain and AI, will also afford remote control over human resources and, per the Sustainability Goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050, every logistical aspect of the 21st century “smart” cities which all remaining human resources will be forced to inhabit.


It was not thoroughly surprising to discover Chrystia Freeland, Deputy PM of Canada, listed among the attendees of Bilderberg’s 2022 meeting. Both Freeland and Canadian PM “Justin Trudeau” (AKA Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey) have connections to Serco.

Also, like “Justin Trudeau”, “Chrystia Freeland” was trained as an operative of the World Economic Forum, a masonic mind control cult established by Klaus Schwab (AKA King Harald V of Norway), who, as documented in a previous article, was an acolyte of “Henry Kissinger” (AKA Hollywood executive David Geffen).


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In 2021, according to a press release published at their official web page, Canada awarded Serco a $1.5 billion contract to deliver “Services for Department of National Defense.” 

“Serco Inc., a provider of professional technology, and management services,” Serco’s official press release trumpets, “is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract to provide critical site support services at the 5 Wing Canadian Forces Base (CFB) in Happy Valley – Goose Bay, Newfoundland, and Labrador. This 10-year contract is valued at CA$ 694 million, and up to CA$1.5 billion over 20 years if two five-year extension options are exercised.”

Based upon the preceding information concerning Serco and their intimate relationship to both the US corporate government and to Canada, a Crown Temple corporate subsidiary of the principality known as Washington D.C. (AKA United States), it seems more than fair to state that, when considering the grand machinations going on behind the theatrical curtain of the world’s stage, Serco has been discovered to be nothing less than ubiquitous.

There’s just one problem: “Chrystia Freeland” is a fabricated character scheme posing as Canada’s Deputy PM, a corporate fiction created to shield the genuine criminal perpetrators from legal accountability under the Crown Temple’s system of global Admiralty (Maritime) Law.

In the first image posted to the left immediately below, everyone will notice the redheaded daughter of “Chrystia Freeland” standing third from the left. In the proceeding image, everyone will observe Jennifer Gates, daughter of Melinda French Gates. Preliminary facial recognition analysis indicates Jennifer Gates and the redheaded daughter of “Chrystia Freeland” are one and the same.

Furthermore, gematria analysis of the name “Chrystia Freeland” revealed some rather telltale results. 

Respectively, in English Ordinal and Full Reduction gematria, the name “Chrystia Freeland” sums to 168 and 78, both of which reduce to 6. Reverse Ordinal and Reverse Full Reduction sums respectively total to 264 and 93, both of which reduce to 3. When these reduction ciphers are combined, they sum to 3 6’s or 666.   


Extensive facial recognition (identical geometrical architectural proportions in the area(s) of the eyes, brows, chin, cheekbones) and image comparison analyses appear to demonstrate that “Chrystia Freeland” is a fabricated character scheme modified from Melinda French Gates.


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