The historical veracity attached to the “official” story of “Yuri Gagarin” – uniformly alleged by the MSM and published historical accounts to have been the first human in space – crumbles under greater scrutiny.

Reportedly, before the historic launch of NASA’s Apollo 11, Gagarin died under what can only be described as mysterious circumstances.

There was a very good reason, however, as to why the pioneering Russian cosmonaut’s “death” was kept shrouded in such mystery and intrigue by the MSM.

Turns out, upon further investigation – as confirmed via extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses – “Yuri Gagarin”, pronounced as tragically “dead” before Apollo’s maiden but mythical voyage, was resurrected in 1969 as one of NASA’s Apollo 11 “astronauts”, and became the first human alleged to have stepped on the surface of the moon.

Below L to R: Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong

As to the genuine identity of the other pair of NASA’s Apollo 11 “astronauts” alleged to have been launched into space in 1969, further investigation confirms, “Buzz Aldrin” and “Michael Collins” were both fabricated character schemes portrayed by Hollywood actors.

The Hollywood actor identified in portrayal of the former – “Buzz Aldrin” – had previously worked with Stanley Kubrick, one of Hollywood’s most highly touted cinema directors.

While acting under different but renowned pseudonyms, the Hollywood actor identified in portrayal of arguably the least heralded of NASA’s Apollo 11 “astronauts” – “Michael Collins” – went on to star with Dennis Hopper (AKA JFK) in Easy Rider and to star with Burt Reynolds (AKA Marlon Brando/television doctor Phil McGraw/television actor Dabney Coleman/Vladimir Putin) in Deliverance.

As was pointed out in a previously published article, “Doctor Phil McGraw” is also the hidden father of popular internet personality/podcaster Del Bigtree (AKA Quentin Anderson Reynolds/John Wayne Bobbitt/Doctor Drew Pinsky/Kevin Spacey/Jeff Bezos).

SEE: Del’s Big Tree Bears Rotten Fruit

Below from L to R: Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins

As everyone shall soon learn, “Buzz Aldrin” and his NASA colleague “Michael Collins” never left earth in 1969. Their interplanetary communications, which the MSM alleges were sent from the Apollo space craft on the moon to NASA’s mission control, including the famous words spoken by “Neil Armstrong” in a solemn tone of overwrought melodrama – “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” – were prerecorded for what was essentially a prime-time television production, the equivalent of 21st century “reality” television.

Though still unknown to a majority of the American public, NASA operates under the umbrella of the US Department of Defense and is nothing more than a Hollywood-styled movie/television production studio disguised as an organization dedicated to astronomical study and scientific discovery.

Since the time of its inception and for its entire duration, Hollywood has covertly operated as a purveying agent of US corporate government propaganda, and has always worked in proximity with the US military/industrial complex and performed at the dictatorial behest of Jesuit controlled CIA.

Therefore, the genuine nature of NASA is synonymous with that of Hollywood, with both operating as propaganda arms and subsidiary divisions of the US Department of Defense.


Before the advent of the internet or world-wide web, MSM-driven psychological operations (AKA media hoaxes) were much easier to execute. During the era of NASA’s Apollo 11 during the 1960’s, when the medium of television still existed as a novelty in most American middle-class residences and while operating relatively free from the threat of scrutiny provided by those incredulous few among the American general public, the MSM had carte blanche in promoting whatever propaganda they were ordered to broadcast and promulgate by their CIA/Jesuit intelligence masters.

Apparently, during that particular era, no one or very few then living noticed that “Neil Armstrong”, alleged by the MSM to have been the first among the human race to ever step foot on a heavenly body outside earth’s atmosphere, more than resembled the man – Russian cosmonaut “Yuri Gagarin” – who was also alleged to have been the first human to pilot a rocket powered vehicle into earth’s orbit.

Both “Yuri Gagarin” and “Neil Armstrong” were fabricated character schemes portrayed by the son of an inventor and prominent American businessman who had connections to the US corporate government’s military/industrial complex.

Before getting to that revelation, it must be noted, investigation into the “official” MSM narrative surrounding the “death” of “Yuri Gagarin” is chock filled with plot holes, plot holes large enough to sink a ship the size of the Titanic.

Which is ironic, really.

Because, as it turns out, both historical events – “sinking” of the Titanic and NASA’s Apollo 11 – were both colossal hoaxes.

Or, to put it another way – in the immortal words of science fiction author Authur C. Clarke – “a hole in history.”

More importantly, the identity of the live-action role player identified in portrayal of both “Yuri Gagarin” and NASA Apollo 11 “astronaut” “Neil Armstrong” proves that both the US/USSR “space race” during the era of the 1960’s and what was termed as the “cold war”, the latter of which lasted for more than four decades during the mid to late 20th century, were also hoaxes.

What’s more, such a discovery proves that, in retrospect, the nature of the geopolitical relationship between the corporate governments of both the US and USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) could not have been historically characterized as the least bit malignant or adversarial.

Rather, on the contrary, at the highest levels, and for the entire duration of the 1960’s “space race” and the decades long “cold war”, both corporate governments existed in a benign state of conspiratorial collusion and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Conceptually, this discovery also more than implies that, while superficially acting under what would appear to be divergent and opposing political ideologies, the idea of “nations” existing as competing entities separated by borders is a legal fiction.

Nevertheless, while “nations” legally operate as commercial marketplaces under the rubric or umbrella of a global governing structure subject to Admiralty Law (AKA Law of the Sea) held as a check and balance against that of Common Law (AKA Law of the Land), each has always been left open to free and routine exploitation by the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families, the majority stockholders of private central banks such as the Federal Reserve, a subsidiary of the Crown Temple in the City of London, for the profitable ownership, sale, and commercial trade of human and natural resources.

Both Russia and the United States, in accordance with Cestui Que Vie Trusts or Papal Encyclicals (AKA Three Crowns) are designated as Crown land, owned and controlled by the Vatican bank at Vatican City, in Rome.


Dead Man Blooms into Ukraine Hero

But there’s something else which also bolsters the preceding premise.

While “Yuri Gagarin” has proved to be a perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, the last Premiere of Soviet Russia, “Mikhail Gorbachev”, has also proved to have been a fabricated character scheme playing out his designated role on the world’s stage.

Gorbachev’s conspicuous skin blemish which appeared to be a rivulet of blood seeping from the top of his bald pate was the result of Hollywood or stage trauma makeup which, according to an article published at, consists of carefully or strategically applied colored gelatin or liquid latex.


As confirmed by ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses, “Mikhail Gorbachev” was a Hollywood-created fabricated character scheme portrayed by Rod Steiger (AKA Raymond Burr/Howard Cosell/Lou Costello/Milton Friedman), the father of Marlon Brando (AKA Burt Reynolds/Doctor Phil McGraw/Dabney Coleman) who also went on to play the character known as Russian president “Vladimir Putin”, and the grandfather of Quentin Anderson Reynolds (AKA Del Bigtree/Doctor Drew Pinsky/Kevin Spacey/Jeff Bezos) who starred with Angelina Jolie (AKA Madonna Louise Ciccone/Ellen DeGeneres/Jennifer Lopez/Lorena Bobbitt) in the John Wayne Bobbitt mainstream media driven hoax.

As well, not coincidentally, there is a genealogical connection between Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and the Hollywood actor identified in portrayal of “Michael Collins”, alleged to have been one of NASA’s three Apollo 11 “astronauts”.

SEE: Ukraine War Scenario Hollywood Production

As everyone can observe from the succession of images posted immediately below, the comparative epidermal architecture and dimensional alignment of the eyes, brows, noses, chins, lips, and nasolabial folds are identical. The architectural dimensions of the respective bald pates are also identical. As observed in the third picture in succession posted below, during the early stages of his Hollywood career, due to a receding hairline, Rod Steiger (AKA Mikhail Gorbachev/Lou Costello/Howard Cosell/Raymond Burr/Milton Friedman) often donned a customized hairpiece.

Not surprisingly, this genetic condition – a receding hairline – is also found to be in common with Steiger’s genealogical relations. Both Burt Reynolds (AKA Marlon Brando) and Quentin Anderson Reynolds (AKA Del Bigtree/Kevin Spacey), when modified into some of their various and respective fabricated character schemes, and depending on the particular character’s specifications, also don customized hairpieces.

Below: Mikhail Gorbachev, Rod Steiger


images (6)Mikhail-Gorbachev-Overview-perestroika-discussion-policy

Below: Howard Cosell, Milton Friedman, Lou Costello, Raymond Burr



Raymond Burr

The expedient deployment of fabricated character schemes portrayed by reliable intelligence-controlled assets in high-level positions ensures that, despite the appearance of opposing political ideologies, the hegemonic integrity of centralized global governance will never be breached, challenged, or compromised.


As alluded to earlier, for decades after-the-fact, the “official” circumstances surrounding the “death” of Russian cosmonaut “Yuri Gagarin” have been shrouded in mystery. But those employed by the Jesuit controlled-CIA concocting such “official” MSM narratives find the melodrama generated by narrative mystery and intrigue to be useful tools, not only to shield or conceal the public from deeper and revealing truths which may compromise the secrecy of actual criminal perpetrators, but for profitable commercial purposes.

For example, as in the case of the JFK “assassination”, the sale of books, the licensing of television and movie script treatments, merchandising in association with Hollywood movie productions, as well as profit streams derived from media buys and ad revenues in association with television documentaries and other such productions associated with intriguingly speculative narratives regarding the “death” of “Yuri Gagarin”, over time, can yield rather profitable sums.

Regarding the “death” of “Yuri Gagarin” in an air crash alleged to have occurred on March 27, 1968, according to an article published at, “Documents declassified in 2003 revealed that the KGB had suspected air traffic controllers as having contributed inadvertently to the crash by providing bad weather data.”

Oh, really now?

Intuitively, that particular explanation reeks of implausibility, given it derives straight from the KGB, a component of the Jesuit/Vatican controlled international intelligence octopus which includes CIA, FBI, Mossad, NSA, Mossad, and MI5, MI6, MI7 (AKA BBC).

Surely, too, everyone noticed the “official” date associated with the “death” of “Yuri Gagarin” is rife with numerological coding: March 27 (March/3rd month/3/EE/33/highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry/27/2 7’s/77/Land of Oz intelligence code).

The article at, without further elaboration, goes on to suggest the “death” of “Yuri Gagarin” may also have been premeditated.

“Yet another theory, put forth by a retired Soviet Air Force colonel, proposed that the pilot who had previously flown the MIG-15 jet had tampered with or otherwise left an air vent open in the cockpit, leading to Gagarin suffering from oxygen deprivation at altitude.”

The article even suggests that during his fateful final flight, “Yuri Gagarin” may have been – wait for it, folks – under the influence of alcohol, specifically vodka.

Yes, of course, because everyone knows how fond the Russians are of their vodka, right?

The article at goes on to report, “The Soviet government, military and even the KGB looked into some of the claims, dismissing rumors that Gagarin had been intoxicated, or that he had been ‘taking pot shots’ at wild deer from the plane, causing it to spiral out of control.”

“Pot shots at deer” – from the cockpit of a speeding Soviet MiG fighter jet?

Nevertheless, the reference to ‘deer’ harbors an occult significance, in that the horned animal is symbolic of fertility and is associated with the Greek God Artemis and her Roman counterpart Diana.

But then, as is oftentimes the case, in the sly method of MSM subterfuge, admits the reported accounts appearing in declassified documents released in 2003 were conclusions drawn in cooperation with a “computer simulation”.

“Armed with the report’s data, a new computer simulation was generated, revealing why Gagarin’s jet went down.”

Or maybe Gagarin’s MiG fighter collided with Santa’s reindeer on their way back to the North Pole?

Does the idea of a computer simulation in relation to the execution of another MSM generated psychological operation sound familiar to anyone?

Perhaps, in association with Event 201, the “pandemic” simulation performed at John Hopkins School of Medicine and sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI, prior to the beginning of the Covid-19/corona “virus” “pandemic” psychological operation over two years ago?

SEE: Breaking the Masonic Coronavirus Magic Spell

In other words, if one is keen to sift through the thick layers of absurd subterfuge and read between the lines, as in the case of the Covid-19 psychological operation, the entire “official” story regarding the circumstances which led to the untimely “death” of former Russian cosmonaut “Yuri Gagarin” were fabricated and subsequently made “official” by an artificial simulation consisting of programmed algorithms.

Added to that, the “official” story of Gagarin’s orbital flight is also rife with narrative anomalies and, as well, numerological coding.


According to Wikipedia, “Travelling in the Vostok 1 capsule, Gagarin completed one orbit of earth on 12 April 1961. By achieving this major milestone in the Space Race, he became an international celebrity, and was awarded many medals and titles, including Hero of the Soviet Union, his nation’s highest honor.”

Many forget, however, that, at the time, soon after Gagarin’s historic orbital mission, questions were raised as to its authenticity. Particularly, by Alton Blakeslee, science writer for the Associated Press, who, days after the Soviet cosmonaut’s triumph were announced worldwide, published an article expressing his doubts.

Later, though Blakeslee’s credible doubts were soon drowned in the waves of America’s excitement over the escalating “space race” as the 1960’s progressed, in consolation, he went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for journalism.

As for “Yuri Gagarin” and his adamant claims to have observed the earth from space, he was later forced to issue an apologetic retraction, when it began to leak out to the public his space capsule, Vostok 1, wasn’t equipped with a window portal.

Despite Gagarin’s growing international celebrity, he was banned from visiting the US by President John F. Kennedy (AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper), and even before NASA’s launch of Apollo 11, lingering doubts about the authenticity of his orbital flight quietly persisted.

“Gagarin’s flight was a triumph for the Soviet space program and he became a national hero of the Soviet Union and Eastern bloc, as well as a worldwide celebrity,” reports Wikipedia. “Newspapers around the globe published his biography and details of his flight. He was escorted in a long motorcade of high-ranking officials through the streets of Moscow to the Kremlin where, in a lavish ceremony, Nikita Khrushchev awarded him the title Hero of the Soviet Union. Other cities in the Soviet Union also held mass demonstrations, the scale of which were second only to the World War II victory Parades.”

As Wikipedia confirms, the moniker associated with Gagarin’s Soviet space capsule was “Vostok”.

Gematria analyses indicates some rather interesting and telltale results.

Respectively, in English Ordinal and Full Reduction, “Vostok” sums to 102 and 21.

The number of 102 reduces to 3 (EE=33/highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry) and while 21 also reduces to 3, it is also equivalent to 3 7’s or 777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code.

In Reverse Ordinal, “Vostok” sums to 60 which reduces to 6 while in Reverse Full Reduction, “Vostok” both sums and reduces to – wait for it, folks – 33.

Perhaps not surprisingly, when arranged in combination, the first of these three reduction ciphers – 3 and 6 – equal 666.

In essence, therefore, the orbital flight of “Yuri Gagarin” represented a masonic alchemical ritual, from which a summoned spirit or conceptual idea (AKA 777) was ritually transformed into collective public perception and thence, into material reality (AKA 666).

In retrospect, it seems lucidly clear, the “Space Race” was co-engineered in cooperation with both CIA and KGB and by high-level political elements acting on behalf of the US and USSR corporate governments and at the behest of the Crown Temple, Vatican City, and Swiss central banks, whom, through the imposition of mounting monetary debt, were determined to bring the USSR and, eventually, both the US and the West to their knees in hapless submission to what, in the 21st century, would become known as the “Sustainability Goals” of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050.

In fact, it could be so argued, before it appeared to fatally collapse before the eyes of the world, the international bankers merely used the USSR as a financial demolition beta test operation.

But 1961 wasn’t the only banner year for the live-action role player identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known to history as “Yuri Gagarin” who, as evidenced by the images posted below, became noted for his charismatic smile.

As to the latter point, to put it another way, the live-action role player identified in portrayal of both “Yuri Gagarin” and NASA Apollo 11’s “Neil Armstrong” was deemed by his Hollywood CIA/KGB intelligence handlers as the perfect candidate to be cast in an historic role upon the world’s stage which was also intended to mold an indelible if not immortal image in the collective consciousness of the American general public.

After his tragic and mysterious “death” in 1968, the media driven persona known as “Yuri Garagin” would be magically resurrected to play the starring role in NASA’s Apollo 11 television production as “Neil Armstrong”.

Below from L to R: Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong

OIP (6)[5970]OIP (7)[5968]

Further and extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses indicates the host actor (live action role player) cast in the roles of both Soviet “cosmonaut” “Yuri Gagarin” and NASA Apollo 11 “astronaut” “Neil Armstrong” was John Lear, the son of industrialist and Learjet founder Bill Lear.

It appears from further investigation, in addition to making countless public appearances in the role of “Neil Armstrong” before his death in 2022, John Lear (AKA Yuri Gagarin/Neil Armstrong) also became noted as one of the world’s foremost “UFO experts”.

OIP (8)[5933]OIP (9)[5934]


The video clip seen above was excerpted from Spartacus, a Roman empire era sword and sandal epic period piece directed by Stanley Kubrick which starred the Hollywood actor who would modify into Apollo 11’s “Buzz Aldrin” in the leading role. Recently, as everyone will witness in the following video clip, “Buzz Aldrin” admitted that the Apollo 11 moon landing never happened.

These days, perhaps, “Buzz Aldrin” is willing to admit to NASA’s grand Apollo 11 hoax because he’s a Hollywood actor in disguise – Kirk Douglas.

While ocularly comparing the facial geometries featured in each of the images posted below, everyone will immediately notice the geometrical architecture of the chins, noses, cheekbones, brows, and jaw lines are identical, as are the comparative proportional architectural alignments of the ears.


Among the trio of NASA’s Apollo 11 crew, according to the MSM’s “official” story, “Michael Collins” was left out of an opportunity to walk on the surface of the moon.

In consolation, however, the live-action Hollywood role player who portrayed his fabricated character scheme – Jon Voigt – went on to become a huge star on the big screen.

In the images posted below, while examining the epidermal contours of the respective ears, everyone will begin to notice that, in each image, the lower portion of the lobes are conspicuously striated with an identically located epidermal crease.

Added to that, the comparative geometrical architecture of the brows, lips, chins, and nasolabial folds – especially regarding the comparatively identical proportional alignments of the epidermal folds extending from above the left side of the nose and the epidermal creases extending from the lower left corner of the lips towards the jawline edge of the respective chins – are identical.

Comparatively, the architecture of the brows and bright patina of the eyes are also conspicuously identical. Additionally, in the last pair of images, the dimensions of the bags under the eyes are also comparatively identical.

InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globe After Party
Jon Voight at the 20th Annual InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globe after party held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 6, 2019 in Beverly Hills, CA. © O’Connor-GG19/


Five years prior to the “launch” of NASA’s Apollo 11, Hollywood actor “John Voigt” (AKA Jack Nicholson/NASA “astronaut” Michael Collins) was also involved in yet another colossal hoax, the “assassination” of JFK (AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper/rock singer Roger Daltrey/Andy Warhol).

Below: JFK, Dennis Hopper, Roger Daltrey, Andy Warhol

OIP (8)[5977]R[5976]

OIP (7)[5979]OIP (6)[5978]

Archivbilder von US-Schauspieler DENNIS HOPPER in verschiedenen Rollen
In fact, he portrayed dule roles, cast as Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and as Dallas gangster nightclub proprietor “Jack Ruby”.

With special attention directed towards the respective ears featured in each of the succession of images featured below, everyone will begin to notice each of the architectural dimensions and epidermal structures are identical.

Below from L to R: John Voigt, Jack Nicholson, Jack Ruby, Michael Collins

OIP (8)[5971]OIP (12)[5936]

Jack Nicholson (AKA John Voigt/Michael Collins/Jack Ruby/) was also the live-action role player in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as “Robert F. Kennedy”. In the pair of images featured below, everyone will observe the comparative geometric alignment and structures of the teeth are identical, as are the architectural dimensions and geometric alignments and structural dimensions of the foreheads, chins, lips, and noses.

Below from L to R: Robert F. Kennedy, Jack Nicholson

OIP (14)[5939]OIP (13)[5938]

At some point during the 1960’s, Hollywood actor “Jon Voigt” (AKA Jack Nicholson/RFK/Michael Collins) was modified into folk rock icon “Neil Young”.

Jon Voight at the 20th Annual InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globe after party held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 6, 2019 in Beverly Hills, CA.
© O’Connor-GG19/

In the next pair of images, everyone will observe the geometric structure, shape, and dimensions of the respective ears – between RFK (AKA Jack Nicholson/Jon Voigt) and Neil Young are identical

rfk_830[5339]neil young

Everyone will also notice that, in the first image posted immediately below, Prince Henrik of Denmark has the same epidermal crease striated across the lower portion of the identically proportioned ear lobe, the same distinctive epidermal landmark which was found to also be in common with John Voigt (AKA Jack Nicholson/Robert F. Kennedy/Jack Ruby) and, also, as seen in the series of images posted above, with NASA Apollo 11 “astronaut” “Michael Collins”.


R (1)[5931]

It should be noted that, in his youth, Prince Henrik of Denmark (AKA Jon Voigt/Jack Nicholson/RFK/Michael Collins) attended a Jesuit school in Bordeaux, France, and while attending Conservatoire de Paris, he began to train as a classical pianist and musician, making it a rather simple matter for him to pick up a guitar, learn how to strum a few elementary barre chords, and modify himself into the fabricated character scheme known as “Neil Young”.


Now that the first “astronaut” alleged by NASA to have stepped foot on the surface of the moon – “Neil Armstrong” (AKA Yuri Gagarin/John Lear) – has been identified as a fabricated fraud, it would seem unfair if NASA’s last man on the moon – “Gene Cernan” – were to go left unmentioned.

Everyone may recognize the Hollywood actor featured in the following video excerpt.

While comparing the images posted immediately above – featuring, from left to right, Hollywood actor Charlton Heston, Apollo 18’s Commander Gene Cernan – everyone will notice the architecture of the brows, eyes, noses, chins, and lips are identical, as are the proportional geometric alignment of the respective jaw lines.

Space may be the final frontier, but rest assured, NASA and its missions are made in a Hollywood movie/television studio.

18 thoughts on “NASA’s Fake Hollywood Space Cadets

  1. And as we all know, JFK himself was a huge proponent of federal funding for NASA, so he was obviously in on the psyop, as well. Not to mention that he was in favor of more federal tax dollars being allotted for the “Defense” Industry, which, of course, ties us to the phony space agency, again, as it will be shown below. These examples, once more prove that Kennedy was clearly on the side of the hidden power elite at the time and was no friend of the common masses who footed the high tax bills for such expensive, farcical government programs.

    You can read more about Kennedy’s U.S. federal budget proposals (1962-63) at:

    To quote, from excerpts of the abovementioned excerpts concerning phony space exploration (start at p. 71):

    “Manned space flight.— Funds are recommended in this budget to provide for manned flights of long duration during 1963 and for a new series of flights commencing in 1964 to develop a capability for manned spacecraft to rendezvous with other spacecraft in orbit. Funds are also included to continue the development of the three-man Apollo lunar-landing spacecraft initiated during the current year.”

    It continues to add that:

    “The huge Nova launch vehicle, capable of boosting the Apollo manned spacecraft to the moon by direct ascent, is being developed as an alternative approach. It is now expected that the first attempts at manned lunar flight will be made with liquid fuel rocket engines; development of large solid fuel rocket motors, however, is being continued by the Department of Defense for possible later use.”

    On so-called “Department of Defense” spending (start at pp. 57-58), which obviously were nothing more than generous federal financial incentives to the arms industry:

    “Strategic retaliatory forces. — This major program includes, manned bombers (B-52’s, B-58’s, and B-47’s), their tankers, and their air-launched missiles, Hound Dog and Skybolt; intercontinental ballistic missiles — Atlas, Titan, and Minuteman; Polaris submarines and their complement of missiles; and communications systems for command and control. The total obligational availability to be used for these forces in 1963 is estimated at $9.4 billion, compared with $9.5 billion provided in the 1962 budget as amended, and $7.5 billion in the original 1962 budget of the previous administration.”

    In today’s money, those military toys would altogether cost the United States $255,520,078,431.37. In 1963 money, it would’ve been around $26,400,000,000 (after doing the math by adding $9.4 billion, $9.5 billion, and $7.5 billion together). Quite a financial boom for the war economy, was it not?

    1. Both JFK (AKA Dennis Hopper) and Richard M. Nixon (AKA Warren Beatty) were installed into political prominence as fabricated character schemes by CIA. Indeed, as by design, the brief presence of “JFK” in the oval office served as a boon for the military/industrial complex, and also set up the escalation of the “war” in Vietnam by his successor, “LBJ” (AKA Robert De Niro/”Big” Jim Tucker). Later, after his involvement in the execution of the “Cuban Missile Crisis” psychological operation and his staged “assassination”, “JFK” (Hopper) was modified into an array of popular culture characters, including rock singer Roger Daltrey and Andy Warhol, the latter of which became a figurehead and doyenne of the modern art scam which, as pointed out in previous articles, was nothing more than a money laundering scheme for the CIA and the international intelligence octopus. Hopper also modified into British actor “Robert Vaughn” who I’ve identified as the host actor behind talk show host William F. Buckley. The band “Roger Daltrey” fronted for – “The Who” – went on to perform at Woodstock, an event staged as a social engineering experiment complete with LSD handed out as a free concession. In observance of the fact no one involved with CIA is who they say they are, I believe “Dennis Hopper” emanated from royalty with genealogical relations to Prince Henrik of Denmark (AKA Jack Nicholson/Jon Voigt/RFK). There are also genealogical connections between “JFK” and “Aristotle Onassis”, the Greek shipping magnate, whose fleet of ships were used as illicit transport vehicles to facilitate and smuggle the CIA’s drug shipments from Southeast Asia into the West and, as well, King Constantine II of Greece and Denmark (AKA George Soros/Evelyn De Rothschild/Dan Rather/Newt Gingrich/David Rockefeller).

      1. Thanks a lot for your fascinating response. I think you’ll find my above examples pretty compelling, especially for those who still believe JFK was a hero (when he was not). You’d think that if Kennedy was really the “white knight in shining armour” most so-called truthers and JFK buffs see and promote him to be, he would’ve supported more federal tax dollars to instead be invested on, for examples:

        (a) Providing a proper infrastructure system.

        (b) “Free” or affordable high-quality healthcare that doesn’t allow corrupt, greedy pharma/medical cartels to ripoff the people with high costs coupled with piss-poor service. (On a side note: Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare were supposed to solve that problem, but really made matters worse – not better – for the people and ultimately benefited their enemies: the insurance and pharma/medical industries.)

        (c) Decent education that’s not focused on brainwashing the population into being docile, mindless, and obedient tax-slaves and consumers – but instead promotes the learning of valuable life skills and real history, literature, and science to its pupils.

        And yet, when we look at President Kennedy’s actual track record, we see that he wasn’t in favor of investing more time and resources into ANY of those abovementioned initiatives – initiatives that would’ve significantly improved the lives of ordinary people – rather than allotting more financial and material resources into phony programs like NASA and the DOD/Pentagon. In reality, he was really no different policy-wise to Presidents Bush I & II who supported costly military interventions that benefited the weapons cartels (Gulf War, War on Terror) or President Trump who supported the equally phony “Space Force” program.

        Like they say, another one bites the dust.

      2. Yes, those “elected” US president – “JFK” included – are figurehead representatives of the stockholders of the US corporation and must serve the interests of the central merchant banks – Crown Temple, City of London, Vatican and Swiss banking consortiums. You’re correct, the ideological differences between “presidents” are only cosmetically superficial. But a majority are still persuaded and even awed by mere appearances. This is why, still, to-this-day, the romantic “JFK” myth of “Camelot” is still largely embraced.

      3. “There are also genealogical connections between “JFK” and “Aristotle Onassis”, the Greek shipping magnate, whose fleet of ships were used as illicit transport vehicles to facilitate and smuggle the CIA’s drug shipments from Southeast Asia into the West….”

        How interesting. I always suspected that Onassis and Jack Kennedy were closely related, especially considering the fact that Jackie Kennedy was close to the shipping tycoon herself and married him in 1969, years after JFK feigned his death in ’63.

      4. Something else too about “Jaclyn Kennedy” (AKA Shirley Temple Black/Judy Garland/Marilyn Monroe/Madeleine Albright/Helen Thomas), is that some of her post-“assassination” interviews resemble intelligence debriefings, almost as if the interviewer has designed the questions in such a way to ensure the “official” historical narrative is being reinforced for the operative. I believe I’ve read this sort of debriefing process – in intelligence parlance – is termed as “homework”. It may very well be that Shirley Temple Black, as a trusted operative, was assigned to “JFK” (AKA Dennis Hopper) to act in the role of his “spouse” to make certain he stayed on message at all times.

      5. And speaking of homework, if my memory serves me right, “Shirley Temple” herself said it best when she mentioned that “time is money, and it’s work, not play.” That’s certainly true when it comes to how these people think and operate with their illicit “investments”, etc. It’s so obvious to see what’s going on here.

        And speaking of Jackie and Jack being intelligence operatives, it’s no coincidence that his wife worked for the CIA in the 1950s, as I mentioned before, and also has an IMDB page. Same with her husband.

        Jackie Kennedy’s IMDB page:

        John F. Kennedy’s IMDB page:

      6. Regarding Shirley Temple Black, her genealogy is rife with royal figures, US presidents, and figures of major historical note. A genealogy which goes back to Charlemagne I, the first Holy Roman emperor crowned by the Vatican Pope. There can be no doubt, given Hollywood is nothing more than a propaganda factory controlled by CIA, both her and her son – Charles Alden Black Junior – were trained as intelligence assets right from the earliest stages of their lives.

  2. Another great, inciteful article. It seems like all the “astronuts” are imposters, and somehow the deceased astronuts reincarnate as new personalities. I believe all of the Challenger crew have resurfaced with pseudonyms.

    I guess when your philosophy is to deceive, and you control all forms of media, you reveal your true nature.

    The Will of Canaan
    Five things did Canaan charge his sons: love one another, love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters and never speak the truth.

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