According to Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner and political commentator Marie Harf, talking about “George Soros” while live on the air is forbidden.

Or as “Newt Gingrich”, the former speaker of the US House of Representatives, put it in the video excerpt from Fox News which immediately follows  – “verboten”.

But as shall soon be demonstrated, Newt’s feigned expression of confusion was, as usual, a prevaricating joke played on the American public and on the Fox News viewing audience.

In fact, “Newt” is intimately familiar with “George Soros”. Just not in the manner the public likely imagines.

As everyone saw in the preceding video clip, after “New Gingrich” mentioned Soros’s forbidden name, and while host “Harris Faulkner” sat in stunned silence, Fox News political commentator “Marie Harf”, while tellingly smirking, chided, “George Soros doesn’t need to be a part of this conversation.”

Though this entire exchange was merely a theatrical exercise, it was staged for several reasons. The first of which was to drum up controversy. As any competent news executive surely recognizes, controversy directs and holds captive the public’s attentions and, above all, coaxes television ratings.

Secondarily, the purpose of this controversial but staged exchange involving “Newt Gingrich” was to discredit those labeled “conspiracy theorists” who subscribe to the idea “George Soros” exists as the mortal incarnation of the prince of darkness.

Thirdly, the idea of the public held captive in witness to a distaff political commentator shutting down “Newt Gingrich” – a career politician whose opinions Fox executives well know is respected by their core audience demographic – works to promote the concept of “feminist empowerment”, a Marxist-derived concept which is currently being promoted by the UN in the form of their global depopulation “sustainability” goals (Agenda 2030).

Despite all of this, there exists one problem.

Actually, there is more than one: A.) “Newt Gingrich” and political news commentator ‘Marie Harf” are not who they claim to be and, B.) The Fox News host everyone saw in the preceding video excerpt – “Harris Faulkner” –  is not who she claims to be either.

In the case of “Newt Gingrich” and “Marie Harf”, both of them are disguised descendants of a European royal family and, in fact, are closely related.

Both, too, are genealogically related to a seminal Hollywood celebrity, George Clooney/Prince Pavlos of Greece and Denmark (AKA Jay Leno, the “late” John F. Kennedy Junior, former US presidential candidate John Kerry, Supreme Court Justice “Antonin Scalia”) who, it turns out, is also no stranger to the concept of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

But, perhaps, just as surprisingly, beneath the fabricated mask of Fox News anchor and host “Harris Faulkner” hides yet another popular news anchor who is well known to Fox News’s core audience demographic.


The results of numerous investigations published at this site have clearly demonstrated the MSM was designed as a weapon of psychological warfare – Post-Modern Reality Simulation – to conceal from the masses of the public the true nature of their reality.

For decades, the weaponization of the MSM has been used to declare and sustain a perpetual state of psychological warfare upon the public.

This perpetual state of psychological warfare has been covertly declared to conceal from the public the US – as well as all other countries (commercial markets consisting of exploitable human/natural resources) – is a monopoly corporation, owned in trust by the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Rothschild/Rockefeller/Windsor) in cooperation with twelve other European royal dynasties such as the Orsini, Farnese, von Furstenberg, Pallavincini (AKA Stewart dynasty), and the Massimo, an ancient royal house to whom the current Pope, Francis (AKA Prince Stefano Massimo), an avowed Jesuit, belongs.

SEE: Jesuit Pope Francis’s Papal Fraud

These royal families not only enjoy and share monopoly ownership of the MSM, they also share in monopoly ownership of all human and natural resources.

From these royal dynastic families also comes the vast sources of funding – chiefly from Wall Street financial speculation, public taxes, private tax-free foundations, non-profit organizations, and non-government organizations or NGO’s – which have been used to widely promote the psychological operations known as “climate change” and the Covid-19 “pandemic”.

In lieu of widespread recognition of this fact, “George Soros” has been fingered by many as the global boogeyman, the well-moneyed financial henchman acting as grand puppet master.

But like other fabricated character schemes which have been exposed and identified here on this site, “George Soros” was created as a scapegoat; a conspicuous target created as an emotional steam valve for the public’s ire.

Delving further, everyone will soon get to see the royal face hidden behind the public image of “George Soros”.

Turns out, all along, “George Soros” has been taking care to remain clandestine in several rather conspicuous places.


According to an article published at, “George Soros” has been depicted as a “Jewish-American Holocaust survivor, financier and liberal megadonor.”


“Fox News guests and host have, like Gingrich, blamed Soros for the unrest and violence accompanying protests this summer. Others have called him a ‘puppet master’, falsely blamed him for the migrant caravan in 2018 and talked of the ‘Soros-occupied State Department.’ In one instance, a sitting congressman repeated the false claim that Soros helped perpetrate the Holocaust. (Fox apologized for the last two).”

Surely, as everyone gleaned from the preceding quote excerpted from the article published at, “George Soros” has been set up not only as the public’s emotional steam valve, he has also been fabricated as a well-designed character scheme to discredit those who can be labeled, discredited, and made to look ridiculous as “conspiracy theorists” and, perhaps, even “anti-Semites”.

The claim, according to, that “George Soros” has been depicted as a “Jewish-American Holocaust survivor” serves as a protective shield for the genuine perpetrators of global criminal malfeasances, the thirteen ruling royal elite Jesuit families.

Therefore, by clever but cynical design, Fox News anchors, its commentators, and its guests, including “Newt Gingrich”, are promoting “George Soros” as an elaborately staged psychologically-oriented operational exercise to misdirect the public’s attentions and emotional sensibilities.


The offending statement made by “Newt Gingrich” concerning “George Soros” addressed to Fox News anchor ‘Harris Faulkner” and political commentator ‘Marie Harf”, one which immediately caused a controversial furor, went like this, “The No.1 problem in almost all these cities is George Soros elected, left-wing anti-police, pro-criminal district attorneys who refuse to keep people locked up,” Gingrich said. “Progressive district attorneys are anti-police, pro-criminal and overwhelmingly elected with George Soros’s money, and they’re a major cause of the violence we’re seeing because they keep putting the violent criminals back on the street.”

As seen in the preceding video excerpt, Fox News commentator Marie Harf, while donning a telling smirk, had this to say in reply to Gingrich’s remarks, “George Soros doesn’t need to be a part of this conversation.”

As everyone also saw in the video, the entire Fox News panel, while pretending they’re stunned, then proceeds to brood in utter silence like kindergarten classroom students who’ve just been muzzled by their punitive teacher.

There was a very good reason, however, why “Marie Harf” could not help but smirk before scolding “Newt Gingrich” for his on-air faux pas.

“Marie Harf” is not only a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a European royal, Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark, she is also the hidden daughter of “Newt Gingrich”.

But “Marie Harf” isn’t the only Fox News personality Princess Theodora has been modified into.

She also portrays Fox News business network host “Cheryl Casone”.

L to R, Marie Harf, Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark, Cheryl Casone

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According to, “newt” is a spirit animal, “signifying a symbol of regrowth, regeneration, and rebirth. The animal can absorb toxins in its environment. Therefore it is in constant danger of being killed. But since it is poisonous, it can protect itself from predators.”

Oh, yes, indeed. The European royal behind the mask of “Newt Gingrich”, former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, surely knows all about the concepts of “regrowth, regeneration, and rebirth.”

As has been confirmed by extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses, King Constantine II of Greece (AKA Newt Gingrich) has been “reborn” into numerous well-known public personas, including “George Soros”. Proof, indeed, though “Newt” may be poisonous, he can’t protect himself from all of his dangerous predators.

L to R: King Constantine II of Greece, Newt Gingrich

L to R: Newt Gingrich, George Soros, Constantine II of Greece

** ** King Constantine Of Greece Arriving At A Gala Dinner At Christiansborg Palace To Celebrate 40 Years On The Throne Of Queen Margrethe Ii Of Denmark In Copenhagen, Denmark. (Photo by Julian Parker/Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

King Constantine II of Greece (AKA Newt Gingrich/George Soros) recently ran for president of the US corporation in 2020, under the pseudonym of the fabricated character scheme known as “Bernie Sanders”.

From L to R: Constantine II of Greece, Bernie Sanders, George Soros

As demonstrated in an in article published previously on this site (SEE: “Bernie” the Royal Political Impostor), in addition to “Newt Gingrich”, “George Soros”, and “Bernie Sanders”, Constantine II of Greece has also been “reborn” into other famous fabricated character schemes who have played their renowned roles upon the world’s stage.

As confirmed by ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses, Constantine II (AKA Newt Gingrich/George Soros) has also been modified into news anchor, “Dan Rather”, merchant banker “Evelyn de Rothschild”, and Greek shipping magnate “Aristotle Onassis”.

NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 05: Dan Rather attends the premiere of “The Ides of March” at the Ziegfeld Theater on October 5, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage)

From L to R, Constantine II of Greece, Newt Gingrich, George Soros, Evelyn de Rothschild, Aristotle Onassis, Bernie Sanders


According to an article published at the, Fox News host “Harris Faulkner” issued a public apology on behalf of her Fox News co-hosts for “cutting off Gingrich’s George Soros Rant.” The article, of course, takes the established MSM line that “Soros, who is Jewish, has been the focus of anti-Semitic tropes for years, including by many Fox News personalities and guests – mainly dabbling in the Soros-as-political-puppeteer conspiracy theory long popular in far-right circles.”


Surely, concerning “George Soros”, everyone is beginning to see how the prevailing rhetorical spin repeatedly used by the MSM is designed to work as a cynical and weaponized method of psychological warfare?

The thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families hide behind many veils and, without doubt, the shield of anti-Semitism, behind which hides their hegemonic global corporate monopoly, has proved historically bulletproof.

As for “Harris Faulkner”, the Fox News personality who issued the apology to “Newt Gingrich”, she, too, knows a thing or two about effective veils.

Extensive voice comparison analysis has confirmed that “Harris Faulkner” is a fabricated character scheme modified from yet another popular Fox News personality, Laura Ingraham.

How was such a thoroughly effective modification executed?

The following video clip explains how latex bodysuits are designed to look realistic in both movies and in television productions, productions such as the excerpt from the Fox News television broadcast which featured both “Harris Faulkner” and “Newt Gingrich”.

Immediately below, is yet another video clip explaining how motion capture facial modifications are executed and used in Hollywood movie productions.

The sophisticated motion capture technology seen in the previous video excerpt was not only used to modify Fox New personality Laura Ingraham into “Harris Faulkner”, it was also used to transform Hollywood actor Robert Downey Junior for his role in the comic action movie spoof “Tropic Thunder”.

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  1. Even the name “Faulkner” is a clue as to the true identity of the actor playing her. It is a variant of the French “Falconnier”, which means “falcon trainer” in English. “Faulkner” is also a peerage name, and it may be tied to the Boleyn family whose coat of arms sports a falcon.

    1. Yes, i believe you’ve – once again – presented a solid analysis. The names these fabricated character schemes appropriate are often drawn from either nocturnal animals or the names of such royal families. This is often accompanied by the wearing of purple, symbolic of royalty.

  2. Thank you! I found your article very informative, especially the explanation of motion capture technology. I also appreciate the use of the term “emotional steam valve”. it reminds me of the CIA back in the days, when they were considered “rogue” and therefore any and everything could be blamed on them, even though they were not the primary intelligence agency in use, but more of a scapegoat that could be used to take the blame for all “projects” that were illegal, unethical and surreptitious. Now we can just blame everything on “Soros”. Thank you for always reminding us of the end game (global depopulation) and the methods (rhetorical spin repeatedly used by the MSM, designed to work as a cynical and weaponized method of psychological warfare) in all of your articles, less in all the chaos, we forget. Orwell (1984) said they would burn the books. Huxley (Brave New World) said we would be so preoccupied and distracted that we wouldn’t bother to read books so no need to burn them. Well, hopefully one day, they will wish they did burn them. In the meantime, people should realize how lucky we are to have a writer like you around, you are extremely knowledgeable and eloquent (I keep the dictionary around when reading your articles, you have greatly improved my vocabulary), and if this was Orwell’s dystopia, we wouldn’t have the pleasure of reading your articles. Thank goodness they went with the Huxley model. In the name of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, I would like to share this with your readers, even the (“CIA” “Agents” whose “job” it is to make sure how well you are exposing the “Revelation of the Method”. You know these people are diddlers, and they love to mock us and laugh at us, but do want to eventually take credit for their diddles. The word for today is “mendacity”. Now everyone pull out those dictionaries.

    1. Thanks for once again visiting and for the laudatory and incisive commentary. Indeed, they are laughing at the masses. Regarding the Jesuit order’s latest “Covid” operation, the monumental psychological manipulation, the scope of gaslighting techniques which have been deployed are truly breathtaking to behold. Even more breathtaking is witnessing the degree to which the masses have fallen for what has been essentially the biggest con game ever conceived. Like junkies hungering for a fix, most of them can’t wait to get jabbed simply because a Hollywood music industry executive disguised as a “doctor” tells them they should. What’s more – they seem to be utterly proud of their folly and consider themselves morally superior. But that’s just it: most belong to a superficial mentality, merely concerned with appearances. The difference is, at least the junkie wallowing in the filthy alley and sleeping next to some fetid dumpster knows what is being injected into his veins.

  3. I have discovered something very important about how they will use 5G/microwave weapons to kill off lots of people. My mother was trying to force me to consume lot of milk and ice cream even though I don’t like dairy. When I wasn’t drinking enough milk, she started getting almond milk for me. She was also trying to force many other foods on me and I started realizing why. Please see the following link-

    The ruling elite have over the last 100 years or more been pushing milk, cheese and other dairy products through advertising and other promotions. On top of of that most other foods like canned foods and other processed foods have forms of calcium added as a preservative. They also contain acids which strip the bones of calcium in order to bring up the ph level. As soon as I cut dairy and other forms of food containing calcium (except fruits and vegetables), they could not do anything to me anymore. I relayed this information to other targeted individuals and a lady in the UK who had been subjected to these attacks for the last 9 years confirmed that the attacks have stopped since she cut out dairy and cut down on other calcium rich foods. Their plan is to use these weapons to activate the calcium voltage gated channel so that calcium can enter into the cells and cause cellular death, which will cause heart attacks, strokes, etc. This will also make the deaths look natural to people even though it’s actual murder.

    1. Yes, given every research source encountered thus far, it seems that not only do they plan to implement a digital crypto-currency system based on body activity. it seems as well, in future, this technology could be used in service to a Pavlovian behavioral reward/punishment system (social credit). Indeed, your detailed thesis has merit. This technology could also be used to reduce the population incrementally and covertly without raising undue alarm. Cleverly, this collateral damage (genocide) will be blamed on the “unvaccinated”.

      1. Yes this will definitely be a covert genocide. Consider how they are blaming covid deaths on “comorbidities” such as obesity. They have created this obesity epidemic so it would be easier to kill them this way and blame it on covid. I wrote all of this to warn your readers to be very mindful of their diets because microwave frequencies will kill you regardless of whether you are in perfect physical shape or not. It all centers on calcium.

    2. As a short addendum to my earlier reply, I wanted to add, I believe the mass privatization of water supplies is also linked. I believe they plan – as they have with the “vaccines” – to spike the water supplies with graphene oxide nanoparticles to achieve much the same incremental but ultimately genocidal objective

  4. Yes, the injection will have “bio-sensors” to monitor heartrate and other vital signs. They say these sensors can even detect the last time you had sex and whether you are lying or telling the truth..

    I found a very interesting article by Poe and want to share it. I hope everyone finds time to read it. I think it describes the Jesuits and there minions to a tee. Of course you will have to look up the definition of “diddle” which was a previous homework assignment:)

  5. These people have no shame. I wonder if they are going to kill everyone who doesnt get the injection. The people that do will be automatically linked to the internet of things:

    Get vaccinated, get $100

    We must stay vigilant in our fight against COVID-19 by following public health guidance, such as masking indoors and most importantly, increasing the number of people vaccinated. We urge you to get vaccinated if you haven’t already done so.
    Minnesotans can now submit a request for the $100 vaccination rewards program at
    Minnesotans 12 years of age and older who have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine since July 30 can submit a request for a $100 Visa gift card. The form will remain open for submissions for Minnesotans who get their first dose until Sunday, Aug. 15.
    Ways to get a vaccine
    • Walk in or make an appointment through the Vaccine Connector.
    • Call the Minnesota Department of Health COVID-19 public hotline 1-833-431-2053 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday.
    • Use the state’s Vaccine Locator Map to find a vaccine provider near you.
    • Check for vaccine appointments using the Vaccine Finder. You can search for appointments by vaccine type (e.g., Pfizer).
    • The City of Minneapolis is also currently offering free Pfizer vaccinations.
    • Contact your primary health care provider or a local pharmacy.

    1. $100 dollar Visa gift card in return for voluntary suicide – such a deal. Yes, shameless but it also smacks of desperation. The local masons are also throwing gift cards to snitches and, apparently, their ranks are numerous.

      1. Yes, and it is the desperation that has me confused. Why are they pulling out all the stops to get everyone poked? It is as THEIR lives, or something major is at stake. Very ominous that they have stooped to such an obvious level of desperation, and they call us the profane? Just as a side note, if you notice the “G” in Gatorade and in the masonic compass as well as other places, and becoming more ubiquitous, I learned that the “G” originally stood for “Gezu”, which means “Jesuit” as there was no “J” in ancient times.. This shows an obvious connection between freemasonry and the Jesuits.

      2. Before it was removed from my local library, I was reading Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma. In it, he stated that when a mason reaches the 30th degree, they begin to learn of the oath to the Superior General or the black pope of the Jesuit order. In fact, I would argue that the entire “Covid” operation is a ritual pantomime, a simulation of the Jesuit’s spiritual exercises.

      3. In answer to your question, I believe there are a growing number who are beginning to withdraw their consent from taking part in their grand ritual. The Jesuit’s time is growing short, and they are ramping up the pressure on their political minions. It is clear, they want to achieve two objectives by 2030, 1.) reduce and stabilize population growth in the West and in Europe and, 2.) to fully implement their crypto-currency financial system based on body activity. Without the public’s overwhelming consent and compliance, they are forced to deploy more extreme contingencies to achieve these objectives.

  6. I am starting to believe that everything they do is ritual. I pray that we dont fall victim to these “extreme contingencies”. Speaking of rituals, I heard that the Titanic sinking was a Jesuit operation because the captain was a high ranking Jesuit. I also heard that surviving witnesses say that a torpedo hit the ship or there was a bomb detonated on the shop and the ship never hit an iceberg. Obviously we have never been told the truth about anything labeled “history” (“the lie agreed upon”), so nothing would surprise me, but here is a video about the entire sinking being a ritual. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. The opening segment says the Titanic never sunk, that is because the Titanic wasn’t ready to sail on the fateful day so they took the nameplate from the Titanic and put it on the Sister ship, the Olympic, and the Olympic actually sailed with a Titanic name plate. It is coincidental that the Illuminati call themselves “Moriah conquering wind” and the “Olympians”. Anyway, here is some gory food for thought:

    1. Regarding the Titanic hoax, i believe your analysis has merit. By the way, you won’t want to miss my next article, coming soon. The Speaker of the House of Representatives is a European royal in disguise, and one who is genealogically related to Jaclyn Kennedy (AKA Judy Garland/Marilyn Monroe/Helen Thomas/Queen Silvia of Sweden).

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