The primary job of the MSM is to help maintain the global hegemony of their masters – the thirteen Jesuit families – over the proletariat or the great unwashed masses.

Routinely, the success of the MSM’s psychological operations relies on two primary elements: strategically targeted mob coercion and psychological manipulation at the hands of fabricated but influential cults of personality.

In terms of the latter, cults of personality don’t get much more influential among the demographic they’re targeted towards or, for that matter, more animatedly colorful than Stephen Bannon.

After all, the degree of public influence exerted by such fabricated character schemes is often directly proportional to the skill of the actor portraying them.

Turns out, in the case of “Steve Bannon”, deeper investigation reveals the man behind the mask of his public characterization is portrayed by a highly skilled and veteran Hollywood actor, a hidden intelligence asset of the Jesuit controlled CIA and one well-familiar to the American general public.

How do we know for certain “Steve Bannon” is an intelligence asset and psychological operations specialist?

Because, for one, the CIA/Jesuit-trained cubicle ridden desk jockeys composing the “official” biographies which appear at Wikipedia have admitted as much.

In fact, not only does Wikipedia admit “Steve Bannon” once sat on the board of directors at Cambridge Analytica, a company which used psychological profile targeting – “the practice of extracting people’s psychological profiles from their digital footprints (e.g. their Facebook Likes, Tweets or credit card records) in order to influence their attitudes, emotions or behaviors through psychologically informed interventions at scale,” informs Wikipedia – to influence and ultimately control the direction of public discourse and political perception and opinion, but, Wikipedia also informs, the Hollywood actor identified as his host actor (live-action role player) is “a member of the Council on Foreign Relations”, a Jesuit-controlled think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international relations.

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Recently, popular Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson conducted an interview with a man identified as “Jack Maxey” who, the MSM’s claims, is a biological sibling of “Steve Bannon”, the Trump administration’s former chief political strategist and former sitting member of the National Security Council, the same organization once chaired by “Henry Kissinger” (AKA Hollywood executive David Geffen).

During the course of the Fox News interview, Maxey claims, with the help of technical associates, to have acquired and examined the shocking contents of Hunter Biden’s personal laptop.

But upon extensive image comparison and facial recognition analyses, “Jack Maxey” turns out to be a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Matthew Modine, a washed-up Hollywood actor.

Gematria analysis indicates the pseudonym of “Jack Maxey” sums to 93 in English Ordinal.

Elementarily, when the numbers of 9 and 3 are summed together, they add up to 12, a number which, when applied to the law of occult mirrored reversal, also equals 21, 3 7’s, or 777, Alistair Crowley’s infamous joker intelligence code.

Modine is the hidden son of Kurt Russell (AKA Kris Kristofferson/Patrick Swayze), a Hollywood actor connected to “Walt Disney” (AKA Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg/Fred Astaire/James Stewart/Henry Fonda/FDR/Harry Truman/Glen Miller/Al Jolson/Walter Cronkite) who also once portrayed a famous sixties rock star alleged to have died in a Paris hotel bathtub at the age of 27, an article about which will soon be published.

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Below L to R: Jack Maxey, Matthew Modine

OIP (1)[5684]OIP (3)[5682]

The Hunter Biden laptop story is yet another media-generated psychological operation, designed, in an indirect fashion, to deliver the message to the American public that the content of their own personal computers is never private and, in fact, is legally subject to the covert collection and analysis of various alphabet-lettered agencies affiliated with the US corporate government and controlled by the Vatican which, in turn, is controlled by the Jesuit’s Society of Jesus and its Superior General (AKA Black Pope).

Indeed, further examination of the Fox News video excerpt displayed immediately above demonstrates that not only was the interview conducted by Tucker Carlson with “Jack Maxey” thoroughly scripted and staged, but everyone will surely notice that certain portions of Maxey’s face have been strategically modified with latex stippling.

Furthermore, Maxey’s audio appears to have been heavily modified, and his eyes appear to have been digitally darkened.

Recently, in the comments section, a visitor enquired as to how actors portraying various media-generated fabricated character schemes are able to so readily manipulate both the pitch and tone of their voice.

The answer(s): in some cases, the portraying live-action role players are trained in the art of vocal subharmonics, much like a professional impressionist entertaining an audience with impersonations of various celebrities or well-known figures derived from American popular culture. In still other cases, various post-production techniques have been applied to filter or manipulate the recorded audio.

More predominantly, in still other examples, an audio manipulation software package called Face2Face Real-Time Capture and Reenactment is routinely utilized, allowing television studio/sound engineers to effectively and seamlessly dub, track, and sync prerecorded audio with an actor’s live performance on the fly and in real-time.


Regarding the formal education of “Steve Bannon”, Wikipedia reports, “Bannon graduated from Benedictine College Preparatory, a private, Catholic, military high school in Richmond, Virginia, in 1971, and then attended Virginia Tech, where he served as the president of the student government association. During the summers he worked at a local junk yard.”

Somehow, the Jesuit trained CIA hacks writing for Wikipedia cannot help but make “Steve Bannon” appear relatable to the hoi polloi by concocting a working-class socio-economic background – termed a “legend” in intelligence parlance – for this particular fabricated character scheme.

Later on, in the very next paragraph, Wikipedia implies just who “Steve Bannon” is truly working for – the Vatican Jesuit’s Society of Jesus, masters of the Swiss and City of London Knights Templar bankers/law merchant esquires and the global masonic brotherhood which, in turn, operates as the eyes and ears of the Vatican’s global intelligence octopus (AKA CIA/FBI/MI5/MI6/MI7(BBC)/Mossad/Stasi).

“While serving in the navy, he {Bannon} earned a master’s degree in national security studies in 1983 from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.”

Georgetown University, of course, is an institution founded and managed by the Jesuit order.


According to Wikipedia and several other “official” MSM-derived sources, “Steve Bannon” served seven years in the Unites States Navy as a commissioned officer. Nevertheless, though the sole purpose of these MSM-derived biographical sources is to validate the professional bona fides of intelligence trained operatives, such published biographical details also serve as pertinent clues aiding in the positive identification of the actors hidden behind their well-conceived and, oftentimes, elaborate public facades.

As past investigations have served to demonstrate, military service or connections with the US military are found to be common biographical denominators between high profile public figures discovered to be nothing more than media-generated fabricated character schemes covertly portrayed by Hollywood actors and, from its inception over a century ago, Hollywood has always served as a propaganda arm working hand-in-glove with the US military/industrial complex, the Vatican’s international intelligence octopus and, by extension, the Pentagon.

Sure enough, regarding Bannon’s Pentagon connections, Wikipedia confirms, “He {Bannon} served on the destroyer USS Paul F. Foster as a surface warfare officer in the Pacific Fleet, and afterwards as a special assistant to the chief of naval operations at the Pentagon. Bannon’s job at the Pentagon was, among other things, handling messages between senior officers and writing reports about the state of the Navy fleet worldwide. While at the Pentagon, Bannon attended Georgetown University at night and obtained his master’s degree in national security studies.”

Georgetown University running night school classes – sounds a little dubious, no?

Nevertheless, Wikipedia also informs, before his professional career transformed into that of a high-level political strategist, “Steve Bannon” worked as an “American media executive” and “former investment banker” and served as the “executive chairman of Breitbart News.”

Apparently, if his “official” biographies are to serve as any determining guide, “Steve Bannon” could perhaps be characterized as a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Extensive research indicates, there can be no doubt, Breitbart’s publication was set up as an intelligence front, oriented as a right-wing political and ideological entrapment scheme to help CIA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies better identify and subsequently target those among the magazine’s subscribers with psychological profiling.

It should also be noted, Breitbart News’s management consisted of MSM talking head/pundit “Milo Yiannopoulos”, identified as another fabricated character scheme portrayed by Lord Frederick Windsor, the son of Prince Michael, Duke of Kent (AKA Max Igan/George Carlin/James Caan/Joe Cocker/Jean Paul DeJoria/Gerald Ford), a man who, for decades due to his elevated royal status within the House of Saxe-Coburg Gotha (AKA Windsor/Hanover/Rockefeller/Rothschild) and a close proximity with not only Queen Elizabeth II (AKA Lucille Ball) and his brother Prince Edward, Duke of Kent (AKA Lord Jacob Rothschild) Master of the Grand Masonic Lodge of England, has enjoyed an intimate and fruitful relationship with British intelligence.

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“After his military service,” Wikipedia reports, “he {Bannon} worked for two years at Goldman Sachs as an investment banker. In 1993, he became acting director of the research project Biosphere 2.”

Regarding Biosphere 2, the germ for the grand idea behind the construction of that fantastical project was premised upon Buckminster Fuller’s “Spaceship Earth”, a utopian world view espousing the encouragement of everyone on earth to act as a harmonious crew working toward the “greater good”.

If history has taught us anything, it is this: the high-minded concept of the “greater good” has always been used to further the political power of tyrants and enabled hosts of their deluded followers to commit heinous atrocities upon those deemed heretical unbelievers to further destructive agendas anchored in absurd ideological fantasies.

Not surprisingly, reports Wikipedia and other MSM sources, the Biosphere 2 project ended in abject failure and the site is now owned by Arizona University to host “science and space camps for university graduates”.

In other words, the grand utopian experiment known as “Biosphere 2” has now been reduced to merely existing as a prime party spot for the drunken and drug fueled debaucheries of fraternity boys and sorority girls out in the middle of the Arizona desert.

It is also no coincidence to find that the Hollywood actor discovered to be in portrayal of “Steve Bannon” has long been associated with the promotion of social justice causes which also happen to philosophically align with the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050 and its seventeen “Sustainability” Goals.

Even more tellingly, this particular Hollywood actor once starred with Martin Sheen (AKA Donald Trump/Joe Biden/George W. Bush/Brian Williams/James Dean/Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco) in a play entitled “8” which was, according to Wikipedia, “a staged reenactment of the federal trial that overturned California’s Prop 8 ban on same-sex marriage.”


But among the many revealing biographical anecdotes Wikipedia provides, the following exists as the most revealing clue yet as to the identity of the live-action role player masked behind the public characterization of the fabricated character scheme known to the American public as “Steve Bannon”: “He {Bannon} became an executive producer in Hollywood and produced 18 films between 1991 and 2016.”

It just so happens that, the award-winning Hollywood actor identified in portrayal of “Steve Bannon” was a founder of Section Eight Productions and Smokehouse Pictures, both Hollywood production studios. Founded in 2000, Section Eight produced such films as Far from Heaven, Insomnia, Syriana, A Scanner Darkly and Michael Clayton, as well as Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Good Night, and Good Luck. In 2006, Section Eight folded into Smokehouse Pictures. According to Wikipedia, Smokehouse “signed a long-term production and development agreement with Warner Brothers and Warner Brothers Television in 2006,” and “In June 2009, the company signed an exclusive two-year theatrical development and production deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment.”


Closer scrutiny of the various television performances given by “Steve Bannon” demonstrates he harbors an unrelenting penchant for accentuating his talking points with conspicuously animated hand gestures, ones which are also characteristically and commonly identifiable with several of the other fabricated character schemes into which, over the decades, his Hollywood live-action role player has been modified.

Referring back to the Fox News video excerpt featured in this article’s introduction and posted once again immediately below, everyone’s attention should be drawn to the sweeping hand gesticulations Bannon displays at approximately 2:09/2:11 with his left hand to accentuate his scripted talking point(s).

In the following video excerpt, everyone will also notice similar if not identical hand gesticulations used by Justice Antonin Scalia, who, many of the regular visitors to this site may recall, was positively identified as another fabricated character scheme into which Bannon’s Hollywood host actor (live-action role player) was modified.

While attentions are drawn towards the preceding video excerpt’s thumbnails featuring “Steve Bannon” and the “late” Supreme Court Justice “Antonin Scalia” and while beginning to perform detailed ocular comparisons, everyone will begin to notice the geometrical and epidermal structures/contours of the eyes and noses are identical.

In a previous article published on this site, “Antonin Scalia” was identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Hollywood actor George Clooney (AKA Sean Hannity/Jay Leno/John Kerry/William Barr/John F. Kennedy Junior/Prince Pavlos of Greece and Denmark).

SEE: Fox News Network’s Hollywood Hannity

In the images posted below, though both “Steve Bannon” and Antonin Scalia” were heavily modified from the image of Hollywood actor George Clooney with strategically layered latex stippling about the regions of the neck and chin, everyone will observe, the geometrical and epidermal contours of the ears, brows, lips, and nasolabial folds remain similarly if not identically consistent.

Additionally, detailed ear biometric analyses between images of George Clooney and “Steve Bannon” indicate each of the respective geometric and epidermal contours are also identical.

OIP (5)[5661]OIP (4)[5675]R[5693]

It also appears that certain proportional characteristics of the facial geometry – chins, noses, brows, lips, nasolabial folds – belonging to the fabricated character scheme known to the public as “Steve Bannon” and “Antonin Scalia” are also in common with another US corporate government character portrayed by Hollywood actor George Clooney, Attorney General William Barr.

Barr=Barrister of the Crown Temple?

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How Crown Temple Rules America

Prince Pavlos of Greece and Denmark is the son of King Constantine II of Greece and Denmark who, as most who frequent this site may recall, has been identified in the roles of a virtual slew of high-profile MSM generated fabricated character schemes – global financier George Soros, Evelyn de Rothschild, Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, and legendary MSM anchor Dan Rather among them – posed in the varied arenas of American high politics, international banking, and global/philanthropical financiering.

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Why MSM Won’t Talk About George

Facial recognition and image comparison analyses indicates the identical epidermal, geometrical, and structural contours of the eyes observed in common with both “Steve Bannon” and “Antonin Scalia” are also consistent with another fabricated character scheme identified as having been portrayed by Hollywood actor George Clooney – the “late” television talk show host “Regis Philbin”.

Facial recognition and image comparison analyses indicate the fabricated character schemes known to the public as “Steve Bannon” and “Antonin Scalia” were both likely engineered from the strategically formulated facial modifications applied to “Regis Philbin” (AKA George Clooney).

OIP (4)[5685]

During his tenure as a popular television talkfest master of ceremonies, “Regis Philbin” had a co-host, Kelly Ripa, who, as everyone will surely notice while performing detailed ocular comparisons between the procession of images posted immediately below, bares more than a passing resemblance to Carolyn Bessette, the “late” spouse of the “late” John F. Kennedy Junior (AKA George Clooney), the one-time editor of “George” magazine, to Marie-Chantal Miller, the royal spouse of Prince Pavlos of Greece and Denmark, the host actor (live-action role player) identified in portrayal of Hollywood actor “George Clooney”.

Below: George Clooney, Prince Pavlos of Greece and Denmark, John F. Kennedy Junior

OIP (5)[5661]OIP (8)[5664]OIP[5688]

Below from L to R: Kelly Ripa, Carolyn Bessette, Marie-Chantal Miller with Prince Pavlos of Greece and Denmark

OIP (7)[5695]OIP (5)[5697]OIP (2)[5687]

Despite being modified with darkening contact lenses and ebony black hair dye, facial recognition and image comparison analyses indicate that certain structural characteristics – chins, noses, brows, lips – of the facial geometry belonging to that of Amal Clooney, the current spouse of George Clooney (AKA Steve Bannon/Antonin Scalia/Regis Philbin/John F. Kennedy Junior/Jay Leno/John Kerry/Sean Hannity/William Barr/Prince Pavlos of Greece and Denmark), is identical to that of the “late” “Carolyn Bassette” (AKA Kelly Ripa/Marie-Chantal Miller).

Below: Amal Clooney, Carolyn Bassette

OIP[5699]OIP (5)[5697]

Suffice to say, the MSM’s dramatic and controversial narrative(s) involving “Steve Bannon” – a Jesuit-trained intelligence asset and fabricated character scheme portrayed by a Hollywood actor/European royal, the progeny of Constantine II of Greece and Denmark, the live-action role player hidden behind the well-crafted masks of global financier “George Soros”, MSM newsman “Dan Rather”, American politician “Bernie Sanders”, British banker “Evelyn de Rothschild”, Greek shipping magnate “Aristotle Onassis” – is purely transparent theater designed to thoroughly distract the American public from the ongoing global implementation of the UN’s genocidal Agenda 2030/2050 and its seventeen “Sustainability” Goals.

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  1. Thank you for another amazing installment Stephen! It is always a thrill when i see you have a new piece of work out!

    I had a couple of additional characters picked as possible Bannons- Bill Barr, Michael Moore, and possibly Weinstein of me too infamy.

    Also what do you think of Anthony Fauci as Mother Teresa,the British Queen Mother and maybe Steven Hawking?

    I would be interested in your thoughts. Brian Taylor

    1. I can confirm you’re correct about former Attorney General Bill Barr (AKA Steve Bannon/George Clooney). As for “Harvey Weinstein”, in a previous article – Curtain Draws on Nina Jancowicz Show – he was identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by comedian/actor Jerry Seinfeld (AKA Barack Obama/Jeffery Epstein/Osama bin Laden). Steven Hawking is an excellent suggestion for a prospective investigation.

      1. Thank you very much for your feedback Stephen! I am just about to check your newest article. Thank you for keeping it real!

      2. You won’t want to miss the upcoming article which includes revelations from my ongoing investigation into the “Anne Heche” death hoax. Not only was “Jodie Foster” (AKA Anne Heche/Judy Greer/Helen Hunt) a property of Disney during her career as a child star during the 1970’s -as in “Walt Disney” (AKA FDR/Walter Cronkite/Jimmy Stewart/Henry Fonda/Al Jolson/Glen Miller/Harry Truman/Prince Tassilo Egon von Furstenberg), but it turns out, she is also connected to a member of the fake “Kennedy” family and to a famous British actor who also played a key role in the “assassination” simulation of JFK (AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper).

  2. What about Hunter Biden is Lord Fredrick Windsor & Sophie Winkleman is Suzanne Malveaux. Prince Micheal Duke of Kent is Also Jimmy Buffett! My guess is Princess Michael is His “Sis” Lucy Buffett! I read the song that best describes her is Lucy in the sky. What are your thoughts?

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